Love Is Moving Issue 23 - SEPT/OCT 2017

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Precious to Jesus Interview with

Jung Lee


Words by Conor Sweetman Jung Lee is a pastor and missionary who makes his home in South Africa. Jung and his wife, Helen, founded the organization Precious to Jesus to protect women and children from rape and abuse. In this interview, Lee explains his experiences, findings, and what lies at the heart of his mission. When did your Christian work in South Africa start? I was born again quite late — at 27 years old in 1999. When I got married, I got a job at an immigration office and served at Vancouver Korean Presbyterian Church as the missions deacon. During that time, in 2000, I started going to South Africa and got involved in a lot of fundraising events. In 2009 my job at the immigration office gave me nine months off with full pay, and my wife told me she wanted to lead children’s ministry, seeing as she was already a pre-school teacher. So, we started looking for a place where we could settle down and carry out ministry, and right away God told us “South Africa.”