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A language spoken fluently across the world: pop music. Transcending native tongues and uniting people, pop music has celebrated and uplifted different cultures over the decades, with Selena’s Latinx anthems charting on the Billboards in 1995 and more recently the acclaimed “Despacito.”

How and where did this sudden western and worldwide domination of K-pop start? Naturally with the hardworking artists themselves: training, recording, practicing and performing for years and presenting themselves humbly and with respect. That authenticity is what drives the fans connections to these artists, and success without fans is like x without x — it just doesn’t happen.

Similar to the timeline of the Latinx breakthrough, Korean pop, more commonly known as K-POP, first charted on the Billboards in 2009 followed by the infamous ‘Gangnam Style’ dance trend in 2012 before falling dormant in the US until recently. And it’s back with authenticity this time and here to stay with 30+ Korean acts touring the country this year alone. Today, K-pop’s American and worldwide breakthrough means dozens of world and North American tours making stops in our country like NCT 127’s NEO City Tour and BLACKPINK playing Coachella. Primarily focusing on their culture, sharp choreography and the artistry behind the directing, aesthetics and special effects, a fundamental component of K-pop is the extravagant and grandiose capacity of music videos, which lends to the idols’ professionally and celebrity image that magnetizes fans.


With BTS winning Billboard’s fan-voted Top Social Award 3 years in a row since 2017, something is to be said for the group seemingly being everywhere on the internet, the charts, award shows and now breaking into American radio play and music stands. BTS are making numbers, breaking walls and shattering the glass ceiling of what western and global pop music looks like with no bundles, no discounts and no repackaging and deluxe albums all while singing in Korean due to both their talents and support from their passionate fanbase. The fans’ love of the group and their music is what has soared them into the western market and has them remaining here to stay. Honored and recognized along with their CEO and Executive Producer to join the members of the Grammy’s Recording Academy, BTS and their ranging talents of composing, writing, singing and performing landed them

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