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Cornerstone Fall 2007


Policy Changes Make Safer


Also: The TBB Legal Affairs Committee

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from the chairman of the board

Visit to D.C.

Jesse Gonzalez SpawGlass Construction Corporation

AGC of America has some very talented and dedicated people working on some very tough – but important – issues for our industry.

Fall 2007


In early May, Steve Percival and Jerry Nevlud and I had the opportunity to gather in Washington D.C. with more than 150 other contractors and chapter executives from around the country to discuss industry and AGC issues. The event was the National and Chapter Leadership Conference sponsored by AGC of America (AGCA). The focus of the annual three-day conference was to update the elected leadership of AGC chapters on the efforts of the AGCA and the issues that are or are anticipated to impact our industry. Needless to say, there are number of issues that can and/or will have a definite impact on how we do business. A great deal of discussion centered on the 2007 A201 contract documents. Historically AGC has been asked to endorse the newly updated document prior to its release. This is the case once again, but there is currently some reservation due to language in several sections. At the annual meeting in October 2007, the AGCA Board of Directors will be voting on endorsement. The Board of AGC Houston has been asked and will forward comments to AGCA prior to the vote. Another area of concern, but also of opportunity, was the involvement of the next generation. It seems everyone has an idea or opinion on how to ensure that there is a workforce for the future, but there are no easy answers. Young Constructor Forums, career academies, scholarships, professional development, etc., all will have a role in engaging future generations in our industry. Building information modeling (BIM), environmental issues and safety were topics of roundtable discussions. There is a something going on in each of these issues in a variety of ways all around the country. The bottom line of these discussions was that changes will keep coming in all areas, whether in technology, the EPA, Green Building or from OSHA. AGC Houston will continue to closely monitor these issues as they relate to our area. And last, while in the nation’s capitol, no conference is complete without a look at the legislative landscape. At the time of our visit, the major focus for us was the immigration issue. The debate was just beginning to heat up. Steve, Jerry and I made visits to Houston Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and Congressman John Culberson to express our views on the issue. While we were well received by both offices, the difficulty of the issue left us wondering about the impact of our visit. All in all it was a great conference and good visit to the capitol. AGC of America has some very talented and dedicated people working on some very tough – but important – issues for our industry. It is good to have the support of such a strong organization at the national level. AGC Houston will continue to work hard in support of the commercial construction contractor in the Greater Houston Area. ■


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from the president/ceo

The Real-World Effects of CAST

Jerry Nevlud AGC Houston

In two short years, CAST Academy has grown from a good idea to a community that is having a positive impact on those who participate.

Fall 2007


At the June board meeting of the Houston Independent School District, AGC Houston was presented a commendation for meritorious service as an Outstanding Community Partner. The Chapter was recognized for its efforts in the establishment of the Furr High School Academy of Construction, Arts, Science and Technology (CAST). Charlene Anthony (AGC Houston Staff) and I were happy to accept the award on behalf of the chapter. We were equally proud of the fact that someone was acknowledging the hard work that was being done by AGC Houston, our members and representatives of other constructionrelated organizations. For the most part, the commendation was no different than any other you might receive in recognition for outstanding performance or otherwise commendable service. AGC was recognized for stepping up “to become a committed partner to Furr’s Construction Arts, Science and Technology Academy” (CAST). It continued, “AGC has substantially improved the education our students are receiving. In addition to contributing funding and equipment, AGC has supported staff professional development and has helped students become OSHA-trained and certified. The result is significant.” All pretty good stuff…because a considerable amount of time, attention to detail and just plain hard work has gone into the development of the academy. But it is the next sentence that catches the eye, that really reveals why we are excited about the future of the academy and why the commendation was so meaningful: “Academy students scored significantly higher than the school as a whole on the math and science sections of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills” (TAKS). Wow! In two short years, CAST Academy has grown from a good idea to a community that is having a positive impact on those who participate. I believe it is CAST as a community that has made the most difference for the students in the program. As part of this community the students have toured numerous jobsites, heard first-hand from a former Furr graduate and top-flight project manager on the benefits of the industry, visited a University School of Construction, dined at a national contractor association convention presented water feature designs to not only industry representatives, but to a U.S. Congresswoman and – oh yeah – studied math and science in the context of construction. All tied together, CAST has created a first-class learning experience for the participants. Obviously, it is great to see such progress in such a short period of time. But just as obvious is the fact that there is much, much more to be done. To that end, the advisory board of CAST recently held its long-term strategic planning session. The result was the 2010 Vision for the academy. It is list of bold and challenging goals for the school. There is no doubt that with the collaboration, commitment and support of AGC Houston, our industry partners and school district administrators, the strategic goals can be achieved. The future of the Academy of Construction, Arts, Science and Technology (CAST) will continue to prosper. After all, there is already a proclamation and a roster of improved test scores that prove that very point. ■


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Important Changes in OSHA Policies The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has made several changes that affect almost every level of the construction workforce. Whether you are a general contractor, a subcontractor, a laborer, or a site manager, being aware of these new regulations can help you and your company avoid fines and create a safer workplace.

Fall 2007

©Lisafx |

Decision in Summit Court Case Could Lead to New Multi-Employer Citation Rules Are general contractors responsible for their subcontractor mistakes? According to a recent ruling by the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (OSHRC): maybe not. When Summit Contractors was cited for a scaffolding v iol at ion commit ted by one of it s masonry subcontractors, Summit decided to take a closer look at OSHA’s policies. What they found was some surprisingly contradictory language – and perhaps a way out of their predicament. OSHA provides two documents with clauses regarding multi-employer policies. The f irst mention of multi-employer policies is in OSHA’s Field Inspection Reference Manual (CPL 2.103). The second is in 29 C.F.R. Section 1910.12(a). 11

as Summit was the general contractor, it can be cited as the controlling employer (number 3). However, Section 1910.12(a) in 29 C.F.R. appears to contradict the Field Manual rules listed above. It says that an employer engaged in “construction work” can only be cited for a violation of safety standards if that employer exposes “his employees” to the hazard. Because Summit did not expose any of its direct employees to the hazard, Summit took its case to the OSHRC.


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OSHRC reviewed the case and moved to vacate Summit’s citation in a split decision. In separate opinions, both Chairman Railton and Commissioner Thompson agreed the citation issued to Summit in this case was invalid while Commissioner Rogers dissented. The final dec is ion: OSHRC moved to dismiss Summit’s citation. Already several other contractors a r e c o n t e s t in g their own OSHA citations. But Summit ’s bat t l e is not over yet. I n M a y 2 0 0 7, OSHA f iled an appeal with the 8th Federal Circuit Cour t of Appeals. In t he pa s t , OSHA has only regarded Court of Appeals decisions as binding. It is unclear as to whether OSHA will forego issuing any more of these t ypes of citations while their appeal is pending (We know that the two local OSHA offices will continue with business as usual). If the ruling stands, there may be some changes in the way OSHA issues multi-employer citations, due to the latest outcome in Secretary of Labor v. Summit Contractors, Inc. However, any policy changes brought about by this decision will only apply to “construction work” and not “general industry” work, such as maintenance. This is because the Commissioners’ decisions centered around Section 1910.12(a), which only pertains to and specifically mentions “construction work.” While some gener al cont r ac tor s are in favor of Summit’s efforts, some


©Lisafx |

The Field Inspection Reference Manual states that an employer may be cited if: 1. T h e e mp l o y e r e x p o s e s t h e ir employees to a hazard 2. The employer creates a hazard 3. T h e e m p l o y e r c o n t r o l s t h e worksite, or 4. The employer has the authority to correct the hazard. In the case of this particular citation, Summit did not create the hazard (number 2 above) nor expose any of its own employees to a hazard (number 1), but

su b con t r ac t or s ar e r ais ing concerns. They fear that O S H R C ’s r u l i n g c o u l d increase the number of worksite injuries due to unscrupulous general contrac tors who feel no obliga t ion t o cor r e c t the safety hazards of subcontractors. Additionally, many subcontractors rely on the safety expertise of the general contractors, so they may not be adequately trained to recognize safety hazards on their own. AGC Houston encourages subcontractors to consider completing additional safety training in order to better recognize and correct safety hazards. For more informat ion on this case, visit www. or A summar y of any polic y changes resulting from this decision will be sent to all AGC Houston member contractors via fax or email. New Portland Cement Inspection Procedures If you are one of the thousands of contractors who use portland cement on your worksites, you know that it can be a caustic and dangerous material to work with. Yet, you may not know that the safety precautions you are taking could be below the new OSHA standards. According to new OSHA regulations, if you are not following the OSHA portland cement safety checklist, you could be putting your workers in serious danger. You are probably somewhat familiar with the health and safety hazards of portland cement. These dangers include inhalation, dermal, and eye hazards, most of which result from exposure to small amounts of Fall 2007

hexavalent chromium – a known carcinogen – found in portland cement. Dermal and Eye Hazards: Skin exposure to dry portland cement may cause your skin to dry and become mildly irritated, and can aggravate other conditions. Wet por tland cement is caustic and exposure to skin may cause more severe effects, including thickening, cracking or fissuring, mild rashes, severe skin ulcers, or chemical burns. Eye exposure to portland cement may cause immediate or delayed irritation or

Are general contractors responsible for their subcontractor mistakes? inflammation of the cornea. Eye contact with larger amounts of dry powder or splashes of wet portland cement may cause effects ranging from moderate

McGriff, Seibels & Williams, Inc. Construction Risk Services MSW's construction practice integrates knowledge, innovation and information in reducing contractor's insurance and surety cost. From program design to safety management services, we don't simply deliver best practices . . . we create them. We provide a variety of risk management, insurance and surety services for the construction industry including: • Property & Casualty Programs • Captive Insurance Companies • Surety Bonding • Safety Management & Claims Control

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Corporate Headquarters P.O. Box 10625, Birmingham, AL 35202 800-476-2211 or 205-252-9871 Branch Office Locations Atlanta, GA 800-476-2541 404-237-0003

Irvine, CA 866-716-8597 949-955-4200

Dallas, TX 877-624-7433 469-232-2100

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Contact Steven D. Davis CPCU, ARM Director Construction Risk Services 205-581-9398


Being aware of these new regulations can help you and your company avoid fines and create a safer workplace.

upper respiratory system. It may also cause or worsen cer tain lung diseases or conditions. Although portland cement is not recognized a s a carcinogen by NTP, OSHA, OSHA also requires employers to provide eye irritation to chemical burns and o r I A R C , i t g e n e r a l ly adequate washing facilities near the blindness. contains small amounts work site so harmful substances can OSHA’s general standards for personal of substances, such as be removed in the event of accidental protec t ive equipment or PPE when cr ystalline silica and exposure. working with portland cement include hexavalent chromium, Inhalation Hazards/PELs: Inhalation wearing boots and gloves and may also which are recognized of dr y por tl and cement may cause include eye protection, such as safety as carc inogens by ir r it at ion to the nose, throat, and glasses with side shields or goggles. these organizations. Compliance officers must confirm t hat concent r at ions of portland cement dust Acoustical Materials Supply/Building are at or below the 15 mg/ Specialties Supplier of drywall, acoustical m3 PEL. If maintaining portland ceilings, FRP, metal studs, doors and frames cement exposure levels below 15 mg/ – committed to safety and excellence for m3 is not feasible, exposed employees must wear respirator y protection in all your material stocking needs. accordance with OSHA standards. This would most likely occur in construction Acoustical Materials Supply 7420 Wes Park Drive operations such as terrazzo work, mixing 6545 Burlington North Drive Beaumont, TX 77705 Houston, TX 77092 409/842-1445 mortar, and jobsite mixing of concrete. 713/462-0100 Drywall Supply Although the new Hexavalent 1012 Rankin Road Barnett Drywall & Supply Houston, TX 77073 1415 E. Broadway C hr om ium or C r ( V I ) D ir e c t i v e ha s Pearland, TX 77581 281/821-6690 not yet been f inalized, the Por tland 281/482-8401 Building Specialties Cement Inspec t ion Procedures is Building Specialties Bryan/College Station 6124 Reading Road 420 Industrial Blvd. being published in advance and sent Bryan, TX 77803 Rosenburg, TX 77471 281/341-1283 979/823-8044 to regional OSHA administrators s o t ha t imm e d ia t e ac t ion c an b e t aken t o prot e c t your emp l oy e e s. This new checklist does not include any explanat ions or interpretat ions 299094_Acoustical.indd 1 12/1/06 4:59:27 PM o f t h e p en d ing C r ( V I ) St and ar d s . Rather, it explains how existing OSHA r e q u i r e m e n t s (a i r c o n t a m i n a n t s , personal protec t ive equipment, sanitation, hazard communication, and A Better Product - A Better Company A Better Mobile Storage Group™! record keeping) apply specif ically to operations involving portland cement. To view a copy of the Inspection • Containers Checklist for Worksites with Portland • Trailers Cement, visit • Offices he xchrom/BC TD_ set tlement _ memo_ 20070416.html. • Modifications • Rent or Buy New Partnership Agreement from OSHA National The current partnership agreement between AGC Houston members and OSHA is due for renewal January 1, 2008. Partnership committee member, Tommy

• Branches nationwide!

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Lee of W.S. Bellows Construction Corp., and his fellow committee members are negotiating the details of the new contrac t with OSHA to reach mutually agreeable terms. The current partnership agreement encompasses 15 local AGC Houston contractors. Its purpose is to allow OSHA and its par tners to work cooperatively to address critical safety and health issues. Because the Houston par tnership agreement was one of the first to be signed in the country, OSHA often uses the par tnership committee as a sounding board for new ideas. Initially, OSHA suggested creating one national par tnership agreement rather than several regional agreements. However, the consensus among committee members at AGC Houston feel this would lead to excessive amounts



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of paper work and undue hardship on the strategic partners, by requiring the same information reported to multiple levels of the agency. AGC Houston has proposed that par tners cont inue to report information on a local basis in electronic format to reduce paperwork and inconsistencies. While OSHA is not seeking to change the terms of the current contract when the renewal contract is drafted, there are still some formatting issues that need to be resolved. Mr. Lee and his committee are working to revise the agreement to meet OSHA’s formatting standards and expects that the renewal contract will be completed and signed in September 2007. So far, Mr. Lee is very excited and optimistic about the progress the two groups are making on the partnership agreement. ■ For more information about any of the items discussed in this article, please contact Doug Watson, AGC Houston Safety Director, at 713-843-3720 or doug.w@

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Fall 2007

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Going to Bat for


Texas Contractors


The TBB Legal Affairs Committee Take a look out your window and you can probably see it. Even if it isn’t right outside your window, you still feel the effects of it. Construction in Texas is booming. Not only are roads and churches and courthouses being built, but major architectural feats are underway right now. Last September, building began on the Dallas Cowboys’ new football stadium. At 2.3 million square feet, it will be the largest National Football League stadium in the world. Construction on the famous Methodist Hospital’s Outpatient Care Center also began last September. But not all is rosy on the Texas construction scene. A Time-Consuming Concern Before rejoicing in the numerous accomplishments of Texas construction, you may want to take a closer look at a startling reality. Thousands of lawsuits are brought by and against the construction industry every year. Sometimes, companies are thrilled with the building done by their contractor. Other times, contractors end up in court, fighting for proper payment. When projec t s face legal issues, AGC members often appeal to the Texas Building Branch (TBB) for counsel and assistance in construction-related lawsuits. As courts became saturated with construction cases, the TBB became bogged down with sorting through the requests and determining their legal priorities. Meeting the Problem Head On In early 2005, just in time to keep the TBB from going cross-eyed, an important decision was made. With so many requests for legal assistance, the TBB thought it best to establish their own legal committee. This committee would help them filter through constructionrelated lawsuits and determine their importance to the Texas construction industr y. And so, the Texas Building Branch Legal Af fairs Committee was established to get involved in litigation that could seriously impact both AGC membership and the entire construction industry. Fall 2007

The Committee Faces Some Tough Issues What would happen if no more schools were built in Texas? This is a real question members of the Legal Affairs Committee recently had to consider. In the past few years, the construction industry has faced numerous challenges directly affecting the future creation of area schools. Several school districts in South Texas have filed lawsuits against general contractors, architects, and engineers, often only listing the potential defects of a building project. As a result of inflated lawsuits, bidding costs on public works projects are soaring, and fewer contractors are offering bids. Those left that do offer bids have increased overhead caused by the countless suits. And while school districts continue to sue contractors, the legal concept of “sovereign immunity” protects them from facing countersuits. One unfortunate contractor experienced first-hand the legal ramifications of working with Dallas-area school districts. The company’s initial enthusiasm at signing the contract for an area district’s new middle school quickly soured a few months into the project. The district refused to pay delay damages or extend completion time. Even though the delay damages and completion time extensions were outlined in the contract, the district was unconcerned. The district announced that it was sue proof due to sovereign immunity. It seemed the contractor was out of luck – and out millions of dollars. It wasn’t the substantial money at stake that made the TBB Legal Affairs Committee pay attention to this case. As one of the top legal priorities of the Committee, it maintains a strong opinion about sovereign immunity. Like most Texas contractors, the Committee firmly believes construction disputes should be resolved through a process that is fair to both parties, including court action. They maintain that schools should not be exempt from lawsuits, no matter who is bringing them. Because the long-term and far-reaching effects of this and similar lawsuits would deeply impact Texas construction, the Committee decided to have direct involvement in the case. Its members offered their counsel and

When projects face legal issues, AGC members often appeal to the Texas Building Branch (TBB) for counsel and assistance in construction-related lawsuits. drafted the 2005 legislation that waived school distr icts’ r ights to sovereign immunity. The Committee watched as deliberation over this case quickly intensified. They monitored the suit as appeals continued to be filed all the way to the Texas Supreme Court. In June of 2006, the Court finally handed down a decision in favor of the contractor, waiving sovereign immunity for school districts. Not only was this an important victory for construction in Texas, but it also set a precedent for the construction industry throughout all America. Construction companies can now build schools without worrying that the involved district will be protected against lawsuits. A Team Comprised of Experienced Professionals Members of the TBB Legal Af fairs Committee br ing much to the table. Each of the four lawyers appointed to the Committee by the president of the TBB has vast experience in construction. Committee members can weigh in on legal issues with authority and have an intimate knowledge of construction law. They are more than qualified to look at the long-term impact of any case on the construction industry and determine if the issue is important enough for their involvement. The Committee never forgets whom they are working for. “A contractor always chairs the Committee, which is important,” says Curt Martin, one of the members of the Committee, “because the organization is, after all, an organization of contractors.” Not only is the Committee’s chair, Paul Workman, a con17

Although its achievements are numerous, the Committee has never actually assembled for a formal meeting. In an age of electronic communication, the members have never had to meet physically in the same place at the same time. Phone conferences and emails get the job done instead. Dipping into a reservoir filled with 140 years of combined experience in construction and construction law, the Committee carefully considers each request brought before them before deciding to take action.

tractor, but he is also the vice president of the TBB. In addition to Curt Martin, who works in Houston, the other members are Kyle Gooch and Pat Wielinski in Dallas, and Robert Bass in Austin. Also, Steve Nelson in Austin has been involved in the committee through his role as General Counsel to the TBB.

Austin 512-931-3033 Established 1995

Helpful at All Levels Ju s t b ec au s e t he L e gal Af f air s Committee wants to be involved in a case does not necessarily mean they can be. The Committee must recommend the case to the TBB Executive Committee and get approval before they can offer any assistance. However, Curt Martin says, “There has never been an instance where the Legal Committee’s request for involvement was overruled.” While their involvement is never overruled, it can sometimes be subtle. In some cases, they simply offer counsel

Houston 713-983-8002 Established 1992

without even being a named party. Most often, however, the Committee drafts cer tain briefs so cour ts can see the importance of the case in question. Other times, they participate in the case along with other lawyers outside the TBB on a shared-cost basis. When absolutely necessary, they have direct involvement in a case on behalf of the construction industry at the sole expense of the TBB. A Landmark Case Is in the Works In February 2006, another case was scheduled to be heard in the Texas Supreme Court that caught the attention of the Committee. This time, the issue was whether or not general liability insurance covers construction defects. This case is still pending and has the potential to have a tremendous impact on Texas construction because the outcome will define what insurance for contractors really means. In this case, when the contractor finished the project, the homeowner sued him because of defective construction work. When the contractor turned to his insurance company to cover the cost of redoing the work, the insurance company refused to come up with the money. This time, the Legal Affairs Committee knew they had to lend more support than “counsel without being a named party.” While Texas contractors strive, and usually succeed, in providing quality construction services, occasionally inadvertent mistakes are made that can result in construction defects. These contractors have always looked to insurance to shift the risk and share the cost. The construction industry is one of the driving forces behind the economic well-being of this state and country, but at the same time, it is a business fraught with huge risks. For that reason, commercial insurance is a critical element of any construction project, because the dollar amount of those risks usually exceeds the value of the project itself. Knowing that, the Committee immediately authorized Pat Wielinski to draft an Amicus Brief in support of the contractor. Weilinski’s dedication to the case is not over yet. The Committee is still waiting on the outcome of this case and many other legal issues concerning con-

18 335943_Keystone.indd 1

Cornerstone 7/17/07 1:48:20 PM

Any member who wants to request the help of the Legal Affairs Committee can contact their local Texas Building Branch representative for assistance. struction. For example, after an outbreak of copper wiring thefts at construction sites, the Committee is watching a bill relating to the punishment of copper thieves. In another case, the Committee supports legislation that would tighten the federal documentation process of employees to prevent contractors from unknowingly hiring illegal workers. Together with the AGC, the Legal Affairs Committee is dedicated to pursuing and maintaining just and consistent construction regulation. Always On Hand to Support You Despite the sue-happy nature of society, members of the AGC should feel taken care of. At any time, any member who wants to request the help of the Legal Affairs Committee can contact

their local Texas Building Branch representative for assistance. Each member is important to the fabric of Texas construction. Lawsuits that affect them often affect the entire industry and need to be taken seriously. Construction workers have the right to know what consequences and guidelines to expect from the law. The Legal Af fairs Committee serves as a buf fer between employees in the construction business and legal complications. Its members dutifully and vigilantly keep a watchful eye on construction legislation and litigation in an effort to keep policies regarding the construction industry fair and predictable. To contact members of the TBB Legal Affairs Committee, contact Mike Chatron at 512-478-5629 or

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19 PM 3/30/07 07:17:41

member and industry partner news Andrews Myers Coulter & Cohen, PC – Leading Law Firm AGC Houston member Andrews Myers Coulter & Cohen, PC, was recognized for the second consecutive year as a leading construction law firm in Texas, receiving a top two ranking in the latest edition of the prestigious legal directory, Chambers USA, America’s Leading Lawyers for Business. Chambers once again recognized firm attorneys Bill Andrews and Eric Cohen as leading construction lawyers. Bailey Architects Receives State-Wide Recognition The Texas Histor ical Commission recently honored Bailey Architec ts with the Award of Excellence in Historic Architecture for the firm’s restoration of the historic Bee County Courthouse in Beeville. The Texas Historical Commission presents the award each year in recognition of significant contributions to the preservation of Texas’ architectural heritage.

Tellepsen Safety Awards Congratulat ions to Tellepsen for more than 2.8 million man-hours with no lost time injuries over the past four years. The National Safety Council named Tellepsen winner of the Industry Leader “Best of the Best” Award for Texas. Also honored by AGC of America, Tellepsen received first place in the 80th Annual AGC/Willis National Construction Safety Excellence Awards. Texas A&M Recognizes Pat Kiley T he Te x a s A&M Construction Science Department recognized Pat Kiley with their annual Constructor Hall of Fame Award at the 2007 Spring Banquet. This award is presented annually by the Construction Industry Advisory Council to a non-Aggie who has distinguished himself/herself in the construction industry and demonstrates strong support for the Construction Science Program.

AIA SandCastle Competition – Award-Winning Sculptures Architects, designers, engineers and contractors from across Texas met at East Beach in Galveston with their sand sculpting tools in one of the world’s largest SandCastle competitions. On Saturday, June 2, the Houston Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) hosted their annual SandCastle competition where 80 teams had their eyes (and shovels) set on winning the prestigious “Golden Bucket” award. The Golden Bucket winner, David A. Suplee Architectural Illustrators, traditional sandcastle, Gargoogle, won the competition with an intricate and complicated design that wowed the judges and crowd. Haynes Whaley Associates wrapped up the Silver Shovel award with Crabitat for Humanity. Halliburton took home the Bronze Shovel award for Back Basics. ners, log on to

Golden winner David A. Suplee Architectural Illustrators

Silver Shovel winner Haynes Whaley Associates

Bronze Shovel winner Halliburton 20

Peterson Beckner Industries, Inc., Recognized for Safety Excellence AGC of America presented Specialty Contractor, Peterson Beckner Industries, Inc., with a first-place Construction Safety Excellence Award at the 80th Annual Convention in San Antonio, Texas. Genesis Healthcare Joins WHR Architects WHR Architects recently announced that Genesis Healthcare International, Inc., an industry leader in medical technology planning and strategy, has joined their team of specialists as Genesis Planning. Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing Receives Honorable Mention AGC Houston member, Chamber in Roofing & Waterproofing, was selected by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) as the 2007 Gold Circle Award runner-up in the category of Innovative Solutions in Reroofing for their work on the Texas Children’s Hospital West Tower. Chamberlin was recognized for their achievement at the NRCA’s 120th Annual Convention and 2007 International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. AGC Houston Members Receive Landmark Awards Each year, the Houston Business Journal presents Landmark Awards to projects that improve the look, feel and image of the city. Congratulations to the following members who were recognized: • Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, Inc. for “Green Project”: 11000 Equity Drive • Tellepsen for “Historic Rehabilitation/ Renovation”: Christ Church Cathedral • Pepper Lawson Construction, Inc. for “Hospitality”: Hotel Granduca • Vaughn Construction for “Special Project”: Harris County Civil Courthouse • St ate Cons t r uc t ion for “Ret ail Development”: Sawyer Heights Village Shopping Center AGC Houston also salutes Gerald D. Hines, who was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award. ■


past events

Safety Is a #1 Priority on Construction Sites in Houston On May 17, 2007, an estimated 350 commercial construction sites throughout the Greater Houston area were shut down for a short period to participate in an industry “Safety Stand Down.” The hour-long training session focused on the issues for working safely, to ensure that each and every employee returns home each evening to his/her family. Over 75 construction companies and 7,000 job site employees participated. For the third year in a row, AGC Houston, along with other construction-related trade associations, have par tnered with OSHA to sponsor this event. “With so many companies voluntarily participating in the Stand Down, it really shows just how the commercial construction community recognizes that worker safety is a top priority of our industry,” said Jerry Nevlud, AGC Houston President/CEO. Mayor Bill White and Governor Rick Perry both declared May 17, 2007, as “Construction Safety Day.”

Gilbane Building Co.

Brookstone, LP

SpawMaxwell Company

Cadence McShane Corporation

Linbeck Group, LP Durotech, LP

T.A.S. Commercial Concrete Construction, Inc. Fall 2007

Anslow Bryant Construction, Ltd. 21

Counts & Bonacci, LLP Construction Law, Litigation, Arbitration Employment Law

Contact Mark A. Counts 713–353– 4754 1200 Smith, Suite 1600, Houston, Texas 77002

336949_CountsBonacci.indd 1Misc.

Steel and Custom Fabrication

12th Annual AGC/AIA Golf Tournament Sponsored by A&E The Graphics Complex A Division of Thomas Reprographics, Inc.

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Overhang Buggies Man Baskets Embeds Heavy Lift Systems

713-957-8721 FAX: 957-0956 E-MAIL:

3502 Pinemont Houston, TX 77018

O.S. Interior Systems Drywall & Acoustical Contractors Houston, TX 77242 713-780-9050 • Fax 713-780-1376

The 2007 AGC/AIA Golf Tournament raised $23,000 in proceeds which benefited Houston-based Elves & More, whose mission is “helping children get out of poverty.” This year the charity hopes to provide another 20,000 brand-new bicycles to disadvantaged children throughout the eight-county Greater Houston area. These bikes make a huge difference in the lives of these kids. They provide essential transportation the children need to get to adult mentors such a s scout leader s, coaches, and community center counselors. The mentors then help keep the kids away from drugs and crime, build their skills and character, and encourage them to get good grades and stay in school all the way to graduation. All this for just $40 per bicycle.

Local representatives and installers for the GL-350 Moveable Wall System Contact Chuck Williams

XAVIER S T R U C T U R E S 3900 Essex Lane, Suite 330 Houston, Texas 77027 RON LANDRY Office Vice President Direct General Manager Fax Cell

713.579.0044 713.579.0050 713.871.1685 281.638.1617

Providing Concrete Formwork and Turnkey Structures

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Tournament Results Cypress Course 1st Place: Kiley Advisors, LLC Pat Kiley, Larry Brookshire, John Malone, Mark Wehering Insurance & Risk Management

Dennis M. Descant, Jr. Kelly Wayne Gerland, CIC Charles E. Comiskey, CPCU Jeffery L. Brady, CIC, CRM Michael Descant, CPCU

2190 North Loop West, Suite 200 Houston, Texas 77018 P.O. Box 922019 Houston, Texas 77292-2019 Tel: (713) 688-1500 Fax: (713) 688-7967

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Kevin L. Comiskey, CIC John M. O’Sullivan, CIC Mark R. Bauer, CIC Michael S. Schmunk Ronald L. Wininger, CIC

10/4/06 11:33:39 PM

Gypsum Drywall Systems Painting - Wallcovering Acoustical Ceilings

2205 Hurfus Houston, Texas 77092 713-956-4595 Fax 713-956-4596

2nd Place: Anslow Bryant Construction LTD Jim Anslow, Randy Nerren, Wayne Hayes, Perry Hicks 3rd Place: Marek Brothers Systems, Inc. Steven Driver, Rob Long, Randy Vierek, Rodney Finken Closest to the Hole: Mark Wehring, Johnny Hernandez, Butch Abney, Chuck White Longest Drive: Brett Doty Jack Rabbit Course 1st Place: T.A.S. Commerical Concrete Construction, L.P. Eddie Sanders, Joe Rice, Steve Griggs, Chad Brandt

197955_Mustang.indd 1

4/7/06 10:10:48 AM

Ph# (281) 354-9621 WATS (800) 360-6025 FAX (281) 354-9637

2nd Place: iSqFt/Construction Software Technologies Jamie Branham, Jeff Underbrink, Victor Mundy, James Dickey 3rd Place: SHW Group, LLP Gary Blanton, Rayce Boyter, Jeff Windsor, Allan Patrick Closest to the Hole: Tom Magnasson, Steven Griggs, Ron Daniel, Robert Mann Longest Drive: Rick Lopez Fall 2007

MIKE NORRIS 21371 US Hwy. 59 N. New Caney, TX 77357

MDN ENTERPRISES Your “One-Stop” Source For Water & Sewer Supplies

Cast Iron Frames & Grates Fittings, Valves, Hydrants Brass, Saddles, Clamps Pre-Cast Products

299635_MDN.indd 1

PVC, DI, Steel Pipe Corrugated Steel Pipe P/E Drainage Pipe Re-Bar & Accessories

23 PM 10/7/06 3:15:44

Tournament Sponsors

Underwriter A&E The Graphics Complex - A Division of Thomas Reprographics, Inc.

Half Way House Sponsors Aggregate Technologies Slack & Co. Contracting, Inc.

commercial siding & Maintenance co. Marek Brothers Systems, Inc.

3539 Oak Forest Drive Houston, TX 77018-6121 (713) 681-2626 Fax (713) 681-6540

• Metal Roof, Floor & Form Deck • Tuff-Span Fiberglass Panels • Metal Roofing & Siding

• Custom Trim • Metal Building Components • Accessories • CSM Fiberglass Gutter System

8660 Lambright, Houston, TX 77075

(713) 991-2202 Fax (713) 991-4747 •

Call today for Rent-A-Fence Portable Restrooms Mobile Storage Containers

800-352-5675 24 325655_NationalConstruction.indd1 1

4/2/07 4:00:43 PM

Metal Studs & Drywall 310750_Commercial.indd 1

Resilient Flooring Carpet Acoustical Ceilings Acoustical Wall Panels Painting Wallcovering

12/1/06 5:26:24 PM

Please support the advertisers who have helped to make this publication possible. Cornerstone

Dinner Sponsors Baker Concrete Construction, Inc. CMC Texas Cold Finished Steel, Inc. Durotech, LP Hole Sponsors A&E - The Graphics Complex Adams Insurance Service, Inc. American Subcontractors Association-Houston Chapter Anslow Bryant Construction, Ltd. Baker Concrete Construction, Inc. Bovis Lend Lease Brookstone, LP Cadence McShane Corporation CMC Texas Cold Finished Steel, Inc. Cokinos Bosien & Young Davis Brothers Construction Co. Ltd. DBR Engineering Consultants, Inc. Drake Interiors Dynamic Glass Firetrol Protection Systems, Inc. Fretz Construction Co. G. T. Leach Construction, LP H&E Equipment Services, Inc. Haynes Whaley Associates, Inc. Insurance Alliance iSqFt/Construction Software Technologies J. E. Dunn South Central, Inc. Karsten Interior Services, LP Katy Steel Co., Inc. Kiley Advisors, LLC Linbeck Group, LP Marek Brothers Systems, Inc. McGraw-Hill Construction MCT Sheet Metal, Inc. Metro Erectors, Inc. Miner-Dederick Construction, LLP

FORMWORK FINDERS INTERNATIONAL, LTD. Morganti Texas, Inc. Morris Architects Park Environmental Equipment, Ltd. Pin Oak Interests, LLP Porter & Hedges, LLP Ridgway’s, Ltd. Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, Inc. SHW Group, LLP Southern Star Concrete, Inc. SpawGlass Construction Corp. SpawMaxwell Company Sterling Structures, LP T.A.S. Commercial Concrete Construction, LP TDIndustries, Ltd. Tellepsen Builders, LP Texas Moisture Protection Company The MLN Company Transit Mix Concrete & Materials Tribble & Stephens Constructors, Ltd. Turner Construction Co. TXI South Texas Ready Mix Vaughn Construction VSL W. S. Bellows Construction Corp. Walter P Moore WHR Architects, Inc. Workman Commercial Construction

FFI RENTALS, LTD. Friction Collars Scaffolding Camelok Post Shores

Column Forms Handset Forms Horizontal Shores

Supplier of Shoring and Forming Equipment 713-957-8721 Fax: 957-0956 E-mail:

3502 Pinemont Houston, TX 77018


TONY GARZA Call today for a Fire Sprinkler quote! 5728 Teague Rd. Houston, Texas 77041

Phone: 713-466-9898 Fax: 713-466-9899

CMC Texas Cold Finished Steel Reinforcing Steel • Structural Steel Anchor Bolts

MABRY JONES SALES MANAGER 235 Portwall St., Houston, TX 77029 Phone (713) 225-4446 • Mobile (713) 703-4197 • Fax (713) 225-4456 e-mail: •

Interior Aluminum Framing

Sales Office: 8410 Hempstead Rd., Houston, TX 77008 (phone) 713-880-2777 Manufacturing Plant: 1102 Industrial Blvd., Caldwell, TX 77836 (phone) 979-567-0295

Fall 2007

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7/26/07 2:05:53 PM

Reserve for TBB Conference to come



YCF Members Learn from the Past Recently, The AGC Houston Young Constructors Forum (YCF) members took the time to sit, listen and learn from four influential construction industry professionals during the second annual Evening with Industry Icons panel discussion.

All panelists agreed that good relationships and trust have been two of the biggest factors in defining their success in the commercial construction industry. As for establishing themselves as leaders, collectively they attributed their success to hard work and seizing opportunities that put them in situations that would require hard work and commitment. “These guys represent such a crosssection of the industry and thanks to the AGC Houston for giving us a forum to learn from the best”, said Chad Walters, Pieper-Houston Electric, LP. “I look forward to next year’s discussion.” If you would like more information on the YCF and would like to become involved, contact Charlene Anthony at 713-843-3700 or via email at charlene. ■

Bill Scott of Linbeck Group, LP; Peter Doyle of J. E. Dunn South Central, Inc.; Jesse Gonzalez of SpawGlass Construction Corp.; and Stan Marek of Marek Brothers Systems, Inc., shared their thoughts about current market conditions, leadership, family values, t he impor t ance of remembering the past and their per sonal definitions of success to a crowd of about 40 young construction prof e s s ional s. T he event was moderated by YCF co-chairs Heidi Roberts of Tellepsen and C o y McK inne y of J. E. Dunn South Central, Inc.

Houston Metro Construction Marketplace FIREPROOF CONTRACTORS INC.

Excavation & Dozer Services Commercial & Residential • Pad Preparation & Clearing Ponds & Pipelines • Canal Cleaning • Oilfield Services

• Spray on Fireproofing • • Firestop and Penetration Seals • • Batt and Rigid Building Insulation • • Acoustic and Thermal Spray on Insulation •

• Commercial and Industrial Thermal Insulation •

Crosswind Construction Co., Inc.

• Waterproofing, Damproofing, Caulking & Sealants •

GREG CHIPMAN 2432 State Hwy. 35 N. P.O. Box 820 Palacios, Texas 77465

(361) 972-1090 Fax (361) 972-1215 Cell (281) 846-8164 Cell (361) 550-3605 Toll Free (866) 972-1090

6904 Windfern Houston, TX 77240-0100 E-mail

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(713) 671-0646 Container Sales and Rentals

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713•690•7600 Fax 713•690•7635

4/17/07 8:53:42 PM

Steve McVille President

BOX Inc.

(800) 254-9702 Fax: (713) 671-0758 E-mail:

11000 Beaumont Hwy. P.O. Box 24425 Houston, TX 77229-4425 • 713.524.8270

Fall 20071 320011_GDS.indd

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Houston Metro Construction Marketplace

Rent what you need, when you need it! Here’s a list of some of our quality rental equipment:

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4/12/07 7:32:29 PM 336736_Cokinos.indd 1

l6/26/07 lp

1:03:18 PM

Business is personal.


We relationships with construction clients by providing solutions based on experience.


We have built our construction practice around the business interests of public and private owners and developers, contractors and subcontractors, architects, engineers, and other industry professionals. Porter & Hedges is lean by design. Our senior partners are actively involved in the important work of our clients’ operations—quickly resolving problems so that our clients can focus on managing the growth of their businesses.

RELIANT ENERGY PLAZA 1000 Main Street, 36th Floor Houston, Texas 77002 Phone: {713} 226-6000 Fax: {713} 228-1331

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312942_Porter.indd 1 7/23/07 9:34:09 AM ATTORNEYS AT LAW Specific results depend on the facts of each matter.

Corner 1/26/07stone 4:05:53 PM

people on the move Bonds Steve Berry Morris Plagens, Jr. Kim Smith E-mail:

Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, Inc., recently announced that Peter J. Holland, PE, has joined the company as Executive Vice President. Peter will assist in forging the future strategic direction of S&P, developing new markets, and overseeing day-to-day operations.

Insurance Dick Bright David Cloud Layton Pearson Warren Spiwak E-mail:

13111 NW Freeway, Ste. 420 • Houston, TX 77040 ph: 713.939.9898 / 1.800.627.6474 fx: 713.934.2020

nnn 278068_Guaranty.indd 1

Samantha Hutchison wa s recently promoted to Controller at Brookstone, LP. With over 11 years of experience and 9 years with Brookstone, Samantha is responsible for all accounting, financial, and information technology staff and functions.

4/18/06 1:09:30 PM

HAZARD ASSESSMENT LEADERS, INC. “a hazardous materials contracting company”


(713) 880-8264 The Houston office of Cadence McShane Corporation recently announced the promotion of Rodney E. Bowers to Vice President. Rodney will provide leadership, management and strategic planning for Cadence McShane’s project estimating, bidding, cost control and scheduling functions and also provide pre-construction and project executive services on select projects.

5311 PETTY HOUSTON,TEXAS 77007-1229

FAX (713) 880-8279 (800) 539-8264

Houston Door & Specialties, Inc.


1301 Judiway • Houston, Texas 77018 P.O. Box 924183 • Houston, Texas 77292

Daniel Bankhead, AIA, CSI, has been promoted to Associate Principle, and Carmen Kearns, AIA, LEED AP, has been promoted to Associate at Rey de la Reza Architects, Inc. nnn

Leah Ann Corley Dinesh Ghia, PE, was recently named Vice President of Gilbane Building Company.


(713) 688-0337 Fax (713) 688-9102

Heather Asselin of Coats | Rose, was recently recipient of the “Top Professionals on the Fast Track” award presented by H Texas Magazine. nnn Joe Kummer has joined J. E. Dunn South Central as Assistant Vice President

Fall 2007

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1618 BUSCHONG HOUSTON, TX 77039 (281) 987-1618 FAX (281) 442-4711 MPL 10483 TACLA 019747

29 PM 8/23/06 9:57:17 of advertisers Aggregate Technologies ............................... 6 Alpha Electric Company front cover Beacon Energy Solutions ............................... 6 Brady, Chapman, Holland & Associates 23 Briggs ...................................... 28 Brinkmann Roofing Company ............................ inside back cover BRW Unlimited Services, Inc. ............................................ 4 Cokinos Bosien & 28 Commercial Siding & Maintenance Company ..................................... 24 Diversified Thermal ...................................... 10 Fireproof .................................. 27 GDS Permitting ......................................... 27 Guaranty Insurance Service, Inc. ......................................... 29 H & E Equipment Services, Inc. ............................................ 6 .............................. outside back cover Hanson Pipe & Precast, ..... outside back cover Keystone Concrete Placement/Keystone Structural Concrete ..................................... 18 Marek Brothers Systems, Inc. ............................................... 24 Melton & Melton, L.L.P. ......................................... 10 Munters Moisture Control Services ......................................... 4 ACCOUNTING SERVICES Melton & Melton, LLP. .....................10

CONCRETE DRYING Munters Moisture Control Services ... 4

ACOUSTICAL CEILINGS Drake Interiors .................................23

CONCRETE PRECAST Hanson ................... outside back cover Oldcastle Precast............................... 4 Park Environmental Equipment........28

ACOUSTICAL MATERIALS & CONTRACTORS Acoustical Materials Supply.............14 AGGREGATES Hanson ...................outside back cover Hanson Pipe & Precast, Inc.......outside back cover ALUMINUM INTERIORS Aluminum Interiors, Inc....................25 ATTORNEYS Cokinos Bosien & Young..................28 Counts & Bonacci, LLP....................22 Porter & Hedges ..............................28 BUILDING INSULATION Fireproof Contractors.......................27 CAULKING Aggregate Technologies .................... 6 COMMERCIAL INTERIOR CONTRACTORS Marek Brothers Systems, Inc. .........24 COMMERCIAL SIDING & MAINTENANCE Commercial Siding & Maintenance Company ...................................24 CONCRETE BREAKING & CUTTING Aggregate Technologies .................... 6 CONCRETE CONTRACTORS Keystone Concrete Placement/ Keystone Structural Concrete....18 TAS Commercial Concrete, LP ........19 Xavier Structures Corporation..........22

CONSTRUCTION SERVICES Munters Moisture Control Services ... 4 CONSULTANTS R. E. Campbell Co., Ltd..............22, 25 CONTAINERS - SALES/LEASING Pro Box, Inc......................................27 DEMOLITION Slack & Co. Contracting, Inc. ...........12 DEMOLITION CONTRACTORS Aggregate Technologies .................... 6 DOORS & FRAMES Door Pro Systems .............................. 8 Houston Door & Specialties, Inc. .....29 DRILLING CONTRACTORS Aggregate Technologies .................... 6 DRYWALL CONTRACTORS Drake Interiors .................................23 O. S. Interior Systems, Inc. ..............22 EARTHWORK Slack & Co. Contracting, Inc. ...........12 ELECTRIC LOCK PERMITS GDS Permitting ................................27 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Alpha Electric Company ............inside front cover ENERGY SOLUTIONS Beacon Energy Solutions ................... 6

Mustang Cat ............................................. 23 National Construction Rentals ............................................. 24 O. S. Interior Systems, Inc ............................................... 22 Oldcastle Precast ......................................... 4 Oxford Builders .......................................... 10 Park Environmental Equipment 28 Porter & Hedges ........................................... 28 Pro Box, Inc. ................................................ 27 Pro Modular Ltd. ................................................ 3 R. E. Campbell Co., Ltd. ........................................ 22, 25 Raven Mechanical, LP ...................................... 29 ROMCO Equipment Company ..................................................... 10 Safety Maker, Inc. 15 Schnabel Foundation Company 30 Schuff Steel - Gulf Coast, Inc. ...................................................... 15 Slack & Co. Contracting, Inc. .............................................. 12 Sun Coast Resources, Inc. ................................... 30 TAS Commercial Concrete, LP ............................................ 19 19 Texas Cold Finished Steel, .................................... 25 The Mobile Storage Group .......................................... 14 Winco Masonry 8 Xavier Structures Corporation ....................................... 22

EQUIPMENT RENTALS, SALES & SERVICE H & E Equipment Services, Inc. ......... 6 Mustang Cat ....................................23 ROMCO Equipment Company .........10 Sunbelt Rentals.................................. 8

INSURANCE Brady, Chapman, Holland & Associates .................................23 McGriff, Seibels & Williams..............13

EQUIPMENT RENTALS Briggs Equipment ............................28

MASONRY CONTRACTORS Winco Masonry.................................. 8

EXCAVATING/HAULING CONTRACTORS Crosswind Construction Co., Inc. ....27

MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS Raven Mechanical, LP .....................29

FABRICATORS R. E. Campbell Co., Ltd..............22, 25 FALL PROTECTION BRW Unlimited Services, Inc. ............ 4 FIRE CONTROL SYSTEMS American Fire Systems, Inc. ............25 FIREPROOFING Diversified Thermal..........................10 Fireproof Contractors.......................27

INSURANCE & BONDING Guaranty Insurance Service, Inc......29

RESTORATION Munters Moisture Control Services ... 4 ROOFING CONTRACTORS Brinkmann Roofing Company .............inside back cover SAFETY PRODUCTS Safety Maker, Inc. ............................15 SEWERAGE/DRAINAGE Slack & Co. Contracting, Inc. ...........12

MOBILE STORAGE RENTALS The Mobile Storage Group...............14

SITE IMPROVEMENTS Slack & Co. Contracting, Inc. ...........12

MODULAR RETAINING WALLS Pro Modular Ltd. ................................ 3

SOIL STABILIZATION Slack & Co. Contracting, Inc. ...........12

MOISTURE CONTROL Munters Moisture Control Services ... 4

SPECIALTY FOUNDATIONS Schnabel Foundation Company.......30

MOLD ABATEMENT HAL, Inc ...........................................29 Munters Moisture Control Services ... 4

STEEL ERECTION Schuff Steel - Gulf Coast, Inc. .........15

MOLD PREVENTION Munters Moisture Control Services ... 4

STEEL FABRICATION Schuff Steel - Gulf Coast, Inc. .........15 Texas Cold Finished Steel, Inc. ........25

PAINTING CONTRACTORS Drake Interiors .................................23

STORAGE CONTAINERS National Construction Rentals .........24

PAVEMENT MARKINGS/TRAFFIC CONTROL Aggregate Technologies .................... 6

TEMPORARY FENCING National Construction Rentals .........24

PAVING/SURFACING Slack & Co. Contracting, Inc. ...........12

TEMPORARY HEATING & COOLING Munters Moisture Control Services ... 4

GRADING/PAVING CONTRACTORS Crosswind Construction Co., Inc. ....27

PIPES VALVES & FITTINGS MDN Enterprises .............................23

WALL COVERING CONTRACTORS Drake Interiors .................................23

HARDWARE Oxford Builders ................................10

PONDS & RESERVOIRS Slack & Co. Contracting, Inc. ...........12

WATER DISTRIBUTION Slack & Co. Contracting, Inc. ...........12

INSULATION Diversified Thermal..........................10

PORTABLE RESTROOMS National Construction Rentals .........24

WATERPROOFING Diversified Thermal..........................10

FIRESTOPPING Diversified Thermal..........................10 Fireproof Contractors.......................27 FUEL Sun Coast Resources, Inc................30 GENERAL CONTRACTORS Tellepsen..........................................19


Earth Retention Systems and Specialty Foundations Ernest D. Brandl Vice President 11221 Richmond Avenue, Suite C101 Houston, TX 77082 (281) 531-1103 Fax: (281) 531-7539


Cornerstone 333134_Suncoast.indd 1

6/11/07 9:51:14 AM

The Best Kept Secret In Town

While known for its residential work, Brinkmann Roofing Company has been in the commercial roofing business for over 30 years. From the smallest of office buildings to the largest of convention centers, Brinkmann’s commercial roofing division can service any project.

If you haven’t already, add Brinkmann Roofing to your bid list today. Brinkmann Roofing is truly a one-stop shop for your roofing needs. We install single ply, modified, built-up, tile, slate, metal and composition shingle roofing systems. Our in-house sheetmetal shop can custom fabricate any metal you might need.

5050 Timber Creek Dr., Houston, TX 77017 281-486-1660 H H

Hanson Pipe & Precast Sales Offices Inside Texas: 800.441.0128 Outside Texas: 800.452.8006 Grand Prairie 972.262.3600 800.441.0128 Austin 512.385.3950 Houston 713.466.6306 888.473.0430 Longview 903.759.9422 800.318.5605 Robstown 361.767.1060 San Antonio 210.661.2351 866.426.7661

If it’s made from concrete, it’s made by Hanson. Precast Concrete Gravity Pipe, Pressure Pipe, Manholes, Box Culverts, Drainage Inlets, Concrete Bridge Units, Trenchless and Utility Structures. See how Hanson can give you a concrete advantage.

Seguin 830.401.0555 Waco 254.666.4000 800.613.8274

Hanson Aggregates Southwest Sales Offices Dallas/Fort Worth 972.621.0345 Houston 281.675.8200 Mexia 254.353.2076

Pipe & Precast

Hanson Aggregates Southwest Crushed Stone, Sand, Gravel. To learn how you can build better with Hanson Aggregates, contact your local Hanson representative today.

New Braunfels 210.658.3533 Oklahoma City 405.231.5004 Texarkana 903.792.7091

Aggregates Southwest


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