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December 2010

Volume 1, Issue 1

WHAT: Schuster-Merten Family Reunion WHEN: August 11-15, 2011 WHERE: Izaty’s Resort, Onamia, MN Contact Information:


of you are well aware through Facebook, email, and word of mouth that a family reunion is in the works for 2011. We have promised you an official notice via mail, and here is the official newsletter announcing the event. Thank you for your patience

waiting for this. It took a few months to coordinate logistics with the resort. There have been changes in ownership and management at Izaty’s, which contributed to a delay in obtaining and agreeing on an official contract. Also, they had to establish their 2011 rates to make it worth while spending money to get this out to all of you. We are happy to now move forward and get the planning in place for what will be a really fun and memorable family event! Nick Eckstrom and Lori Haigh are kick starting the coordination of this event. A great team that can swap leadership during events like Nick’s wedding, and Lori’s upcoming due date with her baby! It is, however, up to everyone to help make it the best it can be. Anyone interested in help-

ing plan pieces of the weekend’s events are wanted and needed. We will be delegating as needed, so if you don’t come to us, we will come to you. In the meantime, suggestions and ideas are desired and expected. On page 3 of this newsletter is a short piece requesting information from all of you. Please return this as soon as possible. Thank you, again, for your patience as we waited for the contract and the details needed to move ahead with planning. We are so excited to see everyone next year. One guarantee can be made: the 2011 Schuster-Merten Family Reunion will be an incredible event on all levels! -Lori Haigh, editor

REUNION RELATED EMAIL schustermerten2011@ PHONE NUMBERS: Lori Haigh: 612-998-7710 Nick Eckstrom: 612-578-5661 MAILING ADDRESS: Reunion c/o Lori Haigh 902 Fairfield Place Isanti, MN 55040

Inside this issue: REUNION




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Events, Ideas & Projects



Scramble Golf Tournament. For those unfamiliar, basically anyone can take part no matter your Friday the 12th through Sunday the 14th, as it is golf experience or talent. It is a lot of fun. Prizes expected most will attend those dates. We unwill be awarded. More information to follow. derstand many are paying to travel from out of ~T-shirts have been suggested by many, so we state, and we want there to be flexibility for are designing a t-shirt and will be taking orders arrivals and departures, and cost. The other in the future. days will be for visiting with family that is already there, and exploring the Mille Lacs area ~Lavonne Wontorek suggested a potluck type at your leisure. Here are some ideas being ex- gathering where we can share dishes and reciplored: pes. The Townhome and Villa units have full kitchens to accommodate this type of event. ~John M. Schuster has volunteered to plan a





Izaty’s Resort on Lake Mille Lace

Most of the pre-planned events will take place

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Schuster & Merten Family Times Schuster-Merten Reunion Block Villas and Townhomes held until January 31, 2011 Links Lodge rooms held until July 11, 2011


Izaty’s Resort is a unique resort in regards to lodging. The Townhomes and Villas on the resort grounds are privately owned, and run under an association. For this reason, blocking them off falls under different rules than the rooms that are reserved at the Links Lodge (owned by the resort). Originally, I was informed in mid-November that they would block the Townhomes and Villas for 1 month. I had a letter written ready to go out to all, but decided to renegotiate this, considering we had been patient waiting for a contract. Also, I didn’t like the idea that our block would expire right before the holidays, requiring many to pay a deposit when budgets are already

tight with the Christmas season. Though they still require a deposit (detailed below) they extended the Schuster-Merten Reunion Block until January 31, 2011. After this the Townhomes and Villas are open to the public. You can still reserve them, but risk them being filled as time passes. I encourage everyone to make reservations as soon as you can. The Townhomes and Villas are roomy and families/individuals can go in together to cut costs. The Links Lodge units will remain blocked until July 11, 2011 as well. These are like hotel rooms.

Reservation Instructions 1-

Contact Resort Directly. Email or call 320-5324574. Leave a message during the off season and it will be returned ASAP.


Make reservation under the SCHUSTER-MERTEN FAMILY REUNION BLOCK. Please do not forget to mention this.


All reservations MUST be guaranteed with a credit card.

Rates 2011 LODGING RATES: 2-bedroom Beach Villa @ $175+6.88%tax= $187.04 per unit per night 3-bedroom Beach Villa @ $205+ 6.88%tax=$219.11 per unit per night 3-bedroom Townhome @ $245+6.88%tax0=$261.86 per unit per night 4-bedroom Townhome @ $295+6.88%tax=$315.30 per unit per night (two night minimum stay required in all lakeside units) Links Lodge standard king or double rooms @ $84+6.88%tax= $89.78 per unit per night Links Lodge King Suite w/ pullout @ $104+6.88%tax= $111.16 per unit per night (2010 Links Lodge hotel rates honored for this group) Weekly Rates are available for those staying seven nights or more. Deposit/Cancellation: one night’s lodging plus tax will be charged upon reserving a lakeside unit or hotel room. Lakeside units may be cancelled up to 60-days prior to arrival with a $50 cancellation fee and forfeiture of deposit. Lakeside units are non-cancellable within 60 days of arrival and will be charged the full length of the stay. Hotel rooms may be cancelled up to 30-days prior to arrival with a $25 cancellation fee and forfeiture of deposit. Hotel rooms are non-cancellable after 30 days prior to arrival and will be charged the full length of the stay. Page 2

Volume 1, Issue 1 Events, Ideas and Projects (continued) (cont. from pg. 1) ~Tom Wontorek is busy putting together a family history. This will be such a treat to have! It will also be meaningful and special if everyone can gather photo albums, videos, and slideshows to share over the reunion weekend as well. It will provoke a lot of stories and memories. ~Cindy Babetunde suggested a race or competition of some sort like has been done at reunions past (Gophers vs. Badgers). Only I agree with Cindy that our parents generation can retire and watch us nephews and nieces get at it. Ideas, anyone? ~Other ideas being considered and brainstormed are a dinner and dance, games for the kids, Friday night social gathering,

Club XIX Restaurant & Bar

cook out, etc. A lot of planning to do! It is everyone’s jobs to think of ideas and SHARE. ~There are also Black Brook Golf Course located on site. plenty of events taking place at the resort both as we can for everyone, but poolside and elsewhere. We there will be some costs spread want some scheduled events, out amongst all. In time, when the but we want this to be relaxing the agenda and logistics are and flexible, too. coordinated, we will inform everyone of the cost per household. ~The resort lodging is really affordable compared to other Minnesota resorts. However, we have learned that they really push their catering. The contract has some strict rules about food and large gatherings. We think it would be good to plan a couple gatherings with the catering. We want to keep costs as low The Links Lodge

Volleyball Courts by the Pool


View of the Marina

Questionnaire Due January 15, 2011 PLEASE send the following information via email to: If you do not use email, please let us know and mail this instead to Reunion c/o Lori Haigh 902 Fairfield Place, Isanti, MN 55040. We want to keep everyone in the loop! We would like to avoid as many “maybe” responses to question number 3 as possible, understanding that in some cases it is a necessary answer. Also, PLEASE send us anything relevant that comes to mind for question #4.

1 - Name(s): 2 - What is your email address? 3 - Are you planning to attend the reunion? If so, who will be attending from your household? 4 -Ideas, suggestions, and questions you have (if mailing, continue on back): Page 3

We are really excited about the reunion, and seeing everyone next summer! Lori and Nick

Family Reunion Newsletter  

Schuster-Merten Reunion 2011