The Illustrators Journal Winter Edition

Page 4

WITH STYLE "I’d love to be able to support myself fully with illustration sometime in the near future. That’s the ultimate goal. It takes time to make a presence and build a client base. Patience has been key. I’m having fun with my illustration journey and learning lots along the way."

When did you first think about art as something you wanted to do? Were you encouraged or discouraged by family, friends, teachers, mentors? It was in high school when I started taking art seriously and considering it as a career option. An advisor at a portfolio review suggested illustration as a focus for my work. I took the advice and pursued illustration at Pacific Northwest College of Art. My family was very supportive in the decision. What kind of kid were you? Where did you grow up? What were your influences? I grew up outside of Portland, Oregon. I was creative as a kid, always drawing and making things. Like most 90's kids, I was very inspired by Pokemon and began drawing all of the characters.