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Casa Rosa Tankah Menu Please review this menu to get an idea of whether you are interested in having Maria and Bernardino cook for you during your stay at Casa Rosa. Upon your arrival, please give Maria and Bernadino at least 24 hours advance notice of what and when you would like them to prepare for dinner. The cost for each adult is US$9.00 plus the cost of the groceries (rate is subject to change). You need to pay the cost of the groceries in advance, so Maria and Bernardino will have enough cash to go and buy groceries (they will bring receipts and change). Their service includes shopping and preparing for the meal, setting the table, serving the meal, clean up and dishes. A tip to show your appreciation is always welcome. SOPAS Sopa de Lima (Lime Soup) Sopa Azteca (Tortilla Soup) Sopa de Vegetales (Vegetable Soup) ARROZ Arroz Blanco (White Rice) Arroz Rojo (Rice with Tomato Sauce) Arroz c/Vegetales (Rice with Vegetables) FRIJOLES Frijoles de Olla (Mexican style) Frijoles Refritos (Refried Beans) RES (Beef) & POLLO (Chicken) & PUERCO (Pork) Puntas a la Mexicana (Mexican Style Beef) Fajitas (Chicken or Beef fajitas) Brocheta de pollo o res (Shish Kabob, beef or chicken) Pollo Pibil (Yucatecan Barbeque Chicken) Pechuga de Pollo Empanisada c/ensalada (Breaded Chicken breast w/salad) Poc-Chuc (Mayan dish of grilled pork tenderloin) Pollo en Escabeche (Mayan Style Chicken) Filete de Res c/papas (Fillet of Beef w/potatoes) Chiles Rellenos de Queso (Stuffed Peppers with cheese)

Filete Tampique帽a c/frijoles, arroz, guacamole & enchiladas (Fillet of beef w/ beans, rice, avocado sauce and enchiladas) Pierna de Puerco en salsa de vino tinto c/papa al horno (Pork Roast in Red Wine Sauce served w/ baked potatoes). MARISCOS Camar贸nes al mojo de ajo, parrilla o empanizado, (Shrimps w/garlic, grilled or breaded) Langosta al mojo de ajo o parrilla (Lobster w/garlic or grilled) Filete de Pescado mojo de ajo, parrilla, empanizado, Veracruzana (Fish Fillet w/garlic, grilled, breaded or Veracruz style) Filete de Pescado Horneado en mantequilla y Vino Blanco c/arroz y verduras (Fish Fillet Baked with butter and white wine w/ rice and vegetables) POSTRES Flan de Caramelo (Caramel flan) Helado (Ice Cream, vanilla, chocolate or strawberry)

Casa Rosa Tankah menu  

Riviera Maya vacation rental with special services for vacation renters. The menu is inspired by the local foods of the Riviera Maya, Mexico...

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