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An evening with Wendy Jago Words and pictures by Stephen Bartholomew


n Monday 5th July 2010, Mount Mascal Stables, Bexley, hosted a BHS lecture-demo taken by Wendy Jago. It was well attended by school clients, staff and riders from local livery yards, 60-70 people in total. Wendy started with an introduction to the evening, explaining that the emphasis would be on the rider learning to listen to what the horse was saying to the rider. There were four ‘guinea pigs’ for Wendy to work with. First up was Sinead O’Keefe riding Cruise, a horse with whom she is doing very well at Prelim and Novice level. Sinead needed help with keeping her horse working through from behind, so Wendy was working on transitions, getting Sinead to use her buttock muscles to achieve more engagement of the hind quarters. Next up was Hilary Grant, Assistant Chief Instructor at Mount Mascal, riding Kildare, an ex-riding school cob who had been placed in Prelim Tests and was about to start competing at Novice level. Hilary explained that he would always tell her when she was too heavy in the hand by throwing up his head or sticking his tongue out. After an exciting moment when horses outside in the field galloped off, he became very forward going, so his attention had to be regained by half halting, riding shoulder in and medium trot to working trot transitions. Wendy then asked for him to do half pirouettes and traverses movements to demonstrate to the audience. The third combination was Jo Holloway on Barclay, who has recently started competing at Prelim level in Dressage. Barclay

Wendy talking to Hilary Grant Sinead O’Keefe listening carefully to Wendy

helped Wendy to show how he needed to listen to the rider’s inside leg to produce leg yield but also how he could show the rider when she was not doing it correctly. Jo felt that this was a really good experience for them both and had some things to take away and practice. Last to go was Janice Reid riding her new horse Benn who, although eight-years-old, was very green and virtually starting from the beginning, having previously been allowed to lean on the rider’s hand in order to keep his balance. Wendy worked with Janice on transitions from walk and trot, using her position rather than the reins to communicate better and gain his attention. Those attending left with a greater understanding of how communication between horse and rider needs to be more subtle. Feedback from the audience was very positive. Thanks go to Wendy and the BHS for presenting the event and we hope it will be the first of many to be hosted at Mount Mascal Stables.

Crestala Dressage Championships Sandhurst Farm, Kent Words by Jo Walker After a very challenging winter in terms of coping with snow and ice and the nightmare of looking after horses in the big freeze, April finally came and we had a good day for our Championships on 10th April. Prizes were presented by Mr Trevor Roberts of Crestala Fencing, who is our enthusiastic sponsor. Prizes included a rug embroidered with Crestala Dressage Champion for the winner, and cash prizes for second and third. Thank you to all those who have competed and supported our Dressage Series and congratulations to the winners. Thank you also to our judges, writers and those who come to support their friends.

Above: Jo Harding Ash on Aim and Fire, runner-up Novice Points Championship Below: The Novice winners, pictured left to right: third placed Denise Dent on Charlie, Trevor Roberts of Crestala Fencing, second placed Jo Harding Ash on Aim and Fire, and the winner, Amanda Mewett on Suntanner

Above: Prelim winners, left to right: first - Andrea Ayre and Reveller, second – Voirrey Mitchell and Popeye and third – Zoe Gaskill with Killosserry Merger Left: Trevor Roberts of Crestala Fencing pictured with Amanda Mewett and Suntanner, Novice Champions Below: Prelim Point Champions, left to right: Voirrey Mitchell with Popeye and runner-up, Sue Newmand on Tango

Results: Prelim Class 1st Andrea Ayre – Reveller, 64% 2nd Voirrey Mitchell – Popeye, 63.6% 3rd Zoe Gaskill - Killosserry Merger, 63.2% Novice Class 1st Amanda Mewett – Suntanner, 70.3% 2nd Jo Harding Ash - Aim and Fire, 67.9% 3rd Denise Dent - Charlie, 65.9% Prizes for the Points Championship included a leather headcollar with name plaque for the winner and a bottle of champagne for the runner-up. The winners were: Prelim Points Champion: Voirrey Mitchell on Popeye Prelim Points Runner-up: Sue Newmand on Tango Novice Points Champion: Maria Draper on Early Affair Novice Points Runner-up: Jo Harding Ash on Aim and Fire

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Complete version Localrider August 2010 issue  

Complete version Localrider August 2010 issue. Amongst many others this issue features reports and articles on: Hickstead Derby Report, Maki...

Complete version Localrider August 2010 issue  

Complete version Localrider August 2010 issue. Amongst many others this issue features reports and articles on: Hickstead Derby Report, Maki...