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Picture yourself sitting on the most comfortable barstool at your favorite local watering hole. You've developed a kinship with this destination thanks in part to the cuisine, friendly staff, welcoming atmosphere, and a vast array of adult beverage choices that never disappoint. Whether you crave a quality craft beer or a happy hour cocktail at the end of a long day, you know your bar won't let you down. It's your home away from home.





Written by Jason Cercone / Photography by Julie Kahlbaugh


| Issue 13

Now, take a sip of your beverage and let your eyes wander behind the bar. I'm willing to bet much has changed since the first time you bellied up at this establishment. More beers are born in your hometown now than ever before and are finding their way to the taps, giving you more numerous options every visit. In the same respect, spirits have experienced a spike in availability and products born in small craft distilleries throughout the state of Pennsylvania are overtaking the heavily marketed offerings you see on your TV screen in primetime. The rise of the Local Revolution has given small craft spirits operations a platform to market their products and make them more readily accessible to you. Just as craft beer provided an alternative to mass-produced macro beer, spirits made in smaller batches with intricate attention to quality, detail, and passion have done the same. Throughout Pennsylvania, we now have over 30 operating distilleries producing spirits including rye whiskey, rum, vodka, bourbon, ginever, and more. What once was a world dominated by companies with advertising dollars has rapidly shifted to entities producing craft spirits born out of love and desire to deliver an exceptional product on a smaller, local scale.

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LOCALpittsburgh Issue 13  

LOCALpittsburgh Issue 13