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July 2012

Bizarre Standoff at St. Mary’s Church

City Awaits Judge’s Ruling On Possible Shutdown of Zoo’s Elephant Exhibit

By Norma Zager and Allison Ferraro, Ledger Contributing Writers

By Colin Stutz Ledger Contributing Writer

LOS FELIZ—The St. Mary of the Angels Church, 4510 Finley Ave., remains locked down while a battle rages internally and through the courts, whether its rector Father Christopher Kelley has been fired and must vacate the property and his position of five years. Kelley and a small group of sympathizers have ensconced themselves in the rectory—the church’s living quarters—and in the church basement. According to court documents, Kelley has hired a security guard to protect the property. Meanwhile, another small band of parishioners, who maintain Kelley has been fired, remain in the church sanctuary and its offices. Kelley, according to a letter from the Vestry—which is an Episcopal Church’s governing body—and filed as part of see ST. MARY’S page 7

hibit that opened less than two years ago at a cost of $42 million could be shut down and the three elephants that live there relocated if the plaintiff

GRIFFITH PARK—The Los Angeles Zoo’s elephant new ex-

in a California Superior Court case—heard at trial for six days in June—has his way. The judge is now deciding the case. The plaintiff, Aaron

posted at the end of April, from the previous producers saying they are not—and reasons why they are not—producing the event this year. According to John Forrester, one of a team of three producers of the street festival in years 2005 through 2008 and again in 2011—including Denise Saker, Rosetta Stone Events and Roy Hassett, of O Entertainment—the group purchased the domain in 2007 and has paid for the URL’s regis-

Leider, a real estate agent and animal rights activist, claims in his lawsuit the conditions of the exhibit called “Elephants of Asia” are cruel to its three Asian Elephant inhabitants, Billy, Tina and Jewel. “[The elephants’] captivity kills them and it kills them in a very protracted, long, suffering way,” said Leider, in an interview after the June 22nd court proceedings. “They literally die by their bones going through their toes.” As both the zoo and its animals belong to the city, Leider’s current civil lawsuit— the latest legal filing in the case that started in five years ago— claims the exhibit is a waste of tax payer funds and property. Nearly half the funding for construction of the exhibit—$20.3 million—was from two voter approved bond measures. $19.3 million was from private donations through the zoo’s fundraising arm, the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association (GLAZA); and another $2.3 million was from the Zoo’s Enterprise Trust Fund—funds collected from the zoo’s own revenue. Annual upkeep for the three elephants, was estimated at $342,000 in 2005, according to documents filed in the lawsuit. The initial complaint, filed in 2007 by now-deceased actor Robert Culp and Leider, asked the court to stop construction of the new exhibit altogether. Having lost that round in the legal proceedings, Leider, now wants the finished exhibit to shut down completely and the pachyderms sent to sanctuaries to live out the rest of their lives with significantly more room to roam and less constructed ways of living.

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BEASTLY NIGHT RAISES $1.1 MILLION—Los Angeles Zoo Keeper Laura Lopez shows off a macaw to a couple during the 42nd Annual Beastly Ball fundraiser, June 16th. The evening event, which drew nearly 800 guests, invites attendees to stroll through the zoo grounds to view animals and partake in food stations. Along the way, as pictured here, zookeepers field questions and show an assortment of animals up close. The event also honored former Mayor of Los Angeles Richard Riordan and actress Sarah Michelle Geller (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Photo by: Allison Ferraro

Street Fair Set Despite Ugly Underpinnings

By Norma Zager, Ledger Contributing Writer

By Norma Zager, Ledger Contributing Writer

VERMONT AVE—Local resident Brian Cornelius, of Caruso Affiliated, has presented plans for a redesign of the Vermont Avenue post office, to help restore the site to “its formal life and unique character,” including a scaled down facility, new retail and more parking. Cornelius made his presentation, which would have Caruso Affiliated, a private enterprise, working in conjunction with the United States Postal Service (USPS) at the Los Feliz Improvement Dis-

HOLLYWOOD BLVD—While the Los Feliz Village Street Fair has now set a date of July 22nd from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Los Feliz Business Improvement District (LFVBID) President Chris Serrano has alleged, in a June 18th email to the Ledger, that the events’ former producers were trying to “thwart” the success of this year’s event. At issue is that the previous producers’ website for the Street Festival (, which until recently was active, included a letter,

trict’s governing board meeting in June. Cornelius, who was just appointed for an interim term on the Greater Griffith Neighborhood Council, said the current post office on Vermont Avenue would remain but reduced in size by nearly 1/3rd. The site would maintain carrier operations, mail sorting, P.O. boxes and a retail counter for stamps and packages. The completed project will be approximately 50,000


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Photo by Ellie Partovi

The Grove’s Developers Eyeing Post Office

People In My Neighborhood: Jan Steward, page 8

Theater Review: “Trio Los Machos” page 16

Eastside Eye: Italian American Museum coming soon, page 17

Calendar: Open Mike: Symphony on the Dana Johnson will read at Skylight Glen’s Barbara Ferris on Griffith Books, Park, the War Zone, page 19

Los Feliz Ledger [letter from the publisher] I like the Los Angeles Zoo. I like the people that work there and I respect its mission of education. But, having had the opportunity to see elephants in the wild on a trip to Africa in 2007 with a contingency from the zoo, I always feel a little sad after visiting the zoo and seeing its giraffes and elephants constricted as they are. I recently attended an event at the zoo and noticed Billy’s “head bobbing” which is described in our front-page story about a lawsuit against the zoo currently being heard by the Los Angeles Superior

Page 2

Court. The plaintiff in the case asks the zoo’s new $42 million “Elephants of Asia” exhibit be shut down claiming its lack of space creates stress for the elephants. Seeing Billy’s behavior in person is troubling and others around me that night, nervously wondered out loud: “What is that elephant doing?” I recalled that evening seeing the beauty and awe of wild elephants roam, in massive herds, in Amboseli National Park, in Kenya. The Honorable John L. Segal, the judge assigned to the case, has a hard call to make on the existence and future of the elephant exhibit at the zoo.

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July 2012

Los Feliz Ledger

Street Festival Set for July 22nd HOLLWYOOD BLVD—The 19th Annual Los Feliz Street Fair will be Sunday, July 22nd from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Hollywood Boulevard between Vermont and Hillhurst avenues. According to Melissa Tornay, a member of the Los Feliz Business Improvement District’s governing board that sponsors the event, this year’s festival promises to be more eco-friendly than ever with ecological designers, organic food and more. “Every year we will attempt to exceed the previous year’s efforts, looking for ways to increase that percentage of green,” said Melissa Tornay owner of Primrose Organic Salon and a LFVBID board member. One element of the “greening” effort is urging the public to use other forms of transportation getting to and from to festival. “We encourage the public to use the Metro Station located just blocks away at Vermont Avenue and Sunset Boulevard and we plan on engaging a bike valet to corral human powered modes of transportation,” said LFVBID president Chris Serrano. Also returning this year are beer and wine gardens and two main musical stages. Admission free.

Local Albertsons Not Spared in Layoffs By Norma Zager, Ledger Contributing Writer HILLHURST AVENUE—Albertsons stores throughout California began across-the-board layoffs June 17th, including the Hillhurst Avenue store. Although store policy prohibits disclosing the number of employees affected, Lilia Rodriguez, Albertsons’ media director said all area stores shared equally in lost jobs. “We worked with the union to ensure the layoffs were a smooth transition for affected associates,” Rodriguez said. Albertsons plans to reduce its store-level workforce by an estimated 2,500 positions across 247 Albertsons stores in California and Nevada. According to Rodriguez, the change will impact a small number of positions at each location. According to a press release from Albertson South-

ern California Division President Dan Sanders, the reason for the layoffs is because, the grocery chain, a subsidiary of Supervalu, has experienced a reduction in customers and a decline in sales. “Albertsons has not made the necessary adjustments to its store-level operations,” the press release said. According to the press release, Albertsons, will now focus on investing the savings from the layoffs back to the customer. “While Albertsons’ commitment to the neighborhoods it serves remains the same, the need for change at the company is clear,” Sanders wrote. “A decision of this nature is never easy, but it is the necessary step for us to take to help improve our business and accelerate our turnaround.”

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July 2012


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Los Feliz Ledger

A Not So Sober Silver Lake By Colin Stutz, Ledger Contributing Writer SILVER LAKE—Is Silver Lake over-saturated with alcohol? Some say yes. According to California Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Silver Lake has more than twice the number of “allowed” permits for both on and off-site consumption. And more liquor licenses are likely coming still. One such restaurant waiting on a pending liquor license is Black Hogg, the newly acclaimed eatery on Sunset Boulevard and Parkman Avenue specializing in new American cuisine. At June’s Silver Lake Neighborhood Council (SLNC) governing board meeting where member Rusty Millar presented the ABC statistics, the SLNC also approved Black Hogg’s request for a license to sell beer and wine. “There is way too much alcohol in this neighborhood!” Anne Marie Johnson proclaimed with a vote against the motion. But ultimately Johnson’s fellow board members’ arguments won out, among them being our society’s longstanding tradition of pairing food with alcohol and, more generally, just how nice it is to go out and have a drink with a meal. “If all these applications were for liquor stores people would be up in arms,” Johnson said later. “But because they’re in this quaint clean setting of a restaurant it’s okay for people… We have way too many restaurants offering alcohol to their patrons.” A lifelong resident of Silver Lake, Johnson said the in-

creasing amount of alcohol in the neighborhood is disturbing its residents, impacting public safety and increasing parking problems. And for all the new businesses popping up in the neighborhood, she said nary a parking facility has been built. “The city has not worked diligently enough to provide us public parking,” she said. Currently the SLNC requests businesses applying for a liquor license to supply additional off-site parking as a condition for its endorsement, which holds considerable weight with the city’s Planning Dept. Black Hogg’s general manager, Jonathan Kim, said he understands not every restaurant demands or deserves a liquor license but, rather, he believes it depends partially on the type of food served. Much of Black Hogg’s food has rich flavors, he said, so it naturally pairs well with beer and wine. For his restaurant, he said, the desire to serve alcohol is not because they want to raise profit margins but because “we want people to have the best experience when they come and eat.” And for the time being, this seems to be the purveying sense in Silver Lake. “I’m in a very, very, very small minority,” Johnson said. “No one needs to fear the loss of liquor in Silver Lake. There’s just not enough uproar… But I see… a lot of [potential] problems and we need to be proactive or we’ll be facing a lot of issues and concerns that should have been dealt with a while back.”

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STREET FAIR from page 1

tration, hosting and design and maintenance fees since. “The BID has never contributed to the expense of maintaining or developing that website,” said Forrester. “Further,” Forrester said, after his group and the LFVBID parted ways earlier this year over a disagreement of the length of the festival, “the BID has never requested the use of our site.” It is customary that event promoters purchase and maintain websites for events they have produced. Initially, Forrester’s group were on tap to produce the festival this year, but they and the LFVBID could not agree on whether the event should be two days or one, as has been customary. Then at the beginning of May, the LFVBID decided to

At issue is that the previous producers’ website for the Street Festival (, which until recently was active, included a letter, posted at the end of April, from the previous producers saying they are not—and reasons why they are not— producing the event this year. hire another promoter instead and an outside coordinator. Last year’s event was held for the first time on Hollywood Boulevard, where it will be staged this year as well. According to Forrester, his group polled businesses along Hollywood Boulevard about the length of this year’s festival. Results, he said, were overwhelmingly positive for a two-day event. Serrano also alleged in her June 18th email that Forrester and his group had “posted on multiple event blogs and websites… including their own that [the] fair is happening on 7/21 to confuse potential voters and/or the public. Very malicious on their part!” she wrote. But the misinformation, according to Forrester, is just an erroneous error in today’s viral world. “These accusations are baseless. We have never made false calendar postings about the Fair,” Forrester said. Instead, Forrester said the incorrect date, sourced to, was simply a mistake on that website’s part—which see STREET FAIR page 5

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July 2012

Los Feliz Ledger

Two More Enter CD13 Race By Colin Stutz, Ledger Contributing Writer Two new candidates have entered the race to represent the City Council’s 13th district. The addition of John Choi, 31, and Alexander Cruz De Ocampo, 32, brings the total number to 12 vying for the position—tying the city’s mayoral race for the most contested city government position in the 2013 elections. Council District 13— which spans through portions of Hollywood, Silver Lake, Echo Park and Atwater Village—is currently represented by the termed-out Eric Garcetti who is running for mayor next year. On June 20th, less than a month after entering the race, De Ocampo was the first of all candidates to raise $50,000— the fundraising point when

les and nationally. He said understanding the neighborhood’s daily struggle, as well as the experience working in private and nonprofit sectors will make him a strong candidate with a “wealth of experience.” Choi, currently the youngest candidate, was born in Korea but raised in the Los Angeles area including Koreatown, Highland Park and Orange County. Since receiving an undergraduate degree from UCLA, he has worked in local government, including with former Council District 10 representative Martin Ludlow. Choi was Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s appointed Board of Public Works Commissioner until mid-June when he resigned to focus full-time on his can-

The addition of John Choi, 31, and Alexander Cruz De Ocampo, 32, brings the total number to 12 vying for the position—tying the city’s mayoral race for the most con- tested city government position in the 2013 elections. city law states a candidate must notify the ethics commission of doing so. A native to Los Angeles, the son of Latino and Filipino immigrants, he grew up in the Council District 13, and said he has the community’s teachers and mentors to thank for keeping him motivated after his father’s death early on. “I was able to pay myself through college. I was able to get an excellent job, and I owe it to this great community,” said De Ocampo. “I have this need to give back as much as possible.” De Ocampo currently works for the investment firm Saban Capital Group with its nonprofit work, including its medical research institute and family foundation, managing large-scale projects in Los Ange-

didacy. Engaging neighborhoods and the communities within them is key, said Choi, by focusing on public issues to build a sense of ownership and pride without pitting groups’ interests against each other. “This, to me, is the district in the area of the city of L.A. that’s always been on the forefront of progressive issues, and I think people are hungry for that to continue,” Choi said. “I represent a new generation of leaders in this city who understand that these old paradigms of confrontational antagonistic us-versus-them don’t work anymore. I think people understand that we all need to work along and we need a leader who’s a coalition leader and knows how to move things forward.”

STREET FAIR from page 4

dor spaces are filled and numerous sponsors have already signed on, she said. According to Forrester, his group is referring visitors to the original site to the LFVBID’s new Street Fair 2012 website ( to avoid confusion. “We worked hard to make the former events successful,” said Forrester. “Last year’s Street Fair was a magnificent success, uniformly acknowledged and appreciated by everyone. For the sake of our community, we hope this year’s event will be a wonderful event as well.”

may have been picked up by other websites. In a subsequent interview, Melissa Tornay, boardmember of the LFVBID, said she understood. “Most of this confusion was brought on by the fact the previous organizers were so good at their job,” Tornay said. “They were probably starting to get the word out on the usual event sites months ago and once a listing goes up on those sites, it takes on a life of its’ own.” According to Tornay, any confusion has not hurt this year’s festival as the food venJuly 2012

post office from page 1

square feet, including a relocated post office with retail and restaurants selected and managed by Caruso Affiliated. “We are in the beginning planning stages. I’ve spoken to local officials several community organizations and local stakeholders thus far and the reception has been 100% positive,” Cornelius said. Design and construction could take up to two years, he said. According to Cornelius, he has secured the support for the redevelopment plan from United States Congressman Adam Schiff as well as Congresswoman Karen Bass. “Caruso Affiliated would only do a high quality project,” said Cornelius. “It must be additive to the Caruso ‘brand’, just like all of our other properties.” Caruso Affiliated is known for large-scale outdoor

malls like The Grove in the Mid-City area of Los Angeles as well as the Americana at Brand in Glendale. “The goal,” Cornelius said, “is to make this a community serving project with Los Feliz Village’s unique neighborhood flavor… It’s my neighborhood too, so personally I want to see something happen that’s very well thought out.” Before the post office was built in 1975, that section of Vermont Avenue south of Franklin was a two-sided commercial street—complete with a grocery store, the Hollymont Market. The building of the post office, some say, interrupted normal commercial and retail traffic flow. “That was unfortunately bad urban design by any measure,” Cornelius said.  “Our project would restore the west side of the street,”

he said, into a fully commercial area. “However,” he said, “unlike The Grove or Americana, we will [only] have [the west side of Vermont Avenue to work with], and those businesses on the east side that have managed to persevere since the post office arrived should see a nice pick up in business. Everybody wins.” LFVBID boardmember Marissa Tornay expressed concern about the selection of stores for the development. But Cornelius assured her the company would seek out businesses in keeping with the village’s nature. The project, however, may be open for other bids by developers. If so, the developer with the highest bid would win the project. “We may not be the highest bidder,” said Cornelius.  “I am hoping wide community support will give us a critical edge in any ‘open’ bidding process.”  

Locals Celebrate Cancer Survival At Relay for Life Atwater, Franklin Hills, Los Feliz, and Silver Lake observed its 5th annual American Cancer Society Relay For Life Sat. June 9th to Sunday June 10th at John Marshall High School. This event ensures that those who face cancer will be supported, honors those who have survived cancer, remembers those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, and asks each participant to

make a commitment to fight back. This year’s Relay For Life was supported by the local vendors as well as other vendors who provided food, beverages and other supplies at the event, including Starbucks Atwater, Starbucks Silver Lake, Say Cheese, Palermo Italian Restaurant, HOME Restaurant, Rick’s In & Out Silver Lake, Lions Club Griffith Park, Trader

Joes, Nutsite, Inc., and the Los Angeles City Fire Dept., Fire Station 56. As honored guests, 24 survivors completed the first lap around the track to open the event. Special mention is noted for Betty Bartlotta of Atwater Village is celebrating 41 years of being cancer free and Adina Cherkin of the east Hollywood, also celebrated more than 30 years of being cancer free. COMMUNITY NEWS

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Los Feliz Ledger ZOO from page 1

The defendants in the current case, Zoo Director John Lewis and the City of Los Angeles, just want all this to end and go away. “This is a baseless lawsuit surrounding allegations and accusations of a speculative nature,” said an L.A. Zooissued statement. “We look forward to moving pass this lawsuit and getting back to our business of conservation, education and providing great care to our elephants as well as all of other animals here at the Los Angeles Zoo.” The captivity of elephants has been a longtime lightening rod for animal rights activists who argue the animals, which typically walk 30 miles a day in the wild, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, (PETA). Since the mid-1970s, the plaintiff’s court documents claim, 14 of the zoo’s elephants have died and 11 have been transferred due to behavioral problems. This statistic, according to Delcianna Winders, Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement with PETA, though significantly higher than the wild, is not uncommon for zoos. “More and more zoos are recognizing they cannot supply adequate services to these animals and are closing down their exhibits and sending them off to sanctuaries,” said Winders, citing the Toronto Zoo as the most recent to commit to sending its elephants to a sanctuary in Northern California. In this trial, Leider’s primary assertions are that the packed ground in the 3.6 acre zoo exhibit is too hard; that the only 2.2 acres of walk

able ground is too small, and that the zoo has provided inadequate husbandry practices and veterinary care that exacerbate the exhibit-caused health concerns. These include arthritis and foot abscesses, Leider claims, which are some of the leading causes of captive elephant deaths. The case is being tried civilly. Leider does not seek a criminal conviction of Lewis or any other person. Accordingly there is no right to criminal law requirements such as a jury trial or use of the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard of proof. The verdict falls solely on Judge John L. Segal, which, Leider said, could set precedent for similar cases with zoos across the country. A majority of the trial focused on the welfare of the exhibit’s bull elephant, the 27-year-old Billy. Leider’s attorney, David Casselman, asserted Billy shows clear signs of emotional strain and anxiety, pointing to an unnatural “stereotypic” bobbing behavior he does frequently. The equivalent of stereotypic behavior in a human, Casselman said, citing a deposition from L.A. Zoo Director of Research Cathleen Cox, would be a child anxiously holding itself, rocking back and forth. The defense and one of its expert witnesses argued that this bobbing was not “stereotypic” but, rather, “repetitive” behavior Billy’s been doing since he arrived at the zoo in 1989. According to the witness, the head bobbing, instead, indicates anticipation for something like feeding or exercise. Casselman continued to state in the past few years Billy has experienced weight issues,

foot, leg and joint problems, toe cracks and abscesses, urine burns, skin lesions, a broken tusk, sand colic and other ailments, all as results from his environment and care. In cross examinations with the zoo’s research director Cox and the zoo’s chief veterinarian, Curtis Eng, Casselman argued the zoo’s veterinary staff is unqualified to work with elephants and the exhibit lacks significant attention by knowledgable or senior staff members. Though no one from the zoo admitted any failures, their witnesses admitted the zoo has no experts on wild elephant behavior or health and has not consulted any; that the zoo is understaffed on veterinarians; and its average turnover rate for veterinarians is four years. Casselman, during

trial, concluded after crossexamination, that many zoo employees are lacking significant relationship history with the animals. Also, Casselman argued the zoo’s elephants typically have an hour or less of daily exercise even though one to two hours is ideal husbandry practice. The defense, meanwhile, focused on proving its care is adequate and testimonies that the elephants are in good health. Leider’s interest in this issue first began in 1992 when an African elephant named Hannibal died as zoo officials prepared to move him to Mexico. After years of protesting the animals’ confinement, in 2007 he entered litigation with actor Culp against the city and Lewis. Since the suit

began, Culp died in 2010. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, in 2005, asked for a formal review of conditions of the elephants at the zoo as a precursor to the construction of the Elephants of Asia exhibit. After Villaraigosa was satisfied with that review, the Los Angeles City Council voted in favor 13-2 of construction of the exhibit. “The zoo exhibit is a lie to the public,” said Leider. “All the greenery, all the trees, they’re all hot-wired elephants can’t touch them. They said it’s three and half acres, it’s really 2.2 usable for the elephants and they’re literally surrounded by electrical fields the whole time. . . Those aren’t really what elephants look like, so you’re lying to the patrons who come to the zoo.”

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July 2012

Los Feliz Ledger st. mary’s from page 1

court proceedings with the Los Angeles Superior Court, was fired by the church’s Vestry Dec. 10th, 2011. The letter cited the reasons for Kelley’s removal including a “breakdown of honest communication;” an “unwillingness to address actual and/ or perceived financial irregularities” and a “lack of transparency over budgetary concerns raised by the Vestry.” At the time, the Vestry offered Kelley a severance of $21,800. But Kelley refused. Complicating matters, the parish voted overwhelmingly in January to leave the Episcopal Church and align with the Roman Catholic Church. Kelley said he has never received a notice of firing and believes the current standoff is a result of a “coup” of a small handful of parishioners adamantly opposed to joining the Roman Catholic Church. “That’s just not true. I myself voted twice to join the [Roman Catholic] Church, these are two separate issues,” said Marilyn Bush, a Los Feliz resident whom has been recently named senior warden of the parish­­—the highest rank a layperson can have in an Epis-

July 2012

copal Church. “We are not leaving because once we do Father Kel-

building with the assistance of a locksmith. Bush claims numerous

Kelley said he has never received a notice of firing and believes the current standoff is a result of a “coup” of a small handful of parishioners adamantly opposed to joining the Roman Catholic Church. ley will take over and we won’t allow that to happen,” she said. “[Kelley] has been fired five times and he either refuses to respond or says God told him to stay.” Consequently, Bishop Stephen D. Strawn of the Anglican Church of America (ACA) Diocese of the West “inhibited” Kelley, on April 2nd, meaning stripped him of his ministerial authority Kelley said he would not comply with the inhibition because he does not recognize Bishop Strawn as his bishop. Consequently, the ACA filed and received a temporary restraining order against Kelley in Los Angeles Superior Court on May 25th. Police were called, according to court documents on June 16th, after Kelley attempted to reenter the church

people have left the church because of Kelley. But Martha Eischen, a

long time acquaintance of Kelley’s calls him a gentle and highly religious man. “If you know the man you know [how] gentle [and] kind and [he has a] very Christian soul and it is impossible to imagine this conspiracy could have taken such hold,” Eischen said. Bush and others allege under Kelley’s authority there was fraudulent tax activity; that Kelley using church funds to pay bills that were never authorized

and numerous other violations against church policy, including the removal of church documents from the church office. Kelley said he is innocent of all the charges. His attorney Alan Dettelbach said there is no validity to the claims. “If there is proof of all these allegations, why wasn’t it presented when we went to court?” Dettelbach asked. Both sides agree they would prefer to negotiate an end to the dispute, but each accuses the other of not acting in good faith.

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Los Feliz Ledger [people in my neighborhood]

Vahan Saroians

Jan Steward By Colleen Paeff, Ledger Columnist

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When buying or selling property in southern California, please let my experience and success be

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15980 Valley Wood Rd. Sherman Oaks, CA $830,000 Modern architectural home in prime Sherman Oaks with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and a pool E







yours in every In 1959, Jan Steward— a Silver Lake housewife with an art degree, a part-time job and two children—was approached by her good friend Alma Shon. Shon began urging Stewart to further her art career by studying under the now legendary instructor Sister Mary Corita of Immaculate Heart College. “I said, ‘You know, I can’t


afford it,’” Steward said. “I have the kids and [the class is] Saturday morning, and that’s when I do the cleaning.” But Shon, a gift packaging artist and designer for Neiman Marcus, wasn’t interested in hearing Steward’s excuses. “One day Alma [Shon] showed up at my house and the tuition was paid,” Steward said. “She brought her cleaning lady and said that she and

4613-4619 Maubert Ave. Los Angeles, CA $749,000 Fourplex in Los Feliz with over 3,400 sq. ft. close to great retail and restaurants

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(323) 497-6655 her daughter would stay with my kids. Then she said, ‘You get out of here.’”

This act changed Steward’s life: Not only did it send her art in new directions, but

she also developed a relationship with Sister Corita. This see STEWARD page 18


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6525 Sunset Boulevard, Suite G6 Los Angeles, Califor nia 90028 tel: 323.462.6262 Three Offices. One Respected Name.

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ACTIVE 2613 Carman Crest




842 Edgemont St.

HOLLYWOOD HILLS. Outpost Estates. 3BR/3BA, gourmet kitchen, salt-water Pool. Large floor plan w/spacious outdoor areas. Juan Longfellow Louise Leach

310.920.3019 310.721.7021

ACTIVE 2227 Fern Dell Pl.



HOLLYWOOD. Impeccably cared for 3BR/2BA home. Pristine wood floors, remodeled kitchen, Bathroom & HVAC. Stellar views of HW sign & lush gardens & yard. Carrie Bryden 323.829.1158



1429 Westerly Terrace




LOS FELIZ. Med 3BR/4BA, 3200 sf. Celebrity-owned, formal LR, ktchn w-s/s appl. Backyard w/fp & fountain. Very private.

SILVER LAKE. 2BR/2BA Mid-Century style stunner. High on the hill, stellar views of hills & downtown. Large private bckyrd.

Mica Rabineau Josh Goldstein

Carrie Bryden Howard Lorey

323.816.5868 310.569.4035


ACTIVE 4433 Clayton Ave.

323.829.1158 323.251.4553


3567 Lavell Drive



GLASSELL PARK. Tasteful 2BR/1.5BA MidCentury w/den. Double lot w/stellar city views.Abundant privacy, unique floor plan w/indoor-outdoor flow. Carrie Bryden 323.829.1158

LOS FELIZ. “Period” 1909 2-story Craftsman style home in the heart of Los Feliz. 5BR, 2BA, large backyard, updated systems and bolted foundation. Gina Isaac




ACTIVE 7133 Hawthorn Ave. - From $529,000

2923 Asbury St.

HOLLYWOOD. Open every Sat & Sun 2-5.19 Brand New Modern Residences. 2 & 3BR condos with 7 spacious floor plans.

GLASSELL PARK. Hip 1920s Calif. Bungalow, beautifully restored by Better Shelter in 2010. 3BR/2BA+GH. Hrdwd flrs, dream kitchen, lrg yard w/ fruit trees.

Gavin/Pamela/Mandana 310.300.3397

Katie Crain

ACTIVE 3725 Valleybrink






2006 Preston Ave.



LOS FELIZ. Spanish 2bd+1ba home in AV. Hrdwd flrs, built-ins, HVAC. Great floor plan, Brazilian Ipe deck & huge 2-car garage.

ECHO PARK. Elysian Heights charmer, 2BR/1BA, quiet location, outdoor patio, rear garden w/deck and partial views.

Courtney Smith Kurt Wisner

Steve Maher

323.899.8509 323.841.3839


Lo cally ow ne d and ope rate d sin ce 1976. Page 8


July 2012

Los Feliz Ledger

[ SELECT HOME SALES JULY 2012 ] 90026 Single Family Homes 1411 3409 1125 1604 1608 1370 907 2150 1453 1758 1932 1635

LUCILE AVE . . . . . . . . . $740,000 WINSLOW DR . . . . . . . 700,000 WESTERLY TER . . . . . . 680,000 CERRO GORDO ST . . . 655,000 SARGENT CT . . . . . . . . . 645,000 MALTMAN AVE . . . . . . . 483,500 ROBINSON ST . . . . . . . 477,000 MARATHON ST . . . . . . . 460,500 ALLISON AVE . . . . . . . . 430,000 REDCLIFF ST . . . . . . . . . 392,500 KENT ST . . . . . . . . . . . . . 287,000 N ALVARADO ST . . . . . 220,000

90027 Single Family Homes 3709 4327 4238 3093 2517 4532 1409 1322 1601

EFFINGHAM PL . . . . 1,000,000 RUSSELL AVE . . . . . . . . 895,000 RUSSELL AVE . . . . . . . . 772,000 ST GEORGE ST . . . . . . . 769,000 ST GEORGE ST . . . . . . . 665,000 AVOCADO ST . . . . . . . . 570,000 N NORMANDIE AVE . 525,000 TALMADGE ST . . . . . . . 460,500 WINONA BLVD . . . . . . . 385,000

Median So Cal Sales Price Reaches 20-Month High But Gains Not Seen Locally By Allison Ferraro The median sale price for a Southern California home reached a 20-month high in May, according to DataQuick, a real estate analysis organization based in La Jolla, CA, although none of those gains could be seen locally. The reported median price in Southern California is now $295,000—but is down 41% after peaking in mid 2007 at $505,000. The rise in the median price is a result of higher demand; a drop in foreclosures and more high priced sales in

90039 Single Family Homes 2750 2646 3264 3333 3239 2245 2700 3418 3670

LAKEWOOD AVE . . . . $872,000 LAKE VIEW AVE . . . . . . 740,000 GARDEN AVE . . . . . . . . 646,000 MADERA AVE . . . . . . . . 615,000 GLENHURST AVE . . . . 559,000 LOMA VISTA PL . . . . . . 542,000 SILVER RIDGE AVE . . . 515,000 LA CLEDE AVE . . . . . . . 490,000 VALLEYBRINK RD . . . . 402,000

to last year to $515,000. Lastly, in the Hollywood Hills area (zip code 90068), 30 homes were sold in May at


from this lovely 3 bdrm, 3 bath home, nestled in the hills of Highland Park on a quiet cul-de-sac, and only approx. 8 miles from downtown Los Angeles, perfect for your sports and cultural events. Master bedroom suite offers a balcony, great for soaking up the view, plus large walk-in closet. Dbl. attach garage with direct access to house. Spa, and cent. a/c.

Priced at $539,000. Call to see.

tracy do real estate Prudential California Realty

90039 Condominimums 2330 DUANE ST 204 . . . . . . $648,000 2330 DUANE ST 102 . . . . . . . 500,000 2397 SILVER LAKE BLVD 26 375,000

the coastal areas. In zip code 90026, 15 homes sold in May at a median price of $484,000, a 29% decline compared to last year. Also down was the median sales price for homes in 90027—the Los Feliz area. In May, Los Feliz saw 21 homes sold, at a median sales price of $740,000—but again, a 27% decline from May of 2011. In the Silver Lake area (zip code 90039), the median sales price was down 8% compared

a median price of $708,000, down 12% from the same time period last year. Condo sales locally were negligible, except in the 90068 zip code were 10 such properties were sold in May for a median price of $326,000, about flat compared to last year. I (323) 842-4001 I 1714 Hillhurst Ave 90027 I dre#01350025

It’s a great time to sell but you should choose your agent wisely. I offer you... Maximum Exposure in the market place

90068 Condominimums 2760 1951 1900 1900 2700 2700 1940 2700 1940 1940

STONE VIEW CT . . . . . $915,000 N BEACHWOOD 105 . 415,500 VINE ST 304 . . . . . . . . . . 368,000 VINE ST 208 . . . . . . . . . . 342,000 CAHUENGA E 1205 . . . 310,000 CAHUENGA E 4118 . . . 286,000 N HIGHLAND AVE 69 . 255,000 CAHUENGA E 4108 . . . 255,000 N HIGHLAND AVE 78 . 250,000 N HIGHLAND AVE 24 . 155,500

90068 Single Family Homes 6457 2215 2261 3751 5945 2734 3413 6742 2527 6857 2329 6075 2270 2286 2823 7177 2513 6427 6429 2216

TAHOE DR . . . . . . . . $1,660,000 CANYON DR . . . . . . . 1,355,000 HOLLYRIDGE DR . . . 1,170,000 MULTIVIEW DR . . . . 1,156,000 GRACIOSA DR . . . . . . . . 927,500 HOLLYRIDGE DR . . . . . 925,000 OAK GLEN DR . . . . . . . 891,000 WEDGEWOOD PL . . . 855,000 CANYON DR . . . . . . . . . 850,000 CAMROSE DR . . . . . . . . 710,000 HOLLY DR . . . . . . . . . . . 710,000 RODGERTON DR . . . . . 700,000 EL CONTENTO DR . . . 670,000 EL CONTENTO DR . . . 640,000 OAK POINT DR . . . . . . . 600,000 PACIFIC VIEW DR . . . . 585,000 VERBENA DR . . . . . . . . 509,000 DIX ST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 448,000 DIX ST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 438,000 CREST WAY . . . . . . . . . . 400,000

Sales are from the previous month. Source: Great American Real Estate Solutions

July 2012

The ability to create buzz 1428 Mt. Pleasant Street was featured on the front cover of the L.A. Times and on Curbed L.A.

Experience and the Negotiating skills to get the highest price for your home


Page 9

Los Feliz Ledger [a dog’s life]

Karen Lower COLDWELL BANKER Beverly Hills - NortH

Living & Working in Your Neighborhood

IN ESCROW Los FeLiz $1,466,000

Tucked behind the porte cochère is a touch of Mediterranean Romance and space to live, work, and play. The main house is a Classic Spanish 3bd/2ba Bungalow w/1,749 sqft, beautifully updated. A separate one-bedroom Guest House offers 634 sqft w/living, dining, kitchen, and full bath. Lush grounds, exceptional indoor/outdoor flow, perfect pool, plus 217sqft Cabana w/dressing room, gym/office and 1/2 bath. 2600sqft total permitted. Spread out and enjoy!

Pet Preparedness By Jennifer Caloyeras, Ledger Columinst In a city prone to earthquakes and fires, it’s important to practice emergency preparedness that includes our animal friends. Lucky for pet owners, there’s the “Save Your Pet Pack.” Founder Alex Close used to sell disaster packs for people, but when clients began asking how to care for their pets during a disaster, Close was inspired. “I started doing research and couldn’t find a product that I felt was comprehensive enough to fill this [emergency] need,” he said. “So, I decided to develop my own line,” and “The Save Your Pet Pack” was born. The three different types of packs include “slingbacks” worn by the owner for either a dog or a cat and a backpack

worn by the dog itself. Inside the packs you’ll find a host of supplies made to last your animal two to three days including food and water, a hypothermia blanket, light sticks, a first aid kit, LED night collar light, slip-lead leash, and a waterproof document pouch. Additional safety tips include maintaining accurate pet identification, practicing emergency drills, and having adequate transportation, as well as a copy of your pet’s vaccination records. As wonderful as these packs are for disaster preparedness, they’re also perfect for a pet vacation or camping trip! To learn more about the “Save Your Pet Packs,” including pricing, visit

SOLD Los FeLiz $1,000,000

SOLD OVER LIST pRICE / MuLTIpLE OffERS Stunning designer done Traditional 2bd/2ba, plus den with fireplace. Views + room for a pool!

2223 Richland Avenue Prime Los Feliz

Now You Know Where to Find Value.


inally, here’s an affordable, move-in-ready, Mid-Century Modern home “north of the Boulevard” in Los Feliz. 3 bedrooms--one bedroom is paneled to use as a den or office; 2 baths; large family room / dining room that opens to the patio and garden; updated, eat-in kitchen; living room with fireplace--all on one level. A 2-car garage with deep set-back affords generous off-street parking. Griffith Park and the Los Feliz Village lie just a hop away. This home is the ideal “starter” or “scale down” opportunity.

NEW LISTING GLendaLe $637,000

Open houses:

Tues. 6/26, 11-2; Thurs. 6/28, 12-3; Sat. 6/30, 12-5; Sun 7/1, 12-5.

Live Like a Hollywood Star with World-Class Concierge Services! Tired of lawn and pool services? Painting every few years? Take the first step and come view this beautiful designer finished 2bedroom/2.5 bath home located on the quiet north side of the Excelsior at Americana at Brand. For more details visit and click on Residences. or YouTube search: 2223 Richland


Richard Stanley

SOLD Buyer’s rep.

SOLD Buyer’s rep.

siLVeR LaKe

siLVeR LaKe

Lake Side Spanish Dream Home in the Ivanhoe School District! New designer done Master Suite. Soon to be featured on House Hunter’s Los Angeles. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Large public rooms, two fireplaces, lush gardens.

Page 10 Su Casa REAL ESTATE

2634 Lake View Terrace East Stunning Spanish mini estate sited on two large lots. Character details throughout. Living room picture window offers views of the extra large swimmer’s pool and meditation pavillion. Beautiful!

1917 Hillhurst Av. Los Angeles, CA 90027 #1 agent, Coldwell Banker - Los Feliz, 1995-2009 213 300-4567 cell / voice mail DRE license #: 00971211. ©2012 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned and operated by NRT LLC. All rights reserved. If your property is listed with another broker, this is not intended as a solicitation.

July 2012

Los Feliz Ledger [keen to be green]

An Unusual Outing By Meher McArthur I’ve spent much of the last school year talking about trash to my son and his schoolmates, sorting the school trash, and like many other parents, worrying about how we can reduce trash so that our kids don’t inherit a world of waste. Now it’s summer, so part of me wants a rest from trash talk, but the greener part of me wants to use the break to learn how to do better.

“Every Angelino should visit a local landfill,” he said. “We should all see the impact of living cheaply in a shortterm, disposable culture.” — Los Angeles City Councilmember Eric Garcetti

I recently talked to local Los Angeles City Councilmember Eric Garcetti about the problem of trash in Los Angeles, since he recently coauthored Los Angeles’ plastic bag ban and passed an important green building ordinance. He agreed that trash is one of our most serious issues. “Every Angelino should visit a local landfill,” he said. “We should all see the impact of living cheaply in a shortterm, disposable culture.” What a great idea for a summer outing. I contacted the Sunshine Canyon Landfill in Sylmar, which services Los Angeles and handles 12,100 tons of trash a day (http:// w w Their environmental specialist, Becky Van Sickle, welcomes visitors. She gives one-hour tours riding with groups in their car or bus along the dirt roads of the landfill. Tours can be booked for weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. by calling (800) 926-0607 a week in advance. I know this is not Legoland, but judging by how enthusiastically my son and his schoolmates have been recycling their trash this year, it could make for a very memorable day out! July 2012

Introducing 36 opportunities to live close to everything. Downtown. Hollywood. Local shops. Everything. So you can spend more time being where you want to be – and less time getting there. Don’t wait. New homes in this premier neighborhood won’t last. Call for an appointment today (213) 250-8919.

Up to 1,718 Square Feet


From the high $400s

1611 Delta Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026

All rights reserved. Prices subject to change without notice. All square footage is approximate. D.R. Horton Los Angeles Holding Company, Inc. – CA DRE License #01258550. 5/12

Su Casa REAL ESTATE Page 11


2145MICHELTORENA.COM: Silver Lake. New England style artistically restored w/defined simplicity, hdwd flrs,fpl, 3+2, media room, flat yard, superb views. $1,350,000. WEB: 0284510 Rosemary Low 323.660.5885

2147 WEST SILVER LAKE DRIVE: Silver Lake. Beautifully restored 1920s French Provincial 4bd/3ba designed to optimize tranquil Silver Lake Reservoir views. $1,349,000 WEB: 0284609 Jovelle Narcise | Daniel Ortega 323.839.3936

2023 MICHELTORENA STREET: Silver Lake. Prime Silver Lake. Original character with great attention to detail throughout 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and hardwood floors. $1,132,000 WEB: 0307174 Jeffrey Young 213.819.9630 SOLD


4133 HOLLY KNOLL DR: Los Feliz. Spanish home with modern touches on terrific street in the Los Feliz hills w/ sweeping unobstructed views and a large private yard. $1,090,000 WEB: 0284509 Manvel Tabakian | Nadia de Winter 323.376.2222

2280PANORAMATERR.COM: Silver Lake. “Villa Roselyn” 1927 stunning Spanish Revival 3+2, 2 fpl (LR, outdr), hdwd flrs, lush gardens, terrace, patio, historic detailing. $1,068,000 WEB: 0284570 Rosemary Low 323.660.5885


2235 MORENO DR: Silver Lake. 1965 Peaceful, pretty 3 bedroom + 2.5 bath home in stunning Moreno Highlands. Peek-a-boo lake views shine through tall windows. $759,000 WEB: 0284570 Gail Crosby 323.428.2864 NEW LISTING

2833 LAWNDALE DR: Eagle Rock. A 4bd/3ba Contemporary enchantment. A pedigreed split level/ open floor plan East Ridge Estates hm. Floor to ceiling windows, vus in different rooms. $729,000 WEB: 0284645 Michelle StClair 213.304.4943 NEW LISTING

1441 NORTH BENTON WAY: Silver Lake. Timeless appeal, indoor/outdoor living + great location. Beautiful & spacious Character Spanish w/ spectacular views. $699,900 WEB: 0284504 Joseph Lightfoot 213.700.4438 NEW LISTING

1310 N BENTON WAY: Silver Lake. Classic CA Bungalow w/ 3 bedrooms, great floor plan. Updated kitchen & baths, wood deck, landscaped yard. Perfect location. $679,000 WEB: 0284497 Joseph Lightfoot 213.700.4438

740 E KENSINGTON RD: Echo Park. 2 bedroom + 1.5 bath plus large finished attic. Beautifully updated, high ceilings, pool, outdoor kitchen. $675,000 WEB: 0284523 Carol Stewart 323.255.3800


1327 CORONADO TERRACE: Silver Lake. Relax in this updated 2bd/2ba craftsman home in the heart of Silver Lake. Enjoy the sunset views off the spacious deck & entertain at the pool. $699,000 WEB: 0284636 Matthew Morgus 323.301.3041 IN ESCROW

1929 N OXFORD AVE: Los Feliz. Traditional 3bd/1ba, large studio in the back can be used as an office with pretty setting, detached 2 car garage. Perfect fixer. $649,000 WEB: 0284482 Manvel Tabakian | Nadia de Winter 323.376.2222 NEW LISTING

3515 VERDUGO VISTA: Glassell Park. C.1962 Mid Cen Mod California Living w/ an Asian influence, punctuated by an enclosed courtyard. $569,000 WEB: 0284519 Andrew Morrison 323.270.2277

5327 RAPHAEL ST: Highland Park. Light filled Spanish home on a hilltop in LAs’ historic neighborhood with renovated full guest house and views. $559,000 WEB: 0284627 Peter Reyes 323.356.2879

940 VENANGO AVE: Silver Lake. Incredibly charming Spanish cottage on quiet and hidden street just steps from the heart of Sunset Junction. Great outdoor space. Detached Garage. $549,000 WEB: 0284606 Rob Kallick | Matthew Morgus 323.775.6305

For Schools Sotheby’s International Realty - Los Feliz is proud to establish Sotheby’s International Realty for Schools.

Our mission is to help support our local public schools and our local youth realize their full potential. Our organization and agents are currently supporting various initiatives at our local learning institutions on an ongoing donation program from closed transactions. To date we have raised over $7,000 for Micheltorena Elementary School and Thomas Starr King Middle School.



Operated by Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc. Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark.Summer in Devon used with permission. Sotheby’s International Realty does not guarantee the accuracy of square footage,lot size or other information concerning the property provided by the seller or obtained from public records or other sources.*TheYellow House used with permission

Los Feliz Ledger for your guest’s clothing. If they’re sharing a bathroom with your household, provide By Susann Thomason Tunick a basket or box for their perLedger Columnist sonal toiletries. What to do if none of Hello sumes are not comfortable, add a the above is available in your mer…hello houseguests! Here Tempur-Pedic mattress pad or home? Besides sending your are a few tips for creating a a feather bed, available at all guests off to a hotel, buy a comfortable space for your department stores. Either can good quality air mattress and company and yourself. be placed on top of the matset up a temporary Make sure bedroom in the Since most sofa bed mattresses are your guest room least used room in has good bednot comfortable, add a Tempur-Pedic your house. Buy ding, plump properly fitted mattress pad or a feather bed, available towels, drawers sheets, add great for unpacking, at all department stores. Either can be pillows and comluggage storforter and send placed on top of the mattress and age, WiFi and your guests off a comfortable guarantee to transform your to “snoozeville.” mattress and piltemporary sleeping chamber into Treat it like uplows. Stock the scale camping and bathroom with something special. the experience will toiletries, a bathbe fun for all. robe, slippers, hair dryer and tress and guarantee to transWe like to make breakfast candles. The bedside table form your temporary sleeping our sit down meal of the day should include fresh flowers, chamber into something spebefore sending our company magazines, an interesting dish cial. off to explore our beautiful for jewelry or change, a good If the room is open and city. reading lamp and water. without a door, add a screen [interior motives]

Planning for Houseguests

What to do if your den converts to the guest room? Since most sofa bed mattress-

for privacy. Be sure to make room in a convenient closet, with plenty of hangers,




Sprawling multi-level Los Feliz Hills Contemporary. 5Br/4.5Ba. Jetliner views. Amazing cooks kitchen with S/S appliances opens to Great Room w/ fpl. Wide plank hwd floors. 9½-14’ceilings. 2 Bonus rooms. Approx 1,150 sq ft of view decks. Lush backyard w/ cascading waterfalls, pond & a flat grassy pad. Close to the Village & Griffith Park.

Susann Tunick can be reached at Susann@thomasontunick. com




3143 Waverly Dr. Los Feliz $574,000 Spanish major fixer in Ivanhoe School District. Views!!! Double lot. Approved short sale.

Esau Tenorio Real Estate Solutions since 1995



The personal residence of the Los Feliz Ledger’s “Interior Motives” columnist. 3bd/2.5ba; ±3,203 sq. ft. (per assessor) Mid-Century Arch’l on premier Los Feliz street. Open floor plan. Great indoor/outdoor flow. Lush private yard. Saline pool. Den. Office. Close to the Village & Griffith Park. My personal residence. Listed w/ Eugene Ridenour/Henry Plascencia.




• 36 years sales + marketing experience

I support the community.

• Top 2% of 54,000 Prudential agents nationwide • 21-year Los Feliz resident • Former boardmember Los Feliz Improvement Assoc.

1917 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Feliz Direct: (323) 906-2477 Office: (323) 665-5841 Email: Web: DRE# 01171617

A portion of my net commission to be donated to “Friends of Franklin” Elementary School


An independently owned and operated member of BRER Affiliates Inc. DRE #01321406.

How do you know if your rents are at market?

How to avoid costly housing mistakes after a Divorce

Call NOW for a FREE Rent Survey!

Property Management July 2012

1621 Silver Lake Blvd., Suite 101 Los Angeles, CA 90026 (323) 668-7500 DRE Lic #01367014

Advertise in the Los Feliz Ledger’s August Edition. Space Reservation Deadline: Monday, July 16th Su Casa REAL ESTATE Page 13

Los Feliz Ledger [family matters]

Bye Bye, Junior High By Kristen Taylor, Ledger Columnist My youngest recently graduated from 8th grade, and I am nothing but happy that our family has said, “BUH-bye,” to junior high. If your child has yet to start 6th grade, let me give you a bit of a primer, and some preparatory advice.

or too light and then toss in dances and other competitive extracurriculars. Don’t forget acne and braces. Let your child know that they are not alone in feeling overwhelmed, or awkward, or confused and that middle school is hard for everybody, and that kids this age make

ground rules and structure so that your child has a scaffold upon which to build his organizational and work habits. Don’t let them use Facebook until they’re actually 13. In the hands of preteens, Facebook turns into an electronic slam book. Help your child nurture and hone her special talents or interests so she has a place to hang her developing self-identity. And make sure they know that even though it may feel like it, middle school doesn’t last forever.

[franklin avenue elementary]

Playing in the Orchestra By Junsu Yi We have Orchestra at our school. I play violin in the Beginning Strings group. Our Orchestra concert was on June 12th. At first, I was nervous, but when it was over, I felt pretty good. My group played “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” “Old McDonald Had a Farm,” “French Folk Song,” and “Twinkle, Twin-

kle, Little Star.” I think I am pretty good at violin, but was sad when I left my instrument at the end of the concert. I already miss playing since I don’t have my own. The Orchestra teacher Mr. Stolmack taught me how to play and read music. I am so thankful and already miss him.

Middle school is probably the worst three years of any kid’s life. When it comes to awkward, fraught, transitional times in a child’s development, the years between 11 and 14 are unequaled. Middle school is probably the worst three years of any kid’s life. When it comes to awkward, fraught, transitional times in a child’s development, the years between 11 and 14 are unequaled. Clump a bunch of 12-yearolds together who are at varying stages of maturation, give them an academic workload that is usually too heavy

lots of mistakes in how they treat their friends, and how they handle school work, and that it’s tough for everyone to grow into their new responsibilities. Let them know that it was just as hard—or weird— for you way back when. Empathy goes a long way. Look for signs that your child is being bullied, or is bullying others. Have family


July 2012

Los Feliz Ledger [senior moments]

Digital Literacy By Stephanie Vendig, Ledger Columnist At the end of June, Broadba nd Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) instructor Cindy Lopez completed her yearlong assignment of teaching basic computer skills at Griffith Park Adult Community Center (GPACC). Lopez graciously and patiently guided people of all ages through four classes— “Introduction to the Computer,” “Learning about the Internet and Establishing E-mail,” MS Word, and MS Excel. Her teaching was funded by federal funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (“the stimulus program”). These classes were repeated each week. Over the course of the year, there were more than 1,500 sign-ups and about 86 were students under 18. Not only did Lopez conduct group lessons, but she was also available for individual help after the classes. Her teaching has provided an opportunity for community members to learn free computer skills in a supportive environment. The nationwide program

was developed to help people learn vital computer skills to help in gaining employment. The Los Angeles Dept. of Recreation and Parks provided locations for these classes, including GPACC.

In addition to Lopez, the GPACC computer lab has volunteer coaches available from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. for assistance. You can even bring your own laptop since GPACC has wireless connection. These volunteer computer coaches are key to continuing the mission of BTOP. The BTOP program is mov-

Los Angeles Breakfast Club

ing into a new phase in which volunteers will be trained to replicate the instruction of the original classes. In addition, funds will be used to purchase self-paced tutorial software for a variety of programs, such as photo editing. For GPACC and other computer labs, this will enable volunteers to develop a broad program of deliver-

Sunset Hall - Curriculum and Advocacy Thanks to our ad sponsor Sunset Hall. They offer...

Programs for free-thinking seniors (323) 660-5277

Join us Wednesdays at 7 – 9 am

Upcoming speakers and programs... July 4: Closed for the Holiday

ing individualized instruction and assistance. If you are already skilled with computer use and would like to help others become comfortable with computers, call GPACC at (323) 6445579. For those who want assistance to learn about computers, call or visit GPACC for information.

Conversational Spanish at GPACC on Wednesdays

Griffith Park Adult Community Club Calendar

July 11: Debbie Unruh, Exec Dir of Elizabeth House, “Supporting Women in Crisis” July 18: TBA, watch website July 25: Joe Callahan, Community Relations Mgr., Salvation Army, “It Takes a Community to Raise a Child” Coming Soon: The L. A. Breakfast Club’s “Supper Club” · Fine entertainment, fun and food!! August 19, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Friendship Auditorium 3201 Riverside Drive

COMPUTER LAB Volunteer Coaches, 1 to 4 p.m. M-F WORK OUT* hike, dance (line, folk, Latin), gentle yoga, equip. PAINT* Chinese Brush, Still Life, Oil/Acrylics, Plein Air Monthly General Meetings resume in Sept.

3203 Riverside Drive, just north of Los Feliz Bl. * Call for info and reservations (323) 644-5579 Lunch Program: Mon.-Fri., GPACC, 11:30 AM sign in, Noon lunch, Donation under 60 $4, 60+ $2

(1/4 mi. so. of Los Feliz Bl.)

Club Info and Newsletter:

For upcoming programs, see...

Stephanie Vendig, (323) 667-3043 or

or call (323) 662-1191

Join GPACC: Only $15/year for trips and news. For information on trips, call Doris Slater, (323) 667-1879

‘‘IchooseDad.” “Like most kids, I thought my dad could fix anything. He’s always been there for me. Now Belmont Village lets me be there for him. Dad gets the support he needs for the lifestyle he wants. He really enjoys all the fitness and social activities, the food is great, and transportation is always available. I like knowing I can rely on Belmont’s 24-hour nurse. But most of all, I like knowing that Dad and I are there for each other. And he can still fix anything.”

‘‘IchooseBelmontVillage.’’ • Licensed nurse on-site around the clock • Chef-prepared, restaurant-style dining • Free scheduled transportation daily • Fitness and social activities • Medication management • Housekeeping and laundry • Assistance with daily living • Award-winning Circle of Friends® memory program • Short-term stays available • Specialized Alzheimer’s care

Burbank (818) 972-2405 Encino (818) 788-8870 Hollywood Hills (323) 874-7711 Rancho Palos Verdes (310) 377-9977 Westwood (310) 475-7501 Thousand Oaks (805) 496-9301

RCFE Lic 197603515, 197603848,197605090,197608291,198204246, 565801746 © 2012 Belmont Village, L.P.

TheCommunityBuiltforLife ®

LozFeliz_06_29_Dad.indd July 2012


6/20/12Page 11:15 AM SENIOR MOMENTS 15

Los Feliz Ledger Advertise in the Los

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“Trio Los Machos” Explores Relationships over Decades By Marilyn Tower Oliver, Ledger Theater Critic Josefina Lopez, a Silver Lake playwright best known for her award winning film, Real Women Have Curves, has written a new play as an homage to her father. The plot explores friendship between a guitar trio of men who first met as young farm workers brought to the United States from Mexico as braceros. As the play opens, elderly guitarist balladeers Lalo (Miguel Santana), Paco (Henry Aceves Madrid) and Nacho (Roberto Garza ) are fired from a Mexican restaurant because their music is driving away customers.   As they explore their options, they reminiscence back 50 years to their youth when they were farm workers.  The action switches back and forth between the present and the past when the three are portrayed as the younger Lalo (Gilbert Rodriguez), Paco (Adrian Quinonez) and Nacho (Josh Duron). In an attempt to enliven their act, the men hire a female singer.  Their efforts are thwarted, however, when Lalo suffers a stroke and becomes incapacitated.  The other two try to care for him but their quarreling opens old wounds. 

Although the play explores aging and prejudice, the treatment is not heavy handed. The actors are convincing. Edward Padilla’s direction keeps the audience on its toes and original music by Dannie Weinstein with additional lyrics by Claudia Duran add to the old favorites. Playwright Josefina Lopez has taken on large issues—the complexity of relationships, aging, and history.  Although the play could use some tightening, this drama could move from this 99-seat theater to a larger venue. As our government today struggles with the issues of immigration, this play is particularly timely. “Trio Los Machos,” Casa 0101 Theater, 2012 E. 1st Street, Boyle Heights.  Through July 8th, 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays; 5 p.m., Sundays. $20, seniors, students $17. (323) 263-7684 or www.

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Vodka Gone Wild: Fun Flavors By Tara de Lis, Ledger Columnist Summer is peak season for barbecues, beach bonfires and campfire meals. Anyone can bring a six-pack of beer or a bottle of wine, but how about something more daring this year? Vodka is generally known for its neutral, clean taste, though brands like Absolut have long been known for marketing fruit-focused flavors like Mandarin and Citron. A number of other companies have branched out into more offbeat, if not downright bizarre, vodka concoctions. Bacon has long been a popular breakfast indulgence, but recent times have seen pork belly rise to cult status among foodies. It follows that the decadent dish would make its way from plate to glass. Bakon Vodka makes for a great Bloody Mary base. One of the most interestPage 16 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT

ing herb-based spirits is Square One’s Basil, which is infused with four different types of the leafy plant. It’s a good starter for several summertime drinks, such as a gimlet or a unique take on a traditional Cuban mojito. The peanut butter and jelly sandwich has been an American’s child lunchbox staple for decades. Holland-based Van Gogh Vodka makes an adult beverage version, called PB&J. It can be easily combined with creams, sodas, or juices for a sweet treat. Imported from France, Pinnacle taps into another American tradition—cotton candy at the county fair. The brand produces more than two-dozen flavored vodkas, and each is distilled four times. Mix this one with lemonade, energy drinks or serve it chilled on its own. Tara de Lis is a freelance writer who lives in Hollywood. July 2012

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Coming Soon: The Italian American Museum of Los Angeles

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By Kathy A. McDonald, Ledger Columnist San Francisco has North Beach, New York City has Little Italy and Boston has the North End but unlike these and other cities, Los Angeles is not known for its Italian enclave. However, Los Angeles did have its own Italian Quarter for decades and the history of the city is intertwined with its Italian-American immigrants. A new Italian American Museum of Los Angeles (IAMLA), scheduled to open in late 2013, will honor and shed light on that often overlooked heritage. Born and raised in Silver Lake, Marianna Gatto, sister of California Assemblymember Mike Gatto, is the executive director of the IAMLA, which is currently in the midst of construction. (Gatto previously wrote Los Angeles’ Little Italy). She notes that both Los Feliz and Silver Lake once had significant Italian-American populations—Sarno’s Bakery on Vermont Avenue was the emblem of that era. The earliest immigrant experience (from 1827 to the 1880s) began downtown in the city’s historic and commercial center at El Pueblo where L.A.’s first generation of Italian-Americans owned businesses. Because of the city’s foundation in LatinAmerican culture, Italians were accepted here, assimilated easily and achieved upward mobility sooner than in other regions, according to Gatto. “The city’s Italian chapter of its history is still ongoing,” she said. “It’s a fascinating history that we hope people will gain appreciation for.” The IAMLA will oc-

July 2012

cupy the second floor of the 1907-08-built Italian Hall, now owned by the city, one of the 26 historic buildings in El Pueblo de Los Angeles, also home to the Pico House and Olvera Street. Interactive exhibits will share the space with permanent exhibits culled from the museum’s 6,000 collected artifacts, historic photos and archival materials. Italians first settled in the area beginning in 1827. What is now Chinatown, was considered the city’s Italian Quarter and several businesses still recall that heritage: the Eastside Market on Alpine (founded in the 1920s by the Anguili family) and the nearby San Antonio Winery (opened in 1917). “It is not just a museum for Italian Americans, it will be a museum for everyone where we will tell the timeless immigrant story of hard work, family, and determination,” said Gatto. “Visitors will come away with a greater understanding of Los Angeles’s history and how ItalianAmerican’s experiences are part of that.” For more information Eastside Eye pick Levitated Mass by Michael Heizer at LACMA. After making a well-publicized trek across the Southland, the 340-ton megalith granite boulder is now permanently installed over a 456 foot-long concrete slot on LACMA’s campus just north of the Resnick Pavilion.


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steward from page 8

bond led to the two women working on Learning by Heart, a book that brings Sister Corita’s teaching methods to the page. Although they started the book in 1979, it wasn’t until 1992, six years after Sister Corita’s death, that it was finally published. But meeting Sister Corita wasn’t the only change that occurred in Steward’s life at that time. Steward and her husband started hosting small concerts in their home, beginning mostly with Japanese music before Steward fell in love with the Indian genre. Then, in 1961 Steward moved to her current Los Feliz home, where, for more than 50 years now, the greats of In-

dian music—including Ravi Shankar, Ali Akbar, and Shiv Kumar—have performed. “My mother never understood why, with my Welsh and Irish background, I was so taken with Indian music,” Steward said. Steward’s love of Indian music extended to Indian art as well. She creating art and album covers for many of the musicians who played at her Spanish-style home, including Shankar. In fact, it was Shankar who, in 1968, introduced Steward to George Harrison of The Beatles. Steward would become a full-time artist for Harrison in 1971. “That was the best time I ever had in my life—working for George [Harrison],” Steward said. “He said that we had

the same kind of visual ideas. He was very nice.” To summarize Steward’s 82 years in a few hundred words is an impossible task. She has been a wife and mother, written and illustrated books, painted statues that sit in temples, created album covers, photographed India’s most renowned dancer, served as art director for two of America’s most noted organizations devoted to Eastern Indian art, and provided a haven in which musicians have performed for over half a century. Perhaps the best way to sum up the life of Jan Steward is to refer to the motto of the Immaculate Heart College art department, a Balinese proverb: “We have no art. We do everything as well as we can.”


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July 2012

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Griffith Park Deserves Better In the June issue of the Los Feliz Ledger, I was surprised to see my name and the name of my organization mentioned in the Message from the Publisher. Writing about the final City Hall hearing on granting the Historic Cultural Monument (HCM) designation to Griffith Park, Ms. Ferraro wrote, “During public comment, Los Feliz Improvement Association board member, and past president, Marian Dodge, astutely asked the crowd to stand if they were in favor of such a designation. Everyone in the room stood, except for two people: Symphony in the Glen’s Barbara Ferris and me.” In illustrating her point,

Park became a communityfracturing blood sport, rife with vicious behind-thescenes bullying, anonymous online character assassinations and panic generating email bombs packed with misinformation. Good people, who tried to insert calm, civility and reality-based deliberation into the process, were shouted down, vilified and intimidated into silence. At every turn, the park crusaders claimed the destruction of Griffith Park was imminent (the bulldozers were always just over the next hill). Anyone who disagreed was “the enemy.” No productive dialog was allowed. That’s the atmosphere in which the final Griffith Park HCM designation meet-







1938 Whitmore Ave


Loving the park doesn’t, and shouldn’t, require choosing sides or despising anyone. she leaves the impression that I stayed seated because I was against the HCM designation. This is not accurate. I stayed neutral during the long HCM process, with good reason. When Symphony In The Glen began giving free symphony concerts in Griffith Park (1994), the park was just a sleepy, largely neglected, 4,200-acre regional park; enjoyed on a variety of levels by many, many different kinds of people. Over the years we worked hard to foster good will and provide families a warm, welcoming gathering spot, a place to get away from the political divides that disturb our everyday lives. Then, along came the wildly unrealistic Griffith Park Master Plan. With it, emerged a small group of self-styled park protectors who seized the opportunity to turn Griffith Park into a war zone. Within months, “protecting” Griffith

ing took place at City Hall. I stayed seated that day because I was sick of seeing my community torn apart by the toxic, overblown “park wars” that gave rise to that occasion. I still object to having the park I love used as a political soapbox. Griffith Park deserves better. Los Feliz deserves better, too. The park is our backyard. It’s there for everyone to use and enjoy. Loving the park doesn’t, and shouldn’t, require choosing sides or despising anyone. It’s possible to love hiking, free symphony concerts, free Shakespeare, tennis, golf, youth baseball and horseback riding all at the same time. The true challenge here is figuring out how it can work for everyone. Barbara Ferris Managing Director Symphony In The Glen Los Feliz

[open mike] Regarding a recent “Keen to be Green” column suggesting readers adapt to the new regulations on plastic bags by leaving reusable bags in our cars: many Angelinos do not have cars, some of us for environmental reasons. It’s upsetting that a writer who purports to care about environmental issues would assume that readers will be driving private vehicles, especially in a neighborhood as walkable as Los Feliz.  In a city such as Los Angeles, the environmental costs of July 2012

driving a car rather than walking or using public transportation usually far outweigh the benefits. We should carefully consider our vehicle use, not promote it through regulations and suggestions that privilege blatantly harmful behavior.   Any environmental solution that makes walking or using public transportation even less convenient is not a good solution for the environment. Lisa Campbell Los Feliz


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2034 North Berendo Street Los Feliz $895,000 Stunning 3+2 1920’s Spanish home with lovely spacious yard in Franklin Square. Living room with Batchelder style fireplace, great moldings & refinished hardwood flrs thru out. Formal DR. Spacious kitchen, 6 burner Viking stove. Large master suite. Luxurious spa like European bath w/open shower, tub, copper sinks. Rm for pool.

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2459-61 Hidalgo Avenue Silver Lake $1,030,000 Character Four Unit Building on cul-de-sac in a great Silver Lake neighborhood. Large 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom townhouse style owner’s unit + 3 - 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartments and studio. Approximately 4,000 sq ft building, some lake and hillside views. 4 parking spaces. $72,000 Annual Income. Represented buyer.

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2441 Kenilworth Avenue Silver Lake Hills $795,000 Beautifully updated 2+1.5 in Moreno Highlands. Spacious LR with peek-a-boo reservoir views. Fabulous Cook’s kitchen w/Shaker style cabinets, stainless appl, breakfast bar. Formal dining rm. Gorgeous baths. Newly landscaped yard. Central AC. Kitch leads to lovely patio. Walk to reservoir. Ivanhoe. Home sweet home.

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4133 Cumberland Avenue Los Feliz $1,095,000 Excellent opportunity to invest in great Los Feliz area. Classic 7 unit bldg built in 1962. Spacious units w/dining areas and some with lovely views. 3 - 2 bed 1.75 baths, 1 - 2 bed 1 bath & 3 - 1 bed 1 bath units. Appox 5,853 sq ft building and 6,621 lot. Annual Inc $87K . Great for owner user or investor. Walk to Hillhurst & Sunset restaurants, shops. Close to dwntwn.

1192 Myra Avenue Silver Lake $335,000 Charming 1915 Craftsman Duplex Los Feliz area that needs work but has loads of potential. Each unit has 1 bedroom + 1 bath. Lots of original character. Approx 1,185 square foot interior & 4093 corner lot. Good location close the great shops & restaurants in Los Feliz and Silver Lake neighborhoods. Minutes to downtown.

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2750 Lakewood Avenue Silver Lake Hills $872,000 Lovely 2+2.5, charming den on rare 11K+ vu lot in the hills. Ivanhoe. Newly renovated kitchen w/new Shaker style cabinets & stainless appliances. LR w/views. 2 master suites w/private baths. Lovely den w/fireplace opens out to a patio and spectacular grounds. Room to play, fruit trees, vegetable garden area, roses & more. New AC/Heat

3839 Franklin Avenue Franklin Hills $750,000 Storybook 3+2 Brick Tudor. Enjoy sweeping city vu’s from spacious LR & DR. Charming original kitch. Breakfast rm w/built-in cabinet leads out to a patio & great yard. Original details such as hrdwd flrs & coved ceilings. Fireplace. Lovely tranquil yard surrounded by greenery. Needs updating, but with lots of potential. Short sale.