Living Well Magazine July 2019

Page 24

Best Swimwear Line Hands Down It’s normal to feel a little insecure clad in only a swimsuit walking along a crowded public beach; go ahead and times that feeling by one hundred and then you can imagine how it feels working a bathing suit on TV. No matter how much prepping beforehand, any woman will tell you they need all the help they can get. And no wardrobe malfunctions thank you very much!

Spray Tan… Daily 2 hour workouts one week leading up to shoot... Amazing Swimwear... My go-to resort wear line hands down for bathing suits that I can always feel my most confident, is always flattering, comfortable, sexy but not too sexy is BECCA Swim. And I can tell you the quality is insane! This handkerchiefbandeau BECCA bikini worn above snorkeling is one of my favorite styles, and I hate to admit but it’s easily five years old now and looks the same as when I first bought it. One more great feature is the line has the most adorable resort wear cover-ups to mix and match. And there you have it. My favorite summer survival must-haves. I’m off to do some last-minute packing….. Wishing everyone Safe Travels and a Happy Summer!

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Linda Cooper is an award-winning TV Host, Producer and Writer serving as a brand ambassador to worldwide travel on her national luxury lifestyle series “Travel Time with Linda” and as a contributor to several lifestyle and travel publications. Over the years, her specialty areas of focus include the travel, lifestyle, luxury, food/wine, fitness,and retail shopping. July 2019