The Illustrators Journal Spring/Summer

Page 26

"When the project comes to an end all my fears come to me at once." What’s the future hold for you? Any ultimate goal? As I wrote previously I want to work with foreign publishers. Also want to illustrate 10 children’s books this year. I also want to win a contest someday (not just once!), maybe to get an Andersen award (hahaha very impossible dream). And I have a dream to write a young adult fantasy novel and illustrate it. If you could meet anyone in the field you’re in who would it be and why? Oh! I want to meet some of the illustrators that I follow. Right now is a period of Richard Jones for me. His texture are insane, I'm totally in love with them. Benji Davies - his stories are great, I want to create like him! Joohee Yoon - her colors and dynamics are insane, so vibrant. And last but not least Marie Muravski - her atmosphere is fantastic and magical. I'd like to meet with each illustrator because it’s a great pleasure to speak with each other.