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Choice Health Bar’s vegan sushi at night


featuring Dr. Wayne Dyer and Doreen Virtue! A Weekend for Writers Maui, HI June 12-14, 2015 The Westin Maui Resort & Spa During this 2-day comprehensive workshop, you’ll learn directly from Hay House President, Reid Tracy, New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Wayne Dyer and lifelong clairvoyant and best-selling author, Doreen Virtue along with Nancy Levin, best-selling author and Certified Integrative Coach as they guide you through: •

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our mission statement and vision Living the Aloha Lifestyle is a way to attain optimum health, peace, love and compassion in yourself so you can spread it to your world. Living Aloha Magazine incorporates all aspects of aloha into our daily lives and features Hawaii as a learning center for how to live aloha. We support the aloha lifestyle through honoring and advocating for all life by elevating consciousness toward healthful living practices that sustain the individual, the community, all animals, and the planet. Our vision is to reflect and promote a compelling aloha culture through this publication creating an outwardly rippling vortex of energy bringing aloha to the wider global community.

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maY-JUNE 2015

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maY-JUNE 2015


hawaiian wisdom our future | our planet | our life

EdiBLE GaRdEn wEEds CoConUT sPRoUTs wiLd sUmmER snaCKs



Choice Health Bar’s vegan sushi at night

Living Aloha


on the cover: Hawaii is home to five species of sea turtles. The Green Turtle (Honu) shown here, is a gentle vegetarian, feeding almost exclusively on algae or limu (Hawaiian seaweed) growing underwater on coral reefs and on rocks close to shore. The Honu are currently a “Threatened Species,” but are making a comeback. In the spirit of Aloha, do your part to respect and protect these magnificent creatures and to assure the Honu’s peaceful coexistence on our beaches. maY–JUNE 2015 • Living Aloha Magazine • volume 2 - Issue 3

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in this issue: Maui has such an abundance of healthy food options and health minded people who work in their yards and in their lives to promote peace in this world. In the yard, we plant a jungle of viable food options. Edible Landscapes are so important to our finite world of tapped and over-tapped resources.

On that topic, in this issue, Denise LaBarre suggests that we all put some roots down in the Earth—even if we rent our home—so that at least some of our nutritional needs are met through our own natural efforts. Read more in her article titled: What to Eat? Ask Your Body, Ask Nature [page 9]. And our favorite, super knowledgeable coconut man, Ryan Burden, shares insights into the world of sprouting. The unique delicacy of coconut sprouts can come along with a true dedication to the future. Learn more by reading his article in this issue, titled Sprouts: Feast or Famine [page 11]. We also hear from Edible Landscapes expert David Bruce Leonard, who offers a review of edible garden “weeds” and their many medicinal benefits. Check out Edible and Medicinal Garden Weeds [page 14]. Alex Leikermoser gives us her take on the importance of preserving and respecting Hawaiian culture in Hawai’ian Wisdom: Our Future; Our Planet; Our Life [page 16]. Here, we gain a deeper understanding about the meaning of Aloha as explained by a young, conscious Hawaiian man well connected with his heritage. Sunny Savage offers us access to a wealth of information about wild foods – which can help us to adapt to the changing seasons. Read her informative article called Wild Summer Snacks (page 22 ). Sabrina Harmony shares her experiences at the Natural Products Expo (page 30 ) and outlines some of the new vegan options she found featured there this year, which can easily help anyone overcome the meat and dairy addiction. And, finally, check out our Healthy Business Spotlight (page 36 ), which offers details about some great local companies doing great work here on Maui. This issue, we highlight Peter Hofmann’s Therapeutic Massage in Kula, Enjoy the Ride MAUI’s new Spin studio in Lahaina and Choice Health Bar’s new vegan sushi nights in Lahaina.

Thanks so much for reading.

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What to Eat?

Ask Your Body, Ask Nature

eat real


by Denise LaBarre

We have a huge array of food choices available to us now—some great, some not. It used to be that humans ate what they could, grown or produced locally at that time of year. Now we can get grapes from South America in the winter and apples in the summer. We eat balsamic vinegar transported from Italy and pineapple from Thailand even though we grow plenty here. We see all kinds of technologies and delivery systems that push production and availability way past what Nature provides with an eye trained on profit. It’s hard to hear what our bodies call for when the voice of big Agribusiness shouts louder. Walking down the aisles in a large grocery store, I often ask, “Is this actually food?” We can reach for a more sustainable balance by respecting and working with the natural intelligence of the personal biosphere (our fabulous bodies), the local biosphere (the land, people, and life around us) and the global biosphere (the beautiful planet that is our only home). Put simply, listen to your body, grow some food, and go big picture with your choices and purchases. The new food order has to become a big-picture synergy between modern technology and traditional horticulture – smaller-scale farming with a healthy respect for Nature. In the mountains of Peru, people have eaten a staple diet of beans, corn and tubers for centuries. Their bodies have evolved with the plants in the area and what grows there sustains them well. They didn’t expect to eat food out of its season. To the extent that they’ve begun eating processed foods from afar, their health has declined. Nature provides plenty. As we shift to gratitude for the healthy food that is here now, rather than insisting that we have every choice the world offers at all times, that simplicity and humility will heal us. What does that come down to in your daily practice? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to what is the best diet, but fresh, whole foods are generally better for you than processed or derivative foods. Eating what’s grown and produced close to home reduces the need for preservatives, reduces energy costs for transportation, and keeps money in the local economy.

Ask: What’s in season? What’s growing nearby? What is my body asking for now? Was this food produced with love and consciousness? When you use those answers to guide your choices, you can’t go wrong. Our bodies have many cooperative systems to keep the whole working smoothly if we surf with the natural flow. To do that, you have to tune in to your internal guidance system. One easy way to do that is to grow your own food—even a little bit of it—and appreciate the gentle cooperation as you nurture a plant and it gives you food. We’re lucky on Maui to have such great growing conditions and there’s a huge benefit to tuning back in to the plants and cycles that sustain us. Even if you live in an apartment, growing herbs and vegetables in pots on your windowsill or lanai will help reorient you to the bounty and joy of living in harmony with nature. Look at what you eat over weeks and seasons rather than just the “Standard Daily Requirement.” Government standards come from aggregatized data from many bodies, not yours. What your body needs shifts constantly. When we take the same supplements or medications routinely over years, we may be habituating our body to dependence. To achieve healthy balance, we need to aim for the Minimum Necessary Intervention (MNI ;-), which respects our body’s tremendous innate intelligence, and keep asking those questions… What do I need now? …And now? Often the answer is “I need less.” Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal and adapt; if we work with them, we can come to balance beautifully. The more we focus on How we want it to be, the more we will bring it into being.

Body Whisperer, Denise LaBarre, has a private healing practice on Maui, 808-575-2244. You can learn more body-emotional wisdom in her book Issues in Your Tissues: Heal Body and Emotion from the Inside Out or go to her website: Living Aloha


maY–JUNE 2015


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maY–JUNE 2015

Photos by Alexis van Dijk


Feast or Famine

by Ryan Burden No doubt you have heard of the benefits of eating fresh young sprouts. Newborn baby greens enjoy much popularity and fame in the raw food world. Alfalfa, sunflower, and even pea sprouts are common ingredients on many menus. Sprouts or “microgreens” are known to be rich in enzymes & life forces. Indeed they are powerful. Freshly sprouted greens fuel some of the largest mammals on earth. Horses, gorillas and elephants build their strong muscles on a diet of almost all young greens. But not all sprouts are created equal. One rarely tasted sprout in particular, is unlike any other. Coconut sprouts are much harder to find than alfalfa or sunflower. They are not available in grocery stores or even the most cutting edge health food spots. That rarity makes them all the more alluring. Yet, to the people of Fiji, Samoa or the Philippines, eating a sprouted coconut is no big deal. They aren’t consumed all too often, rather they are considered a

healthy jungle snack. People of these lands have access to an abundance of coconut sprouts, as their countries produce an excess amount of coconuts. Here in Hawaii, sadly that is not the case. We do not have a surplus of coconuts — in fact tons of coconut commodities are bizarrely imported to our islands. Which raises the question: is it right to eat a young coconut sprout? If you eat one, you get a tasty meal. If you plant one, it can grow to produce thousands of meals. Your children will likely eat from it, and your grandchildren will as well. A coconut tree can live for a hundred years, continually producing food each and every month. Many say it is the single greatest step one can make towards sustainability. Each individual sprout has the potential to change our food system. But, only if it is planted…

Painting by Jamie Porcella Living Aloha


maY–JUNE 2015


taking, is a deeply rewarding experience. Giving back to the land (the aina), which gives so much to us, is our sacred duty.

Being a conscious being goes beyond ranking foods based on “antioxidants” and “enzymes”. To be conscious means to be aware of our actions… what is right, what is wrong, what is sacred. Eating a sprouted coconut may seem like a cool exotic delicacy. But the karmic baggage of prematurely ending the life of such an incredible plant makes it more like the veal of veganism, the shark fin soup of health food. It is said that sowing seeds is to believe in the future. Cultivating food, adding to this world, instead of only

All our products Are mAde

If you’ve been procrastinating planting your yard, we have great news… the timing could not be better! Spring has officially arrived and right now, the entire planet is (literally) tilting in your favor. Longer days mean more sunlight, more solar energy to fuel plant growth. Spring is known as the time of sprouting, that magical moment which completes the circle of life. By completing the process of planting, harvesting and eating, we gain a genuine sense of goodness and a deeper understanding of our existence on earth. I invite you to a meal of a delicious coconut sprout, just a few short years from now… grown on a tree you

planted yourself! Ryan is a coconut educator. Follow him on instagram @ coconutinformation or visit his website to learn more about this awesome plant.

fresh — right here on mAui

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edible and medicinal garden weeds by David Bruce Leonard

“ A weed exists in only one place: Your mind.” — Henry Horton

Amaranthus viridus pakai

When we pull the weeds out of our gardens in Hawai’i, we may be unwittingly destroying a highly valuable resource. Many of our so-called “weeds” have tremendous nutritional and medicinal value. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not one to justify the introduction of invasive alien species into our fragile Hawaiian ecosystems just to satisfy some kind of botanical “need”. We have had quite enough of that already. But the very idea of “sustainability” implies that we use our existing resources wisely. And garden weeds rank as one of our most underrated resources. Take for example, Portulaca oleracea, known as ‘akulikuli or purslane. Many curse this cute little creeper without knowing that it could actually be one of their best friends. Having some of the highest concentrations of 14

Living Aloha


maY–JUNE 2015

Bidens pilosa kínehi - spanish needle

Capsella rubella - shepherds purse

Omega 3 fatty acids found in leafy vegetables as well as high amounts of vitamins A and C, the aerial parts of purslane are completely edible, and delicious to boot. Excellent raw or cooked, purslane has been used as medicine in traditional Chinese culture for at least 1,500 years as a hedge against bacterial infections. And speaking of cussing, many of us have found ourselves spewing expletives upon even casual contact with our friend the Bidens pilosa, or spanish needle. As we pull the tenacious little needle-like hitchhikers off of our clothing, we might not understand that this antiinflammatory and edible little marvel can serve multiple purposes. A good antimicrobial, spanish needle also has shown to be liver protective in animal studies. And if all that were not enough, it is even reported to be burned as a mosquito repellent in Africa.

Other hitchhikers we may have come across on our clothing include the small bean-like attachments that we get from puapilipili or Desmodium spp. These even share the same common name as the spanish needle in both China and South America, and it is easy to understand why: both plants seem to cling to us where ever we go. Like the spanish needle, Desmodium spp. has been shown to have liver protective qualities in animal studies. Known as jin qian cao in China, it is used as a tea for inflamed prostate and bladder infections. puapilipili Desmodium spp.

Portulaca oleracea ‘akulikuli kula

Another invasive weed that doubles as a nutritious food is the wild amaranth, Amaranthus spp. Called pakai in Hawaiian, there are two distinct species in Hawai’i nei. One has spines, and one does not. Needless to say, the spineless variety is preferred; but the young shoots of the spiny variety can also be utilized before the spines appear. These volunteers in your yard are the wild varieties of the better known domesticated amaranth. The aerial parts of either are harvested while young and can be used in soups, stir-fries, or even made into pies. The leaves of the mature plants can also be cooked and eaten as a green. I forgo using the seeds, as I imagine that winnowing these wild seeds would involve a lot of time with little to show for the effort. Among our spicier crucifers are the common shepherds purse (Capsella rubella) and pepper grass (Lepidium spp.). Closely related, they are most easily distinguished from each other by their seed pods. Shepherds purse has little heart-shaped seedpods and the pods of pepper grass are round. While both are tasty as edibles and each has distinct medicinal qualities, they should only be used as a condiment and not in large quantities.

Delivering the

Local Farmers

Market to

Your Door! 808-664-1129

Really, many of the green leafy visitors that appear at our doorstep are not what they seem to be at first glance. In the right hands, our green friends can be used as food and medicine. But, for us to engage our local weeds wisely will require us doing some homework. Using wild plants as food and medicine points to the need for planning and knowledge. As a case in point, it is never a good idea to ingest any plant without being 100% certain of its identity. And, there is no substitute for having access to an experienced traditional elder or licensed healthcare provider when dealing with health challenges. So, ideally, the next time you step into your garden, you’ll make an effort and learn a little bit about your new-found friends. They can actually improve the quality of your life. David Bruce Leonard, L.Ac., is the founder of the Earth Medicine Institute, which offers classes and certifications in plant medicine and nature skills on all of the Hawaiian Islands. Living Aloha


maY–JUNE 2015


Hawai’ian Wisdom…

by Alex Leikermoser

Our future | Our Planet | Our Life My first experience in Hawaii was on my family’s first vacation together when I was seven. I have been deeply touched by the Hawaiian language and culture and feel so blessed to live here. It seems there is a “density of gratitude” here, where most residents and visitors to this beautiful, remote chain of islands feel the same. So what is it that calls us here and how can we preserve this island and perfect planet we’re all visitors on? Once expected to be extinct by the end of the twentieth century, the Hawaiian language and culture has irrefutably made a comeback. As with anything popular there is a danger of something becoming marketed for profit versus honoring its authentic roots and preserving it.

we need ALOHA which is LOVE

I took some friends out for live music in Lahaina at Mick Fleetwood’s restaurant, Fleetwood’s on Front Street. What unfolded was the inspiration for this article. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but before 16

Living Aloha


maY–JUNE 2015

the music set, a traditional bag piper appeared to play us some tunes and connect us to the owner Mick’s ancestry. I learned that this restaurant was Fleetwood’s way of giving back good karma for his first opportunity to play when he started out as a musician. His mom made him promise to one day open a place of his own where musicians can come to play—and so he did! Then, much to my surprise, another man appeared right after the bag piper. A Hawaiian man dressed in traditional costume. He introduced himself as ‘Vene’ and he too shared a heartfelt story of how he got to be standing in front of us; when Mick asked him to come and speak to his guests he declined as he did not want to be a tourist attraction. Upon further consideration he realized he did want to break the mold and share his knowledge with others so he agreed with Mick under one condition to speak to his guests: only if he could speak directly from his heart – so, that he does!

Vene, a descendant of Maui, may touch you with his incredible passion and openness, and with his desire to share his ancestral teachings with complete compassion, humor and patience. His love for Maui and the Earth was palpable to me even in a public place. Similar to when you hear a singer sing and you get goose bumps and then you take the experience with you into your heart and your own life – it was that kind of feeling for me. “We are all spiritually born and our responsibility is for MALAMA [to care for/protect] and to become more MAKALA [connected],” says Vene. What I gained then and the several times I’ve taken locals and visitors to see him, is something intangible that can only happen in a person-toperson transmission. You may get a little history lesson like I did and be reminded that Polynesian seafarers were skilled ocean navigators and astronomers. At a time when Western boats rarely went out of sight of land, Polynesians traveled immense distances. Vene has been on voyages that replicate these ancient ways with his teacher and others without compass and no land in sight. He shares his wisdom from these experiences with the following metaphor: “The canoe is our island and the island is our canoe”. He ties this in with Maui and living on Maui being like a canoe with no land in sight for 2000 miles in all directions. “So we need ALOHA, which is LOVE. The planet is our

canoe, we need to love each other and the planet”. He acknowledges that “everything we do impacts the next seven generations forward; [and we must stop the fact that] we are poisoning the land and the body”. With this article, I felt it was a chance to go deeper into the inquiry of “What is truly ALOHA?” and “how can I bring a deeper living of the Aloha way into my life?” Vene asks us thought provoking questions like: “What will kids 200 years from now say about ‘us’ at this time?” He says things like: “we are exploiting time not space”. Vene jokes that the real Hawai’i is not the Hawai’i you see at the ABC stores, which we have become accustomed to, and that the real Hawai’i is in our hearts and in the Aloha way. I whole-heartedly agree and I believe in taking care to show our guests the real Hawaii when they visit and sharing with them the true ALOHA spirit and way; what that entails in our daily lives is our deepest responsibility. Seeking out authentic local Hawaiian culture, events and individuals becomes our kuleana. He also shares that he had his own experience of waking up to his culture and learning from his teacher ancient ways of sustainability and honoring the land, which he laughingly says may come in handy in case Costco closes. When asked what else is a part of his daily life, he shared his participation in “Ulalena,” which I admit, I thought was more of a tourist attraction. Once I heard his side of it, I was immediately inspired to go and see

Living Aloha


maY–JUNE 2015


for myself. I now am an advocate of Ulalena and I insist anyone setting foot on Maui should go to see this incredible performance. “I hope you are able to gain inspiration from the creation of a culture through its transformation and the rebirth of a nation. Our story continues based on history and mythology we cannot change – but we can change the way we treat each other, to have compassion.” He shares, “in Ulalena I get to escape reality for 75 minutes and become my ancestors through chants and dance. That’s the fuel that ignites my passion to continue sharing our values and messages to the world! We are all connected!” When I met with Vene one-on-one, it was amazing to see how the language of the heart is universal. My yoga teachings and shamanic teachings were in alignment with his elders’ teachings and our insights were similar. He spoke a lot about MANA [Empowerment] (known as Prana in yoga). It is the spiritual power that flows through the universe. When you increase your mana – your body, mind and spirit radiate with wholeness. You can increase your MANA through gratitude, and by being of service to others, with KAONA [chanting], and with HAILONA [divination]. Just by maintaining focus on your good intentions daily can allow you to be in this flow and keep you in touch with the magic of life. It wasn’t until the end of our chat that I found out he is featured in a movie, The Breath of Life, which just launched in Europe and is coming to North America soon! Shot in Europe, Scandinavia, North America and Hawaii, Breath of Life searches for the truth. Seen through the eyes of some of the world’s leading evolutionary biologists, futurists and thinkers, the fate of civilization, and how it is being formed via


Living Aloha


maY–JUNE 2015

the structure of the human mind is explored. The film combines indigenous peoples’ wisdom and the insight from farmers in the drought-stricken U.S., with the emerging science of environmental psychology. It hopes to change the way you and I view the future of the world. I am left with a deeper, more urgent calling in my own heart and asking “What can I do today in my life at this time to be a part of the change?” Writing this article is the first step for me in getting the word out. And then to include some teachings in my upcoming book “Lead With Your Heart,” my hope is that these ancient ways of ALOHA will touch many more lives and inspire many to take little steps in their own life – to live from the heart and truly be more sustainable. So you ask “what can I do today in my life?” It doesn’t have to be complicated. Pretty simple actually! It all comes down to LOVE, where can we bring more love into each moment of our day? Remember what Vene said: we are all in the same “canoe”. No matter the weather, he goes out in the canoe. That is a practice in itself to appreciate every day for what it is. It’s raining? “We still go out – don’t try to change the weather. Instead, change your state of mind.” Two areas Vene and I came up with that are of utmost importance are 1) Connecting to nature, volunteering and working in gardens 2) Mentoring young people.

Living Aloha


maY–JUNE 2015


I leave you with the beautiful saying Vene shares with you all: “Love to Live & Live to Love”. There is a long list of what must be done in order to sustain Hawai’i’s future. I believe it is possible though. The time is now to step into preserving this ecological paradise and remember that Maui is but a microcosm of the world. Each day you get to choose, where you shop, where you eat, how you are with each other. We can collectively support local farming and local markets, so we don’t have to keep importing 90% of our food. The time is now to not take for granted Goddess Pele’s blessings to our island and choose sustainability vs. losing our paradise. The more the Hawaiian culture is shared, the stronger it can become. Powerful yet vulnerable – these traditional ways facilitate a sustainable relationship with the Earth. And I believe we have a lot to gain from these ancient teachings and from being more in harmony with the cycles of nature rather than depleting our natural resources beyond repair. Kulewamaui_AlohaMag.indd 1 1/29/15 With that, I hope I have inspired you to experience the authenticity of the ancient culture in a deeper way, the way I have, and to hear it spoken and sung. For starters, I recommend you go to an Ulalena Performance in Lahaina and then stop by Mick’s and hear Vene speak at sunset. Oh, and don’t forget to watch the trailer on YouTube. Malamapono a hui ho—Take care until we meet again.

Love & Aloha!

Many blessings, Alex Movie

The Breath of Life - trailer youtube Performance

Ulalena - Lahaina Theatre Talk & Ceremony

Fleetwood’s On Front Street 747 Front St., Lahaina, at sunset, usually 6:15pm 20

Living Aloha


maY–JUNE 2015

Alex Leikermoser is an Award Winning Eco Designer and Community Builder. She shares her unique knowledge of Wellness as a Consultant and Coach as well as Author and Speaker. Mention Living Aloha Magazine to get your free 30 minute consult today. (808) 868-8729. Whine less. Breathe More.

Lead With Your Heart

5:53 PM

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Description: Shrubs With Sprawling Branches Up to 14m long Woody Stem Leaves Appear White or Silver Red, Orange, or Yellow Flowers Brown Fruit Pods Growing Info: Photo Courtesy of Forest & Kim Starr Lower Elevation Dry Habitats, 0 - 830m Usually Grows in Coastal Areas Can Be Grown from Cuttings or Manually Moving Seeds Traditional Use: Used to Make Lei For Information on Saving Water in the Landscape, Contact the Department of Water Supply 463-3110

Living Aloha


maY–JUNE 2015



Summer Snacks

by Sunny Savage

We enter the summer months. The heat is turning up and trade winds are increasing in strength. It is time to nourish ourselves in anticipation of a whole new season, and the sea grapes (Coccoloba uvifera) and beach almonds (Terminalia catappa) are ripe for the picking. These abundant wild foods, along with water and salt from Hawai’i nei, assist us in adapting to the changing season and climate.

Beach almonds look differently as they age. The nutmeat is found in the center, and can be seen peeking out from the cracked open husk at the bottom.

Beach almond • coconut • feral guava candies

Sea grapes ripening photo courtesy of: Forest & Kim Starr Although the beaches are loved all year long, it is the warmth of the summer months that draws so many of us to the ocean. Sea grapes thrive on salty shorelines, holding up stoically to the battery of sea spray and wind. Bees and ants busily worked the fragrant and nectar-filled flowers during the spring, and now fruits are swelling in long drooping clusters. Ripening to a lavendar/salmon color, these venusian fruits can be plucked from their flexible branches and enjoyed as a sweet snack. 22

Living Aloha


maY–JUNE 2015

Ditch the fake non-nourishing snack foods in plastic packaging, encouraging your keiki to revitalize the snacking ritual with free and nutritious wild foods found at the beach. Both sea grapes and beach almonds have been enjoyed by beach culture for many years, with the introduction of beach almonds in Hawai’i sometime before 1800.

photo courtesy of: The 3 Foragers

Beach almonds are also known as false kamani, and if you learn this one here in Hawai’i, you’re set with some useful knowledge while traveling near tropical and subtropical shorelines around the world. The nutmeat of beach almonds are admittedly difficult to get to, but they are an absolute delight once you do. Get through all of its spongy, corky material, and inside is held a nutmeat about the size of a slivered almond. They are delicious, and a great source of macronutrients, micronutrients, and a list of things we don’t even know about yet.

If I were ruler of the world I would put more money into research and development of a machine that would crack open these nuts effectively and efficiently. I mostly eat them as a snack at the beach, where they can be smashed open with a rock and the nutmeat picked out. They are also in my ceremonial or special occasion food category due to all the love poured into processing them. They would go great on an acai bowl, toasted and sprinkled over sautéed wild greens, or put into the feral guava candies pictured on the previous page. The leaves of both sea grapes and beach almonds are what most often make it into my kitchen. After the activity of wild snacking at the beach, doing less dishes at home sounds really good. Or, if we’ve forgotten our plates for a beach barbecue there’s no need to stress. Harvest leaves of either, wipe them off, and use as a perfect disposable plate.


MAUI OutdOOr Market + IndOOr HealtH FOOd StOre • Local & Organic Produce • Delicious Fruit Juices and Smoothies • Maui’s First Acaí Bar • Fresh Salad & Hot Food Bar • Great Selection of Vitamins & Supplements

Sea grapes ripening in a vase at home. Beauty and function. Eat the ripe fruits and utilize the leaves as plates.

• Island-Made Jewelry & Cosmetics open 7 days a week 7am – 7pm outdoor market monday • wednesday • friday

7am – 11am

Welcome to the wild summer of 2015!


3636 L. Honoapiilani Road lahaina, HI 96761


For supporting local farmers and making us “Best of Maui” winners 4 years in a row!

Sunny Savage weaves her love of foraging, education, and cooking into her newlyreleased book Wild Food Plants of Hawai’i. Not since Euell Gibbons’s Beach Comber’s Handbook, published in 1967, has there been a book dedicated to wild foods of the islands. You can purchase the book on Amazon, at select locations around the islands, or here to give the author more of the pie:

wHere HealtHy lIvIng MeetS lOcal alOHa Living Aloha


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Wellness & Healthy Living Directory Maui Yoga Path

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Maui Wellness CenterAnanda Sanctuary in Haiku 808-463-5856

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Maya Yoga in Huelo 808-268-9426


Wisdom Flow Yoga Jennifer Lynn

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LMT# 12045

Brenda M. Martin

convenient Kihei location

(808) 269-4337

WatSu, or WATer ShiatSU, is at its simplest explanation a floating massage. The therapist moves your body through the warm water stretching muscles & opening energy pathways to achieve deep relaxation. It is an experience unlike any other massage you have ever received. 26

Living Aloha


maY–JUNE 2015

Crossfit State of Mind 219 Kupuohi St. • Lahaina, HI 96761 808-446-6007 •

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Angel Green - Certified Gourmet & Pastry Raw Vegan Chef & Instructor 808-866-0857 •

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Need help for aN elderly or ailiNg loved oNe? • In home care for Maui’s elderly, disabled, and ailing. • Island wide care for residents and vacationing persons. • Knowledgeable and passionate staff available 24/7. Call or email us today

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Organic Farmers

The Original Organic Makawao Farmer’s Market Wednesdays: 9 AM to 1 PM EBT Accepted • 808-419-1570 Pookela Church - 200 Olinda Rd.

Herb Shop

Alternative Education

Gerry Ross

Dragon’s Den Herb Store

Organic Farmer/Consultant kupaafarms.og • 808-876-0678

3681 Baldwin Ave. • Makawao, HI 96768 808-572-2424

Bodhi School - Lindy Shapiro PO Box 791481 • Paia, HI 96779 207-730-1230 Montessori School

Coconut Care

Upcountry Farmers Market

2933 Baldwin Ave. • Makawao, HI 96768 808-573-0374 •

Coconut Harvesting

Ryan Burden Climber, Planter, Educator

Saturdays: 7AM to 11AM Kulamalu Town Center 55 Kiopaa St. in Pukalani

Haleakala Waldorf School 4160 Lower Kula Rd. • Kula, HI 96790 808-878-2511 •

Coconut Care

Kahului Farmers Market

Saturdays: 7 AM to 1 PM 310 W Ka’ahumanu Ave. Kahului 808-244-3100


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Leilani Farm Sanctuary

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Saturdays: 8:30 AM to 11 AM 95 Lipoa St.– Kihei 808-357-4564

Eco Dogs & Cats

BooBoo Zoo East Maui Animal Refuge

Makawao Farmers Market Wednesdays: 10 AM to 5 PM 3654 Baldwin Ave. - Makawao


25 Maluaina Place in Haiku 808-572-8308 •

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West Maui Animal Clinic

Mon/Wed/Fri 7 AM to 11 AM 3636 Lower Honoapi’ilani Lahaina 808-669-7004

Financial Services for Farmers Farm Credit of Hawaii PO Box 31306 • Honolulu, HI 96820 808-836-8009

Hana Fresh Farmers Market Mondays: 3 PM to 6 PM Thursdays: 11 AM to 3 PM 4590 Hana Highway in Hana Wednesdays: 8 to 11 AM 4900 Honapiilani Hwy-Napili 808-633-5060


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Free Sessions for Veterans

23 years of experience in resolving the limitations within your body and offering effective therapies addressing the cause of your pain

NEW 28

CENTRAL LOCATION IN MAUIinLANI - WAILUKU -within 169 your MA’A STREET 23 years of experience resolving the limitations

Living Aloha

Maui BodyMAT Studio 3317 body and offering effective therapies addressing the at cause ofSkin your& pain


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MAT 3317

808 938-7084


Where to buy Maui Taro Burgers on Maui

ZERO ADDITIVES “Nothing In It That You Can’t Pronounce”

Whole Foods Market . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kahului Down To Earth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kahului Island Grocery Depot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kahului Mana Foods . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Paia Pukalani Superette . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Pukalani Haiku Grocery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Haiku Hasegawas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hana Honokowai Farmers Market . . . . Honokowai Hawaiian Moons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kihei Moriharas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kula Kuau Store . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . North Shore All Foodland Super Markets & Sack n Save All Times Super Markets All Safe Way Super Markets

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natural products

by Sabrina Harmony Sims

Having the recent experience of an extensive trip to the mainland, stirred on by Living Aloha’s mission to share Aloha with the rest of this tiny, beautiful world­—we attended the fun-filled four-day Natural Products Expo West, in Anaheim, California. Many amazing players in the Natural Products industry were at the expo, including the sweet Dr. Patricia Bragg, and the lovely Colleen Patrick-Goudreau—a couple of my heroes in the health arena. Nahko and Ziggy Marley were in attendance too. There is both a sense of hope and a sense of urgency that stems from the mainland scene. The fact that California is running out of water is at hand and, lately, the USDA, UN and countless other agencies are recommending a vegetarian and vegan diet to remedy the global climate crisis. Our water resources are heavily overused by the Dairy and Beef industries and, collectively, it seems we are starting to understand that those violent ways are also glaringly unsustainable.

Enjoy a variety of non-dairy cheeses

Over the years, I’ve heard many say they wish they could go vegan yet the addictive nature of cheese holds them back from taking the leap in their lives. It’s true; there are actually addictive qualities to cheese in the chemical compounds that are meant to connect the baby cow with his or her mother. But, if you’re looking for flavor to satisfy, there were various, very delicious options present at the expo and literally, they fed us for days.


Living Aloha


maY–JUNE 2015

Daiya Cheese offers a spread of food to feed a nonviolent army. They shared with us a mouthwatering array of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate cheesecakes; all manner of frozen pizzas with a number of different topping options; a new-release, super creamy mac ‘n cheese; chewy cheesy nachos; sweet and spicy shredded cheeses – and they said they have a lot more where that came from too. So did brands like Amy’s, Follow Your Heart, Field Roast’s Chao Cheese, and Gardein, to name a few. All of these ethicallyand environmentallyconscious companies have phenomenal cheeses that truly taste and melt like cow’s cheese, without a side of guilt. For those of you who have tried Daiya Cheese in the past, you know that they used to have kind of an off taste to them. But they’ve completely resolved that with their cheese now and they are more than worth another nibble. We had the opportunity to meet with

the scientists who formulate these new products. The new versions that they’ve come up with will almost undoubtedly, very convincingly please your palate.

have an abundant assortment of dairy free desserts, beverages, cultured items and creamers so perfectly sweet that when I tried their Mint Chip ice cream at the expo I almost cried.

Some other items worth noting I’ve been vegan for a long time include the amazing Chao Cheese and vegetarian even longer and at Treat your and the beautiful, all vegan, Bistro times, felt somewhat deprived at body and the Burger, both made by Field Roast. my choice for the sustainability of All of Field Roast’s products are my body and that of the world. But planet with surprisingly good. And as far as now, you don’t have to choose. You kindness cheeses, they make a Coconut Herb, can have it all; there are options to a Creamy Original—and their Tomato satisfy any craving and you don’t Cayenne Slices are super delicious have to kill for it. You can enjoy with just the right amount of spice and flavor. delicious foods and treat your body and the planet with kindness all the while. There’s also a great new brand called Miyoko’s, who puts together a tasty assortment of cheeses worth As we stated in our “Thank You” section of Living trying. They have a Double Cream Sundried Tomato Aloha’s previous issue – we’d love to see the literal Garlic, a Double Cream Chive­—which are both meaning of Living Aloha becoming the precedent beyond good­—and they have a Mt. Vesuvius Black on our planet; and we’d love to help relieve this Ash cheese that we thoroughly enjoyed, too. mess we seem to be in collectively throughout the globe of over tapped resources and burdening Follow Your Heart has velvety Veganaise, salad animals to bury their remains in our bodies, where dressings and cheeses as well. And, another brand, they don’t digest well anyway. which needs mentioning, is SO Delicious. They

Helping the

Conscious find

HOME since 1981

808.283.2158 direct

Mark Sheehan REALTOR® Broker RB-14447


808.579.8000 office

Coldwell Banker Island Properties 39 Baldwin Avenue, Paia, HI 96779 EACH OFFICE IS INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED

Living Aloha


maY–JUNE 2015


So please ask your grocers about these products. Bring these products to the attention of your local supermarket managers. We’ll guarantee you that the taste and nutritional value is much better than what’s been offered in the past and with sustainability and your health in mind, they help make a better future possible too.

Notable companies to look into, if you’re interested in learning a little more: Beyond Meat

Vegan Eats ‘N Treats

Carla Lee’s Nut Burgers

Miyoko’s Creamery (Creamy Cheese Company)

SO Delicious Vegan Seafood Field Roast Meats and Dairy Free Cheese Food for Life Vegan Bread Company Neat Meat Replacements

Taro Burgers From Kauai Vegan Lifestyle Blogger The Elegant Vegan Vegetarians in Paradise

Sabrina Harmony helped start the solar industry on American soil (in the lower 48), has gone to many trade shows and expos where the scope of the global scene is currently and courageously discussed; and after a recent trip to the Big Island, which preceded her journey to the mainland, she believes that every challenge is an opportunity and that sustainability is entirely plausible if we can pour our heart into our lifestyle and live with integrity against all odds. She also looks forward to the day when the compact aircraft, run on clean solar energy, becomes available to the public (but she knows that even with all transportation combined, the livestock sector accounts for many times more greenhouse gas emissions, based on recent information put out by the UN).


Living Aloha


maY–JUNE 2015


Author, Clairaudient, Channel for Healing

Teran landed briefly in the Earth on June 12, 1994. He opened his eyes, looked at his father with infinite love, then departed without taking a breath. Teran later asked his mother Sulara to channel Keys for Creating Your Life with him as a guide for living for the Indigos and all those who wish to raise the consciousness of the Earth through the power of Love. Each chapter of the 4-volume series contains a principle, or key, for living a joyful life and healing the planet.

To learn more about Sulara or schedule a message from Spirit with your guides and angels, contact: Living Aloha


maY–JUNE 2015


Spirituality or Selfishuality? by Daniel Adar

Spirituality can be a beautiful thing, most beautiful. Awareness of the fact that we are entities, inseparable from the animal kingdom on one planet and a part of all of its and universal existence. Spirituality can be a part of a wise and pure vision of reality, which reflects to me the fact that not only I can suffer, but also other humans and other animals around me. A pure and unbiased vision of reality clearly shows me that a human, a dog, a cow, a sheep and a chicken are all made of flesh and blood. They all have a heart, eyes, can feel pain, fear and suffering. This kind of spirituality creates harmony on the planet. This kind of spirituality releases a man from the act of justifying the most common acts of violence, all forms of violence against other humans and other helpless animals. The habits of justifying violence are a part of the basic educational institutions and society. For that reason,

only the individual can wake up and free himself from this egocentrical and violent norm. And there is another form of “spiritual” that its figures of speech are: I and the universe – I and love – I and my soul I and my peace of mind – I and my meditation I and my imagined compassion I and my “spiritual” eating habit which consists, among other things, of endless suffering, blood spilling, of helpless creatures who were scared to death but could not run away from the cage, from the truck, from the slaughter house and from the knife which slit their throats, held by the ones I paid to kill.

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In 2015, there are no more excuses. To speak of love, of peace, of non-violence, harmony, spirituality and environmentalism with a stomach full of suffering animals, is a joke. An evil joke, a bold lie, ridiculous, violent, cynical and deadly. As long as I and only I am in the center, and only I am important, as long as I pay others to imprison for me, to abuse and kill for me, because my holy self lusts over enjoying dead bodies in my mouth, that is not spirituality. That is selfishuality.

Spirituality is Living Aloha.

Daniel Adar was born in Argentina 54 years ago and lived in Israel since 1980. After a life long Argentinian diet consisting mainly of meat and all other animal products, became vegan in a single decision when looking at the remains of the dead remains of the chicken dinner on his plate. Since then (12 years ago) Daniel became a vegan activist. His activism includes organizing animal rights demonstrations, writing articles, workshops, lectures and even vegan stand up shows. Daniel counsels individuals on how to live a life free from conflict and fear. The counseling is done in three languages (English, Spanish and Hebrew) in person or via Skype. He is now in the process of publishing his first book “A bubble at the bottom of the ocean”, which will cover the history and causes of human conflicts both personal and global. You can reach Daniel at:

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Peter Hofmann’s Targeted Therapeutic Massage Kula Are you not getting the results you’d like from your therapies or “traditional” massages? Does the pain you were trying to get rid of not seem to go away? There is an offshoot of traditional, fullbody massage therapy, loosely known as “treatments,” that focus on specific conditions (chronic and otherwise), structural imbalances, and chronic pain maintenance or eradication. The job of the muscles is to move the skeleton. If we like our bones to move in more than one direction, we have to have competing muscles and muscle groups. When one side is not functioning at capacity, imbalance 36

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occurs, often showing up in posture, and almost always leading to impaired function and eventually pain, often felt in a joint rather than at the site of the dysfunction. Muscles also commonly trap or place pressure on nerves, causing weakness, tingling, or numbness. By carefully and gently releasing overcontracted and/or over-stretched muscle fibers, balance, function, and strength can be restored, and pain can be greatly reduced or even eradicated, even in very persistent conditions. Proper assessment is always the first step. People have undergone some dramatic changes by applying these treatments to conditions like scoliosis, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, whiplash, tennis/golfer’s elbow, and many others. If you think you might benefit from this kind of therapy, see Peter Hofmann’s ad in this issue or read some of his reviews here: 808-298-8971

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Enjoy The Ride MAUI Indoor Cycling Studio Lahaina Enjoy The Ride MAUI is a brand new official Spinning Studio located on the West Side of Maui in Lahaina. They offer daily classes in an exciting, motivating, positive, and energized atmosphere. The studio space is dimly lit with candles, and is powered by a state-of-the-art sound system playing the most current Dance, Electronic, House, and Top 40 hits. They wanted to offer Maui riders a more engaging way to enjoy Spinning, so they use a state-of-the-art forward-motion video on a huge projection screen that is exclusively created to enhance your ride experience with scenes from several unique locations around the globe. Enjoy The Ride MAUI is committed to offering the most current fitness trends available. They have a team of talented

and inspiring teachers to guide you through your weekly workouts. Riders will be coached through a 45-50 minute ride that can consist of interval training, endurance based rides, steep hills, all the way to upper body strength training in conjunction with cycling to the beat on the Spin bike. The owners say they love to work out and didn’t feel like there was a great place to Spin on the West Side of Maui that was both fun and challenging. To fulfill that need, they created a boutique studio specifically designed for Spinning. Spinning is very popular on the mainland, because not only is it challenging and exhilarating, it’s also a great cardio workout and beneficial to anyone who wants to lose weight or build endurance. Their purpose is to empower you, whether you’re a new or experienced indoor rider, local resident, or visitor on vacation, they strive to provide you with the best indoor cycling experience on MAUI. Enjoy the Ride MAUI is located in Emerald Plaza at: 118 Kupuohi St. C2, Lahaina, MAUI 96761 808-667-7772 or email at

vegetable with roasted red pepper, zucchini, green bean, green onion and avocado rolls. They have ume cucumber rolls with fresh basil. They’ve got dragon rolls with seared tofu, green beans and carrots, topped with avocado filets and black sesame miso sauce. They also offer soups and salads, appetizers, teas and kombucha drinks to boot.

Choice Health Bar Vegan Garden Sushi Lahaina Just when you thought Choice was one of the most amazing food places ever, they’ve gotten even better and actually managed to offer more to our healthminded Maui community. After their busy daytime hours of serving healthy, tasty fare to the public, they now do dinner too. They’ve teamed up with Chef Takashi Asakawa, also known as Asa, a master sushi chef from Japan, to make the most amazing vegan (!) sushi imaginable. A healthy and delectable option, Choice is now open for evening sushi Monday through Saturday 6-9:30pm. Their evening setting is serene, as they shut off their blenders for their sushi shift. A rainbow of tasty vegan seafood is carefully prepared and beautifully presented.

All the soy they serve is organic, nonGMO and their tamari is gluten free. The local produce is sourced from Maui family farms and their rice is an organic blend of brown rice, quinoa and forbidden rice. The Kinoko mushroom miso soup with truffle oil has to be the most amazing flavor we’ve ever come across. EVER!! Plus, check out their specials board; they’ve got different specials every night. The night we were there they had scrumptious House Made Veggie Dumplings, a Daikon and Avocado Salad Bowl, a Grilled Pineapple Roll and more. Try it, and let them know we sent you. You’ll thank us later. Choice is at: 1087 Limahana Place in Lahaina –next to West Side Vibes. 808-661-7711 Just go!

Now you can stop in during the day for a satisfying, healthful vegan breakfast and lunch and then come back for a peaceful, flavorful dinner. Classes and their schedule are posted online and bikes can be reserved at

After a lifetime of having only two options available at any sushi restaurant any vegan has ever visited; we are continually blown away by all the many options available at Choice. They have avocado and cucumber rolls; grilled

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Protecting Our Keiki and ‘Aina Lei’ohu Ryder is one of the Shaka Movement’s Five Citizens who sponsored the Maui GMO Moratorium Initiative. Lei’ohu is a spiritual leader, visionary, healer, singer/songwriter, and educator on Maui. She is an emissary of aloha and an advocate for the indigenous soul in all people, blind to the labels (race, creed, nationality, ideology, etc.) that can separate us from experiencing the true nature of our selves and others. She sees herself as a human being evolving and expressing her true divine nature. Here is her statement.

I am a native Hawaiian, born and raised in Hawaii. I am the caretaker of a sacred site called Kukuipuka Heiau, which means the “Doorway to the Light.” As caretaker, I serve the foundation of aloha. The kuleana (responsibility) of aloha guides every aspect of being in service to all life, including plant, mineral, soil, water, human, and animal. As a cultural practitioner, I offer blessings, pule (prayers), mediation, consultations, celebrations, and ceremonies for our island and global community. I am one voice in a long line of many generations. I do not speak on behalf of every Hawaiian, but I carry my family’s legacy with me. I grew up as a native Hawaiian practitioner, and I live this way

because future generations depend on us practicing our kuleana of aloha. Hawaiian practices support taking only what is necessary to sustain, heal, and nurture life, including the life and health of all organisms, animals, plants, and minerals of the land and sea. I recognize that all life is intertwined. I have seen the firsthand impacts of GMO operations on the concept of Aloha ‘Aina, as well as the damage that it is doing to native Hawaiians and our connection to the ‘Aina. As a native Hawaiian practitioner, I have to justify my very existence as a native from the universal expression of this land. It is a travesty and detriment the longer we do not act on the moratorium

on GMO operations and practices and conduct the appropriate studies regarding these practices. The Monsanto Company farms are located right below my home. I have family members living in Kihei who are affected with asthma, skin reactions, and allergic reactions because they live downwind of the fields. I notice the effect of the chemicals on the land and the sea. The toxic chemicals enter the ocean following heavy rains, and the fierce ma’a’a winds blows dust laced with toxic chemicals or the chemicals that are being applied, and it travels in whichever direction the wind is blowing, including to homes, schools, resorts, marshlands, lands, ocean, streams, and sanctuaries. The

chemicals are drenched in the land, soil, and all life forms. In Kihei, I have seen how our honu, (turtle) have been physically affected by the pesticides. I have seen how the organisms that grows in our oceans; streambeds and river mouths have been poisoned, such as the limu, hihiwai, and o’opu. These are life forms that can be found nowhere else in the world except the once pristine environment of Hawaii. This philosophy of Aloha ‘Aina is rooted in every part of us. Aloha ‘Aina is the Hawaiian perspective of many indigenous peoples. The roots of this philosophy are that, what we do to the land, we do to ourselves. Very simply, we are the earth and the earth is us.

The Shaka Movement is committed to protecting, preserving and improving the Public Trust Resources for current and future generations. It aims to empower and protect farmers, their children and the people around these farms. The Shaka Movement is a non-profit tax-exempt organization contact: 844-661-2944 e-mail: To educate yourself and others visit:

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