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Frank H. Ginn Society gifts of $10,000 to $14,999 Mr. and Mrs. Jules Belkin Mr. David Bialosky and Ms. Carolyn Christian+ Blossom Friends of The Cleveland Orchestra Mr. D. McGregor Brandt, Jr. Robert and Alyssa Lenhoff-Briggs J. C. and Helen Rankin Butler+ Ms. Bernadette Chin Richard J. and Joanne Clark Martha and Bruce Clinton (Miami) Mrs. Barbara Ann Davis+ Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Davis Henry and Mary* Doll+ Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd H. Ellis Jr. Albert I.* and Norma C. Geller Patti Gordon (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Griebling Mr. Michael Gröller (Europe) Iris and Tom Harvie+ Mr. Alfred Heinzel (Europe) Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Herschman Dr. Fred A. Heupler+ Mr. and Mrs. Brinton L. Hyde

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Koch Rob and Laura Kochis Mr. and Mrs.* S. Lee Kohrman Mr. James Krohngold+ David C. Lamb+ John N.* and Edith K. Lauer Dr. Edith Lerner Dr. David and Janice Leshner Mr. David and Dr. Carolyn Lincoln Alan Markowitz M.D. and Cathy Pollard Scott and Julie Mawaka Mr.* and Mrs. Arch J. McCartney Mr. Hisao Miyake Mr. John Mueller Brian and Cindy Murphy+ Mr. J. William and Dr. Suzanne Palmer+ Mr. Thomas Piraino and Mrs. Barbara McWilliams Douglas and Noreen Powers Mr. and Mrs. Ben Pyne Audra* and George Rose+ Paul A. and Anastacia L. Rose Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Ross Steven and Ellen Ross

Mrs. Florence Brewster Rutter+ Dr. and Mrs.* Martin I. Saltzman+ Mr. Lee Schiemann David M. and Betty Schneider Carol* and Albert Schupp Dr. and Mrs. James L. Sechler Veit Sorger (Europe) Mr. Heinrich Spängler (Europe) The Stair Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. Lois and Tom Stauffer Dr. Elizabeth Swenson Bruce and Virginia Taylor+ Mr. Joseph F. Tetlak Dr. Gregory Videtic and Rev. Christopher McCann+ Denise G. and Norman E. Wells, Jr. Robert C. Weppler Sandy Wile and Sue Berlin Anonymous (9)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Duvin Elliot and Judith Dworkin Mr. S. Stuart Eilers+ Mary and Oliver* Emerson Carl Falb+ William R. and Karen W. Feth+ Joseph Z. and Betty Fleming (Miami) Mr. Paul C. Forsgren Michael Frank and Patricia A. Snyder Bob and Linnet Fritz Barbara and Peter Galvin Joy E. Garapic Brenda and David Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Gordon+ Mr. Robert Goss Harry and Joyce Graham Drs. Erik and Ellen Gregorie André and Ginette Gremillet Nancy Hancock Griffith+ The Thomas J. and Judith Fay Gruber Charitable Foundation Robert N. and Nicki N. Gudbranson Robert K. Gudbranson and Joon-Li Kim+ David and Robin Gunning Mr. Davin and Mrs. Jo Ann Gustafson Alfredo and Luz Gutierrez (Miami) Gary Hanson and Barbara Klante+ Clark Harvey and Holly Selvaggi+ Henry R. Hatch Robin Hitchcock Hatch Barbara L. Hawley and David S. Goodman Mr. Jeffrey Healy+

Dr. Robert T. Heath and Dr. Elizabeth L. Buchanan+ Janet D. Heil* Anita and William Heller+ Dr.* and Mrs. George H. Hoke Dr. Keith A. and Mrs. Kathleen M. Hoover+ Elisabeth Hugh+ David and Dianne Hunt Pamela and Scott Isquick+ Richard and Michelle Jeschelnig Joela Jones and Richard Weiss Barbara and Michael J. Kaplan Andrew and Katherine Kartalis Milton and Donna* Katz Dr. Richard and Roberta Katzman Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kelly Cynthia Knight (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Kuhn+ Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Lafave, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. John R. Lane Kenneth M. Lapine and Rose E. Mills+ Anthony T. and Patricia A. Lauria Mr. Lawrence B. and Christine H. Levey+ Judith and Morton Q. Levin Dr. Stephen B. and Mrs. Lillian S. Levine+ Dr. Alan and Mrs. Joni Lichtin+ Mr. Rudolf and Mrs. Eva Linnebach+ Frank and Jocelyne Linsalata Mr. Henry Lipian Drs. Todd and Susan Locke Anne R. and Kenneth E. Love

The 1929 Society gifts of $5,000 to $9,999 Ms. Nancy A. Adams Dr. and Mrs. D. P. Agamanolis Susan S. Angell Robert and Dalia Baker Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Laura Barnard Fred G. and Mary W. Behm Mr. Allen Benjamin Mel Berger and Jane Haylor Dr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Blackstone Suzanne and Jim Blaser Dr. Robert Brown and Mrs. Janet Gans Brown Dr. Thomas Brugger and Dr. Sandra Russ Frank and Leslie Buck+ Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Callahan Dr. and Mrs. William E. Cappaert Ms. Maria Cashy+ Ellen E. and Victor J. Cohn+ Mr. and Mrs. Arnold L. Coldiron Kathleen A. Coleman Diane Lynn Collier and Robert J. Gura Marjorie Dickard Comella Mr.* and Mrs. Gerald A. Conway Mrs. Barbara Cook Mr. John Couriel and Mrs. Rebecca Toonkel (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Matthew V. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Manohar Daga+ Thomas S. and Jane R. Davis Pete and Margaret Dobbins+ Dr. M. Meredith Dobyns Mr. and Mrs. Paul Doman

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2019 The Cleveland Blossom Orchestra Festival

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2019 Blossom Music Festival Book 4  

August 17 – Symphonic Dances August 24 – South Pacific in Concert Labor Day Weekend – The Empire Strikes back

2019 Blossom Music Festival Book 4  

August 17 – Symphonic Dances August 24 – South Pacific in Concert Labor Day Weekend – The Empire Strikes back

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