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May • 2013

Volume 30 • Issue 5

Louisiana Photographic Society (LPS) • P.O. Box 83834 • Baton Rouge, LA 70884 • Website:

Louisiana Photographic Society meets on the third Thursday of each month at the

Baton Rouge Garden Center 7950 Independence Blvd. Baton Rouge, LA Across from Louisiana State Police Headquarters

Visitors are always welcome! Membership dues are $25/year Each additional family member $5/year

MAY EVENTS May 16, 2013 7:00 pm Monthly Meeting Monthly Competition Medium: Digital Projection Theme: Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall Date: Thursday 05/16/13 EDUCATION EVENTS May 18th 9:00 am - 2:30 pm Jones Creek Library Photoshop Elements by Jay Patel FUTURE EDUCATION EVENTS July 20th November 9th

President's Message

We have reason to be proud! Our club just passed the 150 member mark this past month. That is a tribute to the quality of our programs and dedication of our membership. We do a good job of promoting photography and improving the expertise of our members. This was demonstrated very clearly in the exhibit at Beverly Coates’ Guest House and again at the GSCCC convention in Jackson, MS where our members won numerous ribbons. The upcoming workshop on Photoshop Elements is another opportunity for us to help members and non-members learn how to make better photographs. Jay does an excellent job teaching this subject and everyone should encourage any photographers they know to attend. Our workshops and field trips have been outstanding recruiting events as many of our newest members were introduced to the club through them. Members, get involved! Just attending our monthly meetings will only go so far in making you a better photographer. Talk to each other, ask questions, enter competitions, and go on field trips. You will be amazed at how much you will learn and how much better your images will become. We have a great group of members and everyone is more than happy to assist beginners and those looking to improve. -Gene Bachman

S peaker’s C orner LPS Focus · Page 2 · March 2013


lizabeth Mangham was our guest speaker for the April meeting and gave us some very helpful information. She has provided a set of notes and included her photographs to jog our memory. Please remember, all photographs are protected by copyright.

A Few Examples Using the Tools of Composition Our challenge is to learn how to use diagonal lines, contrast, simplicity, point of interest, and so on to allow us to translate the three-dimensional scene being photographed onto a one-dimensional plane while retaining the original perception of depth and movement.

Place focal point in most pleasing point of frame: rule of thirds

Use spot focal points to assist in placing the image away from the center of your frame.

LPS Focus 路 Page 3 路 March 2013

Use of diagonal lines directs the eye to the subject and suggests motion/movement in the photograph. This is not necessarily corner, but maybe to the side of the corner. Look for curves and soft lines to prevent the image from looking chopped into pieces. However strong patterns can be very dramatic. Intersecting lines add drama, but too many may create chaos. Which of the two following images is most pleasing?

LPS Focus · Page 4 · March 2013

Geometric Shapes, Patterns, Texture, Symmetry, Repetition

By positioning key aspects of a photograph on points of a geometric shape you can help create a balanced composition. Perhaps the most common and easiest way to do this is to use a ‘triangle’ shape between objects in an image with three objects in a frame positioned with one to each side and one more central

Use of values, contrast, tonal range to draw the eye to focal point. In painting the eye goes to lighter images against the dark images in this famous image of Churchill. Notice how Karsh has very purposefully positioned Churchill’s hands on a hip and chair back. By default this raises the shoulders and creates triangles on both sides of the body; triangles are little more than three diagonal lines that join with the other. Because Churchill is wearing black, and with further darkroom burning, our eye is forced to follow the outside lines of Churchill's forearm, biceps and shoulders until we are eventually drawn right into that remarkable face.

Successful art will hold you in the scene by not allowing your eyes to escape.

LPS Focus 路 Page 5 路 March 2013

LPS Focus 路 Page 6 路 March 2013

Use of Symmetry and Texture

Use of Repetition: Count the number of arches

LPS Focus 路 Page 7 路 March 2013

Example of Balance

Contrast Color Texture

Website for study of color:

LPS Focus · Page 8 · March 2013

One of the best photography tips shared with me was… 1. After editing your photo in the computer, make sure you review all sections of it at 100% to make sure everything looks correct. You might find something doesn't look like you expected. 2. If you can't take a good photograph in your own back yard you can't take a good photograph anywhere. – Elizabeth Mangham Photography 101: Learning the ropes with your new camera Advanced tips: Understanding Diffraction: Hyper focal Distance: Each month we will publish “One of the best photography tips shared with me was…” You may submit your tips for consideration to

Show Your Work!


Monthly Competition Schedule Month




Digital Projection

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall



Open Theme


Digital Projection

Open Theme



Patterns in Nature


Digital Projection

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Photos from LPS Field Trips


Digital Projection

Past Presidents Choice


No Competition

Christmas Party

Plan now to have some of your favorite pieces matted and framed to be hung on display at the following locations. This is an excellent means of publicity for you and the club. Details will be announced at the meetings, in the newsletter and on the web. June 2013 Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge August 2013 Greenwell Springs Regional Library October 2013 Jones Creek Regional Library

LPS Focus 路 Page 9 路 March 2013

Co rn

Louisiana Photographic Society May 18, 2013 Workshop



u d

t a c

n o i

Photoshop Element 11 By: Jay Patel Louisiana Photographic Society (LPS) will conduct Photoshop Element 11 Workshop at the Jones Creek Library from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM on May 18, 2013. If you plan to attend the workshop please send an email to our Education Coordinator at and receive the confirmation as the seating is limited. The workshop is free and open to the LPS members as well as general public. During the morning session we will explore processing digital images using Photoshop Element 11. This is entry level software and offers many image processing tools which can significantly enhance the quality of images. We will learn how to adjust image color, contrast, saturation and sharpness using layers tool. In addition, we will explore other tools such as cloning, lasso, magic wand, crop, text and panorama. Older versions of Photoshop Element may not offer some of these tools. We will also explore how to create High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. If time permitswe will also look into creating photo videos with background music using ProShow software. Select images will be provided for hands on practice so you may want to arrive early to download these images in your laptop and have it plugged into power supply before the workshop starts. You may download free trial version of Photoshop Element 11 from Adobe website, Photomatix Pro HDR software from Photomatix website and ProShow software from Photodex website. The workshop will be projected on a screen so it is not necessary to have a laptop if you just want to watch the demonstration on the screen. Check in Photoshop Element 11 Lunch Break Photoshop Element 11 HDR Photography

9:00 AM to 9:30 AM 9:30 AM to 11:30 PM 11:30 PM to 12:30 PM 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM


November 9th TBD


LPS Focus 路 Page 10 路 March 2013

The competition categories for the new GSCCC year have not yet been posted. However, please bring prints which have won monthly competitions here at LPS as well as any others, regardless of category to the meeting this month. Theresa Low will collect your prints and enter them at the appropriate time. Please email your digital submissions to Gene Bachman. Refer to the GSCCC website for more specific information.

Congratulations GSCCC Year End Winners!

2nd Honorable Mention Nature - Projected, Cathy Smart, Taking Flight

LPS Focus 路 Page 11 路 March 2013

2nd Place Photojournalism - Projected , Renee Pierce, Broken Hearts

LPS Focus 路 Page 12 路 March 2013

3rd Place Pictorial - Projected, Kathy Reeves, Flamingos In The Mist

LPS Focus 路 Page 13 路 March 2013

1st Honorable Mention, Nature - Printed, Earl Arboneaux, Barred Owl

LPS Focus 路 Page 14 路 March 2013

2nd Place Printed - Pictorial Color, Kathy Reeves, White Horses of Carmarque

LPS Focus 路 Page 15 路 March 2013

1st Honorable Mention, Pictorial Color - Printed, Cathy Smart, Rainbow Ignites

LPS Focus 路 Page 16 路 March 2013

1st Place Printed - Pictorial Color, Kathy Reeves, Misty Morning

Monthly W inners

LPS Focus 路 Page 17 路 March 2013

Prints Category A

1st Place

The Old Homestead by T. J. Graner

Level A

LPS Focus 路 Page 18 路 March 2013

2nd Place

Day Is Done by Kathy Reeves

Level A

LPS Focus 路 Page 19 路 March 2013

3rd Place

LSU Flapper by Theresa Mullins Low

Level A

Monthly W inners

LPS Focus 路 Page 20 路 March 2013

Prints Category B

1st Place

Whitee by Johnny Johnson

Level B

LPS Focus 路 Page 21 路 March 2013

2nd Place

By Myself by Sheila Eeds

Level B

LPS Focus 路 Page 22 路 March 2013

3rd Place

Confederate Horseman by Pat Beard

Level B

LPS Focus 路 Page 23 路 March 2013

1st HM

Prothonotary Warbler by Debra Babin

Level B

W inners

LPS Focus 路 Page 24 路 March 2013

Black & White Prints

1st Place

Days Gone By by Linda Medine


LPS Focus 路 Page 25 路 March 2013

2nd Place

Strings of Pearls by T.J. Graner


LPS Focus 路 Page 26 路 March 2013

3rd Place

Sand Dune in New Mexico by Gene Bachman


LPS Focus 路 Page 27 路 March 2013

1st HM

End of the Road by Dianne Richard


LPS Focus 路 Page 28 路 March 2013

Award Recognizes LPS Member's Work A photo layout for an online publication, The Psychology Times, has received a first place award by the Louisiana Press Association for best photo package by a special interest and free publication. The layout was composed of photographs provided by LPS member Tom Stigall. The award was presented April 20 at the LPA annual meeting and awards ceremony at the Baton Rouge Hilton.

A retired psychologist, Stigall is a former president of LPS and an avid photographer. His work has attracted the attention of The Psychology Times, a publication of interest to psychologists around the state. Examples of his photographs can be seen under Members Gallery of the LPS website.

LPS Focus 路 Page 29 路 March 2013

LPS Focus 路 Page 30 路 March 2013

You Are Invited...

May/June - check website for firm dates First NBC Bank in New Orleans - stunning architecture, as seen in the Nicolas Cage film, Stolen. Molly the Pony - the orphaned Katrina pony with an artificial leg.

LPS Focus 路 Page 31 路 March 2013

Member Submissions Laurel Valley Village Plantation 595 Hwy. 308, Thibodaux, LA 70301, 985-446-7456 | 985-447-5216 By: Linda M Medine The largest surviving 19th and 20th century sugar plantation complex left in the United States. Nearly 60 original structures. The general store contains many tools and farm implements used in the cultivation of sugar cane as well as locally made arts and crafts. Laurel Valley Village was the site of a 2,000 acre sugar plantation, back in the 1910-1920's. The field hands who worked on the plantation were housed right there, near the huge brick sugar mill. Sugar cane is the major crop in this area and at one time, this plantation processed a tremendous amount of sugar. Entrance into the area was free, there is a museum/general store for visitors wanting to stop and learn more about the village. What a fun day taking pictures at Laurel Valley Village Plantation March 2, 2013 around 2:00 in the evening.

LPS Focus 路 Page 32 路 March 2013

LPS Focus 路 Page 33 路 March 2013

LPS Focus 路 Page 34 路 March 2013

LPS Focus 路 Page 35 路 March 2013

Photographs by Pat Beard 2 club members hard at work. Pictures taken at Cypremort Point State Park

Stephanie Ross

Tommy Graner

LPS Focus · Page 36 · March 2013


Gene Bachman

Vice President:

David Arbour

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Ray Totty

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Field Trips: Louisiana Photographic Society is a member of the Gulf States Camera Club Council. The GSCCC Newsletter is available at: newsletters.html

Ken Wilson

Greeter/Name Tags:

Stephanie Ross

Tommy Graner

Renee Pierce


Linda Medine


Mark Claesgens & Barry Spears

Refreshment: Position Open


David Arbour

Competition Review Chair: Gene Bachman

GSCCC Representatives:

Theresa Low & Gene Bachman


Helen Haw

The LPS website has a new, quick checklist for preparation of images for digital projection competitions. The new checklist can be found on the Monthly Competition page of the website, or by using this link: userfiles/Checklist%20for%20Entering% 20Digital%20Competition.pdf Find us on Facebook

Membership Drive While we are always eager to welcome new members our Membership drive continues. Please remember to pay your dues and to invite your friends and colleagues to our meeting and encourage them to join us this year. Our membership roster has been updated. To continue to be eligible for fieldtrips and competitions and receive the newsletter, you must be current on your dues. The membership form is at the end of the newsletter.

LPS Members are encouraged to submit photographs and articles for inclusion in FOCUS, the Louisiana Photographic Society Newsletter. Items received up to 3 days before the end of the month will be included in the following month’s newsletter. Send your submissions to: Please be sure to read the sizing guidelines before submitting.

LPS Focus · Page 37 · March 2013

Membership Form Mail completed form and dues to:


WELCOME TO LOUISIANA PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY LPS communicates to members through website, e-mail, and monthly meetings. All members are encouraged to visit the LPS website at for the latest on club news and events. The monthly newsletter “FOCUS” is available on the website on the first day of each month. Please provide an e-mail address below to receive club updates. If you do not receive e-mail communications after 30 days, notify LPS at Select one: [ ] Membership Renewal [ ] New Member – If you are a New Member, how did you learn about LPS: [ ] Current Member [ ] LPS Website [ ] Newspaper/Magazine [ ] Social Network [ ] Other______________ Select one: [

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[ ] Programs (plan speakers, make arrangements for speakers at monthly meetings) [ ] Projection (set up and operate equipment for digital projection competition) [ ] Publicity (publicize programs, meetings, events) [ ] Refreshments (plan and set up refreshments)


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