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LOUISA COUNTY EVENTS KEY: Multimedia embedded

Poindexter Will and others in wave of emancipations within Baptist churches.

Leadership of Quaker women. Formation of Camp Creek Quaker MM Meeting, Slave Literacy Movement at Providence Presbyterian Church in Gum Spring.

Source Documents found during research in 2012 Browsable thru link

1834 Nathaniel Bunch will emancipations. Amer. Col. Society

Henry “Box” Brown, owner Wm Barrett was a member of the ACS.

Lucy Langston inherits land near Gibson’s Mill

1783-Petition of Charles Moorman among Quakers asking legislature to allow emancipation of slaves.

Gilbert Gibson, Mulatto

I 1747-1753

Birth of “Christian Churches”...Gilboa, etc. in Louisa County.

I 1758

I 1783

Virginia Law goes into effect requiring freed slaves to leave the state w/in one year in an attempt to curb emancipations and the presence of free blacks

I 1806

Nat Turner’s Rebellion Black Laws follow restricting educating and gathering of both enslaved and free blacks.

I 1832

Abolitionist Movement Grows. Women in Leadership Roles

NATIONAL EVENTS 1776-1781 Revolutionary War

American Colonization Society (ACS) – John Hartwell

1865-1868 Freedmens Bureau Field Office Louisa Court House

Appr. 400 slaves flee to Union forces during Stoneman’s Raid. Official Reports of the War of the Rebellion . General Stoneman, May 1863

Second Great Awakening Develops Women’s leadership thru missionary and tract societies.

I 1830s-40s

Andrew Carter & Sarah (Zelda Carter Morton’s parents)

Southern Claims– Free black who assumed Union knew he was their ally during Stoneman’s Raid.

William D. Gooch and Capt Ralph Quarles.


1865 First Freedmen’s school in Louisa Court House. Albert Powell, nephew of John Mercer Langston FBR 1866 Freedmen’s school at Baptist Church in Louisa. 8 others to be created. FBR

Westend, Watson, Bracketts stuff. Labor contracts John M. Langston visits Louisa...excerpt from his autobiography.

John Mercer Langston-born in Louisa County.

Will of Charles Moorman emancipating slaves 1778 in Camp Creek/Green Springs

John Bunch/Sarah Slayden case 1704 . Mulatto defined. President Obama’s ancestor.

Materials Pre-1865 will be included in introductory/ background section.

Letters of Clara Garland on behalf of former slaves.

Quote from Letter of Orlando Brown to Freedmen...

1865-1870 Reconstruction

I 1850 Fugitive Slave Law requires return of runaway slaves

I 1861

I 1863 Emancipation Proclamation frees slaves in states in rebellion

I 1865 March 1865– 1871 Bureau of Freedmen, Refugees and Abandoned Lands

I 1868 1865- Civil War ended; Reconstruction of the South began

1871 Louisa Co public schools created. Rev. Littleberry Haley Superintendent. Photo, quote from diary- whites mostly resist taxes to fund

Narrative of Missy Brown, my father’s story...slave list from Ionia with Missy and Moses.

1870– Underwood Constitution approved: Conservatives regain control of state politics, public schools system created

I 1870

Working Draft of exhibit– March 2013

American Civil War 1861-1865

1877– Virginia passes Married Women’s Property Act.

I 1877 1874– Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WTCU) founded.

1754-1763 French and Indian War

Reconstruction 1865-1877

The Big House after slavery– Ambler… Watsons...Eliz at Bracketts- barnyard work, saving money.

1873 Town 1874-75 Wm. Ambler Pres of Va State Grange. Images of publication Southern of Louisa incorporated Planter

1879-1883 Bi-racial Readjuster Party in control of Virginia.

I 1880

1902 Town of Mineral Incorporated

1894-1904 Coroner’s Reports

Rise of Temperance Movement Anti-Saloon League of Virginia

Louisa Poll Books begin in 1904 in time to elect Theodore Roosevelt for a full term (he has replaced assassinated Pres. McKinley in 1901. Images and database Books kept until 1965 when voting rights act abolish poll tax and tests.

1904 New Louisa Court House erected 1895 Lists created of Watson slaves at Ionia at 1865 and Morris lists at Hawkwood.

1888 John Mercer Langston wins seat in Congress on Republican ticket. A first. Contested, but he is seated.

I 1890

1877– Reconstruction Ends 1877-1900 Industrial Revolution, rise (& fall) of Farmers Alliance, Knights of Labor, Restoration of white rule Populist Party returns as the South is “redeemed”.

1898 Louisa’s Arthur Baker joins the Buffalo Soldiers and fights in Cuba with Teddy Roosevelt and the 10th Cavalry Julius Jones Images

UDC SCV Groups in Louisa and Courthouse

Transcribe best portions from Convention and photo of members and

I 1896

I 1900

1893-1933 WCTU Photo Known members

1916 Lucille Holt appointed first Supervisor of Negro Education with Jeannes Fund.

League of Women’s Voter Docs. Poll Books from Louisa County

Southern Cross Applications

1902—Virginia Constitution revised to disenfranchise black vote and segregate public spaces. Poll tax and literacy tests imposed but Confederate veterans exempted.

Gordonsville Chicken Vendors image.

The Saloons Must Go! Story of women in Mineral.

1924 Papers of Vital Records Register Mrs. WAC Pettit for copies and issues with midwives passing light children as white.

Ellen Glasgow spends summers here. Images Jerdone Castle, Barren Ground

I 1902

1904 Richmond Street Car Boycott.

Virginia Woman’s Suffrage League in Richmond, Ellen Glasgow of Jerdone Castle one of founders. Claytons divided land to former slaves

African-Americans read stories from of lynchings, outrages, etc. in The Planet. It carried Louisa County news items, so presumably is read here by blacks

I 1904

1898 Spanish American War 1896 Plessey vs. Ferguson Supreme Court rules segregation on public transport legal. List of names from Louisa Co and image of cards

I 1910

I 1914-18 World War I Influenza Epidemic

1896 National Assoc. of Col-

1890-1920 The Progressive Movement Births activism of men and women to address labor ills, alcohol abuse, family issues, corruption, education (and women pushed for suffrage. )

1926 Louisa Training School built with Rosenwald Funds. Also Mechanicsville and Shady Grove built thru Rosenwald Fund. 1923 Shady Grove letters to Rosenwald Fund and state. Zelda Carter Fletcher (late Morton) becomes Supervisor of Negro Education (Zelda Narrative images of doc)

1920– Virginia ( and rest of South) rejects ratifying the 19th Amendment prohibiting discrimination on basis of sex.

I 1920 19th Amendment is ratified by one vote in the State of TN. “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. “

“Aunt Patsy”..columnist. Insights into women’s influence and social concerns in her columns.

Out Migration from Louisa. Track population patterns Gela Porte went to Washington in 1937...out-migration. Story from CV on her and woman everyone stayed with while they got established.

NAACP Records. First Louisa Chapter chartered in 1918 1935s...modern chapter. Docs from Library of Congress First electric power in Towns Kincannon Tomato and other canneries. Photo of the cannery and later efforts of Home Demonstration Clubs for women.

1940 Program to consolidate and improve Louisa County Schools started.

Two CCC Camps in Louisa County. Photo and diary of Marie Cox Fisher, Doris McCary oral history.

Women join Aircraft Spotter Corp, join work force and assist in war effort on the home front, including taking positions formerly help by men. Photos and oral history from 2010

Flora Molton– black blues singer. Highway marker at Zion XR.

“Petticoats in Politics” Elizabeth Trice Walton Quotes from 1963 CP article and others. A.G. Richardson High School opens.

Rural Electrification comes to Louisa County. Major impact on women’s lives.

Attorney and early suffragist Helen Hoy Greeley buys farm and later moves to Louisa– 1943ish

Black men enter armed services in mass. Oral histories from Mr. Leroy Hughes (or article with permission of the CV ) and Robert Winston

Black newspaper the Afro from Richmond and Jet Magazine read in Louisa County. What are the stories on Emmit Till and Mont. bus boycott? Bombing of King’s home?

Gov. Almond plan. Resolutions in LC Supervisor’s minutes in courthouse to oppose integration

I 1924

1926-1930 Harry F. Byrd serves as Va Gov consolidating his control over democratic party

I 1930

1933 Harry Byrd appointed to US Senate where would serve until 1965.

I 1930s

Virginia’s Harry Byrd promotes Massive Resistance

I 1935 1933-1939 New Deal

Women Contribute Vitally to Farm Income

I 1940

I 1941-45 1941-1945 World War II

I 1947 1947 Jackie Robinson a and Brooklyn Dodgers

I 1950

I 1954 1954 Supreme Court Rules in Brown v. Board of education

Louisa desegregates schools completely fall of 1970

J. Sargeant Reynolds (our museum’s namesake) 1967– Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court rules VA laws banning interracial marriage unconstitutional.

Prince Edward Schools closed Also Norfolk and C’ville for short period. ET Walton quote on keeping schools open.

I 1959

I 1955

1970 Lake Anne Nuclear Power Plant and Lake Anna constructed.

Frank Drumheller, administrator, oral history. Several other oral histories from this period of desegregation.

1959-1968 Virginia adopts Freedom of Choice plan for school integration. 1924 Virginia passes Racial Integrity Act Walter Plecker If more than 1/16 black or Indian, considered ‘colored’. Pocahontas clause...see photos from Westend Collec-

Clips from two Notable Women of Louisa County luncheons. Many women’s stories told by present female leaders in the community.

Oral histories of women and changes in their lives from 1930s to present: Sally Johnson, Mary Richardson, Mamie Johnson, Marion Perkins, Marjorie Woolfolk. Any more we can do soon.

I 1964 1964 Civil Rights Act passed: outlawed discrimination based on race and gender

1954 Supreme Court Rules in Brown v. Board of education 1955 Murder of Emmit Till and Montgomery Bus Boycott. Rise of Martin Luther King.

1964 24th Amendment banned poll tax in federal elections 1964 3 Civil Rights workers murdered in MS 1964 MLK received Nobel Peace Prize

1919-1933 Prohibition Act in force banning alcohol

Louisa Adopts Virginia Freedom of Choice Plan in effort to resist total integration

1955-1965 Southern Civil Rights Movement

I 1965

I 1967

1965 Voting Rights Act passed

1966 NOW– National Organization of Women founded

1968 Green vs. New Kent County, VA Supreme Court rules Freedom of Choice plans for integration unconsti-

I 1968

1970 Virginia Adopts new Constitution that undoes 1902 and Jim Crow

J. Sargeant Reynolds papers Civil Rights. Shad Planking speech 1971 Movie on Sarg

I 1970

Compilation of 2012 100 Years Study  

Working draft of timeline for If it Takes a Hundred Years study for April 6th mtg

Compilation of 2012 100 Years Study  

Working draft of timeline for If it Takes a Hundred Years study for April 6th mtg