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world record to cuba and back

36th SBI Key West World Championship on NBC Sports


offshore racing series


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Key West World Championships

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2017 TEAM Schedule


World Class Racing................................................. 6


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The records

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lucas Oil Stadium

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MEDia Coverage

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SilverHook® Powerboats......................................... 14

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Super Boat Fans

lucas Oil Ocean Cup

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Demographics......................................................... 36

Economic impact

Success.................................................................... 40 1


From SilverHook® Powerboats

SilverHook® Powerboats is the new frontier in ocean speed and safety. A radically unique boat, designed from experience and ingenuity to be the fastest, most efficient mono-hull (of all time). The team is on the fast track to breaking the Unlimited Speed Record for immersed propeller mono-hulls. The SilverHook® factory team competes in the 2017 Super Boat International series. Six Grand Prixes each competing over a 3 day weekend culminating in the points for the national championship, topped with a season finale with three races in November held at the 37th Annual Key West World Championships – SilverHook®, carrying its Lucas Oil sponsorship, is gunning for that coveted title and fifth World Championship.


Lucas Oil has proved to be the fastest growing motor sports driven brand over the past 21 years. Team captain and throttleman, Nigel Hook, promises “We have promoted Lucas Oil across the world for the last 17 years... join us as an associate sponsor and hold on for the ride – nothing comes close to 140 mph in up to 6-foot seas! Supercharge your brand with us.”

Nigel Hook, Throttleman

Owner SilverHook® Powerboats – Built only to win!




Super Boat Racing


Boats reach speeds in excess of 180 mph

NBC Sports – 2015 & 2016 Championship 3-1hr shows

Attracts thousands of fans at each event

NBC Sports – 2014 Championship 1-1hr show

Races take place in premier locations

Boats compete close to shore

Previous coverage by NBC Today Show with Matt Lauer & CBS Early Show

Local media at every event


National press releases and AP coverage

60 miles of competition with laps 4-6 miles long

Vee Bottom and Super Cats compete in different classes


Kilo Speed Runs in excess of 200 mph

Industry* •

35 billion dollar industry

88 million U.S. recreational boaters (at least once during the year)

12.1 million registered boats

History •

#1 Offshore Racing Organization

Races from New York, San Diego, South America and the Bahamas to Key West, Florida

100 mile race courses to stadium style racing

* Source: National Marine Manufacturers Association

Marketing opportunities in major metropolitan cities

Successful initiatives by Budweiser, Seminole Hard Rock, Rockstar Energy Drink, Panasonic and GEICO

Onsite branding and sampling options

Beachside corporate and employee hospitality venues

Celebrities •

TV shows and big screen movies with Super Boat International racing

Jamie Foxx, Colin Farrell, Kurt Russell, Chuck Norris, Bruce Jenner and Don Johnson have raced super boats

Hulk Hogan, Princess Caroline and music teams Montgomery Gentry and Crosby, Stills and Nash have attended races

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KEY WEST WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 will be the 37th anniversary of the Super Boat International Key West World Championships. Founder, John Carbonell, organized the first club race in 1980 and, ever since, it has attracted competitors from around the world. Racers converge on the tropical island community during the second week of November for the most exciting and fastest event in all powerboat racing. Key West World Championship Facts • $30,525,000 estimated economic impact during race week • 45,000 people attend Duval Street boat parade • 70,000 - 80,000 people during Championship week • Largest event for Key West People and Parties • Over 4,620 rooms in Key West sold race week • 87% occupancy average for week (26.1% increase over 2014) • Average 60 parties a night Wednesday through Sunday • Multiple cruise ships port during championship week

* Source: Monroe County Tourist Development Council Estimate & Key West Star Report


COMMUNITY SUPPORT United States Coast Guard

United States Navy

Florida Fish and Wildlife

Fort Taylor State Park

Army Corps of Engineers

Conch Republic Offshore Racing


Tourist Development Council

City of Key West

Island City Flying

Key West Police Department

Monroe Sheriff’s Department

Key West Fire Department

The Turtle Hospital

Monroe County

Fast Response


Ryder Trauma Center Miami

Key West Port Authority

Lower Keys Medical Center

“The Super Boat International World Championship is the largest event featured in Key West!” • 160 miles of racing per team during race week • 40 hours of racing and testing • 20 organizations involved with the Key West World Championship

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2017 SilverHook® Powerboats Race Schedule

May 19 - 21 Cocoa Beach, FL

8th Annual Space Coast Super Boat Grand Prix

Jun 30 - Jul 2 Sarasota, FL

33rd Annual Sarasota Grand Prix Festival

Aug 15 - 19 Lucas Oil Ocean Cup Event: Two World Endurance Record Attempts Aug 17


Race Day

Key West to Cuba – Cuba to Key West

Sep 29 - Oct 1 Clearwater, FL

9th Annual Clearwater Super Boat National Championships

Nov 5 - 12

37th Annual Key West World Championships

Key West, FL


SilverHook Powerboats

2017 Race Sites SBI Past Race Sites

Photo Credit: Loren Morrissey




Super Boats are the most powerful and fastest styles of race boats in the world. Teams compete on unpredictable ocean waves and on famous inland waterways. Fans watch from yachts, piers and crowded beaches as race boats drag race along the shores.


Race Day Facts

Outrageous Boats

Average 5 mile rectangle race course

Vee bottom and twin hull catamaran style boats

12 laps and 60 miles of competition

Unlimited boats up to 6,000 hp

Boats crane in two hours before race time

Racing 75 feet off beaches and shoreline

Boats lineup deck to deck for rolling start

Average 25 Super Boats per National event

2nd fleet of boats get on plane and start immediately after first start

Race attendance has reached upwards of 150,000

Boats stage on event site for fans

SilverHook Powerboats

Photo Credit: Chuck Carroll Š2017 SilverHookŽ Powerboats LLC. All Rights Reserved. This document contains confidential information and may not be reproduced or distributed without prior written permission.


NIGEL HOOK 2016 2015 2014 2013 2013 2012 2012 2012 2012 2011 2011 2010 2009 10


2nd National Champion Superboat Unlimited SBI 2nd Unlimited Florida Championship National Champion Superboat Unlimited 2nd Superboat Extreme World Championship National Champion Superboat Extreme 2nd Superboat Extreme World Championship National Champion Superboat Extreme 1st Overall Sarasota Grand Prix Kevin Brown Sportsmanship Award SBI 2nd Super Vee Unlimited World Championship OGP 1st Siracusa Grand Prix GPS 2nd World Championship Powerboat P1 4th World Championship

2009 2008 2008 2007 2006 2006 2005 2005 2005 2004 2004 2004 2003

Powerboat P1 1st Turkish Grand Prix APBA/UIM World Champion, Super V Unlimited Powerboat P1 4th World Championship Powerboat P1 British Grand Prix Champion APBA/SBI World Champion, Super V APBA/SBI 2nd National Championship APBA/SBI 4th World Championship APBA Ten Mile Speed Record APBA 1st Chattanooga, Tennessee APBA Central Division Champions APBA 2nd National Championship Nuestros Rios Son Navegables 1st in Class World Record, San Francisco to L.A. Photo Credit: Paul Kemiel

SilverHook Powerboats

2003 2003 2002 2002 2002 2001 2001 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 1999

APBA Western Division Champion APBA 3rd World Championship Grand Bahamian Champion APBA Western Division Champion APBA N.E. Division Champion APBA 3rd National Championship APBA Western Divisional Champion APBA 3rd National Championship APBA 2nd World Championship GOLD CUP – 2nd Place APBA N.E. Division Champion APBA Central Division Champion APBA/UIM World Speed Record GOLD CUP – 3rd Place

1998 1998 1998 1998 1998 1998 1998 1998 1997 1997 1997 1995 1994 1993

APBA Western Divisional Champion APBA N.E. Divisional Champion APBA S.E. Divisional Champion APBA National High Points Overall APBA National Champion, US1 APBA/UIM World Champion GOLD CUP Champion Inductee APBA Hall of Champions APBA National Champion, US1 APBA Western Divisional Champion Canadian Classic Champion International Offshore Champion, Puerto Rico APBA National Champion, US1 APBA/UIM World Speed Record

©2017 SilverHook® Powerboats LLC. All Rights Reserved. This document contains confidential information and may not be reproduced or distributed without prior written permission.



Silverhook® Powerboats PILOTS Nigel Hook (UK / USA) – Throttles, Owner Jay Johnson (USA) – Driver Michael Silfverberg (Sweden) – Driver CREW Bruce Baker – Engines Tim Pattison – Shop & Equipment Manager Joey Sexton – Telemetry & Electronics Tom Marks – Logistics Pat Weismann – Weismann Marine Pat Morello – Technician & Finish Work Ken & Mel Robertson – Hospitality Cole McGowan – Activation Janet Wilson – General Manager

From Left to Right: Jay Johnson, Nigel Hook and Bruce Baker


Photo Credit: David Helmly Jr.

SilverHook Powerboats

RACE BOAT SPECS Hull Manufacturer: Boat Model: Boat Construction: Boat Class: Drive Train: Engines:

SilverHook® Powerboats 48GP Carbon Fiber Superboat Unlimited Weismann Gearbox and BPM Shaft Drives Mercury 1350 Turbo (2)

SUPPORT EQUIPMENT • Kenworth T2000 Tractor • GMC “6-door” truck • Dropdeck Trailer

• Transporter • GMC Box Truck

Photo Credit: Emilia Hillerstrom ©2017 SilverHook® Powerboats LLC. All Rights Reserved. This document contains confidential information and may not be reproduced or distributed without prior written permission.



SilverHook Powerboats

Powerboat Racing provides excellent “real estate” for branding your logos and identity. A huge logo presence on the boats, team transporters and uniforms combine to give sponsors the most impact and potential for exposure.

ASSOCIATE LEVEL ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITY Bask in the glory of being in the limelight of the world’s fastest Ocean Vee Race Boat showcased with the prestigious 77 Lucas Oil team. The excitement generated by racing fans, television cameras, and journalists from around the world creates an ideal environment for international exposure of your products and services before, during, and after the race. Your company logo on race boats and support vehicles •

Receive advertising value every second the race boat is seen on television or by the fan at the race.

Pictures last forever... Lucas Oil does a lot of advertising with this boat and your company logo is along for the ride.

Colts stadium boat - the show boat hanging is the Colts stadium will be decaled like the active race boat. Seen by over a million people a year.

Race boat and pilot appearances •

Draw business to your location with a live appearance of our pilots to greet customers, sign autographs, and pose for photographs.

Promote a special event or campaign with the presence of the eye-catching race boat.

Your logo on pilot and crew clothing •

Use the buzz created by pilot appearances and media interviews to increase brand loyalty.

Pit-side hosting •

Invite your customers, best prospects, and employees to a race where they can have their pictures taken with our pilots and our race boat featuring your logo

Pit-side banner advertising •

Create awareness and visibility to launch a new product or service, enter a new market, or simply get the word out.

Use of pictures of race team •

Gain zing in magazine advertising by using pictures of the race boat or pilots endorsing your products.

Build awareness in social media such as YouTube by creating a video of our pilots visiting your company.

Web marketing on team related websites •

Drive traffic to your retail locations or websites.

Ride of a lifetime! •


Take a ride in the world’s fastest ocean race boat.


TWO WORLD SPEED RECORDS August 15 - 19, 2017

RACE DATE – August 17


Key West Start/Finish

Straits of Florida





Race Date – August 17 Key West Two UIM World Record attempts by 77 Lucas Oil SilverHook Pilots: Nigel Hook and Jay Johnson Sanctioned by: UIM – Union Internationale Motonautique APBA – American Power Boat Association Powerboat P1-USA Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba 200 miles across open ocean - Straits of Florida Fort Zachary Taylor State Park to Morro Castle with a flyby past the US Embassy! Goal – Set a new world record from Key West to Cuba and then break it on the return trip, Cuba to Key West! Technology by IBM, Cisco, and DataSkill Satellite by Globecomm, Inmarsat, and DuChancell Engineering Cultural Exchange and Funding for the Youth Sailing Regatta Key West Community Sailing Center 501.c.3





2017 LUCAS OIL OCEAN CUP World Speed Record (WSR) Entitlements TITLE •

Name in the Official UIM World Record Book and the Guinness World Records

Name/Logo on Lucas Oil Ocean Cup - Key West to Cuba

Name/Logo on both sides of WSR race boat – hatches behind capsule (5’ x 2’, both sides)

Name/Logo on top-side of WSR race boat (3’ x 2’ single)

Two 30-second TV Commercials

Name/Logo on Stage / Podium Banner

Seats on Key West Start / Finish Yacht

Name/Logo on Official Apparel

Name/Logo on all Social Sites

Dedicated Press Release

Name/Links Featured in all Press Releases


Name/Logo in Official World Record Book and Guinness World Records

Name/Logo on Lucas Oil Ocean Cup - Key West to Cuba

Name/Logo on side of WSR race boat

Name/Logo on top-side of WSR race boat

Name/Logo on Stage / Podium Banner

Name/Logo on Official Apparel

Name/Logo on all Social Sites

TELEVISION BROADCASTS Domestic Broadcasters – 63M Homes

FOX Sports: Florida, South, Arizona, Detroit, Southeast, Ohio, San Diego

NBC Sports: Chicago, Philly, Bay Area, Mid-Atlantic, MavTV, Nautical Channel

International Broadcasters – 140 Countries


FOX Sports: Europe, Asia, Africa

Sports1: Germany

Ten Sports: India

Sky Sports: UK, Ireland

MotorsTV: Europe

FlowTV: Caribbean

SportsTV: Portugal, Africa

Ten Sports: Asia, Middle East

Nautical Channel: Global


Name/Logo on top-side of WSR race boat (2’ x 1’ single)

One 30-second TV Commercials

Name/Logo on Stage / Podium Banner

Seats on Key West Start / Finish Yacht

Name/Logo on Official Apparel

Name/Logo on all Social Sites

Name/Links Featured in Press Releases


Name/Logo on Stage / Podium Banner

Name/Logo on Official Apparel

Name/Logo on all Social Sites

SAFETY Air Safety Crafts – (1 Pilot, 1 Medic, 2 Rescue Divers, 1 Observer, 1 Videographer) •

Name/Logo on side of Augusta 109C Helicopter

Name/Logo main feature on air safety team shirts

Sea Safety Crafts – (3 Pilots, 2 EMT, 1 Rescue Diver, 1 Observer, 1 Videographer) •

Name/Logo on side on all 3 40’ Support Boats

Name/Logo main feature on sea safety team shirts

HOSPITALITY / AWARDS – Mallory Square •

Race Village branded by sponsor in Key West

Most prominent dedicated display both in Race Village

Awards dinner branded by sponsor

We invite you to join this partnership and discover a unique global marketing platform. For further information please contact: Thomas Merchant Director of Marketing & Communications +1 505.484.8195 Thomas@SilverHook.com ¡Se Habla Español!



LUCAS OIL OCEAN CUP Two World Speed Records – to CUBA and Back Authenticated by the UIM, scanctioned in the US by APBA and in Cuba by Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba with race management by Powerboat P1. The event is supporting the Key West Community Sailing Center youth team’s cultural exchange event with the Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba.




August 15 - 19, 2017


9:00 am Testing of #77 Lucas Oil SilverHook

10 am - 4 pm Race Village Open on Mallory Square

3:00 pm Safety & Medical Briefing

5:00 pm Havana Support Team and APBA/UIM Officials Fly to Havana, Cuba

7:00 pm Welcome Party on Mallory Square

• August 16 – Wednesday

10 am - 4 pm Race Village Open on Mallory Square

12 pm - 2 pm

Testing of #77 Lucas Oil SilverHook

3:00 pm

Safety & Medical Briefing

4:00 pm

Support Boat Briefing

10:00 pm

Support Boats Deployed Along Race Route

• August 17 – Thursday – RACE DAY

6:30 am

Start of World Record Run - Key West to Cuba (Fort Zachary Taylor State Park)

7:30 am

Arrival in Havana, Cuba (Morro Castle)

8-8:30 am

Press Conference & Awards Havana Harbor

Presentation of the Lucas Oil Ocean Cup - Key West to Cuba

8:50 am

Fly by the US Embassy - Malecón Coast

9:00 am

Start of World Record Run - Cuba to Key West

10:00 am

Arrive in Key West, FL

1:00 pm

Press Conference on Mallory Square, Race Village

6:00 pm

Cocktails and Appetizers - El Meson De Pepe’s Restaurant & Bar

7:30 pm

Awards Mallory Square, Key West

Presentation of the Lucas Oil Ocean Cup - Cuba to Key West

• August 18/19 – Friday/Saturday


Weather Fallback Days


LUCAS OIL STADIUM Home of the NFL Indianapolis Colts The Lucas Oil Stadium with its state-of-the-art retractable roof seats 63,000 for football, and can also be reconfigured to seat 70,000 for NCAA basketball and the 2012 Super Bowl. This stadium hosts major conventions, trade shows, exhibitions and concerts. Lucas Oil Stadium has consistently ranked as one of the best stadium experiences in all of sports, taking the top spot on the Stadium Journey 2012 best stadium experiences list. It has been the highest ranked NFL stadium experience every year since 2011. The Lucas Oil Plaza is approximately 30,000 square fee of WOW and highlights the Lucas Oil histroy of racing. Fans have a unique excalator view of Nigel’s raceboat which was featured in the Miami Vice movie. Lucas Oil racers hold special autograph sessions during pre-game activities.

ANNUAL ATTENDANCE - Impressions 2016 1,397,735 2011 1,291,419 2015 1,321,974 2010 1.408,321 2014 1,492,939 2009 1,098,365 2013 1,231,241 2008 1,112,445 2012 1,185,954 (Super Bowl)

SPECIAL EVENTS • NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four (2015) • NCAA Women’s Basketball Final Four (2016) • General Conference Sessions of Seventh-Day Adventists (2020) • NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four (2021) • Monster Energy Supercross (Field Motor Sports) • Monster Jam (Field Motor Sports) • Youth High School Football • College Football and Basketball


SilverHook Powerboats



Publications / Magazines

• National and International publications cover Super Boat racing, the venues and the teams • Colorful, unique and expensive boats grace magazine covers and excite fans • Industry trade publications contribute stories, photos and results for the entire series that runs May through November • Non traditional magazines and phone books have adorned their covers with Offshore Race Teams • Publications have added online content to compliment their newsstand publications, extending the life of the stories

Trade Publications


magazines often cover extreme sport of offshore racing

Ultimate Boating and Lifestyle Magazine

Sports Illustrated

World of Powerboats Magazine

Forbes Magazine

Motor Boat & Yachting


Power Boating Canada

Dupont Registry

Ocean Drive

Boating Life



Premier Magazines – Sports, lifestyle and money


SilverHook Powerboats



One of the most important aspects of marketing and communication activation is properly taking advantage of media exposure. Creating and maintaining positive momentum in the media is paramount. Activation of a strong public relations campaign can expect solid local media coverage and with the right tactics, could expect a reasonable amount of national coverage. Much of today’s newspaper coverage includes the media outlet’s online digital partner. The shelf life of the coverage is extended and broadened beyond the local market.

Various Newspapers

Wire Services

USA Today

St. Petersburg Times

AP Wire

New York Tmes

Tampa Bay Business Journal

PR Newswire

Miami Herald

Los Angeles Times


Sun Sentinel


St. Louis Dispatch

and many more ...

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Superboat.com traffic exceeds millions of hits per year and keeps users on the site for extended periods of time. Numerous marine related websites produce or distribute racing content around the globe.


SilverHook Powerboats



Live Race Day Coverage superboat.com/LIVE-TV

Seen Around the World Ability to pre-register to receive text or email notifications when LIVE coverage begins. • Over 1,000,000 viewers and growing • Smart phone ready

• Live race coverage • Interviews • Photos and more

Various Websites • NigelHook.com

• SilverHook.com

• Superboat.com

• Powerboat-World.com

• SpeedontheWater.com

• BoatStars.com

• OffshoreOnly.com

• TheNewsDispatch.com

• Seriousoffshore.com

• LuvMyBoat.com

• BoatingMag.com

©2017 SilverHook® Powerboats LLC. All Rights Reserved. This document contains confidential information and may not be reproduced or distributed without prior written permission.




Social media is more than just water cooler talk when it comes to offshore super boat racing. The explosion of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social sites has penetrated more offshore fans and boating enthusiasts in the heart of major metropolitan cities. Active users and fans post pictures and videos online at a startling rate. GLOBAL DIGITAL STATS


Total Population: 7.210 billion

Facebook: 1.3666 billion active users

Active Internet Users: 3.010 billion

Google+: 343 million active users

Active Social Media Accounts: 2.078 billion

Instagram: 300 million active users

Unique Mobile Users: 3.649 billion

Twitter: 284 million active users

Active Mobile Social Accounts: 1.685 billion

YouTube: 1 billion+ active users

70% of marketers plan to increase social media advertising this year, including mobile promos – Adweek on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. FACEBOOK


1.3666 billion active users

1 in every 13 people on the planet is on Facebook

Currently runs over 1 million computer servers around the world

71.2% of all USA internet users are on Facebook

Handles over 1 billion searches per day

More than 70 translations are available

7.2 billion daily page views

More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook

87.8 billion monthly worldwide searches

Daily visitors to Google is 620 million

People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook

95% of web traffic goes to links that appear on the first page of Google results

Serves 3 billion videos every day

Added social media to basic brand searches



Over 2 billion videos are viewed every day

284 million active users every month

YouTube Mobile gets over 100 million views per day

50 million users every day / 400 million visitors a month

Over 700 billion video playbacks

575 million registered users

A full 10% of YouTube videos are in HD

94 of AdAge’s top 100 advertisers have run campaigns on YouTube

55 million users login to Twitter from their phone each month Twitter reached a new deal with Google to add tweets back into Google’s search results this year

GOOGLE+, INSTAGRAM, SNAPCHAT, PINTEREST, LINKEDIN, FLICKR, VIMEO ... Employing a cross-promotional strategy in conjunction with optimizing content for discovery, can help gradually boost posts. 34

Sources: DMR, Zephoria, LunaMetrics, YouTube, Adweek

SilverHook Powerboats FIND US HERE Facebook.com/NigelHook






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DEMOGRAPHICS Audience Gender Male: 64% Female: 36% Audience Language 1 - English 2 - German 3 - French 4 - Spanish 5 - Dutch


Audience Income U.S. Population Super Boat Fans $50 - $75,000 18.27% 19% $75 - $100,000 10.93% 23% $100,000+ 15.73% 27% Audience Age U.S. Population Super Boat Fans 18 - 34 30.90% 21% 35 - 44 20.00% 33% 45 - 54 19.30% 28%

Race Markets Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) Population Midwest Michigan City / Chicago 9.5 million Central Florida West Clearwater / Orlando 5.6 million Central Florida Tampa / St. Petersburg / Sarasota 3.6 million Central Florida Brevard County / Orlando 3.3 million Florida Keys Dade / Monroe 2.5 million Gulf Coast AL / MS / FL 1.1 million






Sources: National Marine Manufacturers Association & 2012 Miami International Official Show Guide

SilverHook Powerboats

DEMOGRAPHICS Recreational Boating Demographics • 72% of boat owners have a household income less than $100,000 • 8-in-10 boaters are middle class – who exceed the average income of $75,000 per year • 1-in-10 U.S. households own a boat – average of 32 percent of all adults will go boating in a 12-month period • Recreational boating is seasonal by region – Boat owners spent an average of 28 days (or 14 total weekends) on the water in a year (Warmer climates average significantly higher averages)

Recreational Boating Facts and Figures • 35 billion dollar industry • 338,500 Marine industry jobs (manufacturing, dealers/wholesalers, services) at 34,800 marine industry businesses • 93% of the boats sold in the U.S. are made in the U.S. • U.S. recreational boating industry 2014 saw a 7-8 percent increase in sales of new powerboats with an estimated continued growth of an additional 5 percent in 2015 ©2017 SilverHook® Powerboats LLC. All Rights Reserved. This document contains confidential information and may not be reproduced or distributed without prior written permission.



“Super Boat race was a model for success in tough times” – St. Petersburg Times

“Clearwater Beach powerboat race thundering success” – Tampabay.com


Michigan City, Indiana

Source: Race Organizers

Source: Michigan City Visitor Bureau

• Over 86,000 spectators

• Non-local visitors added $9M to economy

• Estimated $9M economic impact in 2016

• Local visitors contributed an additional $340,000 • 90% visitors from Indiana, Illinois and Michigan • Visitors also from NY, Ohio, Florida, Alabama and Canada • 145,000 spectator driven event


Sources: *Key West Star Report

SilverHook Powerboats ECONOMIC IMPACT

Consistency brings success

When the extreme sport of Super Boat racing comes to town, not only does it bring the most impressive powerboats ever, but it brings fans and dollars to local communities. 2011 was recorded as one of the worst post recession years in economic times for growth and unemployment. The sport of Super Boat racing brought 3 cities better than expected crowds, financial returns including food and beverage revenue and hotel stays the week of the Super Boat race.

“Super Boat races a hit in Clearwater Beach” – Bay News 9

National Championships – Clearwater Beach, Florida Source: Reported in Clearwater Gazette

• 100,000 Estimated fans participated all weekend • 8,500 Fans visited Race Village over 3-day event • 5,500 Boats in spectator fleet • 5,000 People Saturday Night Fireworks display • 70,000 People on the beach and hotels race day • Economic record over $18,567,000 (per DDB)

Number of Years for Super Boat Races 37th Annual World Championship Key West, FL 9th Annual National Championship Clearwater, FL 9th Annual Space Coast Grand Prix Cocoa Beach, FL 9th Annual Great Lakes Grand Prix Michigan City, IN 2nd Annual Mentor Grand Prix Mentor, OH

“Offshore race a winning event for boats, spectators and city” – Clearwater Gazette

World Championships – Key West, Florida • $30,525,000 Financial impact to Key West and Lower Keys (8 days) during race week • 70,000 - 80,000 Estimated fans participated • 87% Occupancy average for week • Est. room revenue $8,500,000 • 26.1% Increase in revenue from 2014 • 45,000+ Estimated attendance to the Friday Night Block Party

©2017 SilverHook® Powerboats LLC. All Rights Reserved. This document contains confidential information and may not be reproduced or distributed without prior written permission.


SilverHook Powerboats

USA General Manager, Janet Wilson 5675 Ruffin Road Suite 100 San Diego, CA 92123

Europe – Supreme Marine Michael Silfverberg Supreme Marine AB Biskopsuddens Marina Biskopsvägen 7 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden

t. +1 619 733 1428 Janet@SilverHook.com www.silverhook.com

t. +46 8 662 35 33 Michael@SilverHook.com www.suprememarine.se


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