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lucía sánchez ramírez


work samples professional

Lorcan O’Herlihy architects [LOHA] brushpark

mixed-use residential project. Detroit


single family home. Malibu

LIN architects and urbanists



urban planning competition. Bremen


educational complex competition. Cologne


Saint Gobain laboratory and office complex competition. Paris


residential building. Paris

master project

agricutural and commercial complex.


personal information

Lucía Sánchez Ramírez July 5, 1985 Spanish with US Residency 206 Scholes St. Apt. 16. Brooklyn, NY 11206 323-736-7931

work experience 03/ 2015 - 06/ 2016:

Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects [LOHA] los angeles full-time architectural designer: + Schematic Design through Construction Documents for 4 mixed-use buildings in Detroit. On going. + Construction Administration of a single family residence in Malibu. Completed. + Design Development through Construction Documents of a 150 unit apartment & mixed-use building in Los Angeles. Currently under construction.

01/ 2015 - 06/2015:

BELA Architects madrid co-founder architect: + Project Management during Schematic Design through Construction Documents of an interior apartment remodel in Madrid. Completed.

02/ 2014 - 01/ 2015:

EscherGunewardena Architects los angeles full-time architectural designer: + Project management during phases of Schematic Design and Design Development of a ground up hillside single family home and two interior remodels in Hollywood. + Schematic Design and Construction Documents for Sharon Lockhart’s museum exhibition during the Liverpool Biennial 2014.

09/ 2012 - 08/ 2013:

LIN Architects + Urbanists berlin full-time architect: + Design of facade for residential building in Paris. Completed. + Development of several competitions in Germany and France: -Cologne school complex 1st and 2nd phase. Honorable mention. -Laboratory and office complex for Saint-Gobain Company in Paris. -Bremen urban development. -Leipzig office building.

05 - 07/ 2012:

AWA_estudio madrid part-time architect: + Construction drawings for animal surgical clinic during construction administration.

01 - 05/ 2012:

Mi5 Architects madrid part-time intern: + Communication design projects. Conceptual design for workshop by Mi5 Arquitectos at the Architectural Association in London.

01 - 08/ 2010:

A.G.I. Architects madrid part-time intern: + Comunication design projects and model making.


education: 2012:

Degree in Architecture (M.Arch+B.Arch)

09/ 2007 - 07/ 2008:

Erasmus Scholarship - Study abroad in Venice, Italy




english: fluent italian: fluent german: basic knowledge french: basic knowledge spanish: native

microsoft office, mac OS, revit, autoCAD, rhinoceros 5+vray, photoshop CS6, illustrator CS6, in design CS6, cype structures, digital + analog photography.

University San Pablo Ceu Madrid, Spain. Registered architect in Spain.

Università IUAV di Venezia. Specialization in Landscape Architecture.

brush park_under construction HOUSING PROJECT detroit As a city currently undergoing an urban and cultural rebirth, Detroit is at the forefront of innovative thinking on how cities rebuild and regenerate. A mix of new and historic buildings in close proximity to downtown Detroit, Brush Park’s overall redevelopment plan comprises townhomes, duplexes, carriage homes and apartments. With sensitivity towards the historic buildings and low-slung character of the neighborhood, each of the buildings’ massing steps down midblock to the height of the adjacent buildings. By redistributing units along this strategy, LOHA’s solution introduces density to the neighborhood while valuing Brush Park’s architectural past. Inspired by Detroit’s urban palette, each of the four buildings is clad in one of the basic materials commonly found throughout the city – brick, wood, metal, etc. Coupling a signature material with a unique form lends each building a singular design that contributes to the aesthetic diversity of the comprehensive Brush Park master plan. With Brush Park, LOHA has designed a replicable model for revitalizing a district. Brush Park is a case study for several relevant issues facing many contemporary cities: forging a sustainable path for neighborhood growth, re-stitching the urban fabric after decades of decline, integrating landscape and the public realm, and fostering social diversity and equity.

pritchett_almost completed SINGLE FAMILY HOME malibu Program: Type V Single Family House. Location: Malibu. Lot Area: 3,812 SF 2 Story Building w/Mezzanine, max. heigh permitted: 28’ Total Area:1,595 SF + 345 SF parking Construction permit: year 2008. Begining of construction: year 2015. Role: Job Capitain.

bhu_urban planning competition DENSITY FIELDS - CITY LIGHT bremen The new Hulsberg District is located at the edge of the city of Bremen and can be characterized by different nodes of urban diversity and strong historical components. The proposal is an activation of this edge through a series of urban interventions on the existing public space uses. Different types of urban nodes characterize the new settlement. The union between these nodes is carried out by a continuous and rhizomatic green space. A rhizome as the backbone of the Hulsberg District defining a new species of urban park. This design calls for a non-aggressive transportation system that focuses mainly on the pedestrian. This space lays the groundwork for a long-term development for the Hulsberg District of Bremen.

kan_competition_honorable mention MICRO CAMPUS KÖLN cologne Program: Construction of two new school buildings, library, kindergarten, cafeteria and classrooms. Renovation of two existing school buildings. Design of urban spaces and integration of urban plan. Area: 150,700 sf (14,000 m2) The design of the “Micro Campus” presents a vision of a new urban campus that will integrate the so far fragmented educational facilities into a new urban ensemble. New facilities such as a library and a cafeteria will complete the campus and will function as future communication points within the campus. Together with the existing educational facilities that surround the Klingelpütz Park, they will serve as a new platform for learning and exchange for the students as well as the inhabitants of the surrounding neighborhoods. The development of the educational landscape is understood as a participatory process in which users and neighbors play an active role.

asg_competition SAINT-GOBAIN RECHERCHE, AUBERVILLIERS paris Habitat Lab: the laboratory as fields The whole building is conceived as a laboratory. Experimentation goes beyond rooms and laboratories. The design calls for a flexible and open innovative building, which hold the potential to develop over the time and graft with the existing context. SaintGobain S.A. is a French multinational corporation, founded in 1665. Originally a mirror manufacturer, nowadays produces a variety of construction and high-performance materials. LIN was selected to design a multifunctional research complex which would become a new landmark in Aubervilliers, the outskirt of Paris, current in an urban evolution process.

paq_completed HOUSING PROJECT QUAI HENRI IV paris Located on the riverbanks of the Seine in the 4th arrondissement, the mixed apartment building contains 70 social housing units, 74 privately owned apartments and 1 kindergarten. The project is integrated in a complex context of residential buildings dating from the 70s and 90s and a series of Haussmann buildings organized around fragmented inner courtyards. The facade, composed of an alternation between bay windows and opaque panels, along with facade-long balconies, wraps the complete building with its curves and different levels, enabling a continuity between in and outdoor spaces. The large windows ensure the transparency of the facade, which can be regulated with mobile, vertical elements. The facade therefore constitutes an ever evolving filter, rich in reflections during the changing daylight. I was part of the design team while working at LIN architects and urbanists during Design Development focusing my work on the final design of the facade.

thesis_published in Proyectos Fin de Carrera v.5 E.P.S. AGRICULTURAL AND COMMERCIAL COMPLEX cรกdiz A landmark is created through the use of sustainable methods on a primarily agricultural zone in Cรกdiz, Spain. Through a topographic process rainwater is collected and retained for a later use. A lightweight architecture organized the different zones according to its program; such as agricultural and commercial. While this design is site specific, all elements are thought as a prototype of total recycling that may be deployed at any future location. This project was developed at both the large and the small scale as a proof of concept; detailed urban research processes where produces and complimented by a highly detailed construction process.

N Lucía Sánchez Ramírez A 206 Scholes St. Apt. 16. Brooklyn, NY 11206 M T 323 736 7931 P

portfolio Lucía Sánchez R  

architecture portfolio lucía sánchez ramírez

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