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Abhinav Chaudhary CEO and Co-Founder Fero.Ai Through his 16 years of professional experience, Abhinav has been instrumental in strategy formation, planning, policy-making and the execution of multi-dimensional complex logistics projects in DHL Global Forwarding, Indian Army, Woolworths and now entrepreneurship with heading Fero.Ai. Abhinav is a well-respected name in the logistics industry for the tangible impact he created during his engagements. He pumped operational efficiency by over 18% in setting up DHL’s Global Forwarding, Dubai South hybrid container freight station and Air Freight warehouse and over 23% cost saving by driving the centralization of DHL Global Forwarding’s domestic road freight fleet within Dubai. An EOQ based forecasting model for Woolworths Sydney distribution center and development of the Indian Army’s first green (Solar Powered) Mobile Repair Team are just a few of the notable projects in

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Abhinav’s rich professional experience. Abhinav & his team conceptualized the idea of Fero in 2018, after more than a decade of being closely associated with the industry. “There has been a lot of talk on how going digital was going to solve the massive bleed in terms of cost and efficiency but the efforts were all directed to a top-down approach whereas for an industry where the technology quotient of an average stakeholder is far from advanced I saw there was no other way to make an actual difference, other than taking a bottom-up approach, starting right at the root where inefficiency begins i.e. manual coordination,” says Abhinav. Coincidentally Abhinav was also engaged in enhancing his understanding of Artificial Intelligence employing heavy research around the same time and the idea of automating human coordination came to him like an obvious solution leading to works getting started

on the world’s 1st voice-enabled virtual agent for freight, TiA. It’s been 18 months of great learning and satisfaction, seeing the actual time saving and seamless operations with the help of TiA in the POCs that Fero has been running, has been nothing short of a dream, “adds Abhinav. Fero is developing to be the leanest organizations in the sector with every function, internal as well as external, being driven by intelligent technology. Fero has been receiving increasing interest from private and public sector alike. The teams are running full-throttle on jam-packed schedules on various exciting implementations, out of which, a Logistics Process Automation project with a Government entity which also happens to be one of the largest Global Logistics players and an enterprise-wide customized NLP agent for one of the biggest Software products reseller/distributor in the Mena region, are 2 notable ones.