Malachi House 2020-2021 Annual Report

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M A L A CH I HOUSE A loving home for life’s last journey


MALACHI HOUSE A loving home for life’s last journey



OUR MISSION Malachi House, created out of a Christian sense of ministry, serves persons who are terminally ill, without regard to gender, race, religion, or national origin and without cost to the resident or family. This home ministers to individuals who need an available caregiver, who have limited or no financial resources and are in need of special home care in the final THE MALACHI HOUSE stages of life. Our trained staff and volunteers provide spiritual, CHAPEL WINDOWS emotional and physical support The rays of sunrise/sunset project life beyond our with the assistance of a comprehension. They represent the comfort of heaven; hospice team.

MALACHI HOUSE STAFF Judy Ghazoul Hilow Executive Director Jessica Reese Executive Assistant Carolyn Bender Clinical Director Iris Figueroa Clinical Assistant Veronica Rains Office Manager Emily Shumaker-Chupp Marketing & Event Coordinator

the lines go up to infinity.

The iris, or sword lily, represents the sorrow of the Virgin at the suffering of Jesus, demonstrating both beauty and pain. The prisms throw rainbows into the room, the symbol of promise for lives filled with the mystery of suffering. They are like magic – sometimes there and sometimes not. They interact between heaven and earth, with nature and God. The river represents life; it takes us places that we sometimes don’t want to go. Life’s hardships are shown through the twisted turns that eventually take us back to the rising sun, the Resurrection. The colors – blue, purple and violet – represent heavenly truth, imperial power and sorrow. Green represents the triumph of spring over winter, life over death. The golden sun is representative of healing, and the white spaces reflect innocence.

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Malachi House is honored to serve Lily, a US Army veteran and Malachi House resident. Lily is a warm and kind woman who brings a smile to everyone she greets. She loves animals, especially cats, and enjoys spending time with her realistic, and life-like, battery operated cat, Joyboy. In July of 2021, Lily received a special visit from Crossroads Hospice as part of their Veteran Recognition Program. Volunteer Veteran, Dave Radar; Crossroads Coordinator, Ilona Rodgers; and Chaplain, Marie Phillips came to pay tribute to Lily and all she and her family have sacrificed for our country. They presented Lily with a Certificate of Appreciation, an American flag, an engraved medal and flag pin as well as a handmade, red, white, and blue, blanket. These blankets are made by women in the Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church congregation who knit them for area veterans while praying. The Veteran Recognition Program is an invaluable service that Crossroads provides; it gives the patient the thanks of a grateful nation while allowing their family the opportunity to understand the depth of their service and sacrifice. We are unbelievably proud of Lily and are so thankful to Crossroads for giving her the recognition she deserves.

“Lily is very strong and knows what she wants. Even when she’s not feeling well she is so grateful and sweet.” - MALACHI HOUSE STAFF MEMBER


LETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Malachi House has been blessed with an incredible Board of Directors that has supported us for the last 34 years. Joe Lee, our current Board Chair, will finalize his three-year term as we welcome John Schriner into this important role. We are also excited to welcome Matt Becker as our new Vice Chair. As vice chair, Matt will formulate strategies to continue our model and mission into the future. Joe Lee was the Board Chair during an unprecedented time for Malachi House and the world. He has been a dynamic leader; always keeping the Malachi House mission at the forefront of every decision. Joe used strategic and critical thinking to implement changes that will last for years to come. Thank you, Joe; for all that you have done for Malachi House. We are so excited to welcome John Schriner as our new Board Chair. He brings an energetic and bright spirit that will be able to tackle any situation. Although we do not know what lies ahead, we are confident that John’s shrewd attention to detail, depth of knowledge, and attentive approach will seamlessly lead us through another three years of serving the residents at Malachi House.

Judy Ghazoul Hilow, Executive Director L. JOSEPH LEE, OUTGOING BOARD CHAIR


“Malachi House owes a great deal of gratitude to Joe Lee, the outgoing Chairman, for shepherding its mission through its most difficult years. I personally want to thank Joe for his attention to and kindness of the residents of Malachi House. This took strong leadership in uncharted waters and Joe never flinched at that task. Thank you, Joe.


Malachi House would like to welcome John Schriner the incoming Chairman of the Malachi House Mission. John has served on the Board of Malachi House for more than 10 years showing the same qualities of leadership needed moving forward. That is so important as we continue to live in uncharted waters of health issues in our society today. As past Chairs, John will depend on full support of the Board to maintain the stellar reputation of this important mission. Welcome, John!” - KAKI O’NEILL, MALACHI HOUSE CO-FOUNDER

THE 25TH AND FINAL MALACHI HOUSE OPEN This past June, Malachi House worked with Board Member, Joe Granzier, to host our first in-person event since January of 2020; the Malachi House Open. Joe has organized this golf outing for Malachi House for 25 years and we are so grateful to him and his team. We had the pleasure of honoring each of them during the 25th and final Malachi House Open – Thank you again, Joe Granzier, Kevin Kelly, Jamie Passant, Tony Shaker, and Dan Smith. Through your efforts over the years, you have given Malachi House so much. The golf outing was a great success with an outpouring of support and only a bit of rain to end the day. Complete with golf games, an impressive raffle and dinner in the outdoor patio, we couldn’t have asked for a better occasion to once again gather together in person. We are so grateful to all of our sponsors, golfers, and volunteers who participated in this event’s final run. Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities to gather in-person and support Malachi House in the future. TOP LEFT: Joe Granzier, Golf Chair. TOP RIGHT: 25th Malachi House Open Group Photo. MIDDLE LEFT: Jeff Neuman, Mary Ann Neuman, Al Salvatore, Nancy Salvatore. MIDDLE RIGHT: Brian McGinty, Jim Proctor, Tony Rinaldi, Leo Spellacy. BOTTOM: Henry Hilow, Mike Joyce, Dennis Lansdowne, Judy Ghazoul Hilow, Andy Gulla, Kevin Hinkel



“WHEN I WAS NAKED” - THE MATTHEW 25 COLLECTION Kaki’s Garden has been a place of beauty for the Malachi House residents and staff as well as anyone who walks through the neighborhood. This fall, we are excited to announce that we will be adding an additional element of beauty and meaning to the garden. Malachi House has been chosen, by Community West Foundation, as one of six locations for the Matthew 25 Collection, an assemblage of bronze statues created by Timothy Schmalz. These statues depict Jesus in various situations and are thematically connected to the mission of each community partner where the statues will be placed. Cleveland will be only the second city in the world, following Rome, Italy, to have the full collection of all six bronze figures in the Matthew 25 Collection. Malachi House will be receiving the statue “When I Was Naked” which portrays Jesus as a homeless man, naked and clinging to a piece of cardboard to keep him warm. This piece of art confronts the viewer’s prejudices against the impoverished and compels them to look deeper for a glimpse of the divinity and dignity within them. Malachi House is honored to be partnering with Community West Foundation on this project as it creates dialogue in the community about issues of social justice, privilege, compassion, and empathy. We believe this artwork is a visual representation of our mission to give dignity to those in their final stages of life.



Many Thanks


We are grateful to the Community West Foundation Board of Directors, Martin Uhle, President and CEO for choosing Malachi House and our mission to spread the word of empathy and love to others within our community.

• • •

LAND Studios has been an integral part of creating the space and coordinating the logistics of this beautiful and impactful statue.

We are so proud that one of our longtime donors, Bob Zavagno, President of Cleveland Marble Mosaic Company, for donating his time, talent and resources to install and provide the beautiful stone work that the statue will be placed on in front of Malachi House. We are thankful to Bob Rensel, our volunteer horticulturalist at Malachi House and the Gardeners of Greater Cleveland for continuing to bring our vision to life in Kaki’s Garden.

• •

Homeless Jesus - St. Malachi Parish When I Was Sick - Cleveland Clinic Lutheran Hospital When I Was in Prison - Bridge CLE (formerly Family Ministry Center) When I Was a Stranger - The Refugee Response at Urban Community School When I Was Naked - Malachi House When I Was Hungry and Thirsty - Old Stone Church

For more information about the full collection of statues visit the Community West Foundation website at 5


Dining Room

Every room at Malachi House is special because each room is imperative in creating the warm and inviting feeling that welcomes our residents. Our dining room, just like in any home, is a place to gather with family and break bread. Thanks to the tremendous generosity and continuous support of Diane Kennedy, we are pleased to present the Diane Kennedy Dining Room. Diane has always emphasized that we are a family here at Malachi House; and now we will be reminded of that, in her honor, every time we meet at the table. Diane is a long time board member and supporter of Malachi House. We are inspired by the generosity and commitment she has shown over the years. Diane’s impact at Malachi House has been immeasurable, and this dedication is a small token of our appreciation to her. This fall, we were honored to host an intimate unveiling of the room with Diane’s family: her husband, Mike; her son, Matt and his wife, Jen; and her son Sean and his wife, Grace. Diane once quoted Dr. Jerome Groopman saying,

“Hope gives us the courage to confront our circumstances and the capacity to surmount them.”


Along with the courage that hope gives our residents, Diane has provided Malachi House with the means for our residents to surmount their circumstances; whether through the countless fundraisers and events she helped coordinate or through personal donations she and her family made. We are forever grateful for her contributions.


Patricia Harrington

Therese Mullen

Marge Adler

Darla Hastings

Kathleen Neal

Ramon Agustin

Shirley Hemminger

Cindy Oakley

Karen Andrejcak

Pat Hess

Diane Obringer

Will Armsworthy

Michael Hotz

Judy Ockuly

James Bares

Joanne Hudson

Bryan O'Malley

Caden Beegan

Anne Hummer

Jody Ondrus

Alexander Bender

Cynthia Ishler

Steve Ondrus

Leo Bistak

Sharon Jaskolka

Colleen O'Neill & Rosie

Mike Bonanno

Keith Jenkins

Susan Osborn

Thomas Brandt

Sharon Jesse

Anthony Paskell

Cathleen Breeler

Dakota Jewett

Ellen Peoples

Steve Brincka

Margie Kaminski

Trish Plisko

Kathleen Burke

James Kappa

John Polito

Christine Connors

Mary Ann Kappa

Trevor Polomsky

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Daniel Kelley

Alex Quang

Maggie Crawford

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Edwin Quang

Christine Cross

Barbara Ketterick

Lawrence Quang

Alex Dell

Gabrielle Kim

Bob Rensel

Mary Dolejs & Ghost

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Gary Rick

Janet Duchoslav

Brendan Kiskorna

Ann Ritty

Gloria Ebratt

Jill Koch Johnston

Eileen Schafer

Doug Ely

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Dawn Schweikert

Sheila Fanara

Jerry Lazar

Valerie Sleeper

Mary Feighan

Joan Lederer

Jan Filkill

Thomas Lekan

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George Fitzpatrick

Paul Lin

Greg Sword

Suzanne Fitzpatrick

Dominic Lobaza

Tammy Tadic

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Isabel Lozano

Matthew Tarnowski

John Gerace

Beverly Lund

Janet Thomas

Terry Gibbons

Gavin Majikas

Elizabeth Tippit

Ken Gill

Thomas Mammano

Kathleen Walsh

Alexander Gilliam

Marilynn Martin

Leah Walsh

Aidan Green

Charlene McElwee

Peter Ward

James Gulick

Kathy McNulty

Heather Wojanowski

Eileen Hamblen

Michael Milia

Charles Zepp

Margo Hanna

Ann Moore

THANK YOU Although we have missed our volunteers since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are so grateful for their adoring notes, calls, texts and emails to support us from afar. We love and miss you so much and can’t wait for your return soon.

& Tabitha



Malachi House’s Adopt a Resident program is our way of ensuring each of our residents has Christmas gifts they otherwise might not receive. Participants make our residents’ wishes come true by donating gifts that are personally suited to them through resident profiles listing favorite colors, sizes and gift ideas.


This event features the Merry Ploughboys, directly from Ireland, for an evening of unforgettable traditional Irish music. We had a fantastic turnout of nearly 400 guests for the 2020 Merry Ploughboys concert at Music Box Supper Club.


At this time, Malachi House is not accepting donations of any kind at our doors due to COVID-19 for the safety and security of our residents, staff and hospice teams.

Each year, we pause to honor our friends, family and loved ones through our “Lights for Life” celebration on the first Friday of December. Our supporters purchase a light on one of our beautiful outdoor evergreen trees as a tribute to those who mean so much to them. We will not be having the ceremony at Malachi House this year but we ask that you support our Lights for Life campaign by purchasing a light in support of our residents. 8

We are accepting only gift cards, stamps, and donations by check in the mail, as well as credit card donations through our website. We are in need of USPS stamps and gift cards from: Walmart, Target, Giant Eagle, Save-a-Lot, Home Depot, Gordon Food Service, Dave’s Market, and Amazon. Thank you for your continued support of Malachi House

Please check our website periodically for more information on upcoming events.

OPPORTUNITIES TO SUPPORT MALACHI HOUSE ANNUAL FUND DONATION Annual gifts, of any size, are accepted at any time. You have the option of mailing a check, or for your convenience, donating online. You may also schedule a recurring gift payment on our website at www. As a donor, you can choose to designate gifts to a specific area or simply allow funds to be used generally in an area of greatest need. GIFTS OF STOCK In addition to cash, Malachi House gratefully accepts donations of stock certificates. You can receive a charitable deduction for the full market value of your donation. MEMORIAL OR TRIBUTE GIVING Memorial gifts are a meaningful way to fondly remember our loved ones. You can choose to make a special gift in memory of a family member or loved one. Malachi House welcomes gifts in lieu of flowers. We send an acknowledgement card (keeping the gift amount confidential) to both you and the person you designate. Tribute gifts are a wonderful way to acknowledge special people, highlight an accomplishment, or

We are solely funded by generous giving from individuals, corporations and foundations within our community. We appreciate every gift you entrust to Malachi House and its residents.

celebrate life events such as a milestone birthday or anniversary. We send a recognition card (keeping the gift amount confidential) to both you and the person you designate. SPECIAL OCCASION GIFTS Consider supporting Malachi House through a special occasion gift, such as making a donation in lieu of favors for your upcoming special occasion. You can let guests know you have chosen to support us by using table cards, which we will provide. CORPORATE MATCHING GIFT PROGRAM By partnering with your employer through its Corporate Matching Gift Program, you can double or even triple your donation to Malachi House! Many companies will match charitable contributions made by their employees, or their employees’ spouses. Some companies even provide matching funds to support employee volunteer hours. Check with your employer to inquire if your company offers this philanthropic option. BEQUESTS AND PLANNED GIVING Planned or deferred giving is a type of charitable giving that allows you to express your personal values

by integrating charitable, family and financial goals to leave a lasting legacy. Planned gifts can be made with cash, by donating stocks or life insurance. In turn, they can provide valuable tax benefits and/or lifetime income for your family or other loved ones. GIFTS OF TIME AND TALENT Malachi House offers a variety of volunteer opportunities. IN-KIND DONATIONS Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, we are not currently accepting in-kind donations of food, office and household goods. See our “Wish List” on page 8 of this report for more details.

Contact Emily Shumaker-Chupp, Marketing & Event Coordinator, at (216) 621-8831 or, to discuss the many ways in which you can support Malachi House.


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Judge and Mrs. William J. Coyne Mr. and Mrs. Michael Coyne Mr. and Mrs. Tony Coyne Mr. John P. Craig Ms. Cheryl Cramer Ms. Betty J. Crenshaw Ms. Juliann Cronin Mr. Richard Crow Mr. and Mrs. Astreverto V. Cruz Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Cudnik Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Culley Ms. Marguerite Cummings Ms. Maryellen Cunningham Ms. Mary A. Curran Ms. Sally Curran Ms. Ellie Currie Mr. John-Ryan Curry Mr. and Mrs. Bob Curry Mr. and Mrs. Patrick R. Curry Ms. Susan J. Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Cutter Mr. Bill Cvammen Mrs. Jeri Dacey Mrs. Margaret R. Daley Ms. Kathryn Dalton Blaszak Ms. Barbara J. Daly Mr. Michael A. D'Amico Ms. Elizabeth S. Daniels Ms. Susan Daniloff Ms. Gabrielle Danza Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Darcy Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Darkow Dr. Narayana Dasari Mr. and Mrs. David P. Daube Ms. Judy Daus Ms. Laura Davis Luarde Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Daw Mr. Donald C. Dawson Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Dawson Ms. Carol O. Dayton Mr. Albert C. Dea Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Deadwyler Jr. Ms. Gayle Deadwyler Mr. and Mrs. Henry DeBaggis Ms. Kathleen Deering Ms. Maria DeFranco Mr. Stephen DeJohn Ms. Stacye DeJulius Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Delligatti Mr. and Mrs. Dan DeLuca Randi M. Deluga Mr. and Mrs. Ernie K. Demanelis Ms. Diane E. DeMelo Mr. Douglas Derbin Mr. and Mrs. Louis DeSantis Ms. Karen A. DeSantis Mrs. Rita Desiero Ms. Mary Ann Desmarteau Ms. Mary Jo Desmond Mrs. Mary Jo Devan Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Devitt Mr. Nickolas Devon Ms. Virginia DeWerth Ms. M. A. Deyarmin Ms. Donna Deye Ms. Lynn Dezelon Mr. John Di Nallo Ms. Florence Di Nallo Ms. Gina DiBiasio Mr. Vincent J. Dicaprio Ms. Elizabeth Dick Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Dickson Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Dieckman

Mrs. Elaine C. Dieckman Mr. and Mrs. John Diemer Mr. Steven J. Dieringer Mr. Vince DiGennaro Mr. Steven P. Dillemuth Mr. Christopher Dillick Mr. and Mrs. James D. Dimaline Ms. Cynthia S. Dinardo Ms. Jacqueline A. Discenza Ms. Mary Discenzo Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy DiVincenzo Ms. Mary Dodge Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Doherty Ms. Bridget Doherty Ms. Laurel Dolejs Ms. Heidi Dolin Mr. Kevin J. Domann Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Dombrosky Ms. Barb Domski Honorable Judge and Mrs. John Donnelly Mr. and Mrs. Shane Donnelly Ms. Patricia J. Donnelly Mr. and Mrs. Patrick K. Donoughe Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Donovan Mr. Brendan T. Dorsey Mr. Randy Doubek Mr. and Mrs. B. Michael Dowell Mr. and Mrs. David Dowen Ms. Patricia M. Downey Ms. Patricia L. Downey Mr. Leo E. Doyle Ms. Laurie Dozier Ms. Diane Draeger Mr. and Mrs. Gene Drap Ms. Amy Drechsler Mr. George E. Drogomir Mr. and Mrs. James Duffy Mrs. Lynnette S. Duge Mrs. Kathryn Clare Dunn Ms. Colleen Dunn Ms. Carolyn E. Duprow Mr. Robert J. Durkin Mr. William E. Durkin Mrs. Barbara Durkin Mrs. Mary Lou Durkin Mr. and Mrs. Adam Durst Mr. Richard Dvorak Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dvoroznak Ms. Susan E. Dwyer Ms. Sue Dybowski Mr. Wayne Dydo Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dzuban Mr. and Mrs. John L. Eafanti Ms. Cynthia Eardly Mrs. Wilma May Ebner Ms. Virginia S. Eby Ms. Mary E. Echeverry Mr. and Mrs. David A. Eckert Ms. Ann E. Edwards Ms. Kristin G. Edwards Ms. Betty J. Eggers Mr. and Mrs. David M. Eichman Mr. and Mrs. Max Eichman Ms. Caroline Eimer Ms. Mary Eitzen Ms. Carolyn Elam Mr. Bert Elliott Mr. John S. Elliott Mr. Thomas G. Elsasser Mr. Doug Ely Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Emrich Ms. Maryl L. Eneix

Ms. Kathy R. Engel Mr. and Mrs. James G. English Ms. Laura English Ms. Patricia English Ms. Tracey English Mrs. Judy G. Entres Mr. L. William Erb Ms. Marianne Ernst Ms. Juliana Ersek Ms. Carol K. Ertle Ms. Mary Jo Ervin Mr. and Mrs. Tom Escovar Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Estergall Mr. and Mrs. J. Keith Estes Mr. William R. Ethridge Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Eureka Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Evans Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Evans Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Evans Ms. Nancy Fabrizi Ms. Samantha Falaguerra Mr. and Mrs. Steven Famiano Mr. Frank Fantozzi Ms. Kathleen M. Farago Mr. and Mrs. Michael Farrell Ms. Laura Farrell Mr. John J. Farris Ms. Lori Faur Ms. Dolores M. Fedak Ms. Barbara A. Fedarko Mr. Umberto Fedeli Ms. Jane M. Federico Mr. John T. Feighan Jr. Ms. Brigid Fejes Ms. Rebecca Fellenbaum Ms. Mary Ferrante Mr. John Ferry Ms. Ileana Figueroa Ms. Iris M. Figueroa Ms. Kathleen M. Filkins Mr. and Mrs. James R. Fink Mr. and Mrs. James G. Fink Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fink Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Finley Mr. Gregory Finnan Mr. Tommy Finnegan Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Fiorentino Ms. Pamela Fioritto Ms. Patricia L. Fischbach Ms. Mary Ann Fischer Mr. Dave Fisher Ms. Debbie Fitzgerald Ms. Moira Fitzgerald Mr. George Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy Fitzsimmons Mr. James F. Flaherty III Mr. and Mrs. David Flaherty Ms. Susan Fleischer Mr. and Mrs. John A. Fleming Ms. Cynthia Flores Ms. Laura Floyd Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Flynn Ms. Arlene Flynn Ms. Alexis Folino Gallo Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Foos Mr. and Mrs. Bill Forrest Mr. John P. Forristal Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Forsgren Ms. Linzey Forshey Mr. Kurt S. Forsthoefel Mrs. Veronica J. Forte Mr. John M. Fortesque Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Foster Ms. Suzanne Foster Ms. Paula M. Foutz Ms. Charlotte Fowler Ms. Mary Fowler-Reagan Mr. John L. Fox Ms. Alice Fraizer

Ms. Theresa Francescone Ms. Lorraine Frankino-Dodero Mr. Michael J. Frantz Ms. Cathy Frantz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fraser Ms. Rebecca Fredrick Mr. Ryan Freeh Ms. Barbara Freeman Ms. Elisabeth B. Frey Mr. and Mrs. James H. French Mrs. Mary French Underwood Mr. Joshua Frey Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Frey Ms. Laurel J. Frey Ms. Sarah Frey Mr. Harold E. Friedman Ms. Arlene W. Fritz Mr. Greg Fritz Ms. Lenore A. Fritz Captain Rick Fryan Mr. and Mrs. James J. Fudale Ms. Julia Funaki Ms. Teri Funk-Meister Ms. Louise E. Furjanic Mr. and Mrs. William A. Fussner Ms. Laura Gabel Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Gable Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gacka Ms. Rita Gaertner Mr. and Mrs. Randall V. Gaj Ms. Mary E. Gajdos Mr. Thomas Gall Mr. Mike Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Bryan M. Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. John E. Gallagher Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Owen J. Gallagher Ms. Anne Gallagher Ms. Catherine J. Gallagher Ms. Jean M. Gallagher Ms. Margaret R. Gallagher Ms. Peggy Gallagher Ms. Susan M. Gallagher Ms. Therese Gallagher Ms. Patricia Gallaher Ms. Gloria D. Galloway Ms. Barbara Galluci Ms. Pamela Gamier Mr. Patrick Gannon Mr. and Mrs. James C. Gannon Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gannon Ms. Anne E. Gannon Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Garnai Ms. Kathleen Bridget Garran Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Garry Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garven Ms. Barbara W. Garver Mr. and Mrs. John Garvey Mr. and Mrs. William F. Garvey Jr. Mr. William Gaskill Mr. Paul Gauche Mr. Joseph Gauntner Ms. Mary Agnes Gavan Mrs. Mary Joan Gavel Ms. Lauren Geitgey Mr. John G. Gerace Mr. Charles T. Gerheim Mr. and Mrs. Tim Gerity Ms. Laura Germani Ms. Linda Germano Ms. Molly Gessler Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Gettens Ms. Joanne Getz Ms. Kathleen Gharrity Mr. John and Dr. Deborah GhazoulMills Ms. Serena Ghoul Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gibb Mr. Timothy F. Gibbons Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Gibbons

Mr. and Mrs. Neal P. Gibbons Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gibbons Ms. Dianna Gibbs Mr. and Mrs. Rodd Gilbert Mr. Ken Gill Mr. Patrick M. Gill Ms. Judith M. Gillenwater Fr. Tom Gilles Mr. David Gillespie Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Gillespie Miss Jean Gillet Ms. Mary Gilmore Mr. and Mrs. David P. Gilronan Ms. Kathleen A. Ginter Mr. Dominic Ginty Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Giorgi Ms. Cathy Giulivo Mr. Eric Glass Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Glending Mr. and Mrs. Terence Gliha Mrs. Margaret Goggin Ms. Mary Goggin Darrah Ms. Linda Golba Mr. and Mrs. Don Golden Ms. Tracy Goldhardt Ms. Karen Gonzalez Ms. Dorothy Goodwin Ms. Maureen S. Goodyear Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Goots Ms. Nancy A. Gorenshek Ms. Lucille A. Gorsica Mr. and Mrs. John M. Gothard Ms. Ilse Gould Mr. and Mrs. John Graef Mr. Pat Graham Mr. Chris Granzier Mr. John Granzier Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Granzier Mrs. Margaret Granzier Mrs. Maureen Gravens Mr. and Mrs. Peter Grealis Ms. Joan Greathouse Ms. Lisa Greb Mr. Dominic Greco Ms. Merna L. Green Ms. Jane G. Greenfield Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin A. Gregg Ms. Susan Gregg Mr. and Mrs. James Greig Mrs. Mary Ann H. Greiner Mr. and Mrs. Joe Greulich Ms. Sheila D. Gribben Bishop Roger W. Gries Ms. Rosemary Griesmer Ms. Lisa Griffin Ms. Mary Ann Griffin Ms. Annmarie P. Grilli Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Groh Mr. James Gross Mrs. Linda Gross Brown Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gross Mr. Phil Guban Rev. Raymond P. Guiao S.J. '82 Mr. and Mrs. James Gulick Mr. and Mrs. Bruce F. Gunsch Reverend Michael K. Gurnick Ms. Maria Guy Ms. Vivian J. Habrat Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Haffey Ms. Rosemary Haggerty Ms. Thelma P. Hajes Mr. Daniel Halcik Mr. and Mrs. Graham Hall Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hall Ms. Kathleen Hallack Ms. Eileen Hamblen Mr. Thomas Hamilton Ms. Noree P. Hamilton Ms. Mary L. Hamm

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hanna Ms. Lynne Hanna Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Hanrahan Ms. Meghan B. Hanrahan Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Hansen Ms. Eileen T. Hansen Mr. William Hanton Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hardesty Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Hardin Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hardman Ms. Margaret Harkness Ms. Barb Harrington Mr. Daniel Harrington Ms. Patricia A. Harrington Mr. and Mrs. Curtiss Harris Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Hart Mr. and Mrs. James J. Harth Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Hartle Mr. and Mrs. Peter Harvan Ms. Heather Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hastings Ms. Marian W. Hatton Mr. John Hausman Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hawkins Mr. Michael Hayes Mr. Terence P. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Patrick K. Hayes Ms. Jean Hays Ms. Catherine Hean Ms. Karen Hedge Ms. Maureen Heffernan Mr. David Heiman Ms. Renata Heinemeyer Jeff & Tom Heinen Mr. and Mrs. James E. Helbig Mr. Hershel H. Heldeman Reverend Chris Helton Ms. Shirley Hemminger Ms. Leona C. Hendricks Ms. Debby Henkhuzens-Willoh Ms. Paulette F. Hennessey Ms. Carol A. Henry Ms. Terry Hermann Mrs. Louise Herrick Mr. John W. Herrington Ms. Constance Herron Ms. Elizabeth Herten Ms. Ruth Herzak Mr. and Mrs. Robert J Hess Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Hickey Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Hicks Ms. Bethany R. Hicks Mr. Paul Higgins Mr. Bruce Higley Ms. Laurel Hildebrand Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Hildebrandt Ms. Saundra L. Hileman Rev. Joseph T. Hilinski Ms. Mary Ellen Hill Mr. Michael Hillberg Mr. George Hillow Ms. Betty Hillow Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hilow Roseanne, Eleanore, & Elizabeth Hilow Ms. Michelle Hils Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Hinkel Ms. Erin Hinkel Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hitsman Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hlavaty Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Hlousek Mr. and Mrs. Allan Hochschild Ms. Anya Hodgson Ms. Ann Marie Hodrick Mr. and Mrs. H. Robert Hoeffler Mr. George R. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hogan Ms. Kathy M. Hohf Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Holick

Mrs. Eileen Holler Mr. and Mrs. Winifred Hollingsworth Ms. Karen Hollo Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Holmes Ms. Donna Holton Ms. Susan D. Holycross Ms. Emily Honeycutt Mr. and Mrs. William R. Honsaker Jr. Ms. Ruth E. Hopkins Ms. Diane Horacek Miss Barbara Horan Ms. Janice K. Hornack Ms. Mary C. Horner Mr. and Mrs. Brian Horning Mr. and Mrs. Duane Horning Mr. Scott Horvath Mr. Thomas Horvath Mr. John Hosek Mrs. Agnes M. Hoskin Mr. and Mrs. James Hosterman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hotz Mr. Ian Houlihan Mr. David Hout Ms. Cynthia Hovland Ms. Patricia Hrudka Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. Huback Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Huber Mrs. Bob Huber Mr. Philip C. Hudak Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Hudak Jr. Ms. Rita Hudec Mr. Charles L. Hudson Mrs. Joanne Hudson Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Huemmer Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Humenik Ms. Cindy Humm Ms. Virginia M. Humphreys Mr. Daniel E. Hunt Ms. Kim C. Hunt Mr. Tim Hutchinson Ms. Martha Hutchison Ms. Karin Huth Mr. and Mrs. Vincent C. Hvizda Ms. Kathleen M. Hydock Mr. Timothy M. Hyland Mr. James F. Hynan Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Ianni D.O. Ms. Diane M. Immonen Mr. Peter Inglin Mr. Daniel E. Inks Ms. Patricia A. Ipavec-Clarke Ms. Carole A. Iseli Ms. Cynthia Ishler Mr. and Mrs. David E. Jackowicz Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Jackson Ms. Suzanne S. Jacobus Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Jacques Pastor Kevin E. James Ms. Wendy James Ms. Kimberly Janik Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jankowski Ms. Beverly A. Jason Mr. Adam N. Jatich Ms. Sara J. Jeffers Reverend Father Walter H. Jenne Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Jennings Ms. Sharon Jesse Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jezewski Ms. Lucia Jezior Mrs. Jill Jirus-Aquila Ms. Janet Jodlowski Mr. Ronald Johncock Mr. Brian Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Gregory F. Johnson Ms. Julie M. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Dallas K. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Jones Ms. Karen Jones Mr. Thomas Jordan

Mr. Charles D. Joseph Ms. Pauline M. Joseph Mr. Tom Joyce Mr. and Mrs. F. Michael Joyce Mike, Kevin, and Sean Joyce Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Joyce Ms. Bridget Joyce Terry Joyce Ms. Margaret M. Judd Mr. and Mrs. David Jupp Mr. Stan Kaczmar Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Kalfas Ms. Liz Kalfas Mr. David W. Kalisz Mr. and Mrs. William Kalt Mrs. Margie Kaminski Ms. Roseann Kaminsky Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kander Ms. Karen Kane Ms. Linda Kane Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Kannen III Mr. Tom Kanuch Ms. Ronna S. Kaplan Ms. Taryn Kaplan Mr. James Kappa Mr. Joseph Kappa Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Kappus Mr. Keith Karaba Mr. and Mrs. Kimon P. Karas Mr. John Karkosiak Mr. Daniel Karliak Mr. John P. Karliak Mr. and Mrs. John S. Karliak Mr. and Mrs. William E. Karnatz Sr. Mr. Dale S. Karoly Mr. Marvin L. Karp Mr. Thomas J. Kasicki Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Kastelic Mr. and Mrs. Jay Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kavlich Ms. Katherine Kearney Mr. William A. Keart Ms. Gerilyn U. Keeney Dr. and Mrs. Newton J. Kellackey The Keller Family Mr. Michael Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kelley Mr. and Mrs. William Kelley Ms. Carol Kelley Ms. Roseanne Kelley Mr. Brendan Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kelly Ms. Paula Kelly Ms. Ann Kelling Ms. Patricia A. Kelton Mr. Rick Kemm Ms. Virginia Kemmerling Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Kemp Robbie E. Kemp Mr. Dennis Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Kennedy Ms. Denise Kennedy Ms. Jennifer Kenney Ms. Linda A. Kerekes Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kern Mr. Joseph Kerrigan Ms. Deborah Kersman Mr. Xavier E. Kestler Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Ketterick Ms. Sara Kidner Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kilbane Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Kilbane Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kilbane Ms. Claudia Kilbane Ms. Michelle Kilbane Ms. Sally Conway Kilbane Jude Killy Chris Kimes Ms. Stacey King

Ms. Susan King Sabina Kirik Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kisilewicz Pastor Bob Kistemaker Fr. Stanley J. Klasinski Mrs. Patricia M. Kleinhenz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kleinman Ms. Margaret E. Klingler Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Klonowski Mr. and Mrs. Scott P. Klonowski Ms. Janet Kloos Ms. Kathy Knapik Mr. and Mrs. Mark Knapp Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Knauss Mr. Matthew Knight Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Knight Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Knotek Jamie Kobrick Ms. Kathleen Koch Ms. Mary Ann Kochera Ms. Mary Beth Kohl Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kolar Ms. Mary Kay Kolenz Ms. Yvonne M. Kolibash Ms. Karen M. Kolosionek Ms. Patricia Kominek Ms. Shirley J. Kondo Mr. and Mrs. John A. Konfala Mr. and Mrs. Tom Koon Ms. Patricia B. Korcheck Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Kordet Ms. Sherie Koshover Ms. Mary Ann Koster Mr. Brad Kostka Mr. and Mrs. Brad W. Kostka Ms. Dianne C. Kotrlik-Thompson Mr. John Koudelka Mr. and Mrs. Fred Koury Mr. Michael Kovach Mr. and Mrs. John Kovach Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kowalski Yuri Kozij Mr. and Mrs. Jerome M. Kozon Ms. Deborah Kozub Mr. and Mrs. Steve A. Krajnak Mr. Robert Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Kramer Ms. Kathleen M. Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Krane Ms. Rachel Kratofil Ms. Karen M. Krava Ms. MaryAnn Krawczonek Ms. Patricia Krewson Ms. Susanna H. Krey Mr. Benjamin Kroeck Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Krolikowski Ms. Margaret Krolikowski Ms. Susan M. Krosel Mr. and Mrs. James Krost Ms. Anne Krueger Ms. Carol A. Krupka Mr. David J. Krus Ms. Peg Krutko Alex Krystynak Mr. and Mrs. James Kubacki Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kubacki Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Kubek Jr. Mrs. Barbara M. Kuhlman Mr. Stephen Kunath Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kunkel Mrs. Mary Ann Kunkel Mr. and Mrs. John Kurtz Mr. John Kushma Mr. John M. Kutz Mr. Sean Lackey Mr. Kenneth Laino Mr. and Mrs. James Lake Ms. Ruth Darlene Lake Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Lamantia


Mr. and Mrs. D. Bruce Lamberton Mr. and Mrs. David A. Lambros Ms. Cheryl Lamm Ms. Irene M. Lanese Mrs. Alice A. Lang Ms. Kim Langley Ms. Barbara A. Langlotz Rev. Michael Lanning Mrs. Mary Ann Lanser Mr. James Lapossy Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Lappin Ms. Mary Ann Laquatra Mr. and Mrs. David LaSalvia Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John Lasch Ms. April Lasker Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Laskey Ms. Bonnie M. Lass Wojno Ms. Deborah Last Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Latkovic Mr. and Mrs. James Laux Mr. and Mrs. John Lavelle Ms. Patricia Lavelle Ms. Rose Ann LaVelle Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Lawrence Mr. Ken Lawton Ms. Noreen Lazor Mrs. Marilyn S. Leary Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Leber Mr. and Mrs. L. Joseph Lee Ms. Carol W. Legris Ms. Tammy Lehar Ms. Marlene P. Lehky Ms. Cheryl Lehner Ms. Patricia Lehtinen Mr. and Mrs. John F. Lekan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Lekan Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Lempke Ms. Sherry Lenich Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Lesh Ms. Margaret Lesniak Ms. Denise Lester Mr. and Mrs. John R. Levis Mr. and Mrs. David R. Lewis Mrs. Jean Lewis Ms. Mary Jane Lichtler Mr. and Mrs. James F. Liebel Fr. Kevin M. Liebhardt Ms. Judith Liederbach Ms. Karen M. Light Ms. Karen Light Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lihwa Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lihwa Dr. and Mrs. Larry Lika Mr. and Mrs. Charles Link Mr. and Mrs. Herbert I. Linn Mr. and Mrs. Frank Linsalata Ms. Valerie A. Linson Ms. Megan Litman Ms. Tessa Little Mr. Thomas Litwinowicz Mr. Richard Livingston Mr. Joseph M. Lobozzo Mrs. Lillian Lodwick Mrs. Lynne Loeser Ms. Therese A. Loftus Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Long Ms. Stacy M. Long Ms. Kathleen Lorenz Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Louis Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Loutzenhiser Mr. Melvin E. Lowe Mr. Tony Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lowe Ms. Diane Lowe Ms. Marcella J. Lowry Mrs. Janet J. Loya Mr. Dino A. Lucarelli Ms. Sandra Lucas


Mr. Daniel K. Luciano Mr. and Mrs. John D. Lucic Mr. and Mrs. James Lucko Ms. Deborah L. Ludwig Kelly Luecke Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Lukens Mr. Marc Luley Mrs. Beverly Lund Mr. and Mrs. William J. Lundstrom Ms. Ann C. Lutz Ms. Margaret Luxmore Mr. Michael J. Lydecker Mr. and Mrs. Nassim Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Lynsky Dr. Elizabeth P. Macintyre Ms. Jane M. Mackall Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mackay Mr. Jeffrey M. Mackey Ms. Mary Mackin Mr. Charles F. MacMillan Ms. Laura Macpherson Mr. Jim Madej Mr. Jonathan Magna Ms. Sheila Magovich Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Maher Jr. Mrs. Linda Mahlmeister Mr. and Mrs. Brian Mahon Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Mahoney Rev. Thomas D. Mahoney Mr. Joseph J. Mahovlic Ms. Kristin Malcolm Mr. George Malec Ms. Mary Anne Mallama Nutter Mr. Packy Malley Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Malley Ms. Adele Malley Mr. Hugh Malloy Mr. and Mrs. John F. Malloy III Mrs. Adele A. Malloy Ms. Helen C. Malloy Ms. Mary Malloy Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Maloney Ms. Margaret Maloney Mr. Thomas Mammano Mr. Alan Mancuso Ms. Kathleen T. Mangan Mr. Thomas A. Manillo Mr. and Mrs. Albert Manning Ms. Kathleen M. Manning Ms. Julie Mantey Mrs. Kathleen Manuel Mr. and Mrs. Michael Marcellino Mr. John Marconi Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Marek Ms. Karen M. Margolin Ms. Vanessa Mariani Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Markel Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Marks Mr. and Mrs. Jack Marks Ms. Linda E. Marley Dr. Evelyn L. Maroon Mr. Michael Maroon Mr. and Mrs. Vincent L. Marquard Mr. Garrett Marrie Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Marsh Ms. Patriece Marshall Mr. Paul F. Martanovic Mr. and Mrs. David M. Martanovic Mr. and Mrs. James Martin Mr. and Mrs. William Martin Jr. Ms. Jo Ann Martin Ms. Rachel Martinez-Finn Mr. and Mrs. David A. Marunowski Mr. and Mrs. David Marvin Mr. and Mrs. Richard Marvin Ms. Theresa Marzloff Ms. Patricia A. Mascia Mr. Russell Masetta Miss Ann C. Masterson

Ms. Kathleen M. Masterson Ms. Jen Mastrodonato Ms. Susan Matelski Ms. Ashley Matho Mr. Adele M. Matias Ms. Lisa Matta Mr. and Mrs. Bob Matyjasik Mr. and Mrs. James R. Maurer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Maurer Mr. Thomas J. Mawby Ms. Nicole V. Mawby Ms. Lenore E. Maxa Mr. Peter F. Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mazanec Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mazzella Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Mazzola Ms. Sarah McAleer Mr. Brian A. McBride Ms. Loretta McCafferty Mr. Justin McCall Ms. Nancy McCann Mrs. Lois McCartan Mrs. Merena E. McCarty Mrs. Lynn McClain Mr. and Mrs. John McClelland Ms. Kathleen McComb Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Mccormick Ms. Maureen R. McCormick Ms. Kristi McCotter Ms. Linda McCusker Ms. Catherine McCutcheon Ms. Margaret M. McDermott Ms. Michaela McDermott Mr. Charles R McDonald Mr. Craig D. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. R. Norman McDonald Ms. Brenda C. McDonald Ms. Mary Anne McGann Dr. and Mrs. Mark R. McGinnis M.D. Ms. Kathryn A. McGinty Ms. Patty McGinty Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McGraw Mr. and Mrs. James D. McGuire Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. McGuire Ms. Joan E. McGuire Mr. James M. McGuirk Ms. Maureen C. McHugh Ms. Eileen McIlwee Mr. and Mrs. James P. McIntyre Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. McIntyre Ms. Helene McKee Ms. Shiela McKeon Burden Ms. Deborah McKinney-Morgan Ms. Erika McLaughlin Ms. Mary Kay McLean Ms. Amelia McMaken Mr. Todd McManamon Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McManamon Mrs. Marie McManamon Mr. Jim McMonagle Miss Melissa McMullen Mr. Edward McNamara Mr. Timothy McNamara Mr. and Mrs. John A. McNamara Mr. and Mrs. John McNamara Dr. and Mrs. David L. McNamee Mr. Thomas J. McNulty Ms. Constance McNulty Rev. James G. McPhillips Mr. Terence P. McReynolds Ms. Laura McShane Mr. Randell McShepard Ms. Kathleen McWeeny Ms. Barbara J. McWhinnie Mr. and Mrs. Donald McWilliam Mr. Kevin Meany Mr. Michael M. Medenis

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Medleau Mr. and Mrs. Karl H. Meiser Mr. Michael Mele Ms. Christine Melichar Mr. and Mrs. Ermin R. Melle Ms. Jennifer Melzak Ms. Diane H. Menner Mr. Keith Merrill Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Merriman Ms. Marsha A. Merriman Dr. and Mrs. Srinivas Merugu Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Messner Ms. Lucille S. Messuri Ms. Janet K. Metro Ms. Cynthia Metzung Dr. Margaret H. Michell PhD Ms. Hope Miclea Mr. James T. Mihna Mr. and Mrs. John Mikovich Mr. Joseph M. Milauskas Ms. Patricia A. Milczewski Ms. Susan M. Milheim Mr. and Mrs. Donald Miller Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Miller Ms. Carol Miller Ms. Deborah A. Miller Ms. Marian L. Miller Mrs. Marie K. Mills Mrs. Meg Mills Ms. Elizabeth Mills Ms. Frances Millward Mrs. Dolores B. Milota Mr. Benjamin Milton The Milton Family Ms. Martha S. Miniello Ms. Melissa Minton Mr. Chris Mis Ms. Janice Misch Ms. Phyllis Mitchell Ms. Susan Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. David Moeller Mr. Jeffrey R. Moenich Mr. Daniel Mohar Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mohlenkamp Ms. Mary M. Molchan Ms. Michelle Monaco Mrs. Henedine C. Monahan Mr. Carl J. Monastra Ms. Carolyn A. Monastra Ms. Rosalie Mondello Mr. Robert W. Monroe Mr. and Mrs. James A. Montague Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Monteleone Ms. Karen Montgomery Ms. Shirley A. Mooney Mr. Brian P. Moore Mr. Frank Moore Mr. Thomas G. Moore CPA, MT Mrs. Ann Moore Ms. Tracie B. Moore Mr. Robert E. Moran Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moran Ms. Kathleen J. Moran Ms. Kathryn Moran Ms. Patricia Moran Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Moravick Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Moreau Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Moritz Mr. Craig Morrison Ms. Catherine Morrison Ms. Sandra E. Morrissey Ms. Elizabeth Morrow Ms. Melanie Morscher Mr. George Moscarino Ms. Rosemary A. Moser Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Moses Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Motter Ms. Nada Moyak

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Muetzel Mr. George Muhoray Mrs. Kay P. Mulhan Toni Mullee Ms. Therese Mullen Mr. and Mrs. John Muller Ms. Mary Mulligan Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mulloy Mr. and Mrs. John Mulroy Mr. and Mrs. Robert Muncrief Ms. Treia Munsey Ms. Mary E. Murachanian Mr. Murlan J. Murphy Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Sean Murphy Ms. Margaret M. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. John F. Murrin Ms. Renee Musat Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Muzycka Dr. and Mrs. James H. Myers Mr. and Mrs. John Myslenski Ms. Theresa M. Mystic Mr. and Mrs. James A. Nagel Mr. and Mrs. Dan Nageotte Ms. Joan Nagy Mrs. Carol Najda Ms. Linda Nash Mr. and Mrs. Bill Naso Ms. Marilyn A. Nastal Dr. Lillian A. Nawalanic Ms. Margaret A. Naylon Mr. and Mrs. John R. Needham Mr. Timothy S. Needles Mr. James R. Neelon Mr. and Mrs. Peter Neelon Ms. Rosemary Neelon Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Neff Ms. Kathryn Neff Mr. James J. Neforos Ms. Therese Nekic Ms. Alyse Nelson Ms. Catherine Nelson Dr. and Mrs. Issam Nemeh Mr. and Mrs. John Nestelle Ms. Phyllis Nestor Mr. and Mrs. Michael Neuendorff Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Neukranz Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Neuman Mr. Thomas D. Newcomb Mr. and Mrs. John Newman Mr. Fred G. Nickels III Mr. and Mrs. David M. Nickels Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Nimberger Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Nocella Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Nolan Mr. William Nook Mr. and Mrs. John J. Norris Mr. and Mrs. Bradley S. Norton Mr. and Mrs. Tom Norton Mr. and Mrs. William C. Norton Ms. Susan Norton Mr. Richard L. Nosse Ms. Marlene M. Nottage Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Novak Ms. Christine L. Novak Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Novotny Judge Donald C. Nugent Mr. Richard Nussbaum Ms. Audrey Nutter Ms. Patricia Nyquist Ms. Mary Rose Oakar Ms. Nancy C. Oakley Ms. Veronica Oberholzer Mr. and Mrs. John P. O'Boyle Ms. Kaye O'Boyle Mr. Rory O'Brien Mr. Robert Obringer Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. O'Bryan

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. O'Connor Mr. Brian O'Donnell Mrs. Bridget M. O'Donnell Chris O'Donnell Ms. Eileen O'Donnell Ms. Joan O'Donnell Rev. James P. O'Donnell Honorable Judge and Mrs. Terrence O'Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. O'Grady Ms. Mary M. O'Grady Ms. Constance M. Ohman Mr. Dan O'Leary Ms. Joyce T. Oliver Ms. Jena Olsen Ms. Marilyn Olsen Mr. and Mrs. David Olson Mr. Christopher Olszewski Mr. Edward T. O'Malley Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bryan O'Malley Mr. and Mrs. John E. O'Malley Ms. Marjorie G. O'Malley Francis O'Malley Mrs. Jody Ondrus Steve and Jody Ondrus Ms. Mary E. O'Neil Ms. Nora O'Neil Stern Mr. Bill O'Neill Mr. and Mrs. David O'Neill Mrs. Kaki O'Neill Mr. Francis J. 'Jay' O'Neill, III Ms. Maria A. O'Neill Mr. Jeremy Onk Mr. Jonathan Onk Mr. and Mrs. James J. Onk Mr. and Mrs. John Opalko Ms. Barbara O'Patry Ms. Dorothy E. Opava Mr. and Mrs. John Orlando Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Ormiston Alma Oros Mr. Robert L. O'Rourke Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ortmann Lois Osborne Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Toole Mr. and Mrs. Terry O'Toole Ms. Monica K. O'Toole Mr. William R. Ott Mr. and Mrs. James R. Otto Mr. Joseph P. Owen Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Pack Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Pack Gerrie Paino Ms. Katie Paisley Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Palcisko Mr. Jordan T. Pana Mr. and Mrs. John T. Pana Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Panigutti Ms. Carolyn M. Panigutti Mr. and Mrs. Donald Panik Mr. William A. Papenbrock Mr. David A. Papp Ms. Jo Ann Papp Mrs. Joan Pappadakis Ms. Eileen Pappalardo Mr. George Pappas Mr. John Parker Sister Ronata L. Parker Miss Kathleen Parrent Mr. Michael Partlo Mr. Jamie Passant Mr. Mickey Pastor Ms. Kimberly Patchen Ms. Claire Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Patton Ms. Deborah J. Patton Ms. Maureen Patton Ms. Mary Ellen Paul Ms. Nancy A. Paulson

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Pawlowski Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pawlus Ms. Anne Marie Pecon Mr. James Pedone Mr. Frank Pekoc Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Pembridge Ms. Judy Pendergast Mrs. Ellen Peoples Mr. Barney Perez Mr. and Mrs. Louis Perko Mr. Domenic P. Pertz Ms. Judith M. Pestello Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Peterlin Ms. Norma A. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. James Petras Mr. Anthony J. Petro Mr. Tom Petrus Mr. and Mrs. William H. Pfeifer Mr. and Mrs. Allen E. Pfenninger Ms. Patricia Pherson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Phillips Ms. Jaquelyn Piascik Mr. George J. Picha Jr. Mr. Michael Pierce Bishop Anthony M. Pilla Reverend Carl Pilzer Mr. Raymond Pipak Herta Pitman Mr. and Mrs. Daniel N. Pitrone Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Plascak Mrs. Erin Plasket Mrs. Ruth G. Plasket Ms. Molly Plasket Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Platt Ms. Eileen M. Platten-Kral Mr. William T. Plesec Ms. Diane Plotz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Podnar Mr. and Mrs. David Pohlman Ms. Kristi Poland Mr. and Mrs. John Polito Mr. and Mrs. John R. Pompeii Jr. Miss Deborah L. Porter Ms. Kristy Potts Mr. Glen Powers Ms. Karen Powers Mr. Kevin Powers Ms. Mary Powers Ms. MaryKay Prawdzik Ms. Susan Pray Mr. and Mrs. David W. Presley Ms. Mary C. Primosch Ms. Patricia Primozic Ms. Evelyn Prince Mr. and Mrs. Mike Protzik Ms. Eileen Pryatel Mr. and Mrs. Clement O. Psenicka Ms. Anita D. Pulizzi Ms. Elaine Pulizzi Mrs. Kathryn Purcell Mr. Carl N. Quagliata Ms. Mary Quinn Ms. Kathleen Rabatsky Ms. Catherine Radle Ms. Carolyn Rae Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ragazinskas Mr. and Mrs. Steven Raguz Ms. Helen Rahija Mr. and Mrs. John Rainone Mrs. Veronica Rains Mr. and Mrs. Francis G. Raishart Mr. and Mrs. James W. Rakowsky Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Raleigh Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ramba Mr. Rod Ramsey Mr. William E. Randquist Mr. and Mrs. Erin Rankin Ms. Catherine A. Rassie Mr. and Mrs. Calvin E. Ratcliff

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Ratusnik Mr. and Mrs. Gene A. Ratzel Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Ratzel Ms. Margaret Reardon Ms. Elizabeth S. Redd Mr. and Mrs. James C. Redinger Mr. and Mrs. Charles Redrup Mr. and Mrs. John E. Rees Mr. and Mrs. Brandon D. Reese Ms. Patricia L. Regalbuto Mr. and Mrs. David M. Regan Ms. Carla Regener Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Reichman Ms. Patricia Reilley Mr. and Mrs. John Reilly Mr. Michael Reindel Mrs. Donna Rensel Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Reynolds Ms. Mary Ellen Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Kenn Ricci Mr. Joe Ricco Mr. Ronn Richard Ms. Gloria Richards Kelly Richards Mr. Jeff Richmond Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Richmond Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Richmond Mr. Dirk E. Riemenschneider Ms. Colleen Rigo Mr. Nicholas Riley Ms. Noreen A. Riley J. N. Riley Mr. Anthony Rinaldi Mrs. Stephanie Ristau Mr. Jeffrey Ritter Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Ritter Dr. and Mrs. J. Michael Ritty Mrs. Ann C. Ritty Mr. and Mrs. Michael Roaldi Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Roberts Judge Kenneth A. Rocco Mr. James P. Roche Mr. Jerome E. Rodak Ms. Brenda Roden Mr. Nicholas Roder Ms. Joy Rodic Ms. Meredith Rodriguez Delia I. Rodriguez Mr. and Mrs. Robbie Roe Mr. and Mrs. Garry E. Roggenburk Mr. Dave Rogozinski Mr. Kenneth Rogozinski Ms. Jennifer Rojas Mr. John J. Rolfes Mr. and Mrs. Giulio Romano Mrs. Nancy A. Rooney Mrs. Jim Roop Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ropenus Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Rorak Dr. Richard Rose Mr. and Mrs. John Rose Mrs. Molly Rose Mr. and Mrs. William E. Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Rosenhamer Ms. Laura Ross Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rotatori Mr. and Mrs. William C. Rousell Ms. Elizabeth L. Rowe Ms. Lauren E. Rudman Mr. Charles G. Rush Ms. Mary Russell Ms. Vanita Russell Mr. Anthony J. Russo Mr. Todd Ruth Mr. and Mrs. J. Kevin Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sabo Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Sabol Ms. Catherine Sabolik

Ms. Shareefah Sabur Ms. Dorothy Sadowski Ms. Barbara Sain Ms. Ann Saitin Ms. Judith Salcedo Mr. and Mrs. Robert Salmon Ms. Margaret A. Samosky Ms. Samantha Sampson Ms. Denise Sanders Ms. Constance O. Sandidge Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sandrev Mr. and Mrs. Nelson L. Sanger Mr. Eli Santiago Ms. Sparsha Saralaya Mr. Ted Sarko Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Sasarak Mr. and Mrs. William G. Sauer Mrs. Janet M. Saxon Mr. and Mrs. John M. Scanlon Mr. Shawn Schaefer Ms. Nicolle Schaeffer Ms. Nancy Scharf Mr. and Mrs. James F. Scheible Ms. Dori Schell Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schikowski Mr. James A. Schilens Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Schilling Mrs. Ruth A. Schindler Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Schirmer Mr. and Mrs. David P. Schlabig Rev. Daniel F. Schlegel Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schlund Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Schmidlin Mr. John Schmidt Fr. James Schmitz Ms. Rita M. Schnedler Ms. Helene Schnell Mr. Chris Schock Mr. Richard E. Schott Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Schrader Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schramer Mr. and Mrs. William Schreiber Mr. John Schriner Mr. John J. Schriner, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schroer Mrs. Raymond Schuerger Mr. John T. Schuler Ms. Christine Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schulz Mr. and Mrs. John Schupp Mr. and Mrs. L. Jon Schurmeier Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Schwartz Ms. Joanne E. Schwartz Mrs. Dawn Schweikert Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Schwerko Mr. Lee K. Scullin Mr. Tom Sear Ms. Beth A. Sebaugh Ms. Nicholle Sedlon Ms. Kathleen A. Sejba Mr. Dale L. Seleznik Ms. Mimi Sellers Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Seman Mr. and Mrs. David W. Senger Ms. Cheryl Senko Ms. Colleen Setta Ms. Mary Sexton Mr. Gerald Sgro Ms. Alana Shaffer Ms. Katherine Shahinian Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Shaker Ms. Karen Shallcross Mr. David Shapira Mr. Jeremy Sharp Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Shaughnessy Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Shaw Ms. Therese Shaw-Jones Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Shebeck Mr. and Mrs. Brendan J. Sheehan

Ms. Debbie Sheers Mr. Doug Shelton Ms. Mary Kay Shelton Ms. Judith A. Shemkovitz Ms. Kristin Shepard Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Sheridan Mr. Robert W. Shevchuk Ms. Margaret M. Shimko Mr. Bob Shippy Mr. and Mrs. Peter Siciliano Ms. Maureen Sico Mr. Dan Sieradzki Ms. Amy Sievers Ms. Denise Signs-Pizzuti Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sikkila Dr. and Mrs. William L. Simko Mr. Charles Simon Mrs. Patricia S. Simone Mr. and Mrs. Robert Simoneau Ms. Carol A. Simpson Mr. and Mrs. James Sims Ms. Mary B. Sims Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Singer Miss Marie T. Singleton Mr. and Mrs. Mark Singleton Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Sinko Ms. Melissa Sirak Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Sivik Ms. Betty J. Skerl Ms. Donna M. Skurzak Mr. Mark Slater Ms. Louise Slavik Ms. Judy Slivka Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Sliwinski Mr. Harry Slocum Ms. Sandra Smart Mr. Daniel P. Smith Mr. Robert Smith Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. James L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Steve Smith Ms. Amy E. Smith Ms. Irene M. Smith Ms. Margie Smith Ms. Mary Smith Ms. Mary Anne Smith Ms. Morna Smith Ms. Shirley A. Smith Ms. Malinda Smyth Mrs. Audrey Snahnican Mrs. Linda A. Sobey Mr. and Mrs. Jack Soeder Ms. Rita Soeder Mrs. Gloria J. Solarz Ms. Marilyn E. Solich-Costa Mr. Thomas K. Somerville Ms. Mary Ann Sonnhalter Mr. Jeremy E. Sopko Ms. Karen Kaye Sorace-Thomas Dr. David M. Sorboro DDS, MS, LLC Ms. Loretta Sorma Ms. Mildrid Soroky Mr. Mitchell Sotka Ms. Kathleen C. Spacht Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Specht Ms. Lori Speelman Mrs. Zita Spellacy Mr. Edward Spiezio Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Spirakus Ms. Garnett B. Springate Ms. Loreen T. Spuhler Ms. Marilyn J. Spurgeon Ms. Elizabeth Squires Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur G. Stacho Mrs. Michelle Stacho Ms. Mary Jane Stacho Mr. and Mrs. James Stack Mr. Dave Stadler

Mr. Terrence M. Stahurski Mr. and Mrs. Steve Stankiewicz Mr. John A. Stanko Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Stanko Mr. and Mrs. James V. Stanton Mrs. Mary T. Stanton Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Stark Ms. Teresa L. Stark Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Stegh Ms. Shannon Steidl Ms. Karen Steigerwald Mrs. Julie Stenger Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Stepanik Mr. Austin Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Scott Stephens Ms. Elaine M. Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Justin V. Sterling Ms. Jane T. Stewart Ms. Susan Stewart Ms. Laura Stilla Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Stimac Ms. Josephine A. Stock Mr. and Mrs. James Strasser Mr. and Mrs. John L. Strauch Ms. Alida H. Struze Ms. Victoria Stutzman Jean Stutzman Ms. Kimberly Suder Mr. Brian Sullivan Mr. Joseph D. Sullivan Mr. Pat Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. John Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Sullivan Ms. Lynn Sullivan Ms. Mary Rose Sullivan Honorable Mayor and Mrs. Michael Summers Ms. Henry Etta Sumpter Mr. Donald T. Sumser Jr. Ms. Maryanne Sutherland Ms. Caroline C. Sutowski Ms. Marlene A. Sutowski Mr. Mark C. Sutton Cody Svagerko Ms. Eileen M. Svajger Mr. Marc L. Swartzbaugh Mr. James Sweeney Mrs. Betty A. Sweeney Ms. Carol Sweet Mr. Greg Sword & Family Mr. and Mrs. Kenn M. Synek Mr. and Mrs. Louis Szabo Mr. and Mrs. James E. Szczublewski Mrs. Lillian A. Szente Ms. Noreen A. Szuch Ms. Kathleen Szweda Mr. Steve Szy Mr. and Mrs. Richard Talbert Mr. Patrick E. Talty Ms. Dianne J. Tanski Ms. Yvonne E. Tarase Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Tarasovic Mr. Andrew Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Butanowicz Ted Ari Terjanian Mrs. Mary Ann Thein Mr. William D. Thomas Ms. Celia Thomas Ms. Janet M. Thomas Ms. Yvette Thomas Ms. Margaret M. Thomas-Repcik Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Thompson Ms. Mary K. Thompson Ms. Mary Thompson Mr. Michael Thorp Jean Tibbs Ms. Jean P. Tierney Mr. Jeffrey A. Tigue Carmen Timperio & Family

Ms. Donna L. Tindera Ms. Mary Ann Tinus Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Tirpak Ms. Melissa Todd Ms. Mary Lou Tomaro Mr. Kevin Toole Ms. Laura Toolis Mr. Eric Townsend Ms. Lynn Trammell Ms. Linda Travis Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tremlin Ms. Tina L. Tricarichi Mr. Thomas Trillo Vonnie A. Tripodo Mr. Floyd A. Trouten III Ms. Fran Trozzi Ms. Lynne Trsinar Mr. Stephen F. Tucholsky Mr. Shelton Tufts Dr. Terrence G. Tulisiak Ms. Theresa H. Tuma Mr. and Mrs. William M. Turchek Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Turk Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Turkall Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Turski Ms. Michelle Tyler Ms. Harriet Udelson Mr. Martin J. Uhle Mr. David J. Uhlik Ms. Anita Uhrman Mr. Terrance Upchurch Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Urban Mr. Michael Urbancic Mr. and Mrs. Steve Urmin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Valencik Ms. Julie Valyn Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Van Oosten Mr. and Mrs. Peter Van Wormer Mr. and Mrs. William Varga Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Variakojis Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Vasil Mr. and Mrs. William L. Vasil Ms. Clarice R. Vavpot Ms. Mary Vehlber Ms. Rose M. Vella Ms. Sandra L. Venable Ms. Katherine Ventura Mr. and Mrs. Gary Vernon Miss Catherine A. Veverka Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Vincek Ms. Kathryn Vine Ms. Lucille Virostek Ms. Michelle Vis Mr. James T. Vitek Mr. Thomas Vitek Ms. Bridget Vohs Ms. Ellen Vohsing Ms. Janet A. Voiklis Ms. Judy A. Vojtech Ms. Eileen Von Alt Ms. Maureen Von Lehmden Ms. Aimee Von Lehmden Mr. Jeffrey VonLehmden Mr. and Mrs. Dale J. Vystrcil Mr. Jerald M. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Wagner

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Wagner Ms. Carol Wagner Ms. Ann Wahlay Ms. Marianne C. Waickman Ms. Eileen R. Waiwood Ms. Donna Wakeland Ms. Cynthia M. Wald Mr. Calvin Walker II Ms. Denise Walker Mr. and Mrs. James F. Wallenhorst Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Wallenhorst Ms. Karen K. Wallenhorst Mr. Elmer F. Walling Mr. William E. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. James P. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Walsh Ms. Nancy Walsh Ms. Patricia Walsh Ms. Maggie Walsh-Conrad Dr. J. Brandon Walters M.D. Mr. Jeff Walters Mr. Thomas Wanner Mr. Tom Wanner Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ward Mr. Robert W. Wardega Rev. Francis J. Wardega Ms. Harriet Warm Mr. Raymond H. Warmuth Sr. Mrs. Mary C. Warren Mr. and Mrs. David J. Washington Mr. and Mrs. George F. Wasmer Ms. Melissa R. Watson Mr. Michael R. Watts Mr. and Mrs. Ridley Watts Ms. Mary Watts Ms. Sharon Watts Ms. Mary Weekley Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Weger Mr. Joseph Z. Wegrzynowski Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. Wehrheim Mr. and Mrs. Francis Weir Mr. and Mrs. Don Weisheit Ms. Carol A. Weiss Mr. Edward F. Weist Mr. Pete Welch Ms. Antoinette M. Wells Ms. Megan Wells Ms. Marianne Wesolowski Mr. Jeffrey D. West Mr. Thomas West Mr. and Mrs. Allen S. West Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. White Ms. Mary White Ms. Jennifer Whitescarver Ms. Helen Whitehouse Mr. Timothy P. Whitford Mr. Charles E. Whitman Mr. Charles Wiersma Mr. and Mrs. John S. Wiesemann Ms. Patricia Wilke Ms. Margaret Williams Ms. Shelley Williams Ms. Yolanda Williams Mrs. Janet M. Willoughby Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilson Ms. Donna Wilson Mr. Mark E. Winter

Mrs. Margaret Wintroub Mr. and Mrs. James S. Wirth Mr. Martin J. Wise Ms. Norma J. Wise Ms. Mary K. Wishnesky Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wisniewski Mr. and Mrs. William J. Wisniewski Suellen Witham Mr. and Mrs. James Woidke Mr. Adam Wojtala Ms. Patricia Wolanski Mr. John Wolf III Ms. Frances K. Wolf Ms. Lynn Wolfram Mrs. Carrie Wood Ms. Gayle Woodrow Ms. Patricia Woodruff Ms. Jennifer Woods Ms. Connie Workman Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Worobel Dr. Jane A. Wren Mr. Alan D. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wright Ms. Martha S. Wright Mr. Walter Wright Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Wulk Mrs. Marlene C. Yacso Ms. Lisa A. Yako Mr. Alan Yarcusko Ms. Nancy Yates Mr. and Mrs. John W. Yelsik Mr. Ryan York Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Young Ms. Lori Youngberg Mr. John Yousef Ms. Jennifer Yowler Ms. Teresa Yurchisin Mrs. Sondra Yurick Mr. John Yusko Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Zaborski Mr. Adam Zackery Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Zadd Mrs. Lillian Zahara Ms. Amy Zak Ms. Sue Ann Zak Ms. Linda Zaremski Mr. Robert Zavagno Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Zavesky Mr. and Mrs. Ted F. Zawadski Mr. and Mrs. Deborah Zbin Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Zelasko Ms. Joanne C. Zema Ms. Ellen Zerucha Ms. Sandra A. Zieve Ms. Connie Zins Mr. Michael Ziska Ms. Donna Zmrazek Mr. and Mrs. David Zock Mr. and Mrs. George H. Zolan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zucca Mr. and Mrs. Cyril F. Zupan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Zupan Ms. Marie Zupanc Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Zwilling Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Zyrkowski




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always be there in perpetuity for those who need us most, when they need us most.

Ms. Lois H. Cole

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Mr. Raymond M. Murphy

Frederick & Julia Nonneman Foundation L.K. O’Donnell Family Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. David O’Neill Mr. William B. Pelwalis Mr. William A. Primavesi

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Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sullivan

Michael R. and Diane C. Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Sullivan, Sr.

Ms. Lois Klawon

Ms. Mary Szalkowski

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Langkau

Ms. Elizabeth A. Willacker

St. Helen Parish St. John Cathedral

P.K. Ranney Foundation



TOTAL REVENUE: $1,083,208.24


FUNDRAISERS/EVENTS 12% - $134,747.13





Malachi House provides care to each of our residents at no cost. We do not receive government funding or insurance reimbursement of any kind.

DIRECT RESIDENT CARE 71% - $953,197.88

JULY 1, 2020 TO JUNE 30, 2021

TOTAL EXPENSES $1,344,576.53


We rely solely upon the generous support of individuals, foundations and corporations, like you, to provide our residents with loving, compassionate care during their final stages of life. We appreciate every gift you entrust to Malachi House and its residents.









THE 2021 CATHERINE “KAKI” O’NEILL LEADERSHIP AWARD presented to Judy Ghazoul Hilow

We all have special gifts to be used for good in order to give back to those in need. This message was instilled in me by my parents, however, I never realized the magnitude and power that these teachings held until I became the Executive Director of Malachi House. As I begin my seventh year in November, I reflect on the relationships I have gained with our donors, the knowledge I have to share, and the overwhelming support from the board, staff, volunteers, hospice teams and most importantly, our dear residents. This time has not been without its challenges, but I was never alone in the decision making process with our Co-founder, Kaki O’Neill, by my side. Kaki entrusted me with the Malachi House mission and she taught me to be strong, mission driven and most importantly a “servant leader.” Every year, Kaki presents someone with the Catherine “Kaki” O’Neill Leadership Award for service and commitment to Malachi House. I am so grateful and honored to be awarded this recognition by a women who took an idea to serve those in need, went out and made it happen, and then committed her life to a mission she so dearly loves.

“The timing for Judy to come to Malachi House was just perfect. We had searched for someone that would stay true to the mission of Malachi House and represent its values to the public. From the very beginning Judy has met every challenge with grace, fortitude, and self-sacrifice. We are so fortunate to have found Judy - the past six years have proved us very blessed!”

Thank you Kaki! Judy Ghazoul Hilow, Executive Director


M ALAC HI HOUSE A loving home for life’s last journey

Malachi House 2810 Clinton Avenue Cleveland, OH 44113

CO-FOUNDERS Fr. Paul Hritz (1923-2013) Catherine “Kaki” O’Neill BOARD OF TRUSTEES John J. Schriner - Chairperson Matthew A. Becker - Vice-Chairperson Jeffrey D. Neuman, CPA - Treasurer Donna M. Skurzak - Secretary J. Brandon Walters, MD, FAAHPM - Medical Director Joseph C. Granzier Fr. Michael Gurnick Kevin M. Kelly Patricia F. Krewson, Esq. L. Joseph Lee Ann C. Lutz Jonathan Onk Anthony Rinaldi, Esq. Shareefah Sabur John J. Sullivan Terrence V. Upchurch II EMERITUS Diane C. Kennedy ASSOCIATE BOARD David Amos - Co-Chair Michael Kelley II - Co-Chair Patsy Coughlin, Esq. Steven Dieringer, CPA Bryan Evans, Esq. Meghan Hanrahan John P. Hausman Elizabeth Kalfas Taryn Kaplan Stephanie Ristau EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Judy Ghazoul Hilow

20 Malachi House is a 501(c)(3) Corporation

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