Malachi House Annual Report 2021-2022

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MALACHI HOUSE A loving home for life’s last journey MALACHI HOUSE 2021-2022 ANNUAL REPORT MALACHI HOUSE A loving home for life’s last journey


Malachi House, created out of a Christian sense of ministry, serves persons who are terminally ill, without regard to gender, race, religion, or national origin and without cost to the resident or family. This home ministers to individuals who need an available caregiver, who have limited or no financial resources and are in need of special home care in the final stages of life. Our trained staff and volunteers provide spiritual, emotional and physical support with the assistance of a hospice team.


Judy Ghazoul Hilow

Executive Director

Jessica Reese

Executive Assistant

Carolyn Bender Clinical Director

Julia Ortiz Clinical Assistant

Veronica Rains Office Manager

Emily Shumaker-Chupp

Development Director

Martha Cromleigh

Volunteer Coordinator


The rays of sunrise/sunset project life beyond our comprehension. They represent the comfort of heaven; the lines go up to infinity.

The iris, or sword lily, represents the sorrow of the Virgin at the suffering of Jesus, demonstrating both beauty and pain.

The prisms throw rainbows into the room, the symbol of promise for lives filled with the mystery of suffering. They are like magic –sometimes there and sometimes not. They interact between heaven and earth, with nature and God.

The river represents life; it takes us places that we sometimes don’t want to go. Life’s hardships are shown through the twisted turns that eventually take us back to the rising sun, the Resurrection.

The colors – blue, purple and violet – represent heavenly truth, imperial power and sorrow. Green represents the triumph of spring over winter, life over death. The golden sun is representative of healing, and the white spaces reflect innocence.


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Christine has a gentle nature and a deep connection to Malachi House. She is quick to tell you how much she loves it here. A staff member recounts a touching moment when caring for Christine: she clasped the staff members hand and thanked her for everything that they’ve done and for the way everyone has treated her.

Christine is a transgender woman and is happy to share her story with others. She feels this will help raise the visibility about transgender people. Christine is proud of who she is. Being transgender was not a decision she made, but who she truly is. It hasn’t always been easy for Christine to be herself but she says her life circumstances have allowed her to open up and become the person she is today.

Christine enjoys recounting her life. She was born in Germany and moved to the states when she was 7 years old. She spent the majority of her life doing home construction and electrical work. Christine has always had a soft spot for those in need. She proudly remembers a time in her life when she was able to help people with home repairs and even opening her home to them if needed.

Christine loves music and even played in a band when she was younger. A talented musician, she played the drums, guitar, and keyboard. Her favorite genre of music is Rock-n Roll and she loves The Bee Gees and The Beatles. Throughout her life she also enjoyed cooking, traveling and painting. Now that Christine is at Malachi House she enjoys looking out her window and watching the people walk by.

At Malachi House, we care deeply for all of our residents. We are honored to be a part of Christine’s story.

1 Christine

Celebrating 35 years


In 1986, two visionaries, Father Paul Hritz and Catherine “Kaki” O’Neill, imagined a loving home for the terminally ill who had limited or no financial resources. They wished to create a place where compassionate people would provide care and attention to those who would otherwise spend their final days alone. Their vision came to life when Malachi House was founded in 1987, and our first resident arrived in 1988. Thirty-five years later, our staff, volunteers, hospice teams, Board of Directors, and donors continue to uphold the mission of Malachi House. We are eternally grateful to all of you for the support we have received through the years.

The vision of our founders remains paramount, as we continue to serve our residents every day. Kaki has been a guiding light through the challenges of the pandemic, and as we reemerge, her support has kept us focused on providing the best care possible for our residents. Throughout the last year, we have focused on: hiring additional staff in order to raise our census; performing some much-needed updates around the house; bringing back our beloved volunteers and guests; and getting back to hosting in-person events!

Our doors remain open! We invite you all to visit Malachi House to see the changes we’ve made to the building, spend time with our residents, and experience the love that is eminent throughout the house. We hope to see you soon.

John Schriner Judy Ghazoul Hilow

Co-founders, Catherine “Kaki” O’Neill and Fr. Paul Hritz, 1999

3 2022 When I Was Naked statue, 2022
Original Row Houses, 1987

A Final Resting Place

Our mission at Malachi House is to serve our residents who are terminally ill. We believe that mission doesn’t end with one’s final breath. We are pleased to announce the culmination of our longtime endeavor to procure a final resting place for our residents at Lake View Cemetery. Through Board Member, John Sullivan’s, vision and guidance we have made this possible at no additional cost to our residents.

Malachi House residents may choose to be interred at the historic and beautiful Lake View Cemetery at the Malachi House Vault. Their cremated ashes will be held in Wade Chapel at the Cemetery until our annual Celebration of Life, at which time the ashes will be interred in our burial vault on lot 104. This option for interment will remove the emotional and financial burden for residents and/or their families and provides scenic grounds for their final resting place.


A Celebration of Life

On October 1, 2022 we held our first annual Celebration of Life event at Lake View Cemetery. We honored the life of resident Daniel Sidewand, the first of many residents who will be laid to rest in the Malachi House Vault. Following an intimate ceremony in Wade Chapel, we walked a short distance through serene trails to get to the Malachi House plot for a graveside blessing by Hospice of the Western Reserve Chaplain, Chuck Behrens. We were joined by members of Mr. Sidewand’s family, Malachi House staff, volunteers, and our Board Chair, John Schriner.



Countless mornings, over so many years after Mass, Fr. Paul would arrive at Malachi House to make coffee for staff and volunteers. He would then go to the reception desk to “man” the phones and greet volunteers and visitors. These were his people, everyone treated by him were the most important people in his life. They were welcomed with his unending kindness and full attention.

“Let your light shine before others, so that they may see you give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” Peter 4:10

Father Paul was a very humble man never asking for anything and certainly not allowing his name attached to his work. I do, however, believe he would be very happy to see the reception desk that greeted all who entered his Malachi House be identified as his special place. Therefore, I will place a very simple plaque in his name at “the desk” in his memory and a reminder to all of his vision and unending kindness.

With love, Kaki

Malachi House


This page is a tribute to the Malachi House volunteers that have not been able to be with us since the start of Covid-19. We are forever grateful to those volunteers who have selflessly given their time to Malachi House over the years.

In June of 2022 we hired our new Volunteer Coordinator, Martha Cromleigh. Martha has been an incredible addition to the Malachi House team and we are so blessed to work with her. Under her leadership, we will begin to bring back our beloved volunteers.

July 1 2021 – June 30, 2022


Pat Adams

Marge Adler

Ramon Agustin

Karen Andrejcak

Will Armsworthy

James Bares

Caden Beegan

Alexander Bender

Leo Bistak

Mike Bonanno

Thomas Brandt

Cathleen Breeler

Steve Brincka

Kathleen Burke

Christine Connors

Kathy Cooney

Maggie Crawford

Christine Cross

Alex Dell

Mary Dolejs & Ghost

Janet Duchoslav

Gloria Ebratt

Doug Ely

Sheila Fanara

Mary Feighan

Jan Filkill

Debbie Fitzgerald

George Fitzpatrick

Suzanne Fitzpatrick

Laura Fratus

John Gerace

Terry Gibbons

Ken Gill

Alexander Gilliam

Aidan Green

James Gulick

Eileen Hamblen

Margo Hanna

Patricia Harrington

Darla Hastings

Shirley Hemminger

Pat Hess

Michael Hotz

Joanne Hudson

Anne Hummer

Cynthia Ishler

Sharon Jaskolka

Keith Jenkins

Sharon Jesse Dakota Jewett

Margie Kaminski

James Kappa

Mary Ann Kappa

Daniel Kelley

Jennifer Kenney

Barbara Ketterick

Gabrielle Kim

Yuhyun (Esther) Kim

Brendan Kiskorna

Jill Koch Johnston

Abigail Krempa

Jerry Lazar

Joan Lederer

Thomas Lekan

Mary Leonarczyk

Paul Lin

Dominic Lobaza

Isabel Lozano

Beverly Lund

Gavin Majikas

Thomas Mammano

Marilynn Martin

Charlene McElwee

Kathy McNulty

Michael Milia

Ann Moore

Therese Mullen

Kathleen Neal

Cindy Oakley

Diane Obringer

Judy Ockuly

Bryan O’Malley

Jody Ondrus

Steve Ondrus

Colleen O’Neill & Rosie

Susan Osborn

Anthony Paskell

Ellen Peoples

Trish Plisko

John Polito

Trevor Polomsky

Alex Quang

Edwin Quang

Lawrence Quang

Bob Rensel

Gary Rick

Ann Ritty

Eileen Schafer

Dawn Schweikert

Valerie Sleeper & Tabitha

Ed Stenger

Julie Stenger

Greg Sword

Tammy Tadic

Matthew Tarnowski

Janet Thomas

Elizabeth Tippit

Kathleen Walsh

Leah Walsh

Peter Ward

Heather Wojanowski

Charles Zepp



ADOPT A RESIDENT / December 2022

Malachi House’s Adopt a Resident program is our way of ensuring each of our residents has Christmas gifts they otherwise might not receive. Participants make our residents’ wishes come true by donating gifts that are personally suited to them through resident profiles listing favorite colors, sizes and gift ideas.

MERRY PLOUGHBOYS / February 10, 2023

This event features the Merry Ploughboys, directly from Ireland, for an evening of unforgettable traditional Irish music and fun! We had a fantastic turnout of nearly 400 guests for the 2022 Merry Ploughboys concert at Music Box Supper Club. Join us this year!

Friday, February 10, 2023 Music Box Supper Club

Tickets go on sale after Christmas!

Please check our website periodically for more information on upcoming events: MALACHIHOUSE.ORG/EVENTS


Please check our website for a complete list of our most needed items:

Tall kitchen trash bags (13 gallon)

Toilet paper

Bleach (Clorox & Clorox clean up)


Jell-O snack cups (plain; no fruit)

Pudding snack cups

Tuna, chicken (canned, in water)

Canned spinach and greens

Salad dressing (bottled, italian & ranch)

Ketchup, Hellmann’s mayonnaise, barbecue sauce

Gravy (canned, jars and dry mixes)

Ensure/Boost drinks-vanilla/chocolate

Boxed potatoes, au gratin, scalloped & instant mashed.

Antibacterial/bleach wipes

Laundry detergent (liquid & HE only)

Dishwasher detergent (liquid; no pods)

Dishwasher rinse aid

Coffee - ground, regular, decaf (no flavors)

Single-serve liquid creamers

Single-serve powdered creamer packets

Single-serve sugar packets

Juices: orange no pulp, apple, grape

Soda pop (Coke, Pepsi, Ginger Ale, Sprite, cans only, no diet)

Gift cards (Giant Eagle, Dave’s Market, Save-a-Lot,

Walmart & Amazon)

First-class postage stamps

Jif peanut butter & Smucker jelly

Cake, brownie, & pancake mix

Cake frosting



We are solely funded by generous giving from individuals, corporations and foundations within our community.

We appreciate every gift you entrust to Malachi House and its residents.


Annual gifts, of any size, are accepted at any time. You have the option of mailing a check, or for your convenience, donating online. You may also schedule a recurring gift payment on our website at www. As a donor, you can choose to designate gifts to a specific area or simply allow funds to be used generally in an area of greatest need.


In addition to cash, Malachi House gratefully accepts donations of stock certificates. You can receive a charitable deduction for the full market value of your donation.


Memorial gifts are a meaningful way to fondly remember our loved ones. You can choose to make a special gift in memory of a family member or loved one. Malachi House welcomes gifts in lieu of flowers. We send an acknowledgement card (keeping the gift amount confidential) to both you and the person you designate.

Tribute gifts are a wonderful way to acknowledge special people, highlight an accomplishment, or celebrate life events such as a milestone birthday or anniversary. We send a recognition card (keeping the gift amount confidential) to both you and the person you designate.


Consider supporting Malachi House through a special occasion gift, such as making a donation in lieu of favors for your upcoming special occasion. You can let guests know you have chosen to support us by using table cards, which we will provide.


By partnering with your employer through its Corporate Matching Gift Program, you can double or even triple your donation to Malachi House! Many companies will match charitable contributions made by their employees, or their employees’ spouses. Some companies even provide matching funds to support employee volunteer hours. Check with your employer to inquire if your company offers this philanthropic option.


Planned or deferred giving is a type of charitable giving that allows you to express your personal values by integrating charitable, family and financial goals to leave a lasting legacy. Planned gifts can be made with cash, by donating stocks or life insurance. In turn, they can provide valuable tax benefits and/or lifetime income for your family or other loved ones.


Malachi House offers a variety of volunteer opportunities.


We also accept in-kind donations of food, office and household goods that we use on a daily basis in order to provide care for our residents. See our “Wish List” on page 8 of this report for more details.

Contact Martha Cromleigh, Volunteer Coordinator, at (216) 621-8831 or, to discuss opportunities for gifts of time, talent or in-kind donations.

Contact Emily Shumaker-Chupp, Development Director, at (216) 621-8831 or echupp@malachihouse. org, to discuss all other ways to support Malachi House.



Ms. Margaret R. Abraham

Ms. Carolyn Abraham

Dr. Hinda Abramoff

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ackerman

Ms. Mary J. Ackley

Mr. Martin Ackley

Ms. Helen M. Adam

Mr. George Adams

Ms. Nancy Adams

Sister Pat Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adler

Ms. Patricia Adler

Ms. Anne Agozzino

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Agrippe

Mr. and Mrs. Erik Akins

Mr. and Mrs. John Alfes

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Altstadt

Mr. Anthony B. Amaddio

Mr. Joseph C. Amato

Mr. David Amos

Dr. Mary Ellen Amos

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Amos

Mr. Joe Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Andreani

Mrs. Karen Andrejcak

Mr. William H. Andrews

Ms. Laura Andrews

Mr. and Mrs. John Andrzejewski

Mr. Mark Angel Ms. Michele M. Ankney

Anonymous Ms. Marie L. Anselmo

Ms. Kelly Antal

Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Aquino

Mr. Patrick Arbeznik

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Arbeznik

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Argie

Ms. Margaret Argyelan

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Aring

Ms. Christine Armstrong RN

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Ms. Marie Arndt

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Mrs. Rosemary W. Bares

Ms. Mary C. Barker

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Mr. Laurence Bartell

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Ms. Nancy A. Gorenshek

Mr. Sean Gormley

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Gothard

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Grace Mr. and Mrs. John Graef

Mr. Jeffrey Graham

Mr. Pat Graham

Ms. Caroline L. Grahovac

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Granzier

Mrs. Margaret Granzier Mr. Terry Granzier

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Grapo Mr. Jack Graven Mr. Shawn Gray Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Graziano Mr. Robert D. Green Mr. Matthew Greenfield

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin A. Gregg Ms. Susan Gregg Mrs. Mary Ann H. Greiner

Bishop Roger W. Gries

Ms. Mary Ann Griffin

Mr. Roland Grimm

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Groh

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gross

Ms. Sandra Gross

Mr. John Groves

Ms. Rosemary Grubbs

Rev. Raymond P. Guiao S.J. ‘82

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce F. Gunsch

Reverend Michael K. Gurnick Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Guzik Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Haberek Mr. and Mrs. John Hackman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Haffey

Ms. Elizabeth Ann Hagen

Ms. Rosemary Haggerty

Mr. Daniel Halcik

Ms. Claudia M. Hale

Ms. Keair Hall

Ms. Kathleen Hallack

Ms. Eileen Hamblen

Ms. Noree P. Hamilton

Ms. Stacey Hamley

Ms. Mary L. Hamm

Ms. Sheilah Hampton

Ms. Meghan B. Hanrahan

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Hanrahan

Ms. Carolyn L. Hanson

Mr. William T. Hanton

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hardman

Ms. Margaret Harkness

Ms. Nora Harrigan

Mrs. Patricia Harrigan

Mr. Shawn Harrigan

Ms. Patricia A. Harrington

Mr. Daniel P. Harrington

Ms. Barb Harrington

Mr. and Mrs. Curtiss Harris

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Harth

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Hartle

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Harvan

Sr. Rita Harwood

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hastings Mr. and Mrs. Tadaaki Hatta Mr. John Hausman

Mr. and Mrs. Terence J. Hawk Mr. and Mrs. Patrick K. Hayes Mr. Terence P. Hayes Ms. Jean Hays Ms. Eileen Healey Mr. Brendan Heil Mr. and Mrs. James E. Helbig

Reverend Chris Helton

Ms. Karen Hemminger-Langan

Mr. and Mrs. Garon L. Henderson

Ms. Leona C. Hendricks

Ms. Debby Henkhuzens-Willoh

Ms. Paulette F. Hennessey

Mr. and Mrs. Rory M. Hennessey Mr. George Herdering

Mrs. Louise Herrick

Mr. Jim Herwerden

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Hespen Ms. Betty Hess Mr. Christopher J. Hickey Mr. and Mrs. Franklin J. Hickman Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Hicks Mr. Paul Higgins Ms. Sharon Higley Watts Ms. Susan Hijjawi Ms. Laurel Hildebrand Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Hildebrandt Rev. Joseph T. Hilinski

Ms. Lynn Hill Ms. Mary Ellen Hill Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hilow Roseanne, Eleanore & Elizabeth Hilow

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Hinkel Ms. Bridget Hinkel Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hitch Mr. Christopher P. Hitchcock Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hitsman Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hlavaty Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Hlousek Mr. and Mrs. Allan Hochschild Ms. Deborah Hodges Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hogan Ms. Corinne C. Hogan Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Holewinski Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Holick Ms. Connie Holland Mrs. Eileen Holler

Ms. Brooklyn Hollimon Mr. James H. Hollis II

Pat Hollywood Mr. John Holton Ms. Susan D. Holycross Ms. Penelope J. Holycross Ms. Doris Honsa

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Honsaker Jr. Ms. Karen L. Hooser Ms. Kathleen Hoover Ms. Diane Horacek

Miss Barbara Horan Mr. Brian Horay Mrs. Frances Horn Ms. Janice K. Hornack

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Horning Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Horvath Mrs. Shirley A. Horwatt

Mr. David Hostetler

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hotz Ms. Anne M. Houdek Mr. David Hout Ms. Carol Hrdlicka Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hritz Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Huber Ms. Cherie Hudacek & Family Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Hudak Jr. Mr. Philip C. Hudak Ms. Rita Hudec Mr. Charles L. Hudson Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Huemmer Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hughes Ms. Mary Huigens Mr. and Mrs. Farrukh Humayun Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Humenik Ms. Kim C. Hunt Ms. Carol Huszai Mr. and Mrs. Vincent C. Hvizda Ms. Kathleen M. Hydock Mr. Timothy M. Hyland Mr. Tim Hyland Mr. James F. Hynan Ms. Maureen A. Iler Mr. Arnold Ingraham Ms. Patricia A. Ipavec-Clarke Mr. and Mrs. David E. Jackowicz Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Jackson Mr. John Jackson Ms. Suzanne S. Jacobus Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Jacques Pastor Kevin E. James Mr. Ryan James Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Janda Ms. Michelle Janics Ms. Beverly A. Jason Ms. Sara J. Jeffers Ms. Penelope S. Jeffrey Ms. Cheryl Jensik Ms. Sharon Jesse Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jezewski Ms. Lucia Jezior Mrs. Jill Jirus-Aquila Ms. Janet Jodlowski Mr. Ronald J. Johncock Ms. Julie M. Johnson Ms. Barbara Johnson Ms. Carol Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Jones Ms. Karen Jones Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones Ms. Pauline M. Joseph Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. Joyce Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Joyce Ms. Bridget Joyce Mr. and Mrs. F. Michael Joyce Mr. Tom Joyce Ms. Sharon Jurevicius Ms. Debbie A. Kabicek-Carroll Mr. Stan Kaczmar Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Kalfas Ms. Liz Kalfas Mr. David W. Kalisz Mr. William E. Kalt Mr. and Mrs. William Kalt Mrs. Margie Kaminski Ms. Jess Kaminsky Ms. Jodi Kaminsky Ms. Roseann Kaminsky Ms. Mary Kander

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar A. Kaneen Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kantz Mr. Tom Kanuch Taryn Kaplan Mr. Dave Kappa Mr. James Kappa Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Kappus Mr. John Karkosiak Mr. John P. Karliak Mr. Daniel Karliak Mr. Dale S. Karoly Mr. Evan Karrs Mr. Thomas J. Kasicki Mrs. Irene Kassa Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Kastelic Mr. and Mrs. Jay Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Kawac Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kealy Ms. Gerilyn U. Keeney Ms. Mary Ann Kehr Mr. and Mrs. John E. Kehrle Dr. and Mrs. Newton J. Kellackey Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Kelley Jr. Mr. Michael Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kelley Ms. Amy E. Kellogg Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Kelly Ms. Patricia A. Kelton Mr. Rick A. Kemm Ms. Virginia Kemmerling Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Kemp Rev. Reginald Kendrick Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Kennedy Ms. Mary Kennedy Ms. Kathleen A. Keough Ms. Patricia A. Kerchenski Ms. Linda A. Kerekes Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kern Mr. Richard Kerr Ms. Deborah Kersman Mrs. Idaclaire Kerwin Mr. Xavier E. Kestler Mr. and Mrs. Kevin K. Keyser Mr. and Mrs. Elmer J. Khal Dr. and Mrs. Rustom Khouri Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Kilbane Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kilbane Ms. Michelle Kilbane Ms. Sally Conway Kilbane Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kilbane Ms. Susan King Mr. and Mrs. Terry King Mr. Kinsley Ms. Sabina Kirik Ms. Molly A. Kiss Pastor Bob Kistemaker Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Kleinhenz Mrs. Patricia M. Kleinhenz Mr. and Mrs. Edward Klenke Ms. Margaret E. Klingler Mr. Mark A. Klingman Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Klonowski Mr. and Mrs. Scott P. Klonowski Mr. Robert Kloos Mr. Paul Klouda Ms. Kathy Knapik Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Knauss Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Knight Mrs. Catherine A. Knittel Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Knotek Ms. Naomi Knudson

Mr. and Mrs. John Kocevar Ms. Janet Koechel Ms. Mary Kay Kolenz Mr. and Mrs. George Kolesar Mr. Jon Kolozvary Ms. Patricia Kominek Ms. Shirley J. Kondo Mr. and Mrs. John A. Konfala Mr. and Mrs. John Konscak Mr. James A. Konya Ms. Patricia B. Korcheck Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Kordet Ms. Mary Ann Koster Mr. and Mrs. Brad W. Kostka Ms. Dianne C. Kotrlik-Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Fred Koury Mr. and Mrs. John Kozminski Mr. and Mrs. Jerome M. Kozon Ms. Deborah Kozub Ms. Kathleen M. Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Dale R. Kramer Mr. Robert Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Krane Ms. Karen M. Krava Ms. MaryAnn Krawczonek Ms. Eileen Krejci Ms. Patricia Krewson Mr. Benjamin Kroeck Ms. Margaret Krolikowski Ms. Susan M. Krosel Mr. and Mrs. James Krost Ms. Anne Krueger Mr. David J. Krus Ms. Patricia A. Kuczmarski Ms. Alice Kuczmarski Mrs. Barbara M. Kuhlman Ms. Lucy Kulbago Mrs. Mary Ann Kunkel Mr. and Mrs. John Kurtz Mr. and Mrs. John Kushma Ms. Catherine M. LaBianca Ms. Mary Jo Lackamp Ms. Alys Lafler-Ratigan Mr. Kenneth Laino Ms. Margaret M. Lally Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Lamantia Ms. Cheryl Lamm Ms. Irene M. Lanese Mrs. Alice A. Lang Mr. and Mrs. Richard Langan Ms. Barbara A. Langlotz Mrs. Mary Ann Lanser Mr. and Mrs. Michael LaPlaca Ms. Mary Ann Laquatra Mr. and Mrs. David LaSalvia Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John Lasch Ms. Marybeth Laskey Ms. Jenn Lasky Ms. Deborah Last Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Latkovic Mr. and Mrs. James Laux Ms. Victoria Lavan Mr. and Mrs. John Lavelle Ms. Mary Lavin Mr. Michael C. Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. George J. Lazar Ms. Teresa A. Lazusky Mrs. Marilyn S. Leary Mr. and Mrs. John Leavy

Mr. and Mrs. L. Joseph Lee Ms. Ramona C. Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lee Ms. Carol W. Legris Ms. Marlene P. Lehky Ms. Cheryl Lehner Ms. Patricia Lehtinen John Leibert & Crickett Mr. Stephen Leist

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Leitch Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Lekan Ms. Kerry A. Lenahan Mr. Daniel J. Leo Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Leo Mr. James J. Leo Ms. Nancy Leonard Ms. Mary Carol Lester Ms. Denise Lester Dr. Clement Lewin

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Lewis Mrs. Jean Lewis

Ms. Mary Jane Lichtler Ms. Judith Liederbach Ms. Karen M. Light Mrs. Nancy Light

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lihwa Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lihwa Mr. and Mrs. Charles Link

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Linsalata Ms. Donna Liszewski Mrs. Lillian Lodwick Ms. Therese A. Loftus Ms. Stacy M. Long Mr. Charles Lougheed Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Louis Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Loutzenhiser Tony Lovano

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lowe Ms. Marcella J. Lowry Mrs. Laura Luarde Ms. Marlene L. Lucas Mr. Daniel K. Luciano Mr. Daniel K. Luciano Ms. Deborah L. Ludwig Mrs. Beverly Lund Mr. and Mrs. William J. Lundstrom Ms. Lynn Lunoe Ms. Ann C. Lutz Mr. Tom Lynch Mr. Tom Lynch Dr. Elizabeth P. Macintyre Mr. Christopher W. Mack Ms. Jane M. Mackall

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mackay Mr. Jeffrey M. Mackey Ms. Mary Mackin

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. MacMillan Ms. Laura Macpherson

Mr. Jim Madej

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Magalen

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Maher Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Brian Mahon

Rev. Thomas D. Mahoney

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Mahoney

Mr. Joseph J. Mahovlic

Ms. Mary Anne Mallama Nutter

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Malley Ms. Helen C. Malloy

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Malloy III Mr. Hugh Malloy Ms. Mary Malloy


Dr. Donald A. Malone Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Maloney

Ms. Margaret Maloney

Ms. Faye Judith Maloof

Mr. Thomas Mammano

Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Mancuso

Mr. Patrick Manfroni

Ms. Kathleen T. Mangan

Erin Mann

Ms. Kathleen M. Manning

Ms. Gale Manson

Dr. and Mrs. Edward G. Mansour

Ms. Julie Mantey

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Maragliano

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Marcellino

Mr. Tim Marcinek

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Marek

Ms. Marsha C. Marion

Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Marks

Dr. Evelyn L. Maroon

Mr. Adelbert Marous Jr.

Mr. Garrett Marrie

Mr. Paul F. Martanovic

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Martanovic

Ms. Jo Ann Martin

Ms. Patricia Martin

Dr. and Mrs. Manuel A. Martinez

Ms. Rachel Martinez-Finn

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Martuch

Ms. Theresa Marzloff

Mr. Russell Masetta

Mr. Jason Mastaitis

Miss Ann C. Masterson

Ms. Kathleen M. Masterson

Mr. Robert M. Masterson

Ms. Maureen Masterson Carr

Mr. Adele M. Matias

Mr. Marc Mattix

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Maurer

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Maurer

Ms. Nicole V. Mawby

Ms. Lenore E. Maxa

Mr. Peter F. Mayer

Mr. and Mrs. John Maziasz

Ms. Donna M. Mazzarella

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mazzella

Ms. Sarah McAchran Jablonski

Ms. Sarah McAleer

Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. McAndrew

Mr. Brian A. McBride

Ms. Anne Marie McCafferty

Mrs. Lois McCartan

Mr. and Mrs. William H. McCarthy

Mrs. Merena E. McCarty

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. McClain

Mr. and Mrs. John McClelland

Mr. David J. McConnell

Ms. Mary McConville

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Mccormick

Ms. Catherine McCutcheon

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. McDermott

Ms. Margaret M. McDermott

Ms. Michaela McDermott

Ms. Brenda C. McDonald

Mr. John McDonnell

Ms. Mary Anne McGann

Mr. Scott McGill

Ms. Josephine C. McGinnis

Ms. Kathryn A. McGinty

Mr. and Mrs. John P. McGinty

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McGinty

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McGraw

Mr. and Mrs. Edward McGreal

Mr. and Mrs. James D. McGuire

Ms. Joan E. McGuire

Ms. Maureen C. McHugh

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. McIntyre

Mr. and Mrs. James P. McIntyre Ms. Erika McLaughlin

Ms. Mary Kay McLean

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McManamon

Mr. James F. McManamon

Mr. and Mrs. John McMillan

Mr. Michael McMillan

Honorable Judge & Mrs. Richard J. McMonagle

Miss Melissa McMullen

Mr. and Mrs. John M. McNamara

Mr. and Mrs. John McNamara

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McNamara

Dr. and Mrs. David L. McNamee

Mr. Daniel W. McNea

Mr. Thomas J. McNulty Mr. James M. McNulty

Mr. Terence P. McReynolds

Mr. Randell McShepard

Ms. Maureen A. McSweeney

Ms. Kathleen McWeeny

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Medleau

Ms. Theresa Meek

Mr. Michael Mele

Ms. Christine Melichar

Mr. and Mrs. Ermin R. Melle

Ms. Debbie Menn

Ms. Diane H. Menner

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Merriman

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Merriman

Dr. and Mrs. Srinivas Merugu Mr. David Merwin Ms. Lucille S. Messuri

Ms. Hope Miclea

Mr. Joseph M. Milauskas

Ms. Patricia A. Milczewski

Ms. Deborah A. Miller

Ms. Beth Ellen Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Miller

Mr. James Miller

Mr. Don Miller

Ms. Frances Millward

Mrs. Dolores B. Milota

Mr. Benjamin Milton & Family

Ms. Martha S. Miniello

Mr. Chris Mis

Mr. David Misalko

Ms. Phyllis Mitchell

Ms. Loretta A. Mlady

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Moehring

Mr. Daniel Mohar

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mohlenkamp

Ms. Linda Molnar

Mr. Carl J. Monastra

Ms. Sheila M. Moncheck

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Montague

Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Monteleone

Ms. Shirley A. Mooney

Ms. Laureen R. Mooney

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moore

Mr. Robert E. Moran

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moran

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Moravick

Ms. Rose C. Morelli

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Moritz Ms. Melanie Morscher Ms. Rosemary A. Moser Ms. Nada Moyak

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mullee Mr. and Mrs. John Mulroy Mr. and Mrs. Robert Muncrief Ms. Treia Munsey

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Murphy Mr. Murlan J. Murphy Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Murphy Ms. Patricia Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. George Murray

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Murrin Ms. Renee Musat

Dr. and Mrs. James H. Myers Mr. and Mrs. John Myslenski Ms. Theresa M. Mystic Ms. Julianne Nader

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Nagel Ms. Louise J. Nagel Mrs. Carol Najda Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Napoli Jr. Ms. Rosemary Nardone

Dr. and Mrs. Frank J. Navratil Ms. Margaret A. Naylon Mr. O’Donnell J. Neal Mr. Douglas Neary Mr. Timothy S. Needles Ms. Lisa A. Neelon Mr. Daniel R. Neelon

Ms. Rosemary T. Neelon Ms. Therese Nekic Mr. and Mrs. John Nestelle Ms. Phyllis Nestor Mr. and Mrs. Michael Neuendorff Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Neuman, CPA Mr. George Neundorfer Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Newman Ms. Karen Newrones Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nichols Mr. Fred G. Nickels III Mr. Kenneth Nickels Mr. Thomas Nieberding Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Nocella Mr. Charles J. Nock

Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Nolan Mr. William Nook Ms. Mary Jo Noonan Mr. and Mrs. John J. Norris

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Norton Mr. and Mrs. John E. Norton Ms. Susan Norton Mr. Richard L. Nosse Ms. Christine L. Novak

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Novak

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Novotney Judge Donald C. Nugent Ms. Teresa M. Nugent

Ms. Mary Rose Oakar Ms. Nancy C. Oakley

Mr. and Mrs. John P. O’Boyle

Ms. Kaye O’Boyle Ms. Kaye O’Boyle Ms. Shari Obrenski Ms. Diane Obringer

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. O’Bryan Mr. Charles E. Ockuly Erin O’Connell

Mrs. Bridget M. O’Donnell

Rev. James P. O’Donnell

Honorable Judge and Mrs. Terrence O’Donnell Chris O’Donnell

Ms. Elizabeth O’Dougherty Galen Oelkers

Ms. Mary M. O’Grady Ms. Constance M. Ohman Ms. Marilyn Olsen Ms. Tria O’Maille

Mr. and Mrs. John E. O’Malley Ms. Marjorie G. O’Malley Mr. and Mrs. Bryan O’Malley Ms. Karen O’Malley Steve and Jody Ondrus Ms. Mary E. O’Neil Ms. Nora O’Neil Stern Mr. Francis Jay O’Neill III Mrs. David O’Neill

Mr. David O’Neill

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Onk Mr. Jonathan Onk Ms. Barbara O’Patry

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Ormiston Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. O’Shaughnessy

Ms. Monica K. O’Toole Mr. William R. Ott Mr. and Mrs. James R. Otto Mrs. Lucia Otto Ms. Kandi Ovar Mr. Joseph P. Owen Jr. Ms. Eloise Suzanne Owens Mr. and Mrs. Mark Owens Mr. and Mrs. Dale Pack Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Pack Gerrie Paino Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Palcisko Ms. Carolyn M. Panigutti Mr. and Mrs. Donald Paolucci Ms. Micaela Pap Mr. William A. Papenbrock Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Papp Ms. Paula A. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Leroy B. Parks Miss Kathleen Parrent Dr. and Mrs. James S. Pashayan Mr. Mickey Pastor Mr. and Mrs. Dan Pate Sr. Ms. Maureen Patton Ms. Marsha Paul Kolke Ms. Nancy A. Paulson Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Pawlowski Mrs. Barbara A. Pawlus Mrs. Ellen Peoples Mr. and Mrs. Louis Perko Mr. Gay D. Perry Mr. Domenic P. Pertz Mr. George Perz Ms. Norma A. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. James Petras Mr. Michael J. Petrisin Mr. Eric Pfaff Mr. and Mrs. William H. Pfeifer Mr. and Mrs. Allen E. Pfenninger Ms. Mary C. Philipps Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Phillips Ms. Amy Phipps Ms. Jaquelyn Piascik Mr. George J. Picha Jr.

Ms. Adalie Pickens

Ms. Susan T. Piekarczyk Mr. Michael Pierce Reverend Carl Pilzer Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Pinwinski Mr. and Mrs. Daniel N. Pitrone Mr. and Mrs. John Pizzuti Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Plascak Ms. Catherine Ann Plasket Mrs. Ruth G. Plasket Ms. Pamela Plasket Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Plenzler Mr. James W. Plotz Mr. and Mrs. John Polito Mr. and Mrs. John R. Pompeii Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ponigar Jr. Miss Deborah L. Porter Ms. Donna Powers Mr. Kevin Powers Ms. Karen Powers Ms. Susan Pray Mr. and Mrs. David W. Presley Ms. Patricia A. Primozic Ms. Evelyn Prince Mr. and Mrs. Michael Protzik Ms. Elaine Pulizzi Mr. Carl N. Quagliata Ms. Mary Quinn Mr. Gerry Quinn Mr. Neil A. Quint Ms. Brenda-Lee Rabine Mrs. Veronica Rains Mr. and Mrs. Francis G. Raishart Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ramba Ms. Eileen Ramerman Mr. and Mrs. William E. Randquist Mr. and Mrs. Erin Rankin Mr. and Mrs. Calvin E. Ratcliff Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Ratusnik Mr. and Mrs. Gene A. Ratzel Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Ratzel Ms. Maryanne F. Rebic Ms. Elizabeth S. Redd Mrs. Traci Reed Mr. and Mrs. John E. Rees Ms. Patricia L. Regalbuto Mr. and Mrs. David M. Regan Mr. and Mrs. John Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reindel Mr. Robert A. Reuter Ms. Mary Ellen Reynolds Ms. Michelle Reynolds Mr. Ronn Richard Ms. Cheryl Richards Ms. Gloria Richards Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Richmond Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Richmond Ms. Stacey Rieth Ms. Colleen Rigo Ms. Deborah A. Riley Ms. Noreen A. Riley Mr. Anthony Rinaldi, Esq. Mr. Louis Ripepi Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alan A. Ristau Mrs. Stephanie Ristau Mr. Jeffrey Ritter Mrs. Ann C. Ritty Dr. and Mrs. J Michael Ritty Ms. Kaitlyn Rivard Ms. Amber Roane Ms. Mary Ann Roberts

Ms. Jill Robertson Toledo Judge Kenneth A. Rocco Ms. Sharon J. Rock Mr. Jerome E. Rodak Ms. Brenda Roden Ms. Delia I. Rodriguez Ms. Esther Rodriguez Ms. Maritza Rodriguez Mr. and Mrs. Garry E. Roggenburk Mr. John J. Rolfes Mr. and Mrs. Giulio Romano Mrs. Nancy A. Rooney Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ropenus Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ropes Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Rorak Mrs. Molly Rose Dr. Richard Rose

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Rosenhamer Mr. and Mrs. Jay Ross Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rotatori Mrs. Brenna M. Roth Ms. Kimberly Roth Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rotter Mr. and Mrs. William C. Rousell Ms. Elizabeth L. Rowe Ms. Lauren E. Rudman Ms. Rita Jean Rudmann Ms. Barbara A. Ruessman Mr. Dan Rufo Mr. Robert Ruggeri Ms. Margerita M. Ruhrkraut Mr. Anthony J. Russo Mr. Jeff Ryder Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sabo Ms. Catherine Sabolik Ms. Shareefah Sabur Ms. Dorothy Sadowski Ms. Judith Salcedo Mr. and Mrs. Robert Salmon Ms. Margaret A. Samosky Ms. Constance O. Sandidge Mr. and Mrs. Nelson L. Sanger Mr. Jeffrey A. Sanson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Santoro Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Santos Ms. Linda I. Sanvido Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Sasarak Mr. and Mrs. John V. Satory Ms. Naomi Sauer Mrs. Joanne P. Sauterer Mr. and Mrs. John M. Scanlon Ms. Sharon Scaramozza Mr. and Mrs. Jim Schade Ms. Patricia A. Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. David Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. James F. Scheible

Ms. Karen A. Schenosky

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Schiele

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Schilling

Mrs. Ruth A. Schindler

Rev. Daniel F. Schlegel

Mr. Daniel Schlitt

Ms. Carolyn A. Schmidlin

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Schmidlin Fr. James Schmitz

Ms. Rita M. Schnedler

Mr. Thomas A. Schock

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Schrader Mr. and Mrs. William Schreiber

Mr. John J. Schriner Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Schroeder

Mr. and Mrs. John Schubert Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schulte Ms. Joanne E. Schwartz

Judge and Mrs. Richard Schwartz Mrs. Dawn Schweikert

Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Schwerko Mr. Lee K. Scullin

Mr. Tom Sear

Ms. Beth A. Sebaugh

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Sedmack II Ms. Kathleen A. Sejba Ms. Barbara A. Sekerak Ms. Deborah Sellers

Mr. Chuck Sellner

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Seman Mr. and Mrs. David W. Senger Ms. Georgine A. Sessin Mr. Gerald Sgro Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Shaker Ms. Karen Shallcross Ms. Maureen Shannon Mr. David Shapira

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Shaughnessy Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Shaw Ms. Therese Shaw-Jones Ms. Lisabeth Shea Mr. Tim Shea Ms. Julia Sheehan

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Sherman Mrs. Eileen D. Shimko Ms. Margaret M. Shimko Ms. Connie Shirey

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Shores Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shuman Ms. Bonnie Shute

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Siciliano Mr. Jerry Sidley Mr. Dan Sieradzki

Ms. Amy Sievers

Ms. Jane Sikorovsky

Dr. and Mrs. William L. Simko Mrs. Patricia S. Simone Mr. and Mrs. Robert Simoneau Ms. Mary B. Sims

Ms. Jenifere R. Singleton Esq. Miss Marie T. Singleton

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Sinko Ms. Melissa Sirak

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Sivik Ms. Jan Skelley

Ms. Betty J. Skerl Mr. Gerald Skoch Ms. Donna M. Skurzak

Mr. John Slife

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Sliwinski Ms. Sandra Smart

Ms. Maria A. Smith

Ms. Shirley A. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Smith

Ms. Andrea Smith

Ms. Debbie Smith

Ms. Lisa Smith

Ms. Mary Anne Smith

Ms. Margie Smith

Ms. Helen Smucker

Ms. Marianne Smyth Ms. Marilyn E. Solich-Costa Mr. and Mrs. John Sommer Dr. David M. Sorboro DDS, MS, LLC


Mr. Don Sosoka

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Sovinski

Ms. Krystal Spahlinger

Mrs. Zita Spellacy

Ms. Arlene Spies

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Spirakus

Ms. Loreen T. Spuhler

Ms. Marilyn J. Spurgeon

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur G. Stacho

Ms. Mary Jane Stacho

Mrs. Michelle Stacho

Mr. and Mrs. James Stack

Mr. Terrence M. Stahurski

Mr. John A. Stanko

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Stanko

Ms. Jacqueline M. Stanton

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew M. Stanton

Ms. Theresa Stanton

Mr. David Steele

Mr. Brian J. Stefan-Szittai

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Stegh

Ms. Shannon Steidl

Ms. Karen Steigerwald

Mrs. Julie Stenger

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Stepanik

Ms. Elaine M. Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. Justin V. Sterling

Ms. Meghan Stevenson

Ms. Jane T. Stewart

Mr. John J. Stimac

Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Stimac

Ms. Dawn Stine

Mr. Richard Stolar

Mrs. Mary C. Strembel

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Strick

Ms. Mary Lou V. Stricklin

Ms. Jeanne Marie Stumpf Ph.D

Mr. Joseph D. Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sullivan Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. John Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Sullivan

Mr. Donald T. Sumser Jr.

Ms. Maryanne Sutherland

Ms. Marlene A. Sutowski

Ms. Caroline C. Sutowski

Mrs. Betty A. Sweeney

Ms. Jeanne T. T. Sweeney

Mr. James Sweeney

Mr. Eric Swiatek

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sword

Mr. and Mrs. Kenn M. Synek

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Szabo

Mr. and Mrs. Laszlo J. Szabolcs

Ms. Mary Szalkowski

Mrs. Lillian A. Szente

Ms. Kathleen Szweda

Mr. Joseph H. Taddeo

Mrs. Helen Taft

Ms. Valerie Takacs

Mr. Patrick E. Talty

Ms. Mary Pat Taoras

Ms. Yvonne E. Tarase

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Tarasovic

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Tassio

Mr. and Mrs. James N. Taylor

Martine Taylor

Ms. Nancy Telzrow

Mr. and Mrs. TJ Tepley

Erin Tesny

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Abington Foundation

The Andrews Foundation

Baird Foundation, Inc.

The Edward F. and Barbara A. Bell Family Foundation

Big Lots Foundation of The Columbus Foundation

BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Fund

Calabrese Family Charitable Fund, U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

The Callahan Foundation Cleveland Foundation Community West Foundation Dominion Foundation

The David & Helen Dzurec Family Foundation

Fedeli Family Charitable Foundation Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

The Harry K. and Emma R. Fox Charitable Foundation

The Sam J. Frankino Foundation

The Giant Eagle Foundation

J. Harrington & Marie E. Glidden Foundation

John and Cathy Hackman Charitable Fdn

William E. Harris Family Fund, Cleveland Foundation

The Higley Fund, Cleveland Foundation

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Lambur-Glorioso FDN OCHR

John and Mary Carol Lewis Charitable Fund

LKG Life Foundation

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Arthur B. McBride, Sr. Family Foundation

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TM and NA O'Donnell Foundation O'Neill Brothers Foundation

The Lauretta K. Peters & Richard R. Peters Charitable Foundation

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The Albert B. & Audrey G. Ratner Family Foundation, RMS Investment Group, LLC

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The Jack Schriner Family Foundation Schwab Charitable

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Michael and Helen Talty Charitable Trust

Thatcher Family Fund, Cleveland Foundation

Tri-C Foundation S. K. Wellman Foundation

Wuliger Family II Philanthropic Fund, Jewish Federation of Cleveland


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Bunker Hill Golf Club

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Carnegie Investment Counsel c/o Carnegie Cares

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Catholic Charities Corporation

Catholic Diocese of Cleveland

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Church of St. John Neumann

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Cleveland Police Patrolmans Association Charity Fund

Cleveland Teachers Union

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Crain’s Cleveland Business Currents Magazine

Cuyahoga Valley Church, 55+ Bible Class

Czech Catholic Union

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BUSINESS, CIVIC & FAITH-BASED DONATIONS THANK YOU to all who support the mission of Malachi House 2020-2021 14

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Planned or deferred gifts to Malachi

House are one of the most important ways you can help us build our endowment to ensure our home will always be there in perpetuity for those who need us most, when they need us most.

Anonymous (9) Mr. James A. Bernet

Blaha Family Foundation Ms. Marilyn Bollinger

Frances K. Bradner Trust Ms. Agnes Bruck

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cachat Ms. Grace Campion Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Carfagna Ms. Phyllis J. Colarusso Ms. Lois H. Cole Dan and Liz Cotter Mr. Robert Deucher

Forest City Enterprises Mr. Leonard I. Gunsch

Mrs. Evelyn A. Hammett Ms. Dorothy Herwat Ms. Gertrude C. Donnelly Hess Mr. Neil Hitz

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Jackson Mr. Harry Jackson Ms. Florence Jakubiak Ms. Julie M. Johnson Ms. Mary Johnson Mr. John P. Karliak

Michael R. and Diane C. Kennedy Ms. Lois Klawon

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Langkau Ms. Patricia J. Lehtinen

Ms. Marabell MacLeod

Ms. Janice L. Maher

Ms. Catherine R. Malloy

Ms. Ann C. Masterson

Arthur B. McBride, Sr. Family Foundation

Mr. Joseph M. Milauskas

Moritz Family Foundation

Mr. Murlan J. Murphy, Jr. Mr. Raymond M. Murphy

New York Life Insurance & Annuity Corp.

Frederick & Julia Nonneman Foundation

L.K. O’Donnell Family Charitable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. David O’Neill

Mr. William B. Pelwalis

Allen and Lynn Pfenninger

Mr. William A. Primavesi

P.K. Ranney Foundation

Helen Rego Charitable Trust

Reid Family Foundation

RPM International Inc.

Ms. Patricia Schlott

Mr. Charles H. Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Sullivan, Sr. Ms. Mary Szalkowski

Ms. Elizabeth A. Willacker






JULY 1, 2021 TO JUNE 30, 2022

Malachi House provides care to each of our residents at no cost. We do not receive government funding or insurance reimbursement of any kind.

We rely solely upon the generous support of individuals, foundations and corporations, like you, to provide our residents with loving, compassionate care during their final stages of life. We appreciate every gift you entrust to Malachi House and its residents.


TOTAL EXPENSES $1,477,431.39 DIRECT RESIDENT CARE 70% - $1,037,058.90 ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSE 15% - $217,261.05 FUNDRAISERS/EVENTS 4% - $64,412.44 DEVELOPMENT & GRANT EXPENSE 11% - $158,699.00

Fundraisers/Events Foundation Support&Grants Endowment Donations&


Before Malachi House came to be, St. Therese was watching over it. In 1987, a friend of Rev. Fr. Paul Hritz unexpectedly donated a monetary gift to be used for helping the needy. The donor had no idea that Fr. Paul had just completed a Novena to St. Therese to help him proceed with his vision of helping the homeless who were terminally ill. At that time, there was no funding available for his idea - just faith in prayer to a special saint. However, that unexpected donation planted a seed for the formation of Malachi House.

That same year, four row houses on Clinton Avenue were also donated to St. Malachi Parish. Work began immediately to renovate the homes, but Malachi House still needed parking to satisfy the zoning laws. After serious negotiations, Malachi House purchased the house behind the row homes to provide a parking area. The back yard, covered with snow on a cold February day, was about to be cleared for the parking lot. To unbelieving eyes, a rose bush was discovered with a single, beautiful blooming red rose. St. Therese, also known as “The Little Flower”, had left her sign of the rose, blessing our work to continue with her favor and our confidence.

Story after story flowed from this occurrence, beginning with prayers almost always answered by the patron saint of Malachi House. A statue of St. Therese was placed in the home to oversee the renovation that was being accomplished by hundreds of volunteers from all walks of life. During that time, roses would appear in unexpected places at unexpected times as the work progressed. St. Therese’s wish was to carry out the mission of, “not great deeds but great love” to those most in need. Her wish was being fulfilled by the ongoing faith in God’s command to love one another, as told to believers by this great saint.

~ Lovingly remembered and recounted by Malachi House Co-founder, Catherine “Kaki” O’Neill

Every year since that first sign from St. Therese in 1987, Malachi House celebrates her Feast Day. In October of 2022, we were pleased to, once again, gather in person for this celebration. Malachi House was adorned with beautiful red roses and filled with the laughter and joy of our community. We look forward to many more celebrations of St. Therese to come.



A loving home for life’s

Malachi House 2810 Clinton Avenue Cleveland, OH 44113


Fr. Paul Hritz (1923-2013)

Catherine “Kaki” O’Neill


John J. Schriner - Chairperson

Matthew A. Becker - Vice-Chairperson

Jeffrey D. Neuman, CPA - Treasurer

Donna M. Skurzak - Secretary

J. Brandon Walters, MD, FAAHPM - Medical Director

Joseph C. Granzier

Fr. Michael Gurnick

Kevin M. Kelly

Patricia F. Krewson, Esq.

L. Joseph Lee

Ann C. Lutz

Jonathan Onk

Anthony Rinaldi, Esq.

Shareefah Sabur

John J. Sullivan

Terrence V. Upchurch II


Diane C. Kennedy


David Amos - Co-Chair

Michael Kelley II - Co-Chair

Patsy Coughlin, Esq.

Steven Dieringer, CPA

Bryan Evans, Esq.

Meghan Hanrahan

John P. Hausman

Elizabeth Kalfas

Taryn Kaplan

Stephanie Ristau


Judy Ghazoul Hilow

Malachi House is a 501(c)(3) Corporation

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