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kansas city ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE: Study

shows promising outcomes for identifying cause and prevention



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Cut the Fat Oil-free recipes

reduce fat, not flavor




Do You Have GI-related Issues? Find relief with Saint Luke’s gastrointestinal and liver disease experts

Saint Luke’s Abdominal Transplant & GI Specialists provide comprehensive care to patients using the latest therapies. We offer minimally invasive surgery, organ transplantation, interventional radiology, and therapeutic endoscopy. Our multidisciplinary team includes doctors, surgeons, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and transplant coordinators. With decades of experience, they treat all facets of liver disease and gastrointestinal disorders, including: • Acute liver failure • Pancreatic cancer • Duodenal and ampullary cancer • Bile duct cancer • Benign and malignant liver tumors • Hepatitis B and C • Liver cirrhosis • Complications of portal hypertension

• Hepatocellular carcinoma • Autoimmune hepatitis And with all of these experts located under one roof, you’ll find convenient access to high-quality care. Learn more Call 816-932-4655 or visit

Saint Luke’s Abdominal Transplant & GI Specialists 4320 Wornall Road, Suite 240 Kansas City, MO 64111

The medicine of the future, today. • Personalized: going beyond one-size-fits-all with an individualized approach

“Our lifespan may be longer today, but our healthspan – how long we live with vibrant health – is shorter. Our goal is to help you enjoy a lifespan of health.”

• Holistic: identifying and addressing the roots of your concerns • Restorative: creating the cause and conditions for health instead of fighting disease • Preventive: identifying and addressing biomarkers of disease before symptoms occur

Our team (from left):

• Accessible: offering several ways to benefit from our approach

Bethany Klug, DO Suzanne Baldwin, APRN Christy Lonergan, Health Coach

Prevention programs • One-on-one physician consultations • One-on-one health coach consultations Group consultations • Prevention programs for organizations • Health and well-being classes

For more information or to schedule a consultation call 913-642-1900 or visit 1900 West 75th Street, Suite 250, Prairie Village, KS 66208

november | december 2013


features 12 GOOD FOOD DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR. Door to Door Organics and Conveniently Natural partner to provide healthy food options for busy people.



EXERCISE IS MEDICINE KUMC to start prescribing exercise in conjunction with traditional medicine

CHOOSING MY PATH Why osteopathic medicine was the right direction for one local medical student.



PRACTICING MUDITA Practice appreciative joy for others to live happily in your own life.



Ideas for everyone on your list

Programs working to change the path of Alzheimer’s Disease.


41 Enlighten Up Decluttering to improve your life 4 november | december 2013

Living Wellness KC Anniversary Celebration xx

Pics from our celebration event commemorating our 1-year anniversary






33 in every issue Wellness calendar 6 Editor’s letter 7 Online news 8

ON THE COVER Avatara Levine, one half of the djedi warrior duo Kung Flow (along with partner Ryan Rif Parks) performs a fire dance at the Awaken Whole Life Center gala on September 13, at Unity Village. To learn more about the couple, visit

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wellness calendar DECEMBER Holiday Fire Safety Tips Each year, hundreds of home fires are caused by holiday décor in and around one’s home. The U.S. Fire Administration has some helpful holiday tips to make sure your home and family stay safe throughout the holiday season.

NOVEMBER November is National Hospice and Palliative Care month. Hospice care is often surrounded by myth and many aren’t quite sure when and where to receive hospice care. Jennifer Cuscino, a nurse with Heartland Hospice, has provided a guide on hospice care you can read on our website at in the November/December 2013 section.

National Alzheimer’s Awareness In 1983, November was designated as National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. At that time, fewer than 2 million Americans had Alzheimer’s. Today, that number has soared to nearly 5.4 million. See our features on new studies, causes and prevention beginning on page 44.

6 november | december 2013

Candles: Never leave a burning candle unattended. Better yet, use battery-operated flameless candles. If you do use real candles, make sure they are in stable holders where they cannot be easily knocked over by pets or children (or overly-spirited adults.) Never put lit candles near or on a tree. Lights: Each year, inspect your lights to make sure the wires aren’t frayed or have weak spots. Never overload the outlet or leave lights on unattended. Other décor: Make sure all decorations are nonflammable and don’t block exits with them. If you use a real Christmas tree, make sure it is properly maintained with plenty of water in the tree stand. If you use an artificial tree, make sure it is fire-retardant. Never place your tree near a heat source like a radiator or vent.

For more fire-safe tips, visit citizens/home_fire_prev.


wellness kansas city

Volume 2, Issue 5 September/October 2013

Publisher Deb Ducrocq-Vaknin



Editor In Chief Sarah Legg Contributors Levi G. Clock Chelsea Craig, ATC Christine Kaya Hewitt Bethany Klug, DO Brittany Nelson Susan Ortbals Mary Sauer Kurt Schroer Dianna Sinni Kristin Wark Maggie Young Art Direction/Graphic Design B. Vaughn Design Cover Photographer

Publisher Deb Ducrocq-Vaknin, Art Director Brianna Vaughn and Editor-in-Chief Sarah Legg

Rob and Jen Photography Cartoonist Mark Litzler

It’s hard to believe that another year is about to wrap. It’s

Account Managers

been almost 10 months since the last round of developing New Year’s

Sherri Grant Andrea Levitan Editorial Assistant Nancy Holland

resolutions and battling holiday stress. I don’t know about you, but this was my best year for staying active almost every day and eating healthy – most of the time. In keeping with tradition from last year, we have included our 2013

Copyright 2013 Living Wellness, LLC Living Wellness Kansas City PO Box 8695 • Prairie Village, KS 66208 All content is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only, and is not intended to be used as a substitution for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All views expressed herein are solely those of the author and not Living Wellness, LLC or Living Wellness Kansas City. For editorial opportunities, please email resumé and samples to For advertising information, email Subscriptions are $19.99 a year. Mail a check to: Living Wellness Kansas City PO Box 8695 Prairie Village, KS 66208 Or visit:

healthy holiday gift guide. We have also provided some great recipes for cooking without oil you can include in your holiday celebrations. As part of National Alzheimer’s Disease and Caregiver Month in November, we have two articles from different local resources about the disease and how you can prevent it and slow its progression. As we move into the busy holiday season, I hope to keep up with staying active and eating healthy foods (with a slice of pie here and there), and I hope you do too! Happy holidays! See you next year.


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The Kansas City metro’s only comprehensive print and online magazine featuring health and wellness with a practical approach 8 november | december 2013

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Gift Guide

Cutting the Fa




Art for the

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Oil-free rec reduce fat, ipes not flavor


Wellness-Ins nove pir mbe Halloween Cos ed r | december 2013 tumes







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I am ... … a Golden Domer, Fighting Irish fan. … a U.S. Marine Vietnam Veteran. … an avid downhill skier. … a wine afficianado. … an average golfer. … a blood donor. … a bread baker. bake … a Father. … a husband. … a Grandfather. … a history buff.

Pat is on the go all the time. He is a family man and retired business professional who enjoys an active lifestyle. He skis, travels, plays golf and loves dining on healthy food. His busy schedule doesn’t get in the way of giving back in the most basic of ways. Pat is also a loyal and dedicated blood donor who takes 60 minutes of his time every 56 days to help save a life in his community.

Who are you?

Change your image, change your life,

change your world.

2000 MAIN ST, KANSAS CITY, MO 64108 |







In late August, the Living Wellness Kansas City staff, contributors and our amazing supporters took an evening off to celebrate the exciting milestone of publishing our first anniversary issue. At Seasons 52 we enjoyed delicious food and beverage, and indulged in great conversation with the many amazing people that have made this one positive year. Thank you so much to those who have supported us these past six issues, and we look forward to our exciting anniversaries and milestones still ahead!

Right: Teri Arredondo Solis, Brendy Frasco, Olga Chernyak and Publisher Deb Ducrocq-Vaknin are all smiles at the anniversary party. Below: Stephanie Gray and September/October Cover Model Jenny Hahn, both of Creative Nectar Studio, pose with Editor Sarah Legg.

Above Center: Stylist Jana Meister and Art Director Brianna Vaughn show off their Healthy Halloween Costumes spread from September/October. Left: Editor Sarah Legg and Contributor Amber Long proudly display Amber’s article in the September/October issue. Above Right: May/June cover models Rob and Jenny Buzan.

november | december 2013 11

nutrition november | december 2013 MEAL DELIVERY

! r o o d r u o y o t d e r e v i l e D WRITTEN BY Chelsea Craig, ATC

12 november | december 2013



We all appreciate the convenience of

option for their busy lifestyles,” said Jamie

today’s world, but the easier things get,

Burks, marketing specialist with Door to Door

the harder they seem to be. In order to

Organics. “We save them time by shopping

keep up the constantly quickening pace,

on our website … it’s just a nice option not to

we compromise our health and well-being.

have to cook at the end of the day.”

For many, there is a yearning to take a step

With the goal to make a positive impact on

back, return to yesteryear, and slow the

our food system from the farm to table, and

pace back to a time when families gathered

back around, Door to Door Organics knows

in the kitchen, and creatively and delicately

every vendor with whom it works and from

produced meals from scratch with fresh

where each product comes, in hopes to make

wholesome ingredients and love. A time so

people healthier and inspire people to eat

foreign to most, but not forgotten by all, there

good food. Along with Conveniently Natural’s

are still a few organizations trying to preserve

high standard of supporting local farmers and

this special, yet unrefined, place in time.

businesses in order to reduce environmental

We could all take a note from the creative

impact and support the entire community,

things Door to Door Organics is doing in the

both companies focus on certified organic

world of “fast food” for its clients. An online

products, free of pesticides and Genetically

grocer offering fresh, organic produce and

Modified Organism (GMO’s).

natural products delivered to the doorstep,

We are all busy with very little room to slow

Door to Door Organics acts as the middleman

down. And that’s ok so long as we keep in

between the consumer and the farmers.

mind that our bodies are our temple and they

Conveniently Natural – a meal delivery

deserve to be treated to the highest quality

company dedicated to providing the Kansas City

foods that promote wellness and longevity.

community with healthy, wholesome pre-made

Let us not forget the timeless words from the

meals like grandma used to make – has partnered

father of medicine, “let food be thy medicine

with Door to Door Organics. So now, not only

and thy medicine be thy food.”


does the company deliver organic produce, it also provides customizable pre-made meals. “We wanted to give our customers one more

To learn more, visit

november | december 2013 13

Wellness goes beyond the individual. Keep your environment well and recycle your copy of


wellness kansas city

I am ... … an electronics junkie. … a future scientist. … a big brother. … a creator. … a blood recipient. … a comedian. … a director. directo … a ninja. … brave. Gavin has a smile that is a brilliant ray of happiness to many people. This active little boy loves to dream big. One day Gavin will be a scientist who discovers amazing processes and cures. He is also a blood recipient who battles a rare form of Leukemia; he needs thousands of donors just to make one unit of a special blood component that helps him continue to dream his dreams. He is thankful for blood donors who took just 60 minutes of their time to help save his life.

Who are you?

fitness november | december 2013 EXERCISE IS MEDICINE


16 november | december 2013



WRITTEN BY Maggie Young PHOTOS BY Rob and Jen Photography

november | december 2013 17

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

and reviewing each patient’s physical activity

offers a program called Exercise is Medicine™

level. Loffredo said many people don’t know how

and KUMC is including it as a tool to help

to exercise if they are overweight or if they have

build a healthier community. The program uses

chronic conditions, so it falls to the physicians

exercise to bridge the gap between traditional

to assess their needs and guide the patients

and integrative medicine in order to achieve a

to become more physically active by way of a

more holistic approach. To do this, the physicians

partnership with personal trainers.

and personal trainers work together to create an

Exercise will be an extension of medical

aligned medical and exercise-based treatment for

support, not a substitution. The patient can


receive treatment by way of traditional methods

Vince Loffredo, Ed.D., Vice Chancellor of

as well as the incorporation of an exercise

Students, said KUMC made a shift in focus to

program prescription. Exercise is Medicine™

make sure the school was using exercise as a form

is simply adding a supplemental factor to the

of information and medicine to help people heal,

treatment equation.

develop and grow. The Exercise is Medicine™

“Our goal is to be a destination location for

program offers the groundwork to implement this

folks who need prescribed exercise as a form of

transition at KUMC.

medicine,” said Loffredo. “In addition to that, we

Personal trainers at KUMC’s recreation center are in the training phase to eventually be able

want to be a model of what healthcare could be like

in other towns like ours.”


to develop appropriate exercise programs from a medical standpoint. Amber Long, director at Kirmayer Recreation Center, is on the medical board for the program at KUMC and


is spearheading the education of the personal

KUMC’s goal is to be able to continue to

trainers at the fitness facility.

work with the patient and facilitate his

“Our industry as trainers is changing

active lifestyle after he has finished treatment.

completely because exercise is a powerful

Sandra Billinger, P.T., Ph.D., assistant

component,” said Long. “We need the ability to

professor of the Department of Physical

work with the physicians and medical staff.”

Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, said that

The goal from the personal training standpoint

the idea is to not leave the patient hanging

is to get certified by ACSM to be able to work

after they leave a supervised medical exercise

with physicians and patients and ultimately

program. Instead, they want to encourage a

facilitate workouts for medical treatment. Once

permanent lifestyle transition.

this process is completed, the physicians will be able to evaluate patients’ levels of physical activity and send them to trainers at Kirmayer for exercise guidance. The trainers will cater the exercise to the patient based on the doctor’s recommendations. The overarching idea of Exercise is Medicine™ is that healthcare providers should be assessing

18 november | december 2013

Healthcare professionals will be able to help bridge the gap between medical care and the exercise program, and then connect them to a resource in the community to reinforce the importance of exercise as a lifestyle change.


“The idea is to not leave the patient hanging after they leave a supervised medical exercise program. Instead, they want to encourage a permanent lifestyle transition.” – Sandra Billinger, P.T., Ph.D.

november | december 2013 19




Enjoy today, secure tomorrow Enjoy today, secure tomorrow

Doing the same over and ov Doing the same thing thing over and over expecting a different and and expecting a different result isresult is the definition of insanity. the definition insanity. Identity Standard Identityof Standard

Contact us today for yourfor freeyour information Contact us today free informatio and consultation. Get a strategy and consultation. Get a strategy to achieve better results. to achieve better results. 7327 W. 97th Street Street Overland7327 Park,W. KS97th 66212 Overland Park, KS 66212 913.317.5384 913.317.5384

nutrition november | december 2013 COOKING OIL ALTERNATIVES

Cut The Fat

Culinary inspiration for cooking without processed oils

WRITTEN BY Dianna Sinni, Healthy Eating Specialist at Whole Foods Market

november | december 2013 21

You’ve probably grown up a firm believer in the use of cooking oils. Olive, coconut and canola oil might be staples in your pantry. Yes, the facts are true: oil adds a deeper flavor profile to a dish, retains moisture in baked goods, and creates a velvety smooth mouth feel. However, it’s not the only thing that can do

The Standard American Diet (otherwise referred to as SAD, no pun intended) is highly abundant in processed foods that contain – you guessed it – highly processed

that. What if I told you we

oils. Think of the chips, crackers, breads, cakes, cookies,

might be eating too many

and even granola bars you love so much. The oils found

processed oils? What if I told you there’s another way to create flavorful meals without even adding a drop of oil? Maybe

in most ingredient lists are extracted from a nutrientdense whole food, like an olive or a nut, but are void of both fiber and nutrients due to the refinement process. It’s not about the fat content per se – a term from which we all tend to run – but the source of it. Fat is incredibly nourishing for the body, providing cell membrane structure for every organ and tissue, acting as an important energy source, and even making certain nutrients – like

you’re a skeptic of cooking

vitamin A – better absorbed during digestion. Plain and

without your beloved

simple, we need fat in our diet to be healthy. Choosing

kitchen sidekick oil, but believe me, shockingly enough as it may sound: there is another way. 22 november | december 2013

whole food fats like nuts, seeds, avocados and olives, is one of the best ways to take in healthy fats because they include all of their wonderful nutrients plus fiber. Refined oils have been stripped of their vitamin and mineral content. Simply put: consume fats more often in their natural packaging.

Cooking without oil a few times a week, and creating clean nutrient-dense meals can be beneficial for our inner nutritional balance. Minimizing or eliminating your use of oil in the kitchen isn’t as tough as it sounds. Simple substitutions make oil-free cooking a no-brainer, whether in the oven or on the stove: • If a recipe calls for oil, omit it entirely and replace with the same amount of low-sodium vegetable broth or water. Cook at a lower temperature to prevent the liquid from totally evaporating and burning your food, or add more as needed when food begins to stick. Keep a glass of water next to the stove when cooking in case you need a refresher. • Caramelize onions and garlic by throwing them into a dry pan over higher heat. Add the onions, stirring for a few minutes and then add in your garlic, as it tends to burn more easily. When things are on the verge of browning too much, add some liquid. • Experiment with different flavors of vinegars, citrus juices, and fresh herbs and spices. Just because a meal is made without oil doesn’t mean it has to lack flavor. Apple cider vinegar, Braggs aminos or low-sodium Tamari sauce, and red wine vinegar are just a few of my favorites. • When baking, substitute unsweetened applesauce or a mashed banana for oil. Dates, soaked raisins and silken tofu are also some other great alternatives. These add in even more fiber, vitamins and minerals. • To ensure baked goods come out of their baking vessel easily, line with parchment paper or try spreading a thin coat of pureed fruit such as prunes or banana. • Baking or roasting vegetables in the oven does not require oil. Leave small beets in their skins and easily peel with your fingertips after they cool. Let french “fries” brown and crisp by baking a little longer.

Pictured on this spread: Dr. Fuhrman Inspired No-Oil Balsamic Dressing.

• When making a salad dressing, blend tahini (ground sesame seeds) or other nuts to create a creamy consistency. Omit oil and add in water for lighter dressings. Add in a tablespoon of fresh chopped herbs to enhance any dressing’s flavor.

Recipe on page 25

november | december 2013 23

nutrition november | december 2013 COOKING OIL ALTERNATIVE RECIPES

For more oil-free recipes, check out and Dianna’s blog at 24 november | december 2013

Cut the Fat: Delicious oil-free recipes Flax and Honey Banana Bread

Nourishing Oil-Free Granola Serves 6 3 cups rolled oats ½ cup coarsely chopped almonds or slivered almonds

Serves 8 ¾ cup mashed Whole Trade® bananas (about two), very ripe ¾ cup unsweetened soymilk ¼ cup honey 1 ½ cup whole wheat pastry flour 3 tablespoons finely ground flaxseed, divided 1 tablespoon baking powder 1 ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon ½ teaspoon fine sea salt 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line an 8-inch loaf pan with wide strips of parchment paper running its length and width. 2. In a large bowl, whisk together banana, soymilk and honey. Add flour, 2 tablespoons flaxseed, baking powder, cinnamon and salt. Whisk again just until combined. 3. Transfer to pan, sprinkle with remaining tablespoon flaxseed and bake until cooked through and golden brown, about 55 minutes. Carefully loosen corners with a table knife, if needed. Move bread to a rack to cool.

Dr. Fuhrman Inspired No-Oil Balsamic Dressing Serves 6 ½ cup water ⅓ cup brown rice vinegar ¼ cup balsamic vinegar ⅛ cup raw almond butter, more as needed to make creamier ¼ cup raisins, soaked in warm water for a few minutes 4 cloves garlic, peeled 1 tablespoon onion, roughly chopped 1 teaspoon dried oregano ½ teaspoon dried basil Blend all ingredients in a food processor or blender. Dressing will last for three to five days in the fridge.

november | december 2013 25

¼ cup raw sunflower seeds 1 cup raisins ½ cup coarsely chopped, pitted dates or other unsweetened dried fruit 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon ¼ cup honey ¼ cup apple juice concentrate or juice from two oranges 1. In a large bowl, combine all ingredients. Spread evenly on a baking sheet. 2. Bake at 300 degrees for 15 minutes. Stir and again spread out evenly. Bake for another 15 minutes. 3. Let cool completely before storing in an airtight container.




november | december 2013 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE

26 november | december 2013


Holiday Gift Guide Those familiar yuletide carols are played, and replayed, on the radio. Crowds of Kansas Citians will soon gather for the annual plaza lighting. And the sounds of cash registers ring, doorbuster sales chime and email flash sales alerts are sung through the air ... with hopes that all on your list will be covered, and your wallet be spared.

Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a holiday guide – with a healthy twist, of course – sure to please all the yogis, boot camp enthusiasts, sports fanatics and health-concious family and friends on your shopping list.

Happy holiday shopping!

november | december 2013 27


$99.95 Help your friends and family achieve their lifestyle goals with the Fitbit Flex™– a wristband designed to help track steps, calories or distance goals each day during the day, and sleep quality at night. The device wirelessly connects to a computer or mobile device where you can view personal results and stats through charts, graphs and more. The band is water resistant up to 10 meters and comes in a variety of colors to match your recipient’s personality.

BONDIBAND HEADBANDS Starting at $8.00 Sweaty runners, yogis, Cross Fitters and others can relate when their headbands start to slip in the middle of an intense workout. It can be frustrating and can interrupt your focus. Bondiband headbands help solve this problem by wicking sweat while staying put. They come in many colors and designs, and are even customizable for teams and fundraising.

SPORTCOUNT CHRONO 100 $39.99 For the marathoners and swimmers in your life, the SportCount Chrono 100 is a way to track laps, time, averages and more. There’s a pause feature for breaks in your workout without throwing off your timing stats. The device fits right on your finger during exercise and is water resistant up to 50 meters. 28 november | december 2013

HANDMADE GIFT IDEA HOMEMADE BATH SALTS Treat your friends and family to a good old-


fashioned homemade gift with bath salts made from essential oils using the following recipe: • 1 cup coarse sea salt • 1 cup Epsom salt

$80 Mindfully Made Malas Workshop

• 1 teaspoon essential oil

Sage Center for Yoga and Healing Arts will be

Mix the salts together then slowly add oil

holding a workshop with Jennifer Hutton of Etsy

incorporating throughout the salt mixture

shop Mindfully Made, to create your own mala –

evenly. That’s it. Find some fun apothecary

or 108-bead set of prayer beads. Sage also has

jars or colored glass bottles to store. Thrift

an apothecary with yoga-inspired and locally

stores are a great place to find unique bottles.

made jewelry; Ayurvedic herbs, teas and oils; and

Spray paint and stencils are also fun ways to

conscious, eco-friendly, fair-trade products like

personalize bottles.

some of the clothing, jewelry, bottles and utensils sold there. You can also buy gift cards good toward classes and items in the apothecary.

Floral scents like lavender or rose can act as stress relievers and won’t overpower the bath. Scents like peppermint and eucalyptus invigorate the senses. Visit Whole Foods


Markets (119th and Nall or 91st and Metcalf, Overland Park), Phoenix Herb Company (4305 Main St., KCMO), Sage Yoga and Healing Arts (in the Crossroads) or your local health market to find oil.

Prices vary For those loved ones with a sweet tooth (and we all know at least one), check out these fun locally-made chocolates. With bars like Day Dreamz (helio light chocolate with cacao nibs) and Black Ice (black salt and mint), you’re sure to find the combination that fits your gift recipients’ tastes.

november | december 2013 29

CHOOSING MY PATH WHY OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE WAS RIGHT FOR ME “What lies behind us and what lies before

Kurt Schroer, D.O./M.B.A. Candidate

us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Although I find myself under constant stress from the long nights spent studying for exams and mastering clinical skills, this favorite quote of mine continues to remind me it is more important to realize my own internal strengths and attributes I will utilize to best serve my patients, than to worry about each test or obstacle standing in my way. Now a second year osteopathic medical student at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences (KCUMB), I am one step further in my journey – one that started many years ago. Like many pre-med students, I developed a passion for medicine at a young age. Similarly, it took me many years to recognize that different types of medicine exist. It was not until my junior year of college that I fully understood the difference between allopathic and osteopathic medicine. In fact, most people who visit their doctor do not recognize this important difference. So, what sets osteopathic medicine apart from allopathic medicine?

30 november | december 2013

Today, allopathic physicians (M.D.s) and osteopathic physicians (D.O.s) are the only two medical practitioners with complete training and licensure to perform surgery and prescribe medications. Allopathic medicine is a term used by some to refer to the conventional medical use of pharmacological agents and physical interventions used to treat sickness and disease. The key distinction of osteopathic medicine is based on the notion that people are more than just a sum of their body parts. Stemming from this belief, osteopathic physicians embrace four main principles: 1) The body is an integrated unit consisting of mind, body and spirit. 2) The body is capable of self-regulation, selfhealing and health maintenance. 3) Structure and function are reciprocally interrelated. 4) Rational treatment is based on an understanding of the first three principles.

TO FULFILLMENT WRITTEN BY Kurt Schroer, D.O./M.B.A. candidate, KCUMB

In addition, osteopathic physicians are trained to not just treat specific symptoms, but to also understand how all the body systems are interconnected and consequently affect one another. With this understanding, D.O.s can treat their patients with osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) – a technique in which D.O.s use their hands to help prevent, diagnose and treat illness. With this set of skills entirely unique to D.O.s, these physicians apply stretching, gentle pressure and resistance techniques to test for problems within many body systems. In certain cases, this treatment can accelerate healing and even replace drugs or surgery. Sharing the beliefs on which osteopathic medicine is based, I chose to return home to continue my medical education at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences (KCUMB). Knowing I would be a part of the school’s centennial class, I chose to attend not only because of the excellent medical

education it has given to so many over the years, but also because of how much this school gives back to the surrounding community. Unlike any other medical school I toured, KCUMB was the first school I saw with a community garden. Every year, KCUMB donates more than 1,000 pounds of fresh vegetables from its garden to members of the nearby community. Just one example of many, this community garden demonstrates how KCUMB is dedicated to producing quality physicians that understand the needs of their community and how to serve others with more than just their medical knowledge. Although osteopathic medicine has been the right choice for me, I encourage everyone to continue exploring both allopathic and osteopathic medicine. With an increased awareness of these different styles of medicine, one will be more equipped to find a doctor that fits the style of care he or she needs. KC

With an increased awareness of these different styles of medicine, one will be more equipped to find a doctor that fits the style of care he or she needs.

november | december 2013 31

It’s your life. Thanks for letting us care for it. Since our first Mosaic Life Care Center opened, we’ve met tons of great people, like you, interested in improving your health ... and your life. And we’ve had the pleasure of introducing a new kind of care. Now, as we fall into autumn, we just want to say thanks for welcoming us into your community – and for expecting more out of health care. Find a location near you at







live happily PRACTICING MUDITA WRITTEN BY Susan Ortbals,

If I could hear your thoughts… … when your friend tells you she was promoted at her job – and you’ve been working a dead-end job for years … if you’ve been trying to have a baby and you see a pregnant woman at the store … if your roommate gets an A on her exam and didn’t study, yet you get a C and studied for weeks

What would I hear? 34 november | december 2013

How do you react to the success and joy of others? How does their joy impact your own life? Ponder these questions and you’ll understand the meaning of mudita. Mudita is the joy you feel vicariously through the accomplishments of others when their accomplishment does not directly benefit you. Do you delight in the well-being of others, really? Or do you begrudge them if you are honest with yourself? Do you feel jealous, cheated, unlucky or envious? In Buddhism, joy is interpreted broadly. No matter what our personal circumstances, there is always joy around us. When we are fully accepting and welcoming of the good fortunes of others, we immediately expand our own happiness. In this techno age of streaming interconnectedness, we are faced with the daily, often hourly, choice of practicing mudita or suffering with resentment or jealousy. As a businesswoman, I am immersed in a competitive world daily, striving to close the next sale, or competing for market share as if our success depends on another company’s failure. The clawing isn’t on the mountain we’re all trying to climb, but at each other. Competition isn’t inherently bad. It can certainly maximize potential until we tie our happiness to personal outcome. What happens when the other team wins? When we lose the sale? When our friend’s photos highlight a trip that we can’t afford? To live happily, either practice mudita or log out of life. Practicing joy, when your friends had fun at a party you weren’t invited to, is challenging. Toasting to your neighbor’s daughter who was homecoming queen when your daughter didn’t even have a date can feel like scratching a chalkboard.

Here are seven steps that help me practice “appreciative joy”, also known as mudita.



• Significance is a universal need. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and unique – fulfill this need.

Make positive comments to those around me about their successes.

• I admire you for reaching your goal. • Your hard work has paid off and I am thrilled to hear about it. • You’ve been such a great parent, no wonder your son had no trouble finding a job.


Spin an impulsive, less than optimal reaction into a positive one.

• Maybe she’s a little over the top but her positive energy is contagious. • There’s room in this world for everyone to be successful. • How can I add to this person’s joy?


Take care of myself.

• It’s easier to practice mudita when I feel good about myself. • When I exercise and pursue my own goals, I exude a more positive mojo toward others.

The more positive joy I give away, the more I get back.

• Sharing good fortune is not an indicator of how much good fortune someone has, but how much they need acknowledgment. By tipping off their tank, I become part of the joyous occasion.


Show interest in other people’s lives.

• Those who tend to speak only of themselves struggle with appreciative joy. • Sincere interest is the greatest gift we can give others. I want to be a friend who comforts hardship and celebrates accomplishments independent of my own circumstances.


Acknowledge how feeling envious or jealous makes me feel.

• Bad. Feelings of jealousy are the most selfdestructive. Jealousy stems from comparisons we create. People do not come with specifications. We can’t compare our life to someone else’s like we compare products. KC


Remind myself that much of what I see is just on the surface.

• Jealousy and envy stem from assumptions. We rarely know someone’s full journey, the behind the scenes, their life story. • Everyone experiences hardship and challenges. Everyone. Be a cheerleader with a bird’s eye view.

THE BRAHMA VIHARA FOUNDATION SPEAKS OF MUDITA BEAUTIFULLY: “It is likened to a flower in full bloom. It is the ability to appreciate something as it is blooming and releasing the fragrance of its happiness, without falling over the edge into a skeptical sardonic reaction. It lifts the heart out of its preoccupation with insufficiency.” We can choose the spiritual antidote to resentment – mudita, or choose jealousy. One expands joy, the other takes it away. Choose wisely. Live jubilantly.

For more from Susan, visit november | december 2013 35

wellness november | december 2013 FINANCE

MORE GAIN, LESS RISK WRITTEN BY Levi G. Clock, Principal, Clockwork Financial


One of my favorite quotes is “You don’t

home late to another cold dinner, disappointed

know what you don’t know...” and I believe

spouse, and kids that got tired of waiting and

we’d all have to agree with that one.

already ate without you … again.

What if everything you thought you knew

about money was actually not true, when would you want to know about it? If you’re anything like me … the answer is

What is truly most important to you in life after all is said and done? If everything in your life was taken away from you, what one thing would you want back the

right now. So if that’s you, then take a short

most? I’ve asked this question many times and

coffee break, sit back, and begin to “think …

usually family and health make the top of the list

and grow rich”, as the popular Napoleon Hill

– in that order. So does your focus in life line up

concluded in his classic book after 20-plus years

with your greatest values? Think about that.

of researching the wealthiest business owners in the country. Unfortunately, we live in such a fast-paced

Specializing in financial planning for more than a dozen years, I’ve seen the desire for gaining more wealth become a priority over

world of “busyness”, or “business” as we call it,

the ones we’d say all of our striving is for, but

that we have just enough time to get up, run out

where’s the balance?

the door, grab a Starbucks, and show up just a

If there was a way for you to make more

few minutes late to work to keep us distracted

money over your lifetime, without taking more

from thinking more and doing less, until we get

risk, paying more taxes, or working more hours,

36 november | december 2013

would you want to know about it? If this were true (which it is) would you give yourself permission to take some extra time and invest that into what you truly value more than money? And if you did that, wouldn’t you


be happier and healthier? And if you’re happier and healthier, wouldn’t you be more efficient and

$1,000,000 –

productive with the hours you are laboring in? Well, now that you’ve hopefully taken a couple

$800,000 –

minutes to sit back and think about perspective, let’s think about one area of your life in which

$600,000 –

you’ve probably lost a lot of cumulative dollars on something you were never before encouraged

$400,000 –

There are five methods of financing anything in your life. Contrary to popular belief, cash is not as profitable as using a mutual life insurance policy as collateral for financing a $10K car every four years.

to think about – banking. It’s one of the most important businesses in the world, yet unless your

$200,000 –

parents owned a bank, you likely don’t feel very confident discussing any great details about it.


The average American spends 34.5 percent of every dollar he or she makes on financing costs. That sounds a little too high until you think

-$200,000 –


about the fact that the average financing on a





Method of Payment

30-year mortgage costs more than 45 percent out of every dollar paid for a house. The average 60-month auto loan costs more than 20 percent of the total dollars paid for that vehicle. Keep in mind, I’m talking about the total volume of dollars paid in financing cost and not annual rate of interest for the use of those dollars – there is a difference. What if there was a way for you to make the money that your financing company is making off of you?


Source: “Becoming Your Own Banker… Unlock the Infinite Banking Concept” by R. Nelson Nash. This book is a must-read for anyone that would like to learn how to make money financing your own cars, business equipment and real estate. “Living Wellness Kansas City” readers can purchase your own copy directly from Clockwork Financial, so you can continue to become educated about one of the greatest strategies that most major banks and corporations practice, but don’t teach. Isn’t it time you think like a bank and act like a bank and minimize your hard-earned money you’re losing? Visit for more info.

Have questions about what you just read? Visit

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mind november | december 2013 TECHNOLOGY

Digital Wellness:

WRITTEN BY Kristin Wark

Manage Stress and Enjoy the Holidays The holiday season is here again and that means a time of reflection and appreciation spent with family and friends. Unfortunately, the peaceful atmosphere of the holidays is too often overshadowed by the stress of buying gifts, traveling and preparing for houseguests. In fact, according to a study done by the American Psychological Association, 69 percent of adults are stressed by the feeling of “lack of time” and 51 percent feel stressed by the “pressure to give or get gifts” during the holiday season. Tackle your most stressful holiday tasks with the help of these digital resources.

38 november | december 2013

EVERNOTE Evernote is a great tool for staying organized during the holidays. This application allows you to add notes and organize them with keywords. Notes can be added as images or text, and you can search or edit them at any time. Say you’re flipping through a magazine at the doctor’s office and see a gadget that would make a great gift for your husband. Simply snap a photo with your smartphone, add the image as a note, and tag it as “Gift Ideas.” Remind yourself for whom the gift was intended by adding a caption. Additional data is collected when a note is added, such as time and location, to organize your notes even further. This application is robust with lots of layers. Take a little time to familiarize yourself with all the features and you’re sure to get the most efficient use out of it on a day-to-day basis. Even more, Evernote is available across multiple devices, like a laptop, tablet and smartphone. The application data updates automatically, so your notes are accessible anywhere and anytime you need them.

PARTY PLANNER Party Planner is a great resource to help streamline the holiday party planning process. The app comes pre-loaded with todos tagged with recommended due dates. The timeline is based on the date of the party, so you don’t have to start any of your planning from scratch. Each to-do includes tips and ideas to consider as you work your way through the planning process. You can edit or remove to-dos, set reminders on your calendar, and sort by “open” or “overdue.”

Add guests individually or by families with the ‘Guest List’ feature. Each guest profile can be tagged in categories by color, table number or if it includes children. The entire guest list can be sorted by these tags so you know exactly how many children to expect or how many open RSVPs are left. The expense calculator makes it easy to ensure your budget is on track, and a drink estimator approximates beverages using event-specific information, such as what type of drinks you plan to serve to the number of guests over the course of the party. The pre-loaded categories and easy-to-use design will quickly make this application your go-to party planning tool.

PANDORA Music is a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere during the holiday season. Pandora is a free Internet radio service that can be played from your computer or through the Pandora application on a smartphone. Choose a station based on a specific song or music category, and then customize the station by rating songs with a ‘thumbs up’ or a ‘thumbs down.’ ‘Thumbs upping’ songs improve the station as it will continue to play similar songs, and a ‘thumbs down’ removes the song from the station so it won’t be played again. Play your station while you’re cooking for a crowd or opening gifts with loved ones. With all the familiar holiday tunes everyone loves, as well as a few forgotten favorites, Pandora is sure to be a hit. KC

All apps can be downloaded from the app store on your mobile device.

november | december 2013 39


40 november | december 2013

Enlighten up

De-cluttering to improve your life We are all looking for ways to improve our lives – eating healthy, exercise, meditation. But did you know cleaning your closets can have a profound impact on your emotional and physical well-being? WRITTEN BY Written by Christine Kaya Hewitt, Integrated Healer and Oneness Trainer

november | december 2013 41

Feng Shui, the ancient Asian art of placement,


teaches the power of how changing your environment

Arrange what you choose to keep in a pleasing way

can change your life. It is based on the idea of chi,

and dust, sweep and mop to make everything fresh.

or life force, the energy that runs through all of

In closets and the basement, organize your belongings

creation. This is the same energy that is developed

in an attractive manner such as colorful storage bins.

and directed through martial arts and Tai Chi. By

The effect is palpable. You will be amazed what a

arranging your belongings differently and improving

difference you will feel just walking by a corner or the

flow, you affect the energy in your space which in turn, shifts the energy in your body and mind. Feng Shui consultants can charge up to hundreds of dollars an hour to advise their clients, but here are some simple basics that can have a profound impact as you go into the holiday season.

DECLUTTER The first order of business is always to clean up and de-clutter. Items that sit unused block the flow of chi and cause the energy in your home or office to stagnate.

How to Enlighten Up

door of a closet that has been purged and organized. This process can be a

1. Pick one closet or room per week/month on which to focus.

daunting task especially if

2. Remove unused, broken and outdated items and sell or donate.

accumulate. I recommend

3. Clean and freshen space.

your home clearing clutter,

4. Organize and arrange remaining items attractively.

improved energy. Your mind

5. Enjoy the new energy.

physical energy to take on

you have lived somewhere for a long time. It is amazing how much stuff we can picking one closet or room a week, or even month, to tackle. As you work through you will start to feel the will be quieter and sharper. Your heart will be lighter and you will have more the next project.

You, in turn, are impacted by this stagnant energy making you feel fatigued,


listless and unmotivated. The visual impact of mess

Purging can also improve your finances as well as

and piles creates mental chaos, and knowing your

dilemmas you have been struggling to solve. By

closets are clogged with unused items blocks the flow

clearing your physical space, you create mental space

of new ideas and insights.

and new ideas and insights about your problems will

The solution, as my friend used to say, is simple

flow – the increased chi will draw prosperity to you.

but not easy: CLEAN! Scan your home with a critical

Additionally, Feng Shui teaches that lightening your

eye and remove things you don’t need or use. Corners,

space will encourage your body to lighten up and you

shelves and closets are not for storing things you

will lose weight. This might seem farfetched but it

don’t know what to do with. Be particularly ruthless

couldn’t hurt to try, right?

in your closets and storage spaces, gathering unused and outdated items.

42 november | december 2013

Start today with just one corner and experience the power of enlightening up.

You can donate and recycle many items. As you de-clutter, ask yourself “how can I reuse or recycle this?” says Matt Riggs, of This local site is a great resource for finding places to recycle household items you may otherwise throw in the garbage. According to Riggs, 80 percent of trash thrown onto the curb is recyclable. There are many places and ways to recycle and reuse these items to keep them out of the landfill. To find a local resource for recycling household items, visit call the hotline at 816-474-8326, or email

Athletic Shoes Most often athletic shoes are still in decent shape when we’re done with them and can be donated to thrift stores for resale. However, if you’re one of those people who uses old shoes for the dog park or mowing the lawn, they can get pretty gross rather quickly. Fortunately there are programs such as Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe program, which takes old sneakers and turns them into running tracks, playgrounds and more. To find a drop-off location, call your local Nike store. You may also mail them to the program directly, although shipping costs aren’t covered. Google ‘Reuse-a-Shoe’ to find out more.

Batteries The household hazardous waste (HHW) program for batteries is the best place to recycle batteries. Because all batteries can contain materials that pose a threat to the environment and community health, it is important to recycle them properly. Riggs recommends visiting the website to find a HHW recycler near you.

Clothing When you donate clothing to thrift stores, oftentimes the proceeds from selling used clothing helps a charity such as Goodwill, Disabled American Veterans, Missouri Council for the Blind, and animal shelters. Some organizations will even pick up clothing directly from your home. If you have clothing that has seen better days and isn’t sellable, go ahead and add it to the donation bag – most major charities contract with companies that will recycle the old clothing into rags or other usable items.

Eye Glasses Many of us who don specs have years’ worth of old glasses sitting around the house. The Lion’s Club focuses on

preventing blindness and promoting healthy eyesight throughout the world, and collects old eyeglasses and recycles them at their multiple locations throughout the world. Call your eye doctor to find out if he or she collects old glasses for donation.

Paint Many homes have cans upon cans of old paint in basements, garages and sheds, making it the number one requested item for RecycleSpot’s hotline. Paint should be recycled as a HHW item at your local drop off. Visit to find your spot.

Prescription Drugs Prescription drugs can add up and expire before you know it. Throwing them away poses a threat to the environment or those who may happen upon them, whether it be human or animal. Events are held throughout the year to collect old meds.

Sensitive Documents There are many paper shredding companies in the metro, but often they may charge to shred documents. Many times throughout the year, cities will hold ‘shred events’ where residents can bring their sensitive documents to be shredded and recycled with peace of mind.

Wrapping Paper Unfortunately, many commercial wrapping papers aren’t recyclable due to the plastic and foil added to them to make them shiny. Riggs recommends wrapping gifts in the funny pages from the newspaper, which are recyclable; using craft paper; or using something practical, like a reusable shopping bag. This is a good example of taking preventive measures to avoid more waste than is necessary. KC

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health november | december 2013 EATING DISORDER OVERVIEW

Creating lasting WRITTEN BY Brittany Nelson

44 november | december 2013


While there still is no cure, new studies provide hope that early detection and treatment could possibly change the course of Alzheimer’s Disease.


Forgetting where you placed your keys, a missed appointment or not remembering the name of your high school band teacher are all symptoms of being a normal human being. But when forgetfulness affects your daily life in a significant way, dementia and Alzheimer’s may be a factor. “What we look for is a change in your ability to do things,” says Eric Vidoni, P.T., Ph.D., and Education and Outreach Core Director at the University of Kansas Alzheimer’s Disease Center. Alzheimer’s Disease, as defined by the National Institute on Aging, is an irreversible, progressive brain disease that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills, and eventually the ability to carry out the simplest tasks. The most common form of dementia – Alzheimer’s Disease – affects roughly 5.1 million Americans. The disease progresses over time with the buildup of plaque protein, such as Amyloid, in the brain. “The dominant theory is that if we could somehow block the amyloid – get rid of the amyloid, we could change the course of the disease,” says Vidoni. The University

november | december 2013 45

of Kansas Alzheimer’s Disease Center is one of 29 National Institute of Aging designated and funded Alzheimer’s Disease Centers in the country, and routinely hosts clinical research trials for advancing the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s. The study of how exercise can remove amyloid in the brain is one of the two studies the Center is currently conducting, the second is testing the use of intranasal insulin, a nose spray for people in the very early stages of the disease in the belief that the positioning of the mist, spraying close to the brain, can help the memory. But with Alzheimer’s Disease, preventative treatments often outweighs treatment when one already has the disease. “We have a lot of drugs that can change the amyloid levels, whether it’s through removal or blocking it, and it hasn’t really helped people who already have the disease, so The Brain Fitness Center was developed at Saint Luke’s Health System in Kansas City five years ago for stroke patients; those with traumatic brain injury and those with brain fog; and those who don’t have dementia but have some sort of memory issue.

46 november | december 2013

there’s kind of a shift in the approach by research and the pharma companies to maybe seeing if we can treat it prior to the to the onset of symptoms,” says Vidoni. The most common medications being used to help treat mild to moderate cases of Alzheimer’s are called acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, such as Exelon and Aricept. Karin Olds, M.D., neurologist at Saint Luke’s Neuroscience Institute, often starts with these medications for mild Alzheimer’s cases. “That class of medicine wasn’t really found to reverse dementia or to stop the process because it is a process, but it did seem to help people in a functional capacity better, so they are functioning better in their own lives by still being able to do things for themselves at a longer point,” says Olds. Aside from drugs, the most important part of prevention and treatment of mild cases is keeping the brain fresh. “Our simple motto is heart health is brain health,” says Vidoni. “Everybody knows what to do for a healthy heart. There’s four pillars to this: eat right, exercise regularly, stay cognitively engaged so you’re thinking and challenging your mind and staying socially engaged.” And just doing a weekly crossword puzzle won’t cut it. “Learn a new language, try a new musical instrument, do things that are hard for your brain.” And social interaction is extremely vital as well. “We all see this in practice, those staying social do much better than patients who are isolated,” says Olds. And that’s a major part of why the Brain Fitness Center was developed at Saint Luke’s Health System in Kansas City five years ago. The center was established for three groups of the neurological population: stroke patients, those with traumatic brain injury and those with brain fog; those who don’t have dementia but have some sort of memory issue; and for the worried well. The worried well include “people who maybe don’t have any significant memory or cognition issue but maybe see a family member or friend come down with dementia or some kind of mental problem and they

“This is a disease where we know we don’t have a cure, but people come to us and they’re willing to be in studies and I hear this a lot: ‘I know this probably won’t help me, but hopefully it’ll help my grandchildren’.” – Eric Vidoni, P.T., Ph.D.

say what can I do to not get there,” according to John Corbaley, M.S., M.A., Director of the Brain Fitness Center. “A lot of folks come because they want to stay healthy.” The main goal of the center is to initiate preventative programs for brain health or prevent the onset of any kind of dementia. “We have a program that consists of a neuro-targeted cognitive training, which is training on the computer, mindfulness-based stress reduction, because we think that stress is a very important component and the elimination of it is very important for brain health, and nutrition to promote brain health,” says Corbaley. Patients meet in the ‘brain gym,’ which consists of a large computer lab and an area to do chair yoga. Meeting twice a week for two hours, the program lasts 12 weeks. And because Alzheimer’s is a process, the center only treats those with early stages of Alzheimer’s. “We see an average of 10 years improvement in memory that’s stable at five years,” says Corbaley about the center. And even though there isn’t a cure, people seem hopeful. “I think there’s a trend for people to be more aware of it,” says Vidoni. “This is a disease where we know we don’t have a cure, but people come to us and they’re willing to be in studies and I hear this a lot: ‘I know this probably won’t help me, but hopefully it’ll help my grandchildren’.” KC

Marc K. Taormina, M.D.

Leading GI Specialist Serving Jackson County Colon Cancer Screening Center – Direct Scheduling Available (no referral needed) Heartburn & Esophageal Cancer Center Outpatient Testing Center – Compare quality & costs ASGE Unit Recognition for infection control, quality and safety (Eastern Jackson County’s only ASGE recognized facility) Prompt reporting of findings to you and your primary physician Office Hemorrhoid Treatment (painless, effective) Specializing in Adult Outpatient Exams Contact us today at:

(816) 836-2200 PARTNERS, P.C.

Eastern Jackson County Lee’s Summit, MO 64064

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St. Luke’s Northland

Kansas City, MO 64154

health november | december 2013 EATING DISORDER OVERVIEW

Alzheimer’s Disease CAUSE AND PREVENTION Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) – if you don’t know someone with it, then you know someone caring for an afflicted loved one. The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that 1 in 10 people over age 65, and nearly half of people over 85 have AD. According to Johns Hopkins University researchers, more than 26 million people worldwide had AD in 2007 and they forecasted the number would quadruple by 2050.

Changing the way we think about AD It’s time to change our thinking around AD and other neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and Lou Gehrig’s. The pharmaceutical industry has focused its efforts on developing drugs that interfere with the production of amyloid-beta – a component of the plaques seen in brains of people with AD and other neurodegenerative diseases – without success. Drugs that increase levels of brain chemicals that are low in people with these diseases, such as acetylcholine in AD, and dopamine in Parkinson’s, are available, but results have been disappointing. Given all of this, some researchers have focused their efforts on understanding the process that leads to AD. Two discoveries illuminate a path towards prevention: one is that the blood brain barrier (BBB) leaks in patients with AD; the second is that amyloid-beta is an anti-microbial protein, the body’s own antibiotic.

Blood brain barrier (BBB) leak The blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to all parts of are bodies, aren’t just tubes. Molecules move in and out of them through the vessel walls. The blood

48 november | december 2013

WRITTEN BY Bethany Klug, D.O.

vessels in the brain are different from the rest of the body – they only let certain molecules through. These blood vessels are known collectively as the BBB. Copper has made the news lately as an AD trigger and illustrates how the BBB breaks down and leaks. Copper is essential for many bodily functions. When the body has too much, it stores it in the walls of the blood vessels, which is a normal defense mechanism. As the copper accumulates it oxidizes (think green patina.) In small amounts, the immune system would mount an inflammatory response to clear out the oxidized copper. In larger amounts the oxidative stress creates a chronic inflammatory response that causes the BBB to leak. It also disrupts the process of moving molecules through the barrier. In the case of copper, the normal immune system process that removes amyloid beta from the brain slows down. Copper is just one example. The same thing happens when excess iron, sugar or microorganisms cause oxidative stress and inflammation. Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are created when a sugar molecule such as glucose or fructose binds very strongly to a protein or fat molecule. Many cells, including the cells that make up our blood vessel walls, contain receptors for AGEs called RAGEs. When an AGE binds to a RAGE an inflammatory response results. Again, in small amounts this is appropriate. Yet at fasting blood sugar levels in the upper part of the normal range, AGEs can cause a chronic inflammatory response that cause the BBB to leak and malfunction. This is a way insulin resistance and diabetes can increase the risk of AD.

Amyloid-beta anti-microbial protein Microorganisms, such as the virus herpes simplex, the yeast Candida, and the bacteria E. coli, enter the brain through a leaky BBB. One way the brain responds is by making its own antibiotic, amyloidbeta. Microorganisms get in our blood stream from any chronic infection, such as sinusitis or gingivitis. They also enter the body through a damaged gastrointestinal tract or leaky gut. Gluten, dairy, processed foods, or a single high fat, high sugar meal can cause inflammation in the gut wall that can make it leak and malfunction. A leaky gut increases your chance of a leaky brain.

Alzheimer’s Disease prevention strategies • Eating in a way that keeps your gut healthy • Keeping your blood vessels healthy • Limiting your exposure to heavy metals and detoxify them from your body • Maintaining a low normal blood sugar • Healing chronic infections such as sinusitis and gingivitis

Kansas City’s ONLY Comprehensive Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine Institute

These strategies rarely require drugs or specialty lab testing. A right carbohydrate diet, stress reduction, exercise, proper hormone balance, appropriate supplementation and monitoring markers of inflammation, oxidative stress and immune function are part of HealthSpan’s Sound Mind Neurogenerative Disease prevention program. This program is appropriate for anyone who aspires to remain mentally and physically sharp in his or her later years, or who notices he or she is not as mentally or as physically sharp as he or she once was. Learn more at KC

Bethany Klug, D.O. practices holistic medicine at HealthSpan in Prairie Village. She has also taught mindfulness practice since 1995. Learn more at

Blended. Balanced. Scientific. Shelley Alexander, D.O. Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine Specialist

Use Your End of Year HAS/FSA funds with our Medical Programs!

10557 Mission Road | Leawood, KS | 66206 913.213.6900 |

Hepatitis C:

The silent liver destroyer



Often an asymptomatic disease, it is no wonder that The FDA is expected to approve two new drugs at least 50 percent of individuals with hepatitis C later this year that have an anticipated success of remain unaware they have been infected. greater than 95 percent. Additionally, side effects According to Fredric Regenstein, M.D. of the Saint may be much easier to tolerate and treatment time Luke’s Health System Liver Disease Management may be shortened. Program, there are many factors that put an Avoidance of diagnosis or treatment is often deadly. individual at risk for being infected with hepatitis Although hepatitis C can be asymptomatic for many C. Those with a history of injected drug use are at years, it can cause severe liver damage, sometimes the highest risk. He states that it is important for resulting in liver failure or liver cancer. In the last individuals to understand that even those who only decade, deaths resulting from liver cancer have more experimented once or twice are being diagnosed with than doubled. this disease. Because of this, the medical community in Kansas Additionally, if any of the following risk factors City is working hard to ensure that education and apply to you, you should diagnosis is available to also seek screening: If you at-risk individuals. Dr. Avoidance of diagnosis or treatment received a blood transfusion Regenstein is one of the is often deadly. Although hepatitis C or organ transplant prior leading authorities on the can be asymptomatic for many to 1992, if you are a child management and diagnosis years, it can cause severe liver or partner of an individual of hepatitis C. He has damage, sometimes resulting in infected with hepatitis C, been an important part of if you have hemophilia, the efforts to encourage liver failure or liver cancer. In the last elevated liver chemistries education and screening decade, deaths resulting from liver or are on hemodialysis. for at-risk individuals. cancer have more than doubled. In hopes of capturing a His efforts have included large portion of at-risk setting up free screening individuals, anyone born between the years of 1945 clinics in August of 2012 and 2013. and 1965 are also being encouraged to receive a At this time, screening can be obtained at minimal screening for hepatitis C. cost from your primary care physician. The Kansas At this time, treatment for hepatitis C is difficult City Missouri Health Department offers free because of the many side effects that accompany it. screenings five days a week with an appointment at Treatment is successful for 70 percent of those who their Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic located complete treatment, with 30 percent of the patients at 2400 Troost Avenue, Suite 2000. After testing, dropping out of treatment due to the severity of the results are available within 10 days. Counseling on side effects. These side effects include depression, treatment options is also offered to individuals who nausea, vomiting, fatigue and skin rashes. According test positive for the virus. to Dr. Regenstein, these side effects should not Appointments can be scheduled by calling be a cause for avoiding screenings or treatment. 816-513-6397. Additional information about the Individuals infected with hepatitis C do have hope for clinic and facts sheets for the hepatitis C virus can be easier, more effective treatment. found at KC

50 november | december 2013




with Living Wellness Kansas City and Awaken Whole Life Center




with Max strom

with Dr. Angela Barnett and the Awaken team

NOVEMBER 7-9, 2013

JANUARY 2-5, 2014

JANUARY 5-10, 2014

What does it mean to live a lifestyle that nurtures your body, mind and spirit? Join us for this Living Wellness weekend as we help you prepare for the holidays.

This retreat will help you to overcome negative presets and propel you into a new and more meaningful experience of living. Learn that joy and fulfillment require us to be active participants, not passive viewers.

Through the guidance of Dr. Angela Barnett, along with state-of-the-art health assessment tools, personal trainers and wellness practitioners, this immersion will help you reach and maintain your optimal weight.

TO REsERVE YOUR sPACE, PLEAsE CALL 855.627.5672. For Early Bird registration, mention promo code: LIVWELL February 21-23, 2014 | The Four Purposes of Life, Dan Millman February 27-March 2, 2014 | Mindful Living: Awakening the Contemporary Contemplative, Robert Brumet

For more info visit: 1901 NW Blue Pkwy | Unity Village, MO 64065 Located at Unity Village

Many birthing centers talk about new wallpaper and spa amenities, but you should know more about your healthcare, such as: An integrated team of 22 faculty-physician specialists and subspecialists in OB/GYN, the largest in the region A low total caesarean section rate of 23% Routine encouragement of vaginal birth after cesarean delivery for appropriate candidates, achieving success in at least 7 out of 10 candidates Special programs for the prevention of preterm birth, and the management of multiple gestations, diabetes and other important maternal and fetal health problems The support from both the regionally unique KU Center for Advanced Fetal Care and KU Center for High Risk Pregnancy A brand new neonatal intensive care unit with single family rooms, and neonatal medical home providing personalized care after discharge culminating in exceptional outcomes Being the only facility in the region to require all to participate annually in PROMPT, the only training course in obstetrical emergencies shown to improve patient outcomes

Why settle for wallpaper? (oh, we have that too) 913.588.6200

KUMC Campus 3901 Rainbow Blvd Kansas City, KS 66160

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November/December 2013  
November/December 2013  

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