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Dancing to the Rhythms of Life Clean Water for a Healthier Home Turmeric Heals the Damaged Brain A Little Something to “Bragg” About

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Go in the mornings to avoid the crowds, while you marvel at the splendor of beauty our island offers. Explore the many HIGH VIBRATION FOOD

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How food and drinks impact your vital energy

Living Aloha


march–april 2015


Spring has Sprung! As the seasons change, and as always, Living Aloha Magazine offers you healthy options to incorporate into your daily routine. In Dancing to the Rhythms of Life, Denise LaBarre encourages us to acknowledge and embrace the flow and cycles we face in this new season and in each moment. Alex Leikermoser gives us information from her search for a clean water filter in her article Clean Water for a Healthier Home. In How Whole Turmeric Heals the Damaged Brain, Sayer Ji shares the latest research about brain regeneration with no side effects from a commonly grown local root. Sabrina Harmony Sims shares A Little Something to Bragg About with highlights from her interview of health pioneer Dr. Patricia Bragg. Doreen Virtue talks about the energy of food in her article titled Eating Food with High Vibration. Coreena Neri and the Hemp Hawaii Team say Hemp, Hemp, Hooray! in an inspirational piece outlining the current scope of possibilities for a sustainable future.

We wish you a happy, healthy spring and we appreciate you being a part of our

wellness community!

march-april 2015

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march–april 2015

in this issue: features 12 Dancing to the Rhythms of Life


14 hemp, hemp, hooray


18 Clean Water for a Healthier Home 22 Turmeric Heals the Damaged Brain


26 high vibration food 30 A Little Something to Bragg About 40 wholistic lifestyles


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Dancing to the Rhythms of Life

by Denise LaBarre

The rhythms of our thought reflect the rhythms of life. How can they do otherwise? Go large and think about the cosmos, come in and think about lunch. Breathe in, breathe out. If you dance with it, it doesn’t feel scattered or weird and you don’t get torn. It feels delicious to tune into the movement of the new season—notice bright green buds emerging, babies being born, and the days getting longer. The northern half of our planet points toward the sun and we get more energy to accomplish more. Being aware of these cycles helps us appreciate the phase we’re in now— because it will pass. My friend Harriet Witt has created lovely, mind-expanding signposts of our global cycles. You can write to her to get a weekly reminder about Where we Are in Our Journey Around the Sun. If you look at it from far enough out, the first part of our life is generally expansion: growing bigger, learning new things, accumulating knowledge and possessions. Expand. Then at some point, we begin to contract. Breathe out. Contraction balances the cycle. As I tell my clients, you can’t just breathe in. You have to squeeze out the old, used breath each time to make room for new, oxygenated air. Contract. So as winter gives way to spring and new life, we are naturally called to clean out the closets, shed any pounds we accumulated in winter, and reset outdated patterns. Letting go is as important as building the big picture. For an easy, gentle liver cleanse during the month of March, try eating one raw beet every day, grated in a salad or chewed like an apple as an afternoon snack. A 12

Living Aloha


march–april 2015

daily cinnamon stick can serve the same purpose. This is also a good time to revisit healthy practices that may have fallen by the wayside. There’s a cultural drive for new and different—the latest technology, gotta have more—and also a growing awareness that collectively we consume too much, use the earth too hard, and disregard its natural balance. The rhythms of life are sustainable if we honor and live by them. The deepest questions are those that humans have always asked: “Why am I here?” ”Where am I going?” If you thought you had the answers in your youth, ask again and watch your answers change. Whatever you’re occupied with today, take a moment to notice the spring air, appreciate your lungs that pump it in and out, and your aliveness in the moment. Without being revolutionary, that simple moment may wind up being the most profound of your day. Constantly dancing from balance point to wobble and back to balance; looking outward and looking inward; doing and resting— ultimately that’s all we can do. That’s all we need to do.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Body Whisperer, Denise LaBarre, has a private healing practice on Maui, 808-575-2244. You can learn more body-emotional wisdom in her book Issues in Your Tissues: Heal Body and Emotion from the Inside Out or go to her website:




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march–april 2015



HEMP HEMP by Coreena Neri Envision living on an island that is replacing the old, destructive ways of sugarcane production and, instead, cultivating sustainable hemp! We all want a sustainable environment and a stable economy on all the Hawaiian Islands, don’t we?

Hemp cultivation/hemp production can boost our economy and help keep our fragile environment balanced. Hemp requires no chemicals to maintain its hearty, durable crop. The plant is an extremely efficient weed suppressor. What a blessing to have a multi-use crop that does not need chemicals to kill weeds! A normal stand of 200 to 300 plants per square mile shades out most weeds, creating a canopy of hemp bushes, thus the fields stay weed-free for the next crop. When properly planted and cultivated, weed control is a non-issue.

Hemp is one of the most versatile, natural, sustainable resources known to man. Its stalk can be converted into fiber for rope, textiles, and construction materials. Its seeds are a highly nutritious food product, high in protein and Omega-3, -6 and -9. Hemp has true medicinal value; the oil, which can be extracted from the seed, goes into cooking as well as making paint, varnish, ink, lubricants, cellophane, and detergents. Its leaves are useful as fertilizer and animal bedding. Fiber, oil, food, purses, briefcases, furniture, bedding, clothes, shoes, medicine, body care, paper, fuel, building materials, and the list goes on.

Many are waking up and realizing that chemicals are extremely toxic to our environment and our health.

Did you know that there are over 50,000 different uses of the hemp plant? 14

Living Aloha


march–april 2015

Some of our Living Aloha staff paid a visit to North Kihei to witness the meticulous construction of a house being built with hemp materials! This amazing home, that is currently under construction, is using all natural materials made mostly from hemp, a patented lime mixture, and natural flooring. This hemp home is mold/mildew resistant, fire resistant and insect resistant. It is also thermodynamic, which means it has year-round “ambient temperature”, or more plainly, when it is hot outside, it stays cool inside and when it is cool outside, it stays warm inside.

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We had the privilege of interviewing George Rixey (architect and builder of the very first Hawaiian hemp Ohana/building on Maui), owners Joy and Don Nelson (owners of the hemp Ohana), and Mario Machnicki (technical advisor). The home is an Ohana “test pilot project.” If all goes well, Joy and Don will be on to a creating a bigger hemp home using the same materials and same builders. Mr. Mario Machnicki is the mastermind genius behind the creation of the hemp Ohana. He has 35 years of experience restoring old buildings and historic structures and he employs a mixture of hemp stalk shavings, water and a patented lime mixture together to create “hempcrete” to insulate the walls of the hemp Ohana. The hempcrete is a healthy, sustainable alternative to fiberglass insulation. The hemp home also uses a flax and hemp fiber filling in the roof rafters to keep warmth in.

Living Aloha


march–april 2015


Architect George Rixey asserts that a building needs to breathe, and states that, with these building materials, the home will be a non-toxic pleasure to be in. The combination of hempcrete and nontoxic stucco painted on the outside of the building will create a beautiful, natural, breathable structure. The home owners, Joy and Don Nelson, are hemp advocates and wanted to live in a home that is environmentally friendly for the Earth and their bodies. Joy and Don believe that there is great potential for this sustainable plant in so many ways. They say they’d like for everyone to get educated about hemp and appreciate it for its many uses. Along with the rising awareness of hemp production, we as a human species are waking up to the fact

that we must turn to alternative, viable, sustainable resources. The fact is that hemp cultivation is helping us save our planet. The University of Hawaii on Oahu received approval for a 2-year test pilot project to study and cultivate hemp. They recently received the permit needed to attain the industrial hemp seeds necessary to continue their work. Let’s get legislature passed on Maui!

Sen. Mike Gabbard (D, Kapolei-Makakilo), chairman of the Senate Energy and Environment Committee introduced the first bill last year in support of hemp cultivation and has proudly introduced it again this legislative session. The bill number is SB375 and testimony can be submitted at the Hawaii legislative site:

“This was truly one of the highlights of our vacation!” “One of Maui’s best kept secrets!” — see more of our reviews on


Wednesdays at 4pm Saturdays at 10am

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$20 per person

260 East Kuiaha Road • Haiku, Hawaii 96708 call:


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808-298-8544 or email: Living Aloha


march–april 2015

Representative Cynthia Thielen is a tireless proponent for industrial hemp cultivation and co-sponsored The Industrial Hemp Act. She has been instrumental in establishing the current industrial hemp project at the University of Hawaii as well as Hawaii’s previous hemp project, which was initiated in 1999. Rep. Cynthia Thielen has served the 50th District (Kailua, Kaneohe Bay) in the Hawaii State legislature since 1990 and is Assistant Minority Floor Leader. Rep.Thielen is a ranking member of the Energy & Environmental Protection, the Judiciary, and Water & Land Committees. She is also a member of the Ocean, Marine Resources & Hawaiian Affairs Committees. You can reach Cynthia at 808-586-6480 if you would like to get more involved in the Hemp Movement that is gaining more attention each and every day. Together, we can make a difference! More info at and iHempHI facebook, twitter and instagram.


MU S I C E V E N T Chanting and Dancing ● Free of Charge ●

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march–april 2015


clean water

for a Healthier Home

by Alex Leikermoser In looking into how to make your home even healthier this spring, clean water is certainly important. As concerns over water quality continue to grow, with chlorine and fluoride being added to most tap water, you may want to have a listen and look at upping the ante on what you put in your body. This means securing the highest quality drinking water for yourself and your family, for day-today drinking and for preparedness in the event of a local natural disaster or global one. Over the last 15 years, I have been on a ‘Natural Health Journey,’ which included testing water systems for myself. Many manufacturers throughout the country have introduced water filtration products to the market. Often

make your water safe and healthy

I wanted to find a counter top filtration system that would filter out contaminants and keep the good stuff in! This article documents my questions and an interview to learn some new things about making my drinking water more safe and healthy. Through the research process, I learned that Reverse Osmosis and Distilling actually removes all the minerals out of the water and makes it acidic, which isn’t what I’m looking for. I also found that some systems use harsh chemicals and reach the level of purification they claim by adding iodine or chlorinating tablets—also not good in my books.

What’s in your water supply? Find out here: [in the search bar type: water quality report] I felt like the journey would never end; the possibilities are almost endless and how do you choose the best one? I have used Brita, reverse osmosis, distilled water, ionizers and others in the past but for those who know me—I am always on the search for the next best thing! As I got more inspired with my research, I went online to Maui County and looked up the latest Water Quality Report. I was able to view the contaminants in the water supply in the town of Wailuku. Most people know that Maui doesn’t add Fluoride to the water but what most people don’t know is that there already is fluoride present in the water as well as many other contaminants.


Living Aloha


march–april 2015

It was clear to me that I wanted a filtration and purification system to filter out contaminants, leave the good minerals in and still taste good. As well, I wanted a system I could use as back up with rain water and be able to be off the grid down the road if need be. I also didn’t want any plastic containers but instead wanted something that could last a lifetime. A tall order! After much research, I found a system called Berkey that works for me for several reasons. What I like about Berkey is that it’s gravity fed, meaning I don’t need a water system to make it work; it purifies and filters the water so I don’t need to add chemicals—and, at 2 cents a gallon, it’s the way to go for me! I love that the container is stainless and it doesn’t allow light to enter, which means

no algae growth. The Berkey System does make the water more alkaline, which is important to me and means my body can be in a more alkaline state, which is the key to reduce inflammation—which is the key to prevent disease. It also filters very fast and tastes great! I had the opportunity to speak to David Trujillo of Berkey Water Hawaii and learned volumes about making my water safe and healthy. What I learned was what’s possible, and that a system that takes out the bad stuff and leaves in the good stuff—without the use of chemicals­—does exist! You can’t be stranded on a desert island like Tom Hanks in Castaway and use a Berkey to purify ocean water. But you can certainly purify any fresh water source, like rainwater, a stream, a pond, or from a waterfall. The Berkey will remove viruses, pathogens, bacteria and contaminants and give you purified drinking water! Wow! And from a sustainability point of view I love that the Berkey can take you off the grid—if you’re working with rainwater, pond water or lake water, you can have fresh water! I encourage you to do your research and see what’s out there and read and listen to videos on what other people are saying, after all, this is just one girl’s point of view! But, from where I stand, if you are looking for the most economical and sustainable way to filter water I would highly recommend the Berkey filter. I personally love the 22 oz. Water bottle size Berkey with a filter in it for backpacking and traveling internationally as well as the 1-quart Go Berkey that fits in a carry-on or suitcase. But for home use, I plan on getting the larger Royal size 3.25 Gallon system. I hope this aroused your curiosity like it did mine on how you might create the healthiest drinking water for yourself and loves ones. CHEERS! Here’s to drinking more fresh water! Keep your health at its optimum levels and be in an alkaline state every day!

Here is the partial transcript from my interview for the rest you can visit Alex: How did you end up on Hawaii and what sparked your interest in the world of water filtration? David: I am originally from NY, lived in Dallas for 8 years, and when I moved to Hawaii I noticed how many people buy bottled water out of routine and habit. Water bottles hurt the pristine environment and I knew there was a better way to respect this beautiful Paradise. Purifying your own water is the way to go. Alex: There are so many filter companies out there, what made you offer a different one? How is it different than Brita, etc.? David: Brita is a filter; Berkey is classified as a purifier, hundreds of times more powerful. Purifiers can remove so many more contaminants and heavy metals from the water than a filter. Filters can’t take out viruses like a purifier can.

Living Aloha


march–april 2015


Alex: I was pretty excited to read about the extent that your filtration system filters out harmful items. I see the Berkey system is based on the Doulton technology of the Super Sterasyl Ceramic filter, which was heavily used by military forces, relief organizations, and missionaries who lacked access to clean water. Your filter also seems to surpass the NSA standard requirement. Why go beyond? David: Striving for perfection is the goal. We aim to surpass everyone’s standards and make the highest quality purifier on Earth. Under the pull-down menus on my website, “Why Choose a Berkey” and then “How Small is Small,” one can see a sliding scale on this link: http:// cells/scale/ In summary, the carbon atom is 340 picometers in size, and the only thing smaller is a water molecule at 275 picometers. Essentially nothing gets through the Berkey Black Carbon filter but water. Alex: What would you say are the key items to be filtered? David: We remove bacteria, viruses, pathogens, chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and other contaminants from our drinking water with the Berkey.


Living Aloha


Alex: What contributes to bad drinking water? Great question, Alex. Different municipalities around the US put different things in the water, like Fluoride. The Good news about Hawaii is they don’t add fluoride to the water. The bad news is there’ve been so many pesticides used in growing pineapples, cotton, coffee and other crops that much of the ground water is contaminated. The volcanic sulfur and ash also get into the water supply. Plus, many of the pipes that bring water to homes and businesses are old and have metal contaminants in them. Alex: This leads me to ask you the following question: How does the Berkey differentiate between the harmful chemical and the beneficial minerals your body needs? David: It’s all due to size. The minerals your body needs are actually in the water molecules, which pass through the Berkey. The harmful chemicals are hundreds to thousands of times greater in size. Actually, a Berkey purifier can even take out red food coloring when added to water, a most impressive thing to see – removing the color from water at a molecular level. But it leaves the minerals in the water and the water itself.

march–april 2015

Alex: What sets your system apart from any other i.e. Brita or a 3-stage system under the sink and other counter-top systems and fridge filters? David: Our water filters can purify your rainwater, catchment water, or tap water. Alex: What is your most popular item? David: The Big Berkey is the biggest seller. It has a capacity of 2.25 gallons, comes with 2 filters and has the capacity for 2 more filters. The Royal Berkey is the next biggest seller at a gallon more capacity. The Berkey Light comes in 3rd place at 2.75 gallons, and unlike the other 2 stainless steel models, it is see-through. Alex: What about people like me who are on the go & travel a lot? David: We have 2 sizes that are great for traveling: a 22-ounce sport bottle with a filter in it and a 1-quart stainless steel model called a Go Berkey. The sport bottle is great for taking through security at an airport and then filling up so you have water at the gate and on the plane. It is also great for hikers, campers, and travelers that can purify their water on a cruise ship, or public water fountain in another country. As a

bonus I also offer frequent flier miles on many major airlines, including Hawaiian Airlines and hotel points for purchasing a Berkey. We say, “Drinking healthy can really get you places”. Alex: There is some research that indicates drinking room temperature water is healthier, is this part of your philosophy? Also, I noticed a ton of videos on your website that are very educational—what inspired you to do all these videos? David: Drinking room temperature water is a matter of preference. Some folks like their water cold at all times, so they purify their water with a Berkey and pour it into a pitcher to keep in their fridge. Some people like fruit cold and some at room temperature. I personally like all of my fruit and drinking water at room temperature, and think it is easier to eat and drink that way. I think it’s all about educating. My videos are all short and informative. Alex: Why should people invest in a water system these days? David: Water is essential for life and health. With all of the contaminants in the world we live in, it is important to purify your water.

Alex: Thank you for this opportunity to meet you and hear your insider water story. David: Thanks as well! I look forward to meeting some of your readers online.

Owner of Berkey Water Systems Hawaii, David Trujillo has had a passion for water purification on the Big Island and it shows! There are lots of informative videos and info online at their website: Alex Leikermoser is an Award Winning Eco Designer and Community Builder. She shares her unique knowledge of Wellness as a Consultant and Coach as well as Author and Speaker. Mention Living Aloha Magazine to get your free 30 minute consult today. (808) 276-5818

Whine less. Breathe More. Lead With Your Heart

Alex: I also see you have this really cool solar lantern on your website —is this something new and what made you want to add this to your repertoire of offerings? David: I have experienced several power outages on Hawaii, as well as the need to prepare for big storms. Having a source of light that you recharge every day, light up a room for free every night, and is environmentally friendly, is a fun product to sell. I never expected the interest this past holiday season as many people got the solar lanterns as unique gifts for loved ones. Alex: Is there anything I missed that you would like to tell our readers about water? David: Well, I want to reiterate that water is essential for life, and very important for proper health. We offer free shipping to all of the Hawaiian Islands, and even free delivery on the Big Island. I invite you to explore the videos on our website and email me if you have any questions.

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How WHOLE Turmeric Heals The Damaged Brain Long considered impossible to accomplish, new research reveals how a simple spice might contribute to the regeneration of the damaged brain. by Sayer Ji Turmeric, known on Hawaii as olena, is hands down one of the, if not the, most versatile healing spices in the world with over 600 experimentally confirmed health benefits, and an ancient history filled with deep reverence for its seemingly compassionate power to alleviate human suffering. But, most of the focus over the past decade has been centered on only one of its many hundreds of phytocompounds: namely, the primary polyphenol in turmeric known as curcumin which gives the spice its richly golden hue. This curcumin-centric focus has lead to the development of some very good products, such as phospholipid bound curcumin concentrate (e.g. Meriva, BCM-95) which greatly helps to increase the absorption and bio-activity of curcumin. But, curcumin isolates are only capable of conferring a part of turmeric’s therapeutic power—and therein lies the limitation and hubris of the dominant ‘isolate the active ingredient’ model.


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Indeed, it has become typical within the so-called nutraceutical industry to emulate the pharmaceutical model, which focuses on identifying a particular “monochemical” tree within the forest of complexity represented by each botanical agent, striving to standardize the delivery of each purported ‘active ingredient’ with each serving, as if it were a pharmaceutical drug. These extraction and isolation processes also generate proprietary formulas, which are what manufacturers want to differentiate their product from all others, and henceforth capture a larger part of the market share; a value proposition that serves the manufacturer and not the consumer/patient. Truth be told, there is no singular ‘magic bullet’ in foods and herbs responsible for reproducing the whole plant’s healing power. There are, in fact, in most healing plants or foods hundreds of compounds orchestrated by the intelligent ‘invisible hand’ of God or ‘Nature,’ or whatever you wish to call it, and which can never be reduced to the activity of a singularly quantifiable phytocompound or chemical.

Beyond The Curcumin ‘Magic Bullet’ Meme Now, an exciting new study published in the journal Stem Cell Research & Therapy provides additional support for the concept that curcumin alone is not enough to explain the healing power of turmeric as a whole plant. The study found that a little known, fatsoluble component within turmeric—Ar-tumerone —may make “a promising candidate to support regeneration in neurologic disease.” German researchers evaluated the effects of this turmeric-derived compound on neural stem cells (NSCs) – the subgroup of brain cells capable of continuous self-renewal required for brain repair. The study found that when brain cells were exposed to ar-tumerone, neural stem cells increased in number through enhanced proliferation. Moreover, these newly formed neural stem cells also increased the number of fully differentiated neuronal cells, indicating a healing effect was taking place.

The Turmeric Database Confirms Its Brain-Saving Power! This database is the world’s most extensive open access natural medical database on over 1,800 different natural substances, with over 1,600 study abstracts on turmeric’s healing properties indexed thus far. If you take a look at the laundry list of over 600 diseases that this spice (or its components, e.g. curcumin) has been

studied for to prevent and/or treat, the sheer volume of supportive literature is astounding. Amazingly, we have identified over 180 physiological pathways – according to their conventional pharmacological characterization, e.g. COX-2 inhibitor, Interleukin 6 down-regulator – by which turmeric or its components heals the human body. In addition, you will find over 100 articles on turmeric’s neuroprotective properties on the site.

How To Get The Most Out of Your Turmeric One of the most frequent questions we field is ‘what is the best type of turmeric or curcumin to use?’ Obviously, given the aforementioned research, the whole plant is going to carry a wider range of therapeutic compounds than curcumin alone. And yet, most have been heavily enculturated to focus entirely on the ‘how much’ question, opting to identify the molecular weight (i.e. how many milligrams in a serving) of a particular compound as more important than the qualitative dimensions (e.g. is it organic? Is it delivered within its natural context as food or a whole plant?), which reflect the type of nutrigenomic information the substance contains, and therefore the ‘intelligence’ it embodies. And really, there is no generic answer to a generic question about the best way to take turmeric/ curcumin. The question always comes from an individual with a particular need, and so, recommendations must be bio-individualized.

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For instance, if you have colonic inflammation or polyps, and you are trying to use turmeric to reduce inflammation or regress precancerous growths, then using the whole plant is best versus a highly bioavailable form of curcumin in capsule form (e.g. Meriva), for instance, which will likely be absorbed by the small intestine and mostly pass through the liver, never getting adequate quantities to the large intestine. But what if you have someone who wants to experience a systemic effect, say, for arthritis or for brain cancer? In these instances, getting turmeric compounds such as curcumin through the glucuronidation barrier in the liver, a phospholipid-bound or black pepper (piperine) combination could be ideal. Ultimately, the goal is not to wait to have such a serious health problem that you have to force yourself to take a ‘heroic dose’ of any herb or food extract. Better is to use small amounts in culinary doses in combination with ingredients that synergize on a physiochemical/ informational and sensual basis (producing the all important Vitamin P [pleasure] as well!). Recently, we actually featured a study that showed culinary doses of rosemary helped improve memory whereas higher ‘heroic’ doses impaired it!

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This is why exploring the use of turmeric in curries, or by adding a pinch in a smoothie, may be an ideal daily supplementation approach, versus capsules, whose questionably ‘natural’ capsules and excipients all can add up to cause some stress on the liver you are trying to protect with these natural interventions.

Just remember: quality is everything and less is more!

Sayer Ji is the founder of, an author, educator, Steering Committee Member of the Global GMO Free Coalition (GGFC), and an advisory board member of the National Health Federation.

wHere HealtHy lIvIng MeetS lOcal alOHa 24

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He founded in 2008 in order to provide the world an open access, evidence-based resource supporting natural and integrative modalities. It is widely recognized as the most widely referenced health resource of its kind.

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We had the pleasure of meeting environmentalist, spiritual teacher and Maui resident Doreen Virtue at a local crystal shop here on Maui where she lives. It was great to hear she reads Living Aloha Magazine and loves it. I’d heard of her for many years and knew she was somewhat popular. She’s also vegan, the most important thing you can do for the environment. She offered to even write for us. So here it is.

eating FOOD

with High Vibration

by Doreen Virtue Most people on the spiritual path find that their appetites change, so that they are only craving healthful and humanely created foods. As your spiritual vibrations increase, it becomes more difficult to digest highly processed foods, chemical-laden foods and beverages, and animal products (especially those who were cruelly treated). Another internal shift experienced by those of us on the spiritual path relates to the way we crave and digest foods. Generally, we go through a series of stages on our way to becoming a vegetarian or vegan. For example, a woman named Andrea had been meditating and taking yoga classes for six months when she stated, “I find that I can no longer digest highly processed foods. I used to love doughnuts and pastries, but now they just give me a stomachache.” For those of you who are new to the spiritual path, like Andrea, your first change in eating patterns might be an inability to tolerate sugar or white flour. Your body begins to reflect the higher vibrational frequency of a spiritually minded soul. It may continue to crave “junk food,” but your stomach can no longer digest it easily. The next step could be an actual change in your food cravings. For example, we know of a woman named Brenda who had been studying spirituality for a year and a half when she noticed significant changes in this regard. “I used to crave sugary chocolate every month, right before starting my period,” Brenda said, “but it’s incredible that I’m just not craving chocolate candy at all anymore.” The cravings for junk food may recur during stressful times, but for the most part, those on the spiritual path experience an overall reduction in junk food cravings. When indulging in junk food, people often notice strong negative reactions, such as stomachaches, fatigue, headaches, or edginess. Foods and drinks impact your vital energy. Natural, fresh, and organic fruits and vegetables have the highest vibrations, as they are both nutritional and are also with an inherent vibrancy. The sunshine that they grow beneath is held within their cells. As you consume these foods, your body welcomes the healing energy of the sun, and you begin to glow and radiate. 26

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Processed and artificial foods have the lowest vibrations. These items serve no benefit to your body or energy. Similar to the way they’re produced, they provide you with an artificial sense of energy or satisfaction, and your body receives no reward for taking in these “foods.”

Even lower on the energy scale are those foods that contain, or are grown with, pesticides (“-cide” comes from the Latin caedere, which means “to kill”); and have very low vibrations. Genetically modified (often called GM, GMO, or GE) foods have herbicides and pesticides grown into them, so they’re the lowest vibrational items of all.

At this time, GMO foods are unlabeled in the United States and Canada (in other countries, GMOs must be labeled). So, the only way to avoid GMOs in North America is to buy certified organic versions of the following foods:

Top Genetically Modified Foods to Avoid Unless They’re Certified Organic • Potatoes

• Tomatoes

• Canola oil

• Corn (including corn syrup,

• Yeast

• Peas

• Bananas

•M eat, eggs, and dairy products (cows and chickens

corn powder)

• Beets (including beet sugar) • Rice • Soy products (including soybean oil)

• Squash

• Honey (only buy local organic honey, as mainland bees feed off GMO canola, unless they are raised organically, and most mainland and imported honey is adulterated with GMO corn syrup)

• Wheat

• Aspartame (NutraSweet)

• Hawaiian papayas

• Cotton (and cottonseed oil)

are fed GMO feed and are given growth hormones, antibiotics, and other additives that enter their milk and flesh; in addition, if an animal suffered during its life or slaughter, their by-products are filled with pain energy, which transfers to whomever consumes these items)


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Organics are usually grown with love, by farmers who care more about health and the environment than profit. Some people worry that organic foods are more expensive. When comparing the surface cost of organic versus nonorganic food, it may appear more costly. For example, organic tomatoes might seem more expensive than the nonorganic ones, but you’re paying for the tomatoes that didn’t make it to the store. No chemicals are used, so some might be eaten by caterpillars. Or, the plant produces less food. The ones that survived will be well worth the investment. Organic food tastes like food should. Remember those times when you cut open a tomato and you could smell it? These days, conventionally grown tomatoes have little smell, taste, or texture compared to those of the past. This is what organic food is all about: going back to a natural way of growing and harvesting foods, which is more sustainable, as it involves working closely with nature.


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There’s an interconnectedness with organic farming. The butterfly and the bee pollinate the flower and allow the tomato to grow. Some tomatoes might become the home for caterpillars. This leads to the next generation of pollinating butterflies and bees. If pesticides and chemicals are used to kill the caterpillars and bees, the cycle of growth stops. Many scientific studies show that the herbicides used on GMO crops are killing the bees of our world, and without bees, there is no natural food. Without bees, the GMO producing companies will “win” their corporate fight because only GMO seeds will grow. Your grocery bill will likely go down when you follow a natural diet. As you transition to healthy, fresh produce, you’ll no longer crave expensive, processed meals. It’s actually very cost effective to eat in a nutritional manner. It’s best for sensitive people to avoid or reduce eating animal products because the animals’ treatment affects the energy of the meat, dairy, and eggs. When an animal suffers, that suffering energy (including adrenaline) goes

into the animals’ flesh, and this extremely low vibration passes into those who eat these products. Each time you buy an organic food product, you are voting to keep the world natural and high-vibrational.

Your food choices affect us all.

Doreen Virtue holds three university degrees in Counseling Psychology. She has been interviewed on Oprah, The View, CNN, Coast to Coast AM, and media worldwide. She’s the author of 50 books and 25 oracle card decks, including her instructional book about going vegan called “Eating in the Light” and her book of raw food recipes called “The Art of Raw Living Foods.” Doreen and her husband Michael are organic vegans who live full-time on Maui with their many pets.

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a little something

to Bragg about by Sabrina Harmony Sims

At Bragg Live Food Products, they’re all about encouraging the world to serve health foods instead of fast foods. I grew up in a house where Bragg products graced the dinner table and so I was super excited when Living Aloha Magazine was invited to meet the lovely and vibrant Dr. Patricia Bragg at Down to Earth Market in Kahului. Bragg Live Food Products once produced 365 different items: the first vitamins, minerals, health teas, health foods, healthy candies, organic skin care, etc., “we had one for every day of the year,” says Patricia Bragg, N.D., Ph.D. They still offer many of the best quality organic products and 10 best-selling “selfhealth” books too. Dr. Patricia Bragg is a healthy and youthful woman, who happens to be well into her eighties, with the energy and enthusiasm of a girl in her teens. She says she’s ageless and she’s especially cute and youthful with her pink booties, hair bows and flowers in her hat. She advocates for a pure lifestyle; an organic diet free of animal products, GMO’s and pesticides and she stays fit (at a petite 5’0” and just 100 pounds) with such healthy fare along with daily circulation-building exercise and breathing techniques. 30

Living Aloha


After witnessing her boundless energy, I believe we could all take a tip from Dr. Patricia Bragg, daughter of Dr. Paul C. Bragg – the originator of the very first health food store. I had the delightful opportunity to speak with Patricia a few days after her Down to Earth talk, to gain more insight into her healthbuilding habits.

Here’s how our conversation progressed: Sabrina: I love your products. My mom always put them on the dinner table next to the vegetarian meal she prepared. One of my favorites from your healthy line of products is your Nutritional Yeast. My favorite way to use nutritional yeast, when I’m not eating fully raw, is to put it on my popcorn with a little sea salt and some oil to make it stick. When I am eating fully raw though, my favorite is to pour it on an avocado. How do you normally like to eat your Bragg Nutritional Yeast and can you talk a little bit about the health benefits of nutritional yeast?

march–april 2015

Dr. Patricia Bragg: Just the way you described, with popcorn, is a great way to eat Nutritional Yeast, and one of my favorites too. We received an award in the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition for our Bragg Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. So I use that with some sprinkles of our Nutritional Yeast, along with maybe a little of our Bragg Liquid Aminos, and then I spray Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar over my popcorn – and it is delicious. By the way, I like to have the Apple Cider Vinegar in a spray bottle, to easily spray it over my popcorn or anywhere I want, so what I do is, when I’ve used up the Liquid Aminos, I save the Liquid Aminos spray bottle and I put our Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in there. The Nutritional Yeast has a cheese-like flavor – it’s a delicious, healthy seasoning. And, yes, it’s

wonderful with popcorn, or with avocados, and I also like to put it on a beautiful salad. I was down at the Outrigger Canoe Club yesterday watching the Super Bowl Half Time show with Katy Perry and they had delicious salads and a gorgeous guacamole so I put a bottle of Nutritional Yeast out on the table and everybody loved it. Nutritional Yeast Seasoning is rich in B complex vitamins, which help to balance the mood, and the B-12 also helps to sustain your energy levels. Now, most nutritional yeast is sourced from brewery products and ours is not. Bragg also uses no artificial colors, no preservatives, no dairy, no salt, no sugar, and it’s non-GMO and gluten free too.

Sabrina: That’s why I love your products. They all seem to come with that maxim of health.

it was wonderful and I have been very proud to live a healthy life. I never use mascara, or blush or cover up or anything but lipstick. Only if I’m making appearances do I wear a little lipstick. If I want a little blush, I take the lipstick and just touch my cheeks with it. Basically I don’t wear makeup and I never use hair dye – but if you want to dye your hair, just use henna because it’s a natural product.

I’m fascinated by the pure life you’ve chosen to lead – and the fact that you’ve never touched cigarettes, coffee or even nail polish is commendable. But I did notice that you were wearing a beautiful shade of pink lipstick at your Down to Earth talk. May I ask what kind of Makeup you use? I’m of the belief that if I wouldn’t eat it, then I also wouldn’t put it on my skin, because the skin is actually our largest organ. Do you share that mindset?

And, yes, the skin is like your third kidney, so I get my lipstick at health food stores. Sabrina: Nice—can you tell our readers about the world’s first health food store? (Where was it located, how long did it take to thrive and become a movement and how old were you when it started?)

Dr. Patricia Bragg: I was brought up in a house where we never had any smoking, any alcohol, any coffee, no white breads or white sugar (all the deadly whites); and

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Dr. Patricia Bragg: My father, Dr. Paul C. Bragg, started the first health food store, called “Health Food Store”, back in Hollywood – in Los Angeles – during a time when everyone was in a bar (or a “speak easy”), back in the 1920’s. Bob Cummings was 18, Gloria Swanson was 18, and Dad was asked to speak to the Hollywood Stars in the 1920’s and ’30’s. And, of all the early girls, Gloria survived because she listened to my father’s advice. Dad said “you need your beauty sleep, you need exercise, good posture, hot and cold showers and to eat wisely; you are what you eat, breathe, think, say and do.” I was at Gloria’s 80th birthday and I made a toast to Gloria with carrot juice. And she said “I thank Patricia’s father, Paul Bragg, and I’ve followed the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle since I was 18”.

That was before I was born. Our business started in 1912. The first Health Food Store was really officially opened in about 1920. Sabrina: Were you always interested in health and wellness, right alongside your dad? I notice you have so many degrees, can you tell us about your education? Dr. Patricia Bragg: I was on my way to Africa to become a Missionary – I had earned my Doctorate of Divinity – but my father said, “Why don’t you come be a health missionary and spread the message of health”. Since then, I earned my Naturopathic Doctorate and my Ph.D., and many other degrees. The Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences in Arizona gave me an Honorary Doctorate recently in Science, which I was very thankful for too.

Gloria Swanson would lecture with my father, and my dad devoted much of his life to traveling around the country and around the world, encouraging and inspiring others to start health food stores. Trader Joe, GNC, Thompson Vitamins – the pioneers were inspired by my dad.


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With all of this education, I am a health crusader. I’ve made over thirty trips around the world sharing the message of health. But some of the most important things I’ve learned, my father taught me. I love all colors, all religions and all people. My father taught me that love is the most important thing in life and he said that when you’re speaking, you don’t want to hit them over the head with a big stick; you want to give them love. Sabrina: That attitude must be part of what keeps you so youthful. What other tips do you have to share with our readers? I remember you saying you like to eat three stalks of celery each day. I’ve read that you can get all of your organic sodium needs met with celery, so eating some celery each day is a great idea. Dr. Patricia Bragg: I do eat some celery every day – I love celery. My favorite foods are fruits, vegetables and sprouts and my main view is go organic, don’t panic. I grow my own organic food in Santa Barbara, Australia and Maui. I earn

one is coming out now and it’s Pomegranate flavored. Alec Baldwin takes our vinegar drinks to the gym; Katy Perry took hers to the Super Bowl. Hippocrates, “the father of modern medicine” would use Apple Cider Vinegar to detox, cleanse and heal his patients and said, “Let your food be your medicine”. I live by that every day. I’m barefoot 60% of the time and 70% of the food I put in my body is raw: salads, fruits, vegetables, and hydrating, organic juices.

my food by growing it in the ground and I encourage people to garden. I also have three glasses of water with apple cider vinegar each day – what you do is you add two teaspoons of our organic Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar into 8 ounces of water – you can also try our ready-made Apple Cider Vinegar drinks. We now have 7 different flavors of ACV drinks, our 7th

Juicing was really introduced to America by my father. Now, I believe you can overdo the juicing because of all the sugar, (usually the fiber helps digest the sugar) but if you want to take a lot of juice, you can counterbalance that by diluting some of your juice with pure water. Sabrina: Admirable. How do you like living in Hawaii? You seem to exude the Aloha Spirit. Were you born and raised here, or what’s your story; were you “called” here from somewhere on the mainland as so many locals like to say?

Living Aloha

Dr. Patricia Bragg: My father came to Hawaii in 1920 as a guest of Duke Kahanamoku. (Duke is credited with introducing surfing to the world.) My dad was the original tri athlete. My father met Duke at the Olympics and then Duke invited my father here to Hawaii. And then later, Duke’s wife Nadine became my Godmother – and she lived way up into her 90’s. Now I live part of the time on Maui, part time near Diamond Head on Oahu, and Santa Barbara part time. You can go to the back of our health books to learn more details about that and you can also go to BraggHawaiiExercise. com to find out about the free exercise classes we offer in Waikiki six days a week. Sabrina: Patricia, I appreciate what you and your father have worked to share with the world and I want to wish you success and health in all your endeavors. It’s been a great pleasure speaking with you – and seeing your talk at Down to Earth the other day was enjoyable and inspiring. Best wishes and so much Aloha. Dr. Patricia Bragg: Thank you. Aloha!


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Palms at Wailea

808-269-3498 •


Wailuku Health Center Andrew M. Janssen, DC Chiropractor

Spa Luna Massage School


Malama Healing Arts CenterMassage Therapy & School

808-575-2440 •

Erin L. Elster, DC Chiropractor

808-579-8525 •

3200 Wailea Alanui Dr. • Kihei, HI 96753 888-901-4521 •


41 E. Lipoa St., Kihei, HI 96753 808-874-2844

Ala Kukui 4224 Hana Hwy in Hana 808-248-7841

Reps-Training Center

Sabai Massage School

Sabai Massage Therapy

808-463-7734 •

808-463-7734 •

Temple of Tantra

Ho’omana Spa Maui

Roth Chiropractic

808-573-8256 •

1371 Malaihi Rd in Wailuku 808-244-4921 •


The Maui School of Therapeutic Massage 808-572-1888 •

808-873-8446 •

Maui Academy of Healing Arts


808-879-4266 •

Maui Homeopathy


Hana, HI • 808-248-7568

Heart Path Journeys 470 Kaluanui Rd. • Makawao, HI 808-243-7284 •


300 Ohukai, B 202 - Kihei 808-891-8108 •

Valley Isle Fitness Center

Hana Highway in Kipahulu 808-248-7071

808-866-6551 •

Chatterbox Boutiki

The Gym Maui

161 Wailea Ike Pl. • Wailea, HI 96753 808-875-1066 •


In Home Personal Trainer Functionalty / Core Training Marco


Life’s A Journey Spin 118 Kupuohi St, C-2 • Lahaina, HI 96761 808-667-7772 •

Body in Balance


142 Kupuohi St. - Bldg. # F2 Lahaina, HI 96761 808-661-1116 •

Anytime Fitness

Crossfit State of Mind

3390 Old Haleakala Hwy Pukalani – 808-633-6463

219 Kupuohi St. • Lahaina, HI 96761 808-446-6007 •

LMT# 12045

Brenda M. Martin

convenient Kihei location

(808) 269-4337

WatSu, or WATer ShiatSU, is at its simplest explanation a floating massage. The therapist moves your body through the warm water stretching muscles & opening energy pathways to achieve deep relaxation. It is an experience unlike any other massage you have ever received. 36

Living Aloha


march–april 2015

Lahaina Cross Fit Megan Hildebrand 219 Kupuohi St. • Lahaina, HI 96761 808-286-9422 •

Team Beachbody Laura T. Pelayo 808-298-6288 •

Kapalua Spa Thomas Ockerman 808-665-8282 • CENTRAL MAUI

24 Hour Fitness 150 Hana Hwy. – Kahului 808-877-7474 •

Alive & Well

Maui Kombucha

Coreena-Raw Foods Chef

340 Hana Hwy. – Kahului 808-877-4950

810 Kokomo Rd #136 • Haiku, HI 96708 808-575-5233 •


Farmers Market


3636 Lower Honoapiilani Lahaina, HI 96761 808-669-7004

810 Kokomo Rd. • Haiku 96708 808-575-5320 •

Down To Earth Market

381 Baldwin Ave. • Paia, HI 96779 808-280-9019 •

305 Dairy Rd. • Kahului, HI 96732 808-877-2661 •

Whole Foods Market 70 E. Kaahumanu Ave. Kahului, HI 96732 808-872-3310 •

250 Kanaloa Ave. • Kahului, HI 96732 808-242-9007 •

871 Kolu St., # 103 • Wailuku, HI 96793 808-242-5773 •

Maui Sports Conditioning 530 E. Uahi Way • Wailuku, HI 96703 808-357-1303 • NATURAL FOOD MARKETS

Mana Foods 49 Baldwin Ave. – Paia 808-579-8078 •

Hawaiian Moons 2411 South Kihei Road, Kihei 808-875-4356 •

Farmers Market 3636 Lower Honoapiilani Rd. Lahaina, HI 96761 808-669-7004



Island Fresh Delivery 808-664-1129 •

Kula Fields Produce Delivery 808-280-2099 •


180 Wakea Ave., #1 •Kahului, HI 96732 808-877-7222 •

Gold’s Gym-Wailuku

One Love Cafe

On the road to Hana - mile 27.5 808-248-4876


1790 Mill St. Wailuku, HI 808-298-5604 •

Coconut Glen’s Ice Cream Vegan Ice Cream

Maui Family YMCA

Cross Fit RFM

Macrobiotic Hawaii-Oahu Chef Leslie Ashburn


Choice Health Bar 1087 Limahana Pl. • Lahaina, HI 96761 808-661-7711 •

Hawaiian Superfoods 74 Lono Ave. • Kahului, HI 96732 808-283-9886 •

Maka By Mana 115 Baldwin Ave. • Paia, HI 96779 808-579-9125 •

808-283-3135 •

Body Temple Gourmet Brook Le’amohala & Ava Raw Vegan Chef & Instructor


The Original Organic Makawao Farmer’s Market


Wednesdays: 9 AM to 1 PM EBT Accepted • 808-419-1570 Pookela Church - 200 Olinda Rd.

Indian Vegan Catering Manju - 808-281-3323

Upcountry Farmers Market

Angel Green - Certified Gourmet & Pastry Raw Vegan Chef & Instructor

Saturdays: 7AM to 11AM Kulamalu Town Center 55 Kiopaa St. in Pukalani

808-866-0857 •

Jessica Qsar - Health Supportive Chef & Wellness Coach

Down To Earth Market


305 Dairy Rd. • Kahului, HI 96732 808-877-2661 •

Satrang Catering


Maui Grocery Service

Kahului Farmers Market Saturdays: 7 AM to 1 PM 310 W Ka’ahumanu Ave. Kahului 808-244-3100

Kihei Farmers Market

North & South Indian 808-269-2778 •

Saturdays: 8:30 AM to 11 AM 95 Lipoa St.– Kihei 808-357-4564

12 Market St. • Wailuku, HI 96793 808-866-4312

Living Aloha


march–april 2015


the GREEN Makawao Farmers Market


Wellness & Healthy Living Directory

Climber, Planter, Educator

Wednesdays: 10 AM to 5 PM 3654 Baldwin Ave. - Makawao

Mon/Wed/Fri 7 AM to 11 AM 3636 Lower Honoapi’ilani Lahaina 808-669-7004

Pono Coconuts

Hana Fresh Farmers Market

John Dillon - 808-419-8998

232 Lahainaluna Rd. 808-662-0099

Dragon’s Den Herb Store

Coconut Care

Honokowai Farmers Market

West Maui Animal Clinic

Herb Shop 3681 Baldwin Ave. • Makawao, HI 96768 808-572-2424

Pacific Primate Sanctuary 808-572-8089 •

Hogan - 808-419-8977

Conscious Funeral Services

Coconut Harvesting

Mondays: 3 PM to 6 PM Thursdays: 11 AM to 3 PM 4590 Hana Highway in Hana

Doorway Into Light Reverend Bodhi Be PO Box 1268 - Haiku, HI 96708 808-573-8334 • cell-808-283-5950

Financial Services Financial Services for Farmers Farm Credit of Hawaii PO Box 31306 • Honolulu, HI 96820 808-836-8009

Napili Farmers Market Wednesdays: 8 to 11 AM 4900 Honapiilani Hwy-Napili 808-633-5060


Leilani Farm Sanctuary

Community Groups

Vegetarian Society of Hawaii

Organic Farmers

PO Box 23208 Honolulu, HI 96823-3208 808-944-8344 •

Gerry Ross Organic Farmer/Consultant kupaafarms.og • 808-876-0678

Hawaii Farmers Union United Bill Greenleaf

Coconut Care

808-283-5417 •

Coconut Harvesting Ryan Burden

Carol A. Phelan

Alternative Education

260 East Kuiaha Road in Haiku 808-298-8544 •

Bodhi School - Lindy Shapiro PO Box 791481 • Paia, HI 96779 207-730-1230

Eco Dogs & Cats

Montessori School

2933 Baldwin Ave. • Makawao, HI 96768 808-573-0374 •

BooBoo Zoo East Maui Animal Refuge

Haleakala Waldorf School 4160 Lower Kula Rd. • Kula, HI 96790 808-878-2511 •

25 Maluaina Place in Haiku 808-572-8308 •


Get your groove back with bodywork that works Stability & Postural Integration Craniosacral

4 Hand Treatments

Joint Mobility Restoration

Post Surgery Care

3D Myofascial Release

Auto Accident and Work Injuries

Apprentice Bodywork

Free Sessions for Veterans

23 years of experience in resolving the limitations within your body and offering effective therapies addressing the cause of your pain

NEW 38

CENTRAL LOCATION IN MAUIinLANI - WAILUKU -within 169 your MA’A STREET 23 years of experience resolving the limitations

Living Aloha

Maui BodyMAT Studio 3317 body and offering effective therapies addressing the at cause ofSkin your& pain


march–april 2015

MAT 3317

808 938-7084

Missing Teeth? Missing Front Tooth

The “Winged Pontic”

The Carlson Bridge® “Winged Pontic” replacement has got you covered. 69% of people ages 35 to 44 have lost at least one tooth, most visibly in the front. There are five ways to solve a missing tooth space issue. First, you may choose to do nothing, which often leads to other more involved issues such as gum defects and collapse of bite, leading to more tooth loss, jaw joint issues, or muscular pain. Or, you can have a removable bridge, “flipper or snap-on-smile” method and contend with the in-and-out of the mouth business related to their inherent ill-fitting nature, a temporary fix, at best. Or, you could opt for the dental implant screwed into your bone topped off by a “crown.” Only 8% of the dentists in the America use this method even after 20 years of attempting to get the dentists of the USA to buy into this approach through nationwide advertising. Cost of most single implants runs about $4-6,000.00. You will not be told about the time commitment for the surgery, care and maintenance costs for the implant after the procedure, or the downside such as bone rejection, implant infection, or breakage of the implant. The fourth method is the traditional fixed bridge for a missing tooth, requiring radical stripping away of outer enamel, the “enamel peel” cutting method, which leaves one with a tooth stump, hastening its demise through gangrene.

Finished Carlson Bridge®

We at Carlson Bridge Technologies, Inc. offer the “FIFTH” method that, in most cases, can be done in one appointment of about an hour and a half, at a fraction of the cost of any methods, other than the flipper, and requires little more than cleaning the support teeth surfaces and adhering the “Winged Pontic” into the space. Take time to explore our “FIFTH,” and best, method (“5” is the Spiritual Way—the center of the numbers 1 though 9—the Middle Way) by visiting our sites and videos. We suggest you Google or YouTube Carlson Bridge for greater clarity. We are at the Kahala Mall, Island of O’ahu, Hawai’i at 808-735-0282. Email or visit Thank you!

Carlson Bridge “Winged Pontic” Tooth Replacement Kit ®

For professionals: the kit is available for purchase in learning this remarkable innovation at 808-955-6064.

We at Carlson Bridge® Technologies, Inc Invite and Welcome network patients, and, dental doctors who become skillful in this Art.

Living Aloha


march–april 2015



tissues and relaxes the muscles immensely, and makes the therapists massage work more effective with half the work, in half the time.

FIR Sauna The next level of Saunas is here: Far Infrared (FIR) Saunas use infra red light to penetrate below the skin’s surface to improve capillary function. Scientists at the Mayo clinic utilize FIR Saunas and were able to turn around the health of the most serious end-stage heart patients. Most doctors at the Cancer Control Society Conventions highly recommend FIR Saunas for their patients as part of their protocols. Unlike other more expensive FIR Saunas, the FIR Relax® unit produces no EMF’s, is portable and sets up in 2 to 3 minutes and is FDA approved. It heats up in 2 to 3 minutes (most Saunas take 20 to 40 minutes to heat up) and it can produce 2 to 3 times the sweat of other FIR Saunas.

The FIR Sauna is effective in removing toxins from the body. It can remove metabolic toxins as well as dioxin, cadmium and mercury and other heavy metals. The sauna uses only 1500 watts (about as much as an electric coffee pot). If you want to get on the fast track to detoxing the multitude of toxins in your body from our modern environment, then the Far Infrared Sauna is for you!

Using the FIR Sauna for 15 minutes a day could easily burn about 600 Calories (the equivalent to running 4-6 miles, or doing a 45 minute cardiovascular workout per day). Massage therapists love the FIR Sauna, as it softens the


Coreena Neri


Living Aloha


808-268-6807 for more info on the Patented Semi-conductor Far Infrared Technology Sauna.

march–april 2015

ALL SOURCE THERAPY Chandrika McLaughlin


Bellydance With Mirayah Delamar

A Celebration of the G oddess Within

Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy EMDR, Institute Trained

Mystical Feminine Conscious Interpretive Creative Fun

Specializing in: - Relationship issues - anxiety and Trauma Recovery

Tuesdays @ 5:30 pm 2015

-Medical Hypnosis - ancestral and past life Regression

Pure and Fusion Styles of Bellydance Dance surrounded by nature & ocean views!

Caring and Qualified


(808) 572-0253

Helping the

Conscious find

HOME since 1981

808.283.2158 direct

Mark Sheehan REALTOR® Broker RB-14447

808.579.8000 office

Coldwell Banker Island Properties 39 Baldwin Avenue, Paia, HI 96779



Living Aloha


march–april 2015



Living Aloha


march–april 2015


A One Day Retreat in the Beauty of Nature Saturday, April 18 th 2015 from

10 am


4 pm

partially sponsored by

The World Peace Diet author and speaker Dr. Will Tuttle and Meenakshi Angel Honig, Internationally Acclaimed Yoga Instructor E-RYT 500 This One Day Yoga of AHIMSA Retreat includes: • • • • •

World Peace Diet Presentation Guided and Walking Meditation Yoga (no strain ~ all levels welcome) Vegan Potluck Lunch Piano Music with Dr. Will Tuttle

$54 – $108 donation (no one turned away) For further info please contact:

Meenakshi Angel Honig • 808-573-1414

Other Will Tuesday - APRIL 14th Honolulu, HI •

Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse 404 Kapahulu Ave., Honolulu, Oahu Lecture/presentation on The World Peace Diet - 7pm

Thursday - APRIL 16th Paia, Maui, HI • Kaunoa Senior Center 401 Alakapa Place, Paia, Maui Lecture/presentation on The World Peace Diet - 7pm

Held at a Gorgeous Private Oceanfront Estate in Haiku, Maui

Tuttle events in Hawaii: Sunday - APRIL 19th Wailuku, Maui, HI •

Unity Church of Maui 483 S. High Street - 808-242-9327 Sunday morning service: 10am Workshop on Opening The Intuitive Gate - 1:00 - 3:30 pm

Monday - APRIL 20th Wailuku, Maui, HI •

Unity Church of Maui 483 S. High Street - 808-242-9327 Piano Passion Concert 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Living Aloha


Sunday - APRIL 26th Kealakekua, HI •

New Thought Center of Hawaii 81-6587 Mamalahoa Highway, C302 Pualani Terrace, Kealakekua 808-323-2232 Sunday morning service: 10am Workshop on Opening The Intuitive Gate - 1:00 - 3:30 pm

march–april 2015


advertise with us… Our distribution of over 12,000 printed copies every two months—directly reaches the healthconscious community on Maui.

Sulara James Author, Clairaudient, Channel for Healing

We are the highest Circulation Health Magazine on Maui— BOOK your ad sPace NOW! or call 808-419-6147

In her latest book, Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit, Sulara, an intuitive and channel for healing, shares excerpts from her channeled readings that unveil wisdom from Spirit. These timeless teachings elevate our lives to unimagined heights. Use this book as a daily soul workbook, drawing on it for inspiration and guidance. Private Sessions/Consultation available upon request. To contact Sulara for healing work, e-mail

“For heaven is in your hearts, and if you acknowledge this truth and live this truth, you are creating heaven on Earth.” From Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit


Living Aloha


march–april 2015



buy & sell


Living Aloha proudly supports our island businesses! Bakeries

Drum Classes

Hardware Stores

Rentals Available

Baked on Maui 375 W. Kuiaha Rd. in Haiku 808-575-7836

Classes and private lessons Drum set, Djembe, Doumbek, Bongos 310-488-1911

ACE Hardware 810 Haiku Rd. in Haiku 808-633-4682

Bedroom for rent in a 4 bedroom/1.5 bath 100 year old, sweet vintage home in Haiku. Must be vegan, clean, respectful, have clean credit, employed and have Maui references. 310-488-1911.

Bookkeeping Services Business/Personal Bookkeeping Haiku 310-488-1911

Coconut Care/ Harvesting Coconut Harvesting Ryan Burden Climber, Planter, Educator Coconut Care Pono Coconuts Hogan 808-419-8977 Coconut Harvesting John Dillon 808-419-8998

Community Movements SHAKA Movement 3681 Baldwin Ave., A-203 Makawao, HI 96768 844-661-2944 Hawaiian Independence Restoration Organization 808-446-5154

Computer Repair A.M. Computer Repair Free Diagnostic Services 808-280-1652

Entertainment Booking

Haiku Hardware 375 W. Kuiaha Rd. #2 in Haiku 808-575-9360

Thrift Stores

Book your event and party entertainment with Dance Bands, Rock Bands, Reggae, World Music, Drum Groups, Fire Dancers, Belly Dancers and more. 310-488-1911

Magazine Distribution

Family Entertainment

Maui Artists

Maui Mama Magazine 808-283-6631

Visual Artist/Sculptor Tim Garcia 808-572-5597

Elise Clothing Company 95 E. Lipoa St. in Kihei Also in Kahului and Lahaina 808-874-5473

Fire Spinners/Dancers

Visual Artist/Painter Melissa Bruck 808-866-6045

UP Country Thrift Store 810 Haiku Rd. Unit 394B, in Haiku 808-575-9650


Water Catchment

David Randall 808-283-8633

Cleaning, Repair & Maintenance of Water Catchment systems. 808-633-3804

Susanna SeaFire is a fire dancer and aerial silk artist from Maui, Hawaii. She is available for private parties, events, lessons, weddings and corporate shows. You can find more info on her website:

Graphic Arts Advertising, Posters, Magazines, Brochures, Book Designs and more by the team that creates Living Aloha Magazine 808-419-6147

Green House Consultation Green House Design and Consultation by Hamilton Orchids 415-264-3775

Rainbow Attic 1881 S. Kihei Rd. in Kihei 808-874-0524

P.A.I.N. Distribution Hawaii 310-488-1911

Savers 380 Dairy Rd. in Kahului 808-871-7244

Real Estate Froyam Edel Real Estate Broker Hana Side Specialist 808-248-7570 Mark Sheehan Coldwell Banker 39 Baldwin Ave. Paia, HI 96779 808-283-2158

Living Aloha

to place your classified ad call:



march–april 2015


upcoming events Tuesday - April 14th

monday - April 20th -

Lecture/presentation on The World Peace Diet with Will Tuttle

Piano Passion Concert

Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse 404 Kapahulu Ave., Honolulu, Oahu at 7 pm Saturday & Sunday march 21st & 22nd

thursday - April 16th

Spiritual Sustainability and Death Bodhi Be speaks about how to live a more fulfilling life by understanding your impending death. SATURDAY the 21st: 7 pm at The Makawao Union Church SUNDAY the 22nd: 1 pm at Temple of Peace

Lecture/presentation on The World Peace Diet with Will Tuttle Kaunoa Senior Center 401 Alakapa Place, Paia, Maui at 7 pm sunday - April 19th

Earth Day Maui Keopuolani Park, Kahului, Maui 10 am to 6 pm More info at 808-268-1211

More info at 808-573-8334 Friday, saturday & sunday April 10th to 12th

Spiritual Alchemy with William Meader

Unity Church of Maui 483 S. High Street Wailuku, Maui. 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm More info at 808-242-9327 sunday - April 26th

Workshop on Opening The Intuitive Gate Sunday morning service at 10 am 1:00 pm– 3:30 pm New Thought Center of Hawaii 81-6587 Mamalahoa Highway, C302 Pualani Terrace, Kealakekua, HI More info at 808-323-2232

A workshop on Opening The Intuitive Gate & Sunday Service Unity Church of Maui 483 S. High Street, Wailuku, Maui

Activating the Soul’s Purpose and Creative Destiny. A life-altering workshop. Maui Tropical Plantation, Wailuku, Maui.

1:00 pm to 3:30 pm More info at 808-242-9327

More info at 202-780-7685 Please send us information of your upcoming events to list in this section of Living Aloha Magazine for relevant conscious and healthful events for our community. Send to

Please send us information of your upcoming events to list in this new section of Living Aloha Magazine for relevant conscious and healthful events for our community. Send to

across from Mana Foods above Café Des Amis

42 baldwin ave • 808-280-4231 46

Living Aloha


march–april 2015


caring for the land:

The Importance of HOME RULE What Maui Has to Do With It! “Limitless irresponsibility cannot be allowed in any system, so we practice the test of responsibility daily, and our rights flow from responsibility like beautiful streams that flow from Maui’s mountains naturally. We give them (Biotech) permission to exist, as legal entities, because they are not persons, they are not part of the legal community because they are not beings. A ‘legal fiction’ cannot claim personhood, cannot claim humanity.”

“My tutu once said, ‘It is simple, if it hurts anyone, if the decision you make hurts anyone or anything and the ramifications go deep, you have to go back and look for a better answer.’” — Alika Atay Ali’I, Hawaiian Leader and Farmer

— Dr. Vandana Shiva Environment Activist, Food Rights Author

“Home Rule has a special meaning here in Hawaii—a deep meaning. It is to get people together to form a coalition. The best people to form a coalition are the “This is more than an people who love the land, environmental issue. It is an whether you are Hawaiian indigenous people’s issue. or non-Hawaiian. If we are It is about standing on our going to fight this fight to kuleana laws that existed protect ourselves we are in the ruling kingdom days. going to have to come We already recognize in our together. Home Rule means laws that our land and our all of us coming together water are public trust. We to form one voice that talks recognize that our ancestors about the future that we want are our resource and we are to leave our children. We starting to leverage that.” want to make sure that we all believe that the land, ocean, — Kaniela Ing State Representative, air, water is much more Kihei District, Chair of the important than the profits Ocean and Hawaiian Affairs now being preached about in Committees the State Capitol.”

“Hawaii has a special role to play, we have all recognized in the last few years that we are the laboratory for this type of farming. It is obvious which side we need to be on and how important it is to fight for that. There is an unstoppable tide that is swelling before our eyes. There is no doubt that we are going to win this war. No one can take away the fact that the majority of voters on Maui voted to regulate these companies in the face of an incredible onslaught of advertising. The idea that this is a small but vocal minority has been put to rest.” — Russell Rudderman State Senator, Chair of the Agriculture Committee

—Walter Ritte

dr. Vandana ShiVa SPeaking at the hi State caPital

Hawaiian Leader and Activist, Molokai

Photo courtesy of: Paul Fenelon Studios

Voters of Maui, you brought the vote, you won the vote, and now let’s DEFEND AND ENFORCE THE VOTE. Be a part of the defense, keep up with the legal case and join us at the Shaka Movement is committed to protecting, preserving and improving the Public trust resources for current and future generations. it aims to empower and protect farmers, their children and the people around these farms. The Shaka Movement is a non-profit tax-exempt organization contact: 844-661-2944 e-mail: to educate yourself and others visit:

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