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October/November 2011

Attention Knightlife Readers! In our efforts at Lincoln Southeast High School to reduce, reuse, and recycle paper; we would like to ensure efficiency in our mailing of the Knightlife out to our extended LSE family. To that end, beginning with the next issue, December 2011/January 2012, you will receive notice by e-mail that the Knightlife is available online. You will NOT automatically receive a print copy in the mail. If you wish to continue to receive your Knightlife via mail you must do one of the following:

* Send an e-mail to with “Send Me Knightlife� in the subject and include your name and address in the body of the e-mail. * Call our Principal, Dr. Patrick Hunter-Pirtle, at (402) 436-1304, and let him know you would like to continue to receive the Knightlife.

SOS: Get Into the Act!

Has Your Child Told You About the SOS? Suicide is the second leading cause of death for Nebraska youth ages 15 - 19, exceeding the national average. On followup with parents whose children had attempted suicide, 86% reported they had no forewarning. Lincoln Public Schools began implementing the Signs of Suicide (SOS) program during the 2008/2009 school year. SOS is a part of the high school quarter HEALTH COURSE curriculum. The SOS program teaches teens, staff and parents that depression is a treatable illness and empowers them to respond to a potential suicide of a friend or family member by using the ACT technique. Acknowledge the signs of suicide,

respond with Care, and Tell a responsible adult. Talk to your child today. Let them know you will always be there for them, will help them however you can and will love them no matter what. Tell your child that suicide is never necessary. Your Lincoln Southeast High School SOS Team Members are: Cindy Sellon, Counselor Janet Millnitz, Counselor Cathy Bruggeman, Nurse Gretchen Baker School, Social Worker Please call 436-1304 option #3, with any questions.

In This Issue Pinnacle Facts College Information Community Efforts Calendar/Events

P i n n a c l e I n tern et Viewe r (P IV ) A reminder for parents that you can use the same user ID and password that you had last year, or if you were provided one during open houses this fall, you can use those. Your user ID is NOT case sensitive but the password IS case sensitive, so you should be careful when typing this information. If you have problems logging-in, please contact your school. Once you have successfully logged into the PIV the first thing you should do is click EDIT PROFILE and enter the email address to which you

would like reports from the school and individual teachers sent. This is a required step for parents before you can begin receiving emailed reports or other emailed grading and attendance information. In PROFILE, you can also change your password to one that is easier to remember. We have much more information about PIV and its many uses on the LPS website

Upcoming PTSO Meetings Schedule an Appointment Although parents are always welcome in the Counseling Center, a planned visit can save you time and be more productive. Please call ahead for an appointment so the person with whom you need to visit will be available and prepared for your visit. In the event of an emergency, we will make every effort to meet your needs without the benefit of an appointment. Please call 4361304 option 3 to arrange an appointment when necessary. Knightlife/ October/November 2011 / PAGE 2

2011-2012 School Year

All meetings are at noon in the LSE Media Center October 19 November 16 December 21 January 18 February 15 March 21 April 18 May 16

College Notes Application Process for Admissions to UNL Seniors applying to UNL must submit applications online at application is sent electronically to UNL and requires an online application fee of $45. Paper applications are also available by download from the web site. Seniors applying to UNL must take the ACT or the SAT Reasoning Test on or before the December test dates in order to compete for the widest range of UNL scholarships. Remember to request scores to be sent directly to UNL on your ACT or SAT Reasoning Test registration form. UNL accepts either test and uses the highest score of all submitted to award scholarships. All admitted freshmen whose application materials and required submissions (like your transcript)

Lincoln Area College Fair Sunday, October 23, 2011 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. Southeast Community College 8800 “O� Street


are complete and on file at UNL by January 15 are automatically considered for the following scholarships: Regents, Nebraska Top Scholar, David Distinguished Scholar Award, and James Canfield. Scholarships are awarded as soon as an application file is complete, so students who apply early will learn of their scholarship awards early. Seniors scoring higher on the ACT or SAT after applying to UNL are automatically considered for a higher award if a score sent to UNL places them in a higher award category.

National Merit Semifinalists Selected Lincoln Southeast is proud to have two National Merit Semifinalists, and we heartily congratulate them and wish them the best as they continue the path to become National Merit Finalists next February. Congratulations to seniors, Alena Hejl and Ryan Wichtendahl! The National Merit Scholarship Corporation announced the names of approximately 16,000 Semifinalists in the 58th annual National Merit Scholarship Program. These academically talented high school seniors have an opportunity to continue in the competition for some 8,200 National Merit Scholarships, worth more than $35 million, that will be offered next spring. To be considered for a Merit Scholarship award, Semifinalists must fulfill several requirements to advance to the Finalist level of competition. About 90 percent of the Semifinalists are expected to attain Finalist standing, and approximately half of the Finalists will win a National Merit Scholarship, earning the Merit Scholar title.

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College Notes College Credit Offered at LSE

Students may earn college credit through several Southeast Advanced Placement and Differentiated classes. Nebraska Wesleyan University offers college credit for several LSE courses through its Honors Academy. Information and registration forms have been sent to Southeast AP teachers. Students may also earn credit by taking the CollegeBoard AP exams in May. Contact

Mrs. Graff for more information and deadlines for the NWU Honors Academy at 4361304 or Look for additional news for gifted and high ability learners in the Gifted Newsletter that can be accessed on the LSE website at

College Credit for High School Calculus

Each year approximately 115 Southeast students take calculus in high school, and many parents and students who are interested in obtaining college credit for these courses. There are several ways this can happen: Attend UNL. UNL permits our students to enroll in the next calculus course and receive free credit for the preceding course(s). Differentiated Calculus students enroll in Calculus III and, when it is successfully completed, receive credit for Calc. I and Calc. II (10 credits). Regular Calculus students can enroll in Calculus II and upon successful completion receive credit for Calc. I (5 credits). Take the Advanced Placement (AP) exam in May. There are two levels. Diff. Calculus students take the BC, for which most schools give 2 semesters of calculus credit. Regular Calculus students can take the AB, for which most schools give 1 semester credit. Southeast calculus students have been very successful on the AP exam. Most colleges grant math credit for scores of 3 or above; highly selective schools may demand a 4 or even a 5. Students will register for this option in Knightlife/ October/November 2011 / PAGE 4

March. Diff Calculus students can participate in the Wesleyan Honors Academy. Wesleyan gives credit and provides a transcript for the students who pay a special tuition to Wesleyan. The course is the Diff Calculus class taught here and the grades received (2 semesters) are the high school grades. 8 credits of Wesleyan calculus are awarded. Students need to sign up during the first few weeks of the school year. Students may also participate in the Southeast Community College Program. SCC gives credit and provides a transcript for the students who pay a special tuition. Diff. students are awarded 10 credits and regular calculus students are awarded 5 hours credit. Students need to sign up during the first few weeks of the school year Some colleges have their own placement tests in calculus. With so many options available, it is vital that students talk to the math departments of the colleges they are considering to determine what is accepted at each. Questions? Ask teachers in the math department.

Testing & Counseling Information Testing Information:

Graduation Demonstration Exams Administration of the Writing Graduation Demonstration Exams (GDE) continues. Students not currently in an English class who need to take the exams will be assigned to a room. The remaining Expository Exam will be given on October 6. Administration of the Reading Graduation Demonstration Exam will be conducted during a selected period on October 5. All 9th graders are required to take the Reading GDE in the fall. In addition upperclassmen who have not passed the Reading GDE will be assigned to a classroom on the 5th to take the exam. Students will receive notification prior to that day of the rooms they have been assigned to.

PLAN Test For All Sophomores Wed., November 9, 2011 Plan ahead. Do your best. Use test scores wisely. This test will help students and parents: ♦ Predict performance on ACT(college entrance test) ♦ Compare achievement with local/national scores ♦ Plan educational future with Career Inventory

Here are ways to prepare:

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Review the tips for testing in your plan ning guide Take practice test available in your plan ning guide Always do your best in class Check out the test preparation books and software in the LSE Media Center

Registering for the PSAT Registration for the PSAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test: The PSAT/NMSQT will be administered at Southeast on Saturday, October 15, 2011 from 7:45 - 11:15 a.m. Student registration for this test is from September 26 - October 7, 2011. Juniors (and sophomores that score highly on standardized tests) should pay their $22 fee in the bookkeeper’s office and take the receipt to the Counseling Center for a PSAT/NMSQT Student Bulletin/Practice Test and ticket. The ticket is necessary for admission to testing on the 15th. Students must register by 3:00 p.m. on October 7, 2011. Checks should be made payable to “Southeast High School”. Those requesting to register after October 7th will be placed on a waiting list and assessed a fee of $40 if testing space becomes available. It pays to be prompt! Registration is NOT possible on the day of testing under any circumstances. Counselors will visit with all juniors in classrooms on September 22 about the PSAT and other important junior year topics.

Notify LSE of Address Changes When you have an address change it is very important that you notify the registrar at Southeast. Without the correct information in our database you will not receive report cards, etc. School mail is not forwarded, it is returned to Southeast. Knightlife/ October/November 2011 / PAGE 5

LSE Facts

SCIP Called! What Do I Do Now?

You may find yourself in a state of confusion when someone from your child’s school calls and says something about being from the SCIP Team and wanting to talk to you about some concerns the school has regarding your child. You may wonder, “What is this about? What should I do now?” Here is some information about SCIP that is meant to help educate parents and guardians in case you receive such a call or you wish to speak to someone about your child’s behavior. The School Community Intervention Program has been in existence for over 25 years. It works in the schools, but is a program of the Lincoln Medical Education Partnership. You can visit our website at LMEP-SCIP trains teams of teachers and school personnel to be able to identify students who aren’t being successful in school and intervene to assist them. The student’s difficulties may be related to substance abuse or mental health concerns. Just the facts: • SCIP is a student assistance program created to identify, intervene, refer and support students. It allows the school to share concerns regarding a student’s behavior and offer resources to the family. • SCIP works in cooperative agreement with community agencies that will provide screenings/evaluations at no charge for children and youth referred to them through the SCIP program. • SCIP is not a disciplinary program, although a student may experience a disciplinary action at school due to a school policy violation. What do I do? • If you receive a call from someone involved with SCIP at your child’s school, listen carefully to what the person has to say. • Come to the school to meet with the person, if asked to do so. A face-to-face meeting, even a very brief one, can be very beneficial for your family. • Carefully consider the options and resources offered when you meet with the SCIP Team Member. • Stay in touch with the SCIP Team at the school. What not to do! • Don’t panic! Kids sometimes make negative choices affecting their behaviors which are not a reflection on the parents. • Don’t ignore these concerns; this is an opportunity to assist your child. • Don’t feel you have to do this alone; many times parents wish to do that, but SCIP can be a great source of support. • Don’t let your child talk you out of what you’ve decided to do. If there isn’t a problem, the SCIP screening or evaluation will confirm that for both of you! Continued on next page...

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LSE Facts What can SCIP do for me? • SCIP can share with you the concerns the school and your child’s teachers have for him/her. This may be new information to you! • The SCIP team can offer resources at school to help your child. • The SCIP team can offer you resources outside of school to help you assess what is happening with your child and make recommendations as to what your next step might be. • SCIP can be a valuable resource for your family and SCIP can connect you to even more resources. • The SCIP Team can offer you continuing support. We know that early intervention can help prevent issues from becoming more serious and behaviors from getting more severe. Take advantage of the opportunities to help your child be more successful in school and in life! SCIP is funded in part by: Lincoln Public Schools, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Behavioral Health Services, Region V Systems, United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County

Peer Mediation Program

Peer Mediation is a program developed at Lincoln Southeast High School to help students resolve conflicts with the help of other students. The peer mediators selected represent the diverse, talented student body at Southeast. This group has received specialized conflict resolution training. Peer mediators help their fellow students solve problems by working with them as a team. The mediators use a problem-solving process to help students clarify the nature of their dispute. The mediators emphasize effective communication, use of “I-messages”, and effective listening skills to help students understand their part in the dispute. Once students have heard and understood one another, the agreement process can begin. Evaluations and school research supports that buildings have: significantly fewer suspensions and expulsions, reduced tensions, and enhanced school climate. Faculties spend far less time on disciplinary matters and more time on teaching. Parents have reported that conflicts in the home were resolved more effectively as well. Mediators this year are: Deanna Mosley, Nate Siefkes, Jordan Carpenter, Claire Hempel, Katie Shuster, Hope Edwards, Marissa Griffin, Brandon Henning, Virginia Hughes, Kari Nelson, Brooke Panzer, and Emily Toalson.

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Did You Know? Notice Concerning Disclosure of Student Recruiting Information The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires Lincoln Public Schools to provide military recruiters and institutions of higher education access to secondary school students’ names, addresses, and telephone listings. Parents and secondary students have the right to request that Lincoln Public Schools not provide this information to military recruiters or institutions of higher education, without their prior written parental consent. Lincoln Public Schools will comply with any such request. A form for this purpose is available in the Registrar’s office.

Congratulations to Students Selected to Participate in Youth Leadership Lincoln Congratulations to these sophomores who have been selected to participate in Youth Leadership Lincoln this year. Youth Leadership Lincoln and the Larry Arth Youth in Action Center are entering its fifteenth year of developing community leadership amongst Lincoln’s high school students. Congratulations to these students:

Knightlife/ October/November 2011 / PAGE 8

Ben Bird Daniel Casburn Ethan Freese Frank Hefner Carly Johnson Joel Maxwell Char McClendon Miranda Melson Deanna Mosley Avni Srivastav Tori Tryon Abby Westfall

Government & Politics Community Service

This is a reminder to students who are taking a Government and Politics class this semester that Community Service hours are to be done by December 16, 2011. Government and Politics is required for graduation. For a student to successfully complete the course, they must do the course work AND fulfill the requirement for 20 hours of Community Service at an approved agency. Please help your student meet the 20 hours of Community Service! They may find an approved agency by accessing the LSE website at

Graduation --Cap & Gown: Nov 3 & 4, Dec. Facts!

2 & Feb. 2 & 3--Order caps and gowns at school. Reps will be available during both lunches. --Announcements: Oct 19 & 20, Nov. 9 & 10 Students can order graduation announcements at school. Josten Reps will be available during both lunches. (Josten will be sending more info to senior homes soon.) --Senior Pictures: Due Date- Friday, Oct. 28 LSE Senior Pictures can be The Parent Teacher Student organization uploaded online at http://www.lps. sponsors an endowment devoted toward org/apps/yearbookupload support of extracurricular academic activities --Yearbooks: cost $60 ($65 at Southeast. These activities include academic starting second semester) competitions or out-of-state travel that is class re- will be sold during both lated. lunches during the month of October. A large number of Southeast students are involved in these All this information activities, and Southeast has a history of excelling in academcan be accessed ic competitions. These activities depend on funding sources outat the LSE webside the regular school budget, thus the need for the endowment. site at http:// This endowment is administered through the Lincoln Public Schools detail. Foundation. Contributions to the endowment are tax deductible.

LSE Academic Support

Make your check payable to: Lincoln Public Schools Foundation. Send the check to: Lincoln Public Schools Foundation, 3801 S. 14th Lincoln, NE 68502. Put “LSE Academic Support� on your check. Thank you for your support! Knightlife/ October/November 2011 / PAGE 9

LSE Athletic Information

Student/Adult Activity Passes

LPS Student Activity Punch tickets are available for all LPS students K-12 grades. The punch ticket will admit one student per punch per event. More than one student K-12 can use the ticket. The number of students who attend the event is the number of punches made. The tickets are nonrefundable, and non-replaceable if stolen, lost, damaged, or WASHED. The tickets are only good for the 2011-2012 school year. 10-Punch Activity ticket is $10 High School Students Only: An athletic pass can be purchased for $25.00. This pass will be good for the 2011-2012 school year. If purchased when taking their photo ID, an icon will be placed directly on the card. They will only have to show their ID with the icon to attend an athletic event. If they purchase one at a later date, they will receive a ticket with their name printed on it. They will then have to show their ID and the ticket to attend an athletic event. These tickets are non-transferable. Student All Year Activity Ticket is $25 LPS Adult Athletic Passes are available for the general public and will admit one person only per card. The tickets are nonrefundable, non-transferable. The cards are only good for the 2011-2012 school year. This year an adult can save 10% on the purchase of any of the following cards by joining LSE Athletic Booster Club. Must show proof of membership when purchasing the card. Knightlife/ October/November 2011 / PAGE 10

Fall Sports Pass: $65.00 Booster Member: $58.50 Spring Sports Pass: $65.00 Booster Member $58.50 Winter Sports Pass: $65.00 Booster Member: $58.50 All Season Pass: $130.00 Booster Member $117.00 LPS Adult Activity Ticket Books Five Ticket Book: $22.50 Ten Ticket Book: $45.00 LPS Gold Card (60 years & older and living in Lincoln) Available for Senior Citizens: FREE Tickets are available at Southeast in the Bookkeeper’s Office from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. All student activity/adult athletic passes issued by LPS are good for admission to any of the six LPS high school athletic events except for conference, district or state events.





! S T

Helpful Information

NCAA College Eligibilty Informational Meeting Informational meeting for College bound student-athletes and their parents. Wednesday, November 9, 2011 7:00 p.m. Northstar High School auditorium Information that prospective college student-athletes and their parents should be familiar with concerning NCAA Initial Eligibility and the Recruiting Process. A. NCAA Initial Eligibility

•NCAA Eligibility Center •Academic Initial Eligibility •Amateurism Eligibility

Registration Requirements Requirements

B. Information to Help Understand The Recruiting Process

•Official Visits vs. Unofficial Visits •National Letter-of-Intent •Athletic Scholarship Limits •Factors in Making College Choice

Blood Drive @ LSE LSE Medical Club is sponsoring our Fall Community Blood Drive on Friday October 28, 2011. If you give just one hour of your time to donate blood, you will be helping as many as three people who are fighting for their health and their lives. Faculty, staff and students 17 yrs and older are encouraged to participate. Parents may donate too. The Nebraska Community Blood Bank offers a yearly scholarship to our high school based on the number of donations received. LSE Medical Club members will be making appointments during lunches in early October. Other interested donors may stop by or call the health office at 436-1304 option #6 or email: It will never be easier to save someone’s life.

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Welcome New Knights!

A Few of Our New Staff and Faculty Amanda Weigert-Transition Program Amanda came to Southeast this year after being at North Star High School for 5 years. Amanda graduated from UNL in 2004 with a degree in elementary eduation and in 2006 earned her master’s degree in special education K-12. Amanda and her husband Aaron have1 daughter and another baby on the way. Abigail is 20 months old. They also have two Beagles named Tyke and Hank. Amanda is very excited to start a new chapter in her career at Southeast High School! Sasha Hilt - Social Studies Sasha Hilt received her bachelor’s degree in secondary social sciences from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and spent last semester student teaching with Joe Schlegelmilch and Kirk Svendsen here at Southeast High School. This is Sasha’s first year teaching and she is very excited to bring some new ideas to the classroom. Sasha also loves Knights athletics! Sasha was recently engaged this summer and her and her fiance are planning on getting married in the summer of 2012. Her name next year will change to Sasha Reeks, that means her students will call her Mrs. Reeks, yes like it smells! Jodi Cale – Athletics Jodi moved to Southeast this year after being in the athletic office at North Star for 5 years. Jodi and her husband, Mike, have three children - Lindsey (20), Morgan (16), and Logan (14). She also has a grandson named Trenton and enjoys spending time with him. Jodi was born and raised in Iowa and graduated from the American Institute of Business in Des Moines in 1987. Prior to calling Lincoln home, she lived in Des Moines for 10 years and St. Louis for 2 years. Thanks to everyone for making her feel so welcome. GO KNIGHTS!! Brian Kaiser – Mathematics Brian graduated from Wayne State College in 2006 with a degree in secondary education in mathematics. He came to Southeast after teaching five years

Knightlife/ October/November 2011 / PAGE 12

in Northeast Nebraska at Laurel-Concord. Brian is currently attending the University of Nebraska at Kearney pursuing a degree in Curriculum and Instruction in Mathematics. Eric Smoyer - Athletics Eric is from Phillips, NE where he graduated from Grand Island Northwest High School in 2006. He attended Nebraska Wesleyan University where he participated in Track and Field while studying Athletic Training and Psychology. He received his bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training in May of 2010. He sat for and passed the National Board of Certification exam for Athletic Trainers in April of 2010 and received his Certification and NE State practice license in June. His past experiences draw from a Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation background. He continues this work at Exstrom Physical Therapy here in Lincoln alongside his job as Assistant Athletic Trainer at Southeast High School. Eric recently sat for and passed the National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist exam in June of 2011 giving him a wider base to draw from when working with athletes and patients. Eric plans to attend Physical Therapy school in the near future and hopes to become a Physical Therapist. He plans to use his education, training and experiences to work with High School or Collegiate Athletic Teams from an on-field and clinical standpoint. He is very happy to have the opportunity to come back to Southeast and work after interning here in the Fall of 2008. Matt Maw - Business Matt comes to Southeast this year from Lincoln East where he taught marketing and technology classes and was the DECA advisor. He will be teaching Computer Applications, Advanced Computer Applications, Digital Media I and Digital Media II, a class new to LSE this year. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is starting a Master’s program at Doane College this spring. Matt is glad to call himself a Knight and is enjoying Southeast!

Interesting Things to Know Access 24/7 It’s Sunday night and you have to finish your research project, what do you do? You can access the many resources we have at the LSE Media Center whenever and wherever you are. We have several new products available for you this year. Go to our LSE Media Center website at: Find the resources you need: •Databases •Noodletools •Nettrekker •Research Help Get the id’s and passwords either from LSE in the Media Center or right on the website through Docushare! Happy Researching!


Hardbound Textbooks Full price for all books. Textbook Rebinds 2/3 for first 6 years of use. Half price for 7th year of use and beyond. Paperback Books Full price for all books.

SCC Driver’s Education @ Lincoln Southeast Oct 24–Nov 28 M & W 3:30-5:30 pm - OCFE1 M & W 6:30-8:30 pm - OCFE2 Feb 20–Mar 21 M & W 3:30-5:30 pm - OCWH1 M & W 6:30-8:30 pm - OCWH2 Cost is $225, plus book. Driver Education has two components: Lecture & Drive Lab. The Lecture is: • 20 hours of classroom or online lecture. The Drive Lab is: • 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training which meets separate from the lecture. With all dates you have the option to take the lecture on-line or in the classroom. Please call SCC at 4372710 for more info.

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Attention Knights

Non‑Discrimination and Anti‑Harassment Expectations for Lincoln Southeast High School Lincoln Southeast High School is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for all students. Discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age or ability is unacceptable here. Behaviors which discriminate and attitudes which are prejudicial threaten to destroy the environment of understanding and mutual respect that must prevail if LSE is to fulfill its purposes. At Lincoln Southeast High School students, parents, and staff members can expect: * A welcoming environment, free from prejudice, where all people are valued. * Opportunities to develop a positive self‑image that includes pride in their heritage and pride in their identities. * Opportunities to acquire the attitudes, skills, and knowledge needed to accept and appreciate our common humanity and reject prejudicial and discriminatory attitudes and behaviors. * An environment in activities free of harassment from spectators and participants from other schools. The principles of anti-racism and educational equity, which are intended to insure equity of access and treatment for all learners, are to be reflected in all documents and services provided by the school. LSE will actively investigate violations that occur within the school community. What Is Racial and Prejudicial Harassment? Racial harassment may be defined as any hostile or offensive act or expression by a person or group of one racial or ethnic origin against a person or group of a different racial or ethnic origin, or incitement to commit such an act. Such behavior includes: Derogatory name calling Insults and/or racist jokes Unwelcome remarks or innuendos Taunting or ridicule of any individual Being excluded because of one’s race Exclusion from normal conversation Unfair allocation of work and responsibilitie Radical graffiti or vandalism Practical jokes which may result in awkwardness or embarrassment Other kinds of harrassment based on ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age or ability may also take these same forms or similar ones. Harrassment of any kind is unacceptable at Lincoln Southeast High School. A full description of the response process is available in the principal’s office. These expectations support LPS Educational Equity Policy #2130 and Multicultural Education Policy #2135. Knightlife/ October/November 2011 / PAGE 14

Attention Knights LPS Emergency Food Pantry The LPS Emergency Pantry has moved! It is now housed at Bryan Community School (now at Hawthorne 300 S. 48th st) and will be open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 2-6pm. The pantry will not be open until September 12th. Please do not send families over to the pantry until that time. Families will enter through door 12 at Bryan. A few changes have been made for the new school year. -Referrals will not be needed in order for families to visit the pantry. Social Workers, teachers, Principals, counselors etc just need to let families know when to go to the pantry. -Families will not be limited to their number of visits but please encourage families to use other resources available to them in Lincoln too. -If staff need to pick up food boxes for their schools, they will have to come to the pantry and make them. Unfortunately we will not have space to store prepacked boxes. Please contact Alynn Sampson if you have any questions ( or 466-8170 ext 112).

Close Up Foundation Trip to Washington, D.C. Students will have a chance to visit the nation’s capital with the Close Up Foundations. This weeklong trip is scheduled for February 2012. It is a wonderful opportunity. Students will spend the week attending workshops and seminars that deal with current issues and events. They will hear opposing viewpoints from experts in domestic and foreign policy. Students will spend a day on Capital Hill and have the opportunity to meet with their Representatives and Senators. Students will have a chance to visit many of the national monuments in DC, tour the Supreme Court and White House, visit Arlington Cemetery, and learn about how our government works. Close Up staff will be with students to serve as a tour guide and keep them safe. To find out more about the Close Up Foundation and this tremendous educational opportunity please contact Noa Craft at 436-1304 or You can also visit the Close Up web site at

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LSE PTSO Information

Knightlife/ October/November 2011 / PAGE 16

ACT Test Scores How do LSE students who complete core curriculum compare in their performance to students in the state and nation with average ACT scores over the last five years? Southeast

Nebraska National 2006-2010/11 2006-2010/11 2006-2009/10

English Math Reading Science Composite

22.8 – 22.6 23.3 – 23.6 23.7 – 23.5 22.8 – 23.3 23.3 – 23.4

21.8 – 21.8 21.8 – 21.7 22.4 – 22.3 21.9 – 22.0 21.1 – 22.1

20.7 – 20.5 21.0 – 21.0 21.5 – 21.3 21.0 – 20.9 21.2 – 21.0

Conclusion: LSE students’ average scores are higher than the state and national average scores in every area.

Extended Time ACT

ACT offers at their national test sites the opportunity for the use of extended time on the test for students who qualify. The extended time accommodation is appropriate for students who have a 504 Accommodation Plan or who have an IEP which states the need for extended time on ACT tests. Because ACT has a deadline for their application, Southeast has determined the following deadline for accommodation requests to be processed. Your application request for accommodations needs to be submitted to the administrators listed below.

2011 – 2012 ACT National Test Dates Form to School Oct. 17, 2011 Dec. 9, 2011 Feb. 20, 2012

Registration Postmark Nov. 4, 2011 Jan. 13, 2012 March 9, 2012

Forms need to be submitted to: (504 Plans)...............Dr. Jeff Stoehr

Test Date Dec. 10, 2011 Feb. 11, 2012 April 14, 2012

(IEP’s)...............Dr. Vicki Obrecht Knightlife/ October/November 2011 / PAGE 17

Attention Parents

Underage Drinking The 2009 Youth Risk Behavior Survey found that among high school students, during the past 30 days:

42% - drank some amount of alcohol. 24% - binge drank.

10% - drove after drinking alcohol. 28% - rode with a driver who had been drinking alcohol.

In 2008 the National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that 28% of youth aged 12 to 20 years drink alcohol and 19% reported binge drinking. In 2009, the Monitoring the Future Survey reported that 37% of 8th graders and 72% of 12th graders had tried alcohol, and 15% of 8th graders and 44% of 12th graders drank during the past month. Consequences of Underage Drinking - Youth who drink alcohol are more likely to experience: * School problems, such as higher absence and poor or failing grades. * Social problems, such as fighting and/or lack of participation in youth activities. * Legal problems, such as arrest for driving or physically hurting someone while drunk. * Physical problems, such as hangovers or illnesses. * Unwanted, unplanned, and unprotected sexual activity. * Disruption of normal growth and sexual development. * Physical and sexual assault. * Higher risk for suicide and homicide. * Alcohol-related car crashes and other unintentional injuries, such as burns, falls, and drowning. * Memory problems. * Abuse of other drugs. * Changes in brain development that may have life-long effects. * Death from alcohol poisoning. Youth who start drinking before age 15 years are five times more likely to develop alcohol dependence or abuse later in life than those who begin drinking at or after age 21 years. Knights and Living Above the Line @ Knightlife/ October/November 2011 / PAGE 18

October 2011 Monday

Lincoln Southeast High School Calendar



October 2011



Saturday 1 SAT



GDE Reading

PLC - Early Dismissal







8 LINKS Marching Band Contest

GDE Writing (Expository)


Club A Day


14 End of QTR 1


PLC - Early Dismissal


18 Club B Day

No School

GDE Writing (Expository) Make-up Day

PLC - Early Dismissal

24 31


25 PLC - Early Dismissal




GDE Reading Make-up Day


22 ACT


Senior’s Yearbook pictures are due today


* Events on the Southeast Calendar are subject to change* Visit the monthly LSE calendar at High School.html

Knights Fight Song

Fight, fight Southeast; We cheer you on to victory. We are the Knights from Southeast, And we will win this game you’ll see. FIGHT-FIGHT-FIGHT We will show you

That we’re behind you all the way So raise your Black and Gold On high forever more to stay! Ya gotta F-I-G-H-T Ya gotta F-I-G-H-T Ya gotta F-I-G-H-T!!!! Knightlife/ October/November 2011 / PAGE 19

Lincoln Southeast High School

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Lincoln, Nebraska Permit No. 158

Lincoln Public Schools 2930 South 37 Street/Lincoln, Nebraska 68506 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED


November 2011 Monday

Lincoln Southeast High School Calendar

Tuesday One Act Play Auditions




2 One Act Play Auditions

PLC - Early Dismissal


November 2011 Friday


Saturday 4

One Act Play Auditions

















Club A Day PLC - Early Dismissal

14 Club B Day PLC - Early Dismissal

21 PLC - Early Dismissal


Happy Thanksgiving No School



PLC - Early Dismissal

* Events on the Southeast Calendar are subject to change* Visit the monthly LSE calendar at home/ High School.html Knightlife/ October/November 2011 / PAGE 20

No School