April/May 2013

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continued from continued from pagepage 24 22 MOTEL MANNERS Make advance arrangements for petfriendly hotels/motels/inns/bed and breakfasts. Check out their fees and amenities specifically for pet owners. Most will charge an up-front fee for services, which can be non-refundable. Whether you’re staying in a hotel, a motel, or with relatives, it’s helpful if your dog has had some training and can respond to basic commands like “down,” “sit,” “stay,” “come,” and “leave it.” When I say “hup,” my dog jumps into her crate. Hopefully, your dog has been well socialized. Just because he gets along fine in your home (even with other dogs) doesn’t mean you can expect the same in another home or lodging. The more you acclimate your dog to various conditions and surroundings in a positive manner, the more accustomed he will become to changes. If a dog is not used to travelling, don’t be surprised if the first couple of days he’s off his food. Make sure he’s still drinking water and his eliminations are close to normal. You may want to discuss this in advance with your vet. Your dog’s hearing is much better than yours and he may begin to bark in the hotel. He will hear strange people talking, car doors closing, and footsteps. Grab the calming music and Thundershirt before he gets riled up. Knowing dog communication calming signals, such as yawning, are a good way to let your dog know that everything is OK. Jill Lundgrin – Available for trainings in your home of classes in various locations. Specializing in clicker training for the person who wants their dog to learn the correct behavior and make good choices in a fun, positive learning environment • Certified Instructor for American Red Cross Pet CPR/First Aid • Founder Coastal Canine Academy LLC “Train ‘em! Don’t blame ‘em!” www.coastalcanineacademy.com www.facebook/coastalcanine

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