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December 2019

YOUR LOCAL PLUMBING, HEATING AND BATHROOM EXPERTS By providing a full range of high quality, domestic and commercial plumbing services across Buckinghamshire, we offer our customers a complete one-stop solution.

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BOILERS Servicing, repairs and installations (oil, gas & LPG) CENTRAL HEATING Installation and upgrades (oil, gas & LPG) BATHROOMS Design and installation specialists PLUMBING From dripping taps to full installations ANNUAL MAINTENANCE Contracts available FREE No obligation quotes

FOR THE BEST SERVICE IN YOUR AREA GET IN TOUCH call: 01844 274 604 email: visit:

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Hello Readers,

Welcome to the December 2019 Edition of Look Local Magazine. I can hardly believe that I am writing this again, but MERRY CHRISTMAS! The festive season is upon us once more which pleases me so much and thankfully Team Penfold can look forward to a much healthier and less traumatic end to the year this year. I do hope that 2019 has also been kind to you all and that you’re feeling positive as we enter the new decade.

13 CONTENTS 06. Editorial Feature: Making your Will. 07. Health & Wellbeing: Ease digestive discomfort this Christmas with Thame Therapy Clinic. 09. Health & Wellbeing: Reasons to eat Hemp, by Jemma Stevens Flawsome Jem. 10. Health & Wellbeing: A reflection of 2019 with Bowen Therapist, Jen Webster. 12/29. News & Events: What’s On in our region. 13 - 28. SPECIAL FEATURE: Christmas in Thame. 30/31. The Sound of Music: Simon Markland talks us through this months local music scene. 33. Get the Look: Choosing the perfect Stone Fireplace with Coulon Stone.

As well as all our regular features, this issue is jam packed with festive fun starting with a ‘What’s On’ guide for Chinnor on page 12. This follows on to a special Christmas insert highlighting all the seasonal activities taking place in Thame. It has been placed in the centre pages so you can pull it out a keep it in your handbag/manbag if you so wish, as a handy guide to all things Christmas. And if you’re like me and still working your way through your Christmas Present Shopping List be sure to visit our local high streets in Thame, Watlington, Chinnor and Chalgrove as we really do have a beautiful selection of independent retailers in these towns/villages as well as a number of small homebased, craft and food businesses. Some of my favourites are, Mama Dors Kitchen ( Comet Creations Craft ( and Krafty Kin ( who have a number of great handmade gift ideas as well as festive items including ‘Santa’s Treats’ Mats, Advent Bunting, Personalised Stockings and Christmas Sacks all perfect for the little (or big) people in your life - check out their Facebook pages and give them a thumbs up! As always, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and custom this year and if anyone is looking for new ways to market their business in 2020 please do get in touch. As well as running the magazine I also offer Design, Printing and Marketing Support. Until next year, enjoy reading...

Love Emma x E: W: For Advertising contact 07707 386034.

BOOKING DEADLINE for January 2020 issue: Friday 13th December

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December 2019

Find us at Views Farm, Great Milton, OX44 7NW 01844 279274 |

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Health & Wellbeing

Making a Will Some important decisions.

Having made the decision to make your Will, there

are some important points you need to consider before meeting with a Will Writer. By having many of the answers available it will leave more time to discuss the other important issues which may arise during the consultation. A professional Will Writers job is to take your instructions and translate them into your Will, creating a document which accurately reflects your wishes. The Will needs to be understood by your executors and most importantly, The Probate Court, to ensure that it is proved quickly, thus minimising any problems after your death which could cause delays leading to hardship for your loved-ones.

THE APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTORS You may choose to appoint a member of your family, a prime beneficiary or close friend to act as an executor. Remember, an executor can also be a beneficiary. If you do need to appoint a professional executor, you could opt for either a solicitor, chartered accountant or a Trust Corporation to act on your behalf. Your Will Consultant will be able to advise on the best option for your circumstances.

APPOINTMENT OF GUARDIANS If you have children (under the age of 18) you will need to appoint guardians. It may be helpful to make at least one guardian a joint executor as they have a right to money from your estate to help towards the upbringing of your child. This amount can be restricted to a certain amount or could be left in a trust fund. If you have a child with additional needs, who are likely to require specialist care either at home or in the care of the Local Authority, a trust will be required to ensure adequate funds are available for their future.

PROPERTY How you hold your property will determine how it passes on after your death. As ‘joint tenants’ your share will pass on to the survivor automatically. If you wish to pass your ‘interest’ in the property to your children or others, you should hold your property as ‘tenants in common’. More in-depth information can be discussed with your consultant. For more in-depth information or experienced advice regarding Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Funeral Plans contact Michael Bradley on 01844 281013 or 07868 746406.


Thame Therapy Clinic High Quality Complementary Health Therapies from Experienced Practitioners

Therapies include • Physiotherapy • Reflexology • Osteopathy • Homeopathy • Acupuncture • Holistic Massage • Counselling • Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy and more... 01844 215555 / 261592 23 Upper High Street, Thame, OX9 3EX

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Health & Wellbeing


Throughout the year digestion is of importance but especially at Christmas. In nutritional terms the festive season brings with it many challenges, larger than usual meals, foods sometimes eaten at different times and occasionally eating foods normally avoided in your diet. Rather than tolerating the resulting symptoms and feelings of digestive discomfort, there may be ways to help yourself to make this year better than last. Peter Dewdney, Nutritional Therapist at Thame Therapy Clinic, offers his advise on digestion at Christmas… 1. Try not eating too late, our bodies need time to digest before we lie down for bed. Additional time is needed when our meals are larger than usual. 2. Avoid drinkinq just before a meal as this can dilute or even flush through much needed digestive acids required to process and break down our foods. 3. Drink water in between meals. Yes, a little boring but, maintaining good hydration throughout. Christmas really can help with our digestion. In part water acts to regulate the acidity levels in our body and also assists in many other key functions. Alcoholic drinks also act as diuretics resulting in an even greater water requirement. You may also like to know that a digestive enzyme could be used to assist with the digestion, processing and absorption of meals especially when eating late or in larger quantities. A specific enzyme is available to help with the symptoms experienced when gluten or dairy is eaten in error or without prior knowledge. You can find out more about this from a nutritional advisor. Finally, a word on food Intolerances which are very common and different to food allergies. One way to determine whether you have an inability to process foods or whether foods need avoiding /removing from the diet is a simple home allergy test. This is a quick effective screening method to which nutritional therapists use to determine the best diet and whether further testing is required.

If you would like more information on how to further assist with digestive disorders, symptoms and complaints contact Peter Dewdney on 01844 215555 Web: | Email:

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Health & Wellbeing


NEW Course for January 2020

Join us at The Space Yoga Studio for this gentle introduction to meditation. Covering a variety of traditions and techniques including breathwork, mindfulness, single focus (using aids such as candles, affirmation cards and mantras/chants), guided visualisation, and body scan/relaxation. Dates: Wednesday, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th January in the Healing Room and Friday 7th February in the Main Studio. Time: 7:40pm - 8:50pm | Price: £60.00 (5 sessions). Gift Vouchers available - treat someone to the gift of

meditation this Christmas!

Only 7 places available. Chairs will be provided for those who prefer not to sit on the floor. If you have particular health & wellbeing concerns, such as chronic pain, sleep problems or anxiety, and would prefer to learn to meditate one-to-one, tailored sessions are available at £40.00 for a 1 hour session.

Sharron Steele MCFHP MAFHP Foot Health Practitioner Qualified, Insured & DBS Checked

Hair & Beauty

Professional Mobile Foot Care Services covering Chinnor & surrounding areas. 07812 074176 / 01844 761317

01844 353838

£5.00 off your first visit NEW PILATES CLASSES Daytime and evening classes in Chinnor

Book your place now Contact Sam on M: 07921 928404



Nails | Hair Make-Up | Tanning Beauty Treatments | Massage | Homeopathy Reflexology & more. Gift Vouchers Available.

Opening Hours

Mon: Closed Tues - Thurs: 9:00am - 7:30pm Fri: 9:00am - 7:00pm Sat: 9.00am - 1.00pm

Vouchers also available. Robert House, 19 Station Road, Chinnor, OX39 4PU

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By Jemma Stevens of Flawsome Jem

DID YOU KNOW: Hemp Seeds contain more protein per weight than steak, and have less than 1% the environmental impact per acre than raising cattle! This is just one of the reasons it’s such a great supplement to add to your diet, in addition to the following; 1. Hemp Seed contains all nine essential amino acids: Of the twenty amino acids we need, nine are classed as ‘essential’. These are the ones our bodies cannot synthesise from other amino acids and metabolic particles. This is why they must be consumed as part of our diet. Hemp seed contains significant amounts of all nine essential amino acids, making it the perfect way to ensure your body is getting the right nutrition on a daily basis. 2. Hemp Seed contains more useable protein per gram than almost all other foods: Hemp Seed contains 25 grams of protein per 100 grams. This is higher than all other plant sources, and higher than or equivalent to almost all meat and fish. On paper, soy appears to out-perform hemp as a protein source in a few ways. Hemp seed is 25% protein, whereas soy is 32%. Soy also contains slightly higher levels of eight out of the nine essential amino acids. However, it is important to look at how much of this protein can actually be used by the body. Soy, unlike hemp seed, contains high levels of trypsin inhibitors (see below), which prevent all of its protein and essential amino acids being absorbed by the body. 3. Hemp Seed does not contain trypsin inhibitors: Trypsin is a digestive enzyme, which is secreted by the pancreas as trypsinogen. The essential function of trypsin is to break down proteins in the small intestine so that the body can use all the available amino acids and other nutrients it contains. Trypsin inhibitors block the function of this enzyme, so less protein is broken down and digested. Hemp Seed is rare among food protein sources in that it does not contain trypsin inhibitors, so all of the protein and essential amino acids it contains are available to the body. Meat, nuts, soy, lima beans and raw egg white all contain trypsin inhibitors. 4. Hemp Seed contains easily digestible protein: Since it is dense, fibrous animal muscle, meat is hard to digest and requires more acid and enzyme secretion. Dairy products that are high in lactose are also difficult to digest and can cause gas, bloating, and diarrhoea. Nuts contain phytic acid, which is indigestible and can cause discomfort for some people; it also blocks the absorption of zinc and iron, which are also essential for good health (and found in hempseed!). Protein from eggs becomes difficult to digest if they are boiled. Beans, though good sources of protein, contain saponins which prevent protein digestion, and phytic acid. All in all, hemp seed-which contains edestin and albumin, two high-quality proteins – is unquestionably one of the easiest proteins to digest. 5. Hemp Seed farming is beneficial to the environment: Much has been written about the benefits of farming hemp: it requires less water, fertilizers and pesticides than other food crops, it improves the soil for the following crops instead of depleting it, and it can lock in large amounts of carbon both while growing and when used in products for the building and textile industry.

Cooking with Hemp!

Because I love, live and believe in the health benefits of hemp, so much, I have written my own hemp based recipe books and meal plans to help you start living the life you deserve! FInd out more on my website: Use code: JEMLOCAL to SAVE 10% off Hemp products at

Read the full article online at

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PLEASE NOTE: CBD is neither a medicine nor a cure for any illness and by no means do we make any medical claims. CBD can help to maintain and support your health and a healthy lifestyle.

Reasons to eat Hemp...

Wishing all Look Local readers a very

Happy and healthy Christmas How quickly has this year sped by? As I look back through my appointments diary and review client case histories, I am thoroughly encouraged by the number of clients booking treatments, having read articles in Look Local.


year I have written about the benefits of Bowen Therapy; the relevance of treating Back, Shoulder, Hip and knee pain with this fascial release technique; helping with Hormone Imbalance; addressing TMJ - Jaw issues; The management of pain; Chronic Fatigue, ME, and MF. Please see for any back copies. I have also alerted readers to the amazing expertise of Practitioners at The White House: Beauty, Health and Fitness, Life Coaching, Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage.

Regular clients continue with their treatments, which are therapeutically specific to each. They may be weekly as in the case of Josh who is severely disabled and benefits with improved sleep and muscle release. Treatments can be as regular or appropriate as required for example: Severe back pain release for a lady who can continue with a busy and active life with the reduction of pain meds. Many clients with on going Chronic fatigue issues - timing depends. Sport enthusiasts, as and when marathons occur. Hormone sufferers, monthly. Children with anxiety, sleep disorders and bladder issues. No migraines - every 4 months. Often clients come for their regular session without an ‘issue’ but feel comfortable discussing ‘life changes’ which ultimately impacts on how their body is responding, which can be addressed. A recent testimonial: ‘Thank you so much for your amazing help. I’m feeling a great deal better. Life is definitely nearly back to normal. Bowen is a wonderful technique. I’m so grateful to have had the experience of being on the receiving end.’ So as we enter a New Year, if there’s any health issue plaguing your life, however large or small in may seem, please do contact me for a consultation and in the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas. Please contact me for any further information: Jen Webster Bowen, Advanced NST practitioner (BSc MBTPA CNHC reg) E: | W: T: 07768 188664

Bowen Therapy is not a substitute for medical advice and treatment.

New clients continue to book appointments, mostly presenting with chronic issues ‘long standing problems’ - often presenting with an Xray, MRI, and a Diagnosis, an offer of medication, injections, surgery etc. It’s a medical label, which generally doesn’t help the patient resume their active life. I make clear that I do not diagnose but will work with symptoms. Scans and tests are important and helpful, but research suggests that these scans provide only an indication of cause; indeed the pain is often where the pain isn’t! However, I am very aware that medical issues do present and as a qualified nurse and ex Operating Theatre Sister, I will quickly advise you on the course of action for medical advice. This year the majority of clients have avoided surgery, injections and have reduced medication.

December 2019

Release tension Relieve pain Reduce stress Improve posture Aid injury recovery * 1-2-1 & SMALL GROUP SESSIONS * Monday: 2pm & Friday 11am, Lewknor Wednesday: 9:30am, Stoke Mandeville

w: t: 07817 830390

CASTLE MOTORS Motoring made easy. Family run business, established in 1980

• • • • • •

Servicing, Repairs, Valeting MOT Work & Welding Batteries, Exhaust, Diagnostics Towbars, Trailers, Horseboxes Commercial Vehicles upto 7.5 tonnes and more

Phone: 01844 352135 Web: Workshop: Manor Farm, Chinnor Hill, OX39 4BG

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NEWS & EVENTS in our region festive fun in chinnor... Sunday 1st: Christmas market and light switch on from 2:00pm at Chinnor Community Pavilion - family fun for all. Thursday 5th: Climate for electric vehicles – speaker Anthony Simpson – Chinnor Village Centre at 7.30pm Friday 6th: Gin night at the Community Pavilion – 7:00pm to midnight Saturday 7th: Santa’s Steam Specials is £2.00 off – contact Chinnor and Princes Risborough Railway Saturday 7th & 14th: Wreath workshop in Chinnor Methodist Church – call 01844 354949 to book your place. £30.00pp 7th December to 15th: Christmas Tree Festival at St Andrews Church – All I want for Christmas is… Sunday 8th: Christmas Pop-Up cinema at the Community Pavilion – tickets available at Ladybirds Pre-school also Santa’s Steam Specials is £2.00 off – contact Chinnor and Princes Risborough Railway Saturday 14th: So-Sustainable pop up refill shop – Council Chamber in the Community Pavilion – 9:00am - 1:00pm also Santa’s Steam Specials, also Carol Evening – contact Chinnor and Princes Risborough Railway Sunday 15th & 22nd: Santa’s Steam Specials – contact Chinnor and Princes Risborough Saturday 21st: Street of light trail – meet at the Community Pavilion at 6:15pm – watch the Christmas story told on the Chinnor streets – concludes at the Chinnor Council also The Time Travellers at the Community Pavilion – 8:00pm – free entry Tuesday 24th: Carols around the Tree with Dr Chris Hood and Amber – Community Pavilion – 6:00pm - 7:00pm Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th & Monday 30th: Mince Pie Specials - half-price after midday for Chinnor Residents – contact Chinnor and Princes Risborough Railway


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All aboard the ‘Santa Special’ Steam Train! Take a journey through these pages to find out how to have the best

CHRISTMAS IN THAME To make sure that you get to enjoy all that Thame has to offer this festive season this handy guide will take you on a journey through advent, calling at every Stop along the way for you to find out more.

For more information on anything in this booklet, and to make sure you don’t miss out on anything taking place in Thame, search

‘Christmas in Thame’


These also have details about additional offers and activities throughout advent, that we didn’t know about at time of printing.

CHRISTMAS LIGHT SWITCH ON Thame’s Annual Christmas Light Switch-on event will take place

On Friday 6th December So get your Christmas Jumpers ready, pick up a warming cup of mulled wine, and get ready to join in Thame’s community spirit, in 10…9…8…7…

Event begins 4:00pm Lantern Parade 5:45pm sponsored by Thame Cars

Light Switch on at 6:30pm

by the Mayor and the winner of this year’s Town Trail

Event ends 7:30pm

Key Attractions Santa’s Grotto Two adorable reindeers for you to feed and pet Take a ride on the festive Santa Special steam train Meet some very chilly – in fact frozen - princesses


Other Activities on the night Santa’s authentic sleigh will be available for those allimportant family festive photo opportunities – so make sure you have your best Christmas jumpers on! Entertainment from local performance groups Nativity crafts Children’s rides Face-painting Hook a Santa Craft and gift stalls Refreshments: mulled wine, cocktails, hot chocolate, freshly-made pizza, German sausages, street food from around the world and so much more

Kindly sponsored by... For the latest information about performance timings for the evening and which stall holders will be attending the event please go to

www.thametowncouncil. Or ChristmasInThame

‘Christmas in Thame’ #ChristmasInThame


CHRISTMAS FAYRES Friday 29th November: 2.30pm - 4:00pm | John Hampden Primary School Christmas Bazaar | Lots of fun activities for children, lovely gifts available as well as refreshments and a prize raffle. Saturday 30th November: 11:00am - 2:00pm | St Joseph’s Christmas Fair | Crafts, cafe, mini-movies, Christmas shop and more. 2:00pm - 4:00pm | The Scout Hut | The Scouts Christmas Bazaar with cakes, games, tombola and more. Saturday 7th December: 1:30pm – 4:00pm | Barley Hill School Christmas Fayre | A festive time for all! Meet Father Christmas, enjoy a mince pie, try your hand at the tombola, and pick up some lovely Christmas gifts. Saturday 14th December: 10:00am – 4:00pm | Thame Town Hall | Sally Evans Artists & Makers Fair


SANTA’S SLEIGH Santa will come to visit Thame on his Sleigh once again this year, with the support of Thame Round Table. Everyone is encouraged to come out onto the street to say hello. The elves supporting the sleigh each night will be fundraising for several different community organisations. The first collection night will be on 3rd December starting at the Wenman Road end of town, making their way through Thame over the following nights and finishing as usual on Lea Park on the 15th December. Make sure you don’t miss out by following their progress on the Santa tracker which will be up and running again on There will also be the opportunity to see Santa on his Sleigh outside The Town Hall on Saturday 14th December from 10:00am - 2:00pm. Thame Choral Society will be there too, singing from mid-day till finish to truly get your Christmas spirit flowing.

CHRISTMAS PANTO: NELSON STREET Thame Players presents, Dick Whittington:: A traditional pantomime for all the family. This is such a popular annual event and tickets sell out really quickly, so make sure you don’t miss out! Week Dates: Fri 6th | Wed 11th | Thu 12th | Fri 13th Time: 7:45pm Weekend Dates:: Sat 7th | Sun 8th | Sat 14th | Sun 15th | Time: 2:00pm and 5:30pm Tickets:: £10.00 | Concessions £9.00. Available from Spear Travels, 01844 217228 or from


SANTA’S POSTBOX This year, Santa has set up a post box at The Book House, 93 High St, for girls and boys to post their letters to him. Children can post any letter that they have created, but if your child, or someone you know, would like their own personalised letter from Santa Claus then The Red Kite Family Centre are helping to create a little bit of Christmas magic, by making sure that each child receives a letter back from Santa!

How to get a letter from Santa: 1.

You can pick up a letter template from The Town Hall, The Book House or Red Kite Family Centre, or down load one from the Red Kite Family Centre website ( This opportunity is being run as a fundraiser for the Red Kite Family Centre so you can make a suggested donation of £5 when you collect your letter if you are able to.


Make sure all the details are clearly completed – especially the address so that it comes back to the right place.


Post it into Santa’s special post box that you can find in The Book House from Friday 29th November.


Sit by your door and wait for Santa’s reply letter to be delivered.

If you want to make sure you get a letter back, you will have to post it by 5:00pm on Monday 16th December to make sure that Santa has time to write back before Christmas Eve!


A Victorian Christmas Join Thame Museum and Thame Players as together they create a magical Victorian Christmas with some wonderful activities for you to enjoy. Alongside a permanent exhibition running until 22nd December, Thame Museum also has these activities on offer:’

Children’s & Families’ Activities •

Saturday 30th November: Festive Fun for Children: create decorations to dress your tree, make traditional pomanders, fun museum trail, bag up some reindeer food, PLUS Create with The Creation Station: create a candle design and decoupage a tree decoration (small charge applies).

Other Activities •

Sunday 1st & Wednesday 11th December: Be transported to a different time, with Christmas and Victorian Readings brought to you by Thame Players in wonderful Victorian costumes.

Saturday 14th December: Hand Bell Ringers | 11:30am – 12:30pm

Father Christmas •

Saturday 14th & Saturday 21st December | 10:30am – 3:30pm All of these events take place at Thame Museum which is located at 79 High Street, Thame (Opposite The Thatch). Normal opening hours are: TUES, WED, SAT: 10:00am - 4:00pm and SUN: 1:00pm - 4:00pm For more information and confirmed dates, go to




Please note, these are the Christmas Events taking place throughout December that were known about at the time of printing. There are many other festive events taking place in Thame which will all be added to Facebook ‘Christmas in Thame’ page, please visit our page to find out more.


CHRISTMAS SHOPPING Come to Thame and pick up gifts that are certain to delight and inspire. Thame’s beautiful town centre sparkles during the festive season, and offers the perfect back drop to slow down and get into the festive spirit. With over 120 independent businesses in Thame town centre, a short stroll reveals jewellers, gift shops, arts & craft galleries, clothes & accessories boutiques, bookshops, florists, beauty products, speciality food delicatessens, a fantastic toy shop and so much more. At Christmas these independent shops come into their own, providing beautifully presented and unique gifts, with some fantastic original ideas that you might not have considered before. You will find locally-produced and quirky one-off items not available elsewhere - individual gifts created by local artists and designers, food producers and growers. If you are struggling to make a decision about what to buy for that awkward aunt, or 9 year old nephew then you will find a shop owner happy to go above and beyond to help you make the right choice! Our independent business owners do what they do because they are well informed and passionate about their products – and there for you to answer questions and give advice about products. They know what they are selling, and typically will take more time to get to know you, their customer, going the extra mile to help you and to ensure you are a satisfied customer. If that is not enough to convince you, there is real evidence that shopping locally boosts the local economy and is environmentally friendly, so when you give your gifts, you can feel a tiny bit smug that you have ‘done your bit’ for where you live. Let’s avoid having a ‘clone street’ with the same shops as everywhere else and

support our local businesses this Christmas!





THE BOOK HOUSE DO GIVE books for Christmas. They’re NEVER FATTENING, seldom SINFUL, & permanently personal...

SPOil your loved one this christmas Stockists of luxury - Skincare - Cosmetics - Bath & Body - Fragrance - Gift Vouchers

(& we also sell fabulous stationery!) T: 01844 213 032 93 High Street, Thame

Visit us at: 17a Buttermarket, Thame T: 01844 214816, 23


reason’s to shop local...


Community Christmas Community Christmas Thame aims to provide a lunch on Christmas Day for the isolated and vulnerable elderly of the Thame area. For 2019 the event will be held at The Masonic Hall, Thame. On Christmas Eve we will be preparing the food and decorating the dining area. Volunteers collect our guests on Christmas morning and once at the Masonic Hall we all enjoy some entertainment and a traditional, freshly cooked lunch. If you would like to join us at Thame as either a volunteer or a guest then please call our phone number (01844 217413) or contact Kathy who will be your hostess. A massive thanks to Sainsbury, Waitrose and Thame Welfare Trust for supporting the event, without them, it would not be possible. Visit: for more information.

Carols round the Tree Warm up your vocal chords and come along to enjoy this community event which takes place on 24th December from 6:00pm to 7:00pm, by the Christmas Tree outside the Town Hall. Enjoy singing carols and Christmas songs with Thame Concert Band, and warm up with a free glass of mulled wine. There will be the opportunity to make a donation, with any money raised going to local charities.


Christmas Church Services Sunday 8th December Barley Hill Church, 10:30am: Come and join the family fun, hot chocolate, mince pies, craft, quizzes and Christmas Carols

Sunday 15th December Christchurch Methodist Church, 3:00pm: Carol Service St Mary’s Church , 6:30pm: Carols by Candlelight Barley Hill Church, 10:30am: Nativity play

Thursday 19th December St Joseph’s RC Church, 7:00pm: Advent Reconciliation Service with confessions

Friday 20th December Cornerstone Church, 5:00pm: Community carol singing for the residents at Windmill Place

Sunday 22nd December Barley Hill Church, 10:30am: Carol Service Cornerstone Church, 4:00pm: Christingle Service followed by party games and food. Grace Church, 4:30pm: Carol Service in Thame Town Hall

Christmas Eve St Mary’s Church, 9:00am: Morning Prayer | 2:00pm / 3:30pm / 5:00pm: Christingle Service | 11:00pm : First Communion of Christmas St Joseph’s RC Church, 8.30pm: Carols followed by ‘Midnight Mass’ at 9.00pm Christchurch Methodist Church, 4.00pm: Christingle Service | 9.00pm: Communion Service

Christmas Day St Mary’s Church, 8:00am : Book of Common Prayer and Holy Communion 10:00am: Family Celebration and Communion St Joseph’s RC Church, 9:00am: Mass of the dawn | 11:00am: Sung Mass of the day

istmas Merry Cnehxtr year! See you

Christchurch Methodist Church , 10:30am: Christmas Day Service Barley Hill Church, 10:30am: A family Christmas Celebration Cornerstone Church, 10:15am: Christmas Day Service


Christmas locally

Ho ho ho, it’s Christmas... We have a vast selection of

Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Bouquets, & Festive Pot Plants for sale!

nne lorist

FREE Santa’s Grotto

PENNS FL WERS 01844 347952

Thame Road, Longwick, Bucks, HP27 9QU. 28

OPEN’s SAT 30th NOV!

Donations welcome. All proceeds go to Rennie Grove Hospice Care.

Grotto will be open every day except Wednesdays.Santa visits his Grotto on Saturdays & Sundays between 2pm 4pm until 22nd Dec 19’.

To advertise, call 07707 386034 or email



STEAM SPECIALS 1st,7th,8th,14th,15th, 21st,22nd & 23rd of December Indulge in a special family treat with a magical steam train ride to see Santa. Reserved seat comfort with a seasonal cordial and mince pie - Santa and his Elves will distribute a quality present to every 1-15 years child on your journey!

Adult - £12, Child (1-15) £10. Earlybird - £2pp discount on 1-2 & 8-9 DEC!

MINCE PIE SPECIALS 28th to 30th December & 1st January Best the post Christmas blues with a steam train trip and a mince pie.

Sound of Music

elcome to our December 2019 Sound of Music feature. Here you will find information on local musical events, upcoming concerts and where to find the best music tuition in the area.


Thame has a variety of fantastic opportunities for budding musicians who wish to join together with other like-minded people. From bands to choirs to bell ringing! We also host a huge variety of annual musical events. Thame Music Academy TMA is your local go to music school! They provide lessons in a variety of instruments including: Piano, Guitar, Keyboard, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Percussion, Strings, Brass and Woodwind! This Christmas TMA can provide gift vouchers as an extra special gift for your loved ones! The vouchers are available for as many lessons as you wish to purchase and can be used for lessons in any of the instruments they offer. Vouchers are valid for up to 1 year from purchase. For further information and to purchase a voucher please contact Simon Markland (TMA Director) via e-mail: info@thamemusicacademy. com or Tel: 07743 032292

Thame Christmas Lights Switch on 2019! This year’s annual Christmas Lights Switch-On event in Thame will take place on Friday 6th December 2019 from 4 pm – 7:30 pm. There will be many fun activities for everyone to enjoy throughout the afternoon, with the big light switch on at 6:30 pm! You might even see Santa. There will be many musical performances as part of this year’s event including; Thame Music Academy performers, local choirs and bands! Here are just some of the fun activities and stalls which will be there: - Character from Frozen 2! - Santa’s Grotto - Reindeer - Food and Drink stalls including mulled wine, French crepes, hot chocolate, fresh pizza, street food, waffles and much more! - Music, Dance and Drama performances from local groups - Lantern parade with Thame’s primary schools - Children’s rides and activities

For further information please search ‘Christmas in Thame’ via Facebook.


Entertainment Thame Concert Band This fantastic local group will be performing their Christmas event ‘All I want for Christmas…’ at Christchurch, Thame on Saturday 14th December 2019! This wonderful festive celebration of music will comprise of all your Christmas favourites and much more. Alongside this, refreshments will be available. Tickets are priced at £5.00 per person (Under 12’s free) and are available from Fore Golf, Buttermarket, by calling 07816 648174 or via their website: Carols Round The Tree This traditional local event will take place in the heart of Thame on Tuesday 24th December 2019 from 6 pm – 7 pm. The singing will be based in front of the town hall where the usual fantastic Christmas tree will be lit up! Accompanied by Thame Concert Band, lyrics will be provided for everyone to sing along to their favourite Christmas songs in a wonderful build up to the big day itself! Entrance is free and you can just come along on the evening.


o you love live music?

Thame offers some wonderful open mic events every month, these include: ‘The Birdcage’ – This historic town centre pub plays host to a huge variety of local live music every month. To find out more please search ‘The Birdcage Thame’ via Facebook.

the chance to sing karaoke, the event runs from 4:00pm – 8:00pm. ‘The First Thursday Music Club’ – Takes place on the first Thursday of every month at The James Figg pub, Thame. Come along early to this popular monthly event to book into a slot or just to enjoy the wonderful live music on offer! Check out their Facebook page for further info. The event runs from 8:00pm – 11:00pm. ‘Friday At The Fish’ - which takes place every second Friday of the month at The Old Fisherman, Shabbington. Check out their Facebook page for more info or just come along to play! The event runs from 8:00pm – 11:00pm. ‘Unplugged At The Keys’ – This fantastic music event is open to everyone who likes to strum, sing, play a beat or just enjoy a relaxing musical afternoon! The event takes place every last Saturday of the month, upstairs at The Cross Keys pub in Thame from 3:00pm – 6:00pm. This is a unique opportunity to jam with fellow musicians covering a huge variety of songs, whilst enjoying the hospitality of the awardwinning pub! For further info please visit the Facebook Page – Search ‘Unplugged At The Keys’.

Brought to you by Thame Music Academy Tel: 07743 032292 Email: Web page:

‘Sunday Afternoon At The Swan’ – Takes place every fourth Sunday of the month at The Swan Hotel pub, Thame. Come along for a relaxed afternoon of live music with slots available for open mic and also

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Where to start when choosing your natural stone fireplace....

One of the best things about winter is snuggling up next to a fire with your

favourite movie on and a delicious hot drink in your hand. Winter bliss. If you’re thinking of adding a fireplace to your home, or you’d like to update the one you have, it can be difficult to know where to start. With hundreds of designs and materials to choose from, and safety and sizes to consider, it can be a lot to think about. Using our 25 years of experience creating and fitting bespoke fireplaces we’ve come up with some important things to consider when choosing one. To get the most out of your fire, it’s important to get the right size for your space. If it’s too big, it will dominate the room and it could be too hot, but if it’s too small, it will be overloaded and could jeopardise the lifetime of the stove or fireplace. When you go to a showroom or contact a fireplace installer, go armed with information – the size and use of the room, the insulation in your home, how many windows are there, potential fire type (for example open fire, wood burning stove, electric fire), fireplace placement and the ceiling height. When choosing a material natural stones are perfect for fireplace surrounds and hearths. They’re noncombustible and hard-wearing. Stones like marble, limestone and slate have been used for fireplaces for centuries. Granite and slate make perfect hearths, they’re heat resistant and if a bit of coal or burning log falls on to them, they won’t be easily scratched or stained. They also come in many different finishes including polished or flame brushed for modern or rustic looks. Fireplaces are the focal point of a room so next you’ll need to think about the design. Some recent trends include using black natural stones like slate and Belgian Fossil or pairing traditional stones like marble or limestone with brightly coloured tiles. Websites like Pinterest provide lots of design inspiration, or visit your local fireplace showroom where you may be able to take samples of stones home which can give you a better idea of how that material will work with the light and colours in that room. If you’re thinking of renovating or updating your fireplace but don’t know where to start, Coulon Stone offer a complete service, from helping you choose a material, providing samples to take home, working with you to create a bespoke design, taking measurements, then creating and fitting the fireplace. We can also sign post you to local stove and flue system companies. Visit our Stokenchurch showroom, or get in touch through our website or by phone on 01494 484333.


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CARE & REPAIR FOR ALL YOUR UPVC, ALUMINIUM WINDOW & DOOR PROBLEMS - Replacement of broken down sealed units misting up inside glass - Adjust front & back doors that do not shut - New handles, hinges and door locks - Replacement of patio door wheels - New security handles with keys - New door panels and cat aps New Georgian style or leaded style sealed units All insurance work | Burglary damage | Servicing PLUS INSTALLATIONS OF NEW UPVC WINDOWS & DOORS

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Cowling & Co

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Hardy Plant Specialists

- Herbaceous perennials, shrubs, climbers, hedging and hardy annuals - UK grown and peat-free - Wide range of common and unusual plants - Wreaths, Holly and foliage - Wreath Making, Willow Weaving and other workshops Opening Hours Tuesday to Saturday 10am-5pm Summer (BST) 10am-4pm Winter (GMT) See website for more details Ibstone Road, Stokenchurch, HP14 3XS 07542 718307

Call us today on 01296 487586 Fax: 01296 397283 E: 9a Bessemer Crescent, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP19 8TF

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Professional Tree Surgery, Fencing & Landscaping work undertaken Tree Felling Grass Cutting Topping General Garden Tidy ups Pruning & Shaping Fencing Hedge Cutting Gates Stump Grinding Decking Ivy & Climbers Pruned Turfing All Types of repairs to fencing, driveways & brick walls

Patios Driveways Shingle/Gravel Block Paving Tarmacing Jet Washing


All green and garden waste removed

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MJC Electrical Ltd.

We can provide • • • • • • • •

emergency call outs landlord certificates test and inspections part P registered consumer units rewiring sockets and lighting boiler repair

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all work guaranteed fixed price no job too small years of experience appointments are made and kept free advice on what’s best for you

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All Electrical Works undertaken: Electric Car Chargers Extra Sockets & Lights Fuse Board Upgrades Complete Rewire Gate Automation Intruder Alarms Fully Insured Over 20 years experience

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Property Care, Home Improvements & Maintenance By Paul Costin - Extensions - Renovations - Loft Conversions - Kitchens - Bathrooms - Landscaping - Driveways - Windows & Doors - Conservatories -

Kitchens | Bathrooms | Plumbing Electrical | Plastering | Brickwork Roofs & Guttering | Flooring Decking | Fencing | Paving Painting | Conservatories Extensions | Double Glazing

Property Care, Home Improvements & **** Established Since 1981 Maintenance By Paul Costin

References available upon request City and GuildsFor a free quote contact Paul Qualified Property Care, Home Improvements & Telephone: 07860 400960 Maintenance By Paul Costin Email: Public Liability Insurance

✓ Established Since 1981 ✓ References available upon request ✓ City and Guilds Qualified ✓ Public Liability Insurance ✓ Checkatrade Approved ✓ Established Since 1981 ✓ References available upon request ✓ City and Guilds Qualified ✓ Public Liability Insurance ✓ Checkatrade Approved

For a free quote contact Paul Telephone: 07860 400960 Email:

*Kitchens *Bathrooms *Plumbing For*Electrical *Plastering *Brickwork a free quote contact *Roofs & Guttering *Flooring *Decking M: 07860 400960 *Fencing *Paving *Painting *Conservatories *Extensions E: *Double Glazing *Kitchens *Bathrooms *Plumbing *Electrical *Plastering *Brickwork *Roofs & Guttering *Flooring *Decking *Fencing *Paving *Painting *Conservatories *Extensions *Double Glazing

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BOILER SERVICE & REPAIRS Whenever you experience a breakdown or problem with your boiler, contact us at Precision Services.

We can repair, service or install: • • • • •

Oil Boiler Gas Boiler LGP Boilers Underfloor Heating Hot Water Cylinders

Here at

PRECISION, we have specialist knowledge of all boilers including Gas, Oil and LPG. Our friendly approach to our customers ensures we can help you in the best way possible.

01296 586983 / 07866 121254


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December 2019

Electrician Domestic & Commercial

Hardy Hansford M: 07888 745800 T: 01844 875485 E: W:

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Electric Vehicle Charging Points Electrical Installation Condition Reports New Distribution Boards Security Lighting Fault Finding Lighting / LED’s New Sockets Rewires CCTV

Plumbing & Heating Engineers • • • • • • •

Gas Engineer New Heating Systems Heating System Upgrades Boiler Service & Repair New Boilers New Radiators Landlord Certificates

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2020 Auction Dates

SOLD FOR, £14,880

The Antiques Centre is open 7 days a weeks 10:00am - 6:00pm with Valuations taking place Tuesday - Friday from 10:30am - 5:00pm

6th February | 5th March | 2nd April | 7th May | 4th June 2nd July | 6th August | 3rd September | 1st October 5th November | 3rd December


The single rectangular cushion cut transparent blue sapphire surrounded by eighteen graduating diamonds, flanked by baguette cut diamond shoulders and mounted on a plain gold shank, complete with a gemologist report issued by The Gem and Pearl Laboratory, 43 Kirkby St, London, dated 21st August 2018, number 16124 stating no evidence of heat treatment (size N/O). (approx sapphire weight 10.32ct) (colour: H) (clarity: S1)


High Street, Tetsworth, Oxon, OX9 7AB

Auction highlights from 2019: ATTRIBUTED TO FRANÇOIS BOUCHER, 1703 - 1770, 18TH CENTURY RED CHALK DRAWING: Classical figures with putti, signed lower right. (approx 32.5cm x 25.5cm)

SOLD FOR, £22,940 MICHAEL AYRTON, 1921 - 1975, BRONZE,

SOLD FOR, £27,280

EDITION OF 6: Titled ‘Daedalus at Cumae, 1961’, seated on wooden plinth. (overall 20cm x 28.5cm x 53cm) SOLD FOR, £17,980 ATTRIBUTED TO CLAUDE GELLÉE, CALLED CLAUDE LORRAIN, CHAMPAGNE, ROME, 1604/5 - 1682, PEN, INK AND WASH: Mountain landscape, with a figure beneath a tree and cows grazing.

For any enquiries, contact the team via email or call 01844 281777

Web: | Facebook: theswanattetsworth | Twitter: SwanAtTetsworth | Instagram: theswanattetsworth

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Look Local Magazine, December 2019 Edition, Issue 88  

Hello Readers, Welcome to the December 2019 Edition of Look Local Magazine. I can hardly believe that I am writing this again, but MERRY...

Look Local Magazine, December 2019 Edition, Issue 88  

Hello Readers, Welcome to the December 2019 Edition of Look Local Magazine. I can hardly believe that I am writing this again, but MERRY...