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secret society of ex mermaids PHOTOS: KATY JOHNSON

We know being an ex mermaid is not always easy. Being misunderstood, awkward and total outsiders can be rough for a lot of our previously finned friends. Lucky for all you remarkable creatures, Francki Harrell, an ex mermaid herself, has created a fashion line to unite all ex mermaids in a “community where their dark, otherworldly grace could be celebrated.” In September of 2013, The SECRET SOCIETY OF EX MERMAIDS was formed. Inspired by visual media and the Pop Surrealist movement, the apparel and accessories of this line are like something you’ve never seen before. Bright colors, sprinkles and sea monsters are all characteristics that just scream “cool” about their collection - and that’s just what they’re aiming for. The collection was made to “look cool right away, in one shot” Francki explains. Most of the pieces are designed to make a statement, while still being extremely comfortable - giving off an effortless chill vibe. The Society wasn’t founded by just anyone, Francki Harrell has a lot more cred than you’d think. Having worked with big names like Michael Kors, Isaac Mizrahi, Rebecca Taylor, Lela Rose and more, she’s climbing her way to the top. Growing up in New York and living in London for five years, Francki mentions, has affected the way she looks at everything. “There is nothing quite like street fashion in Europe and English girls are the coolest around!” Francki has a fashion design degree from Parsons The New School in NYC and claims to have been an ex mermaid for as long as she can remember. If that doesn’t make you want to join the Society, I don’t know what will. Be on the lookout for Ex Mermaid in the next ten years, Francki is working towards making it into a complete clothing line “worthy of a spot in NY fashion week”. Her dream is to have people trying to sneak into her fashion show during NY fashion week, joking that she’s “a criminally good fashion show crasher…It’s the highest compliment to have crashers!” Three words to describe the Secret Society of Ex Mermaids? Tribal. Enigmatic. Fearless. What are you waiting for? Come join the society fellow Ex Mermaids. You know who you are.