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EZ Spokesperson Creator – 3 Simple steps to maximize your video production EZ Spokesperson Creator is a brand-new point and click software helps you MAXIMIZE your video production by creating professional spokesperson videos with dozens of customizable options in a matter seconds…

EZ Spokesperson Creator Overview 

Homepage: EZ Spokesperson Creator Official Site

Product Name: EZ Spokesperson Creator

Type of Product: Cloud-Based Software

Authors: Matt Bush & Todd Gross

Target niche: Video Marketing, The World’s First “Video Spokesperson” Creator Software Brand-new point and click software helps you MAXIMIZE your video production by creating professional spokesperson videos with dozens of customizable options in a matter seconds…

Official Price: $29.95

Special Discount: 40%-OFF HERE! (It’s valid only first 24hrs of launching)

Bonuses: [EXCLUSIVE] You will get any of the bonus packs in below: o

GIANT Bonuses Pack 1


SPECIAL Bonuses Pack 2


ULTIMATE Bonuses Pack 3


HUGE Bonuses Pack 4


MEGA Bonuses Pack 5

What Is EZ Spokesperson Creator? Do you know that 87% of all online marketers use video content?

We are living in the age of video. It is an incredibly compelling way to engage and sell online. Videos make sales and people are asking for it.   

78% of people online are watching videos every week 55% of people watch videos online EVERY DAY Website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product from an online retail site after watching a video

But most video styles are missing one critical element. Us!!! Humans!!! Having an actual spokeperson talking directly to your audience is incredibly effective. Unfortunately there hasn't been an easy way to have your own live-action spokesperson. Introducing: EZ Spokesperson Creator EZ Spokesperson Creator is a brand-new point and click software helps you MAXIMIZE your video production by creating professional spokesperson videos with dozens of customizable options in a matter seconds…

How Does EZ Spokesperson Creator Work?

What Will You Get With EZ Spokesperson Creator?

World's #1 Spokesperson Creation Software

50 Incredible Templates In A Wide Variety Of Topics

Exclusive Members Area With Detailed Training

Cloud Hosting - Nothing To Install - Always Accessible

No Watermarks - Everything Is 100% Yours

Dedicated Support Special Features of EZ Spokesperson Creator: Templates Featuring Dozens Of Hot Topics

Local Business Commercials Featuring dozens of templates specific to local businesses. Create a commercial for a business, and personalize it with a photo of their actual place of business! Charge $300 or more for this incredible service.

Every single topic they cover features both a male AND female spokeperson. Talk about options!

Choose From Dozens Of Customizable Backgrounds Choose from one of our many backgrounds, or upload your own! Includes a massive library featuring many real life backgrounds as well as graphical backdrops.

Customizable & Selectable Lower Thirds Graphics Choose from dozens of "lower thirds" graphics, or upload your own!

Choose from variety of soundtracks Choose from one of their many sountrack options.

How It Works: With EZ Spokesperson Creator, it's as easy as A, B, C...

Step 1 Choose A Template From The Dozens Available Pick out a pre-made commercial template from the dozens up dozens we offer in a variety of niches and topics.

Step 2 Customize Your Spokesperson By Editing The Background, Text, Graphics, & More Customize your commercial with ease. Open our cloud-based editor, change a few lines of text, choose from dozens of lower thirds graphics, backgrounds, soundtracks, and more, and publish your video in less than 90 seconds!

Step 3

Publish And Download Your Video Your High Definition video will be ready for you to share on Social Media, upload on YouTube or Vimeo, or post to your site or blog. You can even sell the videos you produce!

Why Should You Get EZ Spokesperson Creator Now ? With EZ Spokesperson Creator, you can sell your videos for $100's over and over   

Sell To Hungry Local Businesses: Small businesses will be lining up to grab your professional commercials at such an irresistible price. Sell To Local Consulting Companies: Focus on selling quantity and deliver your videos directly to local consultants to explode your income. Sell To Other Marketers: Be the middleman and focus on quantity be selling directly to other marketers!

It helps you save thousands of dollars and hours of your time...  

There’s no need to hire professional actors and actresses or to script a good commercial! Designing videos is incredibly time consuming. You don’t need to be an expert at sales copy, graphic creation, video production... to create a video that a business would pay for.

Creating great videos requires countless hours to master confusing software, unless you do it with EZ Spokesperson Creator

Now let’s hear what others have to say about EZ Spokesperson Creator “I have been an offline marketing product creator for over six years, and I have never seen a piece of software that can create spokesperson videos like this one. There are so many options to choose from like backgrounds, graphics and text. Great job guys, this is a great tool for my offline business!” David Cisneros “EZ Spokesperson Creator is just fantastic. I love how easy it is to use, and how fast it is. I am so glad this is now available. The customization is there, and there are just so many choices. Todd & Matt have another winner here!” Tony Hayes “An incredibly brilliant tool. EZ Spokesperson Creator has just levelled the playing field when it comes to creating professional, high-quality videos. If you’ve always been put off creating videos either because you didn’t know how or you didn’t have access to all the expensive equipment that you’d usually need then you need to see this. It’s like having your own portfolio of professional actors working for you, ready to pump out video after video. And the smart person will see the lucrative opportunity of using this tool for creating videos for other people and charging them a premium price for it. I am really impressed by how powerful, and easy EZ Spokesperson Creator is, and I highly recommend it.” Michael Sherriff - “EZ Spokesperson is one of the coolest apps I’ve seen all year. It takes no more than 2 minutes to get inside and create videos for ALL types of campaigns. Whether I want to sell a video to a local client or rank an affiliate video, EZ SC makes it a breeze. I highly recommend everyone pick this up!” Joshua Zamora -

And now after revealing all the features inside EZ Spokesperson Creator, they are not about to stop there. They are including a very valuable bonus, designed to enhance your result with EZ Spokesperson Creator.

Exclusive Bonuses From EZ Spokesperson Creator

Conclusion When you pick this up today, you can start creating videos in literally 90 seconds, that you will be able to sell for hundreds of dollars! This is an extremely time-limited offer. This is your chance to grab lifetime access at one low price. Future buyers will be required to pay monthly. This is a life-changing opportunity. You will have the potential to make 10x your investment from just one sale‌

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Ez spokesperson creator review 80% discount and $26,800 bonus

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