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The new Art of Smart. Loewe Art.

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21.08.13 14:28

Pure. Perfect. My Perfect Entertainment. The new Loewe Art combines cutting-edge technology and slim design with flying colours: clean lines, two high-quality chrome trim elements, tight joint tolerances and perfect finish. Different colour versions (Mocha, White, Black, Chrome Silver) allow you to integrate your television effortlessly into any living environment. Its 360째 design also makes the Loewe Art a real highlight in free-standing mode.


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21.08.13 14:29

Art 40, Mocha 98 cm screen diagonal Cosy Mocha colour tone High-quality workmanship Low housing depth


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21.08.13 14:29

All-in-One Entertainment. Perfect in every situation. This television delivers what it promises: everything. With the new Loewe Art, you’ll enjoy the ultimate in quality from the design to the feature list. Combined with the full-HD panel, the 200 Hz picture repetition rate 1 ensures precise motion reproduction and with the rich sound of up to 80 watts, you will enjoy a perfect audio experience despite the slimline body. It goes without saying that the Loewe Art offers all the functionality required for perfect Smart Home Entertainment – packaged within the elegant Loewe Assist Media user interface. In short, a perfect television for all occasions.

Pin-sharp detail: Full-HD panel, 200 Hz picture repetition rate 1 and Loewe Image+ Active.

High-performance Smart TV: Loewe MediaNet apps such as YouTube 2, media libraries, Internet radio or news apps.

Future-proof: Receiver/tuner for current and future TV signals (DVB-T/T2/C/S/S2).

Perfect poise: Wide selection of stand versions for optimal living room integration – e.g. Floor Stand Universal.

Art 50, Chrome Silver 127 cm screen diagonal Home cinema with powerful sound Full feature list despite slimline design Wide selection of stand versions

1 2

100 Hz picture repetition rate in the case of the Loewe Art 32. YouTube via complimentary Loewe MediaUpdate for Art 40–60 (additional information on page 14).

Loewe makes no guarantee for the extent and content of the Internet services that can be received (see back page of catalogue).


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21.08.13 14:29

Premium quality home cinema: screen size of up to 60 inches (152 cm diagonal).

Convenient TV menu: Loewe Assist Media menu interface on Art 40 – 60 allows access to your favourites via the home screen.

Flexible TV enjoyment: Record content to external USB storage media or access the DR+ archive on another Loewe set via DR+ Streaming.

Full sound: Up to 80 watts of total output in the slimline body.


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21.08.13 14:29

360° design: understated design elegance across the board, even with large screen sizes – here with the Floor Stand Universal stand version.


LOE_EKF_Art_EN_v4.indd 6

21.08.13 14:29

Superb picture up to 60 inches. Experience perfect entertainment. Natural colours and precise motion reproduction. With the new Loewe Art you will experience a perfect picture display in all screen sizes thanks to a full-HD panel and 200 Hz picture repetition rate. Thanks to the economical A+ energy efficiency rating, you will enjoy your choice of entertainment on a 60 inch (152 cm) screen with minimal power consumption.

Precise motion reproduction. Two features of the Loewe Art ensure optimal sharpness of movement: the 100 Hz picture repetition rate combined with intelligent management of the backlighting ensure a smooth 200 Hz image impression – ideal for fast motion sequences such as in action films. The Loewe Art also features a high-quality full-HD panel with 1,920 x 1,080 pixel resolution. Allowing you to enjoy an authentic cinema feeling to the very last detail with every image.

From the vibrant depth of the room. The Loewe Art boasts high-performance LEDs, ensuring the colours on your Loewe Art are rendered as vividly as they are in reality. In tandem with the homogeneous white panel illumination, you will enjoy every scene with perfect contrast, crystalclear colour brilliance and optimised black rendering. To that end, the display is anti-reflective to ensure you experience the best possible image even in bright ambient light.

3D you can almost touch. Television is no longer limited to two dimensions. Powerful algorithms for optimal 3-D representation 1 endow the picture on your Loewe Art with an extremely vivid depth perception – and not only for films shot in 3D. The integrated 2D-3D converter enables you to enjoy every film in three dimensions.

Always the appropriate format. Whether you wish to use the Loewe Art as a second TV set – for example in the guest room – or as your home cinema hub: you will find exactly the size best suited to your purposes. Choose from the following sizes: Loewe Art 32 (81 cm), Loewe Art 40 (98 cm), Loewe Art 50 (127 cm) and Loewe Art 60 (152 cm).


Art 40/50/60: 3D Active Shutter, Art 32: 3D polarisation technology.


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21.08.13 14:30

Impressively powerful. 80 watts for rich sound. High-performance speakers in the slimline body deliver an unimaginably resonant sound with a powerful bass. Overall, the integrated speakers in the Loewe Art 50 and Art 60 produce music power of 2 x 40 watts, unique in these screen sizes – perfectly equipped for rich sound for enjoying your favourite film.

The best sound – already integrated. Optimised for each size, with the Loewe Art you always have the optimal sound equipment. The two integrated broadband speakers radiate a powerful sound forwards. In the case of the 50 and 60 inch screen sizes with 2 x 40 watts of music power (each with two speakers per side), in the case of the Loewe Art 40, with 2 x 20 watts (with one speaker per side) to generate a full soundscape in keeping with the screen size. The Loewe Art 32 is yet another compelling package: the built-in 2.1 sound with 2 x 10 watts + 20 watts music power is virtually unique in this compact screen size.

Dynamic to the very deepest depths. Unlike most of the TV market, Loewe offers rich sound despite the appliance’s extremely slim body – without external sound components. This is made possible by high-performance speakers and the very latest driver technology with maximum linear stroke. That means that fluctuations between the frequency ranges are extremely small. The result is a vibrant and dynamic soundscape that wows the listener with a powerful bass foundation. 1

For even more cinema – Loewe ID sound. Would you like sound from all sides? Experience perfect home cinema with optimally harmonised Loewe sound components. The Loewe MediaVision 3D, for example, functions as the hub of your very own home cinema system. Coupled with a Loewe subwoofer (200, 525 or 800 watts) and the external speakers (Stand Speaker ID, Satellite Speaker ID or Universal Speaker ID), you will experience unbeatably clear and powerful sound within your own four walls – depending on your space requirements: from 2.1 to 5.1 sound. Controlling your Smart Home Entertainment System is simplicity itself with but a single remote control – Loewe Assist.


Frequency ranges: Loewe Art 32 with 95 Hz to 16 kHz; Loewe Art 40 with 90 Hz to18 kHz; Loewe Art 50/60 with 85 Hz to 18 kHz.


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21.08.13 14:30


LOE_EKF_Art_EN_v4.indd 9

21.08.13 14:30

My Perfect Entertainment. Compellingly simple Smart TV. Loewe Assist Media is the name of the user interface you use to navigate elegantly and with lightning speed through the varied media offering on your Loewe Art 40, 50 or 60; this includes TV channels, digital radio stations, Internet pages, your private media collection (photos, music, videos) via USB or home network. Especially handy: store your favourite applications easily on the home screen. Your favourites will then always be readily to hand. Up, down, left, right. OK. That’s all it takes for intuitive control of a whole universe of channels, media and content, as you like. All you need to do is use the Loewe cross-navigation system to move the cursor where you want on the screen and press OK to confirm. This simple navigation concept applies across all levels and areas of the new Loewe Assist Media user interface.

Award-winning operating pleasure. The Loewe Assist Media app 1 for the iPad allows you to operate the entire TV menu via your mobile device extremely elegantly – at the touch of a finger. For example, simply scroll through the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) and find out about the content and duration of the current programme. Define your personal favourites and access them directly via the Assist Media app home screen. The Loewe Assist Media app is available free of charge in the Apple App Store.

Music archive. In days gone by you had CDs piling up; now it’s ever more music files. To keep track of your collection, now you can also experience your favourite music on the Loewe Art – with a unique visual elegance. The fascinating Cover Flow lets you browse simply and clearly through your music albums and titles to discover completely new aspects of your music.

Displays photos on a grand scale. The high-quality screen design of the Loewe Assist Media user interface flows naturally through all levels. For example, you can also show off your holiday photos of family, friends and acquaintances on the big TV screen with unprecedented ease. Thanks to the Loewe Art’s high quality full-HD panel, your photos will be of exceptional brilliance and pin sharpness.

All connections included. Turning your Loewe Art into a media centre and connecting external devices such as a Blu-ray player or external hard disk, for example, is simplicity itself. There are numerous connections available to you for perfect networking: up to 3 x USB, 4 x HDMI, 1 x CI+ and integrated WLAN/LAN as well.


Available for Loewe Art 40/50/60.


LOE_EKF_Art_EN_v4.indd 10

21.08.13 14:54

High-end screen design: Memorable icons, high-resolution animations, clear layout – those are the features of the new Loewe Assist Media operating system. The structure adapts to whichever medium you happen to want to use – irrespective of the source. That means that under “audio” you will find your private music (accessed via USB or home network) just as you will all the available radio stations.


LOE_EKF_Art_EN_v4.indd 11

21.08.13 14:31

Unlimited entertainment. Perfectly networked with Loewe MediaNet. Gives websites high definition and replaces PCs: the MediaNet applications’ extensive offerings open the door to the online world. The apps’ special programming lets you experience web content via a display which has been optimised for the TV  screen: from television on demand to the latest weather report. If there is something that you particularly like, you can simply save the app on your home screen as a favourite.1 With the Internet browser, you can go directly to websites which do not have an app available. For convenient address input, a virtual keyboard appears on the TV screen – or simply use the keyboard on the Loewe Assist Media app.

Audio on Demand. Want to listen to music? Use music streaming services such as Aupeo! or Napster 2. With Q-tom you can even access music videos from many specialinterest channels.

Web Video. Want YouTube on your television? With the appropriate app, you can experience the largest video collection in the world on your TV screen.1

Social TV. Want to keep in touch with your friends? With the Facebook app, you can access and comment on their posts, update your own status, etc. at any time. In large format and straight from your living room.

Internet Radio. You will quickly find your favourite music from a selection of 8,000 Internet radio stations, organised according to region and genre. With the practical favourites function, you can then simply store the desired station on your home screen.1 In addition, the digital radio stations which you receive via antenna, cable, or satellite are also available.

1 2

Will follow via Loewe MediaUpdate. Napster is currently available only in Germany and the UK.

The availability of the MediaNet apps depends on the provider. Loewe is therefore constantly updating and expanding its selection of apps. The online content is optimised with CE-HTML for display on a large-format, flat-screen TV. Loewe makes no guarantee for the extent and content of the Internet services that can be received (see back page of catalogue).


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21.08.13 14:31

Continue when you want. Use intelligent Loewe DR+ functions. High-end Loewe DR+ technology puts your new Loewe Art’s extreme versatility at your fingertips. For example, use Loewe DR+ Streaming for entertainment exactly where you are. Or take advantage of the convenient recording capability to external USB storage media.

Convenient streaming. Do you already have a Loewe television with integrated hard drive? Then use the Loewe Art as a second TV set, to easily access all your archived recordings via Loewe DR+ Streaming – for example in the bedroom or guest room. The television operates here as a receiver within your network (via LAN/WLAN/Powerline 1).

Exclusive Follow-Me function. With the Loewe Art as a second TV set you can simply continue viewing a programme where you left off on another Loewe television. And this is how it works: let’s imagine that you happen to be watching a programme in the living room on your main television set (e.g. Loewe Individual) but want to keep watching it in the bedroom. Simply press pause and make yourself comfortable in the bedroom. Now press Play on your Loewe Art in the bedroom and the programme will restart at exactly the same place you had previously interrupted it. The television in the living room automatically switches to standby mode. This practical Follow-Me function is available only from Loewe. 2

1 2

Powerline adapter available separately in Loewe dealerships. Available for Loewe Art 40/50/60.


LOE_EKF_Art_EN_v4.indd 13

21.08.13 14:31

Always up to date. In the future too. Top specification and update function. The Loewe Art will never fall out of fashion. There are two reasons for that: the Loewe MediaUpdate can bring you new features and the integrated receivers are capable of handling future signal standards.

Fascinating features via Loewe MediaUpdate. The Loewe Art’s special software concept allows you to upgrade various features separately, as and when you please. Loewe uses the Loewe MediaUpdate function to bring you the latest top functions, quickly and easily. To receive software upgrades, simply register free of charge in the service area on, or connect your television directly to the Internet to automatically check for available software updates. Only Loewe offers you this service.

All receivers included. No matter how you receive your television signal, now or in the future, with the Loewe Art you are perfectly equipped. Integrated receivers for high-definition television (HDTV) and all digital video broadcasting aerial, satellite and cable standards (DVB-T/C/S) deliver a crystal-clear picture. The Loewe Art is also ready for second-generation standards (T2/S2). Not only do you save on extra equipment but on power consumption and cables as well. Thanks to the CI+ 1.3 interface Loewe Art is ready to receiving encrypted programme content as well. 1


Functionality is dependent on module availability from the supplier.


LOE_EKF_Art_EN_v4.indd 14

21.08.13 14:31

Exclusive service. Long-term benefits.

Special products require special service. At Loewe, this service begins with expert advice from our dealership partners, who can of course, if you so wish, also set up and regularly maintain your Smart Home Entertainment System in your home. Find out about the long-term advantages of our exclusive service: A Loewe is ultimately a valuable asset. That is why, for example, a wide range of components is held in readiness for the Loewe repair service even many years after production. If you have any questions about your Loewe Smart Home Entertainment, please get in touch with your local Loewe dealer who will be pleased to advise you. To locate your nearest dealer, use the dealer search feature on our website Let yourself be won over by Loewe quality – from initial advice to our long-term service benefits.


LOE_EKF_Art_EN_v4.indd 15

21.08.13 14:31

Loewe Art. Product details.

Wall Mount Slim / Wall Mount VESA Size 100/200/400 Chrome Silver Flat mounting 60: (V400) W 139.2/H 85.8/PD 6.4/TD 7.3 50: (V400) W 114.9/H 71.4/PD 5.9/TD 7.7 40: (V200) W 90.9/H 57.4/PD 5.8/TD 7.8 32: (V100) W 76.0/H 49.1/PD 5.5/TD 5.9

Energy efficiency Large cinema, low-power consumption: In addition to a brilliant picture and clear sound, the new Loewe Art boasts the best energy efficiency ratings: Loewe Art 32/40 – Class A and Loewe Art 50/60 – Class A+.

Wall Mount WM 63 / 66

Wall Mount Isoflex 32 – 55 1

WM 63: Chrome Silver, WM 66: Black Easy to fit, adjustable incline (+2° or 0°) 60: (WM 66) W 139.2/H 85.8/PD 6.4/TD 9.6 50: (WM 66) W 114.9/H 71.4/PD 5.9/TD 9.2 40: (WM 66) W 90.9/H 57.4/PD 5.8/TD 9.2 32: (WM 63) W 76.0/H 49.1/PD 5.5/TD 7.8

Aluminium Flexible solution, can be folded flat, can be pulled straight out, rotatable and pivotable, adjustable incline (+2° to 0°), intelligent cable runs 60: W 139.2/H 85.8 / PD 6.4/TD 11.8 to 49.3 50: W 114.9/H 71.4 / PD 5.9/TD 11.4 to 48.9 40: W 90.9/H 57.4 / PD 5.8/TD 11.5 to 49.0 32: W 76.0/H 49.1 / PD 5.5/TD 10.4 to 47.9

Table Stand (supplied on delivery)

Table Stand Connect ID Comfort 2

Floor Stand Universal 3

Plastic Manually rotatable (+/-20°), adjustable incline (+1° to 5°) 60: W 139.2 / H 89.6 / PD 6.4 / TD 35.2 50: W 114.9 / H 75.3 / PD 5.9 / TD 25.4 40: W 90.9 / H 61.7 / PD 5.8 / TD 25.4 32: W 76.0 / H 52.8 / PD 5.5 / TD 20.5

Aluminium Manually rotatable (+/-20°), adjustable incline (+1° to -5°) 50: W 114.9 / H 73.8 / PD 5.9 / TD 25.0 40: W 90.9 / H 60.2 / PD 5.8 / TD 25.0 32: W 76.0 / H 53.2 / PD 5.5 / TD 20.0

Auminium Silver Manually rotatable (+/-45°), adjustable incline (+1° to 5°), concealed cable runs 60: W 139.2/H 129.1/PD 6.4/BP 50.2 50: W 114.9/H 114.7/PD 5.9/BP 50.2 40: W 90.9/H 101.0/PD 5.8/BP 50.2 32: W 76.0/H 94.0/PD 5.5/BP 50.2

Dimensions in cm: W = Width, H = Height, PD = Product Depth, TD = Total Depth, BP = Diameter/Dimensions of Base Plate Note: In some cases, products are pictured with optional accessories.


LOE_EKF_Art_EN_v4.indd 16

21.08.13 14:31

TV housing Sizes

Art 60 (152 cm)

Floor Stand Connect ID 32–55

Floor Stand Connect ID with Equipment Board

Aluminium Manually rotatable (360°), adjustable incline (0° to –2.5°), concealed cable runs 60: W 139.2/H 129.3/PD 6.4/BP 53.0 50: W 114.9/H 115.0/PD 5.9/BP 53.0 40: W 90.9/H 101.4/PD 5.8/BP 53.0 32: W 76.0/H 94.4/PD 5.5/BP 53.0

Aluminium, glass Manually rotatable (360°), adjustable incline (0° to –2.5°), can accommodate two equipment components, concealed cable runs 60: W 139.2/H 129.3/PD 6.4/BP 53.0 50: W 114.9/H 115.0/PD 5.9/BP 53.0 40: W 90.9/H 101.4/PD 5.8/BP 53.0 32: W 76.0/H 94.4/PD 5.5/BP 53.0

Screen Lift Plus 1

Wall Stand Flex 1

Brushed Aluminium Manually rotatable (+/–90°), adjustable incline (0° to -5°), concealed cable runs 60: W 139.2 / H 300.0 / PD 6.4 / TD 20.0 50: W 114.9 / H 300.0 / PD 5.9 / TD 19.6 40: W 90.9 / H 300.0 / PD 5.8 / TD 19.7 32: W 76.0 / H 300.0 / PD 5.5 / TD 18.6

Brushed Aluminium Variable height, adjustable incline (–2° to +2°), intelligent cable runs 40: W 90.9 / H 180.4 / PD 5.8 / TD 30.0 32: W 76.0 / H 180.4 / PD 5.5 / TD 30.0

Art 50 (127 cm)

Art 40 (98 cm)

Art 32 (81 cm)

TV housing Colours




Chrome Silver

Technological features Art 40 – 60

Loewe Racks No other media furniture could be a better companion for a Loewe television, the Loewe Audiodesign products or Loewe peripherals. This is not just because of the timelessly elegant design and extraordinarily high quality workmanship. What is especially impressive about Loewe racks is the meticulous attention to detail in their functionality – typically Loewe. Exactly how you equip a Loewe rack is of course your business. Everything fits neatly into place and makes an extremely tidy impression.

1 2


Only in conjunction with VESA size 100, 200 or 400 adapter (depends on the model in question). The Table Stand Connect ID Comfort 32 can be used for Art 32 and the Table Stand Connect ID Comfort 40/46 for Art 40/50. Please also use the Rotation Unit of the Table Stand Connect ID Comfort. Should you wish to adjust the inclination of your TV set, we recommend the Rotation Unit of the Table Stand supplied ex works for better accessibility of the power switch. Only in conjunction with an adapter, to be ordered separately.


LOE_EKF_Art_EN_v4.indd 17

21.08.13 14:31

Loewe Art. Technical information.


Image+ (Image) Contrast filter panel / high gloss frames Display technology Screen diagonal (in cm) / screen diagonal (in inch) / Picture format / Resolution (in pixels) Brightness (in cd/m²) / Viewing angle (horizontal/vertical) Contrast (static/dynamic) Response time (in ms) /Picture repetition rate Fully digitised signal processing / Image+ Active / 24 p motion picture display 3D technology / 2D-3D conversion / Active Glasses 3D Format options 1 16 : 9, 4 : 3, Panorama, Zoom Video auto-dimming (VBD+) / Interior auto-dimming (OPC) / Home Mode Sound+ (Audio)

h /i Full-HD-LCD with E-LED-Backlight 152 / 60 / 16 : 9 / 1,920 x 1,080 390 / 176° / 176° 5,000:1 /5,000,000:1 4 / 200 Hz i/i/i i/i/y i i/i/i

Output in W (sine/music) Acoustic speaker concept Individual bass and treble control / Volume / Sound effects Automatic voice detection / Automatic Volume Control (AVC) Dolby Digital Plus / dts / 5.1 Out / Two-channel Audio out available: variable / fixed / Subwoofer Digital+ (Television standards)

2 x 20 / 2 x 40 closed box i/i/i h /i i/ h / h /i h/h/h

DVB-T / DVB-T2 / DVB-C / DVB-S2 / Multistandard (analogue) / Dual Channel A/V-Decoding: MPEG / MPEG2 / MPEG4 / integrated HDTV reception 2 Colour standard: PAL / Secam / NTSC / NTSC-V / PAL-V (60 Hz) Audio standard: Two-channel FM / AM, Nicam Assist+ (Operation)

i/i/i/i/i/ h i/i/i/i i/i/i/i/i i/i

Automatic Channel Programming (ACP) / Channel recognition DVB radio / Programme positions including AV and radio Digital Link Plus / Digital Link HD Video text Level 2.5 / TOP-Video text / FLOF-Video text / Page memory Personalised Video text with direct access to favorites / bookmarked pages PIP (AV) 3 / Full PIP 4 / iPIP / Split screen TV : Video text Local control / Piezo buttons Assist remote control / Assist Easy / Assist Media app Parental Lock / Automatic turn-off / Timer Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Electronic Instruction Manual / Menu languages 5 Index / Context Related Help Media+ (Multimedia functions) DR+ / storage capacity in GB / USB recording (with DR+: USB-Archive) DR+ Streaming server/client / Follow-Me

i/i i/ 6,000 i/i i/i/i/ 1,000 i/ h h / h / h /i i/ h i/y/y i/i/i i h / 19 h /i h / h /i h /i/i i/i i/i/i i/i

MediaHome (photos, music and video via home network / USB) MediaNet (Internet portal / browser / Internet radio) MediaText (HbbTV) / MediaUpdate Connectivity+ (Connectors)

1 2

3 4

HDMI with HDCP / USB / Component (YUV) In 6 Mini-Scart 6 / S-VHS, Hi-8 / RGB Digital Audio-In (Cinch) / Digital Audio-Out (Cinch) / Analogue Audio-Out (L/R) / Center-In (Cinch) Speaker terminals / Analogue audio link 7 / Digital audio link 7 VGA / RS 232 C (RJ12) / Motor control / IR-Link Side AV Video-/S-VHS, Hi-8-ready / Headphone (jack 3.5 mm) Common Interface CI / CI Plus certified 8 LAN network connection / integrated WLAN Environment EU energy efficiency class / Annual energy consumption (kWh) 9 Power consumption in stand-by mode / off (in W) Power consumption „ON“ 10 (in W) / Peak luminance ratio in % Mercury content in mg /contains lead 11

A+ / 150 < 0.5 / 0 108 / 65 0.0 / traces

Miscellaneous Weight in kg Power switch / Mains voltages VDE-safety standard (inspection seal)

33.9 i / 220–240 V, 50 / 60 Hz i

i = included/installed y = upgradeable/optional Dependent on SD/HD input format. Reception of digital channels may be limited by individual regulations from the respective broadcaster/provider. UK models are Freeview HD compliant. On sets without DR+, AV-PIP is only available in combination with DVB-T/C/S. Not with MPEG4.

4 (1 x ARC) / 3 /y 1/1/1 h /i/h / h h/h/h Mini-VGA /i/ h / h i/i/i 1 /i i/i

5 6 7 8

D-GB-F-I-E-NL-CZ-GR-PL-H-FIN-SLO-SK-TR-S-DK-P-RUS-N Only in conjunction with a corresponding adapter, to be ordered separately. Loewe System 5.1 Out, Stereo Out, Subwoofer Out, Center In. CI Plus is backwards compatible with CI. Functionality is dependent on module availability from the supplier.


LOE_EKF_Art_EN_v4.indd 18

21.08.13 14:31



32 15

h /i Full-HD-LCD with E-LED-Backlight 127 / 50 / 16 : 9 / 1,920 x 1,080 350 / 176° / 176° 5,000:1 / 5,000,000:1 8 / 200 Hz i/i/i i/i/y i i/i/i

h /i Full-HD-LCD with E-LED-Backlight 98 / 39 / 16 : 9 / 1,920 x 1,080 350 / 176° / 176° 3,500:1 / 3,500,000:1 6 / 200 Hz i/i/i i/i/y i i/i/i

h /i Full-HD-LCD with E-LED-Backlight 80 / 32 / 16 : 9 / 1,920 x 1,080 350 / 178° / 178° 1,500:1 / 1,500,000:1 6 / 100Hz i/ h /i i/i/y12 i h /i/i

2 x 20 / 2 x 40 closed box i/i/i h /i i/ h / h /i h/h/h

2 x 10 / 2 x 20 closed box i/i/i h /i i/ h / h /i h/h/h

2x 5 + 1x 10 / 2x 10 + 1x 20 2.1 System i/i/i h /i i/ h / h /i i/i/i

i/i/i/i/i/ h i/i/i/i i/i/i/i/i i/i

i/i/i/i/i/ h i/i/i/i i/i/i/i/i i/i

i/i/i/i/i/ h i/i/i/i i/i/i/ h / h i/i

i/i i/ 6,000 i/i i/i/i/ 1,000 i/ h h / h / h /i i/ h i/y/y i/i/i i h / 19 h /i

i/i i/ 6,000 i/i i/i/i/ 1,000 i/ h h / h / h /i i/ h i/y/y i/i/i i h / 19 h /i

i/i i/ 5,000 i/i i13/i/i/ 1,000 h/h h/h/h/h i/ h i/y/ h i/i/i i h / 19 i/i

h / h /i h /i/i i/i i/i/i i/i

h / h /i h /i/i i/i i/i/i i/i

h / h /i h /i/ h i/i i/i/y14 i/i

4 (1 x ARC) / 3 /y 1/1/1 h /i/h / h h/h/h Mini-VGA /i/ h / h i/i/i 1 /i i/i

4 (1 x ARC) / 3 /y 1/1/1 h /i/h / h h/h/h Mini-VGA /i/ h / h i/i/i 1 /i i/i

4 (1 x ARC) / 2 /y 1/1/1 h /i/i/ h h/h/h i/i/ h / h i/ h /i 1 /i i/i

A+ / 101 < 0.5 / 0 73 / 65 0.0 / traces

A / 71 < 0.5 / 0 51 / 65 0.0 / traces

A / 56 < 0.5 / 0 40 / 79 0.0 / traces

23.2 i / 220 –240 V, 50 / 60 Hz i

15.8 i / 220–240 V, 50 / 60 Hz i

11.3 i / 220–240 V, 50 / 60 Hz i


10 11

On the basis of four hours of operation per day, 365 days a year. Actual energy consumption depends on the purpose for which the TV is used. To EN 62087 : 2009. Traces may occasionally be found in electronic components (in compliance with the recast European RoHS directive).

12 13 14 15

In conjunction with 3D polarisation technology (3D Passive Glasses). Video text Level 1.5. By Media Update. Loewe Art 32 is anticipated to be available as of November 2013.


LOE_EKF_Art_EN_v4.indd 19

21.08.13 14:31

Loewe Opta GmbH Industriestrasse 11 96317 Kronach Germany

Loewe UK Ltd 237A Kensington High St 1st Floor London W8 6SA United Kingdom

Technical specifications, delivery conditions and other information are subject to change without notice 路 Item no. 99 005 841 路 Copy date 30.07.2013 路 Printed in Germany. Actual colours may differ from images due to printing processes. All Loewe products featured in this catalogue are intended for private use. Loewe accepts no liability for the scope and content of receivable online services. This also applies to the Loewe MediaNet portal. Loewe devices merely provide the technological platform to enable basic reception of such content. Loewe can therefore provide no guarantee for changes in scope and content, in particular in the future and after going to print. iPad, iPhone, iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

LOE_EKF_Art_EN_v4.indd 20

21.08.13 14:28

Loewe Art, english  
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