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Pit Stop #5 Topic Book/Web © 2007 Alinea, København Kopiering af denne bog er kun tilladt ifølge aftale med Copy-Dan. Forlagsredaktion: Lise Nerlov Christine Hartmann Billedredaktion: Vibeke Sommer Grafisk tilrettelægning: Caroline Seehusen mDD Tegninger: Teis Dyekjær-Hansen (Tam’s Tricks) Tobias Mikkelsen (The Race is On, Strange Days) Kim Hagen (Endangered Animals, Summer Camp) Flemming Jeppesen (Dragons and Fairies) Gwyneth Williamson (York, Working with Language) Repro: Highlight Tryk: Livonia Print 2. udgave, 5. oplag 2016 ISBN 978-87-23-50379-4

Pit Stops website finder du på: pitstop.alinea.dk. Eleverne får adgang til sitet sammen med deres Topic Book/Web. Du kan læse mere om betingelserne for brug af webressourcerne inde på sitet.

Welcome to Pit Stop #5! With Pit Stop #5 you get this Topic Book and a website with recordings, copy sheets, links, etc. etc Hello! This book has 6 fantastic topics. Hope you en joy them! The Topic Book is full of texts and pictures. The basic texts are for the whole class to work with. But there are more texts. Look for: This is the symbol for extra texts. Some are easy, some are difficult. It’s your choice! The website has recordings of all the texts. You can fill out your copy sheets online and share them. You also have access to links and an online version of My own Dictionary. Don’t forget to listen to Tam’s Tricks! I’m the happy end of each topic. Use your Task Book to help you learn more from this book. Enjoy!


19 Adopt a Komodo Dragon 20 WWF – For a Living Planet 22 Zoos Help 24 Emma’s Otters 26 Meeting the Snake 27 Endangered Snake Visit! 28 London Zoo 30 Tam’s Tricks:

7 The Ferrari Song

Guinea Pig in Danger

8 Nascar 10 Danica Patrick 12 The Dakar Rally 14 My First Win 16 The Green Flag 17 The World Solar Challenge 18 Tam’s Tricks: Ten Pounds the Easy Way

31 Up the Airy Mountain 32 A Field Guide to the Fantastical World around You 34 Live Action Role Play 36 Lusmore and the Fairies 38 Eragon – The Book and the Film 40 Flight of the Dragon

y Glosseaxtrby Text T 83-90 A-Z 91-96


41 Are you a Changeling? 42 Tam’s Tricks: Attack of the Leprechauns

43 The Grand Old Duke of York 44 Jorvik 46 City of York 48 Ghosts of York 50 Queen Margaret’s School for Girls 52 Return of the Vicious Vikings 54 Eric Bloodaxe 55 Who’s Afraid?

69 Sheila Goes to Camp

56 Tam’s Tricks: A No to Tam

70 Summer Camp 72 Camp Blueberry 74 I Love it! I Hate it! 76 Camp Granada 78 Bigfoot’s Valley 80 Lost in the Woods 82 Tam’s Tricks: Canoeing

57 Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day! 58 April Fool’s Stories 60 Talk Like a Pirate Day 62 There’s a Day for it All 64 Crazy School Days 65 April Fool’s Day 66 My Bad Hair Day 68 Tam’s Tricks: Dungeon Tour 5

The Ferrari Song A Ford Escort A Ford Escort A Mini, Mini, Mini And a Ford Escort A Ford Escort A Ford Escort A Mini, Mini, Mini And a Ford Escort Ferrari Ferrari A Mini, Mini, Mini And a Ford Escort Ferrari Ferrari A Mini, Mini, Mini And a Ford Escort

The Cars


No passenger seats

The most popular racing in America is called Nascar Racing. Nascar cars look (a little bit) like normal streetcars but they are not at all normal. Let’s look more closely at some of the differences …

Special seat belt

Crash bars

More powerful engine

No doors

Numbers and sponsors Special tires

The Team The Drivers Nascar drivers know their cars, know the tracks, and know how to race. They are quick, fit, and focused. But they can’t win alone. It takes a team to win a race. 8

The pit crew works in the pit stop to keep the car in top gear during the race. Mechanics work in the garage to build, and often repair, a winning car. High above the stands, a spotter watches all the cars in the race. He helps the driver decide the best strategy to use.

The Flags

pit · ved motorløb: depot crew · mandskab top gear · topform spotter · udkigspost refuel · tanke op igen watch · se på need · have brug for pull in · køre ind til siden

The winning car crosses the finish line. The track is clear, the race begins.

Caution, slow down and stay behind the pace car.

Pit Stop

The track is unsafe, cars must go to their stopping places.

In big Nascar Races the cars have to make pit stops to refuel, change tires, and make quick repairs. Pit stop crews work super fast to get their car back on the track. The faster they work, the better their chance of winning is.

Come to pit stop immediately!

Spotter: Your back tire is smoking. Quick, you need a pit stop! Pit Boss: Get ready boys, he’s coming in! Spotter: You’re not going to make it around again! Pull in now. Driver: Okay, here I come! 9

usually · som regel seriously · alvorligt eating dust · få baghjul support · støtte

Facts on Formula One

Danica Patrick Formula One Racer

Danica Patrick started go-cart racing when she was ten years old. She was usually the only girl on the track. Some of the boys didn’t take her seriously. By the time she was 11, those boys were eating her dust. At 13, Danica was winning carting championships all over the USA. At 14, she was winning over 79 percent of the races she entered. Her first race in a real car was in England when she was only 16. That same year she went to the Formula Ford Racing School in Canada. In 2005, Danica was named female athlete of the year by the USA Today and the US Sports Academy. 10

Formula One, also known as Grand Prix racing, takes place in many different countries around the world. You have probably seen some Formula Racing on TV. The cars are super fast. They often drive at more than 300 kilometres per hour. Drivers get points for winning or finishing races. At the end of the Formula One season, the driver with the most points is the champion.

Race car drivers have to wear very special clothing and equipment. This is how Danica dresses for work: T Racing suit T Racing helmet (earphones and microphone built in) T Light racing boots T Driving gloves T Fireproof underwear T Head and neck support



Lisbon Portimao SPAIN



The Dakar Rally Motorcycles, cars, and trucks! All racing through Europe and then Africa’s great Sahara Desert! Who will be the first to reach Dakar?

Er Rachidia Ouarzazate

Tan Tan





MALI Tichit


Ayoun al Atrous SENEGAL Kayes

12 Tambacounda


Mark’s father Alex is a mechanic in Leeds. Once a year, he and his colleague John, leave their shop (and the same old boring twenty minute drive to work) to take part in one of the world’s greatest (and longest) races! Alex sends text messages to Mark via his mobile.

Hi Mark , We sur v iv e d t h e first d Af r ica! ay in T her e a re moto cars an rc ycles, d truck s in the T her e a race. re alrea d y s ev e vehicles r al out! We pa s s e d Range R a over th at hit a bump a h u ge nd tore of f it s f I felt so ront. rr y for t h e c r ew Love, D . ad

truck · lastbil reach · ankomme til take part in · deltage i tore off · rev af stuck · sad fast catching up · indhenter

r k, Soon Dear Ma today! s r u o h 4 came Drove 1 track be e h t , k r o dr ive af ter da e had t w d n a ours rough Af r ica t e h T . ly w ver y slo ve d so not arr i d a h k, k ar c local M Hi tru f oo d ! A … Some o re he n yw s er a ev nd Sand, sand t her e w a goat a mountains. ke d li e r ok lo e s t ne h fire; of the du slaug an open the r at e t v gh o ri k t uc i ld ver y co We saw a car st ro a s t e d s i e er t w I s . el c he err ifi e front w now. top of one. Th it w a s t s el he w t sleep s ck ba u e M th d . t an h on one side tonig of the wheel s e on ad N r. he ot Love, D on the ! nd ou gr e th Dear Ma were touching r k, motore th r fo er rd D ha h i s uc a m s is t er s t r u It ck y e s t e e are catching w e w er e rday wh cyclists, and w c t ile r o ge ssing a w. They no em th T r h of o y e ck y are back ax up man a. el broke ft sand. has end . Our Ra stuck in the so ed. Wel l ly l , we c a fur ther me a l o Love, Dad than la t s t year a The goo ny w ay ! d n ew s is I’ll be y ou s o o seeing n! Love, D ad


win · sejr bike · motorcykel ahead · foran caught up · indhentede slid · gled trophy · trofæ

My First Win by Darrell Crews

I got my first motocross win today. I’m 12 years old and I’ve been motocross racing for three years. I won on my new bike. Maybe Mom is right. Maybe this bike is too big for me, but I won. I really won!


I’ve showered off all the mud. Now I’m lying here in my clean pyjamas. The race keeps running through my head. I had a great start. Dad said I won the race right then and there. I headed straight for the first curve. I rode like I was the only one on the track. It was great being out in front. I really hate getting a face full of mud from someone else’s back tire.

I almost lost it on one of the jumps. I gave it too much gas. I flew off the top of that hill. I really flew. I’m so lucky I didn’t crash. After that I felt pretty good. I was ahead for most of the race but then someone caught up to me. I could see it was a little guy. He was one of those little hell-onwheels types. No fear at all. I couldn’t shake him off. I was still in front as we hit the last curve. But then I slid sideways and the other rider was right next to me.

I leaned forward. I went as fast as I could. And then it all came together. My new bike roared, my back tire dug in, and I zoomed away from Little Hell-on-Wheels. I crossed the finish line five feet ahead of him. I looked back to see if it was really true. Did I really win? Then I saw my mom and my sister jumping up and down. My dad and Uncle Jed ran onto the track. Dad bear-hugged me and lifted me right off my bike while Uncle Jed pushed it over to our truck. I really had won! Now I have to get out of bed. I have to hold it one more time. Yes, here it is – my first motocross trophy – the first of many, if I have it my way. 15

fl agger · fl agholder stand · podie

The Green Flag My car was at the starting line. My car’s number is number nine. I wondered if, When it was time, They’d all take off, In a straight line. When the green flag dropped. When the green flag dropped, Would they go fast? Would I be first? Would I be last? I wondered whom I could pass. When the green flag dropped. The flagger on the stand put out a hand. I wondered if I’d be on the winner’s stand. Then the green flag dropped. Joey Dille 16

Team I ca


W e orl h T d


C h all r a l e So

r us Ou t of Wo rld Sola ou t

Icarus 3 blow n of f t h by stro e ro a d ng w in ds

r Chall enge

of the w re ck w i s c r a t ch th only o a n t h e chin. Yesterd T he S o l ay, Team ar Chall “ T he w i enge Ra Icarus, the Uni h e l n d ce is d e f s rom v er y y e had bee v er s it y a a r n o l l w f strong day but New So i t Wales, w f h r o teams m all ov ut h this wa as force er t he w s incred ible,” sa d ou t o World S c o a r l r d s i d . T he f t he travel 3 Simpson olar Cha 021 kilo . “ T he w lif ted t llenge. car, Ica f r m o h m e i e n T t h c d re s D ar r ight eir ar w in t rus 3, w o Adela road. I o as blow f f t t h e ro a c h a e rs are 1 felt like ide. All n of f d by a s 00 perc I was fl b u t t he trong d e n y c ro s s w i b i t n y p n g s e owered , unlight the car s er t nd. . T he y o star ted rolling more lik f ten loo and bro e space k The car ke apar by piec s h t ro l l e d o i p p c s i a e e r t c s h .” e . a T n v hey are er three four t im al so ver or e s b ef o somet im y light, “ T r e h e landing es too li c l os e t o car is a ght for t a giant o s t t a r o l n w s g de s e r t he ay s t ea reck,” termite mound. m l eade t w ind Miracul A o r u f s J t t u h “ r li A a e o e Green lian Out l l we c a usly, th dr iver J . n do is e back. ohn Sim pick up pieces a pson cr t h n e awled d hope for bet t luck ne er x t year.”

challenge · udfordring forced · tvunget termite mound · termitbo wreck · vrag powered by · drevet af


Tam’s Tricks

Ten Pounds the Easy Way