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Inside the Circle

Circle K International Volume 1, Issue 2 October 5, 2008

Our Governor’s Babble (Literally!!!) Greetings La-Miss-Tenn! I feel that I must rebel, and choose my own topic for this article. I am supposed to write about what I hope to receive serving you this year and my experiences in CKI that help me to be a leader. I don't want to talk about that. I want to talk about other stuff. However, because I have a lack of brain cells at the moment, I will try to stick with the topic, although I absolutely abhor sticking with the topic. So, therefore something that I hope to gain would be simply the satisfaction of serving this district and accomplishing the goals that we have set for this year. I think that nothing else should matter at this moment. And feeling obliged to answer the second question, CKI Leadership Academy helped me be a "bit" more attentive and sensitive to another's issues and encourage people a lot more.

So with the corny - sappy stuff said, lets talk about something fun. Maybe I should sing a song or something or recite a poem. Roses are red, violets blue, sugar is sweet, and forget the rest. But but but but, my eyes are currently watering due to the fact that I am sleeeeeeeepy! I am presently trying to figure out what else I am going to say and watching "Balls of Fury" at the same time. So my eyes are not on the computer. However, I am thinking about what I am typing so don't think that I am completely being neglectful. Anyways, what do you guys want to discuss because I have no clue what I want to discuss. Maybe I will just say good bye and see you at LSSP & ICON.

Inside this issue: 2 Remembering Our Past While Realizing Our Future

Gavin Robért Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee Governor

Yea, yea, I'm rambling about nothingness, so----

What Key Club has Given to Me


Words from the Wise


Local Flavor: Gulf Coast, Piney Hills, and Bayou South


Local Flavor 5 (continued): Delta Central T-O Governor Tells All


An Experience in the Crescent City


Good bye! See you in Denver :) Gavin Robert

Special points of interest:

Impacting Lives and Making a Difference Circle K has been a part of my life for nearly four years now. It is incredible how fast time goes by. Circle K or CKI, whatever we are trying to call ourselves these days, has affected me in so many ways. I have made many friends, traveled, attended board meetings, and even improved my computer skills. The greatest gifts CKI has given me are those times when I knew I made a difference in the lives of others. Whether it was painting bedrooms for high school teens or playing bingo with my favorite old

people, I knew that I had made an impact. I meant something to someone. In CKI, I came to learn that people depended on me.

building playgrounds. I know this project has the potential to be something very special and I ask that anyone who has any ideas or input to step forward. It As Secretary-Treasurer, I is truly amazing what we can wanted my job this year to be more accomplish when we work than just signing papers and typing together. minutes. I had always liked the idea of LSSP before ICON and I By the way, who’s excited thought why not have our district about ICON? I sure am. Can’t Justin Quarles do something along those lines. wait for House of Delegates… Right now, our district is in the so exciting! Anyway, everyone Louisiana-Mississippiplanning stages of having its own enjoy their time in Denver! West Tennessee annual large scale service project. Justin Quarles The focus will be on restoring or Secretary/Treasurer

 Hear from the Texas-

Oklahoma District and their experience in LaMissTenn

 Special words from Key

Clubber’s and Kiwanis from throughout District

 Find some Local Flavor

as the Lieutenant Governors talk about big ideas for their divisions

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Inside the Circle

Remembering Our Past While Realizing Our Future This page is dedicated to the amazing Key Club board that will be serving alongside us throughout our district this upcoming year. These teenagers are a truly inspiring group who work hard within the K family to make our world a better place. Having had a chance to meet a few of them at Tri K (the annual board meeting combining the Kiwanis, Circle K, and Key Club boards from our district), I realized the great efforts these Key Clubbers go through to be leaders in a world that needs our help. So we asked them to tell us what Circle K can do for them this upcoming year, so pay attention... I would like to see Circle K be more involved with Key Club. Until I was in a leadership position, I had never heard of Circle K. I just think that if you guys worked more with Key Clubbers that the CKI membership would increase. Brittany Jackson Lieutenant Governor Division 5 I would like to do service projects with Circle K to show just how big the K Family is and to unite the generations of wonderful giving people. I also think it would be nice to have picnics, luncheons, and other types of social events to break the ice between Key Club and Circle K. I have never done anything with Circle K before and I am sure that Key Clubbers would enjoy the opportunity as well. Kevin Quern Lieutenant Governor Division 4A I'd love for Circle K-ers to come to Division 4D meetings, service projects, and other activities, while inviting Key Club to participate in their projects as well. Catie Santos Lieutenant Governor Division 4D

I would like Circle K members to visit some high schools in my division explaining what Circle K is. Many high school students do not really know much about Circle K. Some Key Clubbers haven't heard of it until they've attend District Convention. I would also like Circle K to participate in some of their local Key Club activities. Not only should Key Club work with Kiwanis, but also Key Clubbers should work with Circle K from time to time. After all, we're all from the K-Family.

I would really like to see Circle K representatives at as many regional rallies as possible this year to help spread awareness about Circle K.

I would like to see Circle K get more involved with the Key Clubbers in my division. I'd love for Circle K-ers to come to Division 4D meetings, service projects, and other activities, and invite Key Club members to do the same.

James Artzer

Caitie Santos

Lieutenant Governor

Lieutenant Governor

Division 1A

Division 4D

I would like to see Circle K and Division 8A come together through service. As of now, Circle K and Key Club are not as close as they could be, and a service project could bring the two together.

I would like to see Circle K performing to their best ability, and hopefully they will start on a new project to benefit Division 9. I would also like to work with Circle K throughout the year to make Division 9 amazing!

Lieutenant Governor

Brett Falgoust

James Lowder

Division 14

Lieutenant Governor

Lieutenant Governor

Division 8A

Division 9

Jen Le

I would really like to work on project with Circle K. We are able to interact with our Kiwanis clubs a good bit, but I don’t really know much about the Circle K club in my division. Michelle Reulet Lieutenant Governor Division 7B

Our division is planning a family fun day for next spring. I think it would be a great idea if you could get the local Circle K members involved. Oshele Bowie Lieutenant Governor Division 4B

I would like to see Circle K members actively volunteering in my rally. I could really use the extra help! Also, I would like to see Circle K volunteer at some of my service projects and show Key Club members what to look forward to once they graduate and start college. Daniel Spencer Lieutenant Governor Division 1D

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Volume 1, Issue 2

What Key Club Has Given to Me For the past two years, Key Club has been the most rewarding and most enjoyable experience of my high school career. I remember the first time I went to a Key Club International Convention, which was in Orlando, Florida (that's right, we went to Universal Studios and Disney World). Not many people knew each other and people who did know each other huddled up in their groups. I can even remember looking at a couple of strangers and thinking, "I have to hang out with THESE people for a week?" But as the week went

on, we all slowly got to know each other and built strong relationships. We had tons of inside jokes that we would say practically 24 hours a day. Sometimes the chaperones would look at us like we were crazy. At the end of the week, people were already conjoined at the hip and dreaded the idea of separating. That didn't stop us from keeping in contact with each other. We'd call each other to "help out" with something when we all know that it was an excuse to see each other again (we would get work done though). Even now, I can still

call on some of my friends for support when I'm going through a tough situation or when I have good news that I can't keep to myself. Some of my good friends from International Convention turned into my good friends on the District Board, too! Key Club has certainly changed my life and I don't know how I could ever repay this phenomenal service organization for the memories it has given me. Anna Nguyen La-Miss-Tenn Key Club Governor

Words from the Wise Ones I want to encourage all Circle K'ers to be proactive

in working with their sponsoring clubs this year. I'll be pushing those sponsors to do more for their relationships with their Service Leadership Clubs, so between the two; we should have a fantastic year. Visit your sponsor clubs, attend their board meetings, work with them in their service and fundraising projects, and invite them to work on yours! Ask questions, seek answers, and discover how important our organization is in the lives of so many people who want, and need, what we have to offer.

I would like to see us start a Circle K Club at Jones County Junior College that could feed a Club at the University of Southern Mississippi. We sponsor a number of Key Clubs that could feed them and allow the students to continue in the K Family through college. Tim Dudley


Division 3

Russ Kercher

Lieutenant Governor Elect

For those of you who were never in Key Club, the current governor shares a part of her amazing journey through a dedicated counterpart of our K family!

Don’t forget to pay your dues! They are $35. Ask your club treasurer when you will need to have those for them!

Governor-Elect Now I am a member of Kiwanis and through this role I am still able to contribute to my roots in the Kiwanis Family: Key Club and Circle K. I am serving as a Circle K and Key Club Advisor, a member of my clubs committee on Service Leadership Programs, and as a member of the district committee on Circle K. I feel that my time as a member of Key Club and Circle K provided me with all the knowledge I need in order to be a productive member of Kiwanis and the Kiwanis Family as a whole. Had I not been in Key Club, I likely would not have been Circle K. I also know had I not be in Circle K, I would likely not be in Kiwanis. For the past 13 years I have been a member of the Kiwanis Family and I truly cannot imagine it any other way. Lauren Call Lieutenant Governor Divis

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Inside the Circle

Local Flavor Gulf Coast Division Tulane University, Loyola University, and University of New Orleans A service project the Gulf Coast division loves to do is Second Harvesters food bank. It’s a UNO project that often gets all gulf coast schools to participate. It happens once a month, the second Tuesday of the month at 5:30 at Second Harvesters of Greater New Orleans. In any given month we have Tulane, Loyola, Southeastern, and UNO there; LSU Alisha Morris Gulf Coast LTG

Katie Wolf NSU Secretary

often makes it during the summer months as well! While it may not be the most unique project it is definitely a project that unites our division and brings together all of the treasured principles of our organization. Alisha Morris Gulf Coast LTG

Piney Hills Division Northwester State University and Louisiana Tech University I had friends before I joined Circle K, but when I did join I met the most amazing people! Sometimes I wonder if I would have met them if I hadn't joined Circle K and most of them I might not have. Not just people from my home club but also people from other clubs in my district and all over the place. These people have changed my life. They are so outgoing,

amazing and caring! I am so happy and thankful to have them all in my life. No matter what is going on, I have so much fun with them. Whether it's at our regular meetings, going out to eat, a convention or just running into them somewhere just brightens up my life. We have so much fun together no matter where we are or what we are doing.

We are practically family, if anything, I wish I had joined Circle K sooner! My Circle K friends are amazing, and I would not trade them for anything in the world! Katie Wolf NSU Secretary

Bayou South Division

Southeastern Louisiana University, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and Louisiana State University There have been a few projects in the past that involved all of Bayou South, but in the past few years it has become a bit more difficult to do divisional projects. Since I joined Circle K two years ago, I have not seen a recurring project for the whole division.

Meredith Pursell Bayou South LTG

I believe that doing a divisional service project is beneficial to all involved, because it gives us the chance to get to know fellow members

that you may not get to see on a regular basis. I also know that it is not always possible for some members to attend social events like TIOGA or DCON, so doing a service project may be their only opportunity to put themselves out there. That being said, I propose a challenge. ATTENTION BAYOU SOUTH – This one’s for you!! Since we are severely lacking in the area, I want you to come

up with a divisional service project; something unique to Bayou South. It can be whatever you want, within reason. It needs to be feasible, and we need to be able to put into effect this year! I want a solid idea that can be accomplished easily, and can involve the whole division. Good luck!! Meredith Pursell Bayou South LTG

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Volume 1, Issue 2

Local Flavor (continued) Delta Central Division Millsaps College As I am an inward thinker, I have taken it upon myself to ask what I can do for our organization this year. If I did that, I would have to say that there are a number of actions I could take to improve or strengthen Circle K. For instance, I could, first of all, help build my own club's membership while simultaneously augmenting its retention. Secondly, I could reach out to other colleges and universities not only in my division but also in the other divisions within my state in an effort to form new clubs, increasing membership further. In addition, I could stretch my goals even further and assist fellow board and non-board members in their own efforts to increase membership in their states. I

could also commit myself to an even higher level of dedication by seeking to serve in an international position in order to help increase membership across the country or even in other countries around the globe. And finally, while keeping in mind the importance of spreading the bond of Circle K, I would remember my obligation as a member of Circle K International to serve all those around me, to help my fellow man through service projects and the simplest, yet most profound, gestures of kindness and compassion. Yes, it seems that I have completely avoided the theme of this bulletin, but, in essence, I have not. For, you see, by doing all that I can for Circle K, whether it is performing

a service project or completing a monthly report form, Circle K is also doing something for me, something that I could not find anywhere else: directing me to the opportunity to show how much I care for humanity. As we devote our time and our energy to service and to love for all people, we are not only improving the face and name of Circle K, but we are also improving ourselves, our character. Through us Circle K will continue to flourish, and through Circle K, we will continue to become more caring, loving, organized, resourceful, diligent, dedicated, administrative, and humble individuals. Edgar R. Meyer Delta Central LTG

Edgar Meyer Delta Central LTG

“I would remember my obligation as a member of Circle K International to serve all of those around me…” -Edgar Meyer

The Editor’s Note Hey Everyone! I am really sorry the ICON bulletin is so late and short. I was extremely busy both right before and after ICON; however, that is no excuse. I promise to get the next three bulletins out on time for your reading pleasure! As always, feel free to contact me with any ideas for our bulletin. After all, it really belongs to all of you, I just put it together. Please let me know what you would like to see, and I would be happy to oblige. As always please submit articles!!! The next set will be published in the Y’ALL edition of Inside the Circle. Those articles will need to be submitted by January 3rd. I would like y’all to email me some topics that you would like to see the district reflect on in the Y’ALL bulletin! If you are not on the district reflector, please let me know. We will add you ASAP. Let me know if you need anything, and I look forward to getting to see you at TIOGA! Yours in service, Hanna Olivier

Hanna Olivier Bulletin Editor

Circle K International

Hanna Olivier P.O. Box 151050 Millsaps College 1701 North State Street Jackson, MS 39210 (337) 501-2247 or

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Flashbacks and Fantastic New Memories Driving for 16 hours on a week-

Delegates when a series of amendments

end typically isn’t my idea of a good time,

removed Western Tennessee from La-Miss

but when it’s to meet up with awesome,

-Tenn and brought Texas into the mix,

new members of Circle K it can be sur-

forming the Miss LaTex District - with me as

prisingly fun! Members of the Texas-

Governor! From a more experiential per-

Oklahoma district usually don’t get the

spective, the chance to see another district

opportunity to travel outside of the district

board in action showed me how seemingly

because we have enough travel to do

different people have a lot in common when

inside of our own! After an invitation from

it comes to finding new and better ways to

Governor Robért to attend Summer Rally

the empower the members of CKI to serve

I recognized the opportunity to build great

more and more people and communities in

relationships between, arguably, the

need. I can’t thank this district enough for

best* districts in sub-region D.

its fantastic hospitality and the amazing

I feel at home with this district,

new friends I’ve made. Now, my challenge

as I grew up in La Place, LA in the mid-

to all of you is to make this visit more than a

90s. Coming to Louisiana is always a

one-time occurrence, so we can come to-

treat for me and bringing together the

gether to show each other how we live to

great memories of my childhood with my

serve and love to serve!

present passion for CKI is truly a wonderful experience. My favorite part of the weekend by far was the mock House of

John Cano T-O District Governor

An Experience in the Crescent City As I prepare for my own district’s summer reunion I think back to my first summer reunion last month in Hammond, La with the La-Miss-Tenn district and hope that ours is as much fun. My favorite part was probably the service project but our excursion to New Orleans and the many misadventures we had trying to find our way around that confusing city follow closely behind. The service project was hosting a small event with local kids to show them ways to reuse or recycle their trash; I worked with two little boys trying to build kites out of newspaper and string. While their appearance could have fooled some, their flying

abilities left much to be desired, however we had fun and were determined to give it our best shot which when the kite was pulled into the air, it remained in the air for a moment then fell quickly to the ground. But the two boys had fun and were pleased which is all that really mattered. We all had a blast thanks to the enthusiasm everyone brought to the event, even when the rain added a wet surprise to our bar-b-que everyone still had a smile on their faces and enjoyed the food and the company. Our mini trip to New Orleans was an unexpected and pleasant addition to an already great weekend, John, Hanna, Edgar

and I made the hour drive down and had lunch at a lovely restaurant where I tasted my first Cajun food, and it was spicy but good. Then we made our way to the French Quarter’s big outdoor market where we didn’t buy much but had fun enjoying the excitement that filled the market. The entire weekend was a fun escape from Texas; I loved the new friends I met and the ideas that I took away.

John Cano T-O Governor

Brittany Davis Hill Country LTG T-O District

Brittany Davis Hill Country LTG T-O District

Inside the Circle Our Governor’s Babble  

 Hear from the Texas- Oklahoma District and their experience in LaMissTenn  Find some Local Flavor as the Lieutenant Gover- nors talk abo...