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Creating Common Pathways Across New Jersey


O u r Sto r y :L S M NJ 2 013

Creating Common Pathways Across New Jersey


1 Creating Common Pathways

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Disaster Recovery

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Trail for Better Care

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A Short-Term Need

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“the Good Life”

Noah, minus his famous ark, helps with disaster recovery.


Our Sayreville Community Residence is special because of who lives there.

14 Financial Highlights 16 2013 Donors and Snapshots

25 Boards of Trustees


Management Team


* Formerly Lutheran Care at Moorestown

Special thanks to all those who have contributed to the creative production and printing of this publication. B


12 Residents at LSMNJ senior housing properties live “the good life.”


Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley.


IFE IS MORE like a winding path than a straight highway. The unexpected happens—you’re laid off from work, the baby gets really sick, there’s a car accident, a storm destroys your home— and life’s journey takes a detour. For many in New Jersey, life’s path didn’t lead them where they intended, but with help they can find a new route over the mountain. At Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey (LSMNJ), we meet many people on their journey through life, each one facing unique challenges as well as concerns and needs shared by others. Through our diverse services and programs, LSMNJ creates common pathways of support —healthcare settings where people can rehabilitate and get back on the road to independence; a day shelter offering food, showers, clothing closet, and more so those struggling with homelessness can discover a new path; residences for seniors with limited choices where they open a door to new friends and happy times; “waiting” children joining eager families to begin their life journey together.

“Our Story: LSMNJ 2013” is filled with narratives, personal observations, facts and stats, people, and photos that reflect highlights of our year. We hope you enjoy the read but, more important, also learn how our pathways of help and hope enriched the life journeys of many across New Jersey.

Follow the Path of Recognition



A T & T U n i te d W ay / E m p l o y e e G i v i n g C a m p a i g n

& Ass A.V. Powell

o c i a te s , L LC

Abiding Peace Lutheran Church, Budd Lake

Our Story: LSMNJ 2013


Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind.

Abiding Presence Lutheran Church, Ewing 2


n Bode Abodu


A c a d e my o f N

o t re D a m e

Calvin and Janeanne Adams

Administrative Office

c a m p n o a h : b r i n g i n g h o p e t o c h i l d r e n a n d fa m i l i e s i n d i s a s t e r

(minus his famous ark)

Noah Helps with Disaster Recovery at the Jersey Shore



During the week of July 22, 2013, more than 90 first- through sixth-graders affected by Sandy joined together to process their disaster experiences in the safe, caring, and fun environment of Camp Noah. As part of its continuing disaster recovery efforts, Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey (LSMNJ) —in partnership with Lutheran Social Services (LSS) of Minnesota and two host churches—sponsored free, weeklong, day-camps in two locations, Toms River and Surf City. Lisa Barnes, LSMNJ’s director of community partnering and advocacy as well as the disaster response coordinator, contacted Camp Noah facilitators in Minnesota in the weeks following Sandy. “Camp Noah addresses the

of the Courts - Fa m i l y P ra c t i c e D i v.

ADR Services, Inc.

u r c h , Wa r r e n t h e ra n C h u L t n e v Ad

Ro b e r t a n d C a ro l y n A h l st ro m

Our Story: LSMNJ 2013




INVESTED: • locations

• volunteers gave 2,234 hours of service after traveling 2,482 miles

90+ •

kids (first- through sixth-graders) -279 ounces of play dough

-1,720 lunches

-2,232 crayons

THE RETURN: • • • • •

ear-to-ear grins giggles new best friends volunteer satisfaction sense of preparedness • peace of mind


emotional and spiritual needs of children who feel vulnerable after suffering disaster-related trauma and loss,” says Ms. Barnes. “We knew that many New Jersey children who lost their homes and possessions would benefit from this wonderful program, and LSMNJ made it a priority to provide funding for two camp locations. We are grateful to the assistance we received from two host churches—Zion Lutheran Church in Barnegat Light and Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church in Toms River.”

HOW CAMP NOAH HELPS KIDS COPE Campers, divided by grade levels into animal-themed groups, spent each day doing fun activities and enjoying meals with multigenerational team leaders. Some were mental health professionals, who guided the children in discussing and processing their personal disaster experiences. Every morning, a costumed modern-day Noah greeted campers and shared more of his Bible story, telling how he and his family prepared for and survived the storm. They built an ark and gathered animals, two of every kind. Although they were frightened, Noah explained, they helped each other and learned many lessons as the waters receded and the sun returned. As the campers drew pictures of what they considered their “safe place,” an 11-year-old girl expressed how frightening it was when her family’s ground floor apartment and adjacent restaurant filled with five feet of water (neither place is habitable). Another boy mourned the loss of Luigi, his pet ferret. One camper described sand in his house that was “as big as a baseball

Ro b e r t a n d S u s a n A l f r e d 4


All Risk, Inc.

rt A rd e n a n d B e

ha Alvis

A l l e nto w n H i g h S c h

o o l L EO C l u b

A m b oy N at i o n a l B a n k

mound.” Still another expressed dismay that his house was burglarized after the storm. All the children seemed relieved to be able to spend time with others who shared their storm experience. By the end of the week, each camper received a beautiful handmade quilt, a framed group picture, and a preparedness backpack filled with items such as a flashlight, emergency contact list, first aid kit, toothbrush and toothpaste, pen, whistle, deck of cards, and more.

VOLUNTEERS FELT THE STORM’S IMPACT The Camp Noah program relies on volunteers, supportive communities, and congregations. After being trained, teachers devote a week of their time to travel around the country and bring the program directly into areas that need it. The Surf City camp was staffed by volunteers from Friedens Lutheran Church in Oley, Pennsylvania. Kathy Schaeffer, director of learning ministries at Friedens, coordinated the volunteers along with Ralph Paparella, a retired electrical engineer. “Camp Noah is always meaningful, and this year was filled with importance,” says Ms. Schaeffer. “This was the first Camp Noah that Friedens participated in that we actually experienced the same storm— not to the extent as the folks in New Jersey, but we all had first-hand knowledge of

American So

Camp Noah that Friedens experienced the same storm— not to the extent as the folks in New Jersey, but we all had Superstorm Sandy. Whether we had tree damage or electricity outages or observed the

We could really relate to what happened here.”

Superstorm Sandy. Whether we had tree damage or electricity outages or observed the damage to places we often visit, we felt the effects of the storm. We could really relate to what happened here. ” In Surf City, the youngest volunteer, high school sophomore Jenna Reed; plus

c i et y o f C o m p o s e rs , A u t h o rs & P u b l i s h e rs

mmia A n t h o ny A


J o h n a n d C at h l

her older sister, and their mom worked alongside Ms. Schaeffer, Mr. Paparella, and others, including the oldest volunteer— 82-year-old Sam Borrell, a U.S. Air Force veteran, and congregant from St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania. Truly intergenerational, the camp combines the energy of youth with the wisdom and experience that comes with age. Mr. Paparella, who serves as official camp photographer, makes an excellent point: “Camp Noah is a very rewarding experience for all involved. For example, the beautiful quilts are handmade by folks who like to quilt and donate their handiwork to the cause because they love to share their God-given talent for such a meaningful endeavor. To the children who receive them, the quilts represent a little bit of security from someone who doesn’t know them yet still cares.” Such a rewarding program deserves support and recognition. “We know how much thought, time, and effort go into making Camp Noah a success and, like the campers and their parents, we are quite grateful,” says Ms. Barnes. “LSMNJ is looking forward to possibly sponsoring additional Camp Noah programs in the future.”

e e n A m o ro s o

O. Frederick Andersen

Our Story: LSMNJ 2013


electronic medical record (EMR) system Q: John, how does the new EMR system help Crane’s Mill and Lutheran Crossings Enhanced Living at Moorestown*?

Q: Mercy, how has new system?

Q: Mercy, where does this new system put us compared to others?

Q: John, how do you make sure that LSMNJ records are secure?





This is just the beginning.

C l i f f o r d a n d D o r o t hy A n d e r s o n 6


Wesley Anderson

Ro b e r t a n d

J a n i c e A n d re s s

Appraisal Institute - Southern New Jersey Chapter

Five Fabulous

Meeting a Short-term Need


AT L S M N J , W E ’ V E B E E N C O M M I T T E D

2 3 4 5

16 grants

8 new recipients


A R C Fo u n d a

84 grants

a Arn on Archer & Greiner, A orneys At Law Roger and Non

l Ash holt Danie

Patrick Atkinson

Atlan c Risk Specialists, Inc.

Our Story: LSMNJ 2013


A Home Like Any Other LSMNJ’s Sayreville Community Residence



SMNJ’s Sayreville Community Residence and achievement. They focus on what they can do, is home to six developmentally disabled not what they can’t. women. Francisca, the house manager, supervises a 24-hour, three-shift schedule Before coming to Sayreville, Margaret was supported of caregivers who make home-cooked meals, clean, by a personal connection: her mother. Margaret, who and deal with any day-to-day “crisis,” from calls to a has the abilities of a four-year old, was settled into a plumber to finding the TV remote. They help transroutine and doing well. Family helped, especially port the residents to appointments as her mother was getting older. “Mom and arrange for visits to day never wanted Margaret to be a burden ... the ladies in programs. They even take trips on us,” her sister Annette recalls, “but Sayreville are able together, like their recent outings we wanted to help. We’re family. It’s to gain a sense to Medieval Times and the what we do.” Nutcracker at the State of independence Theatre in New Brunswick. Everything changed when Margaret’s and achievement. mother passed away. Margaret needed They focus on what At Sayreville, every resident is to find a new home. Yet despite her special, including Margaret. family’s insistence, her mother never they can do, not transferred guardianship to Margaret’s what they can’t. “She’s a delight to have here,” siblings. So Margaret moved to a state smiles Francisca. “She makes everyone development center, far from her smile. She grabs your hand—sometimes a bit siblings’ homes. It was a place to live, but it too tight—but that’s how she communicates. wasn’t home. Margaret gets along really well.” “A member of the staff at the center was our angel,” Within the structure of the home, the ladies in Annette says. “As we were getting guardianship, she Sayreville are able to gain a sense of independence told us that Margaret would be better off in a group

At l a n t i c To m o r ro w ’s O f f i c e 8


o o re sto w n H om e at M n a r e h t u L e Auxiliary of th


BA A C o n st r u c t i o n , L LC

O. B o n n i B a b s o n

“We have a family style dinner every evening. There’s television, puzzles, games, and other things to do. IT’S A HOME LIKE ANY OTHER.”

home. She’s the one who found Sayreville, right near where we live. We’re so grateful.” In less than a year, Margaret was moving again. It was a major change, and change is hard for Margaret. “She had to work through some aggression,” Francisca tells us. “But eventually that stopped, and her life settled into a routine.” And the routine was just like home. When she’s not out of the house at day programs, Margaret’s enjoying her favorite shows in the TV room. If she’s not there, she’s in the kitchen, tapping her fingers on her lips as she waits for their family dinner to start. (“Eating is one of her favorite activities,” Francisca smiles.) Margaret shares a bedroom filled with her favorite things with a housemate, and looks forward to her brother or sister’s weekly visits. Today, Margaret fits in well with her housemates. Relatives visit regularly. “Family can interact here just like they’re at home,” Francisca says. For Margaret and her housemates, that’s perfect, because like any other house on any other street in America, LSMNJ’s Sayreville Community Residence is home.

Lorraine Bag


Ro n a l d B a i l e y

Alison Baker

ealt B a n c ro f t H


R ay m o n d a n d

FOR FRANCISCA, being house manager at LSMNJ’s Sayreville Community Residence is exactly the right job for her. “In college I volunteered for a day program for the developmentally disabled, and I loved it! My job here is to make sure residents are safe, comfortable, and feel at home,” says Francisca. “They’re great; they are like a second family to me.”

Bernadette Baraldi

Rosemarie Bararo-Puig

Our Story: LSMNJ 2013



Volunteers Give and Receive

to be able to come to New Visions Homeless Day Shelter and serve the Camden community. New Visions is a daytime safe haven nourishing men, women, and children daily with food, friendship, social services, and personal care resources. The homeless clients are very appreciative that volunteers share their time, serve breakfast, and donate clothing—but oftentimes it’s the conversation, respect they receive, and being told they matter that means so much more.



It is one of the beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely help another without helping himself.


Donald Barb 10

Lisa Barnes


Frank Barone

a Robert and M

ry Ellen Bart


h o l o m ew

Tracie Bartholomew and Daniel Whitener Jr.

M a r y B a r to l e


Management News 2013 Leadership Appointments

Sensory Room Helps Seniors Relax IN 2013 LUTHERAN SENIOR LIFE


ppointed by LSMNJ’s Board of Trustees, PHILLIP J. HARRINGTON became president and chief executive officer (interim) in September 2013. The organization has already benefited from Phil’s leadership experience and management acumen gained during his years as a business executive in finance and other fields. He had served since 2006 on the LSMNJ Board of Trustees and is a current board member for the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. Two dedicated LSMNJ staff were tapped to fill leadership positions in December 2013. JENNIFER CRIPPS was promoted to vice president and chief financial officer (CFO) after serving several months as interim CFO. She joined LSMNJ in October 2007 as the controller for housing and community programs and in 2010 advanced to the position of corporate controller for all of LSMNJ. After serving as part-time legal counsel since 2007, LEE DOTY was named LSMNJ’s full-time general counsel. Prior to joining LSMNJ, Lee was a partner at two Pennsylvaniabased national law firms, chairing the health law practices at each firm. For more information about LSMNJ’s leadership team, visit www.lsmnj.org/who-we-are/ourmission-and-leadership

Robert Barto w

J e s s i c a B a sta

T h o m a s B a x te r

“It’s Really Nice Having a Family”

Is There a CHILD Waiting for YOU? To find out, contact LSMNJ’s Adoption Program at 888-325-6621 or lsmnj.org for more information.


alth Car da Home He


S ta n l ey B e c k

Wayne Becker

J o s e p h a n d T i n a B e d n a rc z y k

Our Story: LSMNJ 2013


LSMNJ Paves the Way to “the Good Life” for Seniors


t sounds like “the good life” … a life that any of us would like … and you can find it at any one of LSMNJ’s six affordable senior housing properties throughout the state. LSMNJ residents escape the burdens of shoveling snow, cutting grass, and fixing dripping sinks and leaky roofs. Our properties range in size, income restrictions, and location, among other things, but all have one thing in common—for 500 seniors they are home.

AN INSIDE LOOK AT “THE GOOD LIFE” “I love my seniors,” smiles Evelyn Delgado, property manager at LSMNJ’s South Plainfield Senior Residence. Evelyn is more than

a “property manager.” At times she’s a counselor, other times she’s a mentor; to many she’s like their daughter. “I like to sit out front and talk with my residents. It gives me a chance to get to know them as people with their own interests and needs. This is more than a job, we’re family,” explained Evelyn. Pat Szalai agrees. Pat’s been at South Plainfield for 12 years. Before that, she was living with family until they sold their house. “The change intimidated me at first,” she recalls. “But I love it now. My apartment is on the fourth floor, facing the woods. I love the trees and see fox and deer. I love when my grandchildren visit, but I also have a family here.”

Of the 100 residents, eight in 10 are single, most are women, and they range in age from 63 to 90 years old. “We first opened our doors in 2002,” says Evelyn, who started at South Plainfield in 2007, “and over time our family has grown to become very diverse.” And while most are from the local area, including many who lived their entire lives in the town of South Plainfield, a handful last lived in Pennsylvania or even Florida. Regardless of where they’re from, their background, or their age, everyone looks out for each other. “Recently I was going out to my car after it snowed,” Pat remembers. “My friend saw me from her fifth floor window. I was having a hard time getting


R a c h e l B e d n a rc z y k 12


Brian Bell

ell I re n e a n d J o s e p h B

E st a te o f H e

nry Belo

B e n j a m i n M o o re & C o .

E l e a n o re B e n n i n g

Gerald Bergh

into my car with my walker. She ran down without her coat and helped me!”

Regardless of where they’re from, their background, or their age, everyone looks out for each other.

Evelyn makes sure she fosters that feeling of community. There’s the monthly bagel and coffee breakfasts and birthday parties. There’s a book club and a group that gardens. Bingo and Scrabble draw a crowd, and cards are always popular. Holidays are a busy time of year—residents gather in the community room for Thanksgiving dinner, the annual Christmas party with a live band, and other celebrations. When the weather’s right, residents grill outside and linger over dinner on the patio. South Plainfield Senior Residence sounds special, but for LSMNJ, it’s not unique. All of LSMNJ’s senior residences offer similar amenities, activities, and friendships. LSMNJ provides seniors more than just an apartment to rent. We offer a sense of community for residents who can also maintain their personal space and independence in their own comfortable home.

S h a ro n B e r k owitz

Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church, Palmyra

Arpana B

h a k ka d

lsmnj.org/how-we-help. Mark Biancaniello

G o rd o n a n d N a n c y B i e

Our Story: LSMNJ 2013


Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey



■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ (less than 1%) ■

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ (less than 1%)

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

(less than 1%)

■ ■ ■

B i g S k y E n te r p r i s e s , L LC 14


Anna Bihun

, LL Bijou Holdings


Bil-Jim Constr

uction Co., Inc.

S te p h e n B i tt n e r

J o h n a n d S h a ro n B l a c k

Lutheran Social Ministries of NJ Foundation UNDERCOMPENSATED CARE IN 2013 2013 Revenue Total: $2,819,023

health centers

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

$2.59m – ■

$147k –

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

group homes

$93k – $166k– $111k –

Pa t r i c i a B l a i


Tim Bland

C l a u d e a n d L a u re l B l u m

er C a ro l y n B o d m

S ey m o u r a

n d R i ta B o d n e r

D oy l e B o e s e

Roger and Aina Boraas

Our Story: LSMNJ 2013


Our Donors At LSMNJ we are fortunate to have so many faithful donors. Thank you to all our donors for joining us on our journey throughout the year, actively choosing to give to others in need as they travel life’s pathways. We honor the service of each of our donors with our ‘path of recognition’ beginning on page 1 of this report. The path continues here with more donor names, and images of events, volunteers, and special celebrations.


Richard Bower

Evelyn Boyle

Glenn and Elaine Bradford

Estates of George and Olive Brauninger Alverda Brill

Burke Bushey

Paul and Gladys Brosius

Lorraine Brunelle

Christa Buergin

Denise Calinda


Katherine Brown

Jason and Susan Buchner

Max and Christine Burger

Anne Burrows

Donna and Nathanael Butler

Michael and Stephanie Brockhoff

Joseph and Elizabeth Brown

Margaret Bucci

John and Patricia Buikema

Barry and Christine Burlaga

Jack and Janice Brandon Warren and

June Brittingham

Stephen Brosious Julia Brown

Walter and Maureen Bradford

Audrey Brenner

Charlene Burton

Julie Brooks

Roger and

Christina Buckalew

John and Nancie Alice

Cacace Properties, LLC

Calvary Lutheran Church, Cranford

Calvary Lutheran Church, Medford


Lutheran Church, Allendale

Camden County Public Works and Ellen Simon Campbell Soup Company Foundation May Keysha Caraway Carlson Sr.

Cardone Family Foundation

Earl and Shirley Carpenter

Anne Cassidy and Edward Jefferson Chernowetz

Elizabeth Cherson

Christ Lutheran Church, Whiting East Brunswick 16


Lisa Caplan

Richard Carter

Catherine Chin

Anthony Cappuccio

Carlisle and Associates, LLC

Emidio and Rosalie Caruso

Gene and Toby Jo Caven

Elizabeth Caran

Bernadette and Albert

Marie Caruso

Anna Cassidy

Center for Environmental Transformation

Caroline Chiocco


Christ Lutheran Church, Woodcliff Lake

Christ Lutheran Church Women, Whiting

Christ the King Lutheran Church, Kendall Park

Campbell Soup

Cape May Evangelical Lutheran Church, Cape

Daniel Capone

CareKinesis, Inc.

Joel Caminer

Elizabeth Campbell

Christ Memorial Lutheran Church,

Christ the King Lutheran Church, Ringwood

Christ Our Light, Cherry Hill

Victoria and Daniel Christian

Deborah Coccia

Allen and Pearl Cohen

Senior Services

Compass Ion Advisors, LLC

Hazel Connolly

Earle and Jane Conrad

Church in Acts, Voorhees

Nicola Colaneri

Church of the Savior, Paramus

Laurie Ann Colborn

Computer Associates International, Inc

Robert and Jean Cook

Michael Coluzzi


Charles and Millie Connelly

Gene and Janice Cooper

Covenant Presbyterian

Church, Cinnaminson Jonathan and Diane Cox Crane’s Mill Resident Association Paul and Wendy Cranmer Carl and Dorothy Cressler Carol Damis

Naomi Cressman

Barbara Davey

Jennifer Cripps

Bruce Davidson

Joan Crist

Barbara Davis


Sharon and Martin Czebotar Elly Davis

Diane D’Agostino

Norman and Kathleen Davis

Ronald and

Elizabeth Day Dayton Presbyterian Church, Dayton, OH Carmen and Assunta DeRosa DeSales Service Works Joseph DeSantis

Doris Deede

Samuel and Janice Deerr

Raymond and Natia Defaria





d and contributed 0 golfers attende 8 n a h t t Pine Barrens Golf Club and Fall Golf More Golf outing a outing at B g n i r p S urlingto to our n Coun try Della Del Polito Dench

Angelo Del Russo

Dana and Beverly Denef

Anne DiGiacomo Donahue

Eleanor Dill

Robert Donahue


Del-Sano Contracting Corp.

Anthony and Pamela Diaco Kendra DiPaola

Armon Diedrich

Conrad Dombkiewicz

Donnelly Wagner Architects, LLC

Thomas Dorsey

Lee Doty

Michael Delia


Thomas Diedrich

Dominican Academy

Doris Donoval

Debora Doyle and Linwood Gerber


Louis and

Domus, Inc.


Dorcas Guild-Martin Luther Chapel, Frederick Doyle

Gordon and Nancy

Doyle John and Joan Drager Nicholas Driscoll Timothy and Jane Duffy Megan Duncan Robert and Dorothy Duncan Louis and Carleen Dunkle Beth Eichfeld Church, Elmer

Nathan Dunn

Tracey Dybus-Davis

Raymond and Carla Elberson EMET Realty, Inc.

Richard and Beverly Engelhardt


E. Allen Reeves, Inc

Elder Elegance Salon Management

Eugene and Mildred Eberenz

Alex Elefante

Employee’s Community Fund of the Boeing Company

Walter and Gail Engle

Emanuel Lutheran

Henry Eng

Epiphany Lutheran Church, Pleasantville

Sara Engel

Raymond Eriksen

Alexandra Espinal Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Reformation, West Long Branch

David and Susan Evans


Sonya Facher

Marguerite Fairbrothers

Faith Lutheran Church, Hillsborough

Faith Lutheran Church, New Providence Michael Fallon Jeffrey Farenback-Brateman Bernadette Farley Edward and Marta Fecht

Henry Fickenscher

DJ Fiore

First Choice Bank, Mercerville

Presbyterian Church, Haddonfield

Flooring Central


Carole Fort

Anna and Frederick Follis

Rothschild, LLP

Cynthia and Anthony Fratto Jr.

First Choice Bank, Hamilton Square

Thorleif and Greta Floystad

Foss & Co., Inc.

Ruth Flynn

Steven and Rochelle Foster

Gertrude Freeman


Christopher and Mary Watson Fournier

Raymond and Lisa French


Harold Friedeman

Our Story: LSMNJ 2013


Peter Friend

Friend Insurance Agency, Inc.

Kevin and Barbara Fullerton Design Corp.

Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Hackettstown

Lutheran Church, New Milford

Richard Frost

Marlene and John Fuller

Louis and Jeanne Gallo

Garden State Painting &

Ethan and Shelley Geehr

Constance and Theodore Gleichmann Jr.

George Golla

Joe Frigiola

Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc.

Michael and Elizabeth Gebhart

and Angela Gervasio Alta Gibson


William Friend III

Andrew Gmitter

Michael Gerber

Margaret Giancaspro

Joan Glenz

Carol Germinario

Margaret Gibson

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Chatham


Ray and Gloria Dei

Mildred Golden

Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church, Florham Park

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Somer-


Anita Goodwyn

George and Edith Gordon

Charles Gormley

Herman and Gertrude Gossenberger

Richard and Betty Gotchel

Dave Graber

Samaritan fund and hunger and homelessnes nefit our Good s progra e b s t n e v ms. g e n i s i a r d n u f m s fro d e e Proc Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, Phillipsburg


Grace Lutheran Church, Teaneck

Theresa and Sheldon Graham Larry and Pearl Grika Ralph Guion

Christine Grant

Robert and Linda Grissom

Herbert and Ingrid Gutjahr

Frank and Joyce Hall

Clarence Hallowell

Valerie Green

Nancy Harris

Judith Hatke Doris Hentschel Margareta Hill

Edward and Marlene Harvey

Edna Hecht

Emily Hillman

Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Bordentown Wenonah

John Hoffler

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Burlington



Judith Hazan

Nancy Heinze

Jane Griffith Dewayne Guhn

George and Ingrid Hager Harbor Linen Healthcare Wayne and Judith Hatfield Charles and Elizabeth Heal

Maurice and Patricia Hight

Arthur and Marian Hoffman Dennis Holtz

Jim and

Frank and Doris Henrikson

Ellen Hetzel

William and Donna Hoffman

Holy Communion Lutheran Church, Berlin

Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Toms River

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Collingswood

Lutheran Church, Leesburg, VA

Walter and Constance Haswell

Udo Heiman

Linda Holscher

Mabel Graepel

Phillip and Kathie Harrington Irmgard Harris

Estate of William C. Herdle

David Hofer

Dorothee Holmstrup

Blanche Grube

Helen Hansbury

David and Carol Hauser

Margaret Heglie

Herbert J. Sims & Co., Inc.

Paulyn Holandez

John Grover

Alice and Donald Hamm

Michael and Gail Hauptmann

Marianne Healey

Arthur and Barbara Griffa

Haddonfield Memorial High School

Foundation Elizabeth and George Hardy III Karen Harkaway Kathy Harris

Grace Lutheran Church, Union

Theodore Gropler


Grace Lutheran Church,

Holy Nativity Lutheran Church,

Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Manasquan

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Hasbrouck Heights

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Lawrenceville

Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Red Bank

Hope Lutheran Church, Freehold John Hunter

Ruth Ifversen

Marilyn Immendorf

Fred Jackson Van Jackson

Henry and Barbara Jansma Johannesen

Remainder Trust

Wanda Jordan

Marie Killian

Dahlia Kang

Heather Kato

Bonnie Kelly

Services, PA



Imperial Painting & Coatings, LLC

Jefferis Engineering Assoc.

John Gibson Martin, Architect

Philip Jones

Kanalstein Danton Associates


John and Maria Hsieh Instant Blinds

Gary Jacques Erna Jaklitsch Maxine James Doris Jankowicz Rebecca Jarvis

Donald Johansen

Arlene Jonach


Michael Howard

Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund

Employee Services Center


Deborah and Christopher Houlihan

Grace Kelly

Kathryn Killmer

Paul and Harriet Klein

John and Rina Johnson


Robert Kammerer

Patrick Kenny

Andrew Kalnin

George and Barbara Karr

James and Barbara Kee

Iasina Kelly

Kathe Kasten Charitable

Frank and Barbara Keith

Dorothy and Albert Kent

King of Kings Lutheran Church, Mountain Lakes Sarah Klos

Mark and Mary

John and Augusta Johnson

Joseph’s House of Camden

Margaret Kanther

Diane Katz

Jersey City Medical Center

Robert and Barbara Kluthe

Randal and Cynthia

Kieran McKenna Flooring,

Kitchen & Associates Architectural

Alice Knecht

Arthur and Janet Knutsen

Mary Koether Emilie Kohler Jason Konek Geraldine Kopczynski Herbert Kopf Doris Koster Frank and Kathleen Kozempel

Elizabeth Kozma

Ruth Kracht

Charles and Catherine Krattenmaker Mildred Kunkel

Kramer + Marks Architects Evelyn Kresky

John and Mary Kunkel


Karin Labarge

Stanley and Marcia Krantz

James Kuder

Jean Kuhnis

Jeffrey Kuschner


Edwin and

George and Carol

Ladies Aid Society-Good Shepherd Lutheran

At Church, Point Pleasant our Mon Church, Secaucus Arthur and Angela Lahr Doris and te C arlo Thomas Lail Anna Lamontain Charles Nig ht f and Maureen Lange undr aiser , 90 plus g uests enjoyed games and good food.

William and Carol Lankenau Larkey

Ben and Frances

Helen Larson

Alice Laub

Law Office of James J. Treanor, LLC of Lee Doty, LLC Lazaroff


Jean Le Breton

Lutheran Church, Chatham) Arthur and Carol Lerner Inc.

Audrey Lintner


The Learning Path (Gloria Dei Mary Lehmann Doris Leventhal

Greg and Tracy Leonard Ruth Lewis

Joan Liljegren

Living Waters Lutheran Church, Ringoes

Long Branch Covenant Church, Long Branch

Margaret Lope

Daniel and Regina Lutz

John and Eleanor Liljegren

Livingston First Aid Squad


Kalman Lurinsky

Linda MacNamara

Line Systems,

LMEPAC Charity Match

Lutheran Women’s Society John Macciocca


Construction, LLC James Maitland Rebecca Makely Edward and Jennifer Malinowski Bruce Mancia Mandracchia & McWhirk, LLC

Ann Mann

Anna Manning

John and Regina Mapes

Roger and Lucille Markay

Cynthia Markus

Our Story: LSMNJ 2013


Marshall Industrial Technologies, Inc. Maser Consulting, P.A. Kelly McEvoy

Howard Martin

Howard and Sheryl Mattson

McGraw Hill Financial, Inc.

Lizann McLaughlin

James and Janet Martin Dene Mayer

William and Janis McCracken

James and Kerry McGuire

Bruce and Lorraine McMahon

John and Stacy Martin

Muriel McHugh

Shirley Medina

John Martin

Albert McDonald

Thomas and Susan McKenna

Medline Industries, Inc.

Janet Mehl


and Margery Meinhardt Jr. Irving Mender Mercadien Group Douglas and Connie Merchant Merchantville Women’s Club Evening Membership Department

Charlotte and Geno Merli

Merwin & Paolazzi Insurance Agency, Inc.

Robert Messerschmidt

Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church, Oakland

Christine Messina

Eleanor Meyer

Peter Michalski

Judy Miller

Joyce Millhagen

Joseph and Linda Miele Jean Minder

Merlino Design Partnership, Inc.

Susan Merrill

Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church, Parlin Frank Messina

Steven Trevenen Mickel

Robert and Donna Mirabello

Deborah Meyer

Frederick and

Miles Technologies

Elaine Miller

MKM Foundation

Lee and Sharon

Moffitt Robert and Patricia Moll Joseph and Elaine Molnar Henry Montesano James and Janet Montesano William and Lorraine Montesano Friends School Dorothy Morten Mullane

Gladys Moore

Moore Brothers Wine Company

Moorestown Monthly Meeting

John Moran

Augustine and Mary Ann Mosso

Doris Mulvaney

Morrison Senior Dining

Mt. Olive Manor

Munroe Creative Partners

Moorestown Flower Shoppe

Catherine Murk


Morrisville State College

Edward and Shirley Muench MWW Group, LLC




Nace Nativity Lutheran Church, East Brunswick Carmel Naples and Phyllis Mignona Norma Nedde

James and Linda Nelson

New Jersey District, Lutheran Church – Missouri


New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company

ed plet m o c . Gerald and Linda Nicholls Nola and William Nikel New who ery s v r o e c Jersey Synod ELCA New Jersey Synod ELCA Staff nte re volu dy n a 1 NJ State Employees Charitable Campaign ,26 vice in S 1 d er ate of s ordin s o r c hou ogram 0 r p 0 y r In 201 3, LSMNJ’s disaster recove 14,0 Nelda Newman

an e th r o m

Thomas Laura Noon


Janet North

Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod Jerold Nugent A. Ock Marion O’Kane of Irene Otto

Margie Olewunne

Lutheran Church, Pompton Plains ParenteBeard, LLC

Brian and Laura Peebles




Frederick Nurge

Debbie O’Connor



Estate of Muriel

Martha Ostertag


Estate of Dorothea W. Partch

Amy Pennenga

Fernand and Jacqueline Pages Partners Pharmacy

People for the Poor, Inc.


Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Fords

Our Savior’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Menlo Park, Edison Ethelmae Oxner


James and Jane O’Donnell

James and Janice O’Neil

Our Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church, Dumont

Our Savior Lutheran Church, Fair Lawn Seminary

Kathleen O’Neal


Our Saviour

Palmer Theological

Anthony Passarelli

Craig and JoAnne Pershing

Denise Peart Lee Petersen

Michael and Linda Petronaci Purchase Fund

Inge and Philip Pitts

and Mary Pohts Pradhan


Philadelphia Foundation PNC Bank

Power Electric Company, Inc. Premier Energy Group, LLC

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Marlton

Fred and Karen Quadrio


Mia Phifer

Kathleen and Alan Pliszka

Natalia Poluektova

Charlene and Thomas Preisel

Princeton Junction


Joy Petzinger

Michael and Ruth Podolin


Edward and Jeanne Powick


Suzanne Price

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church,

ProviNet Solutions

Roger and Cindy Quattlebaum

Pinelawn Cemetery Land

PSE&G- Regional Public Affairs

Arthur and Meta Querns

John and Siri

Howard and Rita Radest Thomas Ragusa Arthur Ranges Gladys Rask Constance Reagin John Recco

Redeemer Lutheran Church, Ramsey

Redeemer Lutheran Church, Maywood

Redeemer Lutheran Church, Westfield and Rosalie Reinbacher

Barry Redlich

Warren and

Redeemer Lutheran Church, Neptune

Regan Development Corp.

Susan Reintzel

Charles and Lourene Reynolds

Shelter served breakfast ions Homeless Day and lunch t New Vis o Kathryn Richards Martha Rimathe

Christopher Richetti Rudolph and Nancy Riti

Carl and Yolanda Reichelt


Jayne Ricciardelli

175 peo ple



Ridge Oak Management, Inc. Robert and Carol Ritter

Nicholas Rizzitello

RMS Graphics,

Inc. Andrea Robinson Kenneth and Christine Rodemann Frances Rodrigues Steve Rogers Israel and Sara Roizman Romero Center Ministries Faith Rose Gary and Judith Rossi Margaret Rosskamm Suzanne Rostovskis Richard and Christine Roviello W. Hollis and Evelyn Rulon Juhan and Jeanne Runne Doris Rupp Grace Russo Louis and Carolyn Russo Shirlee Rykiel


Richard and Marjorie Saari

Carmen and Carol Salvatore

Samaritan Hospice Sam’s Automotive Repair Donald and Carole Sapp Arvind and Asha Saraf

William and Laura Saul

Daniel and Marcy Sayre Stephen Scelba Ede Lou Schaertel Claire-Marie Scheffbuch Carolee and Herbert Scherb Eugene and Tammy Schiavo Barbara Schneiderman

Karl and Noreen Schiffbauer David and Eileen Schoenherr

Schindler Elevator Corporation Richard and Joan Schramm

Frank and Laura Schmitzer

Marion Schropp

Walter and

Valerie Schumacher Carl and Nancy Schupp Michael and Janice Schwartz Burton and Patricia Sebold Thelma Sellmann Morgan Serediuk

Susan and David Sereni

Kathleen Seyffart

Stephen and Evelyn Shalom


and Margaret Smith

Patrick Smarrito

Seth Snover

Jared and Laurel Sproul

Sewell School Association - Casino Night Richard and

Sharp Appraisal Services, LLC

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, Sparta

Jack and Joanne Slotterback Sparling

Sereni Web Design

Kirsten Shearer

Elliot and Barbara Sherman

Ernest and Geraldine Smith

Jon and Sharon Spahr

Shehadi Commercial

Janice Simms

William Slade

Frederick and Francoise Smith

Margaret Spallone

Spruce Run Lutheran Church, Glen Gardner

Elizabeth Sparling


Paul and Sally

St. Andrew the Apostle, Gibbsboro

Our Story: LSMNJ 2013


St. Anne’s Guild, Grace Church in Haddonfield, Haddonfield Episcopal Church, Cherry Hill Baptist Church, Camden

St. Augustine’s Preparatory School

St. James Lutheran Church, Pitman

St. John Chrysostom Church, Wallingford

St. John’s Lutheran Church, Bloomfield

Lutheran Church, Watsontown

St. Bartholomew’s

St. John’s Lutheran Church, Summit

St. John’s Lutheran Church, Passaic

St. Joseph’s University

Lutheran Church, West Collingswood

St. Mark Lutheran Church, Hamilton

St. Mark Lutheran Church, Oaklyn

St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Moorestown

St. John’s St. John’s

St. Luke’s Evangelical

St. Mark Lutheran Church, Morristown St. Michael’s Lutheran Church,

Cherry Hill St. Paul Lutheran Church, Beachwood St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Closter St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hainesport

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, East Windsor

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Edison

St. Peter

Lutheran Church, Lambertville St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, North Wales St. Stephen Lutheran Church, Edison St. Stephen Lutheran Church, Woodbury

St. Stephen Lutheran Church, South Plainfield St. Thomas Lutheran Church, Brick Anthony Steinbronn Richard Stranahan-Jones

Bruce and Laura Swanson and Elva Taber Teaney

Tabor House, Inc.

Rose Teepe

Evangelical Lutheran Church, Findlay Greenberger Foundation, Inc.


T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.

Temple Lutheran Church, Pennsauken The Bannett Group

Douglas and Patricia Tietz

Jeffrey Toolan

Karla and Charles Traficante

Trinity Lutheran Church, Tenafly


Kenneth Van Dongen

Gail and Mark Verlander


Jeanne Van Steen

(Third) 3rd Fed Bank Three Vintage

Thrivent – Ocean County Chapter

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Runnemede Gwen Tyler

The First

The Rita and Harry

Charles Thorne

Church, Kandiyohi, MN


The Beneficial Foundation

Theodore H. Budd and Sons, Inc.

Thrivent – Morris County Chapter


James and Muriel Terhune

The McIntyre Group

Shawn Thompson


Sharon and Charles

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Savior, Haddonfield

Ray and Betty Thompson

Mona Trump

Carollynn and

Elaine Stumpf

TD Charitable Foundation

The King’s Christian School

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Martha and Gary Tieman


TD Bank

The Vane Brothers Company

Matthew and Virginia Thomas

Nancy Stober-McCarthy

Richard and Frances Stronski

The County of Camden - County Treasurer’s Office

The Catholic Church of Saint Mary, Cherry Hill

Babes, LLC

Joanne Stellitano

Joseph Szakacs and Sandra Lowich

Paul and Judy Taber

Mary Jane Teasdale

Tesser & Cohen

Herbert Steinmann

C. Paul and Dolores Strockbine

Nicholas Travers

Tripolis Evangelical Lutheran

United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey

Marilyn Vassallo

William and Frances Verlander

David and Patricia Vaughn

Brian Vernon

Lauren Verrill

Douglas Venzie

Village Lutheran Church,

Lanoka Harbor Xiaodan Wang

Anthony and Marie Volpe Carolyn Watson

WELCA-Bethany Lutheran Church, Palmyra Lutheran Church, Berlin Gardner


David and Lois Waddell

Karen Watson

Beverly Weaver

WELCA-Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Rockaway

Timothy Wimberly

Margaret Will

Witt Fund of the Lutheran Community Foundation Company, Inc.

Elsa Wolschina

WELCA-Spruce Run Lutheran Church, Glen

Alaine and Robert Williams

Peter and Mary Wislocki Priscilla Witte

Women with Voices Charity, Inc.

Fred Weiss

WELCA-Holy Communion

WELCA-Zion Lutheran Church, Saddle River

Eleanor Willert

John and Linda Winkelman

Yvonne Walton

Carole Weidmuller

WELCA-Cape May Lutheran Church, Cape May

WELCA-St. Timothy Lutheran Church, Wayne

Carl and Alice Wilfrid

Jonathan Wallace Jr.

Wilbert Wehrli

Monique White

Angelique Williams

Witherspoon, Inc.

Carl and Marion Woerner

The Doris M. Wolfington Body

Women’s Club of Merchantville


Guild-Calvary Lutheran Church, Verona Kwong and Amy Wong Philip Woodington Elizabeth Woodside Word of Life Outreach Center Maureen and Drew Wrenn Eleanor Wuchter Yunghans


Zabransky Mechanical Corp.


William Zimmerman


Bradford and Mary Ann Young Roland and Dorothy

Lee Zandstra

David Zaun

Elsie Zebrick

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Rahway

Gary and Karen Zion Evangelical

Lutheran Church of Clark, Clark Zion Lutheran Church, Oldwick Zion Lutheran Church, Westwood Zion Lutheran School, Westwood

Brian Zumbrum


Our Story: LSMNJ 2013


Gifts That Honor In 2013, the LSMNJ FOUNDATION received 265 gifts in honor and/or in memory of 131 individuals.

In addition to remembering loved ones who passed, these gifts celebrated birthdays, recognized faithful employees and fellow committee members, acknowledged special friendships, and honored milestones such as graduations and anniversaries. $44,981

We are so thankful for all those represented by honor and memorial gifts.

2013 NUMBERS THAT REALLY ADD UP! • 6,100 plus people were served by LSMNJ programs and services which are open to all, regardless of religious affiliation or background. • Upwards of 940 units of affordable housing were “home” to seniors and families across New Jersey. • 25 families were formed through adoption. • 660 immigrants benefitted from legal services. • 13,924 Items of donated clothing were distributed to the homeless. • 185 children and adults had special needs met through varied community residential services. • More than 1,400 New Jersey adult residents took advantage of senior living and healthcare programs. • 958 individuals and groups supported LSMNJ through contributions.



679 backpacks filled with school supplies were donated to children.


LSMNJ BOARD OF TRUSTEES (2014) Phillip J. Harrington


Margaret “Peg” Bucci

Rev. Traci Bartholomew David Danton

Lee Doty Jennifer Cripps

Rev. Bruce Davidson Angelo Del Russo Rev. Thomas Dorsey Rev. Raymond J. Elberson Rev. Raymond J. Elberson


Theresa Oakley Graham

Beth Eichfeld Beth Gebhart

Cynthia Markus

William McCracken William McCracken Chairman Janice O’Neil Edward P. Noble Warren Reintzel

Ruth Lewis James O’Neil

Gary Rossi Rev. Dr. Anthony Steinbronn

Juhan Runne Chairman

Mia Phifer David Waddell Treasurer Beth Sparling

David Schoenherr Treasurer Angelique Williams

Joanne Schwartz

David Waddell

Our Story: LSMNJ 2013


OUR MISSION Through the power of the Holy Spirit and in response to God’s love as revealed in the Gospel, the mission of Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey is to serve those in New Jersey who hurt, who are in need, or who have limited choices.

3 Manhattan Drive, Burlington, New Jersey 08016 | 609.386.7171 | www.lsmnj.org

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