The Illustrators Journal

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LISCyr' CYR Lisa s



"The more we approach our work with insight, vigor and passion—continually cultivating creative play, exploration and experimentation—the more we are able to see and reach our full potential and inner greatness as creative beings.”

What kind of kid were you? Where did you grow up? Early on, I didn’t have a lot of kids in my neighborhood that were my own age, so I learned to amuse myself through creative play. As I grew older, we moved and I was able to interact with others my own age.

At the time, there was no video games, social media or an abundance of TV shows to distract my focus and attention. I grew up in New England where there is a beautiful change in the seasons. When my friends and I came home from school, we played outside, made tree and snow forts as well as other such enclosures, using

our imagination and ingenuity. We were always actively using our minds, bodies and hands to create something. Your style is very unique. Did you work on developing a style or is that what naturally came out of you?