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Canal boats were used to transport goods through the Lake Champlain Canal. Canal boats were usually pulled by a tugboat or mules in the canal. Every canal boat is very narrow.

The Stone Boat’s real name is unknown, but it was found near Diamond Island. It’s 93 feet long and 14 feet wide. The Stone Boat was a floating canal boat that carried many tons of rock around the Champlain Canal.

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The Stone Boat spent most of its years carrying quarry stone and cargo across Lake Champlain. It had no engine or horse power. It was mostly towed around by a tugboat, or mules on the canal. On the last voyage, the stone boat carried too much stone, almost sunk, but washed up on Diamond Island’s rocky shore.




The Stone Boat is located off the southeast side of Diamond Island. The latitude is: 44 degrees, and the longitude is 73 degrees.

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Stone Boat  

Description of the Stone Boat shipwreck

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