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Friday 30th May 2014

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Denise Kelly

Save our homes Meeting takes place with view to cutting spit at Pagham

Susanna Reid

Numerous temporary measures from Arun District Council have failed leaving homes at severe risk of the sea due to the harbour entrance A VITAL MEETING has taken place shifting due to the growing spit and to help save 20 homes on Pagham the scour current wiping away the shoreline at a dramatic rate. beach from being taken by the sea. The story… Local MP Nick Gibb met with other councillors and engineers to discuss options about cutting a THE PROBLEM channel through the ever growing The shape of Pagham Beach is Church Norton spit. changing rapidly and dramatically. Engineers from Royal Haskoning Pagham is losing the shingle have been devising a report on the frontage that protects the homes at issues and a way forward in making a frightening rate; in the past it has this happen – a problem which has been 3 times wider than it is now. This been growing worse over the past ten years. The continued erosion of Pagham Beach could have dire consequences for homes (Photo Credits: Pagham Birder)

Police warning on child sexual exploitation


Lightning strikes house in Chichester


HRH The Princess Royal awards outstanding Chichester College achiever


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2 Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014



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Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014 3

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Meeting takes place with view to cutting spit at Pagham and beyond. Insurance prices look set to increase. Property prices will plummet. Mortgages and planning permission will become tougher to secure.

erosion is due to an ever-growing spit that has displaced the entrance to the harbour, and is forcing an aggressive tide to flow parallel to the beach. To make matters worse, this spit is also blocking the longshore drift – shingle that would otherwise replace erosion losses. HOW IT COULD AFFECT YOU The continued erosion of Pagham Beach could have dire consequences, not just for the nearby houses, but for the whole local area. With increasing storm

activity and the tide rising each year, the risk of flooding is severe. Water could claim up to 900 hectares of farmland and hundreds of homes. Local landmarks such as the Yacht Club, St Thomas à Becket’s Church and the Church Farm Holiday Village would be under threat. In addition, the sewerage system, which has already been put under pressure, could be completely overwhelmed. The growing flood risk will have a financial impact on the Pagham area

THE PREDICAMENT The ideal solution to the problem would be either to close off the channel along the beach or to cut the spit, thereby creating a new harbour mouth. However, the authorities that can approve such works are tied by EU environmental directives. These directives state that such measures may only be taken in an internationally designated nature reserve, such as Pagham Harbour, as a last resort. In order to override these directives, there’s a need to demonstrate that there is “no viable alternative” to touching the spit. For this reason Pagham has had to experiment with short term flood defence measures. Residents have also been told to wait and see if nature solves the problem itself. The suggestion is that the shape of the spit may change over time, either sealing up the existing channel, or creating a second one. Unfortunately, the journey the

spit may take is highly unpredictable. And in the meantime, the shorter term defence measures put in place have not worked. Shingle that was deposited to replace that which has been lost was washed away within days. The rock wall (revetment) that was built to protect homes has collapsed. And the 28 tons of sandbags that have been laid down are merely temporary.

THE MONEY ISSUE Both shorter and longer term flood defence measures will be costly. Further shingle shifting and

a strengthening of the revetment will cost approximately £100,000. The bureaucracy involved in looking into the possibility of touching the spit could alone cost £150,000. Major works, if allowed, would be vastly more. Government funding for flood defence in smaller settlements such as Pagham’s is being cut. However desperate Pagham’s situation becomes, the authorities are under no obligation to step in and save homes; they can simply walk away. Financially, Pagham must consider themselves to be on their own.

Day of action to tackle speeding in Chichester

POLICE IN CHICHESTER carried out a day of action to crack down on driving offences. On Monday, May 12, local officers from Chichester’s Neighbourhood Policing Team took to the streets to tackle road traffic offences in a response to the local communities telling us that this was an issue in their areas. During the morning the team went to Avenue De Chartres and the surrounding area and a total of 12

tickets were issues to motorists for various reasons including using a mobile phone whilst driving and not wearing a seatbelt. Drivers were also stopped and given words of advice in regards to the speed of their vehicles. In the afternoon the team relocated to Broad Road in Hambrook where reports had been received about speeding traffic. Despite the wet weather a number of vehicles were stopped and a total of five tickets were issued for various road offences.

Anorak Corner Interesting snippets of information about Chichester!

Chichester’s Local Neighbourhood Policing Team have continued to listen to local residents who have raised concerns to us about speeding within their villages. In response to this we have arranged a series of days of action to tackle the issue of speeding in communities in addition to constantly finding ways to work with the local community to reduce speeding. Local Officer Jason Lemm said: “Chichester Neighbourhood Policing Team currently loans out its speed calming equipment known as SID’s (Speed Indicator Devices) to volunteers to educate drivers of vehicle speeds in the communities. If you are interested in joining one of the 24 volunteer groups already in operation in Chichester District, or just simply want to know more you can contact your local PCSO who will be happy to give you more details.”

The name Bosham is either derived from the old English 'Bosanhamm' - Bosa's water meadow as it was known in 750AD, or 'Boscusham' meaning wood hamlet. Formerly in the province of the South Saxons and the Earldom of Wessex, it became Boseham in 1086, 20 years after the Norman conquest

Well known in the area for providing a high level of care, Westhampnett House is set on 3.5 acres of West Sussex's finest parkland, on the outskirts of the historic city of Chichester. Boasting its own listed Dovecote, Pond, Apple Orchard, and Stunning Gardens, the handsome Grade II listed Georgian building together with later additions provide an idyllic setting for the nursing and recovery of the 32 residents that our Home caters for. We promise good, warm, old-fashioned care and hospitality. Come and visit us, to experience this. We offer: Full Nursing Care, Respite & Short Stays.

Westhampnett House, Stane Street, Chichester, PO18 0NT Tel: 01243 782986 Fax: 01243 778935

4 Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014

All tweets are from Chichester people or about the area. (Some tweets may contain errors) Let us know what you think

@Cybershaw24 Think I just spotted @JeremyClarkson @RichardHammond and @MrJamesMay on A27 between Portsmouth & Chichester? Certainly 3 dodgy looking cars

@ayse_birol Lol did loose women really just go live to bognor regis

Tommy Boyd

@DJKDesigns Wish I wasn’t away on holiday when @chifoodfest is on. Looking like it is going to be great event. #Chichester #Festival #Food #Local

Welcome to SGH Chichester. Looking forward to helping international students to make the most of their UK experience.

@AmberLeggSmith I’m spending my day in a muddy field in Arundel, surrounded by horses but I still feel it’s important for my wellie socks to match my outfit

@megaanwornee Theres the coolest little sweetshop at barnham windmill

@rbnUK MARSH WARBLER 1 possible at Pagham Harbour, W. Sussex. Singing by the Breech Pool at North Wall. #rbnSXW via @ organicbirder

@majesticchi Good morning Chichester. Where's the sunshine gone?

Legendary TV and radio personality


@SoMuch2Answer4 Finally got to Pallant House in Chichester after yrs of lamenting I couldn’t get to their exhibs from Mcr. Fantastic Modern art collection.


I know an ex-footballer who can do it for 6 hours

@Westendin Some very exciting shows this year at Chichester Festival Theatre Great venue to take the kids and a picnic to!

POLITICAL PARTIES So now we have 4 main parties. Then there’s the Greens, they have an MP. Scots nats, all sorts of Irish factions and the odd bod who’s had the whip withdrawn. If the USA, with the world’s largest economy (only just, China is more or less level) can do it with just 2 parties, why this fragmentation over here? ECONOMIES The USA has had the world’s biggest economy for 100 years. They took over from us. California once had the 7th biggest economy in the world. London generates 22% of the UK’s GDP but only has 12% of MP’s. LIGHTBULBS In Waitrose a man was staring at the shelves of different light bulbs for sale. He was on his mobile trying to get information about which bulb he needed to buy. I commiserated. He suggested a rant. Happy to oblige: “WHY DO WE HAVE TO HAVE A DIFFERENT FRIGGIN’ BULB FOR EVERY LIGHT IN THE FRIGGIN’ HOUSE!!! WHEN I WAS A BOY THERE WAS ONLY ONE TYPE OF BULB AND NO-ONE DIED!!!”

CHARGERS The same goes for chargers. Every phone, tablet, laptop. The mini-hoover. The cordless hedge trimmer. We have a drawer full of old chargers we’re too afraid to throw out because we don’t know if one of them is needed.

THE LARDER A tin of mixed fruit we have had for more than twenty years. Half packets of things like the vegetable suet we needed for dumplings during the vegetarian streak 2009-2012. MENTAL CLUTTER I’m having another go with meditation. I’m better at it than my first stint (1974). There’s less to it than one thinks. One just stops the endless cacophony of inter-connected thoughts. I can only manage it for a few seconds. The trick is not to admonish yourself when you notice that you lost control 5 minutes ago and have been indulging the usual mental drivel. I know an ex-footballer who can do it for 6 hours.

CLUTTER Our lives are full of clutter. KITCHEN DRAWER We have a kitchen drawer into which goes all useless things “we might need”. Half used tubes of glue. Old keys. Leftover birthday cake candles. Dice. An instruction booklet for the mini-hoover. A bradawl. A horseshoe magnet. A pair of secatuers whose spring is creaky. (NB no lightbulbs, we have an entire drawer just for them).

NO MENTAL CLUTTER I’ve only met two people with the ability to focus exclusively on what they want to focus on all the time. Both became world famous. They were born like it, I believe.

BLACK HOLES There is a black hole in our house into which useful things disappear. Pens. Sunglasses. Gloves. Memory sticks. MEN’S TOOLBOXES Mine is full of rubbish. Pliers that hardly open. A solitary yellow rawlplug. A 50 year old hammer that looks guilty, m'lud. Another half used tube of glue.

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Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014 5

Ladies, are you suffering in silence?

Do not feel you have to put up with worrying women’s health problems. Our team of consultant gynaecologists at the Nuffield Health Chichester Hospital are here to help. If you have any of the following then come and see us: • Incontinence • Heavy or painful periods • Abdominal pain and bloating • Abnormal smear results • Fertility concerns The team of consultants and specialist nurse help with a whole range of women’s health issues, from giving advice about menopause to providing screening and treatment for cervical, ovarian, uterine and endometrial cancers. Perhaps you are looking to get pregnant and want a fertility check or need contraceptive advice? At Nuffield Health Chichester Hospital the team can help you if you are having difficulty conceiving. We are seeing many local patients who already have one child but need assistance with a second. You don’t necessarily need a GP’s referral to see a gynaecologist at our hospital. Our consultants will see you in our specialist gynaecology suite. Call 01243 753 010 to find out more and make an appointment.

Don’t wait. Contact us now. 01243 753 010

Get the Nuffield Treatment

* Not including private patient units at NHS hospitals. Local area defined as within 15 miles of the Nuffield Health hospital. We will match against written quotes only. Promise is valid for patients paying for themselves. ** Where possible, we promise to assist you to receive any follow up advice, treatment or care that is clinically required from your Consultant for as long as you may require it. If a prosthesis is used as part of your treatment this is guaranteed for the manufacturer’s official lifetime of that prosthesis. “Clinically required” indicates where further intervention and/or monitoring of a patient’s condition is deemed necessary as a direct result of surgical intervention.

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16/05/2014 16:01

6 Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014

Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014 7

Police warning on child sexual exploitation SUSSEX POLICE and partners are asking the public to help detect signs of child sexual exploitation. A special assessment carried out by the force revealed that more than 100 young people in Sussex were at risk of systematic sexual exploitation by older youths or men. The young people, mainly teenage girls, may receive gifts, accommodation, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and sometime apparent affection, for engaging in sexual activity, with individuals or groups, outside their own families. Police stress that not all of the young people referred to in the survey were actually victims of crime at that time. The data was drawn from police records of missing and found children, information from partner agencies about children they were supporting because of safeguarding concerns, and specific police operations in which there were suggestions that children may have been exploited. The survey also finds that the majority of children referred to are vulnerable to individuals, often to youths or men in their late teens or early twenties, rather than necessarily to groups, although the

potential for that is still a concern. It also acknowledges that this may not be the whole picture, as some potential or actual victims, or some agencies in contact with them, including the police, may not always recognise them as victims. A briefing for agencies involved in tackling the problem, including local authorities, other support services, and charities, is taking place at Sussex Police headquarters in Lewes on Friday 23 May. It is chaired by Olivia Pinkney, Temporary Deputy Chief Constable, and is also attended by Katy Bourne, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, together with Norman Baker, Crime Prevention Minister, and a representative from the Littlehampton-based Body Shop who have adopted child sexual exploitation as a national community awareness focus this year. Attendees at the briefing included included representatives from; all three top- tier local authorities in Sussex; all three independent Local Safeguarding Childrens’ Boards (LSCBs); Barnardo’s ‘Sussex B Safe’ service covering East and West Sussex: WISE (‘What Is

Sexual Exploitation’) from Brighton and Hove; and ‘Catch 22’ who offer a range of support services in East Sussex. Those attending are also being told about the first prosecution in Sussex for alleged conspiracy over child sex exploitation, following an investigation by Eastbourne detectives. Olivia Pinkney said: “There is no current evidence that this pernicious activity, which corrupts the lives of vulnerable young people, is frequent in Sussex, but we believe there needs to be an extra focus on the issue to encourage reporting so that a fuller picture can be established and children better protected. “We are already working with partners in local authorities and partners in other statutory and voluntary agencies, to develop a fuller picture of the way in which sexual exploitation can happen. “And all police officers and staff, especially all those engaged on operations and intelligence, as well as our call handlers, are being specially briefed on the warning signs.” But the public can help too.

The warning signs to look for can include one or more of; - a child has unexplained gifts or unaffordable new things such as clothes or mobile, or expensive habits such as alcohol or drugs; - they have substance misuse problems; - they often go missing, run away or are homeless; - they are not engaged with their school and/or have been excluded or have long periods of truancy; - they have repeated sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy and terminations; - they associate with men or groups who are older than them, or are in contact with people who are known to commit crime. Katy Bourne said: “No child should ever be the victim of this kind of horrific abuse and agencies that work with children have a collective responsibility to work together to stamp it out. “As Police and Crime Commissioner, I want all victims and those at risk of abuse, to know they have somewhere to go where they will be listened to and believed. Most importantly of all, when a young person does come forward,

swift action must be taken. “Earlier this year, following a supportive public consultation, I increased the police precept to fund future investment in Sussex Police so that they can effectively tackle serious sexual offending including child sexual exploitation. “This extra funding will allow Sussex Police to bring the management and investigation of sexual offences and safeguarding of children and adults into a dedicated team that will have the capacity and specially trained officers to provide improved victim care. “I hope that this will increase public confidence to report such offences, result in more victims having the confidence to complete the criminal justice system or seek other solutions, and keep people in Sussex safe from offenders.” If you can help on any way, contact Sussex Police on 101 and quote Operation Kite. Your information will be logged and will be able to speak in confidence to police officers or other specialist support agencies. You can also contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

8 Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014

New round of funding launched for community, voluntary and sports groups in West Sussex VOLUNTARY, COMMUNITY AND SPORTS groups across West Sussex are being invited to get their bids in to a funding pot of more than £400,000. Another round of Community Initiative Funding has been launched following the success of last year’s scheme where more than 200 groups and organisations across the county received funding totalling nearly £406,000. The applications and awards - administered by County Local Committees (known as CLCs) varied from £2,500 for tools and equipment for Bolney Volunteers, £2,778 to provide wet rooms for the Crawley and District Scout Hut and £250 to print brochures for the 11th Selsey Festival. Some of the CLCs that had money left over allocated some or all of it to their respective local food banks or to the County Council’s Operation Watershed to support communityled projects that reduce the risk of future flooding in West Sussex that could not have otherwise been carried out. West Sussex County Council

Cabinet Member for Corporate Relations, Bob Lanzer, who has responsibility for the committees and the Community Initiative Funding, said: “The CLCs, through the use of Community Initiative Funding, provide very welcome support to the local clubs, societies and voluntary groups in their areas when funding from other sources may not be available. These awards help benefit the wider community in making these groups more sustainable or enable them to run events that would not otherwise be able to take place. “Local voluntary and community groups will be pleased to hear that another £426,000 of CIF is available again in 2014/15 and I would encourage them to submit an application if they need support for a project in their community.” Applications are considered by the CLCs four times a year and the public are welcome to attend those meetings. Information about how to apply for funding can be found at www.westsussex. Applications can be made throughout the year.

County Councillor targeted by phone scammers backs national campaign to raise awareness RESIDENTS across West Sussex are being encouraged to continue to fight back against fraudsters as Scams Awareness Month switches its focus towards telephone hoaxes. West Sussex County Council’s Trading Standards Service is backing the national month-long initiative and is warning people to be on their guard and look out for others who might fall victim to con artists. One West Sussex County Councillor who almost fell foul of phone scammers has spoken out this week about his experience in support of the campaign Graham Jones, who represents Felpham, said: “A female alleging to be a Police Officer from Paddington Police Station phoned to inform me that they had someone in custody who had been arrested with a number of cloned bank cards in his possession, one of which was mine. “I was urged to contact my bank immediately; the lady was insistent and extremely pushy, choosing not

to empathise with my situation but rather stress that I got in touch with my bank. “She was very brief and advised me to comply on a number of occasions. “Although I was wary, I did call to begin the process of providing my bank details but stopped when they asked me for my security code. I felt that was odd. “Her abruptness had hit a nerve and the penny dropped when she rang a second time demanding my details. “After checking my balance online to ensure it was okay, I contacted Sussex Police who responded very quickly and confirmed it was a scam as someone in Barnham had reported a similar incident that morning. “If they had acquired all of my bank details there would have been nothing I could do.” Councillor Jones is urging residents of West Sussex to be

watchful of potential fraudsters in their area. He said: “There are a lot of vulnerable people out there who may not be savvy enough and would take such a request at face value. That is my main concern. “Some may react too quickly when they should be more guarded to such demands. “From my experience, we should make sure phone numbers and addresses are verified thus reducing the chances of people falling into the clutches of scammers. “I would advise caution as this can happen to anyone.” Get advice and report scams to Trading Standards through the Citizens Advice consumer service on 08454 04 05 06 or online support. If you know someone who has sent money in response to a scam or has fallen victim to doorstep callers you can also report your concerns direct to West Sussex Trading Standards Service online.

Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014 9



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10 Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014

More than 14 million calories burnt so far on route to Rio

The annual challenge sees teams (made up of five people) from Sussex workplaces travel on a virtual journey from London to Rio de Janeiro

MORE THAN 280 teams have burnt 14 million calories between them as part of the Reaching Rio workplace challenge. There’s still time to sign up for Reaching Rio, so tie up your trainers and get your gym gear on. The annual challenge sees teams (made up of five people) from Sussex workplaces travel on a virtual journey from London to Rio de Janeiro. Reaching Rio started last month, but it isn’t too late for teams to sign up as it runs until Sunday July 13. Just visit the website at www.

Any sport or physical activity counts towards the goal of reaching Rio. Teams log their activity online or on the smartphone app, and it is converted into miles to take teams on their virtual route. From walking and running to swimming and diving, there are lots of ways to earn miles. And with bonus sports for extra miles, prizes along the route and a special prize for the team that makes it to Rio first, there’s even more encouragement to sign up. The Reaching Rio statistics up to the start of May were:

• Total teams registered: 284 • Total activities logged: 34,292 • Total time logged: 35,258 hours and 50 minutes • Total miles earned: 1,429,775 • Total calories burnt: 14,108,669 (that’s enough to power a Nissan Leaf electric car for approximately 56,435 miles) Anyone can join up after completing a short lifestyle survey. The West Sussex Health and Wellbeing Board is backing the challenge. Chairman Christine Field said: “Although any adult can join, Reaching Rio is aimed at people who don’t currently do a lot of exercise, but want to do more by taking part in a fun challenge. “It’s also a great topic of conversation in the workplace, especially if you have a number of teams sign up from the same place and make it much more of competition between you.” Last year teams burned more than 8 million calories between them and travelled 971,439 miles. With 284 teams already signed up to this year’s challenge, there’s no time to lose.

Curfew for West Wittering man who pleaded guilty to £36,000 benefit fraud A WEST WITTERING man who fraudulently claimed over £36,000 in benefits has been handed a six month prison sentence suspended for 12 months and a four month curfew. Dean Neill, 47, from Rookwood Road, West Wittering, had claimed income support, housing benefit and council tax benefit but failed to disclose that he and his partner were working. Mr Neill pleaded guilty to two charges of dishonestly making a false statement to the Department for Work and Pensions and dishonestly failing to disclose the work to Chichester District Council. At Worthing Magistrates Court on Monday 19 May, Mr Neill was sentenced to six months imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, with a four month curfew order from 7pm to 7am Sunday to Friday. Mr Neill was overpaid £34,307.44 income support, £1,400.21 housing benefit and £381.79 council tax Benefit between September 2006 and November 2012. Both Chichester District Council and the Department for Work and Pensions will seek to recover all the overpaid benefit. Councillor Tony Dignum, Cabinet Member for Finance at Chichester

District Council, says: “The message from this latest successful prosecution is clear: we will always take action against people who try to cheat the system. We will protect our local communities from those who criminally abuse the benefits system to line their pockets at the expense of honest, hardworking taxpayers.” If you suspect anyone of committing benefit fraud you can contact the council’s investigation team on a confidential 24 hour fraud hotline number on 01243 534590, or you can report it online.

Lightning strikes house in Chichester A HOUSE IN Chichester was set on fire and damaged after it was struck by lightning. Firefighters were called to the blaze in Mumford Place after lightning struck the building’s chimney stack, causing damage to all floors of the property. West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said four fire engines were sent to tackle the fire at 1.20pm on Thursday (22 May). No one was hurt but a dog and parrot had to be rescued from the house.

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Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014 11

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12 Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014

Sobering times after a grim Bank Holiday The flat grey skies and gloomy Bank Holiday Monday weather echoed a sober mood. The sweeping victory of the National Front in France. The rise of the extreme right elsewhere with racist attacks in places like Hungary. A man going into a museum in Brussels - for unknown reasons at the time of writing - and firing a Kalashnikov machine-gun into the faces of four people who just happened to be there. It feels like we have been dropped back into the dark days of the 1930s. It's a mean-spirited, insidious kind of poison and every one of us who cares should do something to stop it, even if our only act is to reject it and tell others we do. Bad press The Romanians continue to get a bad press. I can see that it seems unfair that their labourers can undercut ours because they can charge lower wages, since their standard of living costs less back home. But that's market forces for you. As a journalist I have to

Allis Moss Writer and broadcaster

compete in an environment that's flooded with people half my age who'll work for peanuts, and that's the name of the game. If you try and artificially keep prices higher then consumers suffer. I know a pensioner who's just had a longwished-for



A local firm he contacted never turned up as arranged. Instead he hired a team of Romanian builders. It cost him two grand instead of four. The job was done efficiently and on time. Motoring club Insurance companies are not my favourite entities. Are they anyone's




shareholders? Yet this is the model that motoring breakdown

Confessions of a Spendaholic Recently I have been spending A LOT of dollar; the fact that I’m saying that is interesting, because many people would say that what I was spending before now was already quite excessive. But I have reached new levels. There are so many clothes that I want so bad. Just look at the shop fronts, how beautiful they are, how playful they are. I mean are they intentionally playing with my mind or something? With adverts and stuff though, they’re not selling you the actual stuff; they’re selling you the person that you could be if you have that stuff. Countless times I have looked at a lipstick and thought ‘Yes!!!! THAT is the bold statement lipstick that I will wear to the next party, and I will be the girl with the cool lipstick. That will be my thing.’ Then suddenly fifty pounds is gone, and you realise that maybe that lipstick is just some coloured sludge and not a whole new, cooler, more confident you. Maybe that dress is just a piece of material that you’ve pinned all of your hopes and dreams on. This whole problem would have been resolved if those idiot cavemen hadn’t started wearing fur or whatever. Then maybe we would all just walk around naked and

services like the RAC, which began life as an automobile club, now seem to be emulating. A member for years, I was told my renewal quote was higher than the year before because of the number of times I had called them out - well within the limit. One had been for a friend's car in the snow. That time, the RAC hadn't even answered our repeated calls. "We tweeted that our Cable and Wireless lines were down," they had the gall to inform me when I rang later to complain, as if this absolved them of any blame for their communication breakdown that left me shivering for hours by the roadside, using the nearby forest facilities for convenience. By the time the tow-away truck arrived it was too late to repair the car and we'd had to shell out for a B & B. To make up for this, the RAC very grudgingly gave me two extra call-outs. That's also what they give you for loyal

membership. But what's the point if it lands you with a higher premium? If there's a breakdown service out there, which genuinely rewards customers rather than trying to squeeze every penny out of them, please get in touch. Rubbery fish I grew up in Brighton so this week wasn't the first wet Bank Holiday Monday I have spent there, on a visit to the pier with my sister and two friends. I was determined we go for a fish and chip lunch at the famous Harry Ramsden's because I had very fond memories of a giant Yorkshire pudding, filled with onion gravy, that I had eaten there at Christmas two years before. I love swordfish and can be very easily persuaded to go and eat a swordfish steak at the Crown Inn in Chichester, where they sear it beautifully, served on a generous bed of veg. But Oh, Harry Ramsden! What a disappointment. A small, rubbery Contact Allis:

piece of fish, served tepid. When this was pointed out, it came back reheated from the grill, cut up as it had gone back to the kitchen, with curt service on the side. Presumably, you're less likely to get good food when you're part of the bank holiday crowds. And finally ... A few months back, a reader wrote in to say she was much heartened that she wasn't the only one to mix things up through absentmindedness.


my pal, Martin, the fearless investigator,




agents? He removed his freshlylaundered




tumble dryer, only to find a pen and his foldaway glasses tucked inside the pocket of his trousers. No wonder he hadn't seen what he was putting in the drum. Amazingly, both were unbroken. They were just incredibly clean.

Photo of the week

Mia Edwards nobody would care what anyone was wearing. What a money saver that would be. But as it goes, I spend many an hour scrolling through the Missguided feed searching for that bargain game changer. Luckily, though, there are things like car boot sales and charity shops where everything is cheaper, and you may even be doing some good when you buy them (besides the good of having new clothes to add to an already vast collection). I’m not kidding, if there was a gift card for Oxfam (is there already? I don’t know) I would be on that. I would spend it within a week. So if, like me, you actually have a paid job and can afford to buy things, then shop away. If, however, unlike me, you are sensible, you may see that the whole of the commercial world is one huge con and you would do better to save that money and invest it into something worthwhile. Your choice young one.


scenario to cheer her. Remember

The Witterings @The_Witterings Last nights sunset @The_Witterings @BBCSouthWeather @chiherald @VSussex @VisitBritain

Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014 13

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14 Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014

HRH The Princess Royal awards outstanding Chichester College achiever at Buckingham Palace

CHICHESTER COLLEGE Joinery Apprentice Toby Schofield, from Bognor Regis, has been recognised for his accomplishments through

learning by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal and the Worshipful Company of Joiners and Ceilers at an awards ceremony at Buckingham

Palace. The Princess Royal has presented the awards – which forms part of the annual City & Guilds Prince

Philip Medal ceremony – since she took over from her father, His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, as President of the City and Guilds of London Institute in June 2011. City & Guilds, a global leader in skills education, was founded by the City of London and 16 Livery Companies in 1878 and has maintained close links with the Livery Companies ever since. Every year, the Joiners and Ceilers Company rewards outstanding City & Guilds learners for their achievements. Toby Schofield was recognised for his excellent training within the craft and constantly striving for perfection within his Apprenticeship at the Creative Woodworking Company, in Bosham. The 19-year-old already has a number of accolades; being crowned National Apprentice of the Year in the South Central region, a finalist in National Apprentice of the Year and runner-up for Apprentice of the Year in the Spring Awards for Sussex College’s . Speaking about his success, Toby said: “It was a real surprise to be nominated for a Livery Company prize for my City & Guilds course. The

whole day visiting HQS Wellington and Buckingham Palace to meet Princess Anne was an incredible experience and one that I will never forget.” Owner of the Creative Woodworking Company, Simon Ward, accompanied Toby at Buckingham Palace, he said: “It was an experience that will last a lifetime. I’m extremely proud of Toby for receiving this prestigious award. It was great to meet Princess Anne and for Toby to be recognised for all his hard work.” Also, Chief Executive of the City & Guilds Group, Chris Jones said: “At City & Guilds, we’re all about helping people get into a job, progress on the job and move on to the next job. As part of this, we are committed to celebrating the achievements of those who find success through vocational education and training, and Toby should be truly proud of this accomplishment. Receiving an award from one of our Founder Members is a remarkable achievement and signifies great dedication to his craft. I wish Toby all the best for the future.”

£1million investment at Chichester Golf Club including the opening of an adventure golf course

Families can expect exciting times at Chichester Golf Club

A JUNGLE PARADISE adventure golf course featuring lagoons, rafts, roaring animals and waterfalls is due to open in July at Chichester Golf Club, just south of Hunston on the B2145. A group of explorers have crashed landed on a lost jungle island. Become one of these explorers as you navigate your way around waterfalls, lagoons and play the cave hole if you dare. Can you pull the raft across the lagoon to finish your round or will you fall prey to the roaring tigers that surround you? A massive £500,000 investment has gone into creating the Jungle Paradise course and construction of which is already well under way. Sited just inside the entrance to Chichester Golf Club next to the driving range, the adventure golf course will offer a fun experience to people of all ages and is accessible to all. Chichester Golf Club’s owner, Sally Haygarth said: “This new adventure golf course is great news for us and for the local community. Exciting outdoor activities which are fun for the

whole family are rare in our area. From our experience at our Epsom site adventure golf is a great cross generational activity and can be enjoyed by those aged 3 to 103!” Building started in April and the course in expected to open in early July. At the same time the ever popular Driving Range has received a major re-fit with the installation of Power Tees and a revamp of the outdoor bays to include a state-of-the-art Huxley artificial practice mat. Huxley mats, which are used at St Andrews and Wentworth, offer the golfer a near perfect simulation of playing off real grass. You can play off the mat or use your own tee, it’s that good! The final phase of the project will be to add a coffee shop and party room which will be integrated with the driving range retail shop. The coffee shop will be licensed and will feature floor to ceiling windows looking out over a large terrace onto the adventure golf course. The whole project is expected to cost £1 million and should be completed in early 2015.

Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014 15

16 Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014

National News News in Brief Prayers said for missing sailors • Getting rid of Nick Clegg would “damage the Lib Dems for ever”, former party leader Lord Ashdown has said. Two Lib Dem parliamentary candidates in key swing seats have urged Mr Clegg to step down after the party lost 307 councillors in Thursday’s election. But Lord Ashdown said this would be “divisive”, not “serious politics” and said Mr Clegg was “the best Prime Minister Britain hasn’t got”. Tim Farron also warned Lib Dems would be “foolish” to turn on themselves.

• The official UK interest rate could settle at an average of 3% in a few years, the outgoing deputy governor of the Bank of England has predicted. Charlie Bean suggested it was likely to reach that level between 2017 and 2019. The rate has been at the historic low of 0.5% since March 2009 and the Bank’s governor has indicated it will not start rising before next spring. But Mr Bean told BBC Radio 4’s The World This Weekend there were economic advantages to beginning earlier. • An aid worker from Devon has died of malaria while working in Kenya. The charity Moving Mountains UK said Christi Kelly was taken ill last Tuesday during a volunteer placement before dying in hospital a day later. Offering his condolences to the family the charity’s chairman, Gavin Bate, said her death was “severe and sudden”.

The four UK sailors who are missing

PRAYERS have been said in Somerset for the four UK sailors missing from the Cheeki Rafiki in the North Atlantic. The hull of the 40ft vessel was found on Friday with its life raft still on board but there was no sign of the crew. The yacht began taking on water on its way to the UK after an Antigua

regatta. The search for the crew, which included Paul Goslin, 56, from West Camel and Steve Warren, 52, from Bridgwater, has since been suspended by the US. Yacht skipper Andrew Bridge, 22, from Farnham, Surrey, and 22-yearold James Male, from Romsey, Hampshire, were also on board.

Reverend Rose Hoskins, associate vicar in West Camel and rural Dean of the area in Somerset, said the whole community was “absolutely devastated”. “We’ve all been on a rollercoaster all week. Hopes raised and now really hopes finally dashed,” she added. “[We’re] also aware of the immense support. The hopes and prayers of so many people out there and for that, I think everybody is very, very grateful.” The Cheeki Rafiki was returning from Antigua Sailing Week on 15 May when it began taking on water. The crew diverted to the Azores and contact was lost early the following day. A US Coastguard-organised air and sea search commenced about 620 miles (1,000km) east of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, but was called

‘Murder probe’ as Briton dies in Bali

• US police have confirmed that a man who killed six people in a rampage in California was British 22-year-old Elliot Rodger. The student was the son of Hollywood filmmaker Peter Rodger, who was assistant director on The Hunger Games. At a news conference, police said Elliot Rodger had stabbed three male room-mates to death at his apartment. He later went on a rampage through Isla Vista in a black BMW, shooting at people at random. • Several bolts of lightning hit London this week during a brief thunderstorm, including one captured over the Shard in south London. The 87-storey building is western Europe’s tallest building standing at 310m (1,016ft) and is located next to London Bridge station. The storm also affected phone lines in Hillingdon and Breakspear Crematorium in west London was struck by lightning. •The home secretary insists she still has the target of reducing net migration to the tens of thousands. That is despite the latest annual figures showing 212,000 more people moved to live in the UK than left. Theresa May said excluding the EU, the figure was back down to 1990s levels.

Indonesian police suspect Anne-Marie Drozdz was murdered

THE FOREIGN OFFICE has confirmed the death of a British national on the Indonesian island of Bali. Reports have named her as Anne-Marie Drozdz, who is thought to be in her forties and from Leicestershire. Indonesian police suspect the woman was murdered, according to the AFP news agency. The agency quoted police as saying she was found dead by the owner of a villa where she was staying in the tourist district of

Ubud. Police say the door to the property the woman was damaged and she had a black cloth over her face, said AFP. A spokeswoman for the Foreign Office said: “We are aware of the death of a British national in Bali on 22 May. “We are providing consular assistance to the family.” A police spokesman told AFP: “She was found by the owner of the villa lying dead on the floor with a black cloth over her face.

“The door was damaged and there were dried up pools of blood on the floor.” Police also told the agency the woman had been renting the villa since 17 May. Ida Bagus Putu Alitin, the head of forensics at Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar on the island, told AFP that the woman’s body showed bruises on the neck and around the mouth. “But we will wait until permission from her family and police to carry out an autopsy,” Alitin said.

off on 18 May. The families of the missing men appealed to the US Coastguard to resume the search, and a public campaign followed, with more than 239,000 thousand people signing a petition asking rescuers not to give up. On 21 May, news emerged that the US Coastguard had resumed search efforts following an official request from the UK government. Debris was spotted on 22 May but it was later confirmed that it had nothing to do with the Cheeki Rafiki. The upturned hull of the yacht was found on 23 May. Its life raft was still onboard and there was no sign of the crew. The US search ended at midnight local time on Friday (05:00 BST Saturday).

Sir Alex Ferguson’s wine collection sells for £2.2m PART OF THE WINE COLLECTION amassed by Sir Alex Ferguson during his Manchester United reign has raised £2.2m. The wines were offered at a sale in Hong Kong in the first of three auctions and fetched a sale total of £2,269,065. Auction house Christie’s said 229 out of 257 lots were sold but could not confirm how many bottles. The collection included vintages dating from 1986, when Sir Alex was appointed at Old Trafford, to 2011. The top lot was one Methuselah - equivalent to eight bottles - of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti Vintage 1997, which realised £94,815 and included a card signed “Best Wishes Alex Ferguson”. The top 10 lots were bought by private Asian buyers, Christie’s said. Further sales will take place in London and online in June.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014 17

Chichester Business

Customer service etiquette… Kylee Charles Director of PR Consultancy Mindseye Management

As a business owner, I have to be mindful of the way that I manage relationships with past, present and potential clients. Working within the area of communications and public relations, maintaining a minimum standard of service is directly linked to how well we do. Having previously worked as a Business Development Manager for one of the UK’s largest Mystery Shopping companies, customer service is something I can’t help but tune in to – even more so when it’s bad service that I receive. One evening last week I visited the supermarket. As I approached the front of the store, I met the

Chichester Herald provides businesses with an unrivalled, targeted and cost-effective advertising solution across the City with a newspaper readership of 83,000. The newspaper is available for selfselected pick-up across the city of Chichester and surrounding areas in a wide variety of locations every Friday. We also deliver thousands of newspapers to homes across the area every week.

gentlemen moving the trolleys. I politely asked if I could take the one at the end of the line. Then, to my surprise, he turned to me and swore... I couldn’t believe it! The impulsive remark was joined by the word ‘sake’ - and if you’re wondering, no, the phrase didn’t begin with ‘goodness’. My initial reaction was not to get uptight but to actually nervously laugh, smile and ask if he was ok. I mean really?! On reflection, I could have made quite a fuss. But isn’t it funny how we react, even when we know that we have been the recipients of bad service or in some cases, bad manners. Another example of this was when I met with a lady that runs a small business recently. She’d requested a meeting demonstrating a keen inteArest in using our Marketing and PR services. We ordered drinks from the bar where we met and for the next hour I provided my time to demonstrate the ways that she could look to improve her exposure, publicity and so on. We discussed fees and the ‘Ok, I’ll absorb all of that great information and get back to you’ was said. And then, the most surprising thing happened. I had to As well as this, over 1000 businesses in our area will also get at least one newspaper delivered to them whether they are in the City Centre, a town or village, an industrial business park or a lone café on a country road. We have 422 newspaper stands across the district which is located as far north as Midhurst, south to Selsey, the Witterings and Pagham, east to Arundel and west to Bosham. What better way to advertise your vacancy to thousands of people starting from £25 + vat per week. To advertise here call 01243 200999 or email advertising@

Inspiration from Rolls Royce at Great Ballard

AS PART of its commitment to an a genuinely all-round education Great Ballard welcomed Mr Marc Mielau, Head of Marketing at Rolls Royce, to the school recently where he delivered an excellent lecture on pay for my own soft drink. Now the value of the drink against an hour of my time, petrol, parking… it was like a bad date. And bad dates are like bad customer service experiences… they fail to meet your expectations and you decide that you need to move on to somewhere better. It’s the same with potential

clients. It’s feels like a bold move to say ‘no’ to working with someone new but if one thing’s for certain, you shouldn’t compromise your own standards in order to excuse someone of theirs. I’ve learnt in life and in business, it’s just as empowering to make the choice that’s right for you.

Do you run a business in Chichester? Then share news with Kylee about any events, problems or opinions you have about matters that may be affecting you, which may be discussed within a future column. e: Kylee@MindseyeManagement.Com @MindseyeMgmt

the history of the company and its current operations. There were many opportunities for the children to be involved and, amongst the questions asked was, ‘Can you get a Rolls Royce made of gold?’ The answer to this was no, but Mr Mielau did go on to describe one car that had paintwork containing



He also described how it takes 60 people and 450 hours to make one car, regardless of the make-up of its paint – a valuable example of teamwork and co-operation for the



FORDWATER SCHOOL Summersdale Road, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 6PP Telephone:

01243 782475

The final part of the talk was an account of Mr Mielau’s own journey to his current position. The

Hours: 3.15pm to 6.00pm daily (half hours during holiday periods) Monday to Friday Salary: £6.50 per hour + holiday entitlement If you would like further information, please feel free to telephone the school on the above number and ask to speak to Jane Bunyan, Business Manager Closing date: Thursday 22nd May 2014 @ 12 noon ALL CANDIDATES ARE SUBJECT TO A CRIMINAL RECORDS AND OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH CHECK




commented that “one of the most important things about events like this is the appreciation the children get of the achievements of the speaker. It is only through hard work and determination that you will get where you want to go and to have visitors to the school who are living proof of this so important”.

Chichester Herald is the area’s largest independently owned newspaper, written and put together by local people, reaching an audience of up to 75,000 every week

01243 200999

Find us on twitter



Tel: Email:


18 Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014

F&B HERALD_Herald Advert 28/11/2013 10:31 Page 6

Sainsbury’s celebrates big birthday

Scrumptious, original and beautifully decorated cakes and cupcakes made to order, specialising in wedding cakes

Murrays exquisite bespoke wedding c akes

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F&B HERALD_Herald Advert 28/11/2013 10:31 Page 6






AT JUST £99.00 + VAT PER WEEK (£14.14 + VAT PER DAY)

dress and greeted customers with specially made gingerbread men and chocolate cake. Balloons were also given out to the children. Stanley Chatfield, 89, from Halnaker, used to shop in the North Street Store before it expanded

and moved to the new store in Westhampnett. Store Manager, Kay Goacher, said: “I would like to say thank all customers past and present that have continued to shop with us throughout the years.”

Covers continue sponsorship of Portsmouth Football Club VAN HIRE


AND...................THE FIAT 500 IS NOW BACK



SAINSBURY’S Chichester celebrated its 145th birthday recently with one local resident remembering the old store in North Street. On Friday 16 may, the front of the store was decorated with balloons and colleagues dressed in retro

OUR AUDI Q5 - HIGH SPEC 4 X 4 RENTAL. (Insurance and driver restrictions apply on Audi rentasl )

West Sussex Trading Standards Buy With Confidence Approved Trader



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Portsmouth Depot Manager, Dale Lambourne and Covers Sales Director, Steve Weston, wearing the Portsmouth Football Club kit

Advert Available £35 per week + VAT

COVERS TIMBER & BUILDERS MERCHANTS have confirmed their continued sponsorship of Portsmouth Football Club for the next two seasons. Having been sponsors of the club throughout the 2013/2014 season, Covers are proud to be able to further this commitment. Steve Weston, Covers’ Sales Director: “Having been part of the

club’s incredible journey, being saved by the fans and having the opportunity to be a main sponsor this season, Covers are delighted to confirm that we have renewed our sponsorship for a further two years. “This continued partnership also means that our logo will remain on the reverse of the club’s kit for the next two years. Fantastic news.” The current sponsorship has

been a great success due to the connection with the club, with many local businesses using Covers, who have supplied a diverse range of quality timber and building material for over 160 years. As a result, a real sense of community has been created around the Portsmouth and Gosport Covers depots which also has a branch in Chichester.

Chichester director in line for top award

Company up for VQ award BOGNOR REGIS-BASED Solartron Metrology has been named as a finalist for this year’s VQ Employer of the Year Award (SME category) for England, in recognition of the outstanding support it has provided to those undertaking vocational qualifications (VQs) within its workforce. Solartron Metrology, a world leader in the innovation, design and manufacture of precision sensors for quality control, has implemented a vocational learning programme to allow its diverse workforce to gain extra skills and progress within the business. Employees are offered paid leave to study, and rewarded with award ceremonies to celebrate their achievements. Solartron Metrology’s training programmes are growing in popularity, with 30% of staff members now in training, after seeing their colleagues progress through the business. Solartron Metrology’s vocational training programme has enabled it to develop a flexible, responsive and skilled workforce, able to work as a team and efficiently develop the business. Solartron Metrology joins five other organisations in with a chance of winning the VQ Employer of the Year Award, which is split into two categories, SMEs and large organisations, and is sponsored by City & Guilds. The overall winner for

each category will be announced at an awards ceremony in Westminster on the 3rd June 2014 and the award will be presented by Matthew Hancock MP, Minister of State for Skills and Enterprise. Solartron Metrology said: “We’re absolutely delighted that our investment in employees taking up vocational education has been recognised in this year’s VQ Employer of the Year Awards. Not only do vocational qualifications help the individual achieve their career goals, but they are also hugely beneficial to us as a business.” Held on the 4th June 2014, VQ Day is an annual event led by independent education charity, the Edge Foundation. It aims to celebrate the benefits of technical, practical and vocational learning, not only to the individual but also to UK PLC. From 16-year-olds to

those over 60, VQ Day celebrates the acquisition of new skills and encourages parity of esteem between high quality vocational qualifications and academic ones. Jan Hodges OBE, CEO of the Edge Foundation: “Solartron Metrology has been shortlisted for this year’s VQ Employer of the Year Award for championing technical, practical and vocational skills within its workforce. It’s very important for us to recognise companies like Solartron Metrology that have invested in their people and practical learning. In doing so it sends a strong message about the value of vocational qualifications, training and the benefits they bring to both employers and the economy.” For more information about VQ Day and the VQ Employer of the Year Awards, please visit www.

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countryside and rolling

817400 South Downs. Explore the city’s pride and joy, the neW clinic neW clinic opens opensin inchichester chichester Cathedral and the heritage of Arundel Castle.

%0% 101

“This year, 300 directors names were put forward, from which we had just under 100 entries to consider for the awards,” said Rodger Broad, Director of the IoD South. “After some difficult decisions, the Judges have whittled this down to 21 finalists across eight categories.” John Minards, South East Regional Leader of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, major sponsors of the competition, said: “The IoD awards celebrate some of the finest Directors in our region who, in spite of the challenging backdrop, have demonstrated exceptional leadership and best in class performance. “The quality and depth of the individuals short-listed for the awards leaves me confident that our region will continue to grow in 2014 and beyond.” Andy and other finalists from across the whole of London and the south east of England will find out if they have been successful at the sold out Awards Gala Dinner in June, in the prestigious surroundings of the Nash Room at the Institute of Directors in Pall Mall, London.

Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014 19

s s A A m tm st is ri r h h c ec r rfeo fo be bfef ffo o

at the forefront of innovation, design and manufacture of marine blinds and shades, creating a comprehensive range of more than 30 products to complement the ever increasing range of hatches, shaped windows, sunroofs, and portlights. With a 140 strong work force, Oceanair supplies blinds to most of the world’s leading boatbuilders. Andy Fitzgerald, Managing Director of Oceanair Selsey based Marine Oceanair has received A SELSEY business leader has been three Queen’s Awards named as a finalist in this year’s for Enterprise in International London and South East Director of Trade – in 2001, 2005, and 2008. the Year awards run by the Institute Andy said: “You don’t set out for of Directors (IoD) and sponsored by recognition in the task of building a PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. business and in fact leaders rarely Andy Fitzgerald, Managing get told they are doing things Director of Oceanair Marine, is a well, so to be shortlisted for this finalist in the Director of the Year of prestigious award is a great feeling. a company with a turnover of up to To receive peer recognition is a great £9.99m category. encouragement and I am enjoying Since 1990, Oceanair has been the moment.”

Take a stroll in the Sussex countryside and rolling South Downs. Explore the city’s pride and joy, the Cathedral and the heritage of Arundel Castle.

Chichester Park Hotel is the Dr Feng Wanvisiting ideal place to stay for Suffering Migraines? Help is at hand g has from beenpractising practising acupuncture and Dr Feng Wang has been acupuncture and allied allied holistic thera pies in Lond holistic migraine on, Portmouth and Suffering from Migraines? Help is at hand Chinese medicine & Portmouth acupuncture - aChichester natural to approach therapies in London, for over over 5 years. Prior Chic hesterway to this, havin for g obta 5 years. Prior ined his degree in the historic city, as well as Chen to this, having obtained his degree Chengdu University gdu University ofof tradtional Chinese medicine Help is at hand Suffering Migraines? Chinese medicine & acupuncture - a natural wayfrom to approach migraine tradtional he had medicine's pract InChinese Chinese philosophy, no stagnation ised acup he had practised acupuncture andmedi medical herbalism uncture and inTraditional China medicine for 12 years cal herbalism the . a &offering perfect(blockage), wedding no pain. Using Chinese medicine &acupuncture, in China for 12 acupuncture way toyears. approach migraine In Traditional Chinese Chinese medicine'smedicine philosophy, no stagnation - a natural stagnation can be removed, and the blood circulation in the head (blockage), no pain. Using Chinese medicine &acupuncture, the venue or conference aCUPUnCtUre CanThe beneFit... can be regulated. body as a whole In Traditional Chinese medicine's no stagnation stagnation can be removed, and the blood circulation in the headphilosophy, Arthritis | sprAins And system can be balanced at sports the sameinjuries time. can be regulated. The(blockage), body as a whole you’re looking for a plac Chichester. So the treatment can release the Whether symptom heAdAches And migrAine no facilities pain. Usingin Chinese medicine &acupuncture, the aCUPUnCtUre Can beneFit... Arthritis | sprA ins And sports injuries heAdAches And migrAine sinus problem s | digestion | tire dness as well asA to prevent it from happening. sinus problems | digestion | tiredness inso mni | repetiti ve strAin inju ry For people are feared of needles, dep insomniA | |repetitive strAin injury ress ionwho stress acupressure can be applied instead. And depression | stress much mor e... Dr FengWang is an associate of the ATCM (Association And much more... of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK) Ope n Monday to Satu fromover .He has been practising hisrday profession 18to years and 9am 6pm (exc ept Open Monday Saturday from 9am to 6pm bank holid has his own clinic into Chichester town centre ays) Open Monda y to

system can be balanced at the same time. stagnation can be removed, and the blood So the treatment can release the symptom regulated. The body as a whole as well as to prevent itcan frombe happening. For people who are feared of needles, system can be balanced at the same time. acupressure can be applied instead.

circulation in theafter heada

long day, or somewhere to

eat, a place to have your wedding Visit our website for special event, or you need to wor more information on why So the treatment can release the symptom Dr FengWang is an associate of the ATCM (Association Saturday (because yourself you deserve it), from 4 the Chambe (except bank holidays) asand well as toUK) prevent it from happening. of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture rs, 28 Cha pel to Chichester ParkOppo Hotel is9am 6pm Stre(excep et, Chichest For more information visit t bank holiday site Trave s) er, PO1 lodge. Free parki .He has been practising his profession over 18 years and 9 1DL1DL 4 the Chambers, 28 Chapel Street, Chichester, PO19 ng office for a ourfree custo After restaurant, facilities, leisure mers. hours For people who are feared of needles, Call: 01243 537806 for consultation, Free venue car parking. appointments has his own clinic in Chichester town centre Opposite Travelodge. Free parking for our customers. ideal place to stay Monday in West availab on reques to Saturday from 9am le to 6pm (except bank t. holidays) acupressure can be applied instead. Open you’ll have everything you c For more information visit 01office 24hours 3 53 After appointments on request. 7806availablemean Sussex. Call: 01243 537806 Dr forFengWang a free consultation, Free parking. 4 The01243 Chambers, 28537806 Chapel Street, Chichester, PO19 1DL Opposite Travelodge. is an associate of car the ATCM (Association 4 The Chambers, 28 Chapel Street, Chichester, PO19 1DL, Opposite Travelodge. to have a great stay at Chicheste

Open Monday to Saturdayoffrom 9am to 6pm (exceptMedicine bank holidays) Traditional Chinese and Acupuncture UK) For information visithas Aftermore office hours appointments available request. his profession over 18 years and .He been on practising Call: 537806 for a Street, free consultation, Free parking. Opposite Travelodge. 4 The 01243 Chambers, 28 Chapel Chichester, PO19 1DLcar

has his own clinic in Chichester town centre

01243 537806

licensed pharm acist and an Assoc licensed pharmacist and an iate Associate Association of the of the of tradit ional chinese medicine Association of traditional chinese medicine uK uK

Licensed Pharmacist and an Associate of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine UK

For more information visit Chichester Park Hotel | Madgwick Lane | Westhampnett | CHICHE 01243 537806 Call: 01243 537806 for a free consultation, Free car parking. Open Monday to Saturday from01243 9am to 6pm (except bank holidays) www.chichesterparkh Tel: 817400 Licensed Pharmacist and an Associate of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine UK

After office hours appointments available on request. 4 The Chambers, 28 Chapel Street, Chichester, PO19 1DL Opposite Travelodge.

01243 537806

Licensed Pharmacist and an Associate of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine UK

Advert Available £35 per week + VAT

Advert Available £35 per week + VAT

Advert Available £35 per week + VAT

20 Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014

Arts & Entertainment

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Now showing at Cineworld Chichester


FOR A CHANCE TO WIN 2 TICKETS, ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION: Q. In which film comedy did Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler first team up?

A. THE WEDDING SINGER B. THE LONGEST YARD C. BEDTIME STORIES Blended (PG 13) Running time: 117 mins Director: Frank Coraci Starring: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore

After a disastrous blind date, single

kids, they are all stuck sharing a

parents Lauren and Jim agree on

suite at a luxurious African safari

only one thing: they never want

resort for a week in “Blended,”

to see each other again. But when

the third comedy collaboration

they each sign up separately for a

between stars Adam Sandler and

fabulous family vacation with their

Drew Barrymore.(c) Warner Bros

races on Sunday 13 July. Volunteers are needed for various roles throughout the two days. You could be required to: register the athletes at Westgate Leisure Chichester before the start of the events; lane count for the swimmers; direct cyclists and runners; or hand out medals at the finish line. Volunteers do not need any previous experience as they will be fully briefed before the event. All volunteers will receive a goody

bag including drinks, snacks and a t-shirt. If you would like to volunteer at either of these events please contact Amy Chamberlain, the council’s Sport Development Officer, on email at achamberlain@chichester. or call 01243 534871. Councillor Eileen Lintill, Cabinet Member for Wellbeing and Community Services at Chichester District Council, says: “Volunteers are critical to the success of the triathlon. From helping participants register at the start of the event to handing out medals at the finish line, a friendly face can make turns a big difference and make it a memorable day. “Volunteering is a very rewarding way to play a major part in the success of the day. These events are a big part of the local sporting calendar and are great fun whether you are taking part, helping out or as a spectator cheering everyone on.” Meanwhile entry is open if you would like to take part as a competitor. To find out more visit the council’s website www., through the Westgate Leisure website www. or call 01243 534857.

Send your answer, and include your full name, address and a contact phone number to One lucky winner will be selected at random. Closing time is Tuesday 3rd June 2014 at midday - The winner will be notified later on that day. Last weeks winner was Mrs C Bullen from Chichester. Chichester Herald competition terms and conditions apply. Cineworld Chichester Chichester Gate, Chichester, PO19 8EL 0871 200 2000

Sports volunteers needed

WANT TO BECOME a volunteer and give something back to the community? Here’s your opportunity to become a sporting volunteer this summer in Chichester. Chichester District Council’s Sports Development Team is looking for volunteers to help at two of the city’s most popular sporting events: the Natures Way Foods Junior Aquathlon on Saturday 12 July; and the Natures Way Foods Chichester Triathlon and Try-a-Tri



Adult £49, Senior Citizen £47 & Child £32

Discover a world of horticultural excellence at The Blenheim Palace Flower Show. Featuring the best landscape and floral talent that the UK has to offer, alongside an extensive array of garden retail products all within the stunning setting of Blenheim Park Pick ups in Chichester, Rose Green, North Bersted, Bognor, Felpham, Littlehampton & Rustington

Park Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO21 2PX

Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014 21

Spotlight UK are back in Chichester!

AFTER A SUCCESSFUL trial session at Easter, Spotlight UK, are bringing their performing arts workshops to a permanent home in Chichester from 2 June. The workshops including Street Dance, Drama School and a Theatre

School for children aged 5-16yrs, will be based at Graylingwell Park on Monday, Thursday and Friday evenings and Saturday mornings at Roussillon Park. All will be offered at affordable prices, and will really make a difference to people’s lives

• Transition Chichester’s Eco Cinema comes up with another jewel: the multi award winning film: Happy. From the Academy Award nominated director Roko Belic (Genghis Blues) comes a new cinematic adventure. Happy is a feature-length documentary that leads viewers on a journey across 5 continents in search of the keys to happiness. The film addresses many of the fundamental issues we face in today’s society: how do we balance the allure of money, fame and social status with our needs for strong relationships, health and personal fulfilment? Through remarkable human stories and cutting‐edge science, Happy leads us toward a deeper understanding of why and how we can pursue more fulfilling, healthier and happier lives. The film is being screened as part of the monthly Eco Cinema, host by grassroots community organisation,

Transition Chichester, which aims to spread awareness around the issue of sustainability. Date: Monday 2 June, 7.30pm. Venue: Bassil Shippam Hall, Tozer Way, Chichester, PO19 7LG. Cost: £5/3(conc) includes refreshments and home bakes at our Conversation Cafe after the film. • Selsey Gardens Open Day Sunday 22nd June 2014, 11am-5pm. Selsey is opening 17 gardens including new ones for 2014. The garden trail meanders through the town, visiting award winning allotments and gardens, continuing towards the sea via cottage, woodland and folly gardens before reaching beach side plots enjoying stunning sea views across The Solent. Many gardens have wheelchair access. Refreshments, Plants and Raffle tickets will be on sale during the day. All proceeds will

in Chichester. To find out more go to or phone 01256 325420 to book a place. Chichester Community Development Trust and Affinity Sutton are proud to be sponsoring the startup and Jane Haskins the

go to St Wilfrid’s Hospice and Alzheimer’s Society. Admission Programme: Adult £5 (under 12s free) includes map and description of each garden, on sale in Selsey from Saturday 24th May at: The Selsey Florist, Selseyworks and Selsey Town Council Offices. Details on www. • Taste – Artisan Food Festival. Oaklands Park, Chichester 14th &15th June 2014 from 10am – 6pm FREE ENRTY. If you love great, local food, then taste! is for you! Over the weekend there will be 80 Artisan food stalls preparing delicious local food to sample and buy – everything is locally made, grown or produced and offers something really unique to try. We have a vintage & nostalgia area, with a quintessentially English tearoom serving traditional cakes and tea from china cups, a Festival Bar with local real ales,

Community Development Worker commented “Spotlight are a charity with a professional approach to teaching performing arts in a ‘fun way’. The workshops will be affordable to everyone” Spotlight UK, based in Basingstoke, was founded as a charity to support the local community in April 2009, with an aim to provide a wide range of affordable activities to help increase confidence and self esteem, social interaction and mental wellbeing. The Theatre School started with just six children and one dance class in that April, and by September there were over 300 children coming every week to a range of performing arts classes. Spotlight UK’s Theatre School is not about the best dancers, singers, actors and actresses. It is about every child, no matter their background, getting the best chance to perform, shine, and express themselves, while having great fun in the process. Yet that doesn’t mean second rate performances and slow or no progress. They have an incredibly talented team of coaches offering

cider and wine and plenty of local entertainment throughout the weekend. And for the kids… we have face painting, a bouncy castle fun run and cookery classes! Please call 01243 839316 or go to our website for further details. • Concorde is a social club which provides friendship and companionship for single people. It is not a dating club but any members who form relationships or marry remain members. It meets every Tuesday at the Walnut Tree, Runcton, and holds a variety of events throughout the year. New members are very welcome. Anyone who would like more information can visit

a range of activities to suit all ages and abilities. In Chichester the lovely Katie Appleton and Laura Mason will be running the lessons. Laura Mason currently lives in Brighton, and when she’s unable to work as an actress, she runs front of house for a local Theatre. She has a long list of performing arts qualifications and experience, and is “delighted to be involved with Spotlight and is passionate about helping young people develop and flourish into confident and able adults through Drama and performance”. Katie Appleton is a student studying Psychology at the University of Chichester. She’s done teaching at other Spotlight branches in the past as well as other youth work. She’s really excited to launch these classes in Chichester after having a wonderful time at the Easter Holiday club. Katie is convinced that “performing arts are a brilliant way for children to express themselves and build on their personality”. So together they have almost everything in place, all they’re missing is you!







01243 604715.

• The tenth annual Fishbourne Flat Five will take place on Sunday 1 June. This hugely popular event will, as ever, be a 5-mile run/walk following the traditional course around the harbour. We will meet at the Fishbourne Centre at 09.45am with





10.00am. Entry forms and further details will shortly be available from the website www.fishbourneflatfive. or at Fishbourne Primary School, the Fishbourne Centre, Beckie Lou and the Westgate Centre or please contact Su Leeming on 01243 774311.

22 Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014

Food & Drink

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Volunteer group maps Chichester’s local food journeys

Local food writer Rosemary Moon

VOLUNTEERS from Transition Chichester, a group of like-minded people intent on celebrating and conserving the individuality, richness and abundance of Chichester, have presented the findings of their 3-year project to map the routes to market of Chichester’s local food. Local food was defined as being produced and/or available within an 8 miles radius of Chichester’s historic market cross. This information is now shared on the

Transition Chichester website for all to access and use. It not only shows who is growing, processing and producing local food, but who retails and distributes it. It highlights the abundance of cafes, restaurants and bars in the City centre and also the difficulties in sourcing local, seasonal food in the main shopping areas on a day to day basis. The map of Chichester’s food, with its accompanying report, was presented to an audience of city, district and county councillors and

officials, as well as some producers, restaurateurs and food writers, at a meeting at George Bell House, kindly hosted by the Dean & Chapter of Chichester Cathedral. Local food writer Rosemary Moon has been involved in the project from the beginning. A toolkit to enable groups to map their local food economies in a uniform way, produced by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), was tested by the volunteer group. She explains: “Some friends and I had looked at mapping to find out exactly what is happening with local food in the Chichester area, but it was a mammoth task and went into the Too Difficult pile. When the CPRE toolkit came along we decided to do the work for everyone’s benefit. We also hope that it will help raise the profile of all the wonderful food that we produce in this area. Our rich and fertile area is highly valued by the supermarkets for producing fruits and veg, but direct access to this West Sussex bounty is not available to the consumer without many extra food miles added through distribution and warehousing.”

240 businesses were identified who encompassed local food food production is second only to tourism in our area. Customers wanting to access local food must generally travel outwards, visiting shops in the suburbs or farm shops several miles outside the city centre. Susie Kershaw, one of the coauthors of the report, said that ”The format of the collection process allowed us to gather opinions about current practice and ideas for improvement from a range of businesses who handle locally sourced food on a regular basis.” At the presentation all the businesses that TC invited were keen to support, and gave some excellent feedback and ideas for promoting local food. Jenny Cole who masterminded the data collation from the group of volunteer interviewers pointed out saying: “The lack of shops selling local food in the city centre really bothers me. We have only one independent greengrocer.” “And where are our local warehouses, there’s a small one in Bosham, but the nearest general warehousing

we found is in Henfield or north Hampshire.” In a foreword to the report His Grace the Duke of Richmond wrote that “Understanding how and where our food is produced and sold is essential if we are to be able to celebrate West Sussex as a beautiful, rural and richly productive county in decades to come. This food mapping project has been undertaken by volunteers from Transition Chichester, working partly in conjunction with the Campaign to Protect Rural England. They are now keen to share their findings with Decision Makers throughout the county. I commend their work to you and encourage you to share it with others”. The information is now available to all and Transition Chichester’s volunteers hope that it can be used by business support and economic development groups to identify ways of helping all those involved in local food to be able to provide local food to local people, easily, regularly and as simply as possible for the good of the customers and businesses large and small.


MONDAY 23 JUNE 2014 £52 per person

We stop at Secrets Garden Centre in Milford for our coffee/comfort break. Afterwards we continue to Savill Gardens, part of The Crown Estate in Windsor Great Park, in time for our summer buffet lunch in a private marquee, joined by one of their senior gardeners. After lunch you will have free time to explore the beautiful woodland garden with many different facets. As you wander down shady paths, across lawns and flowering meadows, you come across hidden corners of the garden, through curtains of leaves, presenting a kaleidoscope of colours that change with the seasons.

Pick ups in Chichester, Rose Green, North Bersted, Bognor, Felpham, Littlehampton & Rustington


Park Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO21 2PX

Chichester Herald, in partnership with Murrays, is giving away a fabulous meal for two people – every week! The Chichester Herald will be running a 'Where am I?' photo competition sponsored by Murrays in North Street, Chichester every week where you have to guess the location of the photo. For your chance to win this amazing prize for two people, please answer the following photo question:

Can you guess where this picture was taken within the Chichester area? For your chance to win this week's competition, email your answer, name, address and contact number to:

North Street, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1NH Tel: +44 (0)1243 778000 Email: Entries close on: Wednesday 4 June 2014 at midday. The competition is for one winner, who wins a 3 course meal for two from the Prix Fixe menu. There is no cash alternative. A winner will be announced by Murrays every Wednesday. Entry details may be kept on file. Last week's answer was: Butlins, Bognor Regis

Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014 23


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Are Bank Holidays over-rated?

AS THE FOURTH bank holiday in just over a month passes, new research reveals that national days off work may not be as popular as we thought. There are eight Bank Holidays a year, and yet, for many people this is simply too much, as new research conducted on behalf of www. has revealed that 7.6% of people dislike these breaks. Indeed, the equivalent of 1.5

million people across the country say they “hate” Bank Holidays, despite the widely-held assumption that the population welcomes this extra time off. In fact, less than a third of respondents (29%) claim they “love” Bank Holidays. Location plays a big part in attitudes to bank holidays, with Londoners the most positive about them (71% either said they either like or love bank holidays), followed

by the North East (65% love or like bank holidays) while people living in Wales were the most negative, with 17% of residents claiming to either dislike or hate the enforced time off. Age has an influence on how welcome or not an impending bank holiday might be too. 43% of respondents aged between 18 and 34 said they loved bank holidays, contrasting with just 14% of over-

55s, of whom one in 10 (9.7%) said they disliked or hated bank holidays. Surprisingly, the number one reason for disliking Bank Holidays is that people find them “boring”. A third (31%) of people who do not like the breaks gave this reason. One in five (21%) Bank Holiday haters, meanwhile, cite the traditionally horrendous traffic on the roads at these times of year as their reason for loathing the holidays. And more than one in 10 (11%) admit it is because they are often called upon to work while others have time off, while 6% claim they do not enjoy them because they don’t earn money on these days. More than one in 20 (6%) say they do not like Bank Holidays because the weather is often poor. And a brave 2% admit the root of their dislike is that it means they have to spend time with their family. Ian Williams, spokesman for thinkmoney, said: “While most of us eagerly look forward to each Bank Holiday as it gives us a little extra time off to relax, unwind and spend

time with our families, this spring Bank Holiday there will be many who won’t relish the thought of the extra Monday lie-in. “For some people it’s the very thought of more time with the family that they find most unattractive, especially if that’s combined with a few hours stuck in a tailback. Of course for many people, especially those in retail and hospitality, a Bank Holiday is just another working day and perhaps an especially busy one at that. But perhaps we should spare a thought for those – such as the self-employed – who count the cost of the Bank Holiday as a day they can’t earn.” * Londoners Biggest Bank Holiday Fans * Bank Holidays Least Popular in Wales * ‘Boring’ Bank Holidays Bring Dread to Britons * Bank Holidays Most Unpopular with Over-55s * Traffic, bad weather and forcedfamily time bank holiday turn-offs

Scrumptious, original and beautifully decorated cakes and cupcakes made to order, specialising in wedding cakes

exquisite bespoke wedding c akes

01243 262933 07983 341399 @weddingcakekate .com/WeddingKate

24 Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014

Health & Beauty

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Half Term phone nagging!

If you are anything like me, it drives me mad when my children are on the phone constantly. They get in the car when you pick them up from a party, kiss you ‘hello’ and sometimes a good conversation happens! Other times they start instagraming, texting, face booking, snap chatting, tweeting, or what ever it may be and before you know it you are having a conversation with yourself. It is soooo annoying! So it seems us 30/40 something’s with teenage children just have to accept this as a way of life now, and a

Denise Kelly Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist way that the children communicate. Or do we? A major investigation into whether mobile phones and other wireless technologies affect children’s mental development is getting under way,

and to be honest it’s about time too. I have been worried about information that has been available to us for years, but nothing has been concrete. Finally the government are putting time and money into really checking to see the long-term effects of such use. The study, (funded by the government and industry) will track 2,500 11- and 12-year-olds from September 2014. It will look at their cognitive ability, their thinking skills, memory and attention, and then repeat the tests in 2017, so it is quite a long way off, but it’s a start. The researchers say “very little” is known about what impact these technologies have on children. The World Health Organization has said research in this area is of the “highest priority” and I couldn’t agree more. More than 160 secondary schools in the outer London area will receive invitations to enroll pupils into the study. Much of the research into mobile phone use has focused on adults and in particular, the risk of brain cancer. No evidence of harm has been established to date, but every

Dangers of mobile phones There’s a large amount of evidence stating that mobile phones could affect the protective barrier between the brain and blood, allowing toxins to enter.There is also evidence that mobiles could be damaging our immune systems, reducing sperm motility and causing tumours, Alzheimer’s, strokes and autism. study that has been completed seems to point the finger disturbingly at mobile phones being directly linked to many diseases. Nonetheless, NHS advice is that children under the age of 16 should use mobile phones only for essential purposes and, where possible, with hands-free kits. The theory has been put forward that children’s brains may be more susceptible because they are still developing. This research is led by Imperial College of London and will put that idea to the test by asking children and their parents about their use of mobile phones and wireless devices,

such as tablets, as well as analyzing data from operators. The 11-12 age group is particularly important as many children get mobiles at that age to coincide with starting secondary school. Some 70% of that age group now owns a mobile. As mobile phones are a new and widespread technology central to our lives, carrying out the study is important in order to provide the evidence base with which to inform policy and through which parents and their children can make informed life choices. This is essential research that really should have taken place years ago, but better late than never.

There is nothing more important than looking after your health to accomplish a thriving and vibrant life. To get outstanding health and energy Denise does private consultations in three clinics in West Sussex. She also teaches life changing health workshops and seminars for corporate companies and various health organisations all over the world. For more information contact her: @DkNutrition 07730671436.

Suffering from Migraines? Help is at hand

%0% 101

s s A A m tm st is ri r h h c ec r rfeo fo be bfef ffo


neW clinic neW clinic opens opensin inchichester chichester

Dr Feng Wang has from Migraines? Help is at hand Suffering beenpractising practising acupuncture acupuncture and allied holistic Dr Feng Wang has been ther

apies in London, Po and allied holistic rtmouth and Chinese medicine & Portmouth acupuncture to approach an-d aChichester therapies in for over 5 years. migraine Prior Cnatural hichesterway to this, ha fo r ov vinLondon, er 5 years. Prior g obtained his degr ee in C to this, having obtained his degree Chengdu University of tradtional he ng C du University of tr hinese medicine he Chinese medicine & acupuncture - a natural way to approach migraine adtional had medicine's pr InChinese Chinese no stagnation actised ac upphilosophy, he had practised acupuncture and uncture an inTraditional China medicine d mmedical for 12 year edical heherbalism s. rbalism the (blockage), no pain. Using Chinese medicine &acupuncture, in China for 12 & no acupuncture way toyears. approach migraine In Traditional Chinese Chinese medicine'smedicine philosophy, stagnation - a natural

Suffering from Migraines? Help is at hand

stagnation can be removed, and the blood circulation in the head aC

UPUnCtUre Ca n beneFit... (blockage), no pain. Using Chinese medicine &acupuncture, the aCUPUnCtUre CanThe beneFit... can beriregulated. body as a whole Ar th tis | sprA in s And sports In Traditional Chinese medicine's no stagnation stagnation can be removed, and the blood circulation in the headphilosophy, in ju ries Arthritis | sprAins And injuries system be balanced at sports the same time. h eAdAcan ches And migrAin e can be regulated. The(blockage), body as a whole So the treatment can release the symptom heAdAches And migrAine no pain. Using Chinese medicine &acupuncture, the sinus problem s | digestion | ti system can be balanced at the same time. redness as well as to prevent it from happening. sinus problems | digestion | tiredness in so m n iA | re pe stagnation can be removed, and the blood circulation in the head titive strA ininjury jury So the treatment can release the symptom For people are feared ofinneedles, dinsomniA | |repetitive strAin epre ssionwho stress regulated. The body as a whole acupressure be applied instead. as well as to prevent itcan frombe happening. An depression stress d much mcan o|re ... FengWang is an associate of the ATCM (Association For people who are feared of needles, And much more... system can be balanced at the same Dr time. ofpe Traditional Chinese and Acupuncture UK) O n Monday to SaMedicine acupressure can be applied instead. tu ay fromover 18 years and .He has been practising hisrd profession

9am So the treatment can release the symptom to to 6pm (eOpen xc histown Monday to Saturday from 9am 6pm ba nk hoinlid has ep clinic Chichester town centre ayOp s) en Mo nd ay to Sa tur day from 4 th e Cham (except bank bersholidays) as well as to prevent it from happening. , 9am 28 Cha pe6pm to l St re (ex cep et For information visit , t ban Op C hi k positmore ho ch lida es e ter, PO velodge. Free pa 19 4 theTraChambers, 28rker Chapel Street, Chichester, PO19 1Dys) L1DL ing offi for a ouce rfree cuho Aft stom ers. appointmFree For people who are feared of needles, Call: 01243 537806 for consultation, urs entscar parking. Opposite Travelodge. Free parking for our customers. availab on req uesbank Monday to Saturday from 9am le to 6pm (except t. holidays) acupressure can be applied instead. Open licensed pharm For more information visit 0 24hours acist 3 appointments available After1office on request. Dr FengWang is an associate of the ATCM (Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK) .He has been practising his profession over 18 years and has his own clinic in Chichester town centre

537806 01243 537806

and anand Asso ancia Associate of the Asso licensed pharmacist te of

ciation of traditio the na1DL l chine Call: 01243 537806 Dr forFengWang a free consultation, Free parking. Opposite Travelodge. 4 The Chambers, 28 Chapel Street, Chichester, PO19 se medicine Association of traditional chinese medicine uK uK is an associate of car the ATCM (Association 4 The Chambers, 28 Chapel Street, Chichester, PO19 1DL, Opposite Travelodge. Open Monday to Saturdayoffrom 9am to 6pm (exceptMedicine bank holidays) Traditional Chinese and Acupuncture UK) Licensed Pharmacist and an Associate of the For information visit Aftermore office hours appointments available on request. .He has been practising his profession over 18 years and Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine UK Call: 537806 for a Street, free consultation, Free parking. Opposite 4 The 01243 Chambers, 28 Chapel Chichester, PO19 1DLcar has his own clinic in Chichester townTravelodge. centre

01243 537806

Licensed Pharmacist and an Associate of the

Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014 25

Nearly half of employees in the South East know a colleague who has quit work due to stress NEARLY HALF of employees (42%) in the South East say they know a colleague who has had to quit work due to stress. The research, by Capita Employee Benefits, also reveals that almost eight in 10 workers (78%) have been stressed at work in the past year. Findings show employers in the South East are failing to support their stressed workforce as a quarter (25%) of people, who have personally suffered with stress, say after they addressed the issue with their employer nothing was done. Based on findings of a survey of people in full-time employment in the South East, the research shows almost half of employees (44%) feel that their employer has a responsibility to help them manage their personal health and wellbeing. Alistair Dornan, head of health and risk management at Capita Employee Benefits, commented: “A shocking 15.2 million working days were lost to stress, depression and anxiety in 2013* and, as these results show, employees clearly feel they’re not getting the support

they need to be able to deal with stress to the point where people know colleagues who’ve been forced to quit. Considering the cost of absenteeism, lowered productivity and talent leaving organisations on organisations’ bottom lines – it’s vital employers start taking stress seriously. “To tackle the growing stress epidemic organisations must encourage an open dialogue about stress with staff. Half the problem with stress is that it can be a silent issue – with people simply taking time off because they can’t face work. “Employers need to be able to spot stress trends so they can look to create ways of mitigating that stress before it takes hold. Conducting a detailed risk assessment and auditing the health and wellbeing of an entire workforce will help an employer to spot patterns. For example, if once a year a department has higher than average absenteeism rates, then stress could be a contributing factor. Providing targeted health benefits for the whole of workforce such as expanded access to private

Weight loss group with a difference STARTING 5th June 2014 Have you tried to lose weight but failed? Do you end up putting all the weight back on and more? Are you fed up with yo-yo dieting? This is a weight loss group with a difference. You will get the best nutritional advice and support available. You will also get something that other groups just don’t offer - the chance to change your emotions and patterns around food. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your behavior. You will learn how to reduce cravings, how to break through old patterns of behavior once and for

all. You and will have these tools for life. You get so much weight loss a healthier insight research was thousands ofwill pounds in more lostthan days. theandemployee healthcare, health coaching even body. As you come into natural balance you will notice how the rest of your life falls into place.

simple personal health awareness

It may also mean organisations are

advice, friendship and fun. able to hold on to talented staff who events – could helpGreat to support, deal with

published earlier this month and is

Denise Kelly and Jemima and take atostep towards your happier life.available now via Capita Employees may Eames be tempted quit.” stress and prevent Join absenteeism,

A report into the findings from potentially saving an£12.00 organisation per session – Pay on arrival To book your place please call: Jemima 07796 355625

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On arrival in Bruges (1300hrs approx.) at the coach park, you can either walk or get the shuttle bus into the city, as coaches are no longer allowed in. Bruges is known as the Venice of the North, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The entire historical city centre has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2000. Walking along the maze of winding cobbled alleys and romantic canals, you imagine yourself to be in medieval times. The wealth of museums is a striking image of this city's stirring history. The restaurants in Bruges offer gastronomic cuisine. Departure from the coach park in Bruges will be 1700hrs. Times are approximate and subject to change. Passport needed on this excursion. Pick ups in Chichester, Rose Green, North Bersted, Bognor, Felpham, Littlehampton & Rustington


Park Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO21 2PX

STARTING 5th June 2014

Have you tried to lose weight but failed? Do you end up putting all the weight back on and more? Are you fed up with yo-yo dieting? This is a weight loss group with a difference. You will get the best nutritional advice and support available. You will also get something that other groups just don’t offer - the chance to change your emotions and patterns around food. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your behavior. You will learn how to reduce cravings, how to break through old patterns of behavior once and for all. You will have these tools for life. You will get so much more than weight loss and a healthier body. As you come into natural balance you will notice how the rest of your life falls into place.

GREAT SUPPORT, ADVICE, FRIENDSHIP AND FUN. Join Denise Kelly and Jemima Eames and take a step towards your happier life.

£12.00 per session – Pay on arrival To book your place please call: Jemima 07796 355625

26 Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014

Fashion & Lifestyle Fashion boss who scooped £200 million in cash still drives seven-year-old car

WHEN MAHMUD KAMANI floated his family fashion firm Boohoo. com for £700 million in March, his phone started ringing. ‘Someone rang to ask if I wanted to buy a jet. Someone even asked if I wanted to buy a football club. I said

to him: “Are you on drugs?’” But so far Kamani, despite being as wealthy as Simon Cowell, has eschewed the trappings of his dotcom millionaire status. ‘Nothing has changed. Since I floated I have not bought a

helicopter, no new cars, no new house. I’m not a lottery winner, I can’t just take the money and walk away,’ he says. ‘This is my life and I have to remember I’ve got a big job here. I’ve got people betting on me to succeed.’ So far those people who bet on Kamani may be a little disappointed. As with many dotcom firms, such as rival fashion group Asos, shares have plummeted in the past two months, by 40 per cent for Boohoo. Kamani cashed in a healthy chunk of his share of the firm at the float, raking in more than £200 million in cash. But unlike some other flotations, where owners have sold most of their stakes, he still owns 24 per cent and relatives’ holdings boost the family stake to over 40 per cent. A recent survey estimated the total family wealth to be £300 million.

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Concorde outing to Exbury Gardens

CONCORDE MEMBERS, from Emsworth to Littlehampton and from Selsey to Midhurst, enjoyed a coach trip in brilliant sunshine to Exbury Gardens in the New Forest on Sunday May 18. The outing was organized by the club’s Secretary, Eileen Whitehand of Pagham, and another member, Ray Hammond of Bognor Regis, drove the coach. On the way home, they stopped at The Old Farmhouse Tearooms in Burley for a delicious cream tea. Concorde is a social club, which provides friendship and companionship for mature single people. It is not a dating club but

members, who form relationships or marry, may remain members and maintain friendships formed at the club. Concorde meets every Tuesday evening at The Walnut Tree in Runcton and also holds a wide variety of other events throughout the year, such as parties, barbecues, walks, meals and outings to theatres and art galleries. New members are always welcome. Anyone who would like to know more should visit www. or phone 01243 575083 or 01243 604715.


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WHY YOU SHOULD STAY AT Chichester Park Hotel


Take a stroll in the Sussex countryside and rolling South Downs. Explore the city’s pride and joy, the Cathedral and the heritage of Arundel Castle. Chichester Park Hotel is the ideal place to stay for visiting the historic city, as well as a offering perfect wedding venue or conference facilities in Chichester. Visit our website for more information on why Chichester Park Hotel is ideal place to stay in West Sussex.

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Chichester Park Hotel | Madgwick Lane | Westhampnett | CHICHESTER | PO19 7QL

Tel: 01243


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Brain Gym Brain Gym


Each number in the grid represents a different letter of the alphabet and every letter of the alphabet is used. Use the given letter(s) to the right of the main grid to start you off.

Last week’s solutions: 2


























































Wordsquare Wordsquare


Last week’s solutions: CRYPTIC - Across: 1 Outclass; 5 Maid; 9 Mean; 10 Magazine; 11 Lemon; 12 Lurking; 13 As weak as water; 18 Floodlit; 19 Aids; 20 Begonia; 21 Melon; 22 Ends; 23 Aspirate. Down: 2 Useless; 3 Console; 4 Small capitals; 6 Animist; 7 Dredger; 8 Marrow; 13 Affable; 14 Wronged; 15 Ardent; 16 Amateur; 17 Endmost. QUICK - Across: 1 Gracious; 5 Flag; 9 Anon; 10 Disclose; 11 Bower; 12 Turnout; 13 Inadvertently; 18 Spacious; 19 Gone; 20 Augment; 21 Debar; 22 Tome; 23 Addition. Down: 2 Run-down; 3 Contend; 4 Uninterrupted; 6 Lookout; 7 Greatly; 8 Scarce; 13 Instant; 14 Amalgam; 15 Veiled; 16 Neglect; 17 Long ago.

Choose either quick or cryptic clues.

Cryptic Clues:

Codeword Crossword


Double Crossword Double Crossword

Across Down 1. It has been burned 2. Let in as a member lately by students of the group (5) (8,3) 3. There’s no side to 9. No clear remedy him, of course (7) for the old boy (7) 4. Sounds like a 10. A striker in a game musical country (6) (5) 5. The time of the 11. Go into some apparently open bright emporium terms (5) (5) 12. Singer shows 6. Concentrated there’s nothing in tennis out East (7) turning the corner 7. Leave the darkness (7) to be revealed 13. Officer (4,2,5) commanding worship is mystic 8. Do they make the (6) workers under 15. Stick to them pay? (6,5) commercial in this 14. Tip a can for the place (6) officer (7) 18. Urge to act miles 16. Part of the up (7) bedroom furniture? 20. Heather I care about (5) No! (7) 22. Listened to 17. Do drinkers find it egghead in difficult stormy? (6) surroundings (5) 19. 50 on the rim of 23. The actors were the shelf (5) first to have moved 21. At home with a on the board (7) tenant in coastal 24. Angrily took food to excess (11) feature (5)

Kakuro Kakura 11

Give yourself ten minutes to find as many words as possible using the letters in the grid. Each word must use the central letter and at least 3 others, and letters may be used only once. You cannot use plurals, foreign words or proper nouns, but verb forms ending in ‘s’ are permitted. There is one 9-letter word to be found.












8 21

8 7








15 7






How you rate:

Last week’s solutions:

15 words - average; 20 words - good; 25 words - very good; 30 or more - excellent.

blue, blued, bluer, blunder, blundered, blur, bundle, bundled, burden, burdened, burl, burn, burned, delude, deluder, denude, drub, dude, duel, dune, elude, eluded, endue, endued, endure, endured, lure, lured, nude, redbud, rude, rued, rule, ruled, rune, udder, under, unreel.





32 14 7

Quick Clues: Across


1. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 15. 18. 20. 22. 23. 24.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 14. 16. 17. 19. 21.

Destroying (11) Airman (7) Unaccompanied (5) Kingly (5) Draw (7) Renounce (6) Result (6) Erase (7) Unfeeling (5) Change (5) Building (7) Discipline (11)

Looking at (5) Nominal (7) Illusory (6) Pamphlet (5) Profane (7) Road (11) Abstainer (11) Zeus (7) Clique (7) Annul (6) Cherish (5) Parts (5)

Scribble pad

15 4

Circlegram Circlegram






Fill in the white squares with numbers 1 to 9. Each horizontal block must add up to the number in the shaded square to its left, and each vertical block to the number above. Numbers may be used once in each block. Last week’s solutions: 1 2 5 3 6 8 9 9 2 1 7 9 3 4 8 2 1 6 3 5 7 2 4 1 4 2

7 6 9 3 5 2 1 1 4 2 5 8 1 3 2 7 9 7 9 3 5 3 1


A O E R R I ? T A D W U R C O P Last week’s solutions: The letter represented by the question mark is L. Gondola, trawler, longboat, all types of boat.

Alphamuddle Alphamuddle Rearrange the letters in the grid B to make five words that read both across and down. Five letters have been placed to start you off.

9 8 3 8


6 9 5 5 6


Sudoku Sudoku Fill in the grids below so that every column, every row and each of the 3x3 boxes contains all the digits from 1 to 9.


Replace the question mark with a letter so that the letters within each circle can be arranged to form words on a common theme. What are the three words, and the letter represented by the question mark?



Last week’s solutions: >


From top to bottom Simple, Intermediate, Difficult








Last week’s solutions: Satin, Alone, Tongs, Ingot, Nests.

Chichester Herald is the area’s largest independently owned newspaper, written and put together by local people, reaching an audience of up to 75,000 every week

1@E;A>1B1:@85?@10;:-88@4159<;>@-:@?5@1?-:0 <A.85/-@5;:?5:/8A05:3&41A->05-:A501  &591!A@ &415?@-:08;/-8<>1??  %59<81 2>11 -:0-885:;:1<8-/1 (5?5@CCC 85?@;>- 91NVTUX@;85?@E;A>:1D@1B1:@

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28 Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014


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In Chichester & the surrounding areas

Feature Property: Aldwick


A well presented detached house situated within approx half a mile of the beach, shopping facilities and schools. The property has been made the subject of a programme of remodelling & refurbishment by the current owners. G.F.H., u.P.V.C. dble glazing, cloakroom, good sized dual aspect lounge with attached conservatory, fitted kitchen with arched opening to the dining room, utility room, three bedrooms, refitted bathroom, garage, parking for several vehicles and gardens including a 100’ rear. EPC Rating C. For more information, contact Coastguards Estate Agents on

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Imagery is for illustration purposes only. If shown, any external elevations including treatments, materials, window positions and sizes are subject to change at any time. *Available on selected plots subject to status. Terms and conditions apply. A professional legal adviser is required to carry out the legal formalities of buying the home and to represent your interests. Charles Church can provide you with a list of recommended solicitors and/or fi nancial advisers as necessary. Charles Church cannot advise you on a mortgage. This scheme is subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time without notice. This scheme may not be available in conjunction with any other promotions or offers. YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE OR OTHER DEBT SECURED ON IT. Full details available on request. Details correct at time of going to press.

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A deceptively spacious detached bungalow situated on a good sized plot in a cul-de-sac, within half a mile of shops, schools and the beach. The property has been extended over the years and offers flexible and spacious accommodation in a peaceful location. G.F.H., Near 32’ lounge/dining room, separate sitting room (potential third bedroom), conservatory, kitchen, master bedroom with en suite shower room, second bedroom, bathroom, good size garage and large gardens. EPC rating: E



Well presented modern detached house situated in private marine estate around 200 yards from the beach. Large South facing lounge, spacious dining room, versatile dual aspect study, kit/breakfast room, utility room, an unusual curved staircase and landing, master bedroom with en suite bathroom and balcony, three further bedrooms, family bathroom, detached double garage and gardens including a South facing rear. EPC Rating: D

A spacious detached house situated in quiet cul-de-sac of private marine estate within 100 yards of the private beach. The current owners have carried out a comprehensive programme of extension and modernisation . G.F.H., u.P.V.C. double glazing, fascias & soffits, cavity wall insulation, cloakrm, lounge, dining rm, sitting rm, kit/breakfast rm, master bedrm with en suite bathrm, four further bedrms, second bathrm, shower rm, balcony, integral garage and gardens including a secluded courtyard garden with heated swimming pool. EPC rating is D

An unusual detached property situated in a secluded position within 200 yards of the private beach. The very well presented property includes a spacious entrance hall, cloakrm, a living rm, good sized conservatory/dining rm, kit/breakfast rm, utility rm, gr fl bedrm with en suite bathrm, further gr fl bedrm/study, first floor bedrm with en suite shower rm, family bathrm, detached dble garage with study/office over, secluded Southerly gardens. EPC Rating: C





A very well presented first floor apartment situated in a small development approx. 150 yards from the private marine estate. The apartment has been made the subject of a programme of refurbishment and modernisation and includes g.f.h., u.P.V.C. dble glazing, dual aspect living rm with windows to South and West, attractive kit/breakfast rm, two bedrms, fully tiled shower rm, garage in nearby compound and use of landscaped communal gardens. EPC RATING: C



A ground floor flat situated in a small development in private marine estate approx. 150 yards from the private beach. The property has been made the subject of a programme of refurbishment and modernisation and includes g.f.h., u.P.V.C. dble glazing, dual aspect living room with doors opening to the West facing area of garden, fitted kitchen & bathrm, three bedrooms, garage and the use of the South facing communal gardens. EPC RATING: C




A one bedroom close care apartment in the grounds of the Royal Bay care home, purpose buiilt to be ‘elderly user friendly’ with many safety features and the availability of any level of assistance from the care home, gas c.h., double glazed, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, personal patio area. EPC rating C.

30 Chichester Herald Friday, May 30 2014



Sponsored by Panther Truck Rental 01243 778109

Museum showcases the story of motorcycles in a stunning new display CAR HIRE

Daily rates start at just £30.00 + Vat, include insurance Hire for a minimum of one week and pay just £1

All sizes available with Transit vans starting at just £ drawn up in consultation with sporting greats in displays which icons,Hire a Transit for a minimum of one week and pay just VAN HIRE Comprehensive range of vehicles Motor from Berlingo vans u cover varied racing disciplines as experts from the National well as road safety, British ‘Mods and Museum Trust Advisory Council and Not many people know that we can also supply and fit Rockers’ youth culture of the 1950s a number of motorcycle focus groups. of tyres for both car and commercial. Contact us for a fr TYRES Van Tyres 185 x 14 / 195 x 14 £45.00 + Vat. 185 x 15 / and 60s and the Ace Café scene. It includes riders from all eras and The gallery includes some of the genres of motorcycling, from early Isle earliest examples ofCall motorcycles fromand us now findTTout whytowe are world The Areas of Man winners modern the beginning of the 1900s which saw champions and celebrity riders. the rise of a new industry evolving FAMILY Over 7,000 votes were cast; bothRUN BUSIN Competitive Rates All Year Round from the bicycle craze of the 1890s. Discounts On all Weekly Rentals QUARRY LANE online and at motorcycling events Included In All Rates The display shows Insurance the development across the South of England and Unlimited Mileage On all Rentals of the motorcycle as a workhorse, the the rider topping the poll was Barry important role it played during two Sheene, one of the best known and World Wars and its popularity as a most popular riders in the history of leisure activity during the 50s and 60s. motorcycle racing and winner of two Motorcycles have also been used World Championships. Other icons on in competitive events almost since the wall include Mike Hailwood, Carl they were invented, with the first Fogarty, John Surtees, Maria Costello recorded event a 94 mile race from and Charley Boorman. Paris to Nantes in September 1896. The Motorcycle Story is now open As with motor racing, motorcycle and can be seen as part of a visit to sport evolved into a multitude of the whole Beaulieu attraction which different disciplines both on and off includes the National Motor Museum, road. Motocross, Trials, Speedway, World of Top Gear, Beaulieu Abbey, Grasstrack and Drag Racing all have a Palace House and gardens. following in the 21st century. Visit Central to the display is the Motorcycle Icons Wall of Fame, attractions/motorcycle-story for more a gallery featuring the top twenty information or join the conversation riders as voted for by the public, with @Beaulieu_Hants on Twitter from a shortlist of 48 motorcycling using #motorcyclestory


A NEW display in the National Motor Museum, The Motorcycle Story, was opened today (14th May). In welcoming guests on behalf of his father, Lord Montagu, the Hon Ralph Montagu said: “We are now well over half way through a total re-display of the National Motor Museum which has been several years in development and aims to improve the way we tell the story of motoring and motorcycling and display our celebrated collection of vehicles. The latest phase is the

display of our motorcycle collection in The Motorcycle Story.” Following a ribbon cutting, motor racing commentator, Murray Walker, was invited to unveil a plaque marking his father, Graham Walker’s role as the first curator of the motorcycle collection at Beaulieu, beside a display case celebrating his life and achievements. Unveiling the Motorcycling Icons Wall of Fame were two of the icons, 11 times British Trials Champion, Sammy Miller

and Britain’s most successful female motorcycle trials rider, Becky Cook. The Motorcycle Story takes the visitor on a journey through motorcycling history and the human quest for freedom, individuality and the desire to win. For the first time, machines are displayed in their historical and cultural context; tying technological developments to changing trends in fashion, style and sport. Supporting artefacts include clothing worn and trophies won by







AND...................THE FIAT 500 IS NOW BACK


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Chichester RC to appear at Twickenham for Aviva Premiership Final

World Cup winner Lewis Moody

CHICHESTER under-12s head coach Kerry Stanton wants his starlets to make the most of their Twickenham experience this weekend, insisting they fully deserve their time on the big stage. As Saracens and Northampton Saints do battle to determine who walks away with this year’s top

prize at the Aviva Premiership Grand Final this Saturday, the hallowed Twickenham turf will be graced by Chichester’s young guns at half-time. And much like Sarries and Saints, Chichester faced an arduous journey to make it to Rugby HQ as they came out on top of the Land

Rover Premiership Rugby Cup festival hosted by Harlequins in October. Chichester finished top of the pile as the great and the good of local grassroots rugby came together and their prize is a spot in the ‘Parade of Champions’ during half-time of the Aviva Premiership Grand Final. And after toppling all those before them to make it to Twickenham, Stanton is urging his players to soak up the experience as they share the spotlight with their idols. “The kids are really looking forward to visiting Twickenham, although I don’t think it’s really hit home yet because of our busy season,” he said. “Even during the period of bad weather we still managed to organise games and we won a tournament on the Isle of Wight recently. “As a competitive side they’ve

only conceded six tries this season and there’s similar strength across all of the age groups at Chichester. “Twelve of my squad are going to the Harlequins youth trials later this month, so it’s an exciting time for them with the trip to Twickenham coming up too.” Launched in the 2008-09 season, the Land Rover Premiership Rugby Cup is the first national grassroots tournament officiated by Premiership Rugby and run in conjunction with all 12 clubs. And while some of Chichester under-12s’ Twickenham experience will start and end this Saturday, World Cup winner Lewis Moody is adamant the occasion will continue to have a positive effect on their lives. “The teams taking part in the Parade of Champions worked hard to win their respective cup competitions and they fully deserve this fantastic reward,” Moody said.

“The kids will get to see and experience Twickenham and be on centre stage, get to walk on to the pitch and they will be walking on the same grass that their international heroes will be walking on in a year’s time at the World Cup. “My first game at Twickenham was when I was 18 I think for the England Under-21s and it was before or after one of the internationals and it was still an amazing occasion. “There was a bit of a sparse crowd then but for these kids it was be a packed house as it is just before the kick-off so they will get the experience the noise and atmosphere which is fantastic.” Lewis Moody is a Land Rover ambassador. Land Rover supports grassroots rugby and provides the opportunity for 7000 youngsters to take part in the Land Rover Premiership Rugby Cup.

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