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Bring in your Old Hanging Baskets or Other Containers and we will repot them Based on a 10 -inch hanging basket: * $1.75 For Soil * $1..75 For Labour * Plus the Cost Of Chosen Plants This year soil and labour cost will be donated to Country Garden Greenhouse TRU Bursary

Country Garden Greenhouse 715 Victoria Street (Downtown )

2010 Country Garden

Greenhouse Bursary award by Anita Strong

Recycling Your Hanging Basket

Published by : Locally Owned & Operated in Kamloops 250-377-0055

Here at Country Garden Greenhouses we believe in the 3Rs—in this case, particularly the recycling R. Any container which has been purchased from us we will gladly refill for you for the price of the soil plus the cost of the plants you choose plus $1.75 for labour—which we put toward the bursary we donate to the TRU Foundation for a student entering the agricultural or horticultural fields of study. Everyone wins—the environment, the student recipient, you, for a beautiful and inexpensive flowering pot and us for being the local grower and seller of a quality product.

Happy Lunchers

225-7 th. Ave (downtown) Kamloops 250-377-0055

Breakfast Anyone ? Kristens’ Delights

Deli Dames with catering goodies

Healthy Lunch Wrap

The Nojito Here is a non-alcoholic recipe from

MARGARITA MINT Mentha ‘Margarita’ Zone 5-9 Here’s to you! A big bold lime-scented mint for your next margarita. This hybrid is a beauty, with “lots of physical definition” as breeder Jim Westerfield puts it. And so it does, with perfectly shaped, groovy leaves, and a hint of dark bronze at the tips at times. This mint means fun. Does not spread by underground rhizomes like most mints, but it still gets around by above ground runners.

SPEARMINT Mentha spicata Zone 4-9 Best cooking mint. Excellent with carrots, peas and potatoes, and for making mint sauces for roast lamb. Thanks to Richters Herbs Goodwood Ontario L0C 1A0

MOJITO MINT Mentha x villosa Zone 5-9 Cuba’s famed mojito cocktail, once a daily favourite of Ernest Hemingway, has enjoyed a meteoric resurgence in popularity ever since James Bond drank one in the movie Die Another Day. The mojito, made with rum, sugar, lime juice and Cuba’s unique mojito mint, is now an essential staple of cocktail lounges everywhere. While recipes call for any available variety of spearmint, the real mojito can only be made with the true mojito mint. Its scent and flavour are agreeably mild and warm. In a perhaps typically Cuban understated way its warm embrace lingers until you realize you want more. Salud!

crushed ice 8 mint leaves 3 ounces lime juice 1-1/2 ounces sugar syrup 2 ounces club soda garnish with mint Fill a pint glass 1/3 full with ice, add mint leaves, lime juice and sugar syrup. Lightly mash the leaves in the liquid using a blunt instrument, taking care not to tear the leaves. Fill the glass with more ice, add club soda, and garnish with mint.

The Mojito base: 1 cup sugar 1 cup fresh lime juice a bunch of mojito mint 1 bottle (750 ml) 3-year-old rum Beat the sugar, lime juice and mojito mint with the stems until you get a greenish liquid and the mint is completely chopped. Add the rum and beat for one more minute. This can be kept in the fridge for a month. To prepare the mojito, fill a tall glass 1/4 full with the base liquid, add 3 ice cubes and then fill the glass with sparkling water. Add a sprig of mint, stir and serve.

CHOCOLATE MINT Mentha x piperita piperita Zone 4-9 For years we were convinced the ‘chocolateness’ was a figment of someone’s imagination. Peppermint is overlaid by something that adds up to a striking ‘peppermint patty’ scent. A real treat for discriminating noses!

PEPPERMINT Mentha x piperita piperita Zone 5-9 (Candymint) Peppermint tea is an old favourite — a refreshing alternative to coffee and regular tea. Excellent for stomach indigestion. Lends its spiciness to many dishes. Don’t be fooled by seeds labelled as ‘peppermint’, peppermint can’t produce seeds because its flowers are sterile.

Perennial Cut Flowers in the Garden Bouquets of cut flowers are a source of great pleasure to many gardeners - and their friends. And many perennial varieties are a great source of cut flowers, many of which are not included in standard florist arrangements. In addition, many make excellent dried flowers as well. It might be a good idea to plant a cutting garden separate from your flower beds so you don’t have to raid these for your bouquets. It should also be separate from your vegetable garden as you may wish to spray the flowers with pesticides not acceptable for use on vegetables. Take a bucket of water into the garden when cutting and put the flowers in up to their necks as you cut them. Put the bucket in a cool place and let the flowers have a long drink- preferably overnight, before arranging them. Remove any leaves below the water line and crush any woody stems at the base. Most flowers benefit from having the stems recut under water as they are arranged. Those exuding sap such as platycodon and poppies, or those with hollow stems such as dahlias, should be held under boiling water for 15 seconds before being plunged into cold water. Cutting flowers will

Beautiful fall bouquets include fruits and foliage as well. Still plenty of choice for grandkids to fetch Thanksgiving arrangements.

not weaken plants - it is even of some benefit - but removing leaves is another matter as the plant needs them for its survival. Do not remove more than 1/3 of a plant’s foliage in order not to weaken it. If you include perennials in your cutting garden with flowering times ranging from early spring to late fall, you will have a constant supply of cut flowers. In early spring bulbs such as tulips and daffodils are dominant. Early summer brings peonies, columbine in all its colour combinations, sweet william and the many varieties of campanula. Astilbe, shasta daisies, liatris and carnations follow. Later, delphiniums, phlox, scabiosas and rudbeckias dominate. And nothing beats Michaelmas daisies for great fall colour. As a filler, of course, there’s no equal to baby’s breath, which comes in pink as well. These are of course, just a few of the great variety of beautiful and unusual perennials you can include in your cutting garden.

Downtown Downtown doesn’t end at 4th Street, you know. Venture a few blocks further to 7th where Country Garden Greenhouses and the Smorgasbord have shared the corner since 1999. It’s a great combination - have your lunch out in our garden while you size up all the choices available to improve your own.

Prizewinning pies from local apples.

From Wine to Cheese LIGHT WHITES: Ehrenfelser, bacchus, siegerrebe, riesling, muscat, chenin blanc, chasselas, auxerrois, unwooded sauvignon blanc and viognier.

Top BC Cheese Picks:

WINE AND CHEESE CAN BE A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN... OR NOT In BC we have a spectacular range of wine styles, with wines being made from over sixty grape varieties: red wines, white wines, sparkling wines; bone dry wines and intensely sweet wines.

Fresh cheese, chevre, soft and semisoft cheeses.

With cheese, there are just as many variables–cheeses can be classified according to type of milk, texture, fat content, method of production, or age. Quite frankly, this makes things a little tricky. MEDIUM WHITES: Given all the possible stylistic differences, it is not reasonable to Pinot blanc, pinot gris, expect any one wine to be all things to all cheeses. It’s best to have a gewürztraminer, Semillon and method, and proceed with caution. Experiment: in the end, taste is unwooded chardonnay. personal, and you never know until you try. Top BC Cheese Picks: QUICK TIPS Mild cheddar and mild gouda, brie Remember that wine and cheese matches can be based on and camembert styles. correspondence or contrast. You can achieve balance by pairing like with like (tangy, acidic cheese with a crisp, tart wine); or you can RICH WHITES: combine contrasting elements (sharp, pungent cheese with rich, sweet Oaked sauvignon blanc, meritage blends, oaked chardonnay and reserve wine). If you want to put together a cheese plate for a wine and cheese party, (oaked) pinot gris. keep it simple. It is best not to present too many different flavours at Top BC Cheese Picks: once. Try a cheese plate with three styles, such as soft, creamy, and Aged cheddar and aged gouda. hard. A classic BC version would be fresh goat’s cheese (soft), a soft-rinded brie or camembert type (richer, creamier), and a cheddar ROSÉ: (hard). Now choose an adaptable wine to use – the best choices would be a Top BC Cheese Picks: light-to-medium dry white (BC pinot blanc, pinot gris, or unwooded Mild chevre or soft sheep’s cheese. chardonnay) or a fruity, not-too-heavy red, such as pinot noir or LIGHT REDS: merlot. These wines can easily accompany a range of flavours, but it is Unoaked/lightly oaked gamay, pinot still best to avoid very strong or pungent flavours if you are going to noir, merlot and cabernet franc. mix and match Top BC Cheese Picks: Brie/camembert, mild cheddar, mild gouda.

RICH REDS: Oaked merlot, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, meritage blends, syrah/shiraz and zinfandel.

Top BC Cheese Picks: Serious, well-aged gouda and cheddar.

DESSERT WINES: Late harvest, Icewine and port.

Top BC Cheese Picks: Rich, blue-veined cheeses.

A Great Taste Variety of Cheeses at The Smorgasbord Deli225-7 th Ave .(downtown) 250-377-0055

Cheeses at The Smorgasbord Canadian Cheddar - Dutchmen Dairy Oka - Quebec Balderson 3-year Cheddar - Ontario Balderson Double-smoked - Ontario Organic raw milk cheddar- PEI Gort’s Gouda -BC

Danish Blue Esrom Havarti Jalapeno Havarti Tomato-Basil Havarti

Norwegian Gjetost Jarlsberg Norvegia Nokkelost

Dutch Gouda- mild Gouda- medium Gouda- aged Gouda- spiced Gouda- smoked

Spanish Manchego- sheep cheese

Italian Romano Asiago Mozzarella Gorgonzola Provolone Parmesan- chunk Parmesan- grated

English Mexican cheddar Applewood smoked cheddar Royal blue stilton Double Gloucester with stilton

Cheddar with claret Wensleydale with cranberries Wensleydale with apricots Wensleydale with blueberries White stilton with ginger and mangoes Cheddar with carmelized onions Cheshire Caerphilly

German Cambozola Tilsit Butter cheese

Finnish Lappi Muenster- lactose-free Emmenthal

Swiss Appenzeller Emmenthal Gruyere Raclette

Greek Saganaki Mizythra Feta

Austrian Smoked Gruyere

French Chevre- fresh goat’s-milk cheese St. Andre- triple-cream

New Zealand Edam

Irish Foergus fern Brie Dubliner cheddar

Why Fair Trade? Men and women around the world have a simple dream – to earn an honest living, to provide for their children and to be gainfully employed in a job that brings dignity and joy. VillageOne: Gifts That Care partners with thousands of talented artisans in healthy business relationships. Often referred to as 'Fair Trade,' our philosophy of helping to build a sustainable future is based on the principle that trade should have a conscience. Through Fair Trade Artisans receive the respect, dignity and hope that comes from working hard and earning fair value for their work.

VillageOne 225-7 th Ave Kamloops BC V2C 3S8

Fair Trade Table Cloths Canadian Lutheran World Relief 60x60=$ 22.00 60x90=$ 28.00

60x75=$ 25.00 60x120=$38.00

Great Gifts making a difference in the World

Over three billion of our global neighbours live on less than $2.50 a day. At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day. The poorest 40 percent of the world’s population accounts for 5 percent of global income, the richest 20 percent accounts for three-quarters of world income. Often one feels powerless when faced with these startling numbers and is left questioning what they can do to make a difference. The reality is that buy supporting Fair Trade you are supporting a system which creates positive change in individual lives. Be the change you wish to see in your world and support Fair Trade in your community!

Adding A Pond


ne of the most dramatic changes you could make to your

garden is to add a pond or fountain. Your first reaction might be that you don’t have enough room, but in fact the area that you can enclose with your arms is enough for a miniature lily and several marginal plants as well. You may think that a water garden is a lot of work, but a pond, once established, needs less looking after than any other feature of a garden. Water lilies can be left undisturbed for years while marginal plants require less weeding and are less susceptible to drought than plants in a bed or border. Furthermore, a pond or fountain provides a focus to your garden that no other feature can. Children and adults alike are irresistibly drawn to water. Therein is, of course, a very real danger which you should bear in mind if you have very young children. Ponds can be made in one of three ways. You could choose a rigid fiberglass or plastic pool of predetermined shape, in which case you excavate the site to conform to this shape. These pools are fairly quick and easy to lay in place and are extremely tough and durable. You are, of course, restricted in the size and design of your pond. The second and perhaps the most popular method of making the pond is to use a flexible liner. These liners are made from polyethylene, PVC, or Butyl rubber. Polyethylene is the cheapest but also the most susceptible to damage by sun light. PVC has characteristics quite different from plastic. Ultraviolet rays have comparatively little effect on it and it is to a limited extent, flexible, which poly is not. Butyl rubber is without doubt, the best of pond liners. It is tough, elastic, and virtually unaffected by sunlight. Although the cost is twice that of PVC, there is no comparison as regards durability and longevity. The third way of constructing your pool is to use concrete. To some people, its solidity and the fact that it cannot be pierced justify the added expense. Drawbacks include the expense of installation and of course the danger of it cracking especially under the pressure of ice.

Kirstin Siebenga and Candu enjoying the view from the bridge at Country Garden Greenhouse. Once your pool is constructed, you will want to stock it with plants and fish. In addition to water lilies and marginal plants such as cattails and water iris, you will need oxygenating plants to compete with algae for nutrients and keep the water crystal clear. Goldfish too, help to maintain the health of the pond by eating aphids and their presence add to its beauty and appeal to the serenity factor of water in the landscape.

Take out Sandwich Menu 225-7th Ave (downtown) 250-377-0055 The Viking Danish salami, strong havarti, butter, mayo, dijon mustard, tomatoes, onions, peppers & lettuce on Danish rye or multigrain bread. $6.95 Mama Mia Lean hot capicole, mozzarella, butter, mayo, mustard, tomatoes, onions, red peppers and lettuce on a submarine bun $7.95 The Mountain Yodeler Honey ham, Swiss Emmenthal, butter, mayo, dijon mustard, tomatoes, onions, peppers and lettuce on multigrain bread $6.95 Grilled Reuben Pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, butter, dijon mustard and onions on rye bread $7.95 Vegetarian Your choice of cheese, butter, mayo, dijon mustard, tomatoes, onions, cukes, peppers & lettuce on multigrain bread $5.95 South of the Rio Grande Fajita chicken, mixed pepper cheddar, butter, mayo, tomatoes, sweet red peppers, onions & lettuce on sourdough bread $6.95 Balkan Treat Moravian salami, feta cheese, butter, mayo, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions & lettuce on multigrain bread $6.95 The Rancher Roast beef, cheddar, horseradish, butter, mayo, dijon mustard, tomatoes, onions, peppers & lettuce on multigrain bread $6.95 Black Forest Fare Bavarian meat loaf, German butter cheese, butter, mayo, honey mustard, tomatoes, onions, green peppers and lettuce on rye bread $6.95 New Orleans Cajun Chicken, jalapeno cheddar, butter, mayo, dijon mustard, tomatoes, onions, green peppers and lettuce on multigrain bread $6.95 Meat Lover Black forest ham, roast turkey, all beef salami, butter, mayo, dijon mustard, tomatoes, onions, peppers & lettuce on multigrain bread. $7.95 Any of the above sandwiches - add meat or cheese - $1.00 each addition. Add soup or salad for $3.95 Sandwich of the Day Our choice of meat, all condiments and vegetables. $5.75 Cheese or extra meat - $1.00 extra

Local Products at The Smorgasbord

Good Scents Gardening Just when you thought you had your garden planned with a nice selection of annuals, perennials, herbs and shrubs, tall and short, sunny and shady, nice combination of colours, here’s one more factor you might want to take into consideration - the planting of good scents. The perfume of flowers has a way of immediately raising our spirits, triggering memories, and adding immensely to our enjoyment of the garden. The remedial effect of fragrance was recognized long before anyone studied the physiology of smelling or the recent popularity of aromatherapy. But therapeutic enough is a stroll through the garden in June when the roses, lavender and pinks are releasing their abundant fragrance. Roses, of course, are one of the first scented flowers to come to mind, but many of the modern hybrid teas, in breeding for shape and colour have lost most or all of the scent of their old-fashioned relatives. Some species shrub roses, such as Rugosa, are especially fragrant and useful in landscaping, and as an added benefit don’t require any winter protection. Another highly scented shrub, which blooms in early spring, is Rock Daphne. Its intense fragrance keeps people coming back for just one more smell. Next to bloom are the lilacs, also known especially for their fragrance. The double-flowered French Hybrids are especially beautiful and come in colours of white, red, pink blue and purple. In early summer Mock Orange covers its dense mound of weeping foliage with fragrant white blooms single or double. They are a favourite in mixed shrub borders. Many perennials come to mind when we think of scents, first to bloom being violets and lilies-of-the-valley. Primroses, carnations, iris, phlox, wallflower and lavender also present themselves, and less obvious are cimicifuga, meadowsweet, sweet woodruff, mint and money plant. Many perennials also have aromatic foliage. Some of these include: yarrow, golden marguerites, wormwood, monarda, marjoram, sage, rue, lavender and thyme. Annuals, of course, are easiest to change from year to year, but here again many have lost much of their fragrance through breeding for other qualities. Some of the more strongly fragrant are: carnations, heliotrope, nicotiana, night-blooming stocks, petunia (some), stocks, sweet alyssum, sweet peas, and sweet william. One group of annuals grown for their scented foliage is the scented geraniums. Although they don’t usually produce showy flowers, it’s worthwhile to have a couple of varieties in your garden just for nose treats. The lemon scented variety supposedly has the added benefit of being a natural mosquito repellent, so having a few pots of them on your patio is very beneficial.

Summerland Sweets

Tillicum Valley Teas

Catering If you are looking for catering for a special event, look no further! The Smorgasbord can prepare anything from Wild Bison Crepes to African Stews to Cajun Jambalayas to Danish Open-Face Sandwiches to oriental Veggie-wraps. We have a variety of ‘deli-dames’ with a variety of backgrounds to inspire us to be as creative as you please. Cakes and desserts of all sorts are not excluded. For every-day catering we can prepare a delectable assortment of sandwiches as well as made-from scratch (read: no chemicals) soups and salads. Give us a day’s notice and we’ll have your lunch ready to pick up or to have delivered.

We’d love to give you a menu but don’t like to limit ourselves, so if you can give us a theme and a price-range we’ll put together a variety of items that will be sure to fill the bill. As far as possible, we try to use only locally produced, fair trade, or organic products in the preparation of our menus. For example, our delicious breads are made in Lac La Hache, our milk is from Blackwell, our meats are from Black Creek Ranches or Hills Foods (all grass-fed) cheeses are from Gort’s Gouda in Salmon Arm and when in season, our produce is from the Farmers’ Market. We also freeze a great deal of Market produce for use throughout the off-season. We’d love to help you out with your next catering event, big or small. See our daily menu, catering ideas, etc. at

Garden Centre

Smorgasbord Deli

Events May 7th— Showcase of local foods. Salmon, coffee, dairy, meats, etc. • Moss Hanger Demos—May 8th and 15th • Philosophers’ Café—3rd Tuesday of each month—7pm. 377-0055 for details. • Garden Centre open—. Monday to Friday, 8am-5:30pm— Saturday, 8am to 5pm— Sunday throughout planting season,11am –3pm. •

Please phone 250-377-0055 for all your Special Events

Cheesy canapes Danish Open-face Sandwiches

Frou-frou sandwiches

Artful fruit platter


Oriental treats

Delectable squares

Country Garden Tomato Varieties 715 Victoria St Kamloops BC 250 377-0058 Big Beef Big Beef tomatoes are really big, 10-15cm (4-6"), unblemished tomatoes grow in record time on vigorous vines. Firm, meaty and wonderfully sweet with an acid balance that gives a rich taste that always wins at taste trials. AAS winner. Grows to 1 pound. Round to globe-shaped. Flavour is full and hearty with lots of sweet juice balanced with that wonderful tomato acidity. These giants slice up perfectly for big sandwiches. Fruit stays large even at the end of a long harvest season . Hybrid.

Bonny Best Organic This CERTIFIED ORGANIC and heirloom variety is chosen to replace the well-loved Early Cascade Hybrid, which is no longer produced. Like Early Cascade, Bonny Best is a strong vine that produces firm tomatoes with excellent old-fashioned tomato flavour. Stake this plant and enjoy the bright red round tomatoes in sandwiches and salads. They are also excellent for canning since the fruit are firm with few seeds. This one is especially good for colder climates.

Brandywine One of the original beefsteak tomato, Brandywine is a very distinctive Heirloom variety with large, lobed, slightly flattened fruits that grow up to 17cm (7"). This potato-leaf tomato is deep pink, thin skinned and juicy with sweet, rich, and slightly spicy flavour. Brandywine does best staked and grown under cover, and requires more heat and time to mature completely. .

Celebrity Celebrity tomatoes are a popular favourite hybrid tomato seed well suited to a wide variety of growing conditions. Known for its vigorous growth and exceptionally flavourful fruit. Expect firm, bright red 220g (8 oz) fruits that have good foliage covering.

Early Girl A well-known early tomato on the coast, these plants keep bearing heavily throughout the summer on manageable, disease resistant vines that give baskets of tasty, 110-170g (4-6oz.) fruits. Hybrid.


CERTIFIED ORGANIC This stocky plant with dark-green leaves does well in pots or planters. If you remove two-thirds of the flowers you will get larger, more flavourful fruit. Yields abundantly all summer. . Kootenai ripens especially early when cloched. These bushy, determinate plants produce 2 to 3 inch tasty tomatoes with thin skins. Abundant yield until the end of summer.

La Roma This HEIRLOOM variety gives exceptionally early heavy yields of good flavoured 85-113 g,(3-4oz.) Roma tomatoes on a vigorous and uniform plant. Perfect for sauces or home made tomato paste.

Long Keeper Short vines set light orange-red fruit when ripe. Gather them ripe or half-ripe before the first frost and they will keep 12 weeks or more. Store unblemished fruit in a cool dark place and bring them to the kitchen to ripen as you need them. This variety requires more heat and time to mature completely.

Rocket Organic Rocket tomatoes are an exceptionally early tomato and outstanding rival for Bonny Best. The colour and flavour of this older CERTIFIED ORGANIC variety are superior to most early tomatoes. Fruits average 60-85g (3-4 oz) each on sturdy, manageable plants. Fruits are slightly irregular in shape crack free. Rocket suffers little from disease. Will bear as long as the weather permits. Rocket is fast maturing in the short seasons of the Prairies and Coastal BC. Bush (determinate),

Sasha’s Pride Organic This Russian heirloom tomato is sometimes called Sasha's Altai. Lacy, regular foliage accompanies sweet and mild 110g (4 oz) scarlet tomatoes. Rated one of the ten best early tomatoes by Organic Gardening Magazine. Vine (indeterminate), Matures in 55-60 days. (open pollinated seeds)

Siletz Organic This CERTIFIED ORGANIC variety is a well-behaved plant with exceptionally uniform, generous medium sized (3" diameter), tomatoes. The tall bush keeps on producing for a long time, starting with BIG round fruit with rich tomato flavour. Because they set fruit very early, you may get a good yield before the blight strikes. You can also take advantage of their ability to set fruit in cool weather since they do not need pollination to set. A guaranteed producer under adverse conditions. Siletz are seedless until the end of the summer.

Super Fantastic This variety is outstanding for early big tomatoes. It produces very heavy yields of fine flavoured, perfectly formed fruit with good solid tomato taste and without cracks or green shoulders. This big plant variety requires more heat and time to mature completely. Hybrid.

Sweet Million You can identify this plant a million miles away. Sweet Million can grow over 2m (8') tall with prodigiously long trusses of gorgeous little sweet, red tomatoes. Best up against a south-facing wall under the protection of the eaves, but you might need a ladder! Vine (indeterminate), Matures in 65-75 days. Hybrid.

Taxi Organic Our CERTIFIED ORGANIC Taxi is an attractive HEIRLOOM bright-yellow tomato that is as early as Oregon Spring. The round, medium 110-140g yellow fruit have a distinctive sweet flavour and are less acidic than red tomatoes. Plants grow to 60cm (2ft) and yield heavily for about a month at the beginning of summer. The best yellow tomato for cool areas, they are prolific and sweet Bush (determinate), Matures in 65-70 days.

Tiny Tim Miniature cherry tomatoes on miniature cherry tomato plants! Fruits about 2cm (1") in diameter are sweet, red, and borne abundantly on plants that rarely grow taller than 30cm (12"). Tiny Tim does very well in hanging baskets or other containers on the patio or even a sunny windowsill. Very good, juicy, flavourful fruits on this hybrid introduced in 1945. Bush (determinate) Matures in 60 days. Hybrid.

Tumbler This is the hanging basket tomato. Put one in a 25cm (10") pot and its branches will spread out and droop over the sides for really early tomatoes. Stand back and enjoy lovely 1 to 2" sweet clusters of tomatoes. Tuck some lobelia in the pot for extra visual appeal, keep it well-watered and very well fed. Grow in partial shade and out of the rain for big, sweet, cherry tomatoes at eye level. Bush (determinate), Matures in 55 days. Hybrid.

Country Garden Greenhouses 715 Victoria St. Downtown Kamloops BC 250-377-0058 The Smorgasbord 225-7th Ave (downtown) Kamloops BC 250-377-0055

Spring Gardening  

Tomato Op Herloom Plants