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YOGA FOR RUNNERS Written by Janna Leyde Photographed by Carmon Rinehart

Flexibility. That’s the reason most runners turn to yoga—or turn away from it. Sure, it will be a good stretch, but runners who practice yoga claim to have better form and improved lung capacity. The following poses will help you restore muscular balance, increase your range of motion, and breathe easier.

Low Lunge Vinyasa

Broken Toe Pose

Step your left foot back so that your right heel is underneath your right knee for Low Lunge. Inhale, rise to your fingertips, lift your chest, drop your left knee, and feel a stretch in your right hip flexor and left psoas. Exhale, press into your fingertips, lift your belly, round your spine, straighten both legs, and feel a stretch in your right hamstring and iliotibial band (the ligament that runs down from the outer hip). Move through five rounds. Repeat on the left.

Begin by kneeling on your shins. Lean forward and tuck all ten toes underneath. As you sit back up, let the weight of your seat rest on top of your heels for Broken Toe Pose. Feel the balls of the feet connected to the earth. This is a mega stretch for your ankles, arches, Achilles, and the joints of your toes, so hang tight. It’s fondly called Broken Toe Pose for a reason. Breathe for seven long breaths. To come of out of it, lean forward, untuck your toes, and tap the tops of your feet.

Makeup by Hope Star Makeup Clothing provided by Lulu Lemon, Shadyside

Supine Spinal Twist Lie on your back, hug your knees in, and drop them over to the right for Supine Spinal Twist. Reach your arms away from you—palms up. Relax every muscle. Let the body do nothing. Running occurs along the sagittal plane, which means it’s forward and backward motion. This twist is not only a great way to lengthen the spine, but it will add to your range of motion. Breathe ten deep breaths. Repeat on the left.


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