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Elisabeth DeWitt Severance Society gifts of $25,000 to $49,999

gifts of $15,000 to $24,999

Gay Cull Addicott+ Mr. and Mrs. William W. Baker Randall and Virginia Barbato Mr. Allen Benjamin Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Bolton+ Irma and Norman Braman (Miami) Mr. Yuval Brisker Jeanette Grasselli Brown and Glenn R. Brown+ Mr. and Mrs. David J. Carpenter+ Jill and Paul Clark Robert and Jean* Conrad+ Friends of The Cleveland Orchestra JoAnn and Robert Glick+ Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Healy+ Mary and Jon Heider (Cleveland, Miami) Mrs. Marguerite B. Humphrey+ Elizabeth B. Juliano Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Keithley Giuliana C. and John D. Koch Milton A. & Charlotte R. Kramer Charitable Foundation Daniel R. Lewis (Miami) Jan R. Lewis Mr. Stephen McHale Margaret Fulton-Mueller+ Mrs. Jane B. Nord Julia and Larry Pollock Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ratner Mr. and Mrs. David A. Ruckman+ Marc and Rennie Saltzberg Larry J. Santon and Lorraine S. Szabo+ Rachel R. Schneider+ The SJF Foundation Music Mentors Program Donna E. Shalala (Miami) Hewitt and Paula Shaw+ Marjorie B. Shorrock+ The Star Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. R. Thomas and Meg Harris Stanton+ Paul and Suzanne Westlake Tony and Diane Wynshaw-Boris+ Anonymous

Listings of all donors of $300 and more each year are published annually, and can be viewed online at CLEVELANDORCHESTRA . COM

The Severance Cleveland HallOrchestra 2018-19

Dudley S. Blossom Society

Art of Beauty Company, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Barry Doris F. Beardsley and James E. Beardsley Dr. Christopher P. Brandt and Dr. Beth Sersig+ Dr. Ben H. and Julia Brouhard Irad and Rebecca Carmi Mr. and Mrs. William E. Conway Judith and George W. Diehl+ Mary Jo Eaton (Miami) Dr. and Mrs. Robert Ehrlich (Europe) Ms. Dawn M. Full Dr. Edward S. Godleski Drs. Erik and Ellen Gregorie Richard and Ann Gridley+ Kathleen E. Hancock Sondra and Steve Hardis Jack Harley and Judy Ernest David and Nancy Hooker+ Joan and Leonard Horvitz Richard and Erica Horvitz (Cleveland, Miami) Allan V. Johnson Junior Committee of The Cleveland Orchestra Jonathan and Tina Kislak (Miami) Mr. Jeff Litwiller+ Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Meisel The Miller Family+ Sydell Miller Lauren and Steve Spilman Stacie and Jeff Halpern Edith and Ted* Miller+ Dr. Anne and Mr. Peter Neff Patricia J. Sawvel Mrs. David Seidenfeld+ Meredith and Oliver Seikel+ Seven Five Fund Kim Sherwin+ Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Umdasch (Europe) Tom and Shirley Waltermire+ Dr. Beverly J. Warren Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Watkins+ Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery J. Weaver Meredith and Michael Weil Sandy and Ted Wiese Denise G. and Norman E. Wells, Jr. Max and Beverly Zupon listings continue Anonymous

Individual Annual Support

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The Cleveland Orchestra May 23-25, May 30- June 1 Concerts  

May 23-25 Sibelius & Strauss May 30- June 1 An American in Paris

The Cleveland Orchestra May 23-25, May 30- June 1 Concerts  

May 23-25 Sibelius & Strauss May 30- June 1 An American in Paris

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