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Main image is a wide shot of all 3 group members looking sharp with a gangster type theme. The bright clothes wine in crystal glasses shows us an insight to the high life. This ‘aspirational quality is consistent with the house theme.

Font is a continuous style within the magazine. Bright, big, bold letters are a relation to flyers for club nights and generally the clubbing scene as it subconsciously reminds us of UV’s and lasers. The target audience will immediately recognise and appreciate this touch.

Here there are tips for making it as a DJ, another way of drawing in the crowd because most people reading an electronic music magazine want to be a DJ.

Another use of house style here as it is using pink with a 3d backdrop. This is including additional cover lines.

Spacious shot here is where the Cd would have gone as nothing special ever falls in the sector.

The Sexually provocative picture captures a sense of the target audience being male. The image also takes up a majority of the page suggesting the readers may be interested in more pictures than words.

House style is kept to with the font, colour scheme does edge away from the recognised style. The lead article looks slightly out of place amidst this black backdrop.

They have stuck to some elements of the house style and used the stars of Ibiza in a literal sense.

Here is a double spread incorporating that picture-esque lifestyle they are trying to represent. The girls in the bikini’s, the wine, the perfect blue sky appeal to a certain type of person. They want to get across that with the DJ life this is what comes hand in hand.

Small amount of text indicates that audience may not be looking to read a lot. They specifically tell us here that these guys have conquered over the summer they are now making it big and it specifically states. ‘Make way for the bad guys’ and they have successfully created that persona.

This is quite a simple chunky 60’s style font. Plain colours white with red fill, this is consistent with the whole front cover. Red boarder creates framed image drawing attention to the main image and lead article.

The main image a characteur recognisable to its target audience as brian ferry. The Sinatra type suit and microphone are also a slight give away to who the target audience is.

Separate coverlines easily recognised by target audience artists involved are known and liked by the audience.

Large amounts of text prepare for the reader for what is to come in regards to majority words or pictures.

The bold red black combination Is kept and is now recognisable as a house theme.

Long columns give idea audience may also read papers

Yellow is introduced and attracts reader’s attention to a promotional offer. It’s nothing extra to the magazine, just a way of subscribing

The main headline is not a direct quote, but more a representation of his personality and a slight mockery of his age. It informs the reader he is the original artist. And the two divided pictures give us an idea of transition, which we learn was how he led his career.

This article is picture led it has one column of text similar to a newspaper. We get a real sense of personality from the combination of images.

The main image here represents age and history. Everything in the shot is an old piece of history this implies that the main artists is quite an aged one himself. The image doesn’t really contain any specific Photoshop tools.

Overall I think the artist would be impressed with his overall image as there is little offense bar the odd age joke. He is depicted as a down to earth guy slightly conservative in his suit and tie amidst the art.

NME shy away from their typical house colours with this edition, possibly special edition.

Main image quite sexualised with her pose and the dangerous element thrown into the mix is the fire she is holding. But the director also dressed her in similar flame clothing, possibly reinforcing this special feature magazine.

Pull quote from the main feature draws reader in as it is a dramatic statement and anyone that doesn’t know who she is wants to know more.

Strap line reinforces the pull quote along with lead article.

The font and colours are relative to main image. Yellow titles white features.

Newspaper style layout. With circle of shame elements

Graphic language in captions draws the reader in, also suggests maybe male readers Regular features hidden away in a column assuming that readers will be able to navigate themselves.

The main headline/ pullquote is a direct quote Thecelebrity. creative Iway they comparing herself to another think thishave placed the image in aaslayer under the text is very effective. It statement is meant to be seen a sarcastic comment means we are always thinking about ‘Mia’ because the celeb she references is a child star and and sexualised therefore would not have offensive element she is trying to represent.

This is a different way to start the article as the journalist is stating what she has achieved but then also a statement contradicting This article is it. mainly This maybe imageisled; the to pictures get across the idea are what make this that sheasstands out article it is divided above the rest and into two short columns has viewsis Anddifferent overall there to the norm. not much writing.

This image is a very distinct and bold one; the clouds of smoke give a dangerous or hazardous element to the whole article. The fiery orange jacket and the position of her hair and expression of her face all combine to create a sexualised fire element.

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