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Answers from expert Frederick Weniger [Q] What was the most popular procedure in 2020? [A] Although the official statistics won’t be released until spring, my own experience and conversations I have had with Frederick Weniger other plastic surgeons can give us a clue. Breast is a plastic surgeon at Weniger Plastic augmentation (implants) and liposuction are Surgery. Learn more Nos. 1 and 2, just like the last several years. What at wenigerplasis way up, though, is lower-facial surgeries. More ticsurgery.com. people are asking about lip lifts, neck lifts, laser treatments, and lower facelifts because they are wearing masks and staying home anyway! I never saw it coming, but starting this summer, patients have been telling us that they decided to have their procedures done now for exactly that reason. [Q] What trends do you see coming in 2021? [A] I believe that there will be a trend toward more breast lifts and reductions. These procedures may never catch up to breast augmentation, but more people will continue to improve their breast aesthetics by making them perkier and tighter (and sometimes smaller, not just larger). Also, older patients will be getting lifts to deal with the loose skin that occurs if they choose to remove their breast implants or downsize. Breast implant removals are increasing, so lifts should follow. Buttock augmentations and lifts continue to grow, but it has to stop sometime! Similarly, lower body lifts will become more popular as tighter, firmer, more athletic bodies continue to hold the spotlight.


Answers from expert Carmen Traywick [Q] What were the most popular services in 2020? [A] Injectables remain our post popular medical spa procedure in 2020. Botox is an always popular option for relaxing frown lines, especially on the forehead, on the glabella (between the eyebrows) and the crow's feet (sides of the eyes). Fillers are a great way to replace lost volume that happens with aging. Most patients want a rested, younger look. In well-trained hands, fillers can provide this by lifting the cheeks and softening folds around the mouth and nose. Fillers give instant satisfaction with immediate results, none to minimal downtime and much more robust improvements than products or less-invasive procedures give you. [Q] What trends do you see coming in 2021? [A] One trend for 2021 will be more focus on the neck and chest. The same treatments done on the face can be done on the neck and chest. Laser treatments are great in this area, but Botox and even judicious use of fillers can help with creases in the neck and that crepey appearance on the neck. Now that more people work from home, they have the time to recover indoors and can tolerate a little more downtime after procedures in this area. One trend for 2021 will be face anti-aging treatments and more aggressive laser treatments with more downtime, but huge results.

EXPERT TIP Beauty is in the skin. Don’t smoke, and protect yourself from the sun. If you avoid these causes of destruction of your skin, every part of your appearance will benefit. You will have less crepey skin, fewer age spots, fewer wrinkles and even less drooping. From your face to your breasts to the rest of your body, it makes a big difference. Remember that what looks best on your face in your 40s is sunscreen in your 20s.


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EXPERT TIP Don't forget about the basics. A good foundation of healthy skin is crucial when you embark on any anti-aging treatments. Healthy skin needs two main things: moisture and prevention. Moisture comes in a variety of ways that include diet, water intake, oil production and products to hold in water and maintain the skin barrier. Products with hyaluronic acid, and ceramides augment the skin's natural moisture and barrier production. Prevention includes a cocktail of sunscreen, antioxidants and retinoids. Starting with the basics of skin care is always a great first step in skin health.

Dr. Carmen Traywick is a cosmetic dermatologist at LUX ~ A Medical Spa and owns May River Dermatology. Learn more at luxhhi.com.

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