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Mark OsbOrne

Standing proud: Mary at our shop in Barnes, beautiful Barnes

About us

Mary's Living & Giving shops for save the Children were established in 2009

from a philosophy created for save the Children by retail expert, Mary Portas.

but they go much deeper than just shopping.

They are community hubs, run largely by local people for local people.

They are where you can come to find inspiration, share a bit of local news,

a skill, the time of day and the belief that giving something back is important. The money raised from every item sold in our shops is used to fund the

vital work we do at save the Children. at a time when global brands,

shopping centres and the internet play an ever increasing role in our lives,

Mary’s Living & Giving shops offer a revolutionary antidote – a human

and ethical shopping experience. What could be more ethical

than saving children's lives as you shop.

We are shopping with heart and soul. We are living and giving. and we want you to be part of it.

mary’s living & giving shop for

Save the Children

COVer: Mary’s Living & Giving’s youngest volunteer, Florence, elegantly cuts the ribbon at our barnes launch with shop Manager Maegen, Feb 2012. Photography by Mark Osborne

Our philosophy Living & Giving isn’t simply about shops, it's a philosophy. It's a collaboration of people’s ideas, beliefs and values. It's about people giving time, energy and passion and most importantly - doing what they can. It is based on the idea of a cooperative, with community involvement at the heart of each shop. Living & Giving shouldn't just inspire the community, it should bring the community to life.

Our shops

We have a detailed location strategy and a dedicated team looking for suitable sites. We listen carefully to a community’s needs before we open a shop.

We have some signature elements that appear in our stores, for example the

‘Thank You wall,’ and we like to include an element of surprise, but each store is

individually designed by a professional design team on a voluntary basis to create a unique community space. We are about soulful retail entertainment and

restoration, not Tescoization.

Our shops are designed as gifts to the community. Places to delight and inspire

people. Their purpose is to raise funds and spread the important message about our work. People are the heart and stars of our business, it is only befitting we

provide them with a suitable stage.

If you believe a Mary’s Living & Giving shop would work well in your community,

please email us explaining why. email Lily at:

neIL WaTsOn

Edinburgh 34a raeburn Place edinburgh eH4 1Hn 0131 315 2856 Mon-sat: 10.00 - 17.00 sun: 12.00 - 17.00 Manager: barbara Williams

The first Mary’s Living & Giving shop for save the Children, the store in stockbridge, edinburgh had formerly been a bank. The design is bright, playful and features an art wall and a reclaimed timber floor.

neIL WaTsOn

Westbourne Grove 177 Westbourne Grove London W11 2sb 020 7727 6166 Mon-sat: 11.00 - 18.00 sun: 12.00 - 17.00 Manager: Venera nurgazieva

Our first shop in London, our Westbourne Grove store reflects the fashionable nature of notting Hill and was designed as a place to entertain and delight. There are splashes of Mary’s signature purple throughout and a pop art ceiling.

neIL WaTsOn

Primrose Hill 109 regent’s Park road Primrose Hill nW1 8Ur 020 7586 9966 Mon-Fri: 9.30 - 18.00 sat: 10.30 - 18.00 sun: 11.00 - 17.00 Manager: krissy barton

Our Primrose Hill store is divided into four rooms and loosely based around the theme of ‘home.’ Unusual features include a changing room accessible through a wardrobe and a reclaimed shop counter made especially for us by rupert blanchard as a gift using oaks panels from the home of artists Gilbert & George.

anTHOnY LeYLand

Parsons Green 28 new kings road London sW6 4sT 020 7751 0597 Mon-sat: 10.00 - 18.00 sun: 12.00 - 18.00 benedICT JOHnsOn benedICT JOHnsOn

Parsons Green is a triumph of our design team’s skill at fitting a lot of retail into a small space. Continuing with our desire to include an element of surprise, the fitting room is accessible through a bookcase.

Mark OsbOrne

Every detail of our Barnes store, including this beautiful door handle, was lovingly sourced by our interior designer, Kate Monckton, on a voluntary basis.

Barnes 64 Church road, barnes sW13 0dQ 020 8741 9041 Mon-sat: 9.30 - 17.30 sun: 11.00 - 16.00 Manager: Maegan Leoni Mark OsbOrne Mark OsbOrne

Mark OsbOrne

barnes is a beautiful part of London and we went to great lengths to give the community a suitably elegant design. keen to restore wherever possible, the walls and floor were painstakingly stripped of paint and hardboard to reveal beautiful original tiling. This store features a kid’s den and dog Parking.


Richmond 29 The Green richmond-Upon-Thames surrey TW9 1LX 020 8332 1584 Mon-sat: 10.00 - 18.00 sun: 11.00 - 17.00 Manager: Tiffany symonds

aLI kULakOWskI

It is said good things come in small packages and our richmond store is testament to that. With a prime location on The Green, our bijoux boutique this store reflects the life and beauty of its surroundings. It is designed by a volunteer who has worked on films and TV shows such as Downtown Abbey. It features our first ‘thank you tree’, an idea based on the wishing trees of the Far east.


Chiswick 152 Chiswick High road London W4 1Pr 020 8995 3244 Mon-sat: 10.00 - 18.00 sun: 11.00 - 17.00

almost opposite Hogarth's statue, a few doors along from The Old Cinema antiques market, is our seventh shop. Its design reflects the artisan history of Chiswick. The main body of the shop is based on a gallery space whilst in the back studio, you can feel like an artist's model as you step behind our fitting screen and gaze up at a ceiling of brushes or down to an artfully painted splattered floor.

designed as a gift from our talented friends at nearby aMd architecture.

Teddington 93 High street Teddington Middlesex TW11 8HG 020 8977 0680

Located in the bustle of Teddington High street, this gem of a shop has brought a little of its outside surroundings inside.

Using Teddington Lock as inspiration for the shop design, local designers, aMd Interior architecture, stripped everything back to find original exposed beams and cast iron stoves.

Mix these features with unglazed green and blue floor tiles, hanging rails made from timber and rope, a till point that resembles a gate to the keepers Cottage, and you’d be forgiven if you thought you’d just entered an idyllic country home.

206 Fulham road Fulham London sW10 9PJ 020 7751 0597 Mon-sat: 10.00 - 18.00 sun: 11.00 - 17.00


Our Fulham store is situated between the famous boltons and Chelsea & Westminster hospital. designed as a gift by the team that created stores for dyptique and agent Provocateur, many of the shop's features including the floor and ceiling - have been donated.

Fashion conscious and caring, Mary's Living & Giving serves as a focal point to the local community.

Shop Manager, Venera, shares her visual merchandising skills with a volunteer at Mary’s Living & Giving Shop, Westbourne Grove.

benedICT JOHnsOn

Our volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Mary's Living & Giving for save the Children. They are

on the frontline, meeting our customers face to face and in one of the most powerful

positions to deliver our brand values and key messages.

People come to volunteering for any number of reasons and with a variety of skills.

We try to match these skills with a role that suits them. some people give two/three

days a week of their time to help manage a shop, others just an hour or a one off

donation of their time or services. For example, all the portraits you see here were

taken by a professional photographer on a voluntary basis and the interviews

conducted by a journalist who volunteers at our Parsons Green store.

Our cause can be just part of the reason people start volunteering with us. They

might equally come for social interaction, as a route back to work or because they

have a desire to be part of something bigger and feel valued. recognising this, we give

volunteers a role they can take ownership of and the opportunity to make the most of

their experience. We want people to contribute in a way they find fulfilling, enjoy and

ultimately, most benefit our cause.

‘I volunteer at Mary’s Living & Giving because it’s such a creative and exciting

environment, one where I can really use my skills,’ says Jamie. ‘ Volunteering is fun

and it genuinely makes me feel good about myself.’

If you have a skill, passion or simply some spare time, let us know and we will do our best

to find a way to help you be part of something amazing. Call our Volunteer support

Line on: 020 7012 6997 or e-mail Lily at:

benedICT JOHnsOn

‘'Sometimes I think I'’m just steaming a garment. Then I remember, I'’m actually playing a part in helping to save a child's life.'’ Claudine Property locator and volunteer

Lillian, 26 Journalist and volunteer

benedICT JOHnsOn

Why did you decide to volunteer? I bought my wedding dress here. I was really excited when I found this shop. I wanted to come back and buy more and it needed volunteers. What is your favourite thing about Living & Giving? It gives everyone an opportunity to buy a nice bit of clothing but the money also goes to a great cause. It has a special, boutique feel. This is not a regular charity shop. People who can’t afford other shops around here can buy from this one. What makes this shop special? The people. I hadn’t met anyone in the neighbourhood before I started volunteering. There are so many cultures and backgrounds working here. When do you work? Thursdays What do you know about the work of Save the Children? I know that the money raised goes to needy children around the world. I think it’s 87p in every pound. Favourite or most used expression? Have a good day or I wish I had seen that. Favourite song? sonny rollins Describe yourself in five words Laidback, friendly, cheerful, welcoming, honest.

Yasmeen, 18, student and volunteer

Why did you decide to volunteer? I thought it would be good retail experience and give me the opportunity to work with different types of people. I also wanted to do something for charity. What is your favourite thing about Living & Giving? I like the fact we sell designer clothes but cater for everyone. You’re helping a charity but in a glamorous way. What makes this shop so special? It’s a nice area and a stylish shop, unlike some charity shops. What days do you work here? I do a half day on Tuesdays and saturdays What do you know about the work of Save the Children? They have an east african appeal running right now and do a lot for children all around the world. How does working for Save the Children make you feel? Happy. I feel I’m contributing to something far bigger than me.

benedICT JOHnsOn

‘I feel I’m contributing to something far bigger than me.'’

Stefania, 36, volunteer

benedICT JOHnsOn

Why did you decide to volunteer? I had some spare time. I’ve just relocated to the Uk with my husband. I thought it would be a nice thing to do with the possibility of learning new skills. What is your favourite thing about Living & Giving? I like talking to the customers and choosing what to sell. I’m mad about the jewellery. I also enjoy sewing, doing repairs and alterations to the donations. What makes this shop special? The quality of what we sell and the fact that it’s for charity. buying a nice bag isn’t just for you, but also a gift to children. What days do you work here? I do three half days a week. What do you know about the work of Save the Children? I now know quite a lot. They face tough situations in tough countries. They feed children and provide healthcare and save them from illness and death. Most of the profit is given to the children, 87p in the pound. sometimes with other charities, it can be a lot less. How does working for Save the Children make you feel? I’m very proud. I wasn’t doing anything before volunteering here and now I’m helping to save children’s lives. Favourite or most used expression? Thank you Favourite Song? I’m Easy Like Sunday Morning Describe yourself in five words Positive, active, smiley, helpful and kind.

Why did you decide to volunteer? My friend Paul roped me in. He’s a very hard man to say no to! I was the assistant designer at the Living & Giving shop in Westbourne Grove and my role has sort of grown from there. What is your favourite thing about Living & Giving? The standard of donations is amazing. You always get top quality at Living & Giving. What days do you work? I work when I can, usually between jobs. I’ve just finished shooting Sherlock Holmes II and can help until I start work on Downtown Abbey. What do you know about the work of Save the Children? Quite a lot now. I’ve become a huge supporter of the charity and the work they do around the world. Whenever you see an emergency on the news, save the Children always seem to be the first charity on the scene. They’re quicker than kate adie! How does working for Save the Children make you feel? I feel warm and glowing inside. Volunteering makes me feel good about myself. Favourite or most used expression Oh my god, I love that! Anything particularly funny or interesting ever happen at your shop? Meeting Maureen Lipman. Favourite song Born This Way by Lady Gaga Describe yourself in five words Complicated, ambitious, punctual, creative, lovable.

benedICT JOHnsOn

Jamie Alcock, 36, Interior Designer and L&G volunteer

‘'It'’s nice to feel that you're doing something worthwhile that will make a big difference to other people's lives.'’ Lou, volunteer

benedICT JOHnsOn

Stars of tomorrow: Members of the Sylvia Young School Choir perform at Mary’s Living & Giving

Community Events

With the local community at its heart, Mary’s Living & Giving isn’t simply a shop.

It’s a place to inspire, share, create and discover.

There is nothing we enjoy more than a local community event. sometimes we join in

with established events, such as local fairs, other times we host our own, such as

knitting circles or book clubs. We love bringing people together.

One of our greatest compliments came from a customer at Primrose Hill who said:

‘Having you open up here has really put the heart back into our community.’

If you have an idea for a community event, please speak to your local Mary’s Living &

Giving shop manager or email:

Born to knit: Members of the community regularly share their skills at knit’n’natter Club, Primrose Hill.

Born to scare: Face painting at Mary’s Living & Giving shop for save the Children, stockbridge.

Born to play: Members of The shenley Quartet donate the gift of their talent at our Parsons Green store.

Born to party: Westbourne Grove celebrates the wedding of the HrH the duke and duchess of Cambridge.

Born to write: Martina rinks signs copies of her book Isabella Blow for customers at Westbourne Grove.

Born to sparkle: save the Children ambassador, natasha kaplinsky switches on our Christmas lights at Parsons Green.

Our shops don’t just raise funds, they deliver our message to a new customer group.

Our customers

Mary's Living & Giving customers are as varied as life itself but they all appreciate three

things: value, quality and our cause. 'I've never bought anything in a charity shop

before,' says customer, Liz, 'but Mary's Living & Giving is such a beautiful looking shop I

came in and spent ÂŁ200 on a designer handbag. I think of the money as a gift to save

the Children and the bag is God's way of saying thank you. It takes all the guilt out of

shopping.' as well as designer treasure, we make sure there is something in all our

shops to suit all pockets.

We genuinely love our customers. They are our suppliers, our shoppers, our

neighbours, members of our community, our supporters and our friends. Mary's

Living & Giving shops are unique because we work under a philosophy of shared

ownership. Our shops don't just belong to the charity, they belong to the

volunteers, the customers and the community at large. They belong to you. Our shops exist because you care.

Naomi, 35

What do you like about Living & Giving? The fact that it’s second-hand and you’re recycling and that it’s for a charity. There are loads of good bargains to be had. This is not your average charity shop. How often do you come here? I pop in a couple of times a month on my way to the shops. What makes this particular shop special? I haven’t been to any of the others but this one looks so nice and it’s the only charity shop within walking distance. How is the customer service? Top notch. They’re very friendly in here and they were offering free hand massages the other day – a lovely touch. What have or are you thinking of buying or donating today? I’ve donated a couple of books and a pair of men’s shorts. Do you shop in other charity shops and how does this compare? I do always look but never find anything. Fara is ok, but this shop is head and shoulders above the others. Why do you donate to Living & Giving? It’s the closest and I feel they will get the best price for my donations. What do you know about the work of Save the Children? not much before I came in. They help children around the world.

benedICT JOHnsOn

‘I love Mary’s Living & Giving shop so much I'’m a volunteer and a customer!’ Alice

benedICT JOHnsOn

Sarah Wadham, 55

What do you like about Living & Giving? Good quality merchandise, well laid out. The donations are more likely to sell than go into landfill. It’s also a really good charity. How often do you come here and why? about once a month, usually to donate. What makes this particular shop special? It has a good atmosphere and a good position. It doesn’t feel like a charity shop. How is the customer service? brilliant, always cheerful. What’s your favourite item in store today? The pink ashley Isham evening dress on the mannequin. It’s brand new and at £145, much less than I would expect to pay. What have or are you thinking of buying or donating today? I’m donating some hats, a skirt and two shirts. Do you shop in other charity shops and how does this compare? I donate more than buy but it compares really well. Why do you donate to Living & Giving? Convenience. I have too much clutter and I know it’s going to a good home. It encourages you to get rid of stuff. What do you know about the work of Save the Children? It’s not a charity that I had considered supporting but I have rather fallen in love with this shop and suppose by donating here, I am now doing just that.

benedICT JOHnsOn

‘Our week isn’t complete until we’ve checked out Mary’s Living & Giving. It’s great for bargains and a bit of local gossip!’

benedICT JOHnsOn

‘'The customer service at Mary’s Living & Giving makes it special.'’ Naomi Customer

benedICT JOHnsOn

'‘Mary’s Living & Giving is an inspirational concept.’' Mrs Peel

benedICT JOHnsOn

Service with a smile: Primrose Hill Shop Manager, Krissy, leads her team with passion, kindness and laughter.

Shop Managers

every ship needs its captain and our shop Managers do an oustanding job of

leading and inspiring their teams.

running a Mary’s Living & Giving shop for save the Children is no ordinary job and

requires extraordinary individuals. Our managers shine in their own areas of

expertise but what they all share is a passion for our cause and a love of people. 'When I first started running a charity shop,' says barbara Williams, the first Mary's

Living & Giving shop manager, 'I knew it would be different to managing the team of

girls I used to lead at Monsoon. I wondered if volunteers would work as hard. In fact, they work harder and are more motivated. every member of the team is here

because they want to be and it really shows.'

Barbara Shop Manager Stockbridge

What part of your job do you find most interesting? I get to meet such a variety of interesting people. everybody has a different story. no two days are ever quite the same. What part of your job do you find most rewarding? Working with the volunteers. They sometimes come to us saying they have no skills but everybody does. You just have to draw them out. I love the characters. One of my volunteers has just had a tattoo for her birthday. she’s 83! What do you like about the Living & Giving concept? We invite people in to sell their own goods for a share of the profit. nobody else does that. We had a girl in last week selling jewelery made from melted records, called Vinyl Justice. We didn’t make tons of money but she left with four contacts, one of whom promised to build her a website. It feels good to help people starting out. What makes your shop special? It’s unique. Mary makes it special. What do think about the work of Save the Children? We don’t promote our Uk work enough. Our customers are sometimes shocked to learn that one in five children in scotland are living in poverty and we help them as well as overseas disasters. How does working for Save the Children make you feel? I love it. We are saving lives. Who shops at your store? students, yummy mummies, local affluent people looking for bargains. a wide variety. Favourite donation? We had a Victorian pram donated that an advertising company saw and rented from us to use in the insurance ad with the meerkats. I smile whenever I see it. How have you connected with the local community? We have run art classes, weight watchers, events with the Hard rock Cafe. Favourite expression? shy kids get nowt. Favourite shop moment or event? The opening. We were astounded by the queues. It was two in, two out for most of the day. Favourite song? Summer of 69 by bryan adams. Describe yourself in five words bubbly, fun, optimistic, inspirational, and engaged!

Krissy Shop Manager Primrose Hill

benedICT JOHnsOn

What do you like about Mary’s Living & Giving concept? It’s revolutionary. We are changing the public’s perception of what a charity shop can be. What part of your job do you find the most interesting? Meeting people from such different backgrounds. The stories behind people’s donations is fascinating too. What part of your job do you find most rewarding? I love seeing the customers’ faces when they buy something they love and their reaction when we explain to them what we will do with that money. We just sold a Chloé handbag for £200 - that’s enough money to buy two birthing tables in India. How do you find managing a team of volunteers? Very interesting. Most of my volunteers don’t have retail experience which gives them a really fresh approach. Volunteering here isn’t just standing behind a till, our volunteers get proper responsibility and take a stake in ownership of the shop. What makes your shop special? Our store is how I imagine shops were fifty years ago, when the shopkeeper knew your name. How does working for Save the Children make you feel? I feel like every day I’ve worked for change. I’ve actually made a difference. Who shops at your store? We have the biggest range of customers you can imagine. Lots of mummies and also celebrities such as Jude Law, kate Moss, ricky Gervais and Helena bonham-Carter. Favourite donation? We had five bags of Chloé and Chanel the other day, all with the price tags still on but my most memorable came the day after boxing day. as I approached the store I noticed a silver salt and pepper set on the doorstep. They had been so neatly placed you could tell the donor had really thought about it. How do you connect with the community? We have knitt’n’natter club and book Circle. We take part in two local fairs to help us promote volunteering and our the work of the charity. It’s not only about making money. We have a chocolate tasting coming up. Favourite expression? That’s brilliant! Favourite shop moment or event? rigby and Peller shopping evening. It was the first event I managed and I was so proud the way the team came together. Favourite song? anything by benny Goodman. Describe yourself in five words enthusiastic, happy, complimentary, unique and… smiley.

benedICT JOHnsOn

Venera Shop Manager Westbourne Grove

What do you like about Mary’s Living & Giving concept? I like the idea that we are at the beginning of a revolution. Our standards are very high. Our volunteers have never been told to dress up for work but they all do. What part of your job do you find the most interesting? Meeting the customers and the volunteers, they come from all walks of life. There’s no other shop you could go into where you might be served by a lawyer, a stylist or a model. What part of your job do you find most rewarding? I like watching the figures grow. I feel part of something huge. How do you find managing volunteers? I have a team of almost sixty. I treat them as professionals. They may not be under contract but there is a shared understanding between us. What makes your shop special? being positioned on Westbourne Grove makes us quite fashioned focussed. What aspects of Save the Children’s work do you find most interesting? save the Children are internationally respected and we’re often first on the scene of disasters. I like that we are non-political. We go where children need help. In my country of origin, kazakstan, we had a period of dispute where families were fleeing and areas were closed to journalists but save the Children still got through. How does working for Save the Children make you feel? Privileged and proud. Who shops at your store? Mainly sophisticated, fashion conscious, well travelled women looking for something different. Our customers are very smart. We also get tourists looking for Portobello Market. Favourite donation to date? The Hermès watch was exciting but our most regular interesting donations come from a mystery woman who sends them in through her Pa or driver. I have never met her but the items are fabulous such as original biba. Favourite shop moment or event? The launch of save the Children’s bag to save a Life campaign supported by erin O’Connor was exciting. It brought a great energy to the shop. It was so busy we had trouble moving around to sell the raffle tickets. Favourite expression? We can sell that! Favourite song? Imagine by John Lennon. Describe yourself in five words I’m a fun loving person.

Mark OsbOrne

Jane Shop Manager] Parsons Green

What part of your job do you find most rewarding? I love it when you have an item of clothing that has been donated and you price and steam the piece and then it sells in the very same day, it’s really exciting to see process so quickly and explain o the customer that what they are buying has literally just arrived. How do you find managing volunteers? It is a really social job and I enjoy watching the volunteers develop and grow into the role. What do you like about the Living & Giving concept? It has transformed customers perception of the charity shop. People used to see charity shops as dark and dingy and full of unwanted clothing but Mary’s Living & Giving shops have become a destination for shoppers. What do you know about the work of Save the Children? We work all across the world and help children not only with health problems but to do better in their lives. How does working for Save the Children make you feel? I really like working somewhere where you can see that you’re making a difference and your working towards a really good cause. I have worked in corporate organisations before and I feel that working for a charity motivates me more and encourages me to be more ambitious as you can see how much our work is benefitting others. Who shops at your store? The ‘Yummy Mummy’ women aged between late 20’s and 40’s, usually with prams and dogs. What is your favourite donation? an Hermès bag recently given by one of the volunteers. How have you connected with the local community? We have connected with the them by holding community based events such as inviting children in to style the shop windows and holding bake sales outside the shop. What part of Save the Children’s work interests you the most? I am really interested in the FasT programme that helps less fortunate children in the Uk. It is a very worthy cause that many can relate to and one that not everyone knows about. Favourite song? Heart Beats by The knife. Describe yourself in five words… sporty, shopping addict, friendly, crafty (into crafts, not like a fox!).

Maegan Shop Manager Barnes

Mark OsbOrne

What do you like about the Living & Giving concept? The buzz that Living & Giving has already created within the barnes community. The shop draws people into the save the Children cause because of the exciting reputation the Living & Giving brand. What part of your job do you find most interesting? Meeting new people, building a relationship with the customer’s and getting to know more about their lives. What part of your job do you find most rewarding? Just knowing what you are doing is going towards helping children that are suffering. What makes your shop special? apart from the fact that the shop is absolutely beautiful, the volunteers really make the shop special. They are so willing to give their time and this has been really inspiring. They believe in the concept and their positive energy is transferred onto the customers. What do you know about the work of Save the Children? We save millions of children’s lives, providing medical supplies and food supplements to children all over the world. How does working for Save the Children make you feel? It gives my day purpose, sometimes you get caught up in day to day stresses but doing this job makes you realise how trivial your problems can be sometimes in comparison to the suffering that is going on across the world. I find my job very rewarding. How have you connected with the local community? I feel that even though we have only been open for a short amount of time, we have already been really well received; people in the community have already commented on how beautiful the shop is and how it has revived the stretch of shops that we are on. What part of Save the Children’s work interests you the most? There is not one specific part, but I am interested in the bigger picture and how save the Children helps children in so many ways through a number of channels. Favourite expression? I don’t really have a favourite expression, but I laugh a lot after I speak! (Laughs) Favourite shop moment or event? My favourite moment so far has been when Florence (the youngest volunteer) cut the ribbon and opened the barnes shop, her speech was so sweet. Favourite song? Imagine by John Lennon. Describe yourself in five words… Laid-back, friendly, positive, silly, sympathetic

Tiffany Shop Manager Richmond

How is managing volunteers? Very interesting because they are so diverse. It keeps the job fresh and challenging because you are always dealing with something new. What part do you find most rewarding? knowing that everything we do is going towards saving lives and that I'm not just working in a job that makes someone rich who may not deserve it. How do you feel about the launch? Very excited! I look forward to seeing how it unfolds and to meeting the locals. What do you like most about Mary’s Living & Giving? I love the concept itself because it’s important to involve the community with every local business. Ultimately we would not be successful without them and the concept is a new spin on charity retail. That is great! each of the shops look amazing and they all are because of what is put into them from the designer to the builders and volunteers. How have you connected with the locals? I have been introudcing myself to all the local shops and inviting them to come and see us! I have had some very nice conversations with them about their business and richmond itself. What do you know about the work of Save the Children? save the Children was started in 1919 by eglantyne Jebb to save children in europe and has continued its work all over the world to help stop hunger and poverty-stricken children. What is your favourite aspect of Mary’s Living and Giving? The focus on bringing communities together. This is created by having a shop that resembles the place in which it operates through design and by having locals run, stock and make decisions for the shop. It is a great way to bring people together whilst saving children’s lives. Favourite item donated so far? The stella McCartney pieces and a leopard print skirt and jacket from Hobbs. and the fabric on the Illustrated People tops is so soft! Favourite expression? It is what it is Favourite song? ’Wild Horses’ by the sundays or ‘nothing Compares’ to you by sinead O'Connor, both surprisingly depressing! Describe yourself in five words Loyal, friendly, hopeful, patient and smiley

Mary Portas

retail expert Mary Portas is probably the Uk’s foremost authority on retail and brand

communication. as founder of one of London’s most respected retail and brand

communication agencies, Yellowdoor, Mary is recognised throughout the trade

as the Queen of shops.

after beginning her retail career as a saturday girl in John Lewis, Mary later became

responsible for windows and display at Harrods and then Topshop. Mary went on to join Harvey nichols in 1989 and is credited with transforming the brand into the

world renowned store and restaurant group it is today.

Her foresight and knowledge of brands, retail trends and consumer insights prompted her to launch Yellowdoor when she saw a need for integrated and creative brand communication in the retail, fashion, luxury and beauty sectors. Under Mary’s

guidance, Yellowdoor has created challenging campaigns for a range of brands including Clarks, Louis Vuitton, Oasis, swarovski, dunhill, Westfield London and Patek Philippe.

In 2005 Mary was commissioned to write a weekly feature in the saturday Telegraph

Magazine reviewing the state of the nation’s shops. May 2007 saw the beginning of

Mary’s television career with the launch of the bbC2 series Mary Queen of Shops. In spring 2009, Mary responded to the two critical crises facing our world – the

financial and the environmental – in her own unique way, with the series Mary Queen

of Charity shops. Mary donned a save the Children tabard, taking our worst

performing store – Orpington – and transforming it into our best. Mary has since

become retail ambassador for us and pioneered a new type of charity shopping with the Living & Giving concept.

Brand Ambassadors

everybody that works for Mary’s Living & Giving for save the Children is an

ambassador but we pick several brand ambassadors who work on a voluntary

or internship basis representing our brand to the fashion industry. They procure

valuable donations of stock which we then sell in our shops.

Mary's Living & Giving brand ambassadors have a reputation for their friendly,

charming and professional manner. They know their Giorgio armani from George

at asda. They are passionate about fashion and even more passionate about saving

children’s lives.

Our internship program, headed by our Chief brand ambassador, is designed to give people their first working experience in the worlds of fashion, Pr and the

charity sector. The selection process is tough and you will be treated as professional from day one.

If you think you have the potential to be a Mary's Living & Giving brand ambassador, email erica Charles explaining why at

Mark OsbOrne

Isabelle, 22 Brand Ambassador

Previous occupations? Hostess and receptionist. Why did you decide to volunteer? I have always loved fashion and have devoted a portion of my time to raise money for charity and this was a fab way to combine the two. What do you like about your role? It’s rewarding and I get to meet people from different backgrounds. Explain your role at Save the Children? I am a Mary's Living & Giving brand ambassador. I create and manage relationships with luxury and premium brands to secure donations for our shops. What is your favourite thing about Mary’s Living & Giving? I love the concept, I think it’s a great place to find bargains and I really like the fact that high-end designers want to be involved in this wonderful concept. Which is you favourite shop? barnes, because I have worked hard to stock the shop with beautiful products and I have been able to see the shop take shape from an early stage. What do you know about the work of Save the Children? They operate in 120 countries, giving children opportunities to go on and live a healthy life. How does working for Save the Children make you feel? Inspired. I feel really proud to be part of an organisation that believes it is possible within our generation to prevent almost all child deaths caused by preventable diseases. Favourite expression? Milk, no sugar thanks. Favourite song? Time for Us by nicolas Jaar Describe yourself in five words Mad, energetic, kind-hearted, buzzing, creative.

Mark OsbOrne Mark OsbOrne

Ruaraidh, 29 Brand Ambassador

Previous occupation events & Marketing director for an orchestra and before that Head of Press & Pr for a French fashion label. Why did you want to volunteer? I was presented with a very unique idea of mixing fashion and charity. I love the combination. What do you like about your role? The events are a different type to the ones I have done before, smaller and more intimate but just as high profile with Mary Portas and alexandra shulman attending. You gain very tangible results and know exactly what you have raised in the evening. It is very satisfying. Explain your duties I secure donations from luxury brands and set up events focused around specific communities such as the vintage. It is has been network building which has been interesting as I have had the opportunity to learn new things. What do you know about the work of Save the Children? We work in 120 different countries. The great thing about doing this job is being based in head office and being aware of all the crises going on which draws in the link with Mary’s Living & Giving fashion to the cause. How does working for Save the Children make you feel? It makes me feel good when I see that look in people’s faces when I tell them about my job. Favourite expression? ‘People who say money can't buy happiness obviously don't know where to shop.’ Describe yourself in five words Positive, friendly, loud, eager and happy. Favourite items donated? There have been some real ‘Wow!’ moments such as when I got in eight items from stella McCartney. What surprises you about working for Save the Children? How nice the people in the department of Community Giving. I have never worked in a big office before and had some preconceived notions which were totally wrong. Most memorable moment? Meeting Vogue editor alexander shulman for her book launch event. I hosted and compared that night, introducing her was terrifying. I kept thinking that it was such an amazing opportunity. I was more excited than nervous. It forced me to enjoy the experience.

aLI kULakOWskI

Simi, 23 Brand Ambassador

Previous occupation advertising executive for the Metro and evening standard. Why did you want to volunteer? It was an opportunity to break into the fashion industry and meet like-minded people and when I saw it was with save the Children, I knew it was going to be rewarding. What do you like about the role? It is really varied. One day you’re talking to luxury brands and next you are in a store visual merchandising. You gain an enriching experience. Which is your favourite shop and why? I feel an affinity with the barnes store. I love the children’s den. What do you know about the work of Save the Children? We work here in the Uk not just places like somalia or sierra Leon. When I used to see the adverts of emaciated stomachs, that was all my associations with the charity. The principle of being a child is what they are trying to save. I get that now. How does working at Save the Children make you feel? Like I am really making a difference. I could be doing something that could just benefit me or a normal job. not only am I gaining skills in something that I enjoy I am also helping people. This is different, not like the normal ‘charity thing’. Favourite expression? My mum always used to say: ‘You never learn from doing something right.’ Favourite song ‘somewhere Over the rainbow’ by Israel kama kawiw’ole Describe yourself in five words. Passionate, perfectionist, sociable, fun-loving and stylish Favourite item donated? The alessandra rich dresses. I adore her designs. so many celebrities have worn her gowns for special occasions. Meryl streep accepted her best actress award in one and samantha Cameron wore hers on a visit to the White House. What surprises you most about working for Save the Children? It is such a dynamic environment. everyone enjoys being here

aLI kULakOWskI

Caroline, 29 Brand Ambassador

Previous occupation Teacher and journalist Why did you volunteer? I thought that the way Mary Portas went into to change the concept of a british charity shop was groundbreaking. I wanted to be part of an organisation that challenges the norm and I love fashion too. What do you like about your role? Using my communication skills and to see a physical end product that I secured go to benefit a child somewhere in the world. Explain your role and duties at Save the Children I ensure beautiful and innovation pieces from the world of fashion and design are stocked in our shops. Favourite aspect of Living & Giving? I like that the role is fashion orientated allowing me to experience some amazing opportunities but in the name of charity Favourite shop? Parsons Green. They have a hidden wall that looks like a shelf full of old books and behind it reveals the changing room. It is all very narnia. I want one in my house. What do you know about the work of Save the Children? We save 2 million lives a year compared to four years ago which is astounding in terms of both how many children are continually dying of hunger. How does working for Save the Children make you feel? Privileged to be involved in a fashion charity concept that is so high profile. Favourite expression? Oscar Wilde’s: ‘We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking up at the stars.’ Favourite song? ‘Molly’s Chambers’ by kings of Leon. Describe yourself in five words. bookish, pale, dreamy, creative and quirky. Favourite item donated? Giles deacon dress. The way I secured it and then it arrived was all very surreptitious and I am always intrigued by a bit of mystery. What surprises you the most about working for Save the Children? save the Children is cavernous, there is a department for everything. I did not realise that it would have a different objective each year on how to tackle child hunger. What has been your most memorable moment since you started? When antoni from antoni & alison said: ‘Hi Caroline’. I have one of their cashmere cardigans at home


Walk into a Mary's Living & Giving shop and you are surrounded by acts of kindness.

almost every item you see has been given to us. The majority is donated over the

counter by the local community but we are also the charity of choice for many leading

brands and you will often pick up a designer bargain at a fraction of the price.

We welcome every donation, no matter how small, and nothing is wasted. anything

we are unable to sell is passed onto one of our other shops or, if we are unable to sell

it, sold as 'rags'. We think of each donation as a gift and treat it with respect.

because our stock changes on a daily basis, no two visits are ever the same. The bad

news is this means the items you see on these pages have probably already been sold. The good news is, this makes for a unique and exciting shopping experience every

time you visit. 'I come in twice a week,' says customer rita of Parsons Green, 'because

you never know what you're going to find. I've seen it all come through here from a

99p Penguin paperback to this season's ralph Lauren with the tags still on.'

We depend on the kindness of donations from the public. If you would like to donate,

please drop into your local shop. If you are a design house and would like to give,

please call 020 7012 6400 today and ask to speak to one of Mary’s Living & Giving brand ambassadors. alternatively, email us at


No two visits are ever the same:

Facing page: anti-clock-

wise from top: feather

handbag donated by

ASOS, £50; sliver

shoes, £35; Beardsley

by Brian Reade donated over the counter, £15; vintage Vivienne

Westwood tie donated

over the counter, £20; shell cummerbund donated over the

counter, £10

This page: clockwise: necklace donated by

Tatty Devine, £10; handbag donated over the

counter, £20; flower

power brooch donated

by Liberty’s, £10

Thank you to all the

fabulous, kind-hearted people and brands that donate stock, services or time to Mary’s

Living & Giving for Save the Children. Your donations are helping to save and improve

children’s lives.

Donors a&C black Publishing abrams & Chronicle books acne adjara agent Provocateur akong alessandra rich alexander McQueen ali kulakowski ali Miller amanda Fatherazi amanda Wakeley amelia Gregory amet & Ladoue andy Thornton angel Jackson anova books angie Gooderham anthropologie anya sushko aquascutum armand basi ashley Isham aspinal of London athena Procopiou atlantic books aubade Uk aubin & Wills aurum Press austin reed australia Luxe avsh alom Gur barbour bark beatrix Ong beach blanket babylon bella Freud bendon bebaroque berkeley square Cosmetics Company bestseller Pr beyond skin big Tomato Company bitching and Junkfood blue Clothing boden body shop bold & noble book Guild Publishing bracher emden browns Canoe Caramel baby & Child Cath kidston Catherine Hammerton Chanel

Charlotte balbier Cheet Claudia bradby Clements ribeiro Cloud Cuckoo Land Constable & robinson Coty Uk Cowshed Cox & Cox Crabtree & evelyn Culture Label Cutler & Gross damaris david Collins daylesford deborah Malone devoted to Vintage diesel dillon Wallwork dJ stop dknY duchamp eastpak ebury eleanor Ofori eLM emily Peacock emma bridgewater emma Cook ettinger eveden eyeko Farrow & ball Fat Face Felicity Orme Filofax Fiona Maclean Fiona Paxton FMcM assosiates Fossil Fred Perry French Connection Future Classics Gary Maclennan Georgina Goodman Giles deacon Giuliana Goat Green & spring Habitat Harper Collins Press Headline Publishing Heidi klein Heidi Mottram Hobo International House of Fraser Holmes Wood Homemade London

Hotel Verta House of Fraser House of Liza Hudson Jeans Hudson shoes Icon books Isabella Oliver Issa London J brand Jade Jagger Jaeger London Jam Jar shop Jane Carr Jasper Conran Jennie Maizels Jenny Packham Jessica Light Jigsaw Johnny Loves rosie Jonathan aston Julien Macdonald kangol karl donoghue kate Chappel kate Fearnley boutique kate sheridan kate spade new York keep Calm Gallery knomo kurt Geiger Lacoste Lavenham Lee Jeans Lella & bros Les nereides Liberty Lifestyle Lily & Lionel Lipsy Little brown book Group London eye London Vintage Fair Love From australia Love Lammie Love Molly Lucinda George Lucy Garrett Luxottica Lyric Hammersmith Macandi Madeleine Thompson Made Uk Marc by Marc Jacobs Margaret Howell Maria Francesca Pepe Mark Osborne Martine Wester Matthew Williamson Mauvette Philips

Mawi Melas MiH Jeans Modus Publicity moi self Molly bakes Monica Vinader Monty Pr Mr barnett Mrs Jones (Fee doran) Mulberry nate James ned beauman nicholas kirkwood nina Campbell nook & Willow One of a kind Orange Pekoe Orion books Otis batterbee Ottolenghi Pan MacMillan Pandora Passerella death squad Paul Frank Paul smith Pauric sweeney Penelope Chilvers Penguin Press Penhaligons People Tree Peridot London Petersham nurseries Philip Treacy Pilates Plus Pix Primrose Hill bakery Polo ralph Lauren Portrait Communications PPQ Prokopiva Propercorn Purple Pr QVC ren skincare revlon richard Weston richer sounds rMG Marketing rob ryan rockett st George roost Living ruby & ed russell & bromley sara berman sarah Chapman scarlett Willow showroom One

simeon Farr simon Foxton single Market events smythson sophie Hulme space nk star sparkles stella McCartney sUCk Uk Tateossian Ted baker Temperley London Thames & Hudson The Cambridge satchel Co The Communications store The dune Group The Fine Cotton Co The Girl Can’t Help It The Ledbury The royal Garden Hotel Thierry Mugler Thomas Pink Tina Lilienthal Tom Ford Topshop Truffle shuffle Turnbull & asser Twenty 8 Twelve Twinings Urban Outfitters Valery demure Victoria & albert Museum Vidal sasson Virginia's antiques Vision On Viva Fabrics Vivien sheriff Millinery Vivienne Westwood Wale adeyemi We Love kaoru Wilbur & Gussie Wish Originals Wheels and dollbaby Woop studios Zandra rhodes Zig Zag bunting

Our biggest thanks goes to the great british public who supply the majority of our stock. The communinties around our shops never cease to amaze us with their generosity.

We exist because you care.

Don’t mind if I do: Come for our canapés, leave with our message in your heart.

Canapés donated by Pix (Notting Hill)

Supporter Events

events are an integral part of Mary’s Living & Giving. Whatever their size or nature,

they are intended to bring the local community together and are a powerful way for

us to share our message face to face, often to an audience that might not be yet be

familiar with our work.

They offer organisations – including media partners and fashion houses – the

opportunity to show their support in an exciting retail environment. Our shopping

evenings with Grazia, rigby & Peller and Mawi have set a standard of excellence and companies report working with us is a good way to add a halo to their brand.

We have launched several save the Children campaigns from Mary’s Living & Giving

shops including Killer Heels and Bag to Save a Life, both of which generated a great

deal of media attention to our cause.

If you are interested in having an event at one of our shops, contact Paul Hunwick at

Mary, Lilly Allen and Whistles’ CEO, Jane Shepherdson launch Mary’s Living & Giving Car Boot at Westfield Shopping Centre, June 2009.

Save the Children CEO, Justin Forsyth and Mary Portas at the launch of Mary’s Living & Giving Shop, Primrose Hill, Dec 2010

ve G ro r tas ur ne y Po o r s b a a h t t es dM Por aunc at W ar y n ia an ign l n z e a l M l o a i p r t d a uc am an ily ith G es c ith L ket a razia hw iseas t Tic op w aunc ith G a d l h e r w s r p p G ille ge ho eek ut k op-u brid ve s pO ot P G ro tock on W o s i m e , b h a n t s h r r a F nc Ca els s tbou don p lau tfield r He Wes Lon sho kille Wes


Chief Brand Ambassador, Erica Charles, manages the queue at the launch of Mary’s Living & Giving Shop for Save the Children launch in association with Grazia magazine, May 2010.

ar tin by M w Blo ella Isab

ook nk b a ri

ch laun

is Maw


ing e opp

ng veni


r Prim

ch w laun Hill


an r tas y Po Mar


y rigb


yth For s n i t s Ju

sh ller & Pe

ing opp

ing even


ing edd yal W o r of ation lebr e C ar ty to P

Looking for attention for your brand? Photographers turn out for Mary’s Living & Giving for Save the Children’s car boot fair at Westfield Shopping Centre.

te G d ka


w arra


dn s an or ta P y Mar

Jam ate


ose an eke e Prirm b g t d i u a hop r nd kb ith ent or ks stoc hw g ev anto yW c t n r i n h a e t p l u i e ewe Caf shop en la ay w ine J a-d ock G re lass atedev rd r ons st G n s a u y J r o t H t a d P Ta

Speaking Out: Save the Children speaker delivers a heart warming message at Mawi Shopping Evening for World AIDS Day, Dec 2010

The staff of the Hard Rock Cafe show the people of Stockbridge how to rock.

ave to s bag

m e ca a L if

n n lau paig


ch w

O erin


y linsk kap a h s ata

ith n

kle w spar o t n r


n ’Con

unch vy la a ’s ’n sasy


h aunc op l h s es barn

Tim with

e gazin t Ma u O e

ning k sig ing boo n a pen hulm op o c h s s a d andr mon rich alex

Save the Children

We run world-class programmes to save children’s lives and challenge world

leaders to keep to their promises to give children a brighter future. We

helped 3 million children through our health and hunger work in 2010.

We work in more than 120 countries, including the Uk. With your help,

our vital work reaches more than 80 million children each year. We saVe CHILdren’s LIVes


Portrait photography by benedict Johnson Benedict is Artist in Residence at the Southbank Centre, London

additonal photography by Mark Osborne

additional photography by anthony Leyland

additonal photography by neil Watson

THe PHOTOGraPHers kIndLY dOnaTed THeIr TIMe and serVICes On a VOLUnTarY basIs

additional photogrpahy taken by shop volunteers, managers and staff

Registered Charity England and Wales (213890) Scotland (SC039570)

Q&a text by Louisa May Cooper Louisa is a London based freelance journalist and volunteers at Mary’s Living & Giving (Parsons Green)

additional reporting by Johanna king and Caroline barnes Production editor: ruaraidh Hunter

Thanks to Isabelle brown, Lily Caswell, erica Charles, and shepa Choudhry

special thanks to the volunteers, customers and friends of Mary’s Living & Giving shops

edited by Paul Hunwick


Li iNG THank YOU FOr





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