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Writing a book may have been much harder than we thought, but also more rewarding than we could have possibly ever imagined. This book is filled with the stories of various individuals who strived to make a better life for themselves, but also created a better version of society as they did so. Being able to tell their tales has not only given us an opportunity to understand the impact even the smallest actions can make, but also the satisfaction and joy it can bring to so many. This journey would not have been possible, however, without the support and guidance of the following people. Firstly, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the founders of the company as well as the Board of Directors, Operations Team and Technical Team, who gave us this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this book. Without them, the pages you are holding would not have even existed. We are also incredibly grateful for their creation of the Loocafe initiative, which has not only contributed to making cleaner and greener surroundings for us, but becoming one of the cornerstones of the future we are building for the next generation. A special thank you to the GHMC Municipal Corporation for their extended support in helping us make this initiative an absolute success. And of course, the very people this book is celebrating: the LooCafe partners who have taken the plunge and stepped forward to inspire many others with their stories of courage, hope, and determination. Their partnerships have affected and assisted the public in so many aspects, from providing a meal or offering a hygienic restroom to presenting employment opportunities. Lastly, we would like to thank Oishee Banerjee, Purvaja Yennamaneni, Raiza Goel, Manasa Sivaraju, and Tarani Kondoori for their dedicated effects in curating the content for the book and Chithari Vaishnav Reddy, Jayany Nunna, Varun Chandra, Vedanth Nath and Pakhi Agarwal for making it eye-pleasing with everything from the stylistic layout to the vivid photographs.

PREFACE In every story of this book, there is a motivation that drives each of the people running the stall to become successful in their life. The energy drives them to become better versions of themselves and leaders of this generation’s entrepreneurial world. While curiosity runs through our veins every day, it is definitely the inspiration that makes us strive for betterment of our world. Through the means of this book, we take a journey to the world that is far beyond us—The entrepreneurial world. You will come across many instances where only highly prolific people graduated from top schools of the country have been successful in building their own start-ups. But it’s not that you can’t establish your own company if you haven’t done that, it is just about the mindset. You don’t fail in life. Failing most certainly means your first attempt in learning. As an entrepreneur, it is necessary to learn from your mistakes, accept them and finally have the power to defeat them. Likewise, this book shares the tales of valour of 28 brilliant people in the city of Hyderabad, in the heart of Telangana, who came across many odds in their way. The hero behind these tales is LooCafé, who works tirelessly throughout to support the idea of a clean toilet. LooCafe is a luxury public washroom with a café attached to it. The company’s main aim is to change the perception that people often have about public toilets. People consider them to be filthy and filled with foul smell, whereas if they are well maintained just like the LooCafes are, they won’t be perceived in this stereotypical way. As simple as this idea seems,the impact created is vast. Revolution can not be brought in one day, just like an ocean is not made of one drop. Neither is change without small steps being contributed by many everyday to bring impact.

PREFACE However, this impact has been created by those who chose to believe in the journey and process and find the inner spark of magic in themselves. These are the people who refuse to give up and instead choose to provide themselves a second chance in life. They are nurturers and self sustainers, throughout the course of this book, you will come across such people who have converted “Sky is just the limit” into reality. They have struggled throughout their lifetime, but now are contributing as the generation of today. According to Dr. Seuss, “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go…” Well, a thought occurs in my mind every time I read this, if we built our paths ourselves, why not take the risk to make it a little better. That's what’s different between us and these 28 changemakers. The ability to outgrow ourselves is one of the finest abilities humans can possibly possess. A journey of determination, individuality, and worldliness awaits you. See through the eyes of those, whose eyes shine bright. The change in our world of feasible toilet facilities for all, awaits you to take a part in and join our movement.

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Real Passion is found at work ASIF The continuous sound of motorbikes and the prayers from the mosque playing loud in the speakers as Asif puts his mic on ready to speak. He is ready and so are we. Asif starts speaking rather sorrowfully about his previous job of how he had to leave it due to increasing rent and traffic jams around the shop. Asif’s situation though solved is a good learning lesson as we can't hold on to something we love, There will always come situations where one has to go from their comfort zone. Circumstances or not one must not fear change and stop working but be passionate enough to get up and look for a job and Asif has done exactly that. He opens his current LooCafé stall at 6 in the morning when birds are chirping and many still snoring to midnight when Hyderabad glows like fairy lights from the sky above. As the interviewer asks about his problems, Asif almost sorrowfully laughs and answers how he has several family problems but is happy about the fact that the money earnt is enough to pay for his rent. He also speaks about his family his wife, kids, and his mother, and if you ask me it's nothing short of a wholesome family and goes on to talk about his education in the beautiful state of Karnataka which is filled with joy and greenery till 7th grade. 27-year-old Asif also keeps his stall's sanitation and hygiene as his utmost priority and uses products like “DETTOL” to clean it. Asif may be a simple man like many of us but has also made difference to many peolle with his LooCafé. He has about 50-100 people using his LooCafé's washrooms each day, and he's proud of serving them. Most often, his customers ate bikers looking for a pee-stop, and eventually end up on his pit stop of a bike repair store.



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Kadak Chai & Toilets SAMEER SYED Sameer Syed had been in IT Enabled Services for almost ten years before venturing into a career very different- a tea cafe business. Even before setting up the Kadak House outlet, he had had a passion for tea and all its various types. This led to him conducting a lot of research on the methods of preparation, from ingredients to times, as to deliver the perfect authentic taste and accompanying benefits. It was a simple idea, but a creative one that Mr. Syed was left with in the end. A tea based cafe that would serve several variants of hand made teas, all of the highest quality in terms of taste and authenticity. The challenge was producing and serving all of this in a hygienic atmosphere. Thus, a dedicated staff was hired for the maintenance and cleaning, especially of the restrooms. They all followed the set protocols for the cleaning, utilising the standard materials always in stock at every outlet. This staff was joined by members of the team assigned to the preparation of the chai, as well as management in shift systems to assure smooth operations at all the stores. Especially as it is often difficult to find clean restrooms, the initiative has helped maintain healthy practices and environments while also providing business owners with a platform to share their product(s). Over 250 people visit the cafe and restrooms daily, and as more such outlets and awareness programs are initiated and implemented beneath the Swachh Bharat initiative, the number will only rise.





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Settling Covid HARI KRISHNA Hari Krishna, still in his early thirties, is an immensely hardworking man from the heart of Telangana—Hyderabad. Having been educated only till grade 10th in a Telugu Medium school, he believed in himself and knew he had a different purpose in life altogether. While his peers at the mere age of 10 were still laughing and playing around, he had already started working and has ever since come a long way forward. He has faced a lot of hardships and struggled miserably in some phases of life right from his childhood. His struggle began with not getting the opportunity to continue his education, which without a thought is one of the most necessities of life in today’s time. He worked as a driver during the various phases of the deadly COVID-19 virus during the entire course of the pandemic. However, this made him realize that this was not something he was meant for. It became a rather tedious job for him as it was not at all steady and his days always ended up moving from one place to another. His hardships became more of a burden with each day passing by. The pandemic and its alongside shortages forced him to sell his sole source of income – the cars he owned. He also mentioned a bit about his personal life. He is a family man and lives with his wife and two beautiful young children. Not only that, but he has rather started working at the stalls quite recently and has been there for about a month now. The stalls have become a ray of hope in his life and seem to be a rather promising source of income for him, which in turn can bring out a revolution in his life financially. He also elaborates on the people that visit his stall every day, giving him a chance to offer his services to them on a daily basis. The sanitation facilities at his stall are impeccable, he makes sure that the washroom is cleaned at least once a day. He is yet to receive proper feedback about his services and the sanitation facilities at his stall. Needless to say, the stall has become a light in his life, and he is proud of the work he does, bringing about a revolution in the country. You can see him at the Jubilee check post, contributing towards a brighter future.



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Rajasthan's Rifle KHETU SINGH As the birds start chirping and the sound of motorbikes growl in the distance. 35-year-old Khetu Singh starts prepping up for his interview under the bright sun shining in the city of Hyderabad as Khetu gives out his period in the LooCafe stall ranging for up to a month as he works here. He previously used to work at a general store but had left it due to several reasons. As the interview goes sadder, And the interviewer asks questions, Khetu is asked about his problems as a child or as a teen rather. Khetu laughs more in sorrow and tells about the many many problems he faced ,many of which include migrating from his hometown, The land of culture, and well the desert. That’s right. Khetu is from the royal city of Rajasthan and he talks about his struggles of only studying till his 2nd grade nevertheless despite his education, Khetu Singh is passionate and hopeful and more importantly as hardworking as he can get to reach the level he is today. He is quite financially stable after his hard work. It truly is a fact that men and women like Khetu Singh who migrate from the other part of the country can thrive just like Khetu did with a little bit of hard work and a little bit of sparkle dust of patience. Khetu is also passionate about his sanitation installs and his future. We wish Khetu nothing but the best in his future ventures.


SERVICE TO THE SOCIETY ANJANEYULU Even though the cafe is frequented by news teams and reporters very often, even more valuable is the appreciation he receives from the public, sometimes in the form of donations and other times just a heartfelt thanks for striving to uphold this service. With the passing of both his parents, an surgery that left his wife incapable of assisting him financially, and a 11 year old son whose education he needs to provide for on top of their basic needs, his previous job as a painter did not earn him a sufficient livelihood as the only breadwinner. Loocafe has provided Anjaneyulu the same safe space that he endeavors to make it for others, allowing him to give his son the childhood he deserves and fulfilling his passion of community service.

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"Stay on it" REUF Reuf was always a lover of business ever since he was very young. Talk about determination! As the shadow of the trees fall on the stall and the driving of cars feels like swooshing of winds, Reuf talks about his journey of how he was previously working at his electrical shop but due to lack of sales he had to think of another alternative and that was buying a LooCafe stall. His long dream of business led him to go to countries like Saudi Arabia to find success and his brother ended up settling there however he did not lose hope after the failure of his electrical shop and finally is stable enough and plans to open a coffee shop shortly. As the interview goes a bit darker and melancholy asking about his struggles, Reuf laughs and reminisces about his struggle with failure and discontinuing his degree however with a bit of determination and passion and his love for business he is keeping the stall where it is today, and ensuring sanitation by cleaning the washrooms daily to ensure good sales for him and his family. Reuf’s love for business is something very rare but refreshing to see.



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Family's Pillar KALAVATHI Kalavathi has been taking care of Senor Valley Loocafe for eight months now, ever since the Covid-19 lockdown wrenched away her job at a daycare and made her another victim of unemployment and the struggles it brings. However, challenges were not something Kalavathi was new to. Hailing from a middleclass background, she studied in a Telugu medium school until sixth grade. At an age when most people are still busy playing and learning, growing with their heads still in the clouds, Kalavathi was dragged back to earth and forced to ground herself as she faced a momentous occasion that no one should have to handle at the age of mere twelve- she was married. While the challenges, whether personal or financial, continued, she managed to soldier on with perseverance. It was this same perseverance that kept her fighting when she realised that her husband’s job as a car driver did not make enough to keep them afloat after Kalavathi lost her job- especially with the ever growing pile of electricity bills and reminders of rent, let alone the necessity of taking care of their basic needs. That was, until the GHMC notified her of Loocafe and she began her business in partnership with the Ixora group. She ensures the bathrooms are cleaned every morning, and the cafe is kept open even at night as a welcome and safe haven for anyone who may need it. While she still battles problems, from unruly customers to financial crises, Kalavathi’s determination, bravery and fighting spirit remain steadfast.



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Secret of Happiness

SAPNA The secret of happiness is this: let your interests be as wide as possible, and let your reactions to the things and persons that interest you be as far as friendly as possible rather than hostile. This is what Sapna had in her mind all along while building the course of her initiative by tying up with the Loo Café. You can find her opposite the dog park, doing her work wholeheartedly. Sapna from a very young age has been keen in entrepreneurship. After working very hard throughout her life, she is now an accomplished individual in this field. She is really enthusiastic about life as a whole and content as a proud partner of the Ixora Group. To achieve perfection, sanitation facilities are the top most priority for her. There are also LooCafe washrooms that are cleaned every alternate day and keep them clean, sterile, and sanitized. The feedback that she receives from all the customers is excellent, with a majority of them being positive and showing her appreciation for using their services. Approximately 50-60 customers visit the toilets daily. As of now, her future plans remain directed towards Ixora Group. She is a role model for many young people out there and continues to strive for the betterment of the world.





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"Jaise hum ghar pe saafi rakhte hai waise hi yahan" SUBHASH Among the concrete jungle and busy schedules of the people of Hyderabad, the NTR gardens are a must-visit. Just by the road of these gardens, you can find Subhash. Subhash is a dynamic, assertive, 41-year-old man who has been running a tea stall for over 15 years now. He partnered with LooCafe two years ago. When times were hard, Subhash faced heavy difficulties with the Covid-19 pandemic, which ultimately resulted in his family barely having enough to eat. They experienced such downfall in life where they had no option but to borrow money. There were many others like him, but he had a sense of belief in himself which has now made him reach where he is. He was introduced to LooCafe by Shaya. Loocafe has helped Subhash with her financial situation and got him into better shape in life by entirely changing his perspective of life about how there is light in the darkest of times. Subhash has made hygiene a priority in the café to provide an environment for the customers to feel comfortable and provide them with adequate facilities. He receives positive feedback from everyone who is taking advantage of the toilets. He aspires to continue this brilliant initiative and grow as a person individually and in the society.

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SHAIKH MD. OSMAN & ASIF The young 18-year-old Shaikh Mohammed Osman is approached for this interview one fine evening while he was working on his stall. He was all excited and prepped up for this interview. He says he has been working in this stall for about 6 months and studied till his 10th grade as he could not complete it after the unfortunate covid 19 lockdown. This throws light on the negative impact that covid had on the less educated people but the positive outlook and will power to move on in life and count blessings instead of deprivations is truly inspirational . Shaikh’s stall is also managed by his brother as he calls ‘Asif’ the older brother who had studied till degree second year and loves to help his younger brother with the shop. “I never had any problems,” Osman says. As this short interview of him comes to an end, He is excited about where the future takes him and will love to take steps to grow his stall. Shaikh is such an inspiration to many as he is so positive even facing the tough times of his life in this young age that he never considered it to be any major problem of his life.


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