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CASA BALAM EK MENU CREATE YOUR OWN FEAST FROM THE CHOICES BELOW 1. POLLO PIBIL - YUCATECAN CHICHEN Whole chicken spiced then wrapped in banana leaves and baked in the ground. A YUCATAN FAVORITE THAT YOU WILL DEFINITELY ENJOY. 2. CAMARONES – JUMBO SHRIMP Broiled on the grill with garlic butter Stir fried in garlic butter Breaded and fried 3. PESCADO – FRESH FISH Baked whole with tomato, onions, and spices Breaded and fried fillets Broiled on the grill with garlic butter 4. LANGOSTA – LOBSTER TAILS (In Season) Broiled- grilled With garlic or butter 5. COMIDA DE MEXICO – MEXICAN FEAST Tamales and Panuchos – Open Faced on hand made tortillas covered with chicken, beans, tomate and onion. SIDE DISHES: Rice, black beans, guacamole, chayote (squash) SOUPS: Beans, Lime, tortilla or vegetables SALADS: House Green salad, Guacamole DESSERTS: Caramel, coconut.

Balam Ek Menu