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Ambling at the bazaar Comenius project

Daniel Hernández Pérez


Introduction A Spanish tourist is off at the bazaar after spending a whole week inside his hotel with a quite important meeting. He´s still got a few minutes left before getting to the airport so he decides to take his first, and final, break at the bazaar.

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Nice jar. Where is it from?

South Turkey, are you interested on it? Only 20 liras!

Sir, you´ve got yourself a deal, I´m taking it. There you are What? What?

We have to haggle! Look I want 20 for this.

I just gave you 20!

Are you telling me that´s not worth 20?

All right! I´ll give you 19.

NO! No, no, no. Do it properly

But you said 20! Look at the quality! It´s not that good!

Oh dear, oh dear...

Fine! I´ll give you 10 and everybody will be happy.

Ten! Are you trying to scam me? Me! With my poor grandmother dying! Keep going.


14? That´s what you told me to say!

11! Do you want to ruin me? Go for 14.

14?! Are you joking! Just kidding.


...And... ...Ultimate...



You can have it for 17. Strike me if I dead if I accept one less penny.

You can take this gourd as well, completely free, accept it as a gift.


You gave me 20 so it´s 4 I owe you. Done. Gee... thanks.

No, thanks. Keep´em for the gourd

Four? For this gourd? It worths 10!

But you gave it for nothing! But it DOES worth 10.

Oh! C´mon, seriously?

I don´t care… Haggle


Discussion number 2 You seem quite interested about this simple jar. You can Thanks.. I suppose… HOLY take it for 16! C*** I´M LOSING MY PLANE!

Ambling at the Bazaar  

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