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How Does LoC Work?

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Business Benefits for SMEs

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ERDF Funding

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About Us The Low Carbon Innovation Hub (LoC) creates innovative low carbon goods, processes and services, developed through collaborative partnerships between local companies in Merseyside and University researchers. Our aim is to work with local SMEs on an individual basis in order to identify opportunities for low carbon development which will ultimately bring about economic and environmental benefits for businesses and the community. LoC is located within the School of the Built Environment BEST Research Institute of Liverpool John Moores University and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The project requires no monetary investment from the companies that we work with. Our role is to advise you and to help with the delivery and applications for low


Low Carbon Innovation Hub | About us

carbon development funding where necessary. In this way LoC will open up access to cutting-edge exploitable assets and expertise, giving local SMEs a significant competitive advantage in areas such as:

• Low Carbon Planning • Real Time Monitoring and Automation • Sustainable Asset Management • Energy Efficiency/Management • Renewable Management • Waste Management/Recycling • Renewable Energy from Waste Systems • Environmental Monitoring

How Does LoC Work? 1st STEP -ROADMAPPING Experts at The Low Carbon Innovation Hub (LoC) will work out the right low carbon strategy for each individual company by mapping its current practices and future exploitation activities. 2ND STEP- ACTIVITIES A bespoke action plan will be developed using solutions from the three themes below. The team will use all available resources and technologies to develop an Action Plan which will assist to increase long term profitability and set the company on the right track to a low carbon future. 3rd STEP- IMPLEMENTATION AND MONITORING The Action Plan will be implemented with the help of the LoC specialist team. They will assist with every step of implementing new technologies and applying for specialist funding/ investment where necessary. The results of any changes made by the LoC team will be monitored to determine their success and the need for future innovation.


Low Carbon Innovation Hub | HOW DOES LoC WORK?

Low Carbon Technologies Smart Building Technologies Energy Management Carbon Finance Low Carbon Design and Planning Alternative Fuels

Environmental Management and Clean Technologies Environmental Monitoring Air Pollution Control Waste Management Water/ Waste Treatment Facility Management Environmental Monitoring

Renewable Energy Resource Efficiency Energy from Waste and Biomass Sustainable Business Practices Green Deal Agenda

Key Business Benefits for SMEs The support offered by LoC can help to improve the way your business operates and help you to comply with future low carbon business legislation effectively. Low carbon innovation can have a number of direct benefits for your current and future business practices such as:

• Increased Profitability

We provide information to SMEs on emerging global opportunities, markets and trends matched to companies’ expertise and Universities resources.

• Access to Specialist Funding We can identify current and future funding opportunities for companies, including the Technology Strategy Board and EU Horizon 2020 programmes related to Research for the benefit of SMEs.

We enable businesses to identify and reduce risk and increase profitability through the development and implementation of an effective low carbon action plan.

• Increased Knowledge We provide companies with an increased knowledge of low carbon issues, energy management and carbon finance and identify the resultant impact on their annual profit and loss.

• Increased Competitive Advantage We facilitate access to high value, commercially viable systems and toolkits that will lead to new products, processes and markets linked to the low carbon agenda to provide SMEs in the region with a competitive advantage.

• Access to University Resources We provide University expertise and resources which can allow SMEs to progress their ideas through cutting edge R&D and innovation schemes.

• Information Sharing

Low Carbon Innovation Hub | BUSINESS BENEFITS FOR SMES


ERDF Funding The Low Carbon Innovation Hub is funded by the European Regional Development Fund therefore no initial investment is needed from the companies that we work with. The project has the potential to bring significant economic benefits to the SMEs of Merseyside, supporting businesses to reduce emissions and develop low carbon technologies that will put the region at the forefront of new and expanding global markets. LJMU has niche and unique strengths in low carbon technologies and has a key role to play in the implementation of the low carbon agenda across Merseyside.


Low Carbon Innovation Hub | ERDF Funding

Contact Us If you would like further information about the Low Carbon Innovation Hub or would like to discuss a potential collaboration with one of our expert team please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Visit Us: Low Carbon Innovation Hub Liverpool John Moores University 1st Floor Peter Jost Enterprise Centre Byrom Street Liverpool L3 3AF

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Email Us: Call Us: 0151- 231- 2294

Low Carbon Innovation Hub | Contact us


Call Us: 0151- 231- 2294 Email Us: Follow us on Twitter: @lowcarbonhub

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