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HOW TO TRAVEL SMARTER by Travel & Lifestyle Expert Linda Cooper

One could definitely say I’m a professional traveler as the Host and Executive Producer of my television show, “Travel Time with Linda”. In fact, when filming our Season One episodes I featured 12 “Caribbean Dreaming” Islands in a matter of six months and my husband used to joke he needed to go on vacay to see me. When it came time to film Season Two featuring “BucketList Destinations”, I learned how to pace myself because being on permanent vacation is HARD. Over the past few years of racking up over a million frequent flyer miles I’ve learned how to travel smarter. I can navigate confidently around an over-crowded airplane with a hocking, coughing passenger without getting sick. I learned how to not break a nail (or multiple) packing, unpacking and schlepping my luggage through multiple continents, and perhaps the most important of all; knowing WHAT TO PACK when your gone every other month for 2 weeks at a time. Packing the essentials is a mandatory requirement and I’m not just talking toothpaste. I’m talking key glamour essentials, to go from drab to fab in 60 seconds and turn a bad hair day into that ‘New me, who is this?!’ mood.


September 2019

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