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LETTER FROM THE CHAIRMAN AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR We are privileged to be able to continue to fulfill the vision and mission of Malachi House initiated by our Co-founders, Fr. Paul Hritz and Kaki O’Neill. We are working as a team to finalize our next three-year Strategic Plan, through the generosity of the Gund Foundation, we are drawn to the future and ability to be innovative and forward thinking with untouched ideas. We gather information from our community leaders, supporters, hospice teams, volunteers, staff and board members to ensure the future of Malachi House for years to come. We ask the difficult questions with the intention of analyzing our most beneficial options and always keeping our mission at the forefront. It has not been an easy task to find your way to the door of Malachi House, with four major apartments and condominiums going up around us. We appreciate your patience while the neighborhood takes on a new look and presence. Parking spaces are a hot commodity and we are grateful for our parking lot and new fence and security gate. We wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day and thank you for your kindness, encouragement and unwavering support! “In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety.” -Abraham Maslow

L. Joseph Lee Board Chair

Judy Ghazoul Hilow Executive Director

“…don’t accept the state of the world, but believe in yourself as an agent of change…to better the world to better the lives of others.”-Molly Plasket, granddaughter of Co-founder Kaki O’Neill

Photos courtesy of Thom Sivo Photography


As my first month with Malachi House comes to a close I reflect on the incredible people who volunteer their time and love to the residence of Malachi House and to keeping this place running. Daily, I am greeted with a warm smile and friendly hello. While the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has come to a close our volunteers continue to keep things interesting and fun for residents, guests and staff. From making Valentine’s at Art Therapy with Collen O’Neill to celebrating longtime volunteer, John Gerace’s 90th birthday! What a blast! We are also excited to welcome a new group of young men from the St. Ignatius Sophomore Service program. An impactful volunteer program for both the students and us here at Malachi House. (Photos from top): Volunteers Karen Andrejcak, Anne Moore, John Gerace, Margie Kaminski, Judy Ockuly; (bottom) John Gerace

RESIDENT SPOTLIGHT: Judy Gets a Special Visit from Bishop Perez Originally written by: Carol Kovach, Communications Office, Diocese of Cleveland

Judy was a resident at Malachi House for only a few weeks, but her time here was life-changing– at least spiritually. She did not have a faith life before arriving at Malachi House. Yet, after seeing extraordinary ministers of holy Communion visiting residents who wanted to receive the Eucharist, she inquired about the sacrament. That led to a conversation with Deacon Leo Bistak -- who is assigned to nearby St. Malachi Parish and who also ministers at Malachi House -- and instruction in the Catholic faith. Judy was baptized and received her first Communion in the Malachi House chapel. In September, during a visit by Bishop Nelson Perez, Judy was confirmed in the chapel. She chose Therese – after St. Therese of Lisieux, the little flower -- as her confirmation name. Jena Olsen, Malachi House Development and Event Coordinator, was her sponsor. Olsen explained that St. Therese, whose feast day is October 1, is also the patroness of Malachi House. “You don’t need to be Catholic or Christian to live at Malachi House,” Olsen explained. “We welcome all.” As he began Mass, Bishop Perez told the volunteers, benefactors, board members and staff who filled the tiny chapel and spilled into the reception area that September 30 is the memorial of St. Jerome who translated the Bible into Latin.In his homily, the bishop talked about the word of God. “At the end of our journey, God’s word is the only one that matters. God’s word is different – it does what it says,” he said. In Genesis, God said: “Let there be light. And there was. His word is creative,” Bishop Perez said. “The presence of the Lord is venerated equally at the altar and in Scriptures,” he said, noting that the word of God transcends time. “In the beginning was the Word. All things came to be because of the Word and the Word was made flesh,” Bishop Perez said, referring to Jesus taking on the human form. In Judy’s baptism, he said the word was perfected. “You have the life of Christ within you,” he told her. He said according to the prophet Isaiah, the Word of God comes to earth and does not go back until it does what it was sent to do. “One of my spiritual advisers described God’s word as like a love letter from God,” Bishop Perez said. “Read it often and embrace what it says.” After Mass, the bishop blessed a rosary that was given to Judy as a gift, then he went upstairs to visit several residents, anointing them and bringing them the Eucharist. He also chatted with staff members and volunteers before enjoying a light lunch in the dining room. Photo: Jena Olsen, Development & Event Coordinator; Judy, Resident; Joe Lee, Board Chair; Ann Ritty, Volunteer; Bishop Nelson J. Perez; Catherine "Kaki” O'Neill, Co-Founder; Donna Skurzak, Board Secretary; Judy Ghazoul Hilow, Executive Director; and Jim Gulick, Volunteer

WELCOME TO OUR NEW BOARD MEMBERS Shareefa Sabur is currently the Executive Director of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. She has 25 years of experience in various roles in health care and education. Recently, at Hospice of the Western Reserve, Shareefah held the titles of Director of Quality, Director of Planning and Evaluation, Chief Strategy Officer, and Chief Quality and Education Officer which included oversight of the Hospice Institute. Shareefah supported a culture of inquiry by initiating the Research Full Circle Initiative, where clinicians were challenged and supported in doing research to further advance hospice and palliative care. She was also the successor of the Leadership Development training program that was designed to support new managers, and eventually all staff, to lead from a place of self-awareness.

LIST OF VISITORS AND SUPPORTERS Andrews Foundation April Sampson, Sampson & Associates, Inc. Bishop Nelson J. Perez Cinecraft Cleveland Catholic Charities Emergency Services Cleveland Central Catholic High School Students Erik Milkie, Bishop Cogsgrove Center Foresters Financial Group Fred Peters, Fitness Doctor Grace House Board James Nichols, Case Western Reserve University

Terrence Upchurch II is a member of the Ohio House of Representatives from the 10th district in Cuyahoga County. In his first year in office, Terrence has worked to take care of Ohio veterans, improve public transportation & education, and prevent gun violence in our state. Previously he served as a special assistant to Cleveland City Council and worked alongside Cuyahoga County Councilman Anthony Hairston. In District 10 and all across Ohio, Terrence wants to reverse the impact constituents have felt of a state legislature that continues to cut community resources. He vows to be a true and trusted ally in the Statehouse for his community. From rebuilding crumbling infrastructure, to ensuring students receive a quality education, to increasing Ohio’s local government fund, Terrence believes we can once again lead the nation in innovation and sustainability.

Joe Martanovich John Mastrojohn, Hospice of the Western Reserve John O’Brien, Jr, Irish American News Karen Hooser, Reinberger Foundation Katie Terrell, Cleveland Foundation Lois & Anita Nonneman, Nonneman Foundation Lucky’s Café Nada Martinovic, Census 2020 Neal McCarthy, Saint Ignatius High School, The Welsh Academy New Community Bible Fellowship Nicole Yepp, Common Ground Ohio City Dialogue Group Progressive Insurance Group

Emily Shumaker-Chupp We are pleased to introduce Emily Shumaker-Chupp as our Volunteer Coordinator. Emily came to us after spending 5 months in Guatemala studying Spanish. Prior to that, she spent 5 years right here in the neighborhood at Great Lakes Brewing Company as their Event Coordinator. Emily gained her familiarity with hospice care through her Grandmother who was a Hospice Nurse and her mother who spent time as a Volunteer with Hospice of the Western Reserve. Emily enjoys expressing her creativity through arts and crafts and baking; she loves to spend time with our residents during Art Therapy on Tuesdays. Photo: Emily and Oliver, her 2 year old Golden Retriever who is in training to become a Therapy Dog and hopes to spend some time with the residents at Malachi House

Ruffing Montessori School Students Sandy Lucas, Catholic Community Foundation Scott Carlson, Crain’s Cleveland Terrence V. Upchurch II, House of Representatives Therese Dever, NASA Research Center



JUNE 2020

6/12: Golf Outing


8/6: Volunteer Appreciation 8/15: Associate Board Summer Social


9/28: Malachi House Birthday


10/1: St. Therese Day

DECEMBER 2020 12/4: Lights for Life


Robert is up and around Malachi House sharing his knowledge and love of trucks, motorcycles, engines, and trucking. He also loves his motorcycle boots. Robert was a trucker, learned about trucks and how they work from his grandfather. It’s so nice having him here. He enjoys having lunch with all of the Malachi House staff, and the quiet of the smoking porch.


Yea Lin came to us from New York, via a Pennsylvania Hospice. Yea Lin speaks mostly Mandarin, so we all learned how to use Google Translator. Yea Lin is very quiet, but does let us know if she is hungry, as she eats everything we can find to give her. This is when Yea Lin interacts with us the most! We all enjoy her smile!

MALACHI HOUSE 2810 Clinton Avenue Cleveland, OH 44113 (p)216.621.8831 (f )216.621.8841


Malachi House, created out of a Christian sense of ministry, serves persons who are terminally ill without regard to gender, race, religion, or national origin and without cost to the resident or family. This home ministers to individuals who need an available caregiver, who have limited or no financial resources and are in need of special home care in the final stages of life. A trained staff and volunteers provide spiritual, emotional, and physical support with the assistance of a hospice team.

MALACHI HOUSE WISH LIST ESPECIALLY NEEDED Tall Kitchen Trash Bags (13 gallon) Pop (Coke, Ginger ale-cans only, no diet) Bleach (Clorox) Antibacterial/Bleach Wipes Adult Disposable Bathing Wipes Laundry Detergent (liquid & HE only) Dishwasher Detergent (liquid; no pods) Dishwasher Rinse Aid Mayonnaise (Hellmann’s) Coffee -ground, regular, decaf-no flavors Single-Serve Liquid Creamers Single-Serve Powdered Creamer Packets Single-Serve Sugar Packets Juices-orange no pulp, apple, grape Gift Cards (Home Depot, Giant Eagle, Dave’s Market, Savea-Lot) First-Class Postage Stamps ADDITIONAL ITEMS Napkins (plain white, dinner-sized) Paper Placemats (10” x 14” for meal trays; available at GFS) Boxes of Tissues (Kleenex/other) Toilet Paper Paper Towels

QUESTIONS? Email us at

OFFICE SUPPLIES Multi-Purpose Copier Paper (8½” x 11” white, 20-lb., not hole-punched) Printer Cartridges: Canon 210 & 211 Canon 240 Black / 241 Tri-Color HP 61 Black / Tri-Color HP 902 Black / Tri-Color NON-PERISHABLE FOODS Sugar (granulated plus brown) Hot Cereal – Instant Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, Grits Jell-O Snack Cups (plain; no fruit) Pudding Snack Cups Egg Noodles Spaghetti Sauce Canned Tomatoes (diced only) Tuna, Chicken (canned, in water) Vegetable Oil, Vegetable Oil sprays (i.e. Pam), White Vinegar Canned spinich Salad Dressing (bottled, Italian & Ranch Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Barbecue Sauce Gravy (canned, jars and dry mixes) Spices (pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, adobo) Ensure/Boost Drinks-vanilla/chocolate Soda Pop (Coke, Pepsi, Ginger Ale, Sprite - cans only, no diet)


CO-FOUNDERS Fr. Paul Hritz (1923-2013) Catherine “Kaki” O’Neill BOARD OF TRUSTEES L. Joseph Lee Chairperson John Schriner Vice-Chairperson Jeffrey D. Neuman, CPA Treasurer Donna M. Skurzak Secretary Laura J. Hoeksema, MD, MPH Medical Director Matthew A. Becker Joseph C. Granzier Kevin M. Kelly Diane C. Kennedy Patricia F. Krewson, Esq. Ann C. Lutz Jonathan Onk Anthony Rinaldi, Esq. Shareefah Sabur John J. Sullivan Terrence V. Upchurch II ASSOCIATE BOARD David Amos Michael Kelley II Co-Chairs Patsy Coughlin, Esq. Steven Dieringer, CPA Bryan Evans, Esq. Meghan Hanrahan John P. Hausman Brian Johnson Elizabeth Kalfas Taryn Kaplan Stephanie Ristau EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Judy Ghazoul Hilow Malachi House is a 501(c)(3) Corporation

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