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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


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It was a big day in Nokomis last Thursday, as the Regina CTV Home Town Tour bus rolled into town to wave the CTV flag and to give the community a boost. Local organizers had a busy afternoon planned for Danelle Boivin and Dan McIntosh from CTV Regina, as they toured them around the town, from the noon lunch at the community hall, to a museum tour, and a visit to the school for a pie-throw. The day ended with a community hot dog and hamburger BBQ at Kinsmen Kiddieland Park, where the two CTV personalities did “live, on-air” interviews with Lylie Herman, Last Mountain Times’ Nokomis correspondent, mayor-elect David Mark and Nokomis Rec. Board -photo LMT staff president Sean Edwards. More details and photos on pages 4 and 5 .

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Tues: 15°C Wed: 8°C Thurs: 6°C Fri: 9°C Sat: 10°C Sun: 14°C Mon: 14°C (daytime highs as of Sept.28/12)

Many positions filled by acclamation Preliminary results continue to come in from towns, villages and RMs in the run-up to the October 24 municipal election date. In the Village of Duval, all positions were filled by acclamation, including current Mayor Dale Campbell, and incumbent councillor Darren Bender. New councillors are Daniel Schira, Josh Carles, and Gail Sorensen. There was one vacancy, and former councillors Scott Mitchell and Annette Phillips did not seek re-election. In Semans, Ray Lamontagne was re-elected Mayor by acclamation. Five people are seeking election to council, incumbents Jay Holmes, Duane Linford, Malcolm Bains, Perry Fehr, and newcomer Heidi Linford. In RM 219 Longlaketon four councillors were elected by acclamation: Wilfred Retzer, Div. 1; Doug Slough, Div. 3; Alvin Schmidt, Div. 4; Brett Tallentire, Div. 5. There will be an election for Reeve, with current Reeve Marilyn Gibson seeking re-election. She is being challenged by Mark Ritter and former councillor Jack Davidson. In the Village of Earl Grey, former councillor Denise Krochak was elected Mayor by acclamation. Current Mayor Les Scherle is not seeking re-election. There are 6 people running for 4 council positions: incumbents Jason Kiel and Malcolm Manz, and newcomers Larry Bailey, Peter Gallo, Jane Conway and Devin Bell. Current councillor Rudy Mohr did not seek re-election. In some communities, including Nokomis and Drake, additional nominations are being sought in situations where insufficient nominations were received to fill available vacancies. Calls for additional nominations close on October 3. Advance polls for this fall’s municipal elections will be held on Saturday, October 20 and election day is Wednesday, October 24.

Former L-G Sylvia Fedoruk passes Former Saskatchewan Lieutenant Governor Sylvia Fedoruk passed away September 26 at her home in Saskatoon. Fedoruk, Saskatchewan’s first female Lieutenant Governor, was 85 years old. She served as Lieutenant Governor from 1988 through 1994. “Sylvia Fedoruk was the embodiment of Saskatchewan innovation and spirit and an inspiration to all she met,” Premier Brad Wall said. “In March of 2011, I had the great honour of chatting with Dr. Fedoruk at the launch of the University of Saskatchewan’s Canadian Centre

for Nuclear Innovation. She reminded me of the history of nuclear medicine in Saskatchewan of which she was a pioneer.” Born in Canora and graduating from the University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Fedoruk was the sole woman on the research team that developed the world’s first Cobalt 60 cancer therapy unit in 1951. In addition to her distinguished career in nuclear medicine and education, Dr. Fedoruk received numerous awards including the Saskatchewan Order of Merit, the Officer of the Order of Canada and the Distinguished Canadian Award.

Sylvia Fedoruk -photo courtesy of U of S

HARVEST WISHES issue – Oct. 2 (check your mailboxes for your free copy if you live in the Last Mountain area)

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tuesday, october 2, 2012 • last mountain times

opinions – letters – comments

letters to the editor Note: the following letter was received by Editor Dave Degenstien on September 24 regarding the front page article in the September 18 issue of Last Mountain Times: ‘Strasbourg’s green space for sale?’ The writer, Strasbourg Mayor Carol Schultz has given her permission to reproduce the letter here. Dear Editor: I wish to address some of the points raised in the article entitled ‘Strasbourg’s Green Space for Sale?’ in the September 18, 2012 edition of the Last Mountain Times. As a member of Town Council, I find that the article is slanted in a negative direction, which casts Town Council and its activities in a poor light. This meeting was granted front page coverage; therefore, the event should be given a thorough and accurate retelling. However, the last 10 minutes of an hour-long meeting (the discussion on the condominium development) was given the most importance. Unfortunately, this condominium development discussion was given a negative slant, and made up the majority of the article. The rest of the meeting was discussed in little detail on page nine, which is not an accurate portrayal of the full content of the meeting. The meeting itself had a very positive outcome – namely that several town issues were openly discussed and communicated to town residents – which I do not think was accurately reflected in the tone of the article. Many citizens were concerned that the local Last Mountain Times staff (the article was signed off as ‘LMT Staff’ instead of ‘Editor’) would write such a negative article about the meeting, especially considering that the condominium development discussion was such a small part in the grand scheme of the evening. Finally, with regard to the condominium development, I would like to reiterate a few points which were raised at the public meeting. First, Town Council is required to follow the established by-laws with respect to the proposed development site. The site is currently Town park property, and therefore any sale transaction for this land would require the standard advertisement and consultation periods. The process would also include a public meeting at which residents could voice their support or concerns for the project. Information regarding these consultations and meetings will be made available at such a time as the project advances to the appropriate stage. Thank you for allowing me to address my concerns. Mayor Carol Schultz Strasbourg Disclaimer: the opinions expressed are those of the writer.

in nature, and as one meeting attendee noted, could have been sent out to taxpayers in a regular newsletter from the Town. The only issue of any significant concern or potential controversy (ie: ‘news’) was the discussion concerning the Pioneer Park land, and naturally, that was why it was highlighted above other issues discussed at the meeting. Mayor Schultz will acknowledge, I’m sure, that she was accurately quoted in the article pointing out that there is still a fairly lengthy and detailed process that must be followed by the Town before any final decisions or approvals are made. I appreciate Mayor Schultz’s comments, and remind other readers that I welcome their feedback on articles published in the newspaper, or on issues of general or personal concern. -Dave Degenstien, Owner-Publisher-Editor The purpose of a newspaper has always been to keep people informed of events around the world as well as those in our backyard ...and serve no one but its readers, the general public – not always telling them what they want to know, but what they need to know. Do not underestimate the public. -The Seattle Times

Dear Editor: I seem to be the only one that noticed that this town was not flying a Canadian Flag above the cenataph by town office it took me standing up at a council meeting as well as numerous letters to our town administrator and mayor asking them to show the respect that these fallen heros deserve and it all fell on deaf ears until I called Ottawa who called the legion here and they were shamed into putting a Canadian Flag up and all this was because of small town politics which will come out soon. The Town administrator told me at the council meeting back in April that the town had ordered flags but alas they

never came and not one person not the councilors, mayor or the town administrator or even the members of the RM thought enough to replace the flag. Shame on you all for such a show of disrespect A person should not have to shame the town into doing what is right but I guess I forgot who I was talking to. John Landry, Govan, SK Disclaimer: the opinions expressed are those of the writer.

Editor’s note: Mr. Landry is a candidate for Town Council in Govan in the upcoming municipal elections. His letter is reprinted as received.



Editor’s response: Thank you very much for your feedback and comments. Since the publication of the September 18 article, I have received only two complaints about it: one from Mayor Schultz and the other from Ken Danielson, the chair of the condo development investors group. Other comments I have received have been positive, in terms of thanking the newspaper for bringing an issue to the public’s attention that some seemed to feel was being kept on the ‘down low’ by Strasbourg Town Council. Readers will note, as referenced at the beginning of the story, it was clearly pointed out that the issue of the green space land was raised at the end of the meeting, and was not the entire focus of, or reason for the meeting. The green space portion of the story was 471 words in length. At the bottom of the front page story, it was clearly indicated that there was more about the meeting on page 9, where another approximately 492 words prominently described the remainder of the meeting and discussion that occurred. Although the rather routine first hour of the meeting did cover many other issues, they were administrative

See a future issue for MARTHA MORGAN’s column “Notes from Over the Hill”

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tuesday, october 2, 2012 • last mountain times

provincial news briefs SGI to offer more veteran plates To further honour the service and sacrifices made by Saskatchewan’s veterans, SGI says it is expanding its specialty plate options to offer veteran plates for motorcycles and snowmobiles. Each of the license plates will be a smaller version of the regular-sized license plates, and will portray the same design. The characters will include a “V” followed by three numbers. The plates can also be personalized, as long as the slogan is four characters or fewer. As determined by the Saskatchewan Command of the Royal Canadian Legion, veteran plates are available to any person who has honourably served, or is still serving, as a member of the Canadian Forces for a minimum of three years,

or has served a tour of duty as a member of the Canadian Forces, Reserve Forces, the Merchant Navy, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, another Canadian police force or an allied force. “We appreciate the partnership we’ve had with SGI over the past few years through the veteran license plate program,” Royal Canadian Legion, Saskatchewan Command Provincial President Brent Wignes said. “We are pleased that the Government of Saskatchewan has recognized this opportunity to further pay tribute to our Saskatchewan veterans who have served not only our province, but all of Canada.” The cost of veteran licencse plates is $5, payable to the Legion, to cover the application cost. Personalized plates cost an additional $75 plus GST.

Veterans can apply for the small format plates starting October 1. Seven health regions closing in on surgery wait list targets Seven out of the 10 Saskatchewan health regions that handle operating-room surgeries are within five per cent of their target this year, offering surgery within six months to all people who need it. The Saskatoon Health Region is not on the list. Updated wait time information shows that in the six-month period ending July 31, 2012, most health regions continued to provide almost all surgeries within six months. Heartland Health Region has met the target and six other health regions are close to hitting the target of providing all surgeries within six months by March 31, 2013. The number of people waiting for surgery fluctuates, based

on the number of people diagnosed and booked for surgery and the number of surgeries performed. Regina Qu’Appelle has experienced a spike in planned orthopaedic surgeries, offsetting gains the health region made in the volume of surgeries performed. Results from a concerted effort to ramp up surgical capacity in the health region won’t show up in wait time reductions for several months. Wait times data continue to show that 97 per cent of prospective surgery patients in Saskatchewan have surgery within 12 months and 89 per cent within six months. There were 2,233 fewer patients waiting for surgery in Saskatchewan on July 31 than on the same date in 2011, a reduction of nine per cent. Province contributes to Juno awards hosting The 2013 JUNO Awards will be held in Regina and Moose Jaw, and the Government of

Page 3 Saskatchewan is providing the 2013 JUNO Awards Host Committee with $1.5 million to help ensure the province’s talent will be showcased on April 15-21, 2013 during this national event. The JUNO celebrations, which recognize artistic and technical achievement in all aspects of Canadian music, offer Saskatchewan performers the chance to step into the national spotlight and perform for music fans and industry professionals. The $1.5 million in funding is to assist in covering the licensing fee required by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in order to host the event. “With Moose Jaw partnering with Regina, people in both cities get to see Canada’s most talented musicians up close and personal,” Moose Jaw Mayor Glenn Hagel said. “Regina has made its mark across Canada for hosting world class events,” Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco added. “Everyone attending the JUNO’s can expect to be welcomed with the charm and warmth our community is known for.” Since their inception in 1970, the JUNO Awards have grown from a single-day event to a weeklong celebration drawing thousands of music fans from across Canada and beyond. Gaming grants provide $2.1 million The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) is providing approximately $2.1 million in quarterly charitable gaming grants to more than 1,000 volunteer groups and organizations across the province. The charitable gaming grant program provides a grant equal to 25 per cent of the net revenues raised through charitable gaming activities including licensed bingos, raffles, breakopen tickets, Texas Hold’em poker and Monte Carlo events. Groups that conduct licensed charitable gaming activities and events do not have to apply for the charitable gaming grant, as gaming reports submitted by


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the groups are used by SLGA to calculate grants and paid out each quarter. Some of the Last Mountain area groups receiving grants included: Bulyea & District Lions Club – $91.74; Craven Craven & District Elks No. 581 – $1,022.52; Craven Craven Community Rink – $1,207.50; Craven Craven Hopscotch Pre-School – $607.50; Duval Optimist Club – $192.50; Ituna Churchill Community Centre – $653.65; Ituna Seniors Social Club Inc. – $472.71; Ituna Sacred Heart Parish Bingo Committee – $911.83; Ituna St. Stanislaus Parish Council – $722.23; Ituna Sunshine Friendship Club – $9.25; Lanigan Lions Club Inc. – $241.69; Lestock Saskatchewan Seniors Association – Region G District 21 – $23.00; Liberty Liberty Service Club – $107.50; Lumsden Disley Community Club – $99.82; Lumsden & District Lions Club – $1,288.66; Lumsden & District Heritage Home, Inc. – $704.45; Lumsden Curling Club – $153.43; Punnichy Day Star Communiplex Committee – $2,446.00; Punnichy Muskowekwan Community Funds – $12,987.75; Southey & District Recreational Centre Co-operative – $355.50; Southey Senior Citizens Bingo – $150.16; Strasbourg Corinthian Chapter #89, Order of The Eastern Star – $368.48; Strasbourg St. Rita Parish – $243.00; Watrous Manitou Beach Communities In Bloom – $164.29; Watrous & District Recreation Board – $153.62.

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NEWS NOKOMIS Lylie Herman • 528-4404

BINGO at Nokomis Legion Hall on Monday, October 1. Speedos at 7:00 p.m. Regular play at 7:30 p.m. Everyone welcome. Sponsored by Nokomis Legion Branch #290. 45c Nokomis Public Library story hour starts Thursday, October 11, 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. at the library. All children born in 2008 and 2009 are welcome. If you have any questions, call Teresa at 5282251 or 528-2060. 45p Graveside Service for Fred and Bette Hummason to be held October 13 at 2:00 p.m. at the Lockwood Cemetery. 45-46c Nokomis Fall Fair, Saturday, October 13, 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Nokomis Centennial Hall. Noon lunch. Baking, crafts, home-based businesses. Sponsored by Nokomis United Church. To book tables, phone 528-2285 or 528-4340. 45-46c Nokomis Christmas Craft & Trade Show sponsored by the Nokomis Playschool Association, Saturday, November 17, 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Nokomis Centennial Hall. Crafts, baking, Christmas gift ideas, raffles, soup and sandwich lunch. To book a table, phone Mallory Hendry at 528-4311. 45-46c When we fill our thoughts with right things, the wrong ones have no room to enter. Arnold and Winston Felske have had Arnold’s sister Muriel Jasko of Vancouver, BC visiting for a few days. She also visited Mary Felske while here and Phyllis Felske who is in the Nokomis Health Centre. Don McMillan and good friend Verna Broad of Didsbury, AB have been here visiting Lavern and Alvina Sobus for a few

days. Grace Dunbar and her son Chris were here for a day visiting Art and Bette Ramshaw. Ken and Ruth Edwards recently went into Regina to visit Ken’s sister Gladys Simpson. Dennis and Sylvia Simpson recently motored out to Ardrossan, AB to visit with their son, daughter-in-law and family, Andrew, Tara and children. While there, they celebrated Andrew’s birthday and enjoyed a pig roast with family and friends. Dennis and Sylvia also went to visit Smokey Lake and Elk Point, AB. Cynthia Skubicky of Brighton, ON came home to help her dad and mom Alex and June Munroe get ready for their auction sale. Rick Harding of Kindersley, SK came home to Calvin Harding and Lylie Herman’s to be here for the filming of the CTV Hometown Tour. I was going to quit all my bad habits but then it occurred to me that no one likes a quitter. -L.H. Recently Earle and Lorna Mansell were in Saskatoon and visited with Eileen and Don Mansfield and Brenda and Nola Wallace and Nola’s brother Cliff Mienhart. The Canadian Country Music awards were on at that time and friends Eli Barsi and her husband John Cunningham were performing at the Saskatoon Airport, so they were able to be there for their performance. Different western groups were performing to welcome the passengers to the awards and to Saskatoon. Eli and John now make their home in Moosomin, but her hometown is Kennedy, SK. For several years, she performed with the Sons of the Pioneers in Branson and John worked with Ronnie Prophet out of Branson as well. She has a website under Eli Barsi. -submitted by Loran Mansell

tuesday, october 2, 2012 • last mountain times

visits Nokomis for Home Town Tour Seniors meet CTV It was a warm, bright and The monthly meeting of the Nokomis Seniors was held on Tuesday, September 25 at the Welcome Inn. There were six members present. They opened by singing O Canada followed by a minute of Memorial Silence. The secretary read the minutes of the last meeting and in the absence of the treasurer, the secretary also gave the treasurer’s report. Correspondence – There was no correspondence since the last meeting. Old Business – The seniors were given an estimate on the one front window, but decided to close it in to make it look like the other side. Committee Report – One card was sent to Shirley Smith who was in the Regina General Hospital. Both 500 card parties had three tables each and bridge was played a couple of times over the summer months. New Business – Harry Hine had to change the fan motor on the furnace. A motion was made to accept Jean Cannings membership. A Thank You was given to Ken and Ruth for the new coffee maker they bought for the centre. The week of September 30 to October 6 is Senior Appreciation Week. On October 4, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., the Credit Union and Nokomis Seniors are serving refreshments and goodies, free of charge, to all seniors of Nokomis. The dates were set for their card parties, birthday party and next meeting. The meeting was adjourned. They closed with God Save the Queen followed by refreshments and visiting. -L.H.

sunshiny day on Thursday, September 27, when CTV’s Home Town Tour came to the community of Nokomis. At 12:00 noon the big green STC bus rolled into town, and made its first stop at the Nokomis Centennial Hall. CTV Regina evening news co-anchors Danelle Boivin and Dan McIntosh, as well as the rest of their crew, enjoyed soup, homemade bread and desserts with the capacity crowd at the community hall. From the hall, the tour went over to the school for a quick tour, The highlight of the school visit was the cream pie toss, with Principal Ken Koenig’s face as the primary target. Ken was able to exact some measure of revenge by getting to “pie” Dan McIntosh. Luckily the “victims” got to wear protection so the pie filling didn’t ruin their clothes. At the Nokomis Health Centre, all the residents were waiting in the common area to welcome Dan, Danelle and crew. Dr. Lim then did an interview with Dan and Danelle during which his lengthy service to the community was prominently mentioned. Everyone on the tour was really impressed with the Nokomis and District Museum, as most people usually are. Karen Lee did a great job as tour guide. As mentioned later on the TV coverage, the visitors were really impressed to find such a great museum in a small town like Nokomis. At the Nokomis Rec. Centre

CTV Regina co-anchors Danelle Boivin and Dan McIntosh arrived at the Nokomis Centennial Hall at 12:00 noon for lunch. Sean, Doug and Cole Edwards gave Dan and Danelle the official tour while Sean gave them a brief history of the rink, and talked about the community’s dedicated work to keep it up-todate and operating. From there, Dan, Danelle and crew headed to the Kiddieland Park to get setup for the suppertime news. At 5:00 p.m., hot dogs and hamburgers were barbecued and served to a very large crowd of people, some coming from out of town to join in the festivities. From the youngest to the very oldest, everyone enjoyed themselves. During the 6:00 p.m. news, I was pleased (and more than a little bit scared!) to be pulled in to a live interview to talk about the many activities in our busy community. David Mark, Nokomis’ mayor elect, and Sean Edwards, president of the Recreation Board, were also interviewed and did an excellent job of promoting our community.

During the supper hour, the STC staff blew up balloons for the children and conducted a name draw raffle for the adults to enter two separate draws to win free bus rides. While the news was on, they made the draws and announced the winners after the live broadcast: the winners were Lorna Mansell and Ruth Edwards. A ‘Hometown Hero Award’ was presented to an outstanding citizen of the community. The award went to Lois Mortenson, in recognition of her community activism and all her dedicated volunteer work. After the evening news was finished, there was time for more visiting, and the CTV crew even found time for some “horse play” in the park with the gathered throngs of excited children. The CTV crew then literally drove off into the prairie sunset. What a wonderful day it turned out to be! -article & photos by Lylie Herman

FAITH | HOPE | SINCERITY Find Them In Church

Nokomis Baptist Church Worship Service 11:00 a.m.

Students and staff of the Nokomis School, as well as other community members, excitedly await the arrival of the CTV bus.

Sunday School – 10:00 a.m. Pastor Rick Shott 528-4615

6th Annual Ducks Unlimited Banquet Sponsored by the Nokomis Legion Branch #290

Friday, October 5 at the

Nokomis Centennial Hall

Dan and Danelle pose with the buffalo in the Wildlife Room at the museum (buffalo on the far left!)

Doors open at 5:30 p.m. A highlight for the Nokomis School students – getting the opportunity to toss cream pies in their principal Ken Koenig’s face!

Cocktails & Hors D’oeuvres at 5:30 p.m. Supper at 6:30 p.m. Raffles & Auction to follow

TICKETS – $25.00 For tickets, phone Laverne at 528-2112 or Doug Sather at 528-4800 45c

A Charity Fundraising Event Supporting Wetland Conservation

Marge Edwards held a sign to welcome Dan and Danelle to the Nokomis Health Centre.

Danelle got right into the spirit of the museum by dressing up in the old clothing and accessories!

Henry, the STC bus driver, at the barbecue at Kiddieland Park.

More photos on next page.

tuesday, october 2, 2012 • last mountain times

CTV visits Nokomis for Home Town Tour

ATV theft The Outlook RCMP and Crime Stoppers are seeking assistance from the public in solving a crime which happened between September 19 and September 20. Two ATV’s and a trailer were stolen from a farmyard located in the RM of Fertile Valley. One of the ATV’s was a side by side. Outlook RCMP continue their investigation.

During the supper hour, children received balloons from STC, while adults entered the draw to win free bus rides.

Nokomis’ mayor elect, David Mark, chats with Dan on the suppertime news.

Last Mountain Times news correspondent Lylie Herman was interviewed by Danelle for the suppertime news. She was also invited to ride along on the bus with Danelle and Dan and the CTV crew as they toured the town, capturing all of these great photos along the way!

Sean Edwards, president of the rec. board, was also interviewed for the news.

comply with an undertaking and a probation order.

RCMP report

continued from previous page

The hot dog and hamburger barbecue attracted a huge crowd of local area people, and some from nearby communities.

Page 5

Fatal house fire Nipawin RCMP were called to a house fire at a residence on 1st avenue west in Nipawin at approximately 12:33 p.m. on September 26. Nipawin Fire fighters arrived on scene and were able to extinguish the blaze. They found a 40 year old male resident inside the house deceased. He was later identified as Dwayne Neufeld, of Nipawin. All other occupants of the home were accounted for. There was only minor damage to the house as a result of the fire. The Nipawin RCMP will continue the investigation with a Fire Scene Examiner, Forensic Identification Section. The cause of the fire is currently unknown at this time.

No schools under review At the Horizon School Division Board of Education meeting held on September 21, 2012, motions were brought forward that all schools meeting the criteria for review in accordance with the Department of Education and Horizon School Division’s School Review – Board Procedure be removed from the formal review process. All motions were carried. As a result, HZSD issued a news release On September 24 announcing there will be no Horizon schools placed under review for grade discontinuance or closure during the 2012-2013 academic year.

Vehicles collide with train At approximately 6:15 p.m. on September 26, members of the RCMP in Humboldt, along with EMS and the Humboldt Fire Department, responded to a motor vehicle collision at the railway crossing on Highway 5 approximately three kms west of Humboldt. A mini-van was stopped facing west-bound waiting for a train when a west-bound pickup truck struck the van from behind, pushing the van into the side of the train. The driver of the van and her two small children were extricated from the vehicle and transported to hospital, as was the male driver of the pickup. All injuries appear to be minor. There was no damage to the train. The investigation is ongoing and charges are pending. Accident results in arrests On September 25, at 3:10 p.m., an off-duty RCMP officer observed a car collide with a mini-van near the south access entrance into Warman, and immediately drive away. The officer reported the incident to an onduty officer, who located the car on the northeast side of Warman. The officer attempted to stop the car. A very short distance later, the car crashed into a gully on the east side of Warman, and the two occupants fled on foot. A foot chase ensued with the police, and one of the occupants pointed a can of bear spray at the officer. Back up officers arrived and assisted securing the area, where the officers successful located and arrested the two individuals: an 18 year old male and a 16 year old male, both from Saskatoon. The 18 year old has been charged with resisting arrest, possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of break in instruments and failing to comply with an undertaking. The 16 year old has been charged with flight from police while operating a motor vehicle, possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of marihuana, assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, carrying a dangerous weapon and failing to

Break-ins investigated Between August 29 and 31, a seasonal residence in the RM of Porcupine Plain, south of Greenwater Provincial Park was broken into. Entry was gained by smashing through a locked door. Culprits made off with a 2005 Suzuki Quadmaster S500. The quad is red with a black plastic storage container/seat on the back. The ATV also had very aggressive tread tires. Around the same time, suspects attempted to steal a tractor parked in a nearby field, they were unsuccessful but made off with a tow chain from the tractor. On September 10 a residence south of Hudson Bay on Hwy 9 was broken into. Culprits gained entrance through the door and made off with a number of electronic items including a 47” LED television, a Nintendo Wii system with games and accessories, a surround sound receiver, a Canon camcorder and an Apple Ipad. There were no witnesses. The Ipad was recovered the following day in Prince Albert via GPS tracking. 37 year old Victor Belhumeur of Weekes, SK has been charged by Prince Albert City Police with 1 count of possession of stolen property. SUV collides with train On Sunday, September 23 Lumsden RCMP attended the

scene of an accident at a rail crossing approximately two miles east of Highway 11 on the Tregarva grid, commonly known as Exit A. An SUV was east bound at the time of the accident. The driver, a 34 year old female received minor injuries in the accident and was treated at the scene by EMS. The crossing was blocked for several hours, and the cause of the accident remains under investigation.

June Munroe recognized

Home Town Hero Lois Mortenson pictured with Dan, Danelle and a few kids who wanted in on the photo-op!

Carter Edwards was happy with his balloon from STC.

June Munroe was busy putting the final touches on her household auction arrangements last Friday, September 28, and too busy to pop around to the Last Mountain Times office for a surprise presentation, so we went to her. We found her having a quick lunch at Kwan’s Café in Nokomis and interrupted her long enough for the presentation of her “In Appreciation” plaque, and a quick hug for good luck. June was our Nokomis community correspondent from 2007 to early 2012, and her contribution to Last Mountain Times during that period is greatly appreciated. -Editor

Nokomis: 11 a.m. Rev. Jack Robson

Thanksgiving Sunday Dan had a blast with the kids at the park!

NOKOMIS PIZZA Family Restaurant & Lounge


Chinese Food

October 7 –

n& dia na Ca

Nokomis Anglican Church

SMORGS Sundays

4:30 - 8:00 p.m.

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NEWS govan

Phone 528-2020 • 725-3030 or use the drop-box at the Govan Co-op

The 2012 Ultimate Sports Lotto features Super Bowl tickets, Cash and trips to New York, Las Vegas, Anaheim and Hawaii. Tickets at local businesses or call 1-877-909RINK. 45c

Govan Country Care Home looking for volunteers interested in spending time with seniors during the day for recreational activities. If interested call Sharon 4844533. 45-48c

Festival of Praise Thanksgiving


Sunday, October 7 at 5:30 p.m.

Arlington Beach Camp Adults: $20 Children 3-10: $10 Please reserve seats by noon on Friday, Oct. 5 – seating is limited

Music by The Fuller Family

tuesday, october 2, 2012 • last mountain times

Businesses given anonymity in consultation COPE Local 397 has submitted a disclosure request for the names of 2,137 businesses that are opposing improvements to Saskatchewan’s minimum wage. The Government of Saskatchewan has concluded its consultation on the renewal of Labour Legislation, receiving 2,186 responses from individual businesses and business organizations. A standard form letter distributed by the Canadian Federation for Independent Business (CFIB) accounts for all but 48 of these submissions. The CFIB form letter opposes proposals to index the minimum wage to CPI, and requests changes that would provide business a way to opt out of paying overtime rates to employees working extra hours. According to a FAQ document provided by the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, Freedom of Information legislation requires the Government to disclose information provided by organizations during the consultation process. COPE 397 says that this standard is being applied inconsistently. The names of organizations were only withheld for businesses who submitted the CFIB form letter. Organizational identities were not redacted in submissions from approximately 116 other groups. “Saskatchewan has the lowest minimum wage in the country, and workers are already relying on overtime just to make ends meet,” says Angela McLean, President of COPE Local 397. “Over two thousand businesses are calling on our Government to oppose improvements for workers in our province. Is it fair that they should be the only organizations not to disclose their identities?”


Reports on the death of the video store are greatly exaggerated Because major media outlets are concentrated in a handful of large cities the message Canadians hear in the media is that video stores are all but gone. That’s not accurate, according to Movie Experts Inc. “If you look beyond those larger markets, the video store is still a vibrant business which contributes to the very fabric of local neighbourhoods,” a spokesman said. “When the Disney Company implemented a policy to limit video stores’ rental of their movies, they probably didn’t expect that independent entrepreneurs across Canada would fight back. We will protect not only the 2,000 small businesses these local owners have nurtured for many years, but also the 10,000 jobs of the people that work at these stores and ensure their millions of customers can continue to rent movies.” “We will not sit back and let Disney threaten businesses and Canadian jobs while limiting consumer’s access to their movies by raising the costs of viewing Disney movies to all Canadians and particularly families,” the spokesman added. “We encourage all Canadians to learn more by visiting”

Reg & Judy Lakness Friday, October 26th – 10:00 a.m.

Govan, SK Owner’s Phone: 306-484-4352 or 306-725-7601 (cell) DIRECTIONS: From the town of Govan, – 1 mile South on Hwy #20 , then 4 miles West on grid. NOTE: In case of bad weather auction will be held in machine shed INTERNET BIDDING WILL BE AVAILABLE WITH LIVEBLOCK AUCTIONS INTERNATIONAL

TRACTORS* 1979 835 Versatile*1985 JD 4250*1976 JD 4430*1949 JD A *AIR SEEDER* 1996 Bourgault 8800, 40ft c/w Bourgault 3195 air tank, 25% down balance before August 1st/13 *COMBINE* 1996 JD 9600, 2568 sep hrs25% down balance before August 1st/13 *HEADER* JD 930, 30ft *GRAIN TRUCKS* 1980 IH 1824, WI 15ft box w/ hoist*1975 IH Load Star 1600, 15ft Ind. Sales steel box w/hoist *GRAIN CART* 2011 Brent 882, roll tarp, 800 BU, 25% down balance before August 1st/13 *SWATHER* 1986 Case IH 930, 30ft *SPRAYER* Flexicoil System 50, 60ft sprayer *HARROWS* Morris 56ft *TANDEM DISK* Ezee-on 30ft *CULTIVATOR* Morris CT-743 *AUGERS* 2010 Sakundiak HD8x1400 w/Hawes Agro SP mover, 1999 Sakundiak HD8x1400, c/w SP mover kit, Sakundiak 7x41 c/w SP mover kit, *TRAILER* Custom built 18ft flatdeck trailer *OTHER FARM EQUPIMENT* Riteway 46ft harrow packer bar, P-20 packers*Riteway hyd drive rock picker*1200 gal poly water tank*200 gal poly drinking water tank*5.5 HP 2" banjo pump*SNOWBLOWER*Farm King 8ft *ATV’S & SNOWWMOBILES* Yamaha Moto 4 quad*1979 El Tigre 5000*Yamaha GP 440 *LAWN & GARDEN* JD F525 mower, 48" deck, 1034 hrs*5ft gyro mower *MISCELLANEOUS* Large qty of shop & farm misc.

FORM N [Section 55 of the Act]

NOTICE OF POLL PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that: 1. A poll has been granted for the election of:

2. Voting will take place on Wednesday, the 24th day of October, 2012, from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the polling places listed below.

Your news is important – be sure to send it in! Please remember to include your name when submitting news. If you don’t want your name published along with your submitted news, just let us know! Looking for some extra copies of this week’s newspaper? Pick some up at DiGer’s, or Last Mountain Times (Strasbourg) office!

Duval St. Paul Govan Prince of Peace

Lutheran Churches

October Worship Services Oct. 7

Thanksgiving Govan 11:15 a.m. Oct. 14 Duval 11:15 a.m. Oct. 21 Govan 11:15 a.m. Oct. 28 Duval 11:15 a.m. Pastor Rey Dahlen 484-2005 45ctf

NOTICE OF ABANDONMENT OF POLL Village of Duval Whereas a poll is not required pursuant to sections 56 and 58 of The Local Government Election Act, I hereby give public notice that no voting for the said offices will take place and the following persons are elected by acclamation: Dale Campbell – Mayor Darren Bender – Councillor Daniel Schira – Councillor Josh Carles – Councillor Gail Sorensen – Councillor Dated at Duval this 19th day of September, 2012 Jeff Jones, Returning Officer


NOTICE OF ABANDONMENT OF POLL FORM E [Subsection 160.23(2) of the Act]

The Rural Municipality of Last Mountain Valley No. 250 Municipal Elections 2012 Allan Magel

nominated for the position of Reeve

Ken Hagan

nominated for the position of Councillor, Division No. 1

Shawn Flavel

nominated for the position of Councillor, Division No. 3

were the only candidates, I hereby give notice that no voting for those offices will take place on October 24th, 2012.

Polling Place Town of Govan Council Chambers

Dated at the Town of Govan this 1st day of October, 2012. Kelly Holbrook, Returning Officer

Address 101 Elgin Street


Dated at Govan, this 1st day of October, 2012. Kelly Holbrook, Returning Officer


The Rural Municipality of Last Mountain Valley No. 250 Municipal Elections 2012

PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that provision has been made for (an) advance poll for electors who: 1. Are physically disabled;


PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that: (1) A vote will be held for the election of: Councillor for Division 5. (2) The vote will take place on Wednesday, the 24th day of October, 2012, 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at:

2. Have been appointed as election officials;or


3. Anticipate being unable to vote on the day of the election.

(3) I will declare the results of the voting at the office of the R.M. of Last Mountain Valley No. 250 on Thursday, the 25th day of October, 2012, at the hour of 9:00 a.m.

Voting will take place on Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. at: Govan Town Office, 101 Elgin Street Dated at Govan, this 1st day of October, 2012 Kelly Holbrook, Returning Officer

NOTICE OF VOTE FORM G [Section 160.27 of the Act]

[Clause94(b) of the Act]



Strasbourg Office • 725-3030

3. I will declare the results of the election at Govan Town Office on the 25th day of October, 2012, at the hour of 9:00 a.m.





Mayor: Town of Govan Councillor: Town of Govan


For All Your Community News...



Dated at Govan, this 1st day of October, 2012. Kelly Holbrook, Returning Officer


tuesday, october 2, 2012 • last mountain times

Page 7

Sports news & commentary

Local players benefit from NHLPA Strasbourg and area youth are recipients of the NHLPA Goals and Dreams donation of 26 complete sets of hockey equipment. A letter went out to all families in the Bulyea and Strasbourg Schools at the beginning of June and by the end of the month, the applications from 26 children had been turned in. The official order was then sent off for the new equipment for each of the applicants. Friday, September 21, the Jay’s Moving and Storage semi pulled into Strasbourg and dropped off 39 boxes of equipment. Saturday morning a group of five volunteers organized the equipment, filling the bags from the order forms. The equipment picked up was on the evening of Tuesday, September 25, at the home of Carol Schultz. Carol is the proud mother of Nick Schultz, who has certainly done his part giving back to the community; a place where he too started as a young hockey player. The Strasbourg area has received 75 complete sets of equipment from the Players Association in the past four years. Many fortunate families have benefited from such a worthwhile program. Carol Schultz

Moose Jaw to host 2013 Saskatchewan Junior Golf Championships Golf Saskatchewan has announced that the host location for the 2013 Saskatchewan Junior Men’s and Women’s Championships will be the Hillcrest Golf Club in Moose Jaw. The Hillcrest Golf Club is celebrating its Centennial in 2013. “Hosting the 2013 Provincial Juniors is a great way to celebrate our Centennial with the future players of this great game,” exclaimed Hillcrest CPGA Professional Trevor McPherson. The championships will be held July 8-10, 2013. Included once again will be the team competition, the PGA of Saskatchewan Junior Men’s and Women’s Team Cup. More information on host sites for other 2013 championships will be released in the coming days.

Athlete of the Month Award recipient Saskatoon residents Kaylyn Kyle and Kelly Parker are the recipients of the Sask Sport Inc. August Athlete of the Month Award. These athletes were part of the Canadian team that won the bronze medal in soccer at the Summer Olympic Games in London, England. The team rebounded from a semi-final loss against the United States to capture the bronze medal in

a tough 1-0. This is Canada’s first medal in a traditional summer team sport since 1936. The duo was nominated by the Saskatchewan Soccer Association. The other nominees were: Kieran Johnston, Saskatoon, athletics; Jarret Kenke, Saskatoon, canoe kayak; Kris Odegard, Saskatoon, racquetball; Gabrielle Edwards, Saskatoon, triathlon; and Jason Trinh, Saskatoon, weight lifting.

CAPITAL DRYWALL LTD. For all your drywalling and renovation needs

• Over 25 years of experience • FREE estimates • Residential and Commercial 45c(1t)

Call Brad at 306-209-7488 or 306-725-3664 (office) and leave a message

Calgary’s Cornish having unforgettable year The 2012 season in the Canadian Football League is shaping up as one to remember for Jon Cornish of the Calgary Stampeders. The New Westminster, B.C., native, who played his collegiate ball at Kansas but was never drafted by a National Football League club, has been the talk of the CFL through the first half of the season and is zeroing in on some end-ofseason awards. Top Canadian? The league office can almost start inscribing his name on the trophy. He won the weekly top-Canadian award three consecutive times, which gives him a huge leg up on the competition in that category. Most outstanding player? Has to be considered. Cornish leads the CFL in rushing yards and will almost certainly become the first back to the 1,000-yard plateau after his 67 against Saskatchewan Sept. 23 gave

him 947. His rushing total is about 130 yards ahead of the No. 2 back, Kory Sheets of Saskatchewan. No Canadian has won the CFL rushing crown since 1988 – almost a quarter of a century. Grey Cup champ? Why not? The Stamps are certainly in the mix in the West, with Cornish and receiver Nik Lewis leading the offence and a solid 7-5 record through 12 games of the 18game schedule. Cornish told Allan Cameron of the Calgary Herald that he’s all business on the field. There’s no such thing as friendly banter between the lines once the game is under way, he said. “I play my best when I don’t engage with the other team,” he told Cameron. “I have absolute appreciation for the things other teams are trying to do. There’s nothing disrespectful. But on the field? It’s not my prerogative to interact with the other team. I have goals far grander than any

single game. So why get caught up in something like that? “They can tackle me and

from the


say whatever they want, and I’ll just get up and walk away.” It’s all adding up to 2012 being a season Cornish won’t soon forget. Neither will the CFL record book. • R. J. Currie of “If the White Sox merged with the Red Sox, would they be the Pink Sox?” • Dwight Perry of the Seattle Times: “July 2012 was the hottest month ever recorded, according to the Weather Channel. Try telling that to the Astros. They went 3-24.” • Headline at TheOnion. com: “Fireworks now go off every time Astros make an out.”

For all your collision repairs, glass repairs and replacements, contact

LORNE’S Collision Center


• Janice Hough of “Roger Clemens said he only wanted to pitch for the Astros in 2012 if he could pitch against a ‘contender.’ So he can ‘knock

Raymore. SGI Accredited.

Now doing Light Mechanical

Call Lorne Huber at 746-5800 or 746-5805.

Open Monday thru Friday.

by Bruce Penton them right out of the playoffs.’ And Barry Bonds is thinking – ‘And they thought I had a big head?’ ” • Another one from Currie: “The Ocean (N.J.) highschool football team may forfeit their next game because six players have impetigo (an itchy skin infection). For now, the boys are listed as healthy scratches.” • Gregg Easterbrook, “The Washington Nationals shut down Stephen Strasburg for 2013, too, saying, ‘We want to be sure his ragweed allergy doesn’t

act up.’” • Norman Chad, syndicated columnist: “I feel badly for the (NHL players’) union. The league is attempting to cut back the players’ share of revenues, abolish players’ rights to salary arbitration and limit free agency. It is as if management is trying to turn back the clock. But it’s one thing to turn back the clock, and it’s a whole another thing to buy a case of sundials on eBay. • Headline at SportsPickle. com: “NHL owners say they can’t afford to give players the huge contacts they’ve been giving them.” • Brad Dickson of the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald, after Savannah State was listed as a 70- and 67-point underdog in its first two games – and lost 84-0 and 58-0: “I’m not sure what Savannah State’s problem is this year, but we can rule out overconfidence.” • Vancouver comic Torben Rolfsen, after Falcons RB Michael Turner was charged with DUI just hours after a recent Monday night win: “He must have been really out of it, because he asked if a replacement official could administer the sobriety test.” • Dwight Perry again:

“An army vet fishing for bass near Springfield, Mo., reeled in a sock with a live hand grenade in it. It’s already being hailed as the fastest catch-and-release in angling history.” • Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle, on Oregon instituting random drug testing of athletes after reports that 40 to 60% of its football players use marijuana: “The Ducks apparently will abandon their two-huddle system – smoking and nonsmoking.” • Janice Hough again: “NFL teams are furious with the replacement refs. They can’t wait to get back to being furious with the regular officials.” • Another one from Rolfsen: “Patrick Kane being interviewed by attractive on-ice female sportscasters is like Prince Fielder being interviewed by pizza.” • NBC golf commentator Gary Koch on the narrow 16th fairway at East Lake Golf Club: “It’s like trying to hit it into a double car garage.” Care to comment? Email: Disclaimer: the opinions expressed are those of the writer

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NEWS strasbourg Phone 725-3030

Seniors Talent Show, Saturday, October 6 at Strasbourg Museum Old School House, 2:00 p.m. Come out and support our seniors! Coffee and refreshments served. 45c Farmers Market, Saturday, October 13 in Wildlife Hall from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Phone Roberta Bender at 725-4570 to book tables. Lunch served by United Church Ladies. 45-46p Rory Allen Concert in Strasbourg Town Hall, Sat-

urday, October 13, at 7:30 p.m. Doors open: 6:30 p.m. Tickets: $25.00, can be purchased from User Friendly Computers, Strasbourg Pharmacy or call 306-7254223. 44-45p ‘Many Odd Faces On Stage’ presents a night of Pub Theatre, “Spring Alibi” by Linda Wood Edwards, October 20, Bulyea Community Hall. Cocktails: 7:00 p.m. Show 8:00 p.m. Adult content, language warning. Tickets: $15.00, call Lyn 7257191 or 725-3204. 45-46c

tuesday, october 2, 2012 • last mountain times

Schultz honoured with Diamond Jubilee medal On the afternoon of Tuesday, September 25, Carol Schultz, Mayor of Strasbourg, was honored at a ceremony at Government House in Regina. During a presentation, Carol, along with 40 other Saskatchewan residents from the southern part of the province, were honoured with the ‘Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.’ This medal marks the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty on the throne. The medal recognizes outstanding Canadians from all walks of life across Canada. Lieutenant Governor Vaughn Solomon Schofield presented the medals to the recipients. During her speech the Lieutenant Governor noted the Queen chose the theme of service for this milestone year. The Diamond Jubilee Medal celebrates

both Her Majesty’s lifetime of service and the outstanding contributions of deserving citizens. Central Services Minister Nancy Heppner read the citations for each recipient. In Carol’s citation, it was noted Carol loves where she lives and believes in her community. She has been on Strasbourg’s Town Council since 1984 and mayor since 2004. She is on the boards of many organizations in the community and has initiated many major projects for her community. Carol inspires all to be active citizens in the community and her enthusiasm is contagious. Honoured to attend the ceremony with Carol, were her mother Ann Wagner and Linda Lanigan. LMT staff

WDS golfers win team silver medal

Gonsch wins silver medal

-photo courtesy of Government of Saskatchewan

Group organizes fundraiser

Team Strasbourg, won the SHSAA Provincial silver medal in the sand golf championships held in Canwood on September 21 and 22. Team members (left to right): Amanda Gonsch, Josh Gottselig, Donavon Thompson, Bryce Hubick, Mr. Frison coach, Carly Erhardt and Keaton Kelln. In the male results, Donavon Thompson and Keaton Kelln tied with 184, for 5th place; Bryce Hubick at 190 was in 10th place; Josh Gottselig at 197 placed 12th.

WDS enjoys yummy breakfast

A presentation of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medals by Lieutenant Governor Vaughn Solomon Schofield (left), was held at Government House in Regina on Tuesday, September 25. There were 41 worthy recipients presented medals, including Strasbourg’s Mayor, Carol Schultz, for her dedication to her community.

A group of like-minded volunteers in Strasbourg is organizing a community fundraiser for the Lisa and Don Cornish family. “Lisa is currently undergoing treatments for cancer, and the community would like to help by raising money to help with costs, and living expenses during this very important time,” group spokesman Kirby Kazeil said. “By attending the fundraiser dinner and auction, people can do their small part to help out.” Kazeil says the event, planned for November 3 at the Strasbourg Hall, will feature a hot meal followed by a silent auction and raffle draw for a prize package valued at over $1,000. All of the food and prizes have been donated, which will allow all of the proceeds from ticket sales and the auction to be given to the Cornish family. Tickets are available from Strasbourg businesses displaying the event posters.

Home Plan of the Week

William Derby School held a Welcome Back Breakfast on Friday, September 14 sponsored by the SLC, Student Leadership Council. Students and staff enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast of pancakes and sausage.

Strasbourg Alliance Church Strasbourg Alliance Church ...a caring community faith ...a caringof community of faith

Adult Classes 10:00 a.m. Sunday Worship Service 11:00 a.m. Sermon: This World Is My Home

Children’s Church 11:30 a.m. Pastor Glen Lonie • 725-3173

Amanda Gonsch from William Derby School in Strasbourg won a silver medal in female SHSAA provincial sand golf. Amanda is the first female WDS student to win a provincial medal in golf. Carly Erhardt placed 6th.


New trees enhance school grounds

New trees have sprouted on the grounds of William Derby School! The SCC applied for the TD grant for community greening and received $5,000.00 which they used to purchase Green Ash and Colorado Spruce trees for the south side of the school grounds. The SSC, School Community Council, and volunteers helped plant the trees, and the fire department helped with the first watering of them.

Hardware & Supply Your local Castle Building Centre

• Custom Built Homes • Farm Buildings • Bobcat Service Nokomis, Sask. Call 528-2050

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‘Many Odd Faces On Stage’ presents a night of Pub Theatre, “Spring Alibi” by Linda Wood Edwards, October 20, Bulyea Community Hall. Cocktails: 7:00 p.m. Show 8:00 p.m. Adult content, language warning. Tickets: $15.00, call Lyn 7257191 or 725-3204. 45c Looking for some extra copies of this week’s newspaper? Pick some up at DiGer’s,

Pieper Family Foods, or Last Mountain Times (Strasbourg) office! ___________________ Your news is important – be sure to send it in! Please remember to include your name when submitting news. If you don’t want your name published along with your submitted news, just let us know!

NEWS bulyea Phone 528-2020

The 2012 Ultimate Sports Lotto features Super Bowl tickets, Cash and trips to New York, Las Vegas, Anaheim and Hawaii. Tickets at local businesses or call 1-877-909RINK. 45c ‘Many Odd Faces On Stage’ presents a night of Pub Theatre, “Spring Alibi” by Linda Wood Edwards, October 20, Bulyea Community Hall. Cocktails: 7:00

p.m. Show 8:00 p.m. Adult content, language warning. Tickets: $15.00, call Lyn 7257191 or 725-3204. 45c Bulyea Trade Show – Thursday, November 1 at Bulyea Hall, 6:30-9:00 p.m. To book a table, call Michel 725-4870. Coffee and goodies served. Everyone welcome to come to shop and visit. 45-46c

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SaskTel stands behind rural high speed internet customers Despite recent changes made by the federal government in broadband spectrum allocation, SaskTel says it will continue to offer its rural customers the very best high speed internet service available. “SaskTel is making every effort to ensure that rural high speed customers continue to have high quality internet access,” Minister Responsible for SaskTel Don McMorris said. “SaskTel will continue to be an industry leader in rural customer service, by investing in the latest communications solutions available.” SaskTel provides high speed internet service to approximately 3% of its customers over a fixed wireless broadband network. Due to changes in frequency allocation made by the federal

government, combined with the deterioration of no longer manufactured equipment needed to maintain the current fixed wireless network, SaskTel will be discontinuing this network at the end of 2012. However, SaskTel will be providing impacted customers two options for an alternative high speed internet service. SaskTel High Throughput Satellite (HTS) Internet Service Powered by Xplornet or a 4G Mobile Internet Stick service plan. In order to ease the transition for these customers, there are no equipment charges or sign-up fees with a 3 year contract for either of these services. Sasktel says if customers have not received a letter informing them of this situation, their high speed internet will not be impacted.

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NEWS earl grey Phone 725-3030

‘Many Odd Faces On Stage’ presents a night of Pub Theatre, “Spring Alibi” by Linda Wood Edwards, October 20, Bulyea Com-

munity Hall. Cocktails: 7:00 p.m. Show 8:00 p.m. Adult content, language warning. Tickets: $15.00, call Lyn 7257191 or 725-3204. 45-46c

MAINTENANCE WORKER The Resort Village of Saskatchewan Beach is accepting applications for Maintenance Worker.

Duties to include but not limited to: o Ability to safely operate and maintain heavy and light equipment; grader, skid loader, gravel truck, garbage truck, mowers, etc. o Ability to safely and effectively operate a variety of hand and power tools. o Ability to perform physical duties. o Ability to perform minor maintenance to buildings and associated structures. o Ability to work with minimal supervision and prioritize work assignments. MECHANICAL o Ability to communicate effectively, courteously, PLUMBING CONDITIONING PLUMBING- HEATING - HEATING -- AIR AIR and CONDITIONING responsibly with coworkers, council and the SHEET general public. SHEETMETAL METAL--FIREPLACES FIREPLACES o Follow all general rules, regulations and policies as set out byMain the Resort ME CL A L MC E CH HA A NN I CI A Gary Edwards 107 StreetVillage of Saskatchewan Beach. Gary Edwards PLUMBING Journeyperson Plumber PLUMBING- HEATING - HEATING -- AIR AIR CONDITIONING CONDITIONING o This position reports Nokomis, SKdirectly to the Administrator. PLUMBING PLUMBING- HEATING - HEATING -- AIR AIR CONDITIONING CONDITIONING



Licensed Gasfitter

Qualifications for this position are: 306-528-7910 o Must hold a valid class 5 license with 306-528-7910 Nokomis, SK Licensed Gasfitter air brakes 107 endorsement. Main Street Gary Edwards 306-528-7910 107 Main Street Nokomis, SKcertification a definite asset. Journeyperson Plumber o Grader and Skid Steer Nokomis, SK

SHEET Licensed Gastter SHEETMETAL METAL--FIREPLACES FIREPLACES Gary Edwards Gary Edwards 107 Main Street Gary Edwards Journeyperson Plumber


Journeyperson Plumber Licensed Gastter

Journeyperson Plumber Licensed Gastter

Gary Edwards Journeyperson Plumber Licensed Gastter

Gary Edwards 107 Main Street

Journeyperson Plumber Nokomis, SK Licensed Gasfitter

107 Main Street Nokomis, SK



2 columns (3.33 inches) x 2.5 inches 107Licensed Main Street Gasfitter

Applications will be accepted until position is filled. Only selected applicants for interviews will be contacted. 2 columns (3.33 inches) x 2.5 inches 107 Main Street 2 columns (3.33 inches) x 2.5 inches Salary will be compensated by qualifications and experience, Nokomis, SK with pension and medical benefits. Nokomis, SK 306-528-7910 306-528-7910



Costumes optional

Bulyea and Community

2 columns (3.33 inches) x 2.5 inches

KNLConstruction • Excavator • Skid Steer

Spooktacular FAll Supper

• Gravel Truck Work

Resort Village of Saskatchewan Beach

Boat Launch Repair Tender

• Road Gravel

Proposal for repairs and costs for the boat launch (east and west sides of dock) located at Block 7, Plan AP5823 at the Resort Village of Saskatchewan Beach

Bulyea Community Hall Sunday, October 28 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

• Screened Rock • Topsoil

Admission: Adults: $10:00 Children 12 & under: $5:00 Pre-school: Free

• Foundations

Tenders must be postmarked or delivered by 4:00 p.m. local time on Tuesday, October 30, 2012.

• Septic Tanks

Lowest, or any tender, not necessarily accepted.

• Concrete Work

• Water & Sewer Trenching 43-45c(1t)


NOTICE OF ABANDONMENT OF POLL FORM E [Subsection 160.23(2) of the Act]

The Rural Municipality of Longlaketon No. 219 Municipal Elections 2012 Divisions No. 1, 3, 4 and 5

Doug Slough


LMT rep. Lynn Sonmor (Regina/Stras) Ph: 306.775-1547 | Fax: 306.775.1257 | Email:


Whereas: Wilfred Retzer

Send application, resume and references to: Sharie Hall, Administrator Box 220 Silton, SK S0G 4L0 Phone: (306) 729-4410 Fax: (306) 729-2017 Email:

nominated for the position of Councillor, Division No. 1 nominated for the position of Councillor, Division No. 3



Call Kevin for estimates


LMT rep. Lynn Sonmor (Regina/Stras) Ph: 306.775-1547 | Fax: 306.775.1257 | Email:

NOTICE OF VOTE FORM G [Section 160.27 of the Act]

The Rural Municipality of Longlaketon No. 219 Municipal Elections 2012

Submit tenders and/or phone inquiries to: Sharie Hall, Administrator Resort Village of Saskatchewan Beach Box 220 Silton, SK S0G 4L0 (306)729-4410 Dated this 27th day of September, 2012.


NOTICE OF ADVANCE VOTING The Rural Municipality of Longlaketon No. 219 Municipal Elections 2012

PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that: PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that the council has (1) A vote will be held for the election of a Reeve made provision for advance voting for the benefit of qualifor the Rural Municipality LMT rep. Lynn Sonmor (Regina/Stras) Alvin Schmidt nominated for the position LMT rep. Lynn Sonmor (Regina/Stras) fied voters who have reason to believe that they will be th (2) The vote will take place on Wednesday, the 24 of Councillor, Division No. 4 Ph: 306.775-1547 | Fax: 306.775.1257 | Email: necessarily absent from their places of residence on election day of October, 2012, 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at: Ph: 306.775-1547 | Fax: 306.775.1257 | Email: day. Brett Tallentire nominated for the position Municipal office located at 212 Main Street of Councillor, Division No. 5 Advance voting will take place on Friday, 19th day of in Earl Grey LMT rep. Lynn Sonmor (Regina/Stras) are the only candidates, I hereby give notice that no October, 2012 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at: (3) I will declare the results of the voting at 212 Main voting will take place on October 24th, 2012. Ph: 306.775-1547 Street, | Fax:Earl 306.775.1257 | Email: Grey on Thursday, the 25th day of 212 Main Street in Earl Grey, SK October, 2012, at the hour of 9:00 a.m. Dated this 2nd day of October, 2012 Dated this 2nd day of October, 2012. Dated at Earl Grey, this 2nd day of October, 2012 Murray Cook, Returning Officer Murray Cook, Returning Officer Murray Cook, Returning Officer 45c 45c 45c

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Legion to build “Virtual Wall” The Royal Canadian Legion will build a “Virtual Wall of Honour and Remembrance” to honour all deceased veterans. The appearance of the “Virtual Wall” will coincide with the National Remembrance Day Ceremony, organized by the Legion on behalf of and for all Canadians. It will be displayed on the large video screens prior to the start of the actual ceremony on November 11, 2012 and those thereafter. As a way to honour their relatives and friends who have served Canada, Canadians are invited to forward a photograph of the deceased veteran to Legion Dominion Command along with his or her name, years of service, element or force to which the departed belonged or regiment/unit. Photos can be sent by mail to Dominion Command, 86 Aird Place, Ottawa, ON, K2L 0A1 (no originals please as they cannot be returned) or electronically . Any deceased veteran, including those who belonged to the Merchant Navy and of Ferry Command, whose death was attributable to any cause before or after they served (World Wars, Korea, peace support missions, Afghanistan, accidental death in Canada) will be honoured.


Carolynn’s Reflexology – Strasbourg / Lumsden / Regina

No pressure …really


hen Certified Reflexologist C a r o l y n n Sikorski and her husband Sid moved back to the Prairies in 2002, it wasn’t to get away from the pressures of big city life. After all, they had lived a relatively pressure-free lifestyle on a small acreage

on Thursdays to meet the demand from new and existing clients that commute and wish to have choice and flexibility of locations and days to suit their personal needs and lifestyles. “I love sharing the experience of reflexology with a client, encouraging them to get

by Kelly Kirk Long story short, I traded my daily driver truck off on a daily driver... I can’t believe I’m saying it... Car. Not only a car, a newer car, with more doors, as in more than two. A sedan! Gasp! It’s actually really comfortable, looks fairly gangster, uses minimal fuel and has half the miles on it that the truck had, so a solid trade, if I do say so myself. Did I mention it still is rearwheel-drive based with automatic all-wheel-drive? How about the fact that it’s North American? Almost black, if navy blue counts? Well, it’s all those things, but with more doors, and I don’t mind telling you about a few more awesome four doors. Let’s go back in time, way back to a time when cool was cool, back before the days of safety, functionality and sanctioning bodies. Back to the 50’s, before even! That’s right, you guessed it (or you may be completely clueless still, my hints are sketchy at best). Suicide doors, I’ve mentioned them in passing before if I recall correctly. If you’ve ever seen a Hudson Terraplane from the 1930’s, it had suicide doors front and rear, that’s four doors that do not open conventionally. The Lincoln Continental from the late 1960s had standard front doors, suicide rear doors,

and was available in a convertible as well. It’s drop top fun for the whole family without the need to fold any seats forward. An early 1950’s Mercury also came with suicide rear doors, and is still a favorite and heavily customized to this day. If any of the doors on your more door car open suicide style, it’s instantly cool. Let’s say that all four doors open conventionally on your car. Let’s also say that it’s big, really big! How could a big four door be cool, you ask? How about a four door hardtop? For those of you that don’t know, there is an obvious difference between a sedan and a hardtop (aside from the fact that one has a way cooler name). When you open the door in a sedan, the window has a big metal frame around it, leaving no exposed glass edges. When you open the door in a hardtop, you’ll notice a lack of frame, leaving three glass edges exposed. Taking this all into consideration, when all the windows are open in a hardtop, there is a giant hole in the side of the car, with no vision-obstructing post between the doors, unlike the family-looking sedan with the bulky B-pillar. In all reality, lots of really awesome cars were available as two-doors, four-doors, convertibles,

Reflexology Therapist Carolynn Sikorski demonstrates her technique on a willing volunteer at a recent trade fair.

Kelly Kirk

station wagons, etc. With the right stance, wheels and paintjob, there are plenty of these cars that can be made to look cool. With even more finesse, any number of them can make you look cool as well, like a leather jacket, or being in a garage band in high school. Do I feel cool in my more door, you ask? Of course I do, I mean, I told you it’s almost black, right? Kelly Kirk Nokomis, SK Disclaimer: the opinions expressed are those of the writer.

Do you have a question or comment for Kelly? E-mail to: inbox@lastmountaintimes. ca and we’ll print Kelly’s response in an upcoming issue.

1964 Lincoln

Let Us Help You! Locally owned since 1977. Knowledgeable & dedicated staff, over 100 years of experience.

Albert North Auto & Agro Supply

251 Albert Street, Regina, SK Ph: 545-6262 Toll Free: 1-888-778-7733 Your number one source for anything automotive – wholesale & retail

Check us out online for a list of brand names & more Automotive

Body Shop

Tools & Equipment

on Vancouver Island with their daughter for more than 20 years. However, moving closer to family in the seemingly quiet, but bustling community of Lumsden, and living and working there for 9 years, was certainly more of a “pressurized” environment than their Vancouver Island acreage. So, Caroylnn and Sid found themselves longing for the acreage and smaller community lifestyle once again. “In our search we came across Strasbourg and fell in love with the community, as we found the people to be ‘long lost friends’, treating us with welcome smiles and warm conversations,” Carolynn says. “The beautiful wide-open scenery and views of the ‘blue hills’ and peak-aboo glimpses of the lake sold us on an acreage that is now our home 13km west of Strasbourg.” She adds that Strasbourg and its people have a real sense of community spirit and the town offers all the essential businesses and services. Carolynn began her business by setting up a room in her home to offer her reflexology services and then decided to expand to Lumsden on Wednesdays and Regina

their body to work naturally to restore its own health by reducing stress and tension within. When the body is stress free it can start to heal itself,” Carolynn said. “Some people experience reflexology as being very relaxing, others find it quite reviving and restorative, and others find it very helpful in relieving their ailments such as headaches, sinus congestion, constipation, anxiety. The list goes on and on.” According to Wikipedia “the source of all knowledge”, reflexology, or zone therapy, is an alternative medicine involving the physical act of applying pressure to the feet, hands, or ears with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion. It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands, with the premise that such work effects a physical change to the body.” Carolynn accepts that there is some skepticism about the therapy, but asserts that in her experience reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive method that can help with constipation, circulation, high blood pressure, arthritis, depression, dementia, menopausal

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symptoms, sleep disturbance, diabetes and other conditions. “Reflexology works by reducing stress within the body. When you reduce stress you encourage the body to work naturally to restore its own health achieving balance or homeostasis,” Carolynn states. “Considering that 75% of all diseases are stress related, stress management is imperative for a healthy lifestyle, especially for the elderly. Reflexology helps to increase overall well being to make daily living tasks a bit more manageable. So much so that employers wishing to improve productivity, you may want to consider adding reflexology as part of their employee wellness program!” A recent addition to Carolynn’s operation is raindrop therapy. “The raindrop technique is a powerful non-invasive tool, using therapeutic grade essential oils, for assisting the body to heal naturally,” she explained. “The oils are applied like “raindrops” and then spread out over the skin with a gentle feather-like touch. It is detoxifying, balancing, and may help stimulate the immune system. The oils used in raindrop technique must be of high quality therapeutic grade and for this reason I only work with Young Living’s Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.” Carolynn enjoys promoting her business at trade shows and community events, including this past year at the New Year’s Yoga Retreat at St. Michael’s Retreat at Lumsden; the March Health & Wellness Fair at William Derby School in Strasbourg; a Weekend Yoga Retreat in June, and the August Yoga Under the Living Skies event at St. Michael’s Retreat in Lumsden. Other recent events included the “Totally Tess” event in Regina; the Natural Health & Healing Expo Big Brown Barn in Silton; and World Reflexology Week events in Strasbourg, Bulyea, Duval, Govan, and Nokomis – where Carolynn was among fellow Reflexologists, Carol Nordal (Bulyea), Patricia McCormick (Silton) and Myrtle Shewaga (Colesdale Park). Carolynn Sikorski is a Registered Certified Reflexology Therapist with two years experience. She received her certification through the Reflexology Association of Canada and carries insurance on her practice.


Nokomis – 528-2020 Strasbourg – 725-3030

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2012 Chrysler 300 S V6 

 


NOW: $79




  





  

 

          

  

 

 

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High-value 300 variant looks like a million bucks on the cheap Pricey, European poshsedans take note: Chrysler’s now created a worthy lowbuck competitor in the market for four-wheeled statements of success. Dubbed the 300 S, it’s a high-value variant of the new 300 that puts great design, high-tech goodies and classy-as-heck luxury well within the reach of valueminded shoppers. It looks, acts and feels the part of a world-class achievement accessory -- but without an appendage-severing price tag. In a nutshell, this Detroitdeveloped cruiser has “everything,” looks fantastic, and represents a cost-effective way to show your family and friends that you’ve made it. Bang for the Buck At the very least, the 2012 Chrysler 300 S is a hell of a lot of machinery for the money. At the most, it’s a very good reason to question anyone’s need to spend double or more on a luxury car. BMW 535i with all the goodies or a Chrysler and a speedboat? Hmmm. The 300 S builds on the recent do-over of Chrysler’s flagship sedan, and it’s helping turn it into one of the most desirable mainstream American cars in the affordable world. It’s now a bigger threat to competing Cadillac and Lincoln models than it ever was before. An Affordable Head-Turner The fresh look of the 2012 Chrysler 300 S turns heads, attracts attention and sees passersby slowing down for a closer look. The glitzy bits, huge exhausts, massive wheels, thin windows, and chunky proportions generate that stately, handsome presence that debuted -- although more geriatrically -- in the first-gen “new” 300. But now, it’s all more modern, youthful and up-todate. Edges are rounded, more sculpted and more athletic. The whole thing is more cohesive and focused. It’s all richer and more detailed. It even looks a bit Bentley-ish from some angles, which will make it a hit with popartist hopefuls. Most guessed the tester’s price about $12,000 too high thanks partly to designers fitting a level of chrome that rivals the square footage of Rihanna’s forehead. And anyone can drive the 2012 Chrysler 300 S without worry of jokes regarding grandkids, Fixodent and vacationing in Florida thanks to youthful, street-smart touches like LED headlight accents, xenon lighting and a dual-pane sunroof. One of America’s Best Cabins Inside, red leather seats are embossed with the

“S” logo and contrasting stitching, metallic accents abound, and it's hard not to look at the huge touchscreen and a gorgeous set of chrome-trimmed instruments with ice-blue backlighting. Passengers will run their hands over numerous surfaces within the car and gush unanimously about the seats. Extra points for the abundant at-hand storage. The whole thing is assembled nicely and feels dense, solid and robust. Thoughtful, functional little design touches that exceed the norm abound, too. Day or night, the look and feel of much of the 300 S cabin defies expectations set by its price. World Class High Tech Ditto for the list of features. Radar monitoring of blind spots, guided cruise control and rear-bumper parking proximity was included -- as was remote start, ambient lighting, a rear-window sunshade and memory seating. Cupholders are heated and chilled, and both rows of seating are heated, as is the steering wheel. The 2012 Chrysler 300 S even has the same “shift by wire” gear lever as an Audi A8 L. Full multimedia connectivity puts any music device a touch or two away via the infotainment screen, which itself boasts one of the best interfaces on today’s market. There’s even a “Beats by Dr. Dre” stereo – endorsed and tuned by the millionaire rapper and producer responsible for artists like Eminem and 50 Cent. It packs some punch, stays mostly clean at high volume, and handled playback of my favourite alternative rock tracks just fine. Your friends who use Dr. Dre’s Beats headphones will get a kick out of the

cross-branding. Cruising, Accelerating in Style Some drivers will wish for a slightly softer ride on the 20” wheels, though the 300 S virtually always feels composed, planted, comfortable, and slightly sporty. The overall experience is longdistance worthy without riding like its got shocks made of creamed spinach. Chrysler’s new 3.6L Pentastar engine sent 292 hp to the rear wheels. Chrysler’s new do-it-all powerplant is mellow, relaxed and potent, and it packs strong off-theline torque and a healthy dose of high-rpm thrust thanks to a slick cam-timing system. The Pentastar howls delightfully when pushed, and feels natural and un-strained in any situation. With 8 forward gears, highway revs are pegged under 2,000 rpm while cruising a little north of the speed limit. Doing so put regular unleaded away a rate of 8.5L/100km on my watch. Complaints? Wind and road noise were higher than expected, rear-seat headroom is on the tight side, and the electronic gear shifter can feel a bit klutzy and imprecise at times. Additionally, the front doors open so widely that an uncomfortable reach to close them is sometimes required. Overall, the refreshing feel of advancement and success styled and engineered into the 300 S will be its strongest asset; followed closely by its price. The V6-powered, reardrive tester came in around $43,000 with all the options. That’s a bargain for what looks and feels like a million bucks. -Justin Pritchard,

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Agriculture news & views

Ag Notes

The vision of what government thinks is a good farm safety net and what farmers desire still seem to be decidedly different, not that that is particularly shocking. But governments keep trying nevertheless. Earlier this month federal, provincial and territorial (FPT) Ministers of Agriculture reached agreement on the content of the Growing Forward 2 policy framework for the agriculture, agri-food and agri-products sector, the latest in a long line of government cost-shared ag safety nets which all ultimately seem to be lacking. “The new five-year agreement includes investments in strategic initiatives of over $3 billion for innovation, competitiveness and market development, including a 50% increase in governments’ cost-shared initiatives. In addition, governments will continue to deliver a complete and effective suite of Business Risk Management (BRM) programs to ensure farmers are protected against severe market volatility and disasters,” detailed an Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada release. “Just as farmers continuously improve their business practices, so too have governments made adjustments to help Canada remain a world leader in agricultural innovation and trade,” said Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz in the release. “Growing Forward 2 will help drive economic growth and longterm prosperity through agricultural innovation and market development, while also ensuring governments continue to share the risk of severe market volatility and disasters.” Of course you would not expect Ritz to do less than rave about an agreement he was a signatory too. No politician admits the shortfall within their program. Even with the Gross Revenue Insurance Program (GRIP) of the late 1980s, which was one of the most maligned farm support programs ever formulated, politicians of the day would have called it the answer to farmers needs. Certainly aspects of the program have to be seen as positive. Even GRIP had its positives. In the case of the Growing Forward 2 initiative the additional 50 per cent funding for innovation, competitiveness and market development has to be a good thing. There is an obvious benefit to being innovative, although not all innovation works either.

FNA announces Limited Partnership moving on fertilizer plant by Calvin Daniels Pea-based snack chips, flax fibre for manufacturing processes, super-compressed hay bales for export to Japan, and strawboard all ideas that were innovative and made logical sense but could not make money in the marketplace. So having government footing some of the bills in exploring new ideas and developing markets is a good place for some taxpayer investment. But others see flaws before the ink is even dry on the deal. The “announcement of the revised Growing Forward 2 Business Risk Management (BRM) programs, the costshared federal-provincial policy framework, has two significant changes: a loss level trigger for AgriStability that will make it difficult, if not impossible, for most farms to obtain support under the program; and a clear decision by governments to seek out private insurance options to fill the gaps in public farm safety net programs,” stated a National Farmers Union release. In the release NFU Terry Boehm said, “from these changes, along with the ongoing destruction of institutional arrangements that have protected farmers, it is increasingly clear that the current government’s intent is to abandon public support for the agriculture sector, and instead let those with the most market power determine the shape and goals of Canada’s food and agriculture system.” He added, “By going along with the federal government’s proposals, provincial governments have also signaled that they are not interested in the vibrancy of the agricultural community, nor does it matter to them who produces the food that Canadians eat.” And therein lies the rub for governments. Farming by its very nature is extremely diverse, and becoming more diverse all the time. What works for a salmon farmer in British Columbia may not work for a wheat grower in Saskatchewan, a beef farmer in Alberta, or a potato farmer in Prince Edward Island. So what does that mean for the latest deal? Like its predecessors it will work for many farmers in many situations. It will also have holes, which means some farmers will need support and will fall through the cracks. Time will tell just how many holes the new deal has. Calvin Daniels is a Yorkton-based ag columnist and writer. Disclaimer: the opinions expressed are those of the writer.

Farmers of North America (FNA) has announced that a new business, the FNA Fertilizer Limited Partnership, has been created specifically to provide farmers a mechanism for ownership of a new fertilizer manufacturing facility. In turn, FNA Fertilizer Limited Partnership has launched a formal project named “ProjectN” which will begin raising seed capital immediately. It had been previously reported that FNA was “pondering” the idea of building a nitrogen fertilizer plant, but no direct actions to that end have been publicly disclosed until now. “It needs to be clear that FNA is not talking about getting into the manufacturing business itself,” said spokesman Bob Friesen. “Rather, as we have done in the past, we are organizing and providing the catalyst to see a fertilizer plant built. Participation in fertilizer manufacturing will allow farmers to capture more of the value chain.” The ProjectN working group has conducted a review of the sector, analyzed natural gas pricing, plant scale, market demand, competitive supply and other indicators framing the business case for a new development. The results of these preliminary investigations have been positive. “The business case is compelling,” said Friesen. “The real question is if and to what extent farmers want to gain a return on investment to offset the high cost of fertilizer rather than merely paying for it. Whether or not farmers participate, they will pay for new fertilizer plants indirectly as part of the base fertilizer cost.” He added that since North America imports nearly seven million tonnes of fertilizer a year, it is obvious that farmers are paying for all the plants that now exist and the profits they make. Farmers of North America is a farmers’ business alliance with the mission of “Improving Farm Profitability.” FNA Fertilizer Limited Partnership is a separate legal entity designed to align farmers together to build a fertilizer plant.

FARM & GARDEN See Us For Your Equipment Needs TRACTORS


‘11 JD 9530T ‘10 JD 9530 ‘08 JD 9430T ‘08 JD 7330 w/ 741 FEL ‘05 Case IH MXM 140 w/ FEL

Call 528-2020 or

SEEDING ‘08 Seedmaster 60-12 A/D ‘07 Seedmaster 48-12 w/ NH3 ‘05 Morris Maxim III w/ MRB & 425 bus tank ‘02 JD 1900 ‘00 JD 1820 45’-10” w/ 270TBT 1900



Last Mountain Times is looking for the following:

Century Farms 100 years in the Last Mountain area

Please get in contact with us! Email: Phone: 528-2020 (Nokomis)


wishes you a rewarding & safe Harvest Season

UPCOMING AUCTIONS SAT., OCT. 6, 2012 – 10:00 A.M. – Farm Auction for Raymond & Jorie Kutcher, 4m North of Bethune, SK on Hwy #354. SAT., OCT. 27, 2012 – PQHB Horse Sale – Saskatoon Prairieland Arena. See for all the details & sale catalogue.


Manz’s Auctioneering, Davidson, SK S0G 1A0

Phone 567-2990 • Fax 567-2051 • Cell 567-7411 Tim Manz, Prov. Lic. #914036 Email:

COMBINES 2 - JD 9870s 1 - JD 9600 ‘01 9650 STS

Viterra Inc. provided an update last week regarding the status of regulatory approvals of Glencore International’s proposed acquisition of Viterra. While the closing of the transaction remains subject to the satisfaction or waiver of all applicable conditions, Viterra says the sole remaining regulatory hurdle is the approval of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (MOFCOM) under the Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law. Viterra says Glencore and Viterra continue to engage with MOFCOM to ensure approval as soon as possible. In order to accommodate MOFCOM’s review process, Viterra and Glencore have extended the outside date for completion of the acquisition by one month to November 15, 2012. MOFCOM is expected to provide its approval within this timeframe. Viterra and Glencore say they will advise the market once MOFCOM approval has been received.

to place an ad in our classifieds.

‘08 JD 568 rb 1 - JD 567 rb

Viterra provides update on Glencore transaction

2 - JD 9770s ‘98 JD 9610 ‘89 JD 9500

SWATHERS ‘06 Westward 9352i w/ 30’972 ‘06 MD 2952i ‘95 4900 30’

PLATFORMS 3 - MD FD70 35’ ‘07 JD 936 Draper 36’ ‘06 MD 974 Draper 36’ JD 930 Flex MD 1900 30’ w/ Pickup Reel

SPRAYERS ‘11 JD 4830 ‘10 Miller Condor A75 ‘09 JD 4830 ‘08 JD 4730

FALL HOURS Monday - Friday:

7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Crop Report THE WEEKLY

Producers now have 89 per cent of the 2012 crop combined, according to Saskatchewan Agriculture’s Weekly Crop Report. Eight per cent is swathed or ready to straight combine. The five-year (20072011) provincial average for this time of year is 70 per cent combined and 21 per cent swathed or ready to straight combine. The southeast has 95 per cent combined; the southwest 97 per cent; the east central region 88 per cent; the west central region 85 per cent; the northeast 83 per cent and the northwest 82 per cent. Eighty-nine per cent of spring wheat; 94 per cent of durum; 92 per cent of barley; 88 per cent of canola and 51 per cent of flax has been combined.

Provincially, topsoil moisture on cropland is rated as two per cent surplus, 43 per cent adequate, 36 per cent short and 19 per cent very short. Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture is rated as 40 per cent adequate, 34 per cent short and 26 per cent very short. Pasture conditions across the province are rated as five per cent excellent, 41 per cent good, 32 per cent fair, 15 per cent poor and seven per cent very poor. Ninety per cent of livestock producers have indicated that they have adequate livestock water supplies. Farmers are busy harvesting, hauling bales, harrowing fields and controlling weeds.


8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Watrous – 946-3362 Fax: 946-3898



See Us For All Of Your Fall Cropping Needs!

NEWS semans Lynn Gettis • 524-4924

SEMANS FALL SUPPER– Sunday, November 4, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Semans Gym. Doors open at 4:45 p.m. Proceeds go towards Semans Gym expenses. Watch for posters. 45&1c Sympathy to the Runolfson family for their loss of John on September 22, 2012. John and Anna lived southeast of Semans on their farm for many years before retiring in Semans. The harvest is winding down. There are few combines out in the field but most of the crop is in. The weather has been warm and dry. We have heard of a couple combine fires, no injuries to operators, which was good news.

Lots of fall field work, combining,harrowing,baling and spraying going on.There are a few fields of corn yet to be harvested. Gardens are getting cleaned up, I’ve seen lots of pumpkins still getting covered at night, hopefully they will have a bit more time to grow and turn color for Halloween. Welcome to Semans to Dawn De Coteau and Russ Epp formerly of Niton Junction, AB. We hope you enjoy our little town and settle in before the snow flies. Jannie Stark is back home after a trip out to Vancouver Island to visit family and friends. Jannie reports her mother is home from the hospital now and doing fine. -Lynn Gettis

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Partners in Motion: Regina’s loss, Langley’s gain Langley, B.C. has been selected as the new corporate home of Regina’s Partners in Motion’s film production company. Once re-established in B.C. the internationallyrecognized television production company will also become the West Coast anchor of a new national multimedia company called Shift Media Group. “We are thrilled to be in Langley,” said Partners in Motion Executive vice-president Ron Goetz. “This is a film friendly environment. It will offer more locations for shooting, more access to talent and crews and an inviting financing regime.” “We welcome Partners in Motion to the Township of Langley and look forward to seeing it grow and prosper as a strong leader in factual/reality-based productions in the Canadian film industry,” says

Township of Langley Mayor Jack Froese. “Filming in the Township of Langley is a very important contributor to our community’s economic success and Partners in Motion’s decision to make Langley their west coast home only strengthens the film industry business in our community,” says Economic Development Manager Gary McKinnon. Named Saskatchewan’s Business of the Year by the provincial Chamber of Com-

October 2, 1991 Canada’s longest serving parliamentarian, Hazen Argue,

merce in 2007, Partners in Motion and its sister companies Gyro Productions and Harmony Entertainment have earned regional, national and international recognition for their work. Winner of the prestigious American Emmy Award and numerous Gemini Awards in Canada, the firm has developed and sold a host of popular television programs including Crime Stories which is now completing its ninth season. The company’s productions have


April 8, 2013

COMPLETE FARM AUCTION FOR Fletcher Agro Ltd. - Gerry & Janet Fletcher - Govan, SK Phone 306-484-4437 or 306-725-7707 (c)

We would like to thank Gerry & Janet for contracting us to conduct their auction. Feel free to contact them to preview their auction. NOW BOOKING AUCTIONS! Early planning ensures results.


died at age 70.

Village of Semans is now hiring for the position of Town Maintenance Man and Water Treatment Plant Operator Water ticket is an asset but not required. Wages depending on experience. Please submit resume by October 16th, 2012 to the Village Office in Semans. Office hours: Tuesday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 12 noon & 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Or by email – 45-46c

aired in 150 countries around the world in 30 languages. Started in Regina, Partners in Motion says it will maintain a significant presence in Saskatchewan through its commercial and corporate production subsidiary Gyro Productions headed by Chris Triffo who will remain in Regina. The move of the corporate headquarters to B.C. was precipitated in part by the Saskatchewan government’s cancellation of the film tax credit program.

SK Provincial Licence #914618 • AB Provincial Licence #206959

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY The Village of Semans is now hiring for the position of Village Administrator. Certification in Local Government Administration is an asset but not required.

NOTICE OF ABANDONMENT OF POLL FORM P [Sections 56 and 58 of the Act]

Village of Semans

Wage depending on experience.

Whereas a poll is not required pursuant to The Local Government Election Act for the office(s) of:

Please submit resume to the Village Office in Semans by Wednesday, October 10, 2012.

Mayor: Village of Semans

Office hours – Tuesday and Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Email –


(and we have great rates)

Lynn Sonmor, Sales Manager (Regina) – Ph: 306-775-1547 Email:


I hereby give public notice that no voting for the said office will take place and that the following persons are elected by acclamation: RAY LAMONTAGNE Dated at Semans this 21st day of September, 2012. Laverne Hobson, Returning Officer


Group calls on Premier to support “open government” A group of labour researchers and writers is calling on Premier Wall to improve access to information and government accountability by adopting an initiative known as “Open Government.” The group, Open Up, made the call last week in conjunction with Right to Know Week. “The public’s right to know is of paramount importance in a democratic society, but trying to get information from government can be like having a root canal. Even with freedom of information legislation, it’s often a time-consuming and unpleasant process,” says Heath Smith, the communications representative at the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour and a member of Open Up, a support group for those exposed to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act. “The late Joe Kuchta, a Saskatoon resident who filed hundreds of freedom of information (FOI) requests, documented those frustrations on his blog, Owls and Roosters. If the Saskatchewan government was committed to openness and accountability, much of the information citizen Joe Kuchta obtained through freedom of information requests – documents involving the Amicus long-term care deal in Saskatoon or the New West Partnership agreement – would be available on government websites,” Smith said. “Premier Wall and the Saskatchewan government need to raise the bar and adopt the Open Government model where information is ‘pushed-out’ open doors, rather than hidden behind closed doors,” said Cheryl Stadnichuk, a researcher with the Canadian Union of Public Employees. “This approach reduces public reliance on freedom of information requests.” The move to “Open Government” is part of a larger plan being developed by the labour collective to improve government accountability and transparency in Saskatchewan, which lags behind other provinces.

The Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) is a provincial treasury board crown corporation committed to a healthy and vibrant agriculture industry in the province. As a part of Saskatchewan’s agricultural framework, SCIC administers business risk management programs for producers. SCIC is seeking committed and dynamic staff in the following position: CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE (TEMPORARY – PART TIME POSITION) – Raymore Reporting to the Customer Service Office Manager, this position is responsible for providing customer service to all SCIC customers. Applicants must possess strong communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills with experience in computer applications; specifically Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. For a complete description, specific locations, and information on how to apply, please visit our website at We thank all candidates for their interest, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

We are committed to Employment Equity and encourage applications from qualified persons of aboriginal ancestry, persons with disabilities, members of visible minorities, and women seeking management and non-traditional roles.


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CLEARWATER OILFIELD SERVICES requires Class 1 or 3 Vacuum Truck Drivers for the Rocky Mountain House, Alberta area. Local work. No day rating. Full benefits after 6 months. Fax 403-8449324.

AL OEMING’S Fall Classic Auction. Every type horse drawn vehicle and antiques. Full info online: www.aloemingauc Sunday, October 21, 11 a.m. Superb Event.

BUSINESS FOR SALE Magazine publishing company for ambitious, outgoing entrepreneurs. Fun, Lucrative. Startup Capital Required. We Teach and Provide Content. 1-888-4061253.

SOUTH ROCK is hiring for: Paving Personnel (raker, screed, general labourers); Heavy Equipment Operators. Send resume to: or 403-568-1327. TH Vac Services, Kindersley SK is now hiring Vac Truck drivers and HydroVac/Combo Vac Truck Drivers. Class 3A or 1A drivers license required. Competitive wages, benefits package, scheduled days off. Tickets an asset. Email resume to or fax 306-463-3219. Call Don or Tim @ 306-4637720.

HELP WANTED NEED A HOME PHONE? Cable TV or High Speed Internet? We Can Help. Everyone Approved. Call Today. 1-877-852-1122 Protel Reconnect

RICHIE BROS. AUCTIONEERS Unreserved Public Auction in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan on October 31, 2012. Featuring a complete dispersal for Corner Brook Farms including: 7 Massey Ferguson MFWD Tractors, pickup and flatbed trucks, trailers, custom built sprayers, AG equipment, recreational vehicles and much more! Call 1-800-4914494 or visit

AUTOMOTIVE Guaranteed approval drive away today! We lend money to everyone. Fast approvals, best interest rates. Over 500 vehicles sale priced for immediate delivery OAC. 1-877-796-0514. www.yourapproved

Buying/Selling FEED GRAINS heated / damaged CANOLA/FLAX Top price paid FOB FARM Western Commodities 877-695-6461 Visit our website @

& provide us with your e-mail address to receive our weekly e-mail, with pricing indications and market trends.



LEARN FROM HOME. EARN FROM HOME. Medical Transcriptionists are in demand. Lots of jobs! Enrol today for less than $95 a month. 1-800-466-1535 a d m i s s i o n s @

Advertisements and statements contained herein are the sole responsibility of the persons or entities that post the advertisement, and the Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper Association and membership do not make any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, truthfulness or reliability of such advertisements. For greater information on advertising conditions, please consult the Association’ s Blanket Advertising Conditions on our website at


RURAL WATER TREATMENT Tell them Danny Hooper sent you.





PROVINCE-WIDE CLASSIFIEDS. Reach over 550,000 readers weekly. Call this newspaper NOW or 306649.1405 for details.

HEALTH OPEN HOUSE - Join this week for only $9.95 a week. Lose weight quickly and safely and keep it off, results guaranteed! Call Herbal Magic today! 1-800854-5176.

Modular, Manufactured or RTM homes. A variety of homes in production or ready to ship Regina,SK 1-866-838-7744 Estevan, SK 1-877-378-7744

LAND FOR SALE To Freshwater Land Holding Co. Ltd. My wife and I recently made the decision to sell our 5 quarters of farmland between Semans and Nokomis, Saskatchewan and we were very pleased with the service that was given to us by Doug Rue. His agricultural background and his business acumen made him the perfect fit for us in terms of completing a “worry-free” transaction. The process was swift and easy and we were more than pleased with the price we received for the land. I particularly enjoyed my conversations with Doug and his attention to detail with respect to following up with us.

High Quality Canadian Built Modular Homes & Cottages Over 175 Plans to Choose from. 60-90 Day Turnkey 10 Year Warranty Regina, SK Toll Free: 1-(855)-494-4743 Visit us online:

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. WARMAN 55 PLUS ACTIVE ADULT LIFESTYLE Large Ground Level Townhomes 306 241 0123 www.diamond

STEEL BUILDINGS STEEL BUILDING CLEARANCE SALE IBeam Construction Easy Bolt-Up Design 40x65, 60x90, 100x150 Many Others Available (800) 369-3882 sales@toplinebuild STEEL BUILDINGS CANADIAN MADE! REDUCED PRICES NOW! 20X22 $4,455. 25X26 $4,995. 30X38 $7,275. 32X50 $9,800. 40X54 $13,995. 47X80 $19,600. One end wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422.

Trent & Lorette Fraser Prairie Dog Developments Inc.



PERSONALS Ph (306) 584-3640 Fax (306)-584-3643

NO FEES OR COMMISSIONS! SUMMARY OF SOLD PROPERTIES Central - 62 1/4’s South Central - 22 1/4’s East Central - 74 1/4’s South - 58 1/4’s South East - 22 1/4’s South West 58 1/4’s North - 8 1/4’s North West - 8 1/4’s East - 38 1/4’s Call DOUG 306-955-2266

DISCONNECTED PHONE? ChoiceTel Home Phone Service. No One Refused! Low Monthly Rate! Calling Features and Unlimited Long Distance Available. Call ChoiceTel Today! 1888-333-1405.

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FARMLAND WANTED AVAILABLE BACHELORETTE 27, 5'6”, 140lbs and a natural beauty. Loves to stay active and has always been into fitness. Now as a personal trainer I enjoy helping people look and feel their best. I am now ready to find that special someone who is successful and takes care of his body.


Matchmakers Select 1888-916-2824 Guaranteed service Face to face matchmaking, customized memberships thorough screening process. Rural, remote, small towns, isolated communities & villages 12 years established Canada/US

Book your Blanket



We are now selling DVD copies of the 2010 & 2011 year issues of Last Mountain Times. Enjoy all the issues from those years ANY time you want on your computer! (files will be readable PDFs - compatible on almost all computer operating systems!) Come visit us!

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per year!

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Business & Professional



D & R Accounting

For All Your Concrete & Gravel Needs

Expert installation, computer diagnosis & repair –

Bill Riach, CFP Doreen Riach Cheryl Bryksa, CA Phone: 528.4621 or 528.2032 Nokomis, SK

E.J.C. DUDLEY and CO. R. Lamont, C.A. R. Frape, C.A.

106 Ave. B East — Wynyard Phone: 554-2324

LEWIS AGENCIES LTD. • INCOME TAX • • ACCOUNTING • William E. (Bill) Lewis B. Comm., C.G.A. Box 239, Imperial S0G 2J0

(306) 963-2022 Toll Free: 1-800-667-8911

725-4145 •

Authorized Dealer For: • Sakundiak Augers • Keho Aeration • Wheatland Bins • Friesen Bins • Hawes Agro Auger Movers • Macintosh Computers

DENTAL 6354 Dewdney Ave., REGINA, SK S4T 1E3


• Partials, Relines & Repairs

524-4429 • Semans Ask For Bob

South Country Equipment Southey: 726-2155 Raymore: 746-2110



Licensed Funeral Director


Guy Hansen


Agent for Remco Memorials

• Over 25 years of experience • FREE estimates • Residential and Commercial

Call Brad at 306-209-7488 or 306-725-3664 (office) and leave a message

LS Contracting & Renovations Exterior and Interior

Licensed, insured & bonded

Fall bookings References available Roofing, Concrete, Bobcat work 795-2554 Free Estimates, Reasonable Rates For details, visit:

214 Mountain Street, Strasbourg, SK



For all your drywalling and renovation needs

CHIROPRACTOR New and Used Computer Systems


Call Kevin for estimates 725-7552

Advertising Works!

946-2392 (Res.)

John Deere Sales, Parts and Service

• Excavator • Skid Steer • Gravel Truck Work • Road Gravel • Screened Rock • Topsoil • Concrete Work • Foundations • Septic Tanks • Water & Sewer Trenching

s Located in the Times building in Nokomi

Royal Lepage Carlton (306) 682-5500 Paula Brookbank, Branch Manager – Lanigan (306) 365-7585


Office: 725-3633

McDOUGALL'S FUNERAL HOME Licensed Embalmers and Funeral Directors

Earl, Marianne, Al and Dave Phone: 528-2007 P.O. Box 337 Nokomis SK S0G 3R0

North West Denture Clinic


Chiropractic Centre & Massage Therapy Douglas Pattison DC Tanis Pattison RMT Lumsden 731-2587 • Regina 790-9378 Toll Free 1-866-319-4551



Gerald Averback

• New Upper & Lower Dentures


• Free Consultations • All Dental Plans Accepted

Donald W. Miller, DD Denturist

SASKATOON OFFICE 1001B Midtown Tower 201 – 1 Ave. South S7K 1J5 Open 6 days/week – 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Phone: 306-652-1334

Lakeview T r a n s p o r t Grain Hauling Phone: 725-3267 - Strasbourg Grain Vac

725-4522 • Farm

Cell: 731-7486 • Glenn; 731-8299

Service Available

Owned and operated by Glenn Bracken and Sons

Tuesday to Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. New Patients Welcome

WATROUS DENTAL CENTRE 107 - 3rd Ave. East • Watrous

Dr. Michele Ackerman

Monday-Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

For appointments call 946-2131 New Patients Welcome


Riach Financial Financial Planning Retirement Tax & Estate Planning RRSP, RRIF, RESP Insurance (Life, Disability, Critical Illness, Long Term Care) Bill Riach, CFP

Phone: 866.528.2032 Nokomis, SK

FINANCIAL PLANNING SERVICES SHARON CRITTENDEN Certified Financial Planner (306) 963-2022



Dr. Diana Monea Optometrist


1111 Lakewood Court North

REGINA • Phone 924-0544 Mon., Tues., Fri. -8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Wed., Thurs. -8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sat. -8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. One Day Service Available We Accommodate Out-of-town Patients

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Te l : 7 8 9 - 9 2 5 9 527-1389 Cell: Fax: 790-9465 Tel: 789-9259 Regina, SK email: Fax: 790-9465 S4N 7A8 email:


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Specialize in designing water wells to suit client requirements. Top grade PVC, fibreglass & stainless steel materials. Extended warranties available. Water wells cleaned and rejuvenated. Government grants available on new construction.

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tuesday, october 2, 2012 • last mountain times







Need your computer repaired? Looking to purchase anti-virus software? For quick & reliable service and great rates, give us a call! (After hours – please leave a message) Jesse / Dan @ 528-TECH (based in same building as Last Mountain Times in Nokomis). For information product information & rates, check out their website: 39ctf

6th Annual Ducks Unlimited Banquet, sponsored by Nokomis Legion Branch #290. Frday, Oct. 5 at 5:30. See page 4 for more details and info on how to get tickets. 45p Drake & District Fowl Supper – Friday, October 19, 5:007:00 p.m., Drake Community Center, Drake, SK. Adults – $12.00, children 5-10 years old – $5.00, pre-schoolers – FREE. Everyone welcome. 44-47c Raymore United Church Fall Supper – Sunday, October 21, Raymore School Gym, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. For meal deliveries, call Iona at 746-5710. Adults – $12.00, 12 and under – $8.00, preschool – free. Turkey and all the trimmings. 43-47c Bulyea and Community ‘Spooktacular Fall Supper’ Sunday, October 28, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at Bulyea Community Hall. 44-45c SEMANS FALL SUPPER– Sunday, November 4, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Semans Gym. Doors open at 4:45 p.m. Proceeds go towards Semans Gym expenses. Watch for posters. 45&1c Nokomis Christmas Craft & Trade Show sponsored by the Nokomis Playschool Association, Saturday, November 17, 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Nokomis Centennial Hall. Crafts, baking, Christmas gift ideas, raffles, soup and sandwich lunch. To book a table, phone Mallory Hendry at 528-4311. 45-46c(1t)

HELP WANTED– Custom Farm Work needed for 2013 farming season. Contact Vivian at 306-992-0133 or e-mail 43-45p(1t) Food and beverage server needed for Nascha Holding Ltd./Royal Hotel. $9.75 to $11.00 hourly, 40 hours per week. Send resumes to Box 33, 100 Mountain St., Strasbourg, SK, S0G 4V0. Apply by email to or by fax at 306-725-3098. 45-46c(1t)

FOR SALE– Why Pay More Elsewhere? “Everyday Low Price”. All major appliances selling at cost + $10. Watrous Furniture & Appliances, 9463542. 25ctf FOR SALE– Four P17565-R14 Magna Grip Radial winter tires, 50% tread left, $100.00 for all four. Phone 528-4609. 45-46p(1t)

Classified Ad Rates Classified Advertising Deadline: 12 Noon Thursday G.S.T. will be payable on all of the following charges.

Minimum Charge: $5.00 for 25 words or less. Additional words charged at 15 cents each. $2.00 invoicing fee applies if ad(s) cost is under $25. $10 fee for one-column photo in classified ad section. Display ads booked into the classified section will be charged at a 68 cents per agate line rate. Ads may be inserted for more than one issue, however there will be no refunds for cancelled ads. Classified rates also apply to obituaries, memorials, births, weddings, anniversaries, special occasions, greetings placed in the classified section. Event announcements placed in a community news section are referred to as “Reader Ads” and are charged at classified ad rates. GST is payable on classified ads. There will be a charge for articles or write-ups submitted more than 60 days after the event. Announcement ads placed outside the classified section:

“A Community of Learning and Achieving”

HORIZON SCHOOL DIVISION #205 Employment position available:

Facilities Manager Check our website at for details. 45c(1t)

IN LOVING MEMORY MARTIN – In loving memory of Bill who passed away October 6, 1998 and Janice who passed away October 3, 2011. Sadly missed but forever in our cherished memories. By Helen and family 45p

Obituaries, Memorials, Wedding and Anniversary write-ups: $3.10 per column inch, one inch minimum. (35 words equals approx. one column inch.) $22 minimum. Birth Announcements: $9. Wedding, anniversary, special occasions, birthday greetings: $25 flat rate for a 2 col. by 4 inch ad. Photographs in ads: $10 for a one column photo, maximum 2 inches deep; $15 for a two column photo, maximum 3 inches deep. GST is payable on announcement ads. Legal Notices: 68¢ per agate line.

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ERRORS in advertising/orders/ information taken over the telephone The publisher reserves the right to revise, discontinue or omit any advertisement or to cancel any advertising contract, for reasons satisfactory to the Publisher without notice or without penalty to either party. All advertising subject to Publisher’s approval. Right reserved to revise or reject advertisements in accordance with Standards of Acceptability to the Publisher, to lighten or change type, borders or illustrations. The Publisher reserves the right to add the word ‘advertisement’ or the abbreviation ‘adv’ to any or all advertisements or to place the words ‘General Advertisement’ at the top of any display advertisement. The Publisher will not knowingly publish any advertisement which is illegal, misleading or offensive to its readers.

Last Mountain Times 528-2020 Nokomis 725-3030 Strasbourg Office Hours: 9 - Noon and 1 - 5 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday at Strasbourg and Nokomis Friday: 9 - Noon and 1 - 4 p.m. at Nokomis

AN CE EM AN NNOOUUNNC MEENNTT I, Darryl Perry, would like to announce that I am leaving the Real-Estate industry and I would like to thank all my present and past clients for their support and I would like to wish everyone all the best in everything they do.





Senior Social Housing for low-income seniors. Rent based on income. For information, contact Sylvia (528-2204), manager of Nokomis Housing Authority. 22ctf(4ctf)

WANTED WANTED– pair or set of four 205-75R-14 all-season or good winter tires. Call 5397549 (Govan). 47ctf EMPLOYMENTOPPORTUNITY

Coram Construction is hiring Carpenters and Concrete Finishers to work PCL sites in Saskatchewan. $31.60, good benefits, 3-5 years experience. Join, fit and install formwork. E-mail: iknibbs@ Fax: 306-525-0990 Mail: 205-845 Broad Street, Regina, SK, S4R 8G9. 45p

FOR RENT BY TENDER FOR RENT BY TENDER– 9 quarters, 3x3, 1360 cultivated acres, 13 miles south of Semans. For inquiries, contact Barrie at 524-2700 or 7467337. Send written tender by October 15 to Box 143, Semans, SK, S0A 3S0. 45-46c(1t)




FOR SALE – Last MounND tain FRegional Park, fully furOU nished Lcabin, ast in water, sewer, a ntand new decks Mouim es windows. UpT to-date electrical, 2010. New mast, electric heaters etc. $69,000. Phone: 306-5458968. 42-45c men line. unce ate er ag

T NO BLE S OR rs/ orde over ken one

Ford truck wheel cover found on Highway 20 just south of Govan on April 26. Contact Last Mountain Times in Nokomis to claim. ctf



2 columns (3.33 inches) x 2.5 inches

rous Wat 6$10. ces, 94 ctf ctf st + an 25 rthe at co Appli A & ing 360 d es E in Valsell niture u LO OX AL in 0 IN XB . In cl wireFur . R S ounta 5, 16 i– E es , FO M lt 3-2 3542R SAL g am card , and NM ND Last 14-2 res cu .O. uch s es ry A o O m bl lu o em f L HA o E F p o y ca ac an o em y st e O.B ith ,N e ver are m y wh make ory e ca d MB m ller & in g . S n; very : RM #250 h 150 0.00 ar it 5 w aye s ss it ro 6 y n es w nt le k ag 2-2 ,00 itio h tion . Ther mmu nd to s and , 25 . pa res . $75 17-2 re or ss co al p ac cond ar. Gamition .O ed r co beyo milie gain ay ac le at D .B tu /2 ew in Th ye ed , fa ou A d the ox vatedo S 1 of pas .00 O Straso ri g like-n for 1 pecial discs) in ve an r our on. less. th es at P.O. B call Als acres 20,000 -4027, is in tly used ar 2 (s ork, 2 alo 3, abo sier fo carry od B milies sum r W artw 9p ea s to gh to t, H roject 320 d, $1 6-725 d G e fa ,3 li ff re ail to , SK o tions, of it , 7 o ec an d rs sk ch ff P , m urg p n 5,3 astle lan ne 30 . Gea etal case ass E n 2, GTA 4, dro e or ques 2-34c frie k you in Bri y mu s, con3, 3 G . bo 3 Pho rg, SK 31, 3 200 sq. ft Alv u ver card upon - m le 2, Mja Gaide2008, XBOX poCar , Stras r any than – me bou Fab d, Nin NHL puted, 20 obo. 000 s main 327 nita fo . 33c k yo for the gifts WilE 1 inco ellnes p L , SA ourg room arag Gri ham 4, Undis ing $2 ovan). Do -3321 Than yone ns and from hanks 33 y2w R ING ctf FO Strasb , 2 bed hed g rad Got 2009 c. Ask 01 (G 725 ever tulatio uation ool. T helped AIN m TR St., galow , detac nt upg ti UFC ade Dis 737-79 gra grad y Sch who boo ER b n ext trades bun lower s rece nego a RE Arc l: 306my Der ose ero yle! e n t CA e. d one merou s Cal r th men liam to th te in st h Cam press lleg hon e fo mploy and Co es. 12 Nu pliance hn or R p.m. Lea to ex the also lebra par S to T ce e d N Pre h pre-e Lakel x trad ermilAp ne Jo r 5:00 32 an lik anks us VE ho te ch wit ning at om si the V week GE 33c would est th bourg all the sa te Bea ly P 360 af MIN for trai ose fr class at s a 4 0 661 Ra We warm f Stras for CO itou for: Ju e 4 lot egio n al Ad rtising an e ea r o ee th Cho ks in us plu e 1 80 33p u t b ar id R M ar o to es g ve ur ’s ple nd, ainmenribute 8:00 wee camp . Phon . Lak untain reed, peo oundinhes. It since o s be e: rt cela e, day all ion cticum 8527 Mo 125. T park Dan rs enteAllen ‘Td danc ry Sun surr l wis ears l alwayTo the urs le on x d 00 y fe ory a s. 0 nt il el ab ! pra 0, ext. an 8: an 5 7 of n e ge o w w ou e, o l es R C ow tak ost 1 is 30 char E 649 Tax able. P g 2 – g’ show 3 – oldtim t; Julyn, mo . Th homet will for ds em AR and 5.00 al wor inYC Kin .; July ville, idnigh idso y, son centre, 0 rival kids’ y, we ble m s hold ots DA av el m are m tr ition $2.00 prerec $30,0 y T ay C sed the famil forgetta alway e will ’ p. ine, M 12:00 lue, D, coun :00 ach. is not oto Tin D n B sh . to 12 ing yl at ad ad mn ph CU of un e will irls, w bourg er m Neon the ro . to Rusty ourg Hands ent lice spots l h w p. b t colu il G as C m lo sithat the ‘Str we w e . Strasping vernm d care Day clas 57 9 – dle of 8:00 p. 10 – , clas s, th ries r. To the a e ave er in Hel , a go nto ed at Jaw dard chil l the plicamid ime, July Lak dea ays h emb dins ok, so harg Inc. tre, has Cal an ap f your oldt night; Moose d stanm. Buf an area l alw e! Remly Sjo ne bo e th no mid ers, try, ol 00 a. e 6:000mor cen lable. obtain any o , of for will be ed tim the on w pho s up. f ckie Aug coun . to 1: y danc 1-80 aavai e to ere Classimeswer 321. 33ct ba be ose Ja look u Tim, Ja ustin sic ads. aries, verp.m re ever Phone reserv r Car and an 725-3 9&31& D y o to , b tu ni m a fo M 30 n bi re gs 8: , an m. tio tions 27&2 befo . anth late sfo or site ings greetin be su fets 7:30 p. for in r web wwweSam ngratu 0 clas e ques ons, ction. a th co 201 se in d to all danc c 5037 ck ou le: ed 33p like to DS 33 plac referre d 267- s. Che schedue-mail: you d also e ge ED or I’d ow W wish re. I’ mily, on ar e char ble tion ted ISIT igNT ca V fr d t fa tu A n d. d ar is paya ll da re i W fe es an ur fu my up TO tow all: Tra elan ng GST h or cal orki ge. C ctf mat t in yo ank danc @sask LANS Studio a wi les th and lo ell wis id artic an 60 – W bes land KE P nual Enjoy for to u , ED mini-fr ew e th NT in mor like ghboursr all th ts. MA third and 11. lly prode jod WA or or tside . nei ple fo and gif ustin S at the 10 an loca d pott d ou 49 er ce la 75 D peo cards, July ety of ure, an us, M E ding 539AL Wed .80 es, vari sculpt Watro Plun RS ls, ps: $2 iniFO ING 33p art, tions in count, r w te-u ch m one K ES C in . L ou is e RE Tow prox loca ch, V . See HIC it ls apum. VE ap TOW Hr. Bea cham ofman nim AU – 24 Club your G Mea w spirit E’S l $8. uto l oc at ecia  DAVTOWINce - A for al needs- l ww y, spgs: $22 rt al us vi & Sm tin ad. k pa Ser all e ing ed. C d truc rts, etc. a on nch for inches ov car an pa .. pr $10 o, s. 2 dy ot me mumumn ph used ors, bo lco ol we s. mot t ad ep. reci app gels y an g

Small truck tail light found on Highway 20 south of Nokomis. Contact Last Mountain Times in Nokomis to identify and claim. ctf Fleece-lined camo jacket. Contact Last Mountain Times to identify and claim (5282020) ctf Power tool found near Govan. Contact Last Mountain Times to identify and claim (5282020) ctf ACCOMMODATIONS

Accommodation required: West Wind Aviation is seeking DAYTIME accommodation in Kindersley, Melfort and Yorkton for a professional pilot Monday-Fridays, no stat days or weekends, approximately 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Require private room and plug-in for one vehicle. Contact ctabler@westwind or fax 306-2448602 for additional information. 45p

VEHICLES FOR SALE FOR SALE – 2004 Dodge Durango Limited SUV, 4x4, 158,000 km, loaded. $9,850.00. Phone 725-4582. 45-46p


CAREER TRAINING WELL-PAID/LOW-STRESS Career in Massage Therapy. Get the best-quality RMT education without giving up your day job! Visit www. or call 1-866-491-0574 for free career information. 45p

CARDS OF THANKS We would like to thank everyone for the beautiful shower gifts and wonderful wedding presents that we received. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. Nicole and Tyler Willcox 45p The entire extended family of Loretta (Stark) Romich wish to extend our gratitude to all our family and friends for the overwhelming show of compassion, support and generosity. Thank you for the cards, flowers and many generous donations in Loretta’s memory to the Semans United Church and the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Govan. Thank you to everyone that in any way helped prepare for the memorial service, in particular Michelle and Jon Tamlin and family for making the service very special. A special thank you to Pastor Rey Dahlen and to Hansen’s Funeral Home for all your kindness and consideration to our family. May God’s Blessing be upon you. Elmer Romich & families, Verdella & families, Lynn & families, Margaret & families, 45c Dale & families

BOSCH Mixer, 800 watt, $459, VITA MIX Blenders, $539, Yogurt Makers, Apple Peelers, Pasta Makers, Lefse Grills & more. Call Hometech Regina 1-888-692-6724 45p




1. SKILLED LABOURERS (Equipment operator experience an asset)

Selecting a cemetery monument before you need it nalizes your life’s plans.


Call: 528-2007

JOB SPECIFICATIONS: - Must be willing to travel within Saskatchewan - Hours – Monday to Friday: 7AM - 6PM - References Required -Safety Requirements (CSTS, FIRST AID, WHIMIS) an asset but not required * job includes ANNUAL BONUS

Please send resume to or FAX 306-365-3422 (serious applicants only) 44-46c(1t)

Box 337

Fotheringham-McDougall Funeral Service Earl, Marianne, Al and Dave

tuesday, october 2, 2012 • last mountain times

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Solutions & Substitutions Column WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 30 TO OCTOBER 6, 2012 LUCKIEST SIGNS THIS WEEK: LEO, VIRGO & LIBRA ARIES No matter what type of negotiation you’re involved in, take care to rely on exact information. Relying on your impressions will cause you more confusion than anything else. TAURUS You may get involved in some kind of sports activity. Your competitive spirit will take over and coming in second will be out of the question. You will enjoy all the glory you worked for. GEMINI If you’re feeling overtired, it means, paradoxically, that you need to get more exercise. Adopting a new lifestyle will give you a lot more energy. CANCER Stress isn’t necessarily a negative thing. It could provide you with the necessary motivation to achieve some brilliant exploits. Schedule some time away from work so you can balance out the different areas of your life.

Dear Reena, I love your column and your ability to communicate with your readers. I have a kitchen hint and a puzzling question for you. Hint: If you like stuffed green olives (like I do), don’t throw away the brine. Cut some carrot sticks (not too thinly) and put them in your olive jar. Boil the olive brine and pour it over the carrots. Seal and cool. My question: How can I keep my arched eyebrows even when I pencil them onto my face? The eyebrow pencil keeps skipping over my wrinkles. Let me know, Maria Dear Maria, Instead of using a pencil to draw your eyebrows, consider

using eye shadow instead. Doing this gives you a softer more natural look. When you measure the eyebrow line, place a ruler against your nose and the outer edge of your eye. This is where the eyebrow line should end. Next put the ruler against the side of your nose and the inner part of your eye. This will show you where to begin the line. You may also want to check out eyebrow tattoos; permanent eyebrows that are professionally drawn on so that you will not need to reapply them each day. Extra Tip: For people whose natural eyebrows tend to misshape during the day. Spray an old toothbrush with hairspray and brush your brows into position.

Hi Reena, I have high gloss hardwood floors in my kitchen and have removed the area rug under the table, now I can see a cloudy haze where the rug was. I have tried to clean it with water and a small amount of Murphy’s Soap, but I can still see the haze. What can I do now? Thanks for your help, Debbie Dear Debbie, For normal cleaning, vinegar and water or apple cider vinegar are great, as are hardwood cleaners specifically formulated for this purpose. However, in my experience when the challenge becomes a hazy annoyance, readers have had the best results by spraying the area with Windex and

Overheard at the coffee shop

LEO People with this sign often thirst for power. You were born to be a leader and to manage your own empire. This week many of the necessary elements to start your own small business will fall into place. VIRGO A vacation looms on the horizon. Even if it doesn’t take place for a few months, now’s the time to start preparing — perhaps by getting a new passport. LIBRA You might witness an unfair remark that causes a bit of a stir around you. You will have an important role to play in restoring harmony. SCORPIO You find it hard to tolerate any kind of injustice and you tend to try and resolve unjust situations by yourself. While you play the parts of policeman and judge in one such situation this week, a bit of tact will allow you to manage things more successfully. SAGITTARIUS You will work with a great deal of energy and thoroughness to come to an agreement or sign a contract. Even if you suffer a lot of anxiety and sleeplessness, you will be extremely successful in the end. CAPRICORN You may be given a position of authority at work. For the sake of your health it is important to learn how to control your emotions and to express them appropriately when you need to. AQUARIUS You will see some almost instantaneous results with a new diet. You’ll find this very satisfying and you’ll be very proud of yourself. PISCES You’ll be able to express your feelings with tact and integrity to family members with whom you have something to settle. There will be a bit of nostalgia in the air.

“...I won a bet with my brother-in-law. He thought Pennsylvania‛s main export was pencils...”

2012 Dodge Durango SXT 3.6L, AWD, A, C, T, PW, PL, PM, 7-pass, 24,800 km

On Highway 20 – Call


View our inventory online:


+ taxes





wiping, test on an inconspicuous area first. Dear Reena, I was on your new website and found some good recipes for cleaners but I didn’t see the one that I really need for everyday use. I am wondering if you have any recipes to make your own spot remover for laundry stains. Linda Dear Linda, In a spray bottle, combine half laundry detergent and half Dawn dish soap, squeeze onto stains before tossing clothes into the machine, works very well. Make sure that you always check stains before putting them into the dryer because the heat of the dryer sets stains making them difficult to remove. Eggciting Tips of the Week: • Next time you purchase eggs and find one stuck to the bottom of the carton, wet the carton and it will release without breaking. • Add a small amount of salt to your cooking water to prevent boiling eggs from cracking. • When hard boiled eggs get mixed up with raw eggs, spin the egg on its side. If the egg wobbles, it is hard boiled. • Reduce the calories when you devil eggs, by leaving out the mayonnaise. Instead make the filling with egg yolk and low-fat yoghurt. Sprinkle with paprika. ______________________ I enjoy your questions and tips, keep them coming! Missed a column? Can’t remember a solution? Need a speaker for an upcoming event? Check out my brand new blog/website: Reena Nerbas is a popular presenter and author of the National Best Selling series, “Household Solutions 1 with Substitutions”, “Household Solutions 2 with Kitchen Secrets” and “Household Solutions 3 with Green Alternatives.” If you would like Reena to visit your area and present a workshop, please call 204 320 2757.

Handmade Jewelry,

Locally made by Govan artist...

by Reena Nerbas


Affordable Prices, Custom Requests.




‘Like’ us and share our posts with your friends! Stop in at the Last Mountain Times office in Nokomis to see a variety of necklaces and earrings! OR shop online at the above address! Custom Request? Call me: 484-2223

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tuesday, october 2, 2012 • last mountain times

You had me at hello Job seekers don’t have much time to win over hiring managers, a new Accountemps survey suggests. More than half (52%) of human resources (HR) managers polled said they form a positive or negative opinion of candidates during interviews in 10 minutes or less. For some, impressions are made even quicker. Nearly three in 10 (29%) respondents indicated it takes them five minutes or less to draw conclusions about an interviewee. The survey was developed by Accountemps, the world’s largest staffing service for temporary accounting, finance and bookkeeping professionals, and conducted by an independent research firm. It includes telephone interviews with more than 150 HR managers at Canadian companies with 20 or more employees. HR managers were asked, “How long does it typically

take you to form either a positive or negative opinion of a job candidate during an initial interview?” •Less than 5 minutes – 12% •5 minutes – 17% •6-10 minutes – 23% •11-15 minutes – 13% •16-20 minutes – 9% •21-30 minutes – 4% •More than 30 minutes – 14% •Don’t know/no answer – 8% The median response was 10 minutes. “Job seekers must be at the top of their game from the first moments of the interview,” said spokesperson Kathryn Bolt. “In addition to providing strong responses to a hiring manager’s questions, candidates should project enthusiasm and a professional demeanor throughout the discussion.” Job candidates need to remember it’s not just the interviewer they need to impress.

NEWS lockwood Phone 528-2020

Graveside Service for Fred and Bette Hummason to be held October 13 at 2:00 p.m. at the Lockwood Cemetery. 45-46c Cori Morris of Calgary, AB was an overnight guest at the Ryan Morningstar home on September 21. Also visiting at Ryan and Lisa’s home was Lisa’s aunt, Delo-

res Leedahl of Humboldt. -submitted by Donna Morningstar

Looking for some extra copies of this week’s newspaper? Pick some up at Nokomis Co-op Grocery Store, Nokomis Pharmacy or the Last Mountain Times office in Nokomis!

“Hiring managers commonly seek advice from everyone who’s interacted with the interviewee – from the receptionist to the individual’s potential colleagues,” Bolt said. Accountemps offers five tips for getting the job interview off to a good start: 1) Pay attention to the details. Extend a firm handshake, maintain eye contact and present a professional image. This includes ensuring your shoes are shined, clothing is pressed, and nails are clean and trimmed. 2) Ace the likely questions. Make sure you know how you will respond to predictable questions, such as, “Can you tell me a little about yourself?” Research the firm before your interview and tap your network for their insights to enable you to couch your answers in the context of how you can help the company. 3) Don’t be cocky. Strike the right balance between presenting your accomplishments in a positive light and coming across as overly confident. Being arrogant is one of the worst mistakes a candidate can make. 4) Tell memorable stories. Give specific examples of how and why you’ve been successful. You’ll make a positive impression on hiring managers by sharing interesting anecdotes about how you solved a tough business problem or saved an employer money. 5) Be yourself. Avoid coming across as overly rehearsed. Interviewers want to get a sense of your personality and how you would fit into the office culture.

NEWS drake

Dorothy Wolter • 363-2148

Katherine Funk and Joanne Bartel attended the funeral of Clare Brown in Regina September 20, Clare was 85. On my trip to Watrous the other day I came across a combined field covered with a large group of ducks, geese and turkeys. While in Watrous I visited with Pearl Findlay in the Peachwood Restaurant. Eve Gatzke of Nokomis has painted the Drake Mennonite North Star Church. The grey looks lovely. A note from the Kliever sends greetings to Susan Neufeld, Harvey Bartel, Mary Schmidt

WEEKLY c r o s s w o r d PUZZLE NO. 624

dripping 6. Conforms 7. “If I ____ a Rich Man” 8. Growl 9. Chinese pan 10. King Kong, e.g. 11. Positive word 17. Cart or caddy 19. Sugar square 22. Restrain 24. Legend 25. Stench 26. Roofing substances 27. Scarlets 28. Kind of history 29. Like 30. Roll-call answer Copyright © 2012, Penny Press 54. Combat group 34. Expanse 27. Flowering ACROSS 35. Specimens 55. Not con shrub 1. Fat 31. Pod inhabitant 56. Nights before 38. Beached 5. Noticed 40. Gives off 57. Farm 32. Pencil topper 8. Persuade 41. Young child enclosures 12. Pajama topper 33. Not as hard 44. Topples 58. Alter a skirt 36. Barrier 13. Juicy drink 46. Come unglued 14. Yep’s opposite 37. Military dorms 59. Conveyed 47. Forerunner DOWN 39. Icy forecast 15. Raw metals 48. Robin’s house 1. Out of 16. Participates in 42. Appear 2. Folk wisdom 49. Baby beagle 43. Wool eater 18. Doc 50. ____-of-a-kind 45. Cook’s smock 3. In the sack 20. Coworker 4. Furthermore 51. Moral lapse 49. Situation 21. Pipe 52. ____ or never 53. Metallic cloth 5. Maple 23. Warning

Carolynn’s Reflexology SERVING: Strasbourg / Lumsden / Regina

Thank You –

Being on the road during

World Reflexology Week, I was pleased with the response as well as the funds raised for your communities, and enjoyed everyone’s warmth and spirit! Available for casual group bookings for every occasion – or any time you just need to . . .

Carolynn Sikorski, Certified Reflexologist Ph: 306.725.3229 Cell: 306.530.8514

Sereda’s Pharmacy, Lanigan Nokomis Pharmacy Carlton Trail Shopping Mall

112 Main Street






For an investment as little as TI




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and Orren Bartel in Regina. September 19, the following people are deemed elected by acclamation to the Drake Village Council: Peter Nicholson, returning mayor; Wayne Schickerowski, returning councillor; Terry Willems, returning councillor; Eric Sundholm, new councillor. There is one councillor vacancy remaining. -Stuart Jantz, returning officer. September, 1993 Jays won the World Series with Carter’s Home Run. Thanksgiving is an open gate into the love of God -Robert N. Rodenmayer.

Nearly 20 people attended the first Drake Community services for seniors on September 25 in the Villa. Three were workers. On Sunday, September 23, the family of Orin and Tina Ewert met at the Joel and Lois Ewert farm for the annual wiener roast in memory of Orin and Tina who both passed away in 2011. Many members of the family were present including Andrew and Ann Noel Clark from England. The family took this opportunity to place a grave marker on Orin and Tina’s grave at the North Star Church country cemetery. Get well wishes, thinking of and prayers for Mary Harrison and Edna Meikle, children, teachers, doctors, nurses, caregivers, folks in hospital, in lodges, members mourning the loss of a loved one, and anyone home and not feeling up to par.


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tuesday, october 2, 2012 • last mountain times

Thanksgiving Messages 3 Part Thanksgiving

Pastor Doug Armbruster God’s word shares with us a formula to follow this Thanksgiving season, as we endeavour to give thanks. 16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is

God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:1617 Start with rejoicing! We are to be filled with joy as we realize all the blessings that God has poured out on us. Whether good or bad, God has blessed us with both hands, pouring out His mercy and grace out on us in abundance. There is no place for gloom – rejoice! Then, we need to remember who gets the glory and talk to Him about it. God desires to commune with His people, and He delights in our praises. Spend some time this Thanksgiving to “have a little talk with Jesus”, and pour out your thankful heart

to Him. Finally, no matter your circumstance, give thanks for it. Whether you are in plenty or in want, in joy or in sorrow, in sickness or in health, remember that God Almighty is with you. If you have asked Jesus to forgive the wrong things you have done, and chosen to follow Him as you personal Saviour and Lord, He will never leave you or forsake you. No matter how high or how low your circumstances may be, you have God on your side! Dear friend, that is worth giving thanks for! Happy Thanksgiving! Pastor Doug Armbruster Raymore Baptist Church

Always Thankful “Give thanks in all circumstances.” This Biblical commandment seems to defy all logic. Of course, we understand the appropriateness of being thankful when good things come our way. We teach our children to say thanks when someone gives them a gift. We usually can spot an ugly display of entitlement and are quick to distance ourselves from that attitude. Thanksgiving is appropriate and understandable when blessings flow. The difficulty with this Biblical command is with the word “all”. What happens when circumstances are not good? Everyone has to deal with difficult and evil circumstances. Can we be thankful when bad things happen to us or to those we love? Should we be thankful in those circumstances? “Give thanks in all circumstances for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18. This ability to be thankful in all circumstances is reserved for those who have entrusted their life into the hands of Jesus Christ. In his sovereignty, God makes all circumstances ‘work together for good’ to those who love him. This requires a faith perspective. When we face hardship and difficulty we realize that God is giving us an opportunity to grow in our experience of faith. When a beloved Rev. Glen Lonie family member dies we remain thankful to God because we are confident of the reality of eternal life. Yes, those who trust in Jesus Christ can be thankful in all circumstances. This is both evidence and a reward of authentic Christian faith because thankful people are joyful people. Rev. Glen Lonie Strasbourg Alliance Church

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Love One Another So, let’s all cooperate with God and follow his ways so that we can know the life he desires for us. “Father, I praise and thank you for your faithfulness. You lift me up to see the light of a new dawn; you give me hope for the future, because you are with me.” Psalm 85:9–14; Matthew 9:14–17 “Jesus, I praise you for your overflowing love. I am so grateful that you never stop showering your mercy and strength on us. Right

This year Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on Monday, October 8. Canadians will spend a considerable amount of time gathering with family and friends to give thanks and celebrate the bounty of the fall harvest. Thanksgiving has a distinct focus on the fall and harvest and is celebrated earlier than Americans celebrate their Thanksgiving because of Canada’s northern latitude, which brings an earlier harvest. English explorer Martin Frobisher may be the father of Canadian Thanksgiving. In 1578, after landing in Newfoundland, Frobisher gave thanks for his safe arrival. The practice of “giving thanks” was already a widespread practice in Europe, and Thanksgiving

Turkeys and mashed potatoes. Seasoned stuffing hot from the oven. Creamed onions, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. Uncles and aunts visiting and cousins we haven’t seen for a while. Grandmothers and grandfathers with family gathered round. Children with reddened cheeks playing in the snow and dads watching CFL football. A day to relax and maybe go for a walk in the afternoon. But Thanksgiving? How much will our celebrations this year have to do with giving thanks? The story is told of two old friends who bumped into one another on the street one day. One of them looked forlorn, almost on the verge of tears. His friend asked, “What has the world done to you, my old friend?” The sad fellow said, “Three weeks ago, an uncle died and left me 40,000 dollars.” “Wow, that’s a lot of money,” the other replied. His friend continued, “Two weeks ago, a cousin I never even knew died, and left me $85,000 free and clear.” “Sounds like you’ve been blessed....”

Many Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey and, of course, football. rotate annually, though the Montreal Alouettes have appeared in a Thanksgiving Day Classic game for the last six years and will do so again in 2012. Although much of Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in

now, I want to open my heart to receive all that you want to give me. I love you, Jesus. Psalm 115:1–4, 15–16; John 14:21–26 “Thank you, Father, for being in every part of my life, especially the ordinary times. Come and speak to my heart and mold me into your own image. Thank you for loving me so perfectly!” Psalm 146:1-6; Matthew 13:47–53 “Lord God, thank you for the many ways you speak to

me. Help me to be humble enough to accept your word, even if it comes from the most unlikely place.” Psalm 19:8-11; Matthew 9:1-8 “Jesus, thank you for the witness of St. Thomas! Help me to grow in love and faithfulness, in courage and understanding.” Ephesians 2:19-22; Psalm 117:1-2 J. Holterman Lay Person Immaculate Conception RC Church Quinton


The history and tradition of Canadian Thanksgiving became an official Canadian holiday on January 31, 1957, when Canadian Parliament announced, “A day of general thanksgiving to almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed will be observed on the second Monday in October.” Since then, Thanksgiving officially occurs on the second Monday in October. However, the most common day to eat the Thanksgiving meal is the Sunday during the three-day weekend. Canadian Thanksgiving is no stranger to football, either. Each Thanksgiving, Canadians gather around their television sets to enjoy the Thanksgiving Day Classic, an annual doubleheader. The teams that participate in the Thanksgiving Day games

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the same way, with food, football and parades, in Quebec the celebration is a bit different. English-speaking residents may celebrate, but French Canadians generally do not involve themselves in the festivities.

“You don’t understand!” his friend interrupted. “Last week my great-aunt passed away. I inherited almost a quarter of a million.” Now the first man was really confused. “Then, why do you look so glum?” “This week I’ve gotten nothing!” A glance at the first Thanksgiving brings it all back. On December 21, 1620 the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. Through the dead of winter the colony struggled with poor and meagre food, strenuous labour, a biting wind that chilled to the bone, and the ravages of disease. Nearly half the 102 Mayflower passengers did not live to see spring refresh Cape Cod Bay. The Pilgrims lived close enough to the soil to know how dependent they were on God’s Providence. They had learned to thank God in the midst of the bitterness of winter past. And they were quick to thank Him during abundant blessing, too. We teach our children to say “please” and “thank you” as the rudiments of courtesy, yet it is so easy to be rude and

Pastor Rey Dahlen unthinking toward God. How often we forget to gratefully acknowledge His goodness towards us. This Thanksgiving let your prayers and expressions of love rise toward your Heavenly Father. “What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits toward me? I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the Lord.” (Psalm 116:12-13) Pastor Rey Dahlen Quad Country Parish of Trinity Lutheran, Quinton St. Martin’s Anglican, Raymore Prince of Peace Lutheran, Govan St. Paul Lutheran, Duval

Keeping Our Focus on Thankfulness Psalms 92:11 It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High: What are you focusing on. With Thanksgiving coming again for another year, it gives us opportunity to focus on things we are thankful for. I have found a truth that has helped me through many difficult situations and difficulties. That is, the moment I began thanking God for all that is going right in my life, most problems straighten themselves out. If you think about it, we only have two real options in times of extreme pressure. Those options are to focus either on the problem... or on gratitude. You cannot do both at the same time. For instance, what happens if you have one sore finger? You may have nine fingers that are working perfectly, but that isn’t your focus. No. All you can think about is how you are going to stop the pain of that one finger. Pastor Ken Bruvold God’s Word puts emphasis on being thankful. Give thanks in all circumstances, says the apostle Paul, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thess. 5:18).But if you do not focus on all the good things and state your thankfulness to God, redirecting your focus from the problem your going through. Your problem will dominate your thinking, and consume you. So start giving God thanks for all the good things He has and is doing in your life. Remind yourself that no matter what your circumstances are – it could be a whole lot worse. Lets make thankfulness a lifestyle. 1 Thes. 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. Have a very Blessed Thanksgiving! Pastor Ken Bruvold Semans Pentecostal Church

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tuesday, october 2, 2012 • last mountain times

Guide to dating after 50 troshock me back into coherency,” George says. However, the fact remains that many seniors are reentering the dating world after divorces or the death of a spouse. Some eternal bachelors and bachelorettes may have never left. For those about to re-enter the dating game in their senior years, these tips and tidbits may help make the process a bit easier. * Use dating sites. For those shy about simply mingling in the singles’ social scene, online sites offer a measure of anonymity and can take away some of the pressure. Plus they enable daters to pool from a

Little-known dietary contributors to heart disease Red meats, hydrogenized oils – these are the foods we associate with heart disease and high cholesterol. But a few other things many people eat rather frequently could be contributing to future heart problems. White pasta and breads Researchers have found that eating a diet high in refined grains, including those in most store-bought pastas and white breads, can double the risk of heart disease. These foods are those that have a high glycemic index, or GI. Foods with a high GI quickly release sugar into the bloodstream. Doctors have found a correlation between high GI and heart disease, mainly in women, according to research at the University of Milan. The study questioned 32,578 women and 15,171 men. Those who consumed the largest concentration of high GI foods were 2.24 times more likely to develop heart disease than those with the lowest. Nutritionists advise that, when choosing grain products, it is important to select those made from whole grains. Not only do these products provide the nutritional benefits of whole grains, including fiber, they also help reduce cholesterol and the risk for heart disease. Sugary items While many people associate sugary snacks, beverages and sugar itself with dental decay or unnecessary calories, these items also impact cholesterol levels. The average American eats the equivalent of 21 teaspoons of added sugar a day, which is two to three times the amount they should, according to an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Researchers found that individuals who consumed the most sugary products had the lowest HDL, or good cholesterol, and the highest blood triglyceride levels. Eating large amounts of sugar can then be a major risk factor for high cholesterol and heart disease. In its 2010 guidelines, the American Heart Association recommended limiting added sugar in the diet to no more than 100 calories a day for most women and 150 calories for most men. That’s six teaspoons for women and nine for men. To put those guidelines in perspective, consider that a 12-ounce can of soda has between eight and 10 teaspoons. In addition, many processed foods contain sugar even if sugar’s inclusion seems foolish. Some restaurants and food manufacturers have admitted to adding sugar to foods – especially those geared to children – to make them taste better and be more appealing. Therefore, sauces, ready-made dinners and other items may have sugar, and the consumer may not know it without reading the nutrition label. Also, it’s important to note that beverages are the leading supplier of added sugar for many people. Simply reducing the amount of juices, sports drinks and sodas in your diet can greatly reduce sugar consumption.

wide array of potential mates. take precautions against disDating sites also give those eases – they don’t discriminate seeking mates a chance to based on age. Keep in mind learn a little about what makes that, although rare, pregnanthe other person tick, which cies are possible even for a can be a good starting point women in her 50s if she hasn’t for conversation when a date yet gone through menopause. is eventually set. Individuals may find them* The numbers are favour- selves at the pharmacy once able for men. Senior men en- again sheepishly purchasing tering the dating world have an condoms. easier time of finding a poten* Realize it may take time. tial date simply because there Finding the right match may are more women than men in take several dates and patience. the senior age bracket. Women Just because a person is now tend to live longer than men, older doesn’t mean he or she which widens the dating pool has to be desperate and accept for gentlemen. the first person who comes * Use tried and true tactics. along. If there’s no chemistry, Some of the same ways people say so and move on. Once that Some of the same concepts apply whether you're landed a date in the past re- special person is found, it will dating at 50 or at 20. main the best ways to land one be worth the effort. now. Individuals can ask to be set up by friends with single acquaintances. People can par87391 VIC SQ POLEY FLYER 9/8/10 1:46 PM Page 1 ticipate in activities they enjoy and chat with others who share the same likes. Simply being friendly and getting the word out that there is an interest in dating may help. * Get a makeover. Now may be the time to explore some new wardrobe options or experiment with a different haircut. Potential mates will likely want a date who looks put together and current. Although you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, most people still do. * Remember toFLYER be safe. 87391 VIC POLEYBob 9/8/10 1:46 PM Page 1 Hi,SQI’m Poley. After years of struggling to understand what everyone wa Those who plan to date and become sexually active should


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A growing number of people entering the world of dating are over the age of 50. While some things have changed since they did this the first time around, the rules of dating have largely remained the same. During an episode of the popular sitcom, “Seinfeld,” George Costanza experiences extreme anxiety from the thought of his recently separated mother being “out there” in the dating world. “I'm out there,” offers Estelle. “No, you’re not! Because I’m out there, and if I see you out there, there’s not enough voltage in the universe to elec-

Do people seem to