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Louisiana Photographic Society

January 2015, Page 1

JANUARY EVENTS January 3, 2014 Hang at Livingston Arts Council 10:30 am 133 N. Hummell Street Denham Springs, LA 70726

January 10, 2014 Reception/Seminar Livingston Arts Council January 17, 2015 Night Photography Field Trip 4:30 pm

January 15 Monthly Meeting 7:00 pm Goodwood Library

President's Message First I would to thank Toni Goss and her lovely Family for welcoming the LPS membership and guests into their home for the 2014 LPS Christmas Party . There was great food, outstanding fellowship and it was very well attended. I Hope the LPS members who missed it this year will plan to attend next year. I would also like to thank the membership for giving me the opportunity to serve as President of the Louisiana Photography Society in 2015. My plans and goals are to have a fun filled packed year of great field trips, educational workshops, and great speakers. We can only accomplish these goals with the continuous support and volunteers of our LPS membership. Thanks to all the hard work of all of our volunteers in 2014. I feel it was a very successful year. THANKS .

Cover photo : Renee Pierce Louisiana Photographic Society meets on the third Thursday of each month at the Goodwood Library 7711 Goodwood Blvd Baton Rouge, LA 70806 Guests are always welcome!

Membership dues are $25/year Each additional family member $5/year

PO Box 83834 Baton Rouge, LA 70884 www.laphotosociety.com

I think getting involved is the most important part of being a member of any association or organization. At my first meeting at LPS, I volunteered to be the program coordinator. I had no idea what that entailed. But I knew if someone else did it, I could do it too. I have made some great friends, been on some amazing trips, I continue to learn, I was involved in the plans and successes of LPS, and I wish the same for you. When you attend the meetings you learn something, when you go on the LPS field trips with fellow members you learn something, and when you attend the workshops you even learn more! There is something for all levels of photography. The fellowship is fun too. Please attend these activities and you will be amazed what you will pick up along the way. In 2015, LPS would like to have a mentoring group. If you would like to have a photographer mentor please email me, or if you want to be a photographer mentor let me know. We will be getting more information out about this process. Looking forward to 2015! Linda Medine


Louisiana Photographic Society

January 2015, Page 2

Effective January 15, 2015 our meetings will be held at the newly renovated East Baton Rouge Parish Library located on Goodwood Boulevard in the 1st floor conference room. This is a larger room which will allow us more space and public visibility. If you enter from the newly opened Goodwood side parking lot you will head down the hallway to the right passing the main entry to the actual library. The room is at the end of the hall on the right. If you prefer to continue parking in the Garden Center parking lot and enter from the rear the room will be on your left as you enter. Hope to see you at 7:00 pm on Thursday, January 15th!


Louisiana Photographic Society

January 2015, Page 3

Now Due $25.00 per year It is time to renew your LPS membership. Our year runs from January to December. If you have not already done so, please pay your dues for 2015. The first person in the household pays $25.00 and additional members of the same family living in the house may join for an additional $5.00. You must be current on your dues to participate in competitions, go on field trips and have your images entered in GSCCC and PSA competitions.

What do you get for your $25.00?

Field Trips 

Civil War Reenactments

Sugar Cane Tour

Flower and Plant

Competition 

print and digital

Excursions 

Access to “non-public”

Hot Rod Shows

Rural Life Events

WWII Museum

Out of Town Trips

Annual Mystery Tour

Exhibits Livingston Parish Arts Council 

River Region Arts Council

EBRP Libraries

Old State Capitol


PSA bi-monthly digital

Education 

GSCCC monthly in print and digital

places 

LPS monthly meetings in

Enjoy informative speakers at monthly meetings. Build a network of experienced photographers to learn from and then share your knowledge with a beginning photographer! Louisiana Photographic Society


Camera Basics




Travel Photography

Photo Critique/Evaluation

January 2015, Page 4

Ken has been busy lining up field trips for the first half of 2015. We will present more details as each event gets closer but wanted you to be able to put the dates on your calendars. Field Trip Guidelines To participate in a daytime / one-day field trip, you must be a Louisiana Photographic Society member in good standing for 30 days and must have attended at least one LPS monthly meeting or be a guest of a current member in good standing. To participate in an overnight / two-three day field trip, you must be a Louisiana Photographic Society member in good standing for 30 days and have attended at least two LPS monthly meetings. These guidelines allow us time to get to know and better understand the capabilities and motivation of newer members who want to participate in field trips. We are also asking that you register to attend the trips. (There is a link on the website.) Registration is NOT mandatory but is PREFERRED. It will help us better plan to have enough seasoned photographers on hand to help and allow us to notify you should there be a change to the event. Thank you for your cooperation.

January 17, 2015 Night Photography in downtown Baton Rouge led by Sheldon Anderson Meet at 4:30 at the jet plane across from River Center. There will be a discussion then go shoot in the area. This will be a follow up from the Mini Seminar on January 10, 2015 - Livingston Parish Art Council.

February 27-28, 2015 Ramblin’ Oldies of Denham Springs, Holiday Inn South, Baton Rouge, LA Feb. 21-22, 2015 LSU Rural Life, Battle of Baton Rouge Re-Enactment, March 14 (or 21), 2014 Southern Forest Heritage Museum, Longleaf, LA., March 28-29, 2015 The Siege of Port Hudson Reenactment, Port Hudson State Historic Site, 236 Hwy. 61, Jackson, LA 70748 9AM-5PM. April 11, 2014 Vermilionville Living History & Folk Art Park, Lafayette, LA April 25, 2015 LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station, 150 acres of flowering trees, woody plants and flowers and Home of Louisiana Super Plants!


Louisiana Photographic Society

January 2015, Page 5




Things That Begin With The Letter “B”




No Theme








No Theme




No Theme




Old Everything [Barns/Signs/Etc. (Things Only)]




Elements of Water [Snow/Rain/Fog/Ice/Water]




No Theme




No Theme




ZOO/Captive Animals




No Theme

To participate in monthly competitions, you must be a member of LPS in good standing; dues must be paid.

Digitally projected entries must be sent to the Digital Projection Coordinator dpcontestcoordinator@laphotosociety.com no later than 8:00 P.M. on the Monday before the Thursday competition.

All prints must be mounted (matting is an option) such that they are self-supporting for vertical display.

Sizing guidelines: Height 1200 pixels Width 1920 pixels Total size should be less than 2.3 megs.

All photos shall be 5” X 7” or larger and not to exceed 24” in width. These are the outside dimensions and shall include the matting.

Frames are not allowed.

Full instructions may be found here. Focus

Louisiana Photographic Society

January 2015, Page 6

Photographer of the year Cathy Smart Monotone Prints - Level A Monotone Digital Projection Level A Overall Photographer of the Year

Photographer of the year Sheldon Anderson Color Prints Level A Overall Photographer of the Year

Photographers of the Year Kitty Kuhnert - Color Prints Level B Robin Stevens - Color Digital projection Level B Sheldon Anderson - Color Prints Level A Kathy Reeves - Color Digital Projection Level A Cathy Smart - Monotone Prints - Level A Cathy Smart - Monotone Digital Projection Level A Sheldon Anderson - Overall Photographer of the Year Cathy Smart - Overall Photographer of the Year


Louisiana Photographic Society

January 2015, Page 7

Photographer of the year Kathy Reeves Color Digital Projection Level A

Photographer of the year Kitty Kuhnert Color Prints Level B

Monthly Competition Level B Photographers 2013 & 2014 Acquired Points

Photographer Robin Stevens Bridget Mayo Dianne Richards Kitty Kuhnert Bill Lane Pat Beard Mark Canatella


Total 27 20 16 16 13 13 10

Congratulations Robin Stevens and Bridget Mayo for earning enough points to move into Level A. As you can see, several others are close behind. As a reminder, when you earn 20 points you are moved into Level A for monthly competitions. Louisiana Photographic Society

January 2015, Page 8

Picture Perfect Published January 2015 by Theresa Mullins-Low

Pet ownership has increased significantly. And why wouldn’t it. We love our pets. This is an excellent reason to learn how to photograph your pet. We should have a photo framed of them right alongside our other family members. My pet is the Maltese, Tia, shown with this column. This month is Tia’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Tia! Just like other family members our photos are cherished; they are our memories. They usually tell a story and are a record of where we were when we captured the photo. It takes practice to show our pets personalities which should be our goal. So start shooting and practice. I believe shooting in natural light for animals is always best. A flash may frighten them. If animals are frightened you may never get another photo of them. Choose a lens that allows for the most light. An f2.8 is great but the f4 (less costly, more common) is also good because they usually have image stabilization (IS). IS allows you to handhold with a slower shutter speed or lower ISO which both allow for more light. There are so many compact cameras available today that are also capable. They even have preprogrammed modes for pet images built into the camera that are designated to take your pet’s photo. Photography is all about the light. In addition to the natural light entering the windows (blinds are open and curtains are pulled), turn all the lights on in the room and then increase the ISO as necessary and shoot with a higher shutter speed because a pet is never completely still. Shutter speed of about1/800 second is required for those action shots. Remember that today’s cameras allow for a higher ISO and still obtain a quality print. Know your camera and its capabilities. Then there is the option of outside which allows for total natural light.

If you are photographing outside choose the early morning or late afternoon for that softer light. This is usually before 10:00 am and after 4:00 pm. This lighting allows the correct colors and details to be shown. Midday lighting washes out the color and the details unless of course it is shady.

Go to your pet, approach him slowly so that he will feel comfortable. Also, get down low to shoot at the pet’s level. This position will portray that your pet has a sense of power. Then fill the image or frame with your pet. Keep the background to a minimum and blurred if possible. The eyes should be sharp. For a formal portrait wait until he is tired; less active. For that action shot get in place and wait for him to perform.

Our next LPS meeting is being held January 15, at 7:00 PM, and is held every third Thursday of each month. Our scheduled guest speaker is Larry Johnson who is an internationally recognized traveling photographer who loves


Louisiana Photographic Society

January 2015, Page 9

Dates and Events at a Glance Mark your Calendars January 3 January 10 January 8 - 10 January 15 January 16 January 17 February 26 - 28 April 9 - 12 April 10 -12

Art Livingston Parish Exhibit - Hanging Mimi Seminar 200th Year Anniversary The Battle of New Orleans - St. Bernard Parish http://burdenhorticulturesociety.com/uploads/Call-for-Entries-2015.pdf LPS Meeting Field trip downtown Baton Rouge - Night Photography. Meet at 4:30 at airplane by USS Kidd 10th Annual Eagle Expo in Morgan City, LA http://www.cajuncoast.com/eagleexpo French Quarter Fest http://fqfi.org/frenchquarter Bird Fest http://northlakenature.org/birdfest/

April 10 - 12, 2015 24th Annual Sawmill Festival in Patterson, LA This Top 20 Southeast Tourism Society event honors an industry that was vital to the local economy at the turn of the century. The Sawmill festival is a family event featuring continuous live music, a cypress sawmill display, numerous tournaments, a passe partout (two-person saw) contest, arts and crafts, a Cajun cook-off, rides and games, and the terrific food that made Cajun Country famous. Kemper Williams Park, Patterson www.cypresssawmill.com April 17 - 19, 2015 Wooden Boat Show Downtown Franklin along the Bayou Teche View a collection of antique and newly built watercraft on display, all constructed of wood. Some will be plywood, but many will employ traditional boat building methods ranging in style from the Pacific Northwest to the bayous of Cajun Country. The show will begin Friday evening at 6:00 pm and conclude on Sunday evening at

Check out these websites for useful information

Noise reduction in Lightroom—all the choices explained, with photos! Layer masks in Photoshop 9 Creative Ideas to Try in January 9 Tips to Help You Get Sharp Focus at Night Focus

Louisiana Photographic Society

January 2015, Page 10

2015 Exhibit Schedule You must be a current, dues paid member in order to exhibit

Questions? Exhibit Coordinator - Kathy Reeves exhibitcoordinator@laphotosociety.com

Arts Council of Livingston Parish 133 N. Hummell Street Denham Springs, LA 70726 Hang Date Saturday, January 3rd 10:30 AM

Reception and Mini Seminar Saturday, January 10th 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM Great Food and Fun!!!!! Free and Open to the PublicInvite your friends.

Learn from some of our best: David Howell ---How to Get the WOW Factor in Your Photos! Sheldon Anderson-- Recreating What I Saw Bart Bennett- Secrets of Smart Phone Photography

Greenwell Springs Library 11300 Greenwell Springs Rd, Baton Rouge, LA Hang date: Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 at 11:00 AM Take down: Sunday, April 26th, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Bluebonnet Swamp Theme -- Louisiana Nature 10503 N. Oak Hills Parkway, Baton Rouge, LA 70810 Located one block off of Bluebonnet Blvd. between Perkins and Highland Road. Turn toward the Whitney Bank and follow N. Oak Hills Pkwy into parking lot. Hang date: Monday, May 4th, 2015 at 11:00 AM Take down: Monday, June 1st, 2015 at 11:00 AM

Goodwood Library September 2015 Details TBA


Louisiana Photographic Society

January 2015, Page 11

Relics: 2015 Photo Project

In our ongoing effort to catalog every cultural nook and cranny in the region, we turn our gaze (and lens) to the forgotten, faded things. That crumbling bridge spanning out to nowhere. That echoing building with its occupants long gone. The theme is "Relics," and we're opening the door to your photo submissions. Each month in 2015, we will profile a different photograph on the back page of Country Roads, accompanied by an interview with the adventurous photographer. Are you up to snuff? Here's how to enter: Send your submissions to photos@countryroadsmag.com with the subject line "Relics: 2015 Photo Project." Include a short description of the photo (including a title for the photo, location, and history if you can provide it). All photographs should be at least 300dpi and larger than 4.5 inches. Photographers may submit up to four photos at once. We will be accepting submissions all year.

Lynda.com is now available FREE with your Library card. Lots of great video training of photography and editing software as well as many other topic. Focus

Louisiana Photographic Society

January 2015, Page 12

2015 Art Exhibition Steele Burden Memorial Orangerie and Ione Burden Conference Center

First Place* – $400

First Place *– $400

Third Place* – $200

Third Place* – $200

*All award-winning works will be displayed following the show (April 1 to April 30) at the Shaw Center for the Arts. This show is open to all U.S. residents 17 years of age and older and to all art media except video and film. Works must be

The 2015 Brush with Burden Art Show and Sale’s entry process will be conducted using CaFÉ™, a Web-


Make checks payable to BHS, with “Brush With Burden entry fee” in memo line. All checks must be postmarked by Jan. 15, 2015.

initiatives of the LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens. Full information my be found on the LSUAgCenter page. Focus

Louisiana Photographic Society

January 2015, Page 13

Cajun Coast Visitors & Convention Bureau Eagle Expo Exhibit

Eagle Expo will be celebrating its 10th year anniversary February 26-28, 2015. In order to commemorate this noteworthy event, the Cajun Coast Visitors & Convention Bureau is sponsoring an “Eagle Expo” photography exhibit, January 26th – February 28th, 2015 at its new Welcome Center located at 900 Dr. MLK Boulevard, Morgan City.

Priority will be given to photographs taken during the last 10 years of Eagle Expo that reflect anything beautifully captured during Eagle Expo including all forms of wildlife, fauna of the region as well as the people that call the Cajun Coast home. All other nature based photographs will be considered for remaining space. All sizes of artwork are acceptable. Due to limited space, large and/or heavy pieces may not work within the parameters of the space and hanging area. Artwork should be framed, wired and ready to hang. The exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the St. Mary Parish Tourist Commissions dba Cajun Coast Visitors & Convention Bureau, the parish of St. Mary, the City of Morgan City, its employees, and commissioners against any theft, damage, or liability as a result of the use of the exhibit space. All artwork included in the exhibit should remain hanging for the entire timeframe – unless noted. A list of artwork and photographer will be made available at the front desk. A staff member of the St. Mary Parish Tourist Commission dba Cajun Coast Visitors & Convention Bureau will approve the exhibit after it is hung. Photographs should be delivered by January 12th to 16th, 2015 and picked up by March 2-6, 2015. The Welcome Center has no space to store artwork. The St. Mary Parish Tourist Commission dba Cajun Coast Visitors & Convention Bureau does not hold insurance for artwork on exhibit and is not responsible for loss of or damage to any of the artists’ work. The St. Mary Parish Tourist Commission dba Cajun Coast Visitors & Convention Bureau will generate publicity for the exhibit, including press releases and social media. Photographers may want to inform their family & friends about exhibit. The St. Mary Parish Tourist Commission dba Cajun Coast Visitors & Convention Bureau will not engage in selling or negotiating for the sale of artwork on behalf of an artist. Prices should not be displayed on artwork. Business cards or contact information for the photographers; however, may be at the front desk. The SMPTC dba CCVCB will receive no commission on artwork


Louisiana Photographic Society

January 2015, Page 14

The Great Louisiana BirdFest http://northlakenature.org/birdfest/ The Great Louisiana BirdFest is an annual event of the Northlake Nature Center. It is held each year in the spring when many species are migrating north through Louisiana from Mexico and South America. (See http:// losbird.org/checklist.htm for a birding checklist.) Our location in southern Louisiana makes this an excellent time of year for birding. The weather is typically warm but not yet hot and the trees are usually leafing out, but still thin enough for improved visibility. BirdFest trips will visit varied habitat including swamps, wetlands, pine savanna, and hardwoods of southeast Louisiana. Among the many excellent birding locations scheduled for this year's BirdFest is Pine Island, a rookery located in a private preserve. BirdFest includes birding trips, some Southern food and hospitality, and a few workshops. Check the details below and join us for good birding and a wonderful time. Before and after our scheduled trips, take a leisurely walk through the Northlake Nature Center preserve. There are seven miles of trails through our 400 acres, marked for self-guided tours. Habitats and features at the Nature Center site include a grove of giant southern magnolias, Cypress/gum swamp, and a beaver pond on Bayou Castine. You may see wood ducks, migrant warblers, and if you're lucky, our flock of over twenty wild turkeys! So, plan to take this pleasant walk.

200th ANNIVERSARY OF THE BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS War of 1812 Bicentennial Experience living history, cannon firing, children's activities, and campfire cooking at the Chalmette Battlefield National Park. Special evening events include the battle re-enactments. Commemoration Day on Thursday, January 8: the 200th anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans. Presented by the park, a morning ceremony will reflect the importance of the bicentennial as well as the many people and groups involved in the battle. Public events on Saturday, January 10: Visitors will experience the historic events of 1815 through self-guided tours, cannon and musket firings, and a full roster of speakers, music, book signings, and other programs, including Battle of New Orleans University activities. Each year over 150 living history re-enactors come together on the Friday and Saturday closest to the Battle of New Orleans, January 8, to commemorate America's victory over the British in this final major battle of the War of 1812. Events are held at the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park - Chalmette Battlefield and include demonstrations such as cannon and musket firing and campfire cooking. One of the most amazing things about the Battle of New Orleans is the amount of different people and military groups from different races, social classes, languages, and backgrounds who came together to protect their country and their way of life. This is easily seen throughout the encampments set up at the Battlefield during the Commemoration. The majority of the events take place during the day from 9:30am-4:30pm with special events on Friday and Saturday nights. Friday night is a re-enactment of one of the skirmishes leading up to the Battle. More information can be found on the National Park Service website which is www.nps.gov/jela


Louisiana Photographic Society

January 2015, Page 15

In addition to the interclub competitions you, as an individual member of PSA, can enter contests. Some are digital and some are print. Categories include Individual Creative, Individual Portrait, Photo Essay, Nature, Photojournalism, Photo Travel, and Pictorial Print. By visiting the links provided you will find all the guidelines and deadlines for submitting as well as galleries of previous winners. We as a club are limited to 6 images every other month but you as an individual member may submit on your own. I encourage you to consider joining PSA.

Here is a partial list of the member benefits you receive for only $45.00 a year: 

PSA Journal full-color monthly magazine (mailed & online) and annual Who's Who in Photography publication

Opportunity to submit articles for potential publication in the PSA Journal

Access to My PSA free web site services (e.g., Image Evaluation, Mentors, Consultants, resource links, up-to-date product and book reviews)

Free online Individualized Photography Course, Advanced Photography Course, and Image Analysis Course

Free Study Groups: online for digital images and via mail for prints

Free services (e.g., Species Identification Service, Photo Travel Planning Service, Digital Product Information)

Listing in and access to online Membership List following login

Publication of photos on the PSA web site (e.g., a photo in the New Member Gallery on joining, in the Show Your Stuff Gallery on renewing for year two, and in ROPA Galleries following receipt of a PSA Distinction)

Creation of a personal photo gallery on the PSA web site for posting up to twenty (20) images and a biography

Use of PSA logo on personal web site and business card

Competitions for specific topics/themes (e.g., Creative, Portrait) or format (e.g., 3D, digital essays, story boards, B&W prints)

Reduced fee for PSA Adventures (e.g., Humanitarian trip to Cuba, cruises)

Discounts on photography-related products and services

Digital membership - (Adult or Youth)

Includes online and mobile access to PSA Journal (NO printed PSA Journal by mail) $45

Digital Membership - Adult

Standard Membership - (Adult or Youth)

Includes printed copy of PSA Journal by mail AND complimentary access to online and mobile PSA Journal

Adult Membership Focus

$60 Louisiana Photographic Society

January 2015, Page 16


Each member may submit 3 images. Please pay close attention to submission guidelines below 

General Category: Color or B&W digital images; manipulations are acceptable

Competition Dates: 4 Rounds per year held in November, January, March and May 3.

Image Size:

Horizontal - 1024 pixels wide (max) Vertical - 768 pixels tall (max)

Format: JPEG

Color Space: sRGB color space recommended

File Name: Title of Image

Email digital entries to the PSA Competition Coordinator @ psaentry@laphotosociety.com Enter in subject line: PSA Competition Enter in body of email: Last name, first name - title of image Attach image to the email and submit by due date

Must be an LPS member in good standing to participate- dues paid

Club Entries Allowed: Each club may enter up to 6 images by 6 different makers. The final six images will be voted upon by a committee.

Awards: Any club that is a PSA member may chose to compete as a club, with honors awarded to individuals, and to the clubs with the highest accumulated points for the year.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact PSA Competition Coordinator, Cindy Hunt.


Louisiana Photographic Society

January 2015, Page 17

Today’s Question: When I use the crop tool in Photoshop CC, I set the size I want, such as 11 x 14. It crops to that aspect ratio, but not the size. I don't understand this, and its annoying because when I go to print, I have to resize.

Tim's Answer: The issue here is that the default behavior for the Crop tool in Photoshop will not resize the image. When you enter values for the width and height for the crop, you're really just defining an aspect ratio. But you can change this behavior so that you are resizing as part of the crop. To do so, click the popup at the left end of the Options bar after selecting the Crop tool, and choose the "W x H x Resolution" option. When you do so, in addition to fields for the width and height you will have a field for resolution. So, you could, for example, set the width to "11 in", the height to "14 in" and the resolution to 360 pixels per inch. Then, when you crop the photo, it will also be resized to the exact pixel dimensions defined by the settings you entered.

My typical approach actually separates the cropping and the resizing. I will crop the photo during the process of optimizing the photo, based on my aesthetic preference for the image. I will then work with a copy of that image to create a print version, resizing at that point. Of course, if you need to crop for print different from how the master image is cropped, then using the option to resize as part of the crop is obviously very convenient.

Officers and Board Members for 2015 Linda Medine, President Theresa Mullins Low, Vice President Janet Gelpi, Treasurer Cathy Smart, Secretary David Arbour, Past-President


Louisiana Photographic Society

January 2015, Page 18




Digital Projection:

Monthly Competition:

Vice President:



Linda Medine president@laphotosociety.com

Theresa Mullins Low vicepresident@laphotosociety.com

Gene Bachman dpcontestcoordinator@laphotosociety.com

Debra Canatella educationcoordinator@laphotosociety.com


Past President:

David Arbour pastpresident@laphotosociety.com

Mike Capone equipmentcoordinator@laphotosociety.com



Cathy Smart secretary@laphotosociety.com

Kathy Reeves exhibitcoordinator@laphotosociety.com



Janet Gelpi treasurer@laphotosociety.com

Stephanie Ross facebookcoordinator@laphotosociety.com

Field Trips: Louisiana Photographic Society is a member of the Gulf States Camera Club Council. The GSCCC Newsletter is available at: http://www.gulfstatesccc.org/html/ newsletters.html

Ken Wilson fieldtripcoordinator@laphotosociety.com

Greeter/Name Tags:

Stephanie Ross facebookcoordinator@laphotosociety.com

GSCCC Representatives:

Gene Bachman - Digital Chandan Sharma - Prints GSCCCcoordinator@laphotsociety.com

Tommy Graner monthlycompetitioncoordinator@laphotosociety.com

Renee Pierce newslettereditor@laphotosociety.com


Elizabeth Mangham & Pam Kaster programscoordinator@laphotosociety.com

PSA Competition:

Cindy Hunt psaentry@laphotosociety.com


Mark Claesgens publicitycoordinator@laphotosociety.com

Refreshment: Dennis Stevens


Theresa Mullins Low websitecoordinator@laphotsociety.com

Competition Review Chair:

Gene Bachman pastpresident@laphotosociety.com


Pat Riddick librarycoordinator@laphotosociety.com


The LPS website has a quick checklist for preparation of images for digital projection competitions. The new checklist can be found on the Monthly Competition page of the website, or by using this link.

Find us on Facebook


Membership Drive While we are always eager to welcome new members our Membership drive continues. Please remember to pay your dues and to invite your friends and colleagues to our meeting and encourage them to join us this year. To continue to be eligible for competitions and receive the newsletter, you must be current on your dues. The membership form is at the end of the newsletter.


Louisiana Photographic Society

LPS Members are encouraged to submit photographs and articles for inclusion in FOCUS, the Louisiana Photographic Society Newsletter. Items received up to 3 days before the end of the month will be included in the following month’s newsletter. Send your submissions to: newslettereditor@laphotosociety.com Please be sure to read the sizing guidelines before submitting.

January 2015, Page 19

Membership Form Mail completed form and dues to:

Louisiana Photographic Society P.O. Box 83834 ,Baton Rouge, LA 70884-3834 www.laphotosociety.com MEMBER OF PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA AND GULF STATES CAMERA CLUB COUNCIL

WELCOME TO LOUISIANA PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY LPS communicates to members through website, e-mail, and monthly meetings. All members are encouraged to visit the LPS website at www.laphotosociety.com for the latest on club news and events. The monthly newsletter “FOCUS” is available on the website on the first day of each month. Please provide an e-mail address below to receive club updates. If you do not receive e-mail communications after 30 days, notify LPS at treasurer@laphotosociety.com. Select one: [ ] Membership Renewal [ ] New Member – If you are a New Member, how did you learn about LPS: [ ] Current Member [ ] LPS Website [ ] Newspaper/Magazine [ ] Social Network [ ] Other______________ Select one: [

] Individual Membership $25.00/year [

] Student Membership $5.00/year–Must be a current student

Name _______________________________________________________

Date ______________________

Address __________________________________________ City _________________ State ____ Zip______

Home Phone (

__ )_______________________ Cell Phone (


E-mail Address ___________________________________________________________________________ [

] Additional Family Member $5.00/year–ONLY available with the Individual Membership, not Student Membership

Name _______________________________________________________

Date ______________________

Mailing Address ____________________________________ City _________________ State ____ Zip______ Home Phone (

_ )________________________ Cell Phone (


E-mail Address ____________________________________________________________________________ SPECIFY FOCUS OF PHOTOGRAPHY:


SPECIFY AREA OF INTEREST IN CLUB PARTICIPATION: [ ] Competition (set up, tally votes, pr esent r ibbons) [ ] Education (plan/teach, set up wor kshops and seminar s) [ ] Equipment (stor e, tr anspor t, set up for LPS functions) [ ] Exhibits (explor e locations, set up/take down exhibits) [ ] Field Trips (plan and ar r ange to photogr aph at var ious sites) [ ] Gulf States Camera Club Council (GSCCC liaison, collect and submit entries for GSCCC competition) [ ] Library (display and maintain mater ials, check-in/out)


[ ] Programs (plan speaker s, make ar r angements for speaker s at monthly meetings) [ ] Projection (set up and oper ate equipment for digital projection competition) [ ] Publicity (publicize pr ogr ams, meetings, events) [ ] Refreshments (plan and set up r efr eshments)


Louisiana Photographic Society

January 2015, Page 20

Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.