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Leadership was in full bloom Monday 3/11/13 at 30 Rock in NYC. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt invited the world to engage in the celebration and discussion of their new Head Health Initiative. The NFL’s Evolution continues on and is picking up momentum.

A Pattern Emerges

Have you noticed the pattern of partnership and invitation demonstrated by the NFL? I sure have. From advocating country-wide adoption of the Zachery Lystedt Law, to expanding the reach of concussion awareness with the

Leadership is in a Huddle

Nothing Says

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to collaborating and generously “Serious” Like funding USA Football’s Heads-Up Football program, and now, this new $60 Million demonstration of NFL’s commitment to the health, safety and the wellThere are two parts being of the people who love the game. As I listened to each of the major collaborators of the Head Health Initiative, namely NCAA President Mark Emmert, U.S. Army Medical Command Lieutenant General Patricia D. Horoho, and Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank, I noticed another pattern emerge: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a concern about people.  People, not just pro football players and other professional athletes.  People, not just military personnel.  People, not just collegiate, high school, and youth athletes.  People, not just Americans.

A Belief Shared By All

What is most compelling for me is the set of beliefs clearly stated and repeated by each of the investors. There is a shared belief that:     

An answer is waiting to be found in the collaboration between the private and public sectors. Encouraging innovation will attract the best ideas. Playing sports means more to the future of our children than what can be observed during a practice or a game. The very strength of our nation depends, in part, on the leadership skills learned by young athletes engaged in the challenges of competitive play. It is the responsibility of leaders to collectively pull this movement forward.

You’re Invited

The NFL and GE have expanded the concentric rings of their influence through their collaboration and through the power of these beliefs. Anyone who shares these beliefs should consider themselves invited to participate.

to the Head Health Initiative.

Part 1 - $40 Million Develop improved imaging / diagnosis equipment for targeted treatment therapy. Part 2 - $20 Million Funding and support for an innovation challenge that encourages the best and brightest minds anywhere in the world to offer technical solutions to better understand, protect, and diagnose brain injuries. To learn more about the Head Health Initiative or submit a Head Health Challenge proposal, click here. To read Commissioner Goodell’s letter to NFL fans on the Head Health Initiative, click here.

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NFL + GE - The Sum is Greater Than Its Parts  
NFL + GE - The Sum is Greater Than Its Parts  

NFL and GE expand the power of influence through the Head Health Initiative and the power of their shared beliefs.