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Survival Must-Haves

“Blow in my ear and I’ll go anywhere....” by Travel Host Linda Cooper The joy of travel never gets old. I’m surprised with the amount of travel I do for business filming my tv show “Travel Time with Linda”, that I still get a euphoric rush in anticipation for an upcoming trip and the giddiness I feel when hearing that familiar “Now Boarding” flight announcement over the airport PA. My gypsy spirit awakens every few months, often triggered by the intense feeling of being land-locked, recognizable only to those who grew up by an ocean like myself as a native Californian that now resides in Dallas.

For those of you fortunate to live in close proximity to the beach, never take it for granted.... My intense desire so palpable to hear the waves crash, smell the salty spray of ocean in my hair and the zenlike sensation of feeling “grounded” walking along its sandy beach is one of many reasons why I love to rent a beach house every year in Carlsbad for leisure time with my family.

How I found this beach house is a very special story and can best be described really that the house found me. The view that welcomes you once walking inside (pictured above) still gives me the chills each and every time, year after year. As I began packing my “must-have travel essentials” for my upcoming beach retreat, I remembered a promise I made as I’m often asked to share the hottest lifestyle finds I can’t live without, so here’s a short list of my latest obsessions. 22

July 2019